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SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! 🎤 Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.
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3-Dek, 2018



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MAJORSEALSHOW 4 soat oldin
When you finally defeat your nemesis in shadow of war
Cookie Girl
Cookie Girl 4 soat oldin
That is my favorite Scene in SpongeBob
William McMullan
William McMullan 5 soat oldin
this song is rumoured to be on the next Just Dance game (Just Dance 2020) oh save us all and don't?
Elisa Pasaribu
Elisa Pasaribu 5 soat oldin
baguss jugaya😎😎😎😎😎
HARIS PRO 12 soat oldin
The best song in the SPONGEBOB 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Kolyn Turnbow
Kolyn Turnbow 14 soat oldin
What needs to go off after you beat a hard video gsme
Papillonch'onch 17 soat oldin
I was so hyped about this when i was a little kid
Carlos daniel Hernández eliserio
0:20 when we see Travis Scott and didnt perform this song 🦀
Labejo Indra
Labejo Indra Kun oldin
R I P Stephen Hillenburg
Eric DeVries
Eric DeVries Kun oldin
Most awesome Spongebob moment EVER!!!!!!!
Os Albuquerques
Os Albuquerques Kun oldin
That will sound when Maduro resigns and tooks over powers to National Assembly and to Juan Guaidó!
Random Reviewer
Random Reviewer Kun oldin
What have we done to deserve this marvellous harmony? Let our bless our ears with this fantastic happy ending reminding us that there is always a sweet victory somewhere.
asma saulat
asma saulat Kun oldin
This reminds me of a Freddie Mercury performance
NickzXD Kun oldin
2x speed?
Asa Gillespie
Asa Gillespie Kun oldin
Definitely the best spongebob episode that has ever been released
Hakunka Matata
Hakunka Matata Kun oldin
Would you guys PLEASE get over the superbowl. It happened two months ago.
Froo s
Froo s 2 kun oldin
اوف13مليون مشاهده
Just a Youtuber
Just a Youtuber 2 kun oldin
Sweet Victory > Sicko Mode
horaciosi 2 kun oldin
Imagine if the series ended here.
S Rule
S Rule 2 kun oldin
Ok for literally years I had NO idea this was from Spongebob like I thought it was just some 80s song or smth
Ninja Is cool
Ninja Is cool 2 kun oldin
Who came here because the super bowl
Blue Bird Gaming
Blue Bird Gaming 2 kun oldin
I hope they blasted this at Stephen Hellinburgs funeral RIP Stephen Hellinburg
Umair Gamer
Umair Gamer 2 kun oldin
*PlAys SICko moDe*
Faceof Extinction
Faceof Extinction 2 kun oldin
I'm 35 years old and first watched this episode with my kids about 10 years ago and I'm not too proud to admit I seriously love this song lol
Mauro Valente
Mauro Valente 2 kun oldin
Yes, I'm still going _sicko mode_ over this.
kalii 3 kun oldin
OmAb [GD] ツ
OmAb [GD] ツ 3 kun oldin
Sweet memries
Marshmello Mello
Marshmello Mello 3 kun oldin
The plankton's part is my favorite
Paul Jasko
Paul Jasko 3 kun oldin
No matter what... Come together as one.
SpicyTacos 2020
SpicyTacos 2020 3 kun oldin
Top 10 greatest anime moments who else is crying
Colin Nguyen
Colin Nguyen 3 kun oldin
0:49 Hol up they cradling on the wrong side
Cringe Central
Cringe Central 3 kun oldin
Ali corn animations
Super bowl thingy: *_spongbob plays_* Everyone: YAY KSKCURJDCDJ *_sicko mode plays_* Everyone: sponge-b-Bob?
Mazafesio El Madafaka
Isn't the smash narrator this announcer?
Binziong1 4 kun oldin
I felt like i had a beard even though i am 12
Thecoolest Doctor
Thecoolest Doctor 4 kun oldin
1:42 when your pain disappears
Alex The Awsome
Alex The Awsome 4 kun oldin
This episode is a masterpiece It has one of the best jokes and funny moments of each characters in the sow like how Patrick ask if mayonaise is an instrument Thank you Stephen for this Nickelodeon should remastered or replay this episode everyday and play Sweet Victory on the super bowl championship ( i'am not talking about the SickMode, read a dictionary NFL )for a respect to Stephen Hillenburg
Akanksha Kaith
Akanksha Kaith 4 kun oldin
My heart is happy
oshi boi
oshi boi 4 kun oldin
In honor of mr stephen hillendburg 👌👌👌 u will be missed by many.
Kozmobot 4 kun oldin
Who sings this? Sponge Bob, of course :-)
Ferd1P 4 kun oldin
They gotta play this in the next super bowl for the legend Stephen hillenburg
Generic Manchild
Generic Manchild 4 kun oldin
*insert super bowl-related memes here*
ThatOneGuy _CKR
ThatOneGuy _CKR 4 kun oldin
1:25 when you drop a spoon at 3am but your on carpet
Ethan O'Dell
Ethan O'Dell 4 kun oldin
When your comment gets a like
Justice Productions
Guifrria’s Lead Singer!!!!! Long live Hair Metal
Anna Rose
Anna Rose 4 kun oldin
This is the best I have ever heard
canoz el mazero
canoz el mazero 5 kun oldin
Seketika gue sedih, karena episode ini gak pernah tayang lagi di tv 😢 🇲🇨😢
Awesome Animations
Awesome Animations 5 kun oldin
Can we all just come and mourn with me today, I owned the dvd with this episode and I have lost it.... I am in so much pain I have failed you Stephen Hillenburg
ᄋᄏ 5 kun oldin
Peyton Schmidt
Peyton Schmidt 5 kun oldin
This actually gave me chills
AlphaLyte GD
AlphaLyte GD 5 kun oldin
I used this song when I won a competition
kocak gaming
kocak gaming 5 kun oldin
1:40 R.I.P his twin
Bhrett Driver
Bhrett Driver 5 kun oldin
Top ten people who should’ve play at the Super Bowl Halftime Show
Red Boy
Red Boy 5 kun oldin
*And then a meme was born*
Awesomefacexan 5 kun oldin
This year is the show’s 20th anniversary
kingGang 5 kun oldin
M Zidane Risky
M Zidane Risky 5 kun oldin
Mantep bangget✌👍😢
joey 5 kun oldin
wonder how some of the people in the stadium feel that they were in one of the best spongebob episodes of all time.
TheBraveDude 5 kun oldin
RIP Stephen hillenburg
ItsyourBoyDTrap 5 kun oldin
THAT performance would've been much better as half time show than all the halftime shows from the last three years combined
Dalejr fan88
Dalejr fan88 5 kun oldin
Tamer2002 5 kun oldin
Barely Me
Barely Me 5 kun oldin
Definitely my favourite episode of spongebob.... it’s just amazing to see squid ward finally win and them vocals just marvellous
Czarcasm 5 kun oldin
Exactly, this scene showed how powerful Stephen’s show could be.
Not Indonesia ball
Not Indonesia ball 6 kun oldin
0:53 That voice reminds me of Brian may
Abdurrahman Hamza
Abdurrahman Hamza 6 kun oldin
Who's here after watching the spongebob's "middle child" video?
abucket14 6 kun oldin
honestly i love this episode because everyone bans together to help squidward achieve something that he has always wanted and thats just what people need sometimes.
Rezino Kun oldin
John Ilarde k, thanks.
John Ilarde
John Ilarde Kun oldin
+Rezino The episode is called "Band Geeks" or "Band of Geeks" man, just google the title and looks for where to watch it online :)
Rezino Kun oldin
abucket14 Can I watch the whole episode anywhere? I never see it on TV
SQID WIRD 6 kun oldin
The best scene in TV history
Marleni Joya Granados
Going back to 90s
Stephen Hillenburg even said himself that he wanted Sweet Victory to play at the Super Bowl. That’s why it hurts even more..
Loopy Dudeee
Loopy Dudeee 2 kun oldin
These monsters..GET YOUR PITCHFORKS!
CHAOS 3 kun oldin
d e a d i n s i d e . e x e
i remember all the hype leading up to the game... *many were disappointed by the halftime show but i sat alone watching this*
Dallas zackodnik
Dallas zackodnik 6 kun oldin
David Glenn eisley doesn't get enough credit for this
Onur Aga
Onur Aga 6 kun oldin
People who dislike they did not had a childhood
greg murphy
greg murphy 6 kun oldin
press 2, and it will drag the seek button forward enough to skip the dialog
Kaya Mallon
Kaya Mallon 6 kun oldin
Literally everyone: Play Sweet Victory at the Superbowl!! NFL: Wait Sweet Victory and Sicko Mode are the same things, right? Literally everyone; 🤦‍♀️
ManOnCrack 72
ManOnCrack 72 6 kun oldin
when pewds hits 100 mil
Hüseyin Akyol
Hüseyin Akyol 6 kun oldin
Seeing Squidward so happy makes me happy.
Riky Tria
Riky Tria 7 kun oldin
Am your fans. Crying. I want to hugh you Spongebob.
danilo zidane
danilo zidane 7 kun oldin
Jamsy2 7 kun oldin
how to cure depresion
Aldi Rohim
Aldi Rohim 7 kun oldin
Nostalgia in 2019 Like
Cringe Inc.
Cringe Inc. 7 kun oldin
I'm watching this because I'm going to Alton Towers today and staying over for 2 nights. I'm tryna learn the lyrics so I can sing it as loudly as possible when I walk in lol 😄
XxKINGOFDEAD76xX 7 kun oldin
One of the best episodes in spongebob history
ML Clips
ML Clips 7 kun oldin
Who else taught this was a meme
Boog_The_Bear 1996
Boog_The_Bear 1996 7 kun oldin
I’m still disappointed
Bida Ruhsam Miharbi
roblox for life get f minecraft for having bad graphics and no roleplay
Maymeen Islam
Maymeen Islam 5 kun oldin
Why are you here
Goosebumps Man
Goosebumps Man 7 kun oldin
Omg, the nostalgia.
Nicole King
Nicole King 7 kun oldin
Maybe the next super bowl...?
wario stalin
wario stalin 7 kun oldin
Nisfia Sabitha
Nisfia Sabitha 8 kun oldin
Pilar Mateo
Pilar Mateo 8 kun oldin
Mi infancia
Zandrew David
Zandrew David 8 kun oldin
Hearing this made me have goosebumps
Kelly Cook
Kelly Cook 8 kun oldin
I’m suing the NFL,expect over 1 million dollars
Avah Aria Britt
Avah Aria Britt 8 kun oldin
Sponge Bob is singing😍😍😍😍😍😍
tenoch hernandez
tenoch hernandez 8 kun oldin
Cold Boiz
Cold Boiz 8 kun oldin
This is true art in the purest form
Raven 8 kun oldin
This song should be played every year in the SuperBowl
Lil Lord Akira 97
Lil Lord Akira 97 9 kun oldin
1:32 YEAH !
Ethan_Dev 9 kun oldin
I think Nickelodeon has an agreement with APM music because all of the songs they use are from APM music.
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