Stephen A. and Max have heated debate over marijuana in the NBA | First Take | ESPN

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First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman have a heated debate over marijuana in the NBA.
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26-Okt, 2017

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Sam Wall
Sam Wall 2 kun oldin
It should be allowed. Because dumb players will play high and good teams will avoid them.
Gerald Chisley
Gerald Chisley 6 kun oldin
More people have died from alcohol abuse to them and others. I've never heard of weed killing thousands of lives a year or anyone
U.S.Slave 10 kun oldin
NBA isn't a government and players are human beings not inanimate objects/products. is this guy the Hitler of NBA lamestream news? what's is his position on Jews?
Jake Collins
Jake Collins 11 kun oldin
My opinion doesn't matter so I DC what the gaboon and the jew say
David Redacted
David Redacted 11 kun oldin
It's pretty simple - Just like booze, which is legal - I have no issue w/ anyone partaking in any legal 'vice' in their spare, recreational time - Just don't partake during your business hours or in any other hours that may affect your business hours. I think the real problem here is in the vernacular -- I would argue that using any substance (weed, booze, whatever) while working is not recreational because business hours are NOT recreational hours. Lastly, I think the fact that this even needs to be debated/pointed out is asinine.
Kendall Robinson
Kendall Robinson 11 kun oldin
Spit dat shit max
Eve C
Eve C 14 kun oldin
mcozy333 16 kun oldin
there is noo difference in madical plant and recreational plant life?!?!? it is all plant life MAN... and it can stop that anger YO
Anthony Sabia
Anthony Sabia 22 kun oldin
Stevie, needs a smack upside his thick ass head!!!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 25 kun oldin
If that dude was on television high?...I might be able to watch him through an entire segment.
PRSenthusiast 27 kun oldin
Stay off the weeeeeeeeeduh
Sam's world
Sam's world Oy oldin
Stephen looks like a fool
Sam's world
Sam's world Oy oldin
Marijuana support grows by the day
devaughan stokley
Yo I fucked with Stephen A until this interview like tf shut your dumb ass up
Blue Oy oldin
This isnt a heated debate. Theyre both arguing two versions of the same point and not really listening to eachother
Zachary Rizzo
Zachary Rizzo Oy oldin
Stay off the weeeeeeeeduh
Caleb Crowley
Caleb Crowley Oy oldin
1:45 crying
Timothy Allison
Stephan is a cry baby ass bitch
MrSiahgold Oy oldin
that's not from the Herb its from the rest of the pain killers that the trainers fill them with lets be honest now ya'll talk all this shit about legal marijuana but all the other shit that's allowed or really not allowed but still used come on Marijuana has benefits that many other drugs that they fill people with with hundreds of side effects
“Huh?” My favorite word to use while fried 😂
REVBONE1 Oy oldin
Stephen A SMH you trippin You act like the guys don't already smoke. Get out of hear GUY
Sean Wilkes
Sean Wilkes Oy oldin
Stephen A. is dead wrong.
Jeff Berg
Jeff Berg Oy oldin
What if you smoke after the game dumbass?
Fast Break Podcast
All I learned from this video is what I already knew... Stephen A. has a big mouth and if he could just shut up for 2 seconds and let Max get his point across.... What he is basically saying is right, the same way you can't show up drunk, you can't shown up high, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it at all, just like how players go out and drink on their own time, but don't show up for games drunk, it would be the same thing, but for weed. Sometimes Stephen A. lets his big mouth and constant need for spotlight to get in the way of reason.
James Cheever
James Cheever Oy oldin
How is drinking any better than smoking recreationally?
Lil J
Lil J 2 oy oldin
Why is the NBA letting players use alcohol and tobacco🤔
i wish he would get high on the air and calm the fuck down
Claudius P. Green
If transit workers are not allowed to smoke grass (I 'm a retired transit worker, and I NEVER used marijuana during my 27 years), then all athletes shouldn't be using grass. Plain and simple. PLAY ON GRASS, DON'T SMOKE IT.
Albert Lewis
Albert Lewis 2 oy oldin
STFU Stephen A
HOMER JAY 2 oy oldin
stephen A don't get at everyone who smokes weed just cause you can't smoke it. its not our fault you work for espn its yours you brought that on yo self
Efrain Altamariano
Stay of the damn weeeeedddduhhhh
Branndon Linville
Yeah I typically like Stephen A and his points but he’s way off on this one. That old stereotype of not being able to perform your job efficiently while high is just false and is actually way better than any other substance you could use on the job. Way out of touch here Stephen A
disco nights
disco nights 3 oy oldin
Weed makes me a better player
Jay TheGifted
Jay TheGifted 3 oy oldin
Is this nigga serious? 😂 Maybe if he hit the dab one time his mind would be clear of all the bullshit he be speaking on from the side of his neck
Kelly Fetters
Kelly Fetters 3 oy oldin
One of the many reasons I dislike Stephen A. He thinks he knows everything, and doesn’t allow others to speak even when they’re correct. Studies studies studies whatever, we all know marijuana is NOT a drug. Why, because drugs KILL. Fact: the intake of marijuana has 0 killing Fact: Stephen A. Kills my Vibe Weed > Stephen A.
Flash 365
Flash 365 3 oy oldin
Ernesto Iniguez
Ernesto Iniguez 3 oy oldin
Bruh he need to chill
010587impala 3 oy oldin
Let me get a zip of that “rock back and forth” strain lmao. In all seriousness though Steven A is garbage, and that narrow mindedness is one of the reasons a big portion of us don’t watch espn anymore.
Raider Nation101
Raider Nation101 3 oy oldin
Keegon Harrington
Steven is really showing how ignorant he really is when it comes to this topic. Stick to sports dude.
Dankkk 420s
Dankkk 420s 3 oy oldin
Stephen A is such a tool box
Tom 3 oy oldin
Anyone who thinks marijuana doesn't make you retarded is a fucking idiot.
Michael _te87
Michael _te87 3 oy oldin
1:30 “I’m not gona mention any names” but we all know JR Smith is one of them lol
lou Perez
lou Perez 3 oy oldin
The white boy is only there to please Donald Trump and the white audience
hector maysonet
hector maysonet 3 oy oldin
crazy how he got cut off right as he was about to say the name "henry aslinger"
Jasaiah G.
Jasaiah G. 3 oy oldin
Stephen A, is so fuckin annoying, I can’t stand him. 🤦🏻‍♂️
ryan patras
ryan patras 3 oy oldin
Wow They cut max off really quick once he started talking about the government
Muscle Man
Muscle Man 3 oy oldin
I can see what Stephen a smith is saying though . I’m a smoker myself and I know for a fact that I shouldn’t smoke before going to work . But if someone wants to chill at home during the off season and smoke weed , then let them . They aren’t doing anything wrong .
Connor Earl
Connor Earl 3 oy oldin
Max is right, they aren't saying anything about showing up to games high. They are saying in their personal time they should be allowed to do what they want. Max has a way more valid argument
Rougé Moonchild
Rougé Moonchild 3 oy oldin
your cooning too much tho in the same ..... and u getting high we know u dont smoke already
Rougé Moonchild
Rougé Moonchild 3 oy oldin
you seen it but you haven't done anything about it, and no one who cant handle weed is gonna bill up for a game
Rougé Moonchild
Rougé Moonchild 3 oy oldin
smh someone who doesnt smoke, .... but he actually makes good conservative points....
Nathan Dulac
Nathan Dulac 3 oy oldin
If not for pot, LeBron would have won Game 1 of the Finals
KDmunne 3 oy oldin
Stephen A. Shouldnt be a smith, wow im actually on the white mans side this time
KDmunne 3 oy oldin
Stephen a. A bitch
Brooks Baxley
Brooks Baxley 3 oy oldin
He smith Michael Beasley
Brooks Baxley
Brooks Baxley 3 oy oldin
I can name bout 5 players smith
Joshua Turnik
Joshua Turnik 3 oy oldin
*swuuft swuuft* Steven A. *Exhales* you tripping
huddrez99 3 oy oldin
Stephen A. Smith has absolutely no clue.
brandon stojanovic
Rocking back and forth? Damn Stephen A u are stupid as shit, that mother fucker was on something else, ain’t anybody I’ve ever fuckin met rocks back and forth when they smoke lmaaaaooo Stephen A
Jihad Da God
Jihad Da God 3 oy oldin
Stephen bA just a coon ass hater. He said he didn't care about Wes Welker popping dirty for Molly or players (mostly white) failing tests over cocaine. He just wouldn't have any Black players to talk bad about for his white overseers. No one acts the way he claimed on weed. He's talking about heroin
Michael-Lee King
Michael-Lee King 3 oy oldin
DeLa Sol
DeLa Sol 3 oy oldin
Stephen A. You sound STUPID! THANKS, Maxx, for being the voice of reason.
TGOD MARLEY28 3 oy oldin
Speak truth Max!!!
TGOD MARLEY28 3 oy oldin
Alcohol is worse than weed, PERIOD!
TGOD MARLEY28 3 oy oldin
But what about the dudes that do come in high as fuck and play good and/or great consistently on a nightly basis? Most times people don't even know, it is just "some" dudes make it look bad and/or worse and can't function. For example the KKK is bad but I like to think not all white people are bad or do fucked up shit. Right? I agree but disagree at the same time.
Lim Sam
Lim Sam 3 oy oldin
SAS taking shots towards PIPE GOD Swish
lxProJecTxl 3 oy oldin
Smith took an L on this one
Sohail Butt
Sohail Butt 3 oy oldin
Good job max!!!
411 we buy houses
SAS took another L while debating like a child again
Ecesic 3 oy oldin
Max finally earned his black card
Ecesic 3 oy oldin
I think it should be allowed but at the same time they shouldn’t be allowed to smoke before games and should be checked before games and if they are found using it and the should be suspended or fined or not allowed to play that game
MR Plow
MR Plow 3 oy oldin
Im sure david stern is on about legalizing it for the players who need it for inflammation and things like that not so they can walk around constantly stoned
Colton McKinney
Colton McKinney 3 oy oldin
I don’t care if anyone smokes weed. What you do in your personal time is none of my business. I like to binge drink in my personal time. But, I agree you shouldn’t be going into your work space high or drunk. I work with guys that sometimes get high before work, and you can definitely tell a difference between days they work while high and days they work while sober.
warkaa 3 oy oldin
Isn’t Marijuana legal in Canada 🇨🇦 now?
Isaiah San Filippo
Stephen A.'s argumentative style relies more heavily on tone and volume than rationality
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson 3 oy oldin
What was the debate? They agreed and then Stephen just did his loud mouth routine.
Max Carter
Max Carter 3 oy oldin
Damn Stephen is a bitch. Doesn't stop fucking yelling nonsense and won't even let Max speak.
Ovawhelming herbals
Fuck you Steven I get high as fuck in my own home and would never push it on a soul medical or recreational. I feel like shit day after drinking. With herbs? Nope, feel fine and relaxed ready for next day not wanting to sleep off grogginess like with alcohol. It's my choice and others to say no. I don't drive anywhere while under the influence, I feel much better after I smoke, my herniated disc pain subsides, I relax and can get back to life. Where as I tried medication and all kinds of side effects. Stopped and said I'm not suffering due to my government's outlooks as this dumb fucks outlooks epitomizes how out of touch a large majority of people are still currently. It's outright sickening and I'll never give this show a fucking view from this day forth.
lachlan harmer
lachlan harmer 3 oy oldin
Stephen A knew he was wrong when Max compared weed to Booze, heck i cant think of anyone who could argue their way out of that compression!
Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy 3 oy oldin
Stephen A. Smith is soooo stupid. Why is he considered serious in the sports world? He literally just picks a side on an issue and is very dramatic about it to draw attention.
TRE SIETE 777s 3 oy oldin
tbh when I did sports high my concentration and performance was enhanced I WOULD ZONE IN,, but tbh that all depends on the personality of the person, I know people who smoke weed and remain productive while the other half is on couch lock wanting to chill out
soulstice 3 oy oldin
Jason Fields
Jason Fields 3 oy oldin
Drinking is legal but drinking at work isn’t fuck you mean
Breakfast Burrito
But we let them endorse booze?? Let them endorse marijuana and slap the players with the same penalty if they show up drunk
Bobby Cigarillo
Bobby Cigarillo 3 oy oldin
Stephen A Smith: "I dont know enough about it...." If you are uneducated on the subject no one needs to hear your opinion. If you've never driven a car, you don't get to tell people how to drive a car
BLVD KATES 3 oy oldin
I’m blown asf Rn
EYEZIC 3 oy oldin
Stephan a a lame
Aaron Bowering
Aaron Bowering 3 oy oldin
jr Smith a prime example
Trent W.
Trent W. 3 oy oldin
You all hate Stephen A...but keep clicking these videos😂
Suh Dude
Suh Dude 3 oy oldin
Classic case of bad stigma. No one bats an eye about alcohol use, but it’s always the same story about marijuana. Get the fuck over it, it doesn’t bother you. Let people make their own choices.
Examper 3 oy oldin
During a game, yeah it shouldn't be allowed. After, who the hell cares.
Sam N
Sam N 3 oy oldin
Stephen is out of the loop; he’s so far out of it you would think he would need to smoke weed to get him back in
Jay Paul Mojica
Jay Paul Mojica 3 oy oldin
Stephen a smith a bitch 2 Disney I neva listen to his clown ass
Jay Paul Mojica
Jay Paul Mojica 3 oy oldin
Fuck that pills kill smoke tree stay free Babylon will fall
Masoud Abdun-Noor
the league serves alcohol openly at the games, and drunk people are allowed to drive home, but they’re worried about this?
Nate King
Nate King 3 oy oldin
The black dude is fucking retarted
No thought police4473
Steven doesn’t want to here the truth that bad.
No thought police4473
Then ban alcohol from the nba because I’m sure players have shown up drunk .
cityguyable 4 oy oldin
Max is a crypto Jew who pushes liberal degeneracy. Jewish kids aren’t getting high. They spend all their hours studying the Torah, economics, business, and finance. America needs to shake these parasites who have burrowed their way into our popular culture.