Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
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Gav and Dan take 1 piece of vinyl and spin it so fast it becomes about 50,000 pieces of vinyl. The results are obviously captured by a very high speed camera.
Thanks to Vision Research for lending the Phantom v2640.
Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys




2-Iyn, 2018

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Skt1 jax
Skt1 jax 2 soat oldin
no adds?
Leslie Royce
Leslie Royce 11 soat oldin
The warping record looks a bit like a pancake.
Evelyn Rojas
Evelyn Rojas 11 soat oldin
Lol I really enjoyed the vid and the record bad puns 😂
Jorge A. Garza V
Jorge A. Garza V 12 soat oldin
9:00 blue sky LOL
Nathan Grassick
Nathan Grassick 13 soat oldin
She’s a witch.
Adam White
Adam White 16 soat oldin
12:26 made me feel sick
Дмитрий Павлов
Try with CD
stillFLiP 19 soat oldin
Make a slow-mo video of Dan assembling the pieces, like a puzzle.
Mika 21 soat oldin
sidharth kv
sidharth kv Kun oldin
Congrats. You guys just created a weapon out of scraps.......👏👏👏
would be better with rare old jazz records
okkcomputer Kun oldin
just get on with it
Joseph Shoults
Joseph Shoults Kun oldin
WEEABOO 64 Kun oldin
Kareem Masalkhi
Kareem Masalkhi Kun oldin
If i can make a 1 hr video of that colored disc spinning with the distortion, then satisfaction = %100👌🏻☺️
theRAGINGcorgi Kun oldin
Thats a lot of damage
weegaz22 Kun oldin
Next time add a ballistics gel wall
Kiên 2 kun oldin
Im not smoking weed but Im very high after this video =))
snappy 462
snappy 462 2 kun oldin
Henriliciouz 2 kun oldin
have you ever tried a propeller from electric fan? that would good..
Masked Man
Masked Man 2 kun oldin
Try a light object yet strong so it doesn’t break apart as easy.. I wanna see dat
IsUMADBR0 2 kun oldin
2:05 You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round...
Mr Peruna
Mr Peruna 2 kun oldin
jlucasound 3 kun oldin
It was a record "setting", record "breaking". The puns put a new "spin" on things. "Groovy" guys. Am I "needling" you with my puns? How did you get a blue sky (assuming you are) in England?
Dylan Filian
Dylan Filian 3 kun oldin
Google Chrome? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 6:40
BrokenSilence32 3 kun oldin
"That goes! Fwoah!" --Dan, 2018
Jackie Holmes
Jackie Holmes 3 kun oldin
At 11:31 it sounds like a portal/vortex opened
Valerio Cardarelli
Valerio Cardarelli 4 kun oldin
9:39 "WOW that's a lot of damage! but flex seal can repair it!"
Jonathan Weaver
Jonathan Weaver 4 kun oldin
Sounds better than most Honda’s
adilese Fanlone
adilese Fanlone 4 kun oldin
i have got to think of something like this and become famous.
Eclipsed Soul
Eclipsed Soul 4 kun oldin
Sounds like a futuristic car. 5:14
THE SILENT MAN projecting into the past
I'm not going to lend you my precious vinyl.
Jordan Vella
Jordan Vella 5 kun oldin
think you'd protect that expensive camera a little more. these videos are interesting though
greggv8 5 kun oldin
Do it to some old 45 RPM records.
consicedisc 5 kun oldin
when it focused on the record and the world was spinning what life was
Tyru Canue
Tyru Canue 5 kun oldin
Looked like red did it
Matt McFarlane
Matt McFarlane 5 kun oldin
If you filmed this again in the middle of nowhere, I think it would be interesting to see how far the pieces would go.
Jxmie Reeves
Jxmie Reeves 5 kun oldin
Ahhh the editing is too trippy
명준김 6 kun oldin
Gar Alun
Gar Alun 6 kun oldin
It's not a Hoover Motor Dan!!!
skonkfactory 6 kun oldin
Try a laserdisc!
ABC (American Bull Crap)
This video could be a phenomenal source of album art tbh
Viciouspirahna 7
Viciouspirahna 7 6 kun oldin
Anybody? No? Dust.
hymtomz 6 kun oldin
Darvin 6 kun oldin
It would be amazing to see this with ballistic gel walls as well as the cinderblocks just to get an idea of the damage it would do
gatan sandaga
gatan sandaga 7 kun oldin
wat motor did u use?
Misosoupbaby 7 kun oldin
glad your using your money to invest in that high tech barrier made of wood
jonnyczi 7 kun oldin
Do this with a saw blade and grinder disc.
onafixedincome 7 kun oldin
"We've shattered all the records".....GROOOOOAAAAAANNNNN.....!!! Yegods!
Clickbait Hunter
Clickbait Hunter 8 kun oldin
5:12 - 5:20 *legit sounds like an engine out of a toyota AE86 (4AGE)*
BloodyKandi 8 kun oldin
Ok I did NOT know what you meant by “spin it in post”, and I was NOT ready for that 😂
Monty Wilson
Monty Wilson 8 kun oldin
MrG G 9 kun oldin
look closely and the record could actually worth a little money...1958, Crown Records Label...Greatest Hits, including Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Goodbye Baby....
YoshiTM 9 kun oldin
5:12 sport car aceleration
Jovan Zhang
Jovan Zhang 9 kun oldin
*decapitated bird falls from the sky*
Zombie Killer 911
Zombie Killer 911 9 kun oldin
Play play I have a party party good to go to the data don’t forget the right time does the car is my no noise oink oink
Zombie Killer 911
Zombie Killer 911 9 kun oldin
Look at the 3-D nature of the stuff
Nick Haakman
Nick Haakman 10 kun oldin
You should do this with a bakalit record, will be even crazier, trust me
Fred 11 kun oldin
Y'all decided to do this video just to make the puns, Didn't you?
Orange 11 kun oldin
This is what I call, Spinin Records
Reagan Moore
Reagan Moore 11 kun oldin
Jack White’s worst nightmare
Redeyes Drago
Redeyes Drago 12 kun oldin
12:25 got me tripping
Luke Stamer
Luke Stamer 12 kun oldin
Who's that lady?
Quinn Hawkes
Quinn Hawkes 12 kun oldin
all epic moments: 2:17 8:14
C. iNat
C. iNat 12 kun oldin
the discovery channel needs to give Gav & Dan a "Record Deal"
SomeGuyInAMechSuit 12 kun oldin
Hey I've got a chair just like the one that Dan's using in his shield
Ronny Tankersley
Ronny Tankersley 12 kun oldin
i like that it was only on atttempt 4 that they enclosed it more lol
Ike Da Potato
Ike Da Potato 12 kun oldin
Watch the slomo part In .25 looks so cool
Joe mauricio
Joe mauricio 13 kun oldin
guys do laserdisc
James Monahan
James Monahan 14 kun oldin
really good footage. I liked the needle nose pliers tightening the hex nut part.
Daniel Mackey
Daniel Mackey 14 kun oldin
This record shatter is awesome! I'd love to see a table saw or bandsaw cutting wood in super close up slow motion. Like one saw tooth at a time.
Skrt Reynolds
Skrt Reynolds 15 kun oldin
Smeg Turney
Ethan LaFrance
Ethan LaFrance 17 kun oldin
you should put paint on them and see what happens
Crackles McFarly
Crackles McFarly 18 kun oldin
PUN: You just recorded a record breaking record of record breaking and on the record.
Crackles McFarly
Crackles McFarly 18 kun oldin
TENNERITE MIXED, try rotating it!! or bags of razor blades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!
Crackles McFarly
Crackles McFarly 18 kun oldin
Do it with a SAW BLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE
Mohammed Alfaleh
Mohammed Alfaleh 18 kun oldin
كأنه السويلم اللي معه
D4MO29 18 kun oldin
can you please try a duct tape covered record and I bet it beats your rpm controller thingy.
Sam McNuggets
Sam McNuggets 18 kun oldin
11:27 you can actually see it warping without slow motion.
CR@ZY vines
CR@ZY vines 19 kun oldin
This is real spinnin record🤣
K24 Accord
K24 Accord 19 kun oldin
If there was no gravity no mass or anything like that that. Would cause the disk to bend wobble as it spins..could it go thru the bricks without breaking? Science is science and crazy ideas are possible
David Good
David Good 20 kun oldin
Mythbusters eat your heart out
Matthew Watson
Matthew Watson 20 kun oldin
put styrofoam around it so it gets stuck
Donovan Maxwell
Donovan Maxwell 20 kun oldin
I wonder how the records would behave differently at varying temperatures. Maybe one from a freezer, one from an oven and another at ambient temperature.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 20 kun oldin
I jumped when it first poped
The1MetaKnight 20 kun oldin
Well, after years and years, we finally know why the sky is blue
DatBoiDerrick _
DatBoiDerrick _ 21 kun oldin
You guys should do this again but venture out to other circular things like thin sheets of metal or glass
szymeq 21 kun oldin
The second one sounded łąkę a muscle car
bogusbyte 21 kun oldin
What would that do to a porkbelly? ...would it go trough the skin?
Paper Armory
Paper Armory 21 kun oldin
What would happen if a record was spun almost at the speed at which it would shatter (visible warping) and somebody threw a rock at it?
Anas Zidan
Anas Zidan 21 kun oldin
I hope to have camera like this ohhh god it's like a dream for me please help me.. ☹️ Give me a camera like it
Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson 22 kun oldin
Use a ballistic gel cage
Salty King
Salty King 22 kun oldin
You need to get liquid nitrogen into a 1L soda plastic bottle and put it into a big bucket and cover it in ball pit balls. You probably won't see this but it won't stop me from asking for this experiment
Dab Hacks2
Dab Hacks2 22 kun oldin
13:14 dan is *so* confused!!🤣
Aqua Serpents Galore!
The motor sounded like a UFO Mothership engine starting up.
Robert Roberts
Robert Roberts 22 kun oldin
Some cool slo-mo guys. What I find interesting is when you did the colored album, it almost literally broke along the boundaries of the color lines! Amazing
Jindle Spog
Jindle Spog 22 kun oldin
Saw Shaun of the Dead not too long ago. Thought about killing zombies with that?
Jindle Spog
Jindle Spog 22 kun oldin
Ooooooh! You had me at "sweet internet"!
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