Star Wars: The Clone Wars Official Trailer

Star Wars
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Reporting in for another tour of duty.
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19-Iyl, 2018

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The Theorist of Stuff
Boo you stinkkk!
Gerard Crusader
Gerard Crusader 2 soat oldin
Disney finally realises that Rebel sucks. Bringing back TCW to life is right thing to do
Trigger Tits
Trigger Tits 2 soat oldin
Litty titty
Diego Almeyda
Diego Almeyda 2 soat oldin
I get goosebumps just listening Skywalker anthem. :')
Evan Garrett
Evan Garrett 3 soat oldin
I’m a soldier... just like you!
Slash2324 Jackson Montgomery
Collectible Craver
Collectible Craver 3 soat oldin
This is my CHILDHOOD
Jake Zuniga
Jake Zuniga 3 soat oldin
Jack Brownell
Jack Brownell 3 soat oldin
noah younger
noah younger 3 soat oldin
Saucy Rossy
Saucy Rossy 3 soat oldin
My favorite animé
TyDi Hoodie
TyDi Hoodie 3 soat oldin
Lucasfilm finds something good to make a movie on after the atrocities of the last Jedi
XGrapplixX 3 soat oldin
Liam Ashton
Liam Ashton 3 soat oldin
The separatists were the good guys infiltrated by the sith.
Oliver Elder
Oliver Elder 3 soat oldin
Disney I can't thank you enough. 👌👌👌😂😂😂😂
Brigido Cruz
Brigido Cruz 3 soat oldin
Bro no way!!!!
Dad come back Please
Just came a little
jUn0r gaMinG
jUn0r gaMinG 3 soat oldin
YES YEA YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thmaxx 3 soat oldin
I thought they cancelled the show, are they continuing it now?
Ricardo Zetina
Ricardo Zetina 3 soat oldin
I can’t believe it’s back! I remember waking up early as a kid just to watch this series. I’m so happy, thank you Filoni!
AzN Pros
AzN Pros 3 soat oldin
Waited years for this
Daddy roberts
Daddy roberts 3 soat oldin
Netflix better have this
Parker Dixon-Word
Parker Dixon-Word 3 soat oldin
I mean, there are a ton of things that make this a bit awkward to do here- So many of the character arcs got finished in Rebels that flashing back is a bit odd, and we actually have heard or read a bunch of the arcs they were going to do in different forms because they'd clearly given up on finishing the series in show format.... but damned if I'm not excited anyways, and glad for the Lucas film team who pretty clearly wanted to make this happen.
Alexito Rico
Alexito Rico 3 soat oldin
It's been a while indeed.
Keerthana Chirumamilla
This is no.1 Trending in India!
Mindless TV
Mindless TV 3 soat oldin
Waiting to see.....
Connor Vosholler
Connor Vosholler 3 soat oldin
Literally crying bc I’m so freaking happy 😂😂
Maddox Jackson
Maddox Jackson 3 soat oldin
Execute order 66.
FANTOY SHAGOY 3 soat oldin
release date already assigned
Juan Carrasco
Juan Carrasco 3 soat oldin
😊😆 OMG!!
Apollo Games
Apollo Games 3 soat oldin
King Ghast
King Ghast 3 soat oldin
I missed this
PopGreen_Master 3 soat oldin
I feel like I've just witnessed my childhood all over again in just 2 minutes and 41 seconds.
TimoManuel33 -
TimoManuel33 - 3 soat oldin
Hey it came out of nowhere...
Social 21
Social 21 3 soat oldin
Surati Ningsih
Surati Ningsih 3 soat oldin
Halah kartun!
GoldenZunder Saiyan
GoldenZunder Saiyan 3 soat oldin
I whant to see more of these. #Clone Wars
Eva Starlighter
Eva Starlighter 3 soat oldin
I believe that some people who don't like Rebels yet like the Clone Wars only watch for the action instead for emotional rollercoaster.
Social 21
Social 21 3 soat oldin
Sir, yes sir. RIDICULOUS
Dopekiller 3 soat oldin
Omg I can’t wait now
The Potato Maniac
The Potato Maniac 3 soat oldin
This is a happy moment, the happiest moment of my life
SkyFall 9x
SkyFall 9x 3 soat oldin
Daniel Bosal
Daniel Bosal 3 soat oldin
Dude the bad batch is coming!!!!!
TheUsefChannel !
TheUsefChannel ! 3 soat oldin
The best part is that it’s animated like the show
Fractured Frame
Fractured Frame 3 soat oldin
dvore may
dvore may 3 soat oldin
Did they just...un-retcon the clone wars... And I thought miracles didn't happen.
Zachary Strabala
Zachary Strabala 3 soat oldin
Yasssss my momma will make cookiez for des movie!!!!!!
Zach Freeman.
Zach Freeman. 3 soat oldin
Well. My day. My week. My month. Honestly, my FREAKING year is MADE.
matt irwin
matt irwin 3 soat oldin
I just want to say, that I saw this video yesterday, the day it came out. And I can’t stop watching it. Or thinking about it. I’m 18 right now, and this show was my childhood. It ended when I was about 12, and I remember watching every episode every Friday night ever since season one came out. I have cried twice since I saw this. When i first saw it, and just now this morning when I watched it today. You guys finally did it. Y’all listened to all of the #bringbacktheclonewars UZvid channels, twitter accounts, insta accounts, and now it’s finally happening. I never thought I would see this show in full animation again, and it’s finally here. I tried accepting rebels, but honestly the only aspects I liked of rebels were all of the episodes and moments that related back to the clone wars, or the clone wars era. I am unbelievably excited to see my all time favorite show coming back. 12 episodes are all I need. I just want to see all of the unfinished episodes/comics of episodes we never got to see in full animation. The siege on Mandalore, Rex finding echo, maul capturing and working with count dooku, and all of the others that were never released. This is THE BEST Star Wars news I have EVER gotten. And I keep up to date with everything new with Star Wars. I love y’all, and I am so happy you all brought this back. So sincerely, thank you for bringing back my childhood. I can’t wait to see what other brutal war moments you guys can make out of these next 12 episodes, and how many other new clones we can remember forever. #clonewarssaved
K Pixie
K Pixie 3 soat oldin
omg stop with the animated trash. star wars should have NEVER been animated.
Mr. Lemon
Mr. Lemon 3 soat oldin
K Pixie kys
kingj1119 1119
kingj1119 1119 3 soat oldin
# clonewarssaved
Darth Roman06
Darth Roman06 3 soat oldin
Marco WZ
Marco WZ 3 soat oldin
Zebra Man
Zebra Man 3 soat oldin
I’m hyped, but confused. Is this another series or a new movie?
Mr. Lemon
Mr. Lemon 3 soat oldin
Another season
N Rez
N Rez 3 soat oldin
“The names Rex” I’m getting chills already
nugget theory
nugget theory 3 soat oldin
Vxxr V_V
Vxxr V_V 3 soat oldin
Zetto Kuzuuya
Zetto Kuzuuya 3 soat oldin
Wait are they continuing the old series or is this a movie?
Chan R
Chan R 3 soat oldin
That hashtag tho
Joe Frickenshmigt26
Joe Frickenshmigt26 3 soat oldin
Ahsoka vs Anakin siege of Mandalore
John Catrakis
John Catrakis 3 soat oldin
OH MY GOD ......This is STAT WARS .....DIsney Finally listened ..... THAT IS WHAT WE WANTED .... WAS THAT So F....n Difficult ... You could gave done the same with The last Jedi and SOLO ..... Listen to us DISNEY ...WE LOVE STAR WARS .....OH MY GOD ... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Rhino Jedi
Rhino Jedi 3 soat oldin
YesyesyesyesyesyesYES!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! THIS IS THE COMEBACK WE NEED!!!
James Bernald
James Bernald 3 soat oldin
Who’s your favorite clone I like fives and Cody the best
Maxerdergrosse -_-
Maxerdergrosse -_- 3 soat oldin
Wilfredo Uriel Gonzalez
Es raro estar exitado
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 3 soat oldin
Omg I’ve been waiting it’s almost orgasmic
Seán Cena
Seán Cena 3 soat oldin
I will always remember waking myself up when I was young really early in the morning to watch the 1st episode of the clone wars this trailer brought back so much.
Goudapest 3 soat oldin
Incredibles 2 is better
Clorox Jose
Clorox Jose 3 soat oldin
I remember as a little kid watching all the seasons I'm so hyped I'm not even that older tho
Thatcher 3 soat oldin
no way dude
Global Entertainment Tube
Who cried? REPLY
Aidan Gough
Aidan Gough 3 soat oldin
This show was literally my entire childhood
Nords 3 soat oldin
This has cemented my belief that Dave Filoni is the only person at Disney/Lucasfilm that's trying to actually give fans quality content, rather than pinch pennies. Dave, I know you're not reading this, and I know you'd never want to seize complete creative control of the Star Wars IP... But none of us would argue if you did. Thanks for caring!
sw1ft 3 soat oldin
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
Catty Bourne
Catty Bourne 3 soat oldin
JiminyJustin 3 soat oldin
Anyone remember when the clone wars was just a bad movie no one liked?
Stanley Wu
Stanley Wu 3 soat oldin
JaredYT 3 soat oldin
Who else watched the series
Bryant Lam
Bryant Lam 3 soat oldin
Save the spectacular Spider-Man
Julian XXCY
Julian XXCY 3 soat oldin
I’m 19 years old and happy like a child
Frizzy Fish
Frizzy Fish 3 soat oldin
Yes yes yes yes yes yes
jose luis arenas gonzalez
season 5?
Mario Arturo Galván Yáñez
OMFG!!!! Yeeeessss!!!!!! Hype hype hype
Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese 3 soat oldin
Devilcraft 42
Devilcraft 42 3 soat oldin
pokemonyghchamp 3 soat oldin
I am so happy
kingj1119 1119
kingj1119 1119 3 soat oldin
I grew up with this show. I'm so happy it's back. Thank you star wars😀
victor MX
victor MX 3 soat oldin
And, Where are the deleted episodes????
93blacktiger 3 soat oldin
YEEESSS! Finally!
Slim Jesus Forehead
Slim Jesus Forehead 3 soat oldin
I was in this movie
wood horder
wood horder 3 soat oldin
Oh Wow! I love Star Trek!
Dark Wolf Jr
Dark Wolf Jr 3 soat oldin
This trailer >>>>>>>>>> broly trailer
Luca Henderson
Luca Henderson 3 soat oldin
The hype has never been so real
krauadri 3 soat oldin
slotdino1 3 soat oldin
Im so hyped
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 3 soat oldin
I freaking love this series and can’t wait for another!
Dark_Empyreus88 3 soat oldin
My dream's To Get 3K Subs With No Video
Only about 10 subs to achieve my dream for like a year.... Check my name Be the one who helps me achieve that dream
Nikolai Moskvin
Nikolai Moskvin 3 soat oldin
Thank god, they really left the Mandalorian conflict without a resolution... Until now!
WatcherMovie008 3 soat oldin
Seeing how Ashoka has age, this is most likely taking place between 20BBY to 19BBY, near the final years of the Clone Wars, before Episode III starts. I only hope that the team doesn't go Star Wars Rebel on the 7th season and onward with this. God I found Rebel boring and near insulting.
José Luis Escobar
José Luis Escobar 3 soat oldin
It is set in 19 BBY and will cover the final stages of the clone wars until the execution of order 66. BTW Rebels was awesome especially the final season