Stephen A. ‘scared’ Anthony Davis is Lakers’ only option | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith is “officially scared” that the Los Angeles Lakers may miss out on the chance to sign Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker in free agency, leaving Anthony Davis as the only option.
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18-Dek, 2018



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Mr Jordan made everyone great LeBron needs OTHERS to be great
megaklawn69 Oy oldin
Every team is scared on lebron Davis tandeem,, so they screwed the Lakers pelicans trade,,
Jeremy James
Jeremy James Oy oldin
I'd move to Toronto if I was him. Don't Canadians pay less taxes (except cigs lol) in general?
Das Diggty
Das Diggty Oy oldin
A.D would be dum as he'll to go play with an 34 yr old guy with now groin injury and who lost 6 finals already
gang land
gang land Oy oldin
LeBron defense is gon...they need to keep ball and kuzma and Ingram cause all them guys are young and will have tons energy for years....they can only get better...can't expect ad to gaurd everybody
The donn
The donn Oy oldin
Nobody wants to be a homeboy superstar 😂😂🔥🔥
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson Oy oldin
Ad can go to golden state he will get a ring
Said Wholesale
Maywether to the lakers ?
Dewalk Vlogs
Dewalk Vlogs Oy oldin
just trade gonzo I don't see anything with, simply because LeGM makes everyone better.
JuiceCity13 Oy oldin
LOL Assets...
Jon Noel
Jon Noel Oy oldin
The Celtics are simply flawed because of the whole Kyrie thing with the CBA. There's no point in talking about them. Raptors have a way better shot.
Elpachuko323 Oy oldin
Lonzo Ball should get traded to the JBA.
Ryneek Timms
Ryneek Timms Oy oldin
Damn these two guys are just declining so badly
mike brown
mike brown Oy oldin
*We need to get rid of: Ingram,Hart,Caldwell-Pope,2019 draft pick,2021 draft pick!!! Have to keep Ball and Kuzma*
leonard york
leonard york Oy oldin
Feel bad for these small market teams only good teams will be the teams that make that money for the league everyone else Ass out
Leo Paul Bravo
If LeBron wants to prove that he is the GOAT......he needs to win the championship now....all by his stupid self. GOAT? He is eating the grass in which the other great players of the past shitted upon.
Real Life
Real Life Oy oldin
Cannot give 4 starters away, thats bad business who cares who it is, you just don't do that.
Real Life
Real Life Oy oldin
These media franzy about AD is getting ridiculous. These people are pushing the Lakers by saying you have to give everything he Pelicans want. Really? Jerry West , Dr. Buss would not do that. They might get the trade done but no way in hell they give everything.
Real Life
Real Life Oy oldin
These people are licking AD's feet, he aint the best player in the NBA, he is not the best player ever, stop it.
Real Life
Real Life Oy oldin
You are out of your mind, give everything for 1 player? No way
anonym who
anonym who Oy oldin
I'd make ADs life miserable and wait til the end of contract I'm not making my competition better, sorry AD and LeBron should be banned for tampering. If this were stocks and he was orchestrating all these moves behind the scenes he'd be under the jail. The old commissioner would have stopped all this super team shit
shawn reid
shawn reid Oy oldin
Love seeing black agents representing and getting that money and take care of the players has well loooooove it
The funny thing about the situation is that all teams need to give up a lot to get Anthony Davis. The Warriors? The top stars just want to join them without the Warriors having to give up anyone.
Jonathan Peterson
OKC fan calling someone else a playoff flop?....hilarious.
Jai Hudson
Jai Hudson Oy oldin
Clippers about to get a whole lot of bandwagon fans
Tyler 2K
Tyler 2K Oy oldin
MR TEE Oy oldin
What big names u know willingly wants to go to Clippers😂😂😂😂😂
Derogatory Name
If Magic holds onto his “core” instead of trading for AD, the Lakers are done and it’s Magic’s fault.
AD aint that good so whats the big fuss about?... Lebum is done..lol
CraftySSJ Oy oldin
0:39 the pen tap sounded like the net swishing when AD made it :D
Captain EunKook
I wonder why Kobe is quiet about this?
Lion Thomas
Lion Thomas Oy oldin
WtF is Stephen A talking bout🤔
sam scully
sam scully Oy oldin
LeBron is 34 I wouldn't trade my young players. New Orleans trade him to the eastern conference don't cave in to a agent or ESPN fantasy.
FREE BIRD Oy oldin
Why is he scared tho lol could've used a better word
Brandon Thonson
Max is right about the raptors
Naz Idoura
Naz Idoura Oy oldin
KCP, Ingram, Lonzo, and a 1st round pick for AD.
JBI Athletics s
How long has Steven A. had this new hair line??? At least its not just round anymore
chilln712 Oy oldin
I love how everyone says you have to keep Josh Hart when he’s Ben absolute garbage all year!! 😂😂😂😂
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim Oy oldin
Now I understand why Magic didnt want to trade for Kawhi who is a max player because then, you cant trade for AD this year.
Hosford OKC
Hosford OKC Oy oldin
NBA Gonna Be Crazy Next Season 🥶
melvin jackson
Kyrie Davis LeBron golden state put a fork in it who can stop them nobody Bron will get 2 more then retire!!!
John Sierra
John Sierra Oy oldin
Mega J
Mega J Oy oldin
Lonzo is not going anywhere!!!
inher tummy
inher tummy Oy oldin
Imagine lebron A.D and Kawhi. DAMN
inher tummy
inher tummy Oy oldin
Whos here before a.d announces he dosent want to play for nola anymore
inher tummy
inher tummy Oy oldin
Kobe and shaq
Anthony Baldwin
Tbh even if AD lands in LA still aren’t enough to beat GSW
Cole Murrell
Cole Murrell Oy oldin
Imagine that shit kawai holds all the pieces he could just tell magic hes coming we can hold on to our young pieces still trade a few people after the deadline and end up with AD anyway...somebody tell kawai he can play with Lebron, and AD and keep kuzma and hart.....?
reptilexcq2 Oy oldin
If I am New Orlean's GM, I am not concerned about where Anthony wish to go....i try to get the best assess.
JT W Oy oldin
I am sure that the NBA itself is closely involved in this process with the three biggest NBA markets aggressively seeking to get AD
Its Time
Its Time Oy oldin
how kuzma the best player with the lowest pay cap lmao
Nemesis Enforcer
They should just trimmed the league from 30 or 32 teams to 16. Now every 16 team will have a 5 all stars starting. Every night will be competitive.
Jonathan Charlton
Canada is such a lovely place, I'm sure Mr. Davis would love it here. I mean, today I almost couldn't walk down the sidewalk because the wind was pushing me back on the ice, but that only happens a couple dozen times a year.
Christian Deleon
AD TO THE H 🤘🏻🚀🚀
Juan Buruel
Juan Buruel Oy oldin
Lakers need a 3rd star. Do not trade Kuzma
Alvino Davo
Alvino Davo Oy oldin
even if AD lands on the lakers, Magic Johnson would still need to sign the Avengers. bcoz there's no way they can beat Steve "THANOS" Kerr now that his Infinity Gauntlet is complete -Steph/KD/Klay/Draymond/Bogie 😂😂😂
Alvino Davo
Alvino Davo Oy oldin
wow... i just realized Kawhi & AD together on a Clippers uniform would be awesome. knock knock Jerry West!!! make some calls now!!!
Mr Amuse Bouche
Young boys are weak
Adolfo C. Rios
Ad joining Steph and Klay and Draymond is game over for the league for the next 5 years. KD didn’t want to commit, so trade him for AD. Can they do that? Does AD’s defense make him not better than Durant but more valuable than Durant to the warriors specifically?
Kabes Seckel
Kabes Seckel Oy oldin
Little did he know....
ARMONI555 Oy oldin
Stephan smith is forcing it , he didnt even bring up Celtics . They have the most assets. and fyi. Kyrie Erving aint going know where , he is staying a Celtic just cause he called LeBron to talk about personal stuff don't mean shit . all these dudes are Boston haters we still have numerous first round pics so no one can give more than we can. and Danny Ainge said they aren't even looking at anyone else to trade for .
redmann4523 Oy oldin
Today :-)
Omar Carrington
Sad state of the NBA.
xKau Oy oldin
He just requested for a trade so here we go
Samuel Burwell
Welp , whose here when he just asked for a trade ?
Aqua Nigga
Aqua Nigga Oy oldin
Samuel Burwell yea sas was actually right
gullintanni Oy oldin
Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris for AD.
James Harford
James Harford Oy oldin
AD just requested a trade
P H Oy oldin
Kcp veto option is Lakers downfall
Cam Capalot
Cam Capalot Oy oldin
The Bucks or Raptors is a good fit
Trent Kearns
Trent Kearns Oy oldin
these dudes stupid, both lakers and celtics want him but dont want to loose their youth. so they wont get any good offers, the only team that is realistic for trading for AD is Miami, they have trade assists, they have picks, they have cap space, they have a great organisation, its a big market, they need a superstar to lead the team and Miami will spend the money on free agents to go with AD. if they trade for him, Miami has ability to offer Klay a max deal, and still have wiggle room. Miami need to make there move
Bud Montana
Bud Montana Oy oldin
Man if I was a team like the Bulls or the Knicks I'd be tanking so hard and be looking to shift as much cap space as possible. Imagine the Knicks next season with Porzingis, KD, Kyrie and Zion. That's not that out there of a concept. They could go from worst in the easy to the next great dynasty. Same goes for the Bulls if they do the same thing
Jean Newman
Jean Newman Oy oldin
Jek Lee
Jek Lee Oy oldin
Kd is staying... my bad, hes going to SF😉
Jek Lee
Jek Lee Oy oldin
It really depends on NO 1st. They could trade him off to BOS.
King Bo
King Bo Oy oldin
SAS looks legit scared in the thumbnail
Torey Townsend
Is it just me or is it funny when you hear people like these two talk and really try to use such proper language? I am just waiting for one of them to say; would you pass me the grey pupon, LMAO!!!!
Sleek S
Sleek S Oy oldin
AD is going to ask for a trade to Steven A Smith 6 forehead.
Alan Bustillo
Alan Bustillo Oy oldin
Don’t be silly sas ....AD will join the king
Darab Qureshi
Darab Qureshi Oy oldin
Klay is going to chicago
Darab Qureshi
Darab Qureshi Oy oldin
Please STOP IT everyone hates the lakers NO ONE wants to be in L.A. they have NO stars and both teams proved they can't do anything with stars. Kawhi is staying in Toronto, KD is staying is goldenstate (wether we like it or not) and AD is going to new york.
Leon Peaks
Leon Peaks Oy oldin
These Lebron fans begging an praying for help. Anybody please help us Hahahahahahaha
up comming
up comming Oy oldin
Lmao if I'm the pelicans in only taking lebron 😂
Jay Meeker
Jay Meeker Oy oldin
NBA is NOT organic.
If they gave me those 5 players, they could for sure have AD. The pelicans would have an entire team come off the bench, the most powerful bench in history potentially. Sales merch would go through the roof, attendance would go through the roof, if I’m the pelicans, give me all five, Or at best, pelicans should ask for Kuzma Ball and Ingram for AD, and sign each of them for 20 mill a year immediately.
Salnsd Oy oldin
A D to the 76ers , now score on the inside of that team
Denny Roman
Denny Roman Oy oldin
they cant mess with the brow right now
Denny Roman
Denny Roman Oy oldin
lakers sleeping on melo
Joe Timbers
Joe Timbers Oy oldin
dude everyone going to the clipper because of Steve Ballmer. who wouldn't what a boss thats a fired up as you are to win.
Chris Payton
Chris Payton Oy oldin
#NBAREACTION uzvid.com/video/video-yI8MMPRart4.html
Syte Jackson
Syte Jackson Oy oldin
Max is 100% correct...if AD is available you throw everyone except Bron
Jeffrey Youngblood
AD and Kawai to Clippers. Game over.
Jose Bravo
Jose Bravo Oy oldin
my sources state that stephen a and max are about to be traded straight up for skip and shannon
Trade Bron for AD straight up
ReJeanne Smith
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore Oy oldin
Y'all dumb saying y'all wouldn't trade AD why not he leaving anyway he not winning in N.O. foh
dsc0661 Oy oldin
just wait until Jimmy Butlers contract is done and convince him to come. Cut BI he is garbo.
LHS Discounted Properties
Poor Stephen A. You've gotten soooo lame. You perpetuated the stories that nobody wants to play with Bron, using Kyrie as your reference material. Now you and Kyrie realize how wrong you were.
Roy Herrera
Roy Herrera Oy oldin
Keep dreaming laker fans
Joel The Bitch
Nah if the lakers get Anthony davis this season they still could sign kemba walker.
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