Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Hailey Bieber

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden and Hailey Bieber take turns asking each other very personal questions and are given the choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever food is in front of them. Foods include a bull's penis and bird saliva.
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7-Fev, 2019

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Valeria Yanez
Valeria Yanez Soat oldin
Eileen-May Murepe
Eileen-May Murepe 2 soat oldin
The only time talk shows are interested in her, when she became someone famous's wife. Sad
that hoe
that hoe 2 soat oldin
This game should be called spill the tea or eat shit
Alea Heart
Alea Heart 2 soat oldin
You Should Do one With Ellen Degenerous
dyolinlinlin 4 soat oldin
Who the freak is Hailey Bieber?
Fàrjani Sara
Fàrjani Sara 6 soat oldin
he really enjoyed the bull penis :/
TheBestThing 7 soat oldin
Umaimah Xoxo
Umaimah Xoxo 7 soat oldin
shawn next please
Marwa Awji
Marwa Awji 8 soat oldin
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Marwa Awji
Marwa Awji 8 soat oldin
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Hawaa Sarwary
Hawaa Sarwary 8 soat oldin
Jhonny 9 soat oldin
The concept of this game is pure genius. Pretty sad these people can't execute it.
ahmed sharif
ahmed sharif 11 soat oldin
boring as fuck meh
Lilit Takiryan
Lilit Takiryan 12 soat oldin
From all Justin's girlfriends she is my favorite.She is sweet and kind.
Marshall Grande
Marshall Grande 13 soat oldin
No spill your guts will ever be better than when he asked khloé kardashian “do you think OJ did it”
Zia Aldana
Zia Aldana 13 soat oldin
This was the worst episode yet, tbh
iwatch vids
iwatch vids 14 soat oldin
I am literally today years old when i realized she is already a Bieber. Wtf.
Smexy Melty
Smexy Melty 14 soat oldin
Alea Heart
Alea Heart 15 soat oldin
You Should Do It With BTS
Syaheen Nasrin
Syaheen Nasrin 17 soat oldin
Man she ugly face like her brother
Ruoya He
Ruoya He 19 soat oldin
1000 years old egg isn't actually a thousand years old... it's just a way to make eggs in China
Amy Le
Amy Le 20 soat oldin
Bird Saliva/Spit is an asian delicacy which has many nutrients and minerals that is believed to help with immunity in asian culture. It has a really bland taste but it's worth a lot for a little amount. The market behind it is insane, if I was offered that for free, I'd take it in a heartbeat!
Mister WiZeguy
Mister WiZeguy 20 soat oldin
Shayne Turner
Shayne Turner 20 soat oldin
Tbh, she is very pretty and charming, but i find her pretty boring. I didn't laugh and the purpose of the program is to be entertaining.
Maryssa Frisbee
Maryssa Frisbee 21 soat oldin
Oh no my ass would answer every question
Ella Marry
Ella Marry 22 soat oldin
I can smell this video and I'm in Ireland 🤮
LolMineCraftPro PlayzRoblox
I think James secretly likes the bull one
Mary Karnafel
Mary Karnafel 23 soat oldin
jhope is my hope bts army
I really wanna see her face after her and justin will break up and watch all the videos that she said hailey bieber🌚💔
Harut Hovhannisyan
Well ,in Germany Hering Rollmops are ao popular and they like it ! I’ve tried once
DemiLover01 Kun oldin
Dude she ain't even famous
Dilan Eades
Dilan Eades Kun oldin
Everyone knows she made $25,000 on the Fyre Festival promo its no secret
Maybe So
Maybe So Kun oldin
she looks like prince charming from shrek
Līva Valtere
Līva Valtere Kun oldin
Actually herring roll mops and meat jelly is a foods that we eat in Baltic States, Russia etc. They are delicious.
NiteOwl951_Liz Kun oldin
This bitch swears
Djarthoun Ahmed
Djarthoun Ahmed Kun oldin
5:44 No Hailey.... No..... But it's good and beautiful to see someone in love, I wish you the very best on your wedding and life after all
Djarthoun Ahmed
Djarthoun Ahmed Kun oldin
Oh yeah..... She got married with Justin, I forgot that, cause when I saw the title I told myself : "Hailey Bieber? Wtf? “ but then I was like :" Oh yeah Justin...... "
Jenna Martin
Jenna Martin Kun oldin
Personally i loved baby bieber😍🙌🏽
shiney x
shiney x Kun oldin
shay mitchell needs to do this!! or selena gomez!!!
shiney x
shiney x Kun oldin
Hailey suits that hair length!! x
Marc Padilla
Marc Padilla Kun oldin
Bieber better stop being a baby and make the woman happy.
hello_buue 44
hello_buue 44 Kun oldin
she seems so fake
Leo Hunter
Leo Hunter Kun oldin
Ngl Justin has a horrible taste
naeli1249 Kun oldin
Boring ....
Small Chic
Small Chic Kun oldin
she kinda looks like jlo in this video
oha diyorum hayrani
I hate Hailey 😵😵😵😤
Shawn Kun oldin
white people with dreadlocks...CRINGE...justin looks like he washes cars for a living now
Isabella Loaiza
Isabella Loaiza Kun oldin
Shwan Mendes question would have been GREAT
celena gostavo
celena gostavo Kun oldin
ok so she would eat this and not rate his looks? damn she's desperate
Kawami Nami
Kawami Nami Kun oldin
It's really unbelievable, Hailey has justin's last name now. Justin was my first love and i'm not used to calling her mrs. Bieber. I really wanna accept it but its a little bit frustrating, seeing how people call her hailey bieber.
astro world
astro world Kun oldin
Everyone knows that this game is fake, but her awful acting makes it so obvious
Belieber Kun oldin
that why i love hailey bieber
Belieber Kun oldin
OMG its so funny
Ady Coma
Ady Coma Kun oldin
Soooo scripted👎
Its Cess
Its Cess Kun oldin
Do this with Billie Eilish, please! 🖤
emma montoya
emma montoya Kun oldin
Artist frustration surprise register little naturally sort reserve victory.
Izzat xo
Izzat xo Kun oldin
Who tf is that?
Taylor fourier
Taylor fourier Kun oldin
But where’s the Shawn Mendes tea
mariam nafisa
mariam nafisa Kun oldin
Woah hailey beiber!!!😒😒 doesnt she know she is living in 21 century like she changed her surname or she wants to show of about she is justins wife
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Kun oldin
Jealous much?
Emma Kun oldin
Do with Justin Bieber ❤️❤️❤️
Shyla Mendes Styles Shroff Dutt
Pretty sure James actually likes the bull’s penis 😂
Chestza Kun oldin
She know she lying. Justin look ugly as fuck in all them my god. Throw the whole thing away. I would have eatn that id put them in order real quick tf.
Jack McGuire
Jack McGuire Kun oldin
They did this whole thing just so she can say she donated the fyre festival money
LucasArg Kun oldin
I was hoping for dick size questions tbh
Same Sky Music
Same Sky Music Kun oldin
Calyx L.
Calyx L. 2 kun oldin
Definitely the first time ive ever heard her voice 🙃
jj jk
jj jk 2 kun oldin
She's so stupid and not cute.
Michael Hamm
Michael Hamm 2 kun oldin
Who the hell is she?
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Kun oldin
Justin's wife I guess
Marie Sinu
Marie Sinu 2 kun oldin
I'm sorry she looks like a man in the thumbnail.
Ralitsa Dimitrova
Ralitsa Dimitrova 2 kun oldin
why was she even featured on this?
SHOOK ETH 2 kun oldin
idk why i laughed when i read her name as "hailey bieber"
Ava Miller
Ava Miller 2 kun oldin
She's bland.
Haves 2 kun oldin
This is getting worse and worse.
Suz Marie
Suz Marie 2 kun oldin
She sounds like Hillary Duff
Pau Zhou Shi
Pau Zhou Shi 2 kun oldin
the pig flesh jelly is rly good for real
Pau Zhou Shi
Pau Zhou Shi 2 kun oldin
most of these food are chinese food lol
эрмек борубаев
Do it with GOT's cast
LB DJ 2 kun oldin
I have never heard ger speaking
EggFace Cabbage
EggFace Cabbage 2 kun oldin
All of the bieber hairstyles are bad/worst lol.
Diana Ostrowski
Diana Ostrowski 2 kun oldin
She's nice but this is the most boring episode EVER
Krysuna 2 kun oldin
bc she married Justin she in all these popular videos like Vogue questions and this.
Taco MEL
Taco MEL 2 kun oldin
She has never bad mouthed Justin... the absolute sweetest I can’t 😭
Veronica Renaker
Veronica Renaker 2 kun oldin
"Love is blind kids. LOVE. IS. BLIND." Hahaha!
Michaela Long
Michaela Long 2 kun oldin
Hailey isn’t pretty lmao
Tora 2 kun oldin
Aw she’s adorable 😭😭
王思远 2 kun oldin
Her voice is so sweet
Derrick&6Strings 2 kun oldin
This idea has so much potential, but they either never answer questions or they have softball questions. Just take it off the show
Enid Gomez
Enid Gomez 2 kun oldin
He should do one with Zendaya and ask her if she is dating Tom Holland 😂
Key Mar
Key Mar 2 kun oldin
I love her voice 🤩
TheNimbrod 2 kun oldin
The moment you realize that easiest 3 of the stuff on the table is normal food in your country. (pig meat jelly, rolled fish, bulls penis is not that everyday food but not unknown ro me that people eat it)
you pathetic meat sack
Dood I would take both those shots of hot sauce no hesitation
bif 2 kun oldin
These questions were pathetic...they could have all easily been answered. I was expecting way better.
Lily Huff
Lily Huff 2 kun oldin
Cystic 2 kun oldin
She turned big gay.
Her voice is incredibly sweet!
Amy Payel
Amy Payel 2 kun oldin
Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts with Harry Styles NEXT PLEASE
Maria Silvani
Maria Silvani 2 kun oldin
Why is everyone hating on her? She a really genuine and nice person. So sweet and also very beautiful.
VivaLaVida 2 kun oldin
You’re gonna “do do do do do the bull penis”? Okay Hailey... 🤭
GodofDebate 2 kun oldin
Catalina Santana
Anto4380 2 kun oldin
On the last question, she so wanted to go say that "long hair Bieber" was the worst, but she's married to that look now lol.
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