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Super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is… not. But what Walter lacks in social skills he makes up for in smarts and invention, creating the awesome gadgets Lance uses on his epic missions. But when events take an unexpected turn, Walter and Lance suddenly have to rely on each other in a whole new way. And if this odd couple can’t learn to work as a team, the whole world is in peril. SPIES IN DISGUISE is an animated comedy set in the high-octane globe-trotting world of international espionage.
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1-Noy, 2018

AnimationSpiesSecret AgentWill SmithTom HollandRashida JonesKaren GillanDJ KhaledGoldie HawnIce AgeRioFerdinand



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Atomic Flashes
Atomic Flashes Soat oldin
Aka men in black
Ryans Riffs
Ryans Riffs 3 soat oldin
Hope they can take our feedback and completely remove everything that had to do with birds in this movie during post
Brendon Dumas
Brendon Dumas 3 soat oldin
Needs a Villain
Red Cobra The Prophet
This is NOT the FIRST WILL SMITH ANIMATED Movie Did you guys remember THAT movie.
Haris 5 soat oldin
You didn’t have to turn him into a pigeon... I was interested before, not now. This just reminds me of Rio
Cute Llama Rama
Cute Llama Rama 5 soat oldin
Yoshiking Boi
Yoshiking Boi 8 soat oldin
Producer: hey let's make a animated spy movie which has a lot of action and stuff! Blue Sky: *meh* Producer: but instead of being an actual spy movie,the spy turns into a frickin pigeon! Blue Sky: *you're hired*
CaptainJackValdy's Crew
Ironically, what Lance Sterling is saying after being turned into a bird is exactly what most of the people that saw the trailer are saying. “WHAT DID YOU DO?” “UNBIRD ME. RIGHT NOW.”
Jason Black
Jason Black 9 soat oldin
Reminds me of that South Park ep. Rob Schneider is, a CARROT. Rob Schneider is, a STAPLER. Now Will Smith is, a PIGEON.
Liam Tolentino
Liam Tolentino 9 soat oldin
fov_desired 360
Kevin Varughese
Kevin Varughese 10 soat oldin
This man could beat Thanos
raj Kumar
raj Kumar 14 soat oldin
Superb 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 Smith defective is back....
Emma Gibbs
Emma Gibbs 19 soat oldin
That was the kind of thing peter would do if he had the money
Red Rover
Red Rover 23 soat oldin
It's already forgettable. Congrats Blue Sky
Myles Jones
Myles Jones Kun oldin
That 🚗 is dope
Patrick Turner
Patrick Turner Kun oldin
Dose will Smith vose him it sounds like it
gaga Camp
gaga Camp Kun oldin
Cool I liked it
Probably Some Weirdos Out There... Idfk: Oh, Look. Tom Holland Is In This Movie. ITSGOINGTOBEAFUCKINGMASTERPIECE- ______________________________ I Like To Watch Good Movies. Just, Because Tom Holland Is In This Movie- DoEsN't MaKe It A GoOd MoViE- ThErEs PrObAbLy A 6% ChAnCe ThIs MoViE WiLl EvEn Be GoOd-
Muneeba's guild
Muneeba's guild Kun oldin
Looks geat! But I think they copied the idea of making a pigeon an agent from the blame that India did a while ago on Pakistan and it was a huge news everywhere...like everyone made fun of it. India balmed that a pigeon that flew from Pakistani boundary Inside indian boundary is an agent of Pakistan. hahahaha
Idominuss Kun oldin
I was actually super excited for a animated spy movie, man
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan Kun oldin
Why’d you make him turn into a pigeon :(
MateyPit 13
MateyPit 13 Kun oldin
This could have been a great spy movie about trying to teach the kid how to be a spy, but nope. He turns into a pidgeon.
Dwell Dell
Dwell Dell Kun oldin
Who came here because of pigeon impossible and who watched piegeon impossible in school?
I_Inferno Kun oldin
Pedro Vera
Pedro Vera Kun oldin
it went from wowwww to lame!
count_the_jams there's never enough
VEX •_•
VEX •_• Kun oldin
This could’ve been good. Then you turned it into rio 3 and f*cked up.
Hien Pham Thi Thu
Looks like Will Smith joined FBI
ajit bantawa
ajit bantawa Kun oldin
Isn’t that Background music From S.Korea movie “Sunny”
Rod Ramos
Rod Ramos Kun oldin
Let the b drop
Third pictures2
Third pictures2 2 kun oldin
Nice Suits
Third pictures2
Third pictures2 2 kun oldin
Nice Suita
Reclaimer 2 kun oldin
This fr could’ve been a cool spy type movie but then 0:58 happened.
Wariofan1998 ALT
Wariofan1998 ALT 2 kun oldin
This actually looks pretty decent.
Grimm Ashley
Grimm Ashley 2 kun oldin
I wanted Tom Holland to be a spy so he didn’t have to hide his British accent this time!
Cool Boy
Cool Boy 2 kun oldin
0:52 oOoOOoOo
Abril Lopez
Abril Lopez 2 kun oldin
Oh he looks like Peter Parker!
Jack the Pegasi
Jack the Pegasi 2 kun oldin
Please don’t tell me this is the end of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man career
Sman 2 kun oldin
It looked fine, until he turned into a pigeon... Dang, I thought this was actually gonna be pretty good...
Joe Duong
Joe Duong 2 kun oldin
Jessica 2 kun oldin
Yay tom holland is doing a movie with will smith
Humphrey the Elephant
Totally uninspired, classic blue sky production. They're all Pixar knockoffs
KBroughs 2 kun oldin
Okay, why? Secret agents are already a foreign concept of reality, a spy movie would've been good enough. Stop putting your TF/ Furry fantasies into every movie, Blue Sky.
SBTV O.G. 2 kun oldin
why is his chin bigger than his whole head?
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Pitbull 64
Pitbull 64 2 kun oldin
I want to see this
MutsKun 2 kun oldin
Sponsored by audi
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 2 kun oldin
his chain his longer than my love them my love life
Tom Skylar
Tom Skylar 2 kun oldin
For a second I thought it was gonna be like another incredibles movie ... then the pigeon came along
Jeng Reyes
Jeng Reyes 2 kun oldin
Tom Holland's voice is ❤❤❤
Matt Umali
Matt Umali 2 kun oldin
Hopefully there will be a rio movie reference
Fire Phoenix
Fire Phoenix 2 kun oldin
I know she Fukin Lyin
Why does my reading teacher look like him
Ines Angel
Ines Angel 2 kun oldin
*MIB 4 Leaked Footage*
Dicky Tsuki
Dicky Tsuki 2 kun oldin
Dj Khaled? What is he doing here? Yelling his name?
Thinh Bui
Thinh Bui 3 kun oldin
Will Smith is amazing James Bond
JamesAnimated 3 kun oldin
But why does he want everyone to notice them, or just become them?
Bluejack 22
Bluejack 22 3 kun oldin
Spy pigeon vs Detective pikachu
Windows 10 Gamer 2015 Fox
Tom Holland And Will Smith and Spider Hancock Get it Tom Holland is spider man Will Smith is Hancock And it is SPIES IN DISQUISE?!
Kodachi 3 kun oldin
I'm watching this movie pigeons or not.
Sarman Singh
Sarman Singh 3 kun oldin
Will Smith’s undercover job xd
McNuggets 3 kun oldin
This looks like an incredible’s movie but with... a futuristic taste
Ethic Ethnic
Ethic Ethnic 3 kun oldin
Oh so this is going to make the same mistake, Disney made with the Princess & the Frog? The first African descent Disney princess being an animal throughout most of the movie, aka not actually having a Black princess film for the majority run time. LOL. REPRESENTATION SIKE!
Chris Gambrell
Chris Gambrell 3 kun oldin
Okay I did not expect that...
Вадим Чёрный
lance vance dance
TheDoctorPlayz :p
TheDoctorPlayz :p 3 kun oldin
screw the pigeon stuff im here to see that Audi E-Tron
irix core
irix core 3 kun oldin
Does anyone else think the girl pigeon is cute
Mario Krastanov
Mario Krastanov 3 kun oldin
I don't know what everyone's on about - we've all seen a thousand overpowered spy movies, this is a nice change of pace for me :) Will Smith can make this amazing, that joke at the end was spot on :D
Alexandria Nation
Alexandria Nation 3 kun oldin
*_it looked good before the pigeon part..._*
BrandMatty 3 kun oldin
Top 10 anime characters who could beat thanos easily
Don Jiaye
Don Jiaye 3 kun oldin
Started Awesomely then it was Ruined.
BfDelano 3 kun oldin
2 minutes and one second, and about 26 seconds of it aren't even the trailer. A 10 second "HEY! Trailer coming up!" and about 16 seconds of recaps of the trailer with "Here's suggestions of what to watch next". I really hate this trend.
Angelo Rafael San Juan
Why was this in my recommended???
PrincessxNevaeh Tearikiaua
Yesss it has Will Smith in it!
death trooper deluxe
get rid of the piguen
Zh ng
Zh ng 4 kun oldin
So now Peter Parker lives in Washington DC for some reason
Bergen Moloy
Bergen Moloy 4 kun oldin
Why people so pissed about him being turned into a pigeon, like chill its for 10 year old kids who want to laugh at movie
Nice to see Will Smith doing another animated movie after all these years
Ruby Castle
Ruby Castle 4 kun oldin
1:00 *No eyebrows* 1:06 *Eyebrows*
Magical Neet
Magical Neet 4 kun oldin
Tom Holland and Will Smith, great! But why the pigeon?
Ziltrag Productions
a swing and a miss
pancake egg cat
pancake egg cat 4 kun oldin
This seems good
the tea is hot
the tea is hot 4 kun oldin
*dont get mad because he turned into a pigeon I’m sure Tom Hollan- I mean Walter- does no wrong-*
Leonard Njau
Leonard Njau 4 kun oldin
Can't it just be a simple movie about a smooth spy
lucycat the second
lucycat the second 4 kun oldin
This looks hip
Colin Torres
Colin Torres 4 kun oldin
Who else came because of the meme
RipleyandWeeds 4 kun oldin
you had me and then you IMMEDIATELY lost me
West Korea
West Korea 4 kun oldin
This video gave me ligma
RJ 25
RJ 25 4 kun oldin
What's the songs name?
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
1:33 This scene will be in your head for a month
Fear _ Of _ Mystery
Why is it that every single movie that blue sky makes 100% has to involve animals every single time? Like,think about it. Almost,if not ALL of blue sky’s movies have involved animals as the main characters in their movies. Ice age,rio,Ferdinand,and now this Blue sky is now incapable of making a movie that doesn’t involve animals as a main focus
mya truijllo
mya truijllo 4 kun oldin
This is exactly how the ruined princess in the frog, they give us super cool black characters then turn them into a animal half the time
ACQ15 4 kun oldin
i also noticed that his shadow when they showed the title was a bid
peter yolo parker :v
Ok i hope walter dont die :v like spiderman(infinity war) or isaac(how i live now)
Suki 4 kun oldin
Okay but who's the casting director??
The Egg
The Egg 4 kun oldin
Of course it's Will Smith, and of course he turns into an animal. RIP Potential.
Glitchy Gaming
Glitchy Gaming 4 kun oldin
Oooh the point of this movie is I think is his always changing his disguise the pigeon is just one of his forms maybe
remytron83 4 kun oldin
This trailer needs some editing.
Clay Sheep
Clay Sheep 4 kun oldin