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Steals.com was founded on the motto “we send joy,” and prides itself on delighting online visitors daily, a rarity in the overgrown world of deal sites.
Their headquarters in Salt Lake City serves as an office and fulfillment center focused on sending joy, same-day. Steals.com delivers top-quality brands and products one day at a time to their online communities through the websites BabySteals.com, ScrapbookSteals.com, KidSteals.com, and SheSteals.com.




15-Dek, 2014

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MsNocell 3 yil oldin
Congrats! Great exposure! ♥ Steals & Discovery
Toni P
Toni P 3 yil oldin
Awesome Video guys - good for you!!
Camaj Fiber Arts
Camaj Fiber Arts 3 yil oldin
Is your desk really that clean? LOL!!! So happy and proud of you, my fellow Utahn.