Stephen A. and Max have heated debate over marijuana in the NBA | First Take | ESPN

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First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman have a heated debate over marijuana in the NBA.
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26-Okt, 2017

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Moden of Sult
Moden of Sult 3 kun oldin
Smith is so ignorant and hard headed. Just sits there, shaking his head. No attempt to listen... only waiting for his turn to speak.
Silentecho1189 4 kun oldin
Max kellerman going back to his rap days
Silentecho1189 4 kun oldin
I understand Stephen a Smith's point of view. He just doesn't want to see professional athletes getting high all the time. The fear would be they would get high all the time and the younger generation would see that and want to smoke weed. Then you've got a bunch of kids saying they do it because lebron and harden do it. But the thing is weed is good for pain and there are little to no life altering side effects
Jalen Hunt
Jalen Hunt 5 kun oldin
Hey Stephen... Do us a favor and shut the fuck up
King Fireball
King Fireball 7 kun oldin
Get out, Stephen
Ace Swervo
Ace Swervo 7 kun oldin
Fuck Steven A. Smith bitch ass niggga don't want weed legalized he making it seem like it's the worst drug that wack 😂 hairline as nigga
NIck Harris
NIck Harris 8 kun oldin
Max smokes weed.
# SnoFootball
# SnoFootball 9 kun oldin
But it’s okay for nfl players to be there drooling on very strong opioid pain killers which give you stronger side effects
Tay Loc 44
Tay Loc 44 9 kun oldin
Legalizing weed means a bunch of guys are gonna play high that didn’t smoke before? Big logical fallacy there
sdrogo brofist
sdrogo brofist 10 kun oldin
Stephen A white amf
Twenty 8
Twenty 8 11 kun oldin
I do agree with smith as far as not showing up to the game high cause it’s your job BUT outside the game,practice,meetings Stephen A shouldn’t be worried about what the players are doing n weed should be handled just like alcohol
Najee Smith
Najee Smith 12 kun oldin
Stevie needs to smoke a blunt and then he'll realize
Jacob Young
Jacob Young 16 kun oldin
Max is right
Jada Catoe
Jada Catoe 17 kun oldin
Thank you max
Hypergolic17 20 kun oldin
Max is right. It would be hypocritical to accept Stephen's argument when they could currently show up drunk to a game and have from time to time. They play high too many times and their game suffers, they lose their job, just like what would happen with alcohol.
craig brower
craig brower 24 kun oldin
Man this must be the twilight zone of the black guy is arguing against weed and the white dude arguing for it 😂😂
Blakethesnake9000 25 kun oldin
stephen a threw up from smoking mid one time
Kyson !
Kyson ! 28 kun oldin
Nigga. Smoke a blunt
Tyler Kordenbrock
Tyler Kordenbrock 28 kun oldin
I’m tired of hearing about marijuana
TheGo1denHawk 29 kun oldin
It's only good to take drugs that pharma companies give you. That way this dude can make his advertising dollars pushing pain killers that kill people. What a short sighted fool.
RONDOO 9inee
RONDOO 9inee Oy oldin
If you are a athlete and you are also a smoker you kno YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST GAME OF YOUR CAREER while high
Dustin Bridges
Stephan A is right. These nba idiots would play high. Ron Artest drank henesy during games
LavishShawn Oy oldin
*Cough* JR Smith 😂😂😂
Guilherme Fantin
Thanks Max
Wallace Keith Duncan Jr.
So ban drinking
randomdude476 Oy oldin
Stay off the politics....duh!
Cnel 003
Cnel 003 Oy oldin
Weed is much less effective and harmful than alcohol
Cole Studios
Cole Studios Oy oldin
Stephen A right tho
Matt Ring
Matt Ring Oy oldin
Lol who cares long as it ain't crack
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera Oy oldin
I usually agree with Stephen a smith a lot but I’m going with Max on this one
Jason Martin
Jason Martin Oy oldin
This guy is tweaking about marijuana making you more stupid these nba players are too good who cares if they smoke they know what to do I sometimes do better at sports when I’m high because I have more adrenaline pumping in me and I want to win
Yigs Oy oldin
Oh man Stephen A., the nba needs to ban recreational alcohol too. I mean, how can we paying customers watching players play drunk? Unbelievable.
John Anthonycrispin
I seen max high at least 10 times during a game so of course.
Tyler Irwin
Tyler Irwin Oy oldin
Yo my boy Max got all my respect
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Oy oldin
Max is the reason i stopped watching the show fucking idiot
LA Flame
LA Flame Oy oldin
This nigga stupid as hell & to think i actually thought he was an educated man
Jason Nash
Jason Nash Oy oldin
I have a son so I know why people feel that staying sober is the best decision. I will always teach my kids to be sober. With that said Steven A Smith is not an Athlete. He use to be. But not at a professional level. I’m not either. I’m only talking about what I hear and assume it would be like from friends who are/ were professional. Weed is not like other drugs, used medicinal or recreational can benefit an athlete with wear and tare and bumps and bruises. If I was an owner I’d be more strict of alcohol or other drugs.
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Oy oldin
Sorry Steven , hold this L .
Hot Dog
Hot Dog Oy oldin
Lmaoooo max made Steven A look a fool
Boruto Hyuga
Boruto Hyuga Oy oldin
Max in game 4
Ghetto Bob
Ghetto Bob Oy oldin
Stephen a fuck u i hope u see this
FTFNE Ameer Oy oldin
Max told his ass “Hold up” 💀💀
FTFNE Ameer Oy oldin
I think Stephen A needa smoke some gas ⛽️🔥
Music4life 47
Music4life 47 Oy oldin
Lmao they’re grown ass men, let them make their own decisions. If they want to fuck their careers then let them.
Mangotango TF
Mangotango TF Oy oldin
Stephan A. Smith is a stupid hater
Zemplix Oy oldin
This one made me kinda mad because like by the end of the video I found the best way to do this. Legalize it among players because it has incredible medicinal effects, and I would honestly rather have my players smoking in their free time than drinking. Just make it illegal to come to the games high, maybe you could do something with like national television rules to not allow them to show up baked as fuck?
Michael Sanseverino
Stephen A is refferring to guys like JR Smith who have been too high to play during games. If they do it after the games or in the off-season why should anyone care? Ur not going to say anything about them drinking alcohol during that time. Some of the best players throughout time have gotten high like Bill Walton, and in other sports like Max mentioned David Wells drank all night before a perfect game and there was a pitcher named Doc Ellis who threw a no hitter on acid
A.j. Plummer
A.j. Plummer 2 oy oldin
I've been drunk and I have been high. I have way more control with the ladder.
A.j. Plummer
A.j. Plummer 2 oy oldin
Talking weed of course
brett 2 oy oldin
Max kellerman was in a rap group with his brother.... max probably smoked shit loads and now makes 6mil a year. mj>alc
Jake Vuichard
Jake Vuichard 2 oy oldin
Steven every damn video we listen to you ramble on and you cant even listen to Max's side. Pure ignorance.
ben ficker
ben ficker 2 oy oldin
Stephen A is the so ignorant it’s just straight up sad
Taylor Pack
Taylor Pack 2 oy oldin
I agree with max 100% it’s there personal life, am I going to start smoking? No. But if they want to who cares, same thing with political beliefs and other things, if someone is having problems at home or anything like that, why should they get banned from something that happened outside the court and what business is if of the damn news or anyone else to talk about, it’s bullshit, leave their private lives alone. Period.
Trey Money
Trey Money 2 oy oldin
Who the hell cares if you play high, it actually helps me lol
Brandon Martindale
Don’t show up to work high or drunk pretty obvious.
Richard Grabber
Richard Grabber 2 oy oldin
SaS is right..... As a pothead, it has a lot more effects than people would think. Weed makes you dumb, I challenge anyone to challenge me on that. And before you go, "oh my art is better, it helps my anxiety" I know so many pot smokers who think their art is better while they are stoned and when they are off the ciggarette they go "what the hell did I just do?"
NappyBoy CAB
NappyBoy CAB 2 oy oldin
Max gets it
Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams 2 oy oldin
Max is all the way woke
iniohos2 2 oy oldin
Stephen A needs some weed to relax.
NappyBoy CAB
NappyBoy CAB 2 oy oldin
Exactly!! Hes completely missing the point,
Multi Gaming
Multi Gaming 2 oy oldin
80 percent of the league smokes weed because it helps them relax when they can’t. Stephan A is usually right but his lack of knowledge of about weed is reflecting his opinion about it. Showing up to the game high is wrong yes but after or even 3hrs before is totally fine.
C J 2 oy oldin
Can’t we just legalize all drugs and just thin out the heard ever so slightly.. just once
HoopTube 2 oy oldin
they doing already anyway
Og Aquafinaa
Og Aquafinaa 2 oy oldin
Ppl smoke cigarettes
Nic Tartaglino
Nic Tartaglino 2 oy oldin
Smoke weed everyday
Stretch Burgin
Stretch Burgin 2 oy oldin
Hold up did this nigga just mock science 🤔
Umesh Natesan
Umesh Natesan 2 oy oldin
I can’t believe I actually agree with max lol. this was straight facts. Max spittin history and science. In Stephen A’s case I hope he did weed right before this segment, otherwise there’s no rational for the garbage that came out of his mouth. “Studies studies studies studies” Stick to basketball man, it may not be your strongest subject, but atleast watching you yell about LA getting everyone is more entertaining than this.
zeek deputy
zeek deputy 2 oy oldin
Stephen hay smith
Angelo Materia
Angelo Materia 2 oy oldin
Patrick 2 oy oldin
Smith is wrong about almost everything they talk about. Smith can go smoke weed right after the show why can't a basketball ball player do it. NOBODY can go to work high and it be ok that's a given. Max wins every damn debate bring skip back so it can be two ignorant people I can laugh at again lol
Tom Jimenez Fitness
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 2 oy oldin
U ignorant nigga
BOB MASTER 2 oy oldin
Ok so by Stephen A’s logic, since alcohol is allowed, players will appear drunk to the games??
BOB MASTER 2 oy oldin
Ok fuck you Stephen. Let’s go max
Michael Rachal
Michael Rachal 2 oy oldin
We smoke and then play ball. Nothing is different. The none smokers are the ones commenting about munchies and all that other bs. You get high, feel better, and do your job. Some, if not most people that smoke on the regular are fuctional and like i said nothing changes. You just feel better doing whatever it is your doing lol.
Mr Thien
Mr Thien 17 daqiqa oldin
+I’m wrong but as long time smoker, i dont recommend smoking and driving at the same time but i have smoke and went to the gym, smoke and still be productive. Of course you have to keep the smoking reasonable.
I’m wrong but
I’m wrong but 4 soat oldin
Michael Rachal but you’re slowed down. there’s a reason you can’t smoke and drive
Mr Thien
Mr Thien Kun oldin
after i smoke, i always want to be productive and a better person XD
bj walton
bj walton 16 kun oldin
Exactly I feel way more comfortable on the court after it
Miles Chinn
Miles Chinn 2 oy oldin
The point your missing is if they do show up high their performance will reflect. In an NBA that has some of the most elite athletes they’ll be quickly bounced out. Thus the onus is still left on the players to do as they please and reap the consequences. I think it should be allowed. There aren’t lives on the line like if you were in the military
Rj Page
Rj Page 2 oy oldin
If players are aloud to drink on off time they should be aloud to smoke
Baylon Riddle
Baylon Riddle 2 oy oldin
Steven pass the W to Max
Nick Rice
Nick Rice 2 oy oldin
You know stephen a was talking about jr smith coming in high
Rob Dinero
Rob Dinero 2 oy oldin
stephen a argument is just a bunch of stereotypes about stoners lol not all people who smoke weed are dumb when they do it im still a highly functioning person and i still go to work high!
Jake Holder-Talbot
Stephen is acting like a child, he needs to learn how to let people talk and get their point across without throwing his toys out of the pram like a toddler
Da one&only Freported
Max won that shit
Ophion 2 oy oldin
Uncle Ruckus
Sharaaz Anif
Sharaaz Anif 2 oy oldin
Max was about to expose the government so fhey went on break. Stephen A takes major L on this one.
situtriv 2 oy oldin
I would like to say that drugs doesn't necessarily affect someone's playing, Lawrence Taylor was on much worse drugs before his games and he is considered one of, if not the best defensive player ever.
nyles johns
nyles johns 2 oy oldin
Weed should be legal these are grown men they should b able to do what they want it doesnt effect what they do on the court
Trey Bo23
Trey Bo23 2 oy oldin
Steven A. 🤫
3 thousand subs with no video
They talking about Jr Smith
BIG Trey
BIG Trey 2 oy oldin
Weed- Duh
JCEE G 2 oy oldin
Max is listening to Joe Rogan
lasoogneypubes 2 oy oldin
Stephen's sounding like Homer Simpson.. "Facts shmacts! You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"
manjot mohan
manjot mohan 2 oy oldin
Why the fuck is weed even mentioned in sport players should not smoke weed in games
Nico Borghetti
Nico Borghetti 2 oy oldin
Max is on point
collin west
collin west 2 oy oldin
Marijuana is trash
Reginald Remble
Reginald Remble 2 oy oldin
I like how most of the comments comes from people that probably smoke weed.
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez 2 oy oldin
Stephen a is a fucking idiot
ben dover
ben dover 2 oy oldin
stephen a smith is so full of himself he can never be wrong he's a straight ass hat!!!!
Jr Woodson
Jr Woodson 2 oy oldin
You don't no what the hell your talking about
Mind ur neck Ju heard
Stephen mad he gets like the principal from “how high” when he smokes 😂😂 bozo
Patriot Man
Patriot Man 2 oy oldin
bob harley
bob harley 2 oy oldin
Stephen acts like a baby if you tell him something he doesn’t agree with
HNICB1GM1K3 2 oy oldin
Nba a private industry. And can do what ever they want untill the player boycott
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