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Super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is… not. But what Walter lacks in social skills he makes up for in smarts and invention, creating the awesome gadgets Lance uses on his epic missions. But when events take an unexpected turn, Walter and Lance suddenly have to rely on each other in a whole new way. And if this odd couple can’t learn to work as a team, the whole world is in peril. SPIES IN DISGUISE is an animated comedy set in the high-octane globe-trotting world of international espionage.
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1-Noy, 2018

AnimationSpiesSecret AgentWill SmithTom HollandRashida JonesKaren GillanDJ KhaledGoldie HawnIce AgeRioFerdinand



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Fikrlar 6 806
Damian Simmonds
Damian Simmonds 4 soat oldin
Pigeon Time
Wasem Zahr
Wasem Zahr 4 soat oldin
Im only watching this because I love tom holland Im a boy btw and im not gay
Soviet platypus
Soviet platypus 8 soat oldin
That's hot
potatosalad. 9 soat oldin
TheMasked Artist
TheMasked Artist 13 soat oldin
Blue Sky really like them some bird movies don't they? 😂💙
Shayla 20 soat oldin
Everyone is complaining about him turning into a pigeon.. it’s literally a kids movie, it’s supposed to be funny for young minds. Not to mention it’s just the trailer. Why complain when you’ve only seen 2 minutes of it?
Jamesarite Kun oldin
This looked awesome I can’t believe blue sky made a movie that’s doesn’t look trash 1 minute later God dammit blue sky this is why nobody loves you
FederationThunderbolt Anton Herbert
everyone else: "all we wanted was a spy movie (cry emoji)" "everything looked amazing... until he was turned into a bird" etc etc me: *LAUGHING* "ok i already love that girl pigeon... also i dont think this will be bad" XD 1:15 to 1:23
The_dogelord_1 2 kun oldin
This went from his shid to disney
Grizzlord The Third
So spider man and dead shot be chilling together
Mina R
Mina R 2 kun oldin
I can't not look at you. Lmao, even my mother was laughing at this. Definitely a must see.
jettspyder 2 kun oldin
*0:58** hits* Literally everyone: 1:05
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 kun oldin
The animated spy idea looks like a great concept for a slick animated movie...then he turned into a pigeon.
a good bucket
a good bucket 2 kun oldin
i think ill watch the first half of this movie in the cinema, then exit and do something i can actually enjoy when he turns into a pigeon
a good bucket
a good bucket 2 kun oldin
oh great! we have one of the first animated spy movies! oh wait... theres another one of those stupid plot twists that make no sence to get younger children occupied. i dont think animated movies can go without stupid plot twists
Scratchy 101
Scratchy 101 2 kun oldin
Will Smith becomes a pigeon......it’s going to be a rough year
Carlos Jaze
Carlos Jaze 2 kun oldin
What's the song called?
Daniel Araujo
Daniel Araujo 3 kun oldin
Why are people throwing a fit about 0:58
Elena Flames
Elena Flames 3 kun oldin
James Bond smoking at the sidelines
Sukumar S
Sukumar S 3 kun oldin
Tom Holland is gonna own 2019
Nic0a 4 kun oldin
I am sooo going to see this
Viktor Adrian
Viktor Adrian 4 kun oldin
Scenario #56 : The hero transforms into something and he/she must find a way to turn back to normal.
Ink Katana
Ink Katana 4 kun oldin
Aw, that's hawt That's real hawt
Zainab Alawi
Zainab Alawi 4 kun oldin
Will Smith looks exactly like himself in the movie
Stephanie Meigi
Stephanie Meigi 4 kun oldin
I don't get it though. Why do people judge than look at the fun? Seriously, I can't even stop laughing while repeating that pigeon part.
Stephanie Meigi
Stephanie Meigi 4 kun oldin
Many said that they don't like it, obviously...but come on guys, don't you want a twist? We've seen a lot of spy movies. At least you can watch those if you don't like something unique or the so called "expect the unexpected" stuff. I love this even if its a trailer! I love good twists.
FutureQueen_ _Bee
FutureQueen_ _Bee 5 kun oldin
FutureQueen_ _Bee
FutureQueen_ _Bee 5 kun oldin
anonymous 1246
anonymous 1246 5 kun oldin
I seriously think that there is something similar between this movie and the MIB. Except aliens
Martin Tan
Martin Tan 5 kun oldin
I wasn't exactly thrilled for an animated spy film. And there wasn't much change when it became a pigeon spy film, so wtf is everyone's problem? If you don't like it you can F off and make your own animated spy film. You didn't exactly bankroll this film. Sheesh.
McSuperfly 5 kun oldin
Will Smith is a cool super spy with everything going for him. Only problem is... he's about to become *_Record Scratch_* A pigeon! Will Smith: "I'm a pigeon!" This summer, get your Pige- _ON..._ Rated PG-13
Simon Averbukh
Simon Averbukh 6 kun oldin
0.37. What an AirPod flexer right there!
Potat 7 kun oldin
Guys, why all the hate? This looks like a funny and original movie. Obviously you're entitled to your own opinion, but sometimes is it really necessary?
Butter :3
Butter :3 7 kun oldin
0:37 Boi wearing air pods. Did any one see that?
Dennis Wu
Dennis Wu 7 kun oldin
So basically this is what if blue sky made a hames bond movie
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson 7 kun oldin
What’s the name of the song
Quadir Rayfield
Quadir Rayfield 7 kun oldin
0:37 yo homie got air pods
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly 8 kun oldin
1:26 yep I'm going to go see this movie 😂😎😏😉 I mean obviously any movie tom is in will be great
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly 8 kun oldin
Oh come on guys give this a chance remember the phrase don't judge a book by its cover and I'm going to still watch this movie because Tom Holland is in it so unless you idiots want to judge a movie by its first trailer be my guest and go right ahead and look like idiots
Don Jiaye
Don Jiaye 9 kun oldin
Why didn't it Always have be Birds? He was soo cool at the Beginning
Param Vala
Param Vala 9 kun oldin
It's disney movie.
Param Vala
Param Vala Kun oldin
+Dominik Knežević fox is owned by Disney
Dominik Knežević
Dominik Knežević 3 kun oldin
TheTeleporter101 9 kun oldin
All of you complaining need to remember this is a kids movie
jonathan marcellano
Is the pidgeon thing pernament if it is i know how the plot goes
Just A Bro
Just A Bro 9 kun oldin
“OMG THIS LOOKS AWESOME! Omg look at that explosion! Ohhh the way he jumped out of the building was sick! OH SHOOT look at that flight suit! This looks awes-aaaaaand ruined.”
Fuze 007
Fuze 007 9 kun oldin
So Will Smith has the perfect role as a Spy, then Blue Sky turns him into a blue bird for half the movie... What is it with Blue Sky and blue birds?
Zhe Medic
Zhe Medic 9 kun oldin
That pigeon is a spy!!
TBStudios91 10 kun oldin
There was a dramatic tonal shift in this
Crazy Ivan
Crazy Ivan 10 kun oldin
Unbird me :D
J.H.Z world
J.H.Z world 11 kun oldin
spider man
bodek the boss
bodek the boss 11 kun oldin
What is the song tho
Larry the Cat
Larry the Cat 11 kun oldin