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4-Okt, 2018

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Crystal Gem
Crystal Gem 3 soat oldin
Coolkidvolgs Games
Coolkidvolgs Games 15 soat oldin
ArrowDog 21 soat oldin
Woah this guy predicted Fortnite being successful
Wombat Lord
Wombat Lord Kun oldin
#YIAYend Ask another yiay question
Bryan Tejeda
Bryan Tejeda Kun oldin
#yiayend you should say your a big gay and support homosexual acts
The One Sane Fangirl
#YIAYend Y-you too
Duckielol ness11
Duckielol ness11 2 kun oldin
#yiayanwser Also by the ways you were never my friend and I hope you die.
A random person who plays Fortnite
Sp- *growl* XD
Party Rioveros
Party Rioveros 2 kun oldin
Who is this at 4:58
xxxi_ amazing
xxxi_ amazing 2 kun oldin
*69* likes baaaaabyyyyy
Johan Graf
Johan Graf 3 kun oldin
#YIAYend * ends conversation *
Jack! You got 69k likes!
AwesomeDude 4 kun oldin
I actually reported the video at 3:03 for "promotes terrorism"
cov 124
cov 124 5 kun oldin
Girl: I like yo- Me: Im sterile Girl: *cries*
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
Whats the hell is a fortnight???
Snape shot 4Z
Snape shot 4Z 5 kun oldin
I just realised that the Jenna marbles one that the Klondike Merch it's Jenna dog
Volcanic Panic
Volcanic Panic 5 kun oldin
In the movie he like used a machine to take all the chaos gems (def infinity stones) out of him and then at night sonic turns into a furry to fix the world from itself, pretty sure it's a game but all the cutscenes are beautiful in my child eyes.
ZD Plays_games
ZD Plays_games 5 kun oldin
They made a third spider man movie aka spider man 3
Fusion - YT
Fusion - YT 5 kun oldin
hey he predicted fortnite becoming dank
Magikarp King64
Magikarp King64 5 kun oldin
#yiayend Baka
Magikarp King64
Magikarp King64 5 kun oldin
He actually almost barfed
kelly kemper
kelly kemper 6 kun oldin
The one for Oct 31st shoulda been Jenna marbles that's scary enough
Dat Wae tho
Dat Wae tho 6 kun oldin
oct. 6 is my birthday and oct. 7 is my 42 yr olds dads birthday
brian nelson
brian nelson 6 kun oldin
Jack your dog is cute😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😆😀😀😆😀🔔😆😀😆😀😆😀😆
Chicken Lou
Chicken Lou 6 kun oldin
By 8 minutes, he meant 30% sponsor and 70% content.
we live in a society
#YIAYend "My favorite UZvidr is Jacksfilms."
TheUnderRatedNoob 6 kun oldin
#YIAYend Just use computer editing
ItsAStikbotParty! 6 kun oldin
whats wrong with klondikes right eye? I feel bad for Klondike.
Yasemin Derancık
Yasemin Derancık 7 kun oldin
#YIAYend *bork*
Ice wollow come
Ice wollow come 7 kun oldin
#YIAYend just say bye.
Beast's Beats
Beast's Beats 7 kun oldin
Just say, "Nut." then walk away.
The grandson of satan
5:46 Hit chuggle chuggle
Raul 9 kun oldin
If Eminem made a diss about you he would make fun of your forehead for 99% of the time.
Hecktor Hentsch
Hecktor Hentsch 9 kun oldin
Pewds is Better
Nova Carter
Nova Carter 10 kun oldin
I frikin love take on me
Koral 10 kun oldin
someone shouldve done an oompa loompa it would match perfectly
Mega Sauce
Mega Sauce 11 kun oldin
#YIAYend turn around and just start sprinting.
OriginalSam 11 kun oldin
PewDiePie Army!
Something Random
Something Random 11 kun oldin
#YIAYend *smoke bomb* squat with jazz hands and slowly walk away staring them dead in the eyes while still continuing with those jazz hands. Works well at job interviews. Try it!
Jonna Norberg
Jonna Norberg 12 kun oldin
4:57 Can someone find this model (or is it a joke )
Joe 3040
Joe 3040 12 kun oldin
Now boys dig in on this *snip *snap
Untreated Anxiety
Untreated Anxiety 12 kun oldin
Up to 0:25 is the good part
katie jaksa
katie jaksa 13 kun oldin
I still don't understand why you had a hat on for the template photo. It made things difficult :(
Ezequiel Tinoco
Ezequiel Tinoco 13 kun oldin
3:59 the game is red dead redimtion
Niall is Awesome
Niall is Awesome 13 kun oldin
She is very right
The amazing Smiley
The amazing Smiley 13 kun oldin
The intro was precious
Maybe Idubbbz, I can be, I might not tho
Your wrong dumb wife, let him grow the mustache back, and then it in his sleep shave it off (it means his head not the mustache)
Exochos8V2.0 13 kun oldin
#YIAYend Oof, smell ya later. Naruto runs away
Exochos8V2.0 13 kun oldin
"Spoop" *Doggo barks* *me almost wakes my parents up because of my laughter*
Arfan Eka Diandra
Arfan Eka Diandra 13 kun oldin
Awww! Cute doggie!
Jam Bo
Jam Bo 14 kun oldin
3:58 don’t disrespect fucking red dead 2
outofthatsword 14 kun oldin
#yiayend With a sponsorship of course.
outofthatsword 14 kun oldin
#yiayend Say elloh and leave them to think what you just said.
Rando the Random
Rando the Random 14 kun oldin
#yiayend Bye, *Winks*
outofthatsword 14 kun oldin
#yiayend Hide the body.
outofthatsword 14 kun oldin
#yiayend MURDER THEM.
outofthatsword 14 kun oldin
#yiayend Teleports behind you.
i_go_by _libby
i_go_by _libby 14 kun oldin
Ur dogs made my dogs go completely crazy. Thanks.
Devon Persing
Devon Persing 14 kun oldin
#YIAYend Say goodbye then as you both leave realize that you're walking in the same direction
ShatteredSoul77 14 kun oldin
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 15 kun oldin
Austin Powers 4 IS Coming Out! Are You Excited?
AngryPast Game
AngryPast Game 15 kun oldin
#YIAYend you can't end a conversation if you have noone to conversate with.
Purple P3arl
Purple P3arl 15 kun oldin
Babadook gives a babalook, which leaves you babashook
Jørdan. Bløx
Jørdan. Bløx 16 kun oldin
...*gulp* oh really?
Glowstone Rocket
Glowstone Rocket 16 kun oldin
#YIAYend I gotta go there is a new fortnite update.
PetRock FTW
PetRock FTW 16 kun oldin
#YIAYend by using a period
Stanulstan 42
Stanulstan 42 16 kun oldin
Pull out your phone and ignore them until they leave #YIAYend
I want to Kashoot myself
#YIAYend Say " I'm a psychopath the buzzfeed quiz I took said so" they'll start running even your gargantuan forehead won't scare them away John
Calum Sheppard
Calum Sheppard 16 kun oldin
Red dead redemption
Aáron Henriquez
Aáron Henriquez 16 kun oldin
3:52 It's Red Dead Redemption 2
Mario is Da boss
Mario is Da boss 17 kun oldin
#yiayend : I'm waiting till marriage *tips fedora
MR SNORTYPANTS 17 kun oldin
#YIAYend Fuck off ye basterd (im irish)
Unicorn Sweetness
Unicorn Sweetness 17 kun oldin
Ben Warren
Ben Warren 18 kun oldin
6:45 Is Nepal one of them?
KingCreeperBoss 08
KingCreeperBoss 08 18 kun oldin
3:00 Me when I hear heartbeats from the beast in flee the facility
Crabulon27 18 kun oldin
#YIAYend "goodbye!"
Sam Dell
Sam Dell 18 kun oldin
#YIAYend play the outro
Instinct _
Instinct _ 18 kun oldin
#YIAYend. Whip and nare nae
Joseph Marley
Joseph Marley 18 kun oldin
#YIAYend sorry my phone died
Ajoker_ joking
Ajoker_ joking 18 kun oldin
Klondike sounds like a chicken and he sounds hungry
Manny Mate
Manny Mate 18 kun oldin
i like it ists soo awesome
beaboh bea
beaboh bea 18 kun oldin
#YIAYend I fucked your dog
yakityjak 18 kun oldin
#YIAYend Autobots, roll out! *literally rolls away*
TheNubWithAHat 18 kun oldin
#YIAYend Just snap with 6 Rocks in different color in a glove So the conversation wont feel so good, therefore disintegrating
Sight 19 kun oldin
#YIAYend drop the mic
Zap Tap
Zap Tap 19 kun oldin
ouch films
Carlos Cucalon
Carlos Cucalon 19 kun oldin
#YIAYend I don’t believe in conversations, I’m waiting until marriage.
God Gaming Playz
God Gaming Playz 19 kun oldin
#YIAYend Bye
Cameron lmao
Cameron lmao 20 kun oldin
This kid looks like Nick from Big Mouth
Richard Campbell-Leclair
Look its daddy jack with the great content
Benjamin Vroman
Benjamin Vroman 20 kun oldin
#YIAYend me too thanks.
Timothy Bradek
Timothy Bradek 20 kun oldin
You Sir.. are a trip! I've never had the pleasure of seeing an extrovert full tilt. It fits you well! Very cool pictures submitted for a pretty cool guy.. Thanks, well done.
let's talk about harry potter
Klondike is a mood, tbh
5:40 now this is EPIC
Finna Yeet
Finna Yeet 20 kun oldin
#YIAYend just say you too and walk away before they say anything
احمد ! - Ahmed Da Memer
#YIAYend Oh yeah.. and tell your mother that I love her..
Andrew Ord
Andrew Ord 20 kun oldin
I waited at the table, eating my shraggles, when i saw that woman come to my table. By the look of her face i could see her disgrace, she started pumping out my eyeballs from her beautiful agrace. I could see that she needed something from my taste, i opened her face and saw a green fat woman with red hair, that of the shrek.
Human 20 kun oldin
Caseydilla 20 kun oldin
On Friday I went to Freaknight in Seattle. Saw someone dressed as a moth. Got kicked out cause he tried to bring in a floor lamp.