Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

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Soulmonkey05800 50 daqiqa oldin
So you should get one of those players replace that motor that crappy motor and put that motor in there that you have that can spinet 12,000 or whatever RPMs per second and then you put down the little music playing and blade and then you spinet as best they can go
brandon bridgewater
brandon bridgewater 6 soat oldin
Wow... Thank you guys. This was epic!
English Bob
English Bob 15 soat oldin
2:47 anybody no dust
Rangertastic Kun oldin
Wibblement. Is that new words the kids use nowadays
The Midnight Terror
How many "records" did you break? See what I did there?
small footprint
small footprint 2 kun oldin
JamWay The Gamer :D
Sounds like a mfing V8 engine lol
scirhoto 2 kun oldin
the sound of those spinning up and breaking you be lit for like a scifi light speed jump imo
luke keegan
luke keegan 3 kun oldin
"awh look at that"
No Name
No Name 3 kun oldin
5:15 that actually made a sound
diva and the lunatics
Quantum Calibrationist
That’s one way to paint a brick.
Simon Hopkins
Simon Hopkins 5 kun oldin
Where's Roy Castle when you need him.
Dimitri Petrovich
Dimitri Petrovich 5 kun oldin
haw abaut a CD or a DVD
Zach Walker
Zach Walker 5 kun oldin
Now that's a lot of damage!
Amit Nayak
Amit Nayak 5 kun oldin
Can you help to show slow motion video on vibration of rotating shaft and node formation..
Angela Caldwell The Random
11:30 it’s a triangle?? 😂
Noob 5 kun oldin
Now make a fan like take the fan head and put it on that motor to make a cool fan a fast fan
WeebishTrub 6 kun oldin
Every time one of them breaks. It does a celabratory noise
JayKB 7 kun oldin
9:39 play in 0.25x 😂
Jăz Bold
Jăz Bold 7 kun oldin
Your neighbors must love the challenge of dodging flying glass and record shrapnel......😂
Zack Fox
Zack Fox 7 kun oldin
Do it again but with the worlds largest record and paint it to look like the earth so you can say that you broke a world record.
Sevde Şener
Sevde Şener 7 kun oldin
3:30 WOW!...
Kyle Kautz
Kyle Kautz 7 kun oldin
I wonder what that would do to a human....
Michael Deliman
Michael Deliman 8 kun oldin
Who else thought the cement broke
Eelke Zuidhoek
Eelke Zuidhoek 9 kun oldin
litterally breaking records up in here
Terry Clifford
Terry Clifford 9 kun oldin
GhettoFights1045 12 kun oldin
0:57 .. warped... when they aren’t flat, they’re warped. But wonkey works too 😂
Omar Torres
Omar Torres 15 kun oldin
You are here for 6:00
Ida Nath
Ida Nath 15 kun oldin
The sound Gav makes at 09:33 is really funny to me for some reason
JNG- AIRIUS 15 kun oldin
Make a disk shard cannon
lastmanxa 15 kun oldin
play at 0.25 speed .. thanks
JustTubs Studios
JustTubs Studios 15 kun oldin
im curious you guys should spray a cd or record in flex spray and spin it like this? 🤔
Forrest Mobley
Forrest Mobley 16 kun oldin
It might be interesting to do the same sort of thing with a rubber band ball
JAI SIMON 16 kun oldin
Breaking record to make records =like
Alex Ryan
Alex Ryan 17 kun oldin
LOVE the angry engine noise right before it breaks
Nelspruit Skatelife
Nelspruit Skatelife 17 kun oldin
South African Flag @ 12:42
Agent K
Agent K 17 kun oldin
5:12 "hey guys wanna check out my new engine?oh its gone oh well
Jr Say
Jr Say 17 kun oldin
Exploding a house doesn’t give you 1 million views but breaking a cd record gives you millions of views....
Shen Gaoren
Shen Gaoren 17 kun oldin
Idk why but i dont feel so good
Avengerie 17 kun oldin
This video reminds me of a scene in Shaun of the Dead
Margaret Byrd
Margaret Byrd 17 kun oldin
Do a fan blade
LeviTheLevite 18 kun oldin
Months later, their neighbors found pieces of record in their backyard.
ChrisGaming 18 kun oldin
This video is now a year old...
kevin miller
kevin miller 18 kun oldin
Do a 180 or 200 gram vinyl record
bigbongocat 18 kun oldin
The disks went from slow... to fricking supersonic sound breaker
AUSTIN BUTLER 18 kun oldin
Did you know that records have a little bit of steeling them
Berzerko Nailed
Berzerko Nailed 19 kun oldin
"I don't feel so good"
Brian Jenkins
Brian Jenkins 19 kun oldin
I’d like to see how much damage could be done if you replaced 4 of the blocks with ballistics gel. If you really wanted to see some damage try an old gramophone record, the ones that were played at 78 rpm, “danger Will Robinson”.
Michael Irger
Michael Irger 19 kun oldin
Would like to know how much it would take to spin a bicycle wheel to death.
lil penguin
lil penguin 19 kun oldin
8:14 wtf?
RavonsLyfe 19 kun oldin
anyone else worried about the actual camera and how close it was to the shattering pieces 😂
Cezar Ox
Cezar Ox 20 kun oldin
Your video are freaking satisfying! I love them. And Happy New Year, guys!
StreamWARE 20 kun oldin
Next time Cut weak points in the record
Cr0ws_ 20 kun oldin
Record breaking²
Brain Guyy
Brain Guyy 20 kun oldin
Did anybody catch what record they were
Carl H Bullen
Carl H Bullen 20 kun oldin
I watched this with Spencer.
Dan Meuse
Dan Meuse 21 kun oldin
lol just before the break that thing sounds like some kind of sci fi plasma cannon
Defcon Klaxon
Defcon Klaxon 21 kun oldin
Does anyone know what music they use for the slow motion video playback?
victor dll
victor dll 21 kun oldin
9:42 you re welcome ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Shadowwolf 930
Shadowwolf 930 21 kun oldin
my crush: if your ugly and you know clap your hands me:👏👏
Mike Gordon
Mike Gordon 21 kun oldin
Nice! Invest in some spanners guys, pliers - really?
Miles Qvale
Miles Qvale 21 kun oldin
Wait... What's a "gramaphone" is is it some kind of ancient relic no ones ever heard of? yeah that sound like something someone over the age of 40 would say
Brennan Harris
Brennan Harris 21 kun oldin
9:40 T H A T S A L O T A D A M A G E
Antonio Badillo
Antonio Badillo 21 kun oldin
The sound of the records spinning when they start to warp sounds like a car or motorcycle
rareist pepe
rareist pepe 22 kun oldin
mike anglada
mike anglada 22 kun oldin
Vinyl has a tremendous warble rate it seems! Wow!! If that was a Cannibal Corpse album,,, talk about True Speed Metal!!!! :D :D :D \,,/
Nathan Roberson
Nathan Roberson 22 kun oldin
Buy some tools. Hurts to watch @7:15
kevin gentry
kevin gentry 22 kun oldin
it might even go to 453753486544233461234346354235438563542463232347542437246324632854785346134256452345682356234354657823567890346235623454235634th dimension crazy right
They should be using these in the army there like a grenade
Hdjfug Shhshd
Hdjfug Shhshd 23 kun oldin
Now that’s a lot of damage
Jesse Unboxed
Jesse Unboxed 23 kun oldin
Do you ever see a comment and say I wish I said that! Haha you wish you said that
Blank 23 kun oldin
I can honestly listen to that record spinning up for hours its sounds like a fkin warp drive or something
shadowdancerRFW 23 kun oldin
That's not a wave pattern, it's a freaking sinusoidal pattern. Learn some physics, people.
Linc Minecrafter
Linc Minecrafter 23 kun oldin
When it was shattering “mr.stark I don’t feel so good”
Samuel Kenny
Samuel Kenny 23 kun oldin
0-5 leader [REDACTED]
Some part actually sounds like a car
Dr. Redstone
Dr. Redstone 23 kun oldin
I JuSt SaWeD dIs ReCoRd In HaLf¡
theNobleTaco 24 kun oldin
It sounds like a ufo powering up or something
Koen van Dalen
Koen van Dalen 24 kun oldin
2:27 *I see a concrete block and i want it to turn blaackk.*
Darren Duke
Darren Duke 24 kun oldin
Anyone else think that girl looks like dillion harper??
Chirag adwani
Chirag adwani 24 kun oldin
The intial cracks came at almost a 120° to each other, a confirmation that it is the most stable configuration to crack when there is an outward force from the centre. Learnt that when I was studying about hotspots.
Erwin Pratama
Erwin Pratama 24 kun oldin
12:24 DIZZY TIME @_@
Give me Lämp bröther
The most lethal weapon that will make an appearance in the new bond movie
Lucas McCormick
Lucas McCormick 24 kun oldin
The fan engine sounds like the speeder from Star Wars attack of the clones once the vinyl breaks
Onur Cavus
Onur Cavus 25 kun oldin
U guys Surely "Broke the Record"
brian ransom
brian ransom 25 kun oldin
it sounds like a car at 5:13
The derpy Potato nation
spicy boi
spicy boi 26 kun oldin
I like that little Brittan reference
cmbb05 26 kun oldin
Dan: “Varying in wibblement.”
Mike Wasaah
Mike Wasaah 26 kun oldin
You should put ballistics gel near the record
Delilah Puddingstash
Records are made to be broken
Yogi 27 kun oldin
9:03 lmaoooooo “well that’s why the sky is blue” I am dead😂😂😂😂
unique GT
unique GT 27 kun oldin
6:26 there is an appearance at the back
Simon acid
Simon acid 27 kun oldin
12:20 best acid Simulator on UZvid
Clawsomelola Insta
Clawsomelola Insta 27 kun oldin
13:45 “Record-Breaking”
Luc 27 kun oldin
10:05 is the line of a music beat
Joey De Villiers
Joey De Villiers 27 kun oldin
...you guys truly broke the record with this one...
Spencer Nelson
Spencer Nelson 27 kun oldin
6:40 #GoogleChrome
Cthulhu's Slave
Cthulhu's Slave 28 kun oldin
Do 0.25x speed while the slow-mo part happens.