SpongeBob SquarePants "Sweet Victory" Performance 🎤 Band Geeks | Nick

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SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! 🎤 Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.
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3-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 35 860
Nickelodeon 2 oy oldin
GABX P 24 daqiqa oldin
Better than the super bowl
Tabletop 14 kun oldin
Show old episodes more often
totally fake
totally fake 14 kun oldin
hi i only came here to see the shift of excitement to disapointment
9 year old
9 year old 14 kun oldin
Who came after the Superbowl?
Abdourazak Hassan
Abdourazak Hassan 21 daqiqa oldin
Who else thought that it was domestic terrorism that they didn't play this song during the superbowl
Sinister Squedward
I was tricked into listening to sicko mode, we were all tricked.
GoodGuySalad Shendelzare
Better than Maroon 5 superbowl.
VoiceMonkey 2 soat oldin
The one time the show let Squidward win just once.
MsDestroyer900 2 soat oldin
The only earworm I'm willing to keep.
Drake Mogan
Drake Mogan 3 soat oldin
Dont know why I am motivated as well as crying w/goosebumps when I am hearing this song😭😭 #RipStephenHillenburg
Isaac Parra
Isaac Parra 4 soat oldin
K H 4 soat oldin
Generation Z gold
Dejan Radisavljevic
Dejan Radisavljevic 4 soat oldin
Corbin Tubo
Corbin Tubo 5 soat oldin
This should be played on all radio, TV, etc channels 24/7, all youtube videos should redirect to this same with hul, netflix, etc for 1 year to make up for the superbowl
Ralph Daniel R. Janoras
I wish they played this at the superbowl
v0id Riptide
v0id Riptide 5 soat oldin
I think I’m gonna be sickO MODE
Gustavo Osoria
Gustavo Osoria 6 soat oldin
1 billion times better than the super bowl
Clout Dracula
Clout Dracula 6 soat oldin
What could've been :(
Kassidee X Jack 4 life
Who needs a super bowl when you have sweet victory on youtube
Pumpkinhead _YT
Pumpkinhead _YT 7 soat oldin
I came strait to this after I came to the halftime show
nfl highlighted
nfl highlighted 7 soat oldin
Sweet victory vs cachy song
TheRandomGuy98 7 soat oldin
weet victory S icko mode
SS SillyString
SS SillyString 8 soat oldin
Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg
Luis Nunez
Luis Nunez 8 soat oldin
1:26 is patrik cool now?
Jazzymixel7 8 soat oldin
Even though this did not play in the Super Bowl.
HaileÿQueen 8 soat oldin
maroon five should be ashamed
OrangeCrush4Life 47
OrangeCrush4Life 47 9 soat oldin
If this was just the halftime show this would have been the most liked video on youtube
Fitram Novian
Fitram Novian 9 soat oldin
And i very miss this episode😭😭😭😭 Remember Stepen Hillenburg
psyxypher 9 soat oldin
Can we take a moment to remember that they did this just for Squidward?
Ale Torres
Ale Torres 6 soat oldin
psyxypher yeah
salty nuts
salty nuts 10 soat oldin
Creator Juan
Creator Juan 10 soat oldin
Raperín el Rapero .I. (Ù_Ú) .I.
_shannon .aep_
_shannon .aep_ 11 soat oldin
Why was this just uploaded in December?!
Mr. Money
Mr. Money 11 soat oldin
This is how you make a halftime show, Travis.
Isi Lea
Isi Lea 12 soat oldin
At 0:17 spongebob just told everyone what the NFL REALLY IS
jack 55
jack 55 12 soat oldin
My childhood thank you Nickelodeon
Horrible Artist
Horrible Artist 12 soat oldin
Petition to boycott nfl until they apologize
ELITECAKE877 13 soat oldin
Omg this is my life
Goat 13 soat oldin
At the nick nick nick I thought they were gonna say the n wotd
seated gamer
seated gamer 13 soat oldin
i wonder if mister krabs made any money
CaramelTV 13 soat oldin
I swear if this isn’t the next super bowl halftime show....
Owen King
Owen King 13 soat oldin
How Superbowl 53 should have ended
Der Stratege
Der Stratege 14 soat oldin
this is all i wanted
Poorcarnival862 14 soat oldin
I'm here two weeks after disaster
E1tac0 14 soat oldin
I listened to this 7 times when i got black ice for thremite❤
UltimateWarrior15 14 soat oldin
I wish they played this at the super bowl
anANGRY deltactoburrito
Spongebob fans: SWEET VICTORY! NFL:Hippity hoppity get off my property
Brody Hagen
Brody Hagen 16 soat oldin
Sweet victory 😈😈
CARV_Toxicz !
CARV_Toxicz ! 16 soat oldin
They really think this is going to cut it.
Sup 16 soat oldin
Why did it take them almost 20 years to upload this?
ButtCheekDavis 16 soat oldin
Start the video and then pause at the start of 0:02 It will say: "okay foot!"
ink! Tony the kaonashi gaster
guys, change from football to hockey it's that easy
cartergirl3of3 16 soat oldin
EVERYONE check out the Dallas Stars' (of the National Hockey Leagues) ACTUAL tribute to Mr. Stephen Hillenburg at their game which took place on Feb 4 2019, one day after that disappointing NFL garbage. Go give the NHL lots of love and support for doing the RIGHT thing for fans.
Sherloid Bai Sherloid
Sherloid Bai Sherloid 16 soat oldin
As a Brit, I never usually watch the superbowl. I turned it on at Half time to hear this song and after they played sicko mode, i made a vow to never watch the Superbowl again
Alex 17 soat oldin
This is the best musical creation in existence.
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 17 soat oldin
Who came from the superbowl
Ťylér 17 soat oldin
gsftb 17 soat oldin
Best moment of my life to see sqidward happy
unknown but not really
I get goosebumps from watching this
Amrith Nadendla
Amrith Nadendla 18 soat oldin
on the bright side the NHL played it
Matthew Shortle
Matthew Shortle 18 soat oldin
As well as NASCAR
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 18 soat oldin
Zach Ennis
Zach Ennis 18 soat oldin
This is what we should have gotten
young yogurt
young yogurt 18 soat oldin
I got chills
JustMike 18 soat oldin
how do i delete Superbowl?
Viper the Red
Viper the Red 18 soat oldin
Well at least the NHL played it
Matthew Shortle
Matthew Shortle 18 soat oldin
Christopher Hay
Christopher Hay 18 soat oldin
All 2.7k dislikers hate SpongeBob frfr
Paradox 19 soat oldin
Sweeeeet, Sweeeeet Victory!
garfields evil twin
garfields evil twin 19 soat oldin
Sicko mode 2 looks great
Little plant
Little plant 19 soat oldin
I remember when this episode came out and i used 2 air gituar in my room.
The Whio Channel
The Whio Channel 19 soat oldin
NFL In A Nutshell
Mersimanio xd
Mersimanio xd 19 soat oldin
RIP Stephen Hillenburg
Alonso Lupercio
Alonso Lupercio 19 soat oldin
2.7K = NFL
Pancake47 Things I guess
The music gamers put after we won the furry war
Hawaa Sarwary
Hawaa Sarwary 20 soat oldin
Lol I remember i had this on vhs
TIMson 20 soat oldin
If there will be 3rd Spongebob movie for tribute I think this fits very well for after credits scene or ending
Beastly jack
Beastly jack 21 soat oldin
We wanted sweet victory but instead we got sicko mode
MiraculousDesigner #1
MiraculousDesigner #1 21 soat oldin
I wonder if nobody noticed Nick and Marty from are we there yet 0:13 1:34
that guy
that guy 21 soat oldin
Blame the nfl
Just a dude who likes Dbz
Goofy Goobers, please rise to the National Anthem
FilipSY 21 soat oldin
RIP Stephen Hillenburg
TerSe Rah
TerSe Rah 21 soat oldin
Best scenes ever
Crazycaz Trex
Crazycaz Trex 22 soat oldin
It always gives me chills
Fatima Martinez
Fatima Martinez 23 soat oldin
Super bowl 53 on Sunday night football
TotallyNotBroYT 23 soat oldin
R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg We loved you're show, Thank you for keeping our imagination alive, I survived Childhood because of you
GabeFlakes Kun oldin
Thanks a lot worlds best
still salty
XAtaki BraveheartX
Everyone' There's no way, they can disrespect this amazing song. Nfl: Hold my beer.
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Can we get a shout out for the Dallas Stars NHL team for putting this on for their half time show!
Максим Перминов
Have no idea what is "super bowl", but i just like whole scene.
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez Kun oldin
Literally, you could’ve just shown this, and these two minutes would’ve been better than what we saw at the Super Bowl.
Bootiful Kun oldin
NFL banboozled us
caroline Kun oldin
still a jam
Hello I'm Jordan
To the people that compare themselves to Squidward, always being depressed and stuff. I find it comfortable that even someone as depressed as Squidward can have such a nice moment. So hang on everyone, one day you’ll have your sweet victory.
NoName Kun oldin
Much better than sicko mode
Real_Slim Shady
Real_Slim Shady Kun oldin
0:40 forever ruined now 😱😰😥😭😣🤬🤬🤬
Elkinsinboxinc Studios
Who's here after that Daytona 500 Sweet Victory video?
501stTrooperBMC Kun oldin
NFL had one job. ONE JOB.
:/ Kun oldin
I came here to clear my disappointment after watching the super bowl halftime show
Cameron Adams
Cameron Adams Kun oldin
This is a jam!
justnobody Kun oldin
Maulana Ma'ruf
Maulana Ma'ruf Kun oldin
Now the real singer re-release the song, including a new orchestral version. Will you stream those 2 songs?
Rizq Umar
Rizq Umar Kun oldin
*PrEeSs "T" tO pAy ReSpEcTs*
ThisIsPloCS Kun oldin
So... this is much better than the actual half-time...
Lego Prison Break. Full Story.
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