Stephen A. ‘scared’ Anthony Davis is Lakers’ only option | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith is “officially scared” that the Los Angeles Lakers may miss out on the chance to sign Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker in free agency, leaving Anthony Davis as the only option.
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18-Dek, 2018

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Richard Gittings
Richard Gittings 11 soat oldin
Add a few seconds of black screen at the end to give people time to click the links
NEVER OBEY Kun oldin
i HATE talking basketball with women! PLZ JUST STFU!!
Lil B from 094 Princeton
Finally!! A league that doesn’t revolve around Lebron may be what’s best. Maybe people would start to question if Lebron is even better than Kobe if he can’t deliver 💯
young MB
young MB Kun oldin
Get either Kawi, Beal, or Butler for more scoring. Get a center like Vucevic, Gasol, or Kanter to replace Chandler. And get a decent power forward say Markieff Morris, Thaddeus Young, or Richaun Holmes. Trade Pope, Ball, and Beasley. Forget AD price is too high!!!!
Bentong Tongben
Bentong Tongben Kun oldin
Real talk. LBJ is a good team leader on the court but honestly speaking Lebron cant have championship ring anymore. Its better to trade Lebron to a PF or C superstar because lakers roster are small and i think Kuzma is much more better to a SF/PF and trade Ingram with a package to a PG or SG like Lillard or Thompson and Beal
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 2 kun oldin
What a bunch of bums. Need LeBron's Dick to at least make the playoffs...
1quickster 2 kun oldin
The Lakers should get Boogie Cousin if they cant get Anthony Davis.
ChitownBanging 3 kun oldin
Notice how far that female sits from max... Cuz max got that gift that's keeps on giving. thats why you will never anyone on his left side.
Wikkitt Klown
Wikkitt Klown 3 kun oldin
So Anthony Davis, to ESPN, is stupid enough to leave a good situation, a nice team and a great organization, to go to the Lakers, where he will be forced to catch and shoot 3 pointers, and get blamed everytime lecancer loses the game for them by committing dozens of turnovers, missing open shots, and choking the 4th quarter away so hard it should be considered porn. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 STOP IT!!!! Anthony Davis is NOT going to the garbage ass Lakers to play with lefag, the biggest cancer in sports history.
Selfish Stockton
Selfish Stockton 4 kun oldin
I have nothing against AD wanting out of New Orleans. I just hope he doesn’t go to LA. This Superteam era is ridiculous. Th small market teams have no chance anymore, wtf
Canaan Nyoni
Canaan Nyoni 5 kun oldin
holdup are you two agreeing ??
kingdom 2
kingdom 2 6 kun oldin
It’s funny how the media naming a monster squad for bron, but see it as problem with golden state?? Ninja just named KD, Kawai, AD and keemba like tf
gj804 7 kun oldin
AD to Chicago?
Ryan Patalano
Ryan Patalano 8 kun oldin
Keep kuz n hart
paul keyton
paul keyton 10 kun oldin
im a laker fan but i hope davis stay in new orlean
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat 11 kun oldin
I see more Magic in Lonzo, but he's not there yet. Maybe one day. Lonzo lacks confidence. He's a pass first guy, which is good, but he sometimes passes first because he lacks confidence in his ability to score and finish at the hoop. If only LeBron was younger, and Lonzo was a little older and more experienced. With Anthony Davis, The Lakers would be scary.
Fabulos1 12 kun oldin
Always trying to get some superstar to help lebum ass, let him work for it, he has a young team, let's wait for the excuses.
Proverbs 1:22
Proverbs 1:22 13 kun oldin
I Didn’t Know Kim K Was On ESPN
CHILL PILL 15 kun oldin
AD to the MAVS
Makhi Walden
Makhi Walden 15 kun oldin
But almost everybody y'all think who's going to sign in LA is number 23
why is the female even there? the bitch never says a word. its obvious why, because she looks good and to hopefully make men watch the show and keep the ratings up.
quant turtle
quant turtle 16 kun oldin
I don’t think Lonzo should be traded. Why would Kyrie want to play with lebron again? Stop mentioning his name. I would def trade kuz, bi,kcp,heck add mo wagner or zubach too.
John Kenneth
John Kenneth 16 kun oldin
W8 for AD to be a free agent then make the contract last year of lebron in lakers he will win a championship why all people are in a rush ? In 3 years time the players now in lakers will maybe all-star caliber players and you dont want that player in other teams in that time line 😅
Charles Bihomora
Charles Bihomora 17 kun oldin
Clippers don’t want Davis.
washburn11000 17 kun oldin
Wait, you mean LeBron needs another all Star? That's never happened before....lol
KennyX 17 kun oldin
Why don’t they sign a good point guard like Kyrie or Lillard who can actually make threes
Andrew Carl Elliott
Andrew Carl Elliott 19 kun oldin
Get Hassan Whiteside from Miami Spoelstra is like Hubie Brooks. They just going to burn out players with defense doesn't have an offense mind.
ali omer alibiid
ali omer alibiid 20 kun oldin
Eeeeeeeee liar big tang man liar yee L.A Lakers and leprom I think is you are team and you liked B but nob nob OK Big B don't be big tang bro OK
Nick Hager
Nick Hager 20 kun oldin
But... but.... getting rid of a bunch of average players will destroy the Laker's future! *sarcasm*
Dennis Tyler
Dennis Tyler 20 kun oldin
LA and BOS fans delusional...
yours truly
yours truly 22 kun oldin
Steven a talks so much garbage with his gigantic mouth tf wrong with him bra
soundwavsonny 22 kun oldin
Sixers should trade Faultz for Ball. It would be like a fresh start for everyone. Maybe Lebron can make Faultz better and Ball would fit great next to Simmons, Jimmy and Embid. It wouldn't be a complete waste of time and still manages cap space.
Tee Red
Tee Red 22 kun oldin
Ain't Woj Lebron's puppy?
Joy Davis
Joy Davis 22 kun oldin
Dam dude we going to hear about this everyday this year?
Pain Sev
Pain Sev 23 kun oldin
Trade Lebron for AD. Get another star in the off- season. If I was Magic I would do this real talk.
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham 25 kun oldin
Captain EunKook
Captain EunKook 25 kun oldin
Would you hate AD if he demands a trade?
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 26 kun oldin
*Media* *in* *2016:* "You're a snake, KD 🐍. A cupcake. Weakest move ever!" *Media* *in* *2018:* "AD, please DEMAND a trade to join the best player ever!" 🤣
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 26 kun oldin
ESPN, get started early. Start your trade propaganda for Luka Dončić right now. Go after every superstar to help your Lakers. It's disgusting how biased you all are.
Joel Drew Walden [Advanced Technologies Academy]
Nawlins should trade for Tyson Chandler, Ingram, Kuzma, Stevenson , Hart or Mc Gee 5 players for AD
Erick Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez 26 kun oldin
I don't think he is coming to the Lakers, he is the future of New Orleans frenchies.
Cy Neatly
Cy Neatly 26 kun oldin
Eric M
Eric M 26 kun oldin
AD to Toronto is all I heard
rawrss 27 kun oldin
Thank God Molly isn't here!!
Jimmie Walker
Jimmie Walker 27 kun oldin
Has anyone thought what if another star team up with Anthony Davis in new Orleans and maybe become a power in the West and give the warriors a true challenge. The pelicans are a team that could uses another star not lose their star player. The pelicans need help not LeBron James. The media is stupid and only wants to see LeBron win not the Lakers. That is crazy.
Lightning Gang
Lightning Gang 27 kun oldin
Stephen scared
msdogooder 27 kun oldin
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Robert Jacob
Robert Jacob 27 kun oldin
fuck you all AD should GO LA
Rich Ə Wrych
Rich Ə Wrych 27 kun oldin
Max be on fuckin point.
BFrank78 27 kun oldin
Nobody wants to play with LeBron because he's a lil Bitch!
GuelphRacing 27 kun oldin
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Happy Holidays :)
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith 27 kun oldin
Can it be authentic GMing in pro sports anymore? Or is everything about revenue and team logos? Fake as wrestling
Alf Brand
Alf Brand 27 kun oldin
Sorry news flash kawhai ain’t going to the lakers, only hope is AD
xtreme wireless
xtreme wireless 27 kun oldin
I think they should give Lebron every star in the league. Make every retired star come back to play Lebron. Lebron should get home court every game. Everyone who scores points should go to Lebron no matter if they are on the opposite team. Everyone should wear a Lebron jersey on each team. Everyone in the crowd cannot enter the arena without having Lebrons name written somewhere on thier body. Their first son has to be named Lebron to even look at Lebron. All NBA titles have to go to Lebron even if he doesnt make it to the Finals. Thats what I think should happen.
HENRY THE RC CAR 27 kun oldin
landshark616 27 kun oldin
landshark616 27 kun oldin
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 27 kun oldin
"Help me, Anthony Davis. You're my only hope." 🛐🙏🏾 - Princess LeiaBron 😭
IAMTEAMFROZEN 27 kun oldin
Can we please stop acting like Kuzma Lonzo hart and Ingram are scrubs who will never develop... Devolop our own superstars instead of over lying for someone elses.
Tor Hella
Tor Hella 27 kun oldin
Who is caldwell-pope??????
andyv1 27 kun oldin
Josh hart is starting and isn't even playing good
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez 27 kun oldin
I see LeBron is setting his sites on adding AD to the list of great big men he has reduced to perimeter catch and shoot players because he don’t care about team basketball. Bosh, Love and skin Anthony Davis, more victims of the LeBron James system, let’s see if AD can still find success like Bosh and Love did.
King Oortman
King Oortman 27 kun oldin
Lakers please don’t mess up let my boys have fun with Lebron let them develop Bron there for 4 years be patient
King Oortman
King Oortman 27 kun oldin
Hell naw I’m not gutting a young team for 1 Star I’m gud better wait til free agency didn’t everybody learn from the Wiggins An Love situation?
Retroballer28 27 kun oldin
Anyone else get the wiz khalifa watching penguins add?
anzatzi 27 kun oldin
Lebron and AD not a good fit.
Deleno Ahk
Deleno Ahk 28 kun oldin
Max been on his shit.Latly
ns671fr 28 kun oldin
Honestly ingrams ceiling hasn't been reached yet. As you can tell Kuzma is good but this is his ceiling. He doesn't have any other physical tools to get better.
dcelo 10
dcelo 10 28 kun oldin
Kuzma lonzo and ingram all gonna be all-Stars one day. Like if u agree
Clout_Chasing Azz
Clout_Chasing Azz 28 kun oldin
if he go along side Kyrie, Boston winning the chip. if not golden state will repeat. don't sleep on OKC either.......I'm a laker fan by the way folks.
puni sher
puni sher 28 kun oldin
People just hate lebron will win another ring again..... They use to make an issue! Negr it would be nice to see those people are went for a challenge team than having a superteam with the ally referees......
LeoLorcy 28 kun oldin
Lmao kyle kuzma aint a guard
Tanqrae 28 kun oldin
Just trade Lebron for AD straight up...it's the BEST option for the Lakers now and future.
Sasa Z
Sasa Z 28 kun oldin
Its really annoying how Stephen A Smith is thrashing every city, trying to get all the stars in Los Angeles...then why don't we contract the 28 teams and let Lakers and Warriors play all the time, right?
WestSide Fat Boi
WestSide Fat Boi 28 kun oldin
How can Kyrie be an option?
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson 28 kun oldin
One time I was the 997th like, I was so close to seeing it change to 1k😔
brock armstrong
brock armstrong 28 kun oldin
What if Ingram, pope, lance and a first for ad
Kit A
Kit A 28 kun oldin
I would love Anthony Davis on the Lakers. It be better if he shaved that Beard though. Kind of ugly with the brow. He looks like mountain man.
Chantha Teng
Chantha Teng 28 kun oldin
AD coming to Houston! It's a permanent call. Idk what anyone says.
Evan Patten
Evan Patten 28 kun oldin
2020 is a good year for thr Blazers to aquire the brow. That would be sweet af!
RIFICA777 28 kun oldin
Bron and Brow? Does the Brow want to play with Bron?
Fev Ola
Fev Ola 28 kun oldin
ESPN is on Lebron dick,sick of the stats the shit talk In the words of a press reporter in a movie yes Lebron is great but A GOAT HE WILL NEVER BE
Mike Durant
Mike Durant 28 kun oldin
5:40 As tyt reported stephen A has it twisted. It’s in the nba rules for pope to have veto option in this scenario
michael preller
michael preller 28 kun oldin
This shit is one big reason why the NBA will never, ever come close to the NFL. It seems like if you don't live in one of the big markets or aren't a fan of those teams, then there is just no reason for you to watch the sport with an invested interest. Even the draft is pointless because you know if the player you drafted become a superstar, they will demand to be traded or leave for a big market team ASAP.
Zrmarvin 28 kun oldin
When I read the title I thought I was having a stroke
Leron Hilton
Leron Hilton 28 kun oldin
This is why Bron fans are stupid. If you trade the whole supporting cast Bron and AD will not be enough. Not even close. There’s no shooting, Bron def at this age is suspect and they’re in a very competitive conference. You can’t jus put names together and think it’ll work. The nba isn’t LA fitness
Michael Daly
Michael Daly 28 kun oldin
AD in Boston with KE and a banner
AntoniosVideos 100
AntoniosVideos 100 28 kun oldin
I made a Disstrack on exams😂 on my SoundCloud at “Antoniosvideos100”
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia 28 kun oldin
Is everyone forgetting that the pelicans are going to offer a.d. supermax?.... He's going to get a quarter of a billion dollars.
King B
King B 28 kun oldin
End of the day, Lakers better not trade Kuzma and Ball
Eric Jefferson
Eric Jefferson 28 kun oldin
Why would New Orleans trade with the Lakers anyway? There are other teams in the NBA other than Los Angeles and these other teams have tons of cap $$. Why would a star player put his brand up on the same platform as James and the Lakers? But look at the media trying to push this?
Jose Rios
Jose Rios 28 kun oldin
Bron can never be the goat with all the help he gets he killing the nba with this move it happens the lg looks pretty balanced right now and he going to start destroying other teams
Stunna Island
Stunna Island 28 kun oldin
Giving up the young guys for AD? Man AD is a young guy lol
Tacos are life
Tacos are life 28 kun oldin
Another reason lebby aient shit. Jumpin from team to team recruiting. Goats stay put.
500 subs no videos challenge
AD is doodoo crap stains. But seriously subscribe.
David Sayimright
David Sayimright 28 kun oldin
How is Tatum and brown and rozier and draft pick better option than BALL, KUZMA, ingram and hart ?? People are crazy. KUZMA is a future all star
Don Guillory
Don Guillory 28 kun oldin
David Sayimright Kuzma Can’t defend. Future all star 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Charlie Mann
Charlie Mann 28 kun oldin
Lakers trade Hart Ingram and 1st rounder and get AD
David Sayimright
David Sayimright 28 kun oldin
Isaiah Alexander
Isaiah Alexander 28 kun oldin
Kawhi and AD, if AD go to the raptors, it is muhfuckin over
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten 28 kun oldin
I'd drop him from my team until he plucked those things.