Stephen A. calls Max a traitor for Kristaps Porzingis take | First Take

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Max Kellerman makes his case for why the New York Knicks need to let Kristaps Porzingis go, adding if they don't, they will ruin his career in the NBA.
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9-Yan, 2019

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justin kongolo
justin kongolo 15 daqiqa oldin
Max is low key losing his patience with Molly
GabiN64 Soat oldin
He said Negro spirituals to Stephen A's face!! lmao
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers 2 soat oldin
Get rid of Stephen A and Molly please
McDubbin337 3 soat oldin
stephen a smith is garbage! (all lower case on purpose) He's the reason I don't watch this dumb channel
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 4 soat oldin
Man said send him to l.a lmaoooo
Uz lietuva vyrai
Uz lietuva vyrai 5 soat oldin
Did he just said nigga
Gianni Marega
Gianni Marega 6 soat oldin
Hahaha ... Let's send him to LA ... what a hypocrits they are ... Add LBJ Kyrie again, Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, Paul George ... now Porzingis ... and they are talking about GSW been unfair and ruining the NBA? ... what a joke ...
Joel The Bitch
Joel The Bitch 8 soat oldin
I hope porzingis leaves!!!!!
Kieran Proper
Kieran Proper 8 soat oldin
Leave your team because they don’t win a championship, disgusting, if you can drop the knocks like that, then you were never a true knocks fan, you were a basketball fan and that’s it, the knicks have been awful my whole life but that doesn’t stop me from rooting for them, and when they finally turn around and become a challenger again I hope you don’t say a word about how you’re happy the knicks are doing better, we don’t want your pity
Benjamin Wilkinson
Benjamin Wilkinson 8 soat oldin
Auke 12 soat oldin
New Yorkers 'deserve' the best?
Jānis Garančš
Jānis Garančš 13 soat oldin
Kristaps Porziņģis is Latvian just like me
Matthew Bundy
Matthew Bundy 13 soat oldin
Stephan's face at the end lmao 😂
brian koh
brian koh 14 soat oldin
Molly why tf are you opening that mouth if it’s not for j roses cock stfu lololol
LegacyOfSean 14 soat oldin
Why would we let PGOD LEAVE FOR NOTHING?Lol max stupid . match anything. Then someone want him trade him got assets
BearOnUnicycle 17 soat oldin
idk why ESPN doesn't just turn off Molly's mic when she's not the focus. The background noise she makes whenever anyone is talking is so damn annoying and will be the death of this show
GodRico Godhurlic
GodRico Godhurlic 18 soat oldin
Max is way to funny love that guy
indrajit taliwongso
indrajit taliwongso 20 soat oldin
wow hahahaha
VenomousStare 22 soat oldin
Always funny to hear Max kellerman prattle on about his old Hebrew lessons as though they had any bearing on basketball
george khalil
george khalil Kun oldin
I agree with max honestly I mean look at Carmelo’s career
joecartwright21 Kun oldin
Maaaaannn...when Stephen A looked at Molly after Max said "negro spiritual"...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
PHIFan-MIA Kun oldin
Low key Max is been lil weasel. He acts like he never talked shit about Brady, acts like he knew Clemson QB was the best QB in college and now disowns his childhood team.
Lulu Melo
Lulu Melo Kun oldin
They can’t fire molly because the Americans with disability act
Tyler Selinger
Tyler Selinger Kun oldin
The Knicks should just go hard in free agency to give Porzingis good players instead of players going to L.A, why do people just forget about New York, I don’t understand, New York is a great place and the fans definitely deserve to be happy about their team.
Dale Winston
Dale Winston Kun oldin
Best player in basketball? Lol gtfoh
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight Kun oldin
I started chuckling at 1.12 and lost it at 3.50
Colt West
Colt West Kun oldin
Lol Stephen A's face said get Max off the air already
warpspeed Kun oldin
Porzingis should go to the Bucks. Him and Giannis will dominate the league for the next decade.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex Kun oldin
Lmao this show is like CNN agrue all the time😂😂😂
Bastardson OfJefferson
Stephan A is a joke. Just like the Knicks.
Crypto Dwayne
Crypto Dwayne Kun oldin
PoorStinkas to my Lakers ball game
pedro urquiza
pedro urquiza Kun oldin
This man calling max a traitor when he was criticizing the Knicks for drafting him and saying the he wont be as good as the other players in that class Stephen is the one that should leave New York man is always backpedaling .
X YZ Kun oldin
SAS is faker he used to make fun at porzingis
Greg Moore
Greg Moore Kun oldin
Did this fool just say "Negro Spirituals"?
Cristóbal Rosas Laborde
SAS talked mad shit against KP when drafted... talk about traitor LOL. Hipocryte
Vitor Hara
Vitor Hara Kun oldin
Molly... stfu plz
Scooby Kun oldin
Funniest episode ever
ZarHo123 Kun oldin
How can you switch teams?
Cristo 69
Cristo 69 Kun oldin
Max is a savage 😂
Vagabond Pilot
Vagabond Pilot Kun oldin
Porzingis in Spurs would be great.
clehooda northside
Every dude who hates molly or gay are don’t get bad bitches
ClimbtheMusic Kun oldin
What in the entire fuck😆
B Kurt
B Kurt Kun oldin
Max speaks the truth! LA all Day
mc dash
mc dash Kun oldin
calling max a traitor mr stephen ass. you must be forgoten what you said to porzingis during the draft night. you know nothing about basketball so shut your big ass mouth!
Chris Jolly
Chris Jolly 2 kun oldin
I got 26yrs of being a Indiana Pacer fan. Don't give me that bandwagon jumping s#%$. My team may never win a championship bc we are small market and cold weather winter team but TRUE LOYALTY to a CAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN DOES NOT CHANGE. Damn Max
Gus Parks
Gus Parks 2 kun oldin
soooo noooobody is trippin off the negro part lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chazz Adonis
Chazz Adonis 2 kun oldin
Max is right. I'm surprised the Knicks still have fans lol
VICTOR RALEV 2 kun oldin
Man Max u just don’t get it U were a Knicks fan for nearly 40 years and u just don’t get it The whole point of rooting for a team, any team, good or bad, is the hope that one day they will be good enough to win a title. If the Knicks let go of Porzingis, that would put the hope further behind. Ya the front office and team is awful, but u just have to be patient and wait for the time when the Knicks finally become a dynasty. Also, if u really are switching teams, at least become a Nets fan. They are going to the playoffs, have a good front office and are a decent team, and at least u would be rooting for the same city.
eiji niizuma
eiji niizuma 2 kun oldin
Kristaps GO to the MAVS
LaidbackSpLiFFReaction z
Lol y’all really be mad about molly she say a few paragraphs lol how do y’all live with your girl/wife input on sports
Brandon Perdue
Brandon Perdue 2 kun oldin
Molly’s voice is gross
Angad Singh
Angad Singh 2 kun oldin
3:53 hahahaha what is max kellerman on?lmao
Kk Strap
Kk Strap 2 kun oldin
Max is 100% right and Stephan A proved once again how big of a hypocrite and asshole he is. You can see Max smile like he knows he can beat his ass😂😂saying ESPN should ship him is straight rude tho. Ship Stephan to ESPN Europe division 😂😂
Danny D Legend
Danny D Legend 2 kun oldin
Max: dont let this franchise ruin him Steven A: Molly do me a favor Molly:yea SA : Go to commercial You know Steven A is about to go off on Max for that last sentence alone 😂😂😂😂
John Dough
John Dough 2 kun oldin
Chamira Humphrey
Chamira Humphrey 2 kun oldin
Molly "are you serious right now? I'm dead" lmaoooooo 🤣
dave F
dave F 2 kun oldin
The internet trolls will find anything.
Eli Natchez
Eli Natchez 2 kun oldin
Please get Max off the fucking air.... Please
Chris Paul
Chris Paul 2 kun oldin
Do me a favor please... go to commercial
Mark Nellons Jr.
Mark Nellons Jr. 2 kun oldin
I'm starting to think Max is retarded Porzingis is over rated he cant even stay healthy!
Pain Killer
Pain Killer 2 kun oldin
Max is right. the knicks are hopeless. until dolan doesn't control the franchise anymore, they will remain hopeless and I don't see dolan selling the team any time soon.
Adam Masters
Adam Masters 2 kun oldin
Stephen A is delusional.
ItsWormboiii 2 kun oldin
"Do me a favor please go to commercial" 😅
Kross Konnections
Kross Konnections 2 kun oldin
this is the greatest clip ever "LET MY PEOPLE GO"
ButThatsNone OfMyBusiness
i love max
MARQUEE (Rap-Disciple)
He Said Negro.. Then Steven A. Was Done!!. SMH.. #NoYoLane Kellerman..
elijah greene
elijah greene 2 kun oldin
Boyy Steven A Smith who tf farted on that phone dat bihh cracked up like the bottom of my Ex mama feet 😂😂😂
ruvy77 2 kun oldin
I stood up to max getting bullied by steven A until i saw this.
Usman Bashiru
Usman Bashiru 2 kun oldin
Knicks fans do not deserve porzingis. I mean you boo him on draft night.
DZmakebeats 2 kun oldin
i agree, im from Latvia, havent seen any knicks game since the injury
Youri Joseph
Youri Joseph 3 kun oldin
Fuk that keep him and get Zion fuk u talm bout nigga 😤😤
Byron Salazar
Byron Salazar 3 kun oldin
Molly shut up!!! or I will put something in your mouth, if you know what I mean....👉👌
Garren Williams
Garren Williams 3 kun oldin
Ruther Agonoy
Ruther Agonoy 3 kun oldin
KG LAMBO 3 kun oldin
Max'z is all Maxed out on the Knicks.🏀😂😂😂
KG LAMBO 3 kun oldin
Freash A. smith.. Oka 👌 swagg taylor fleet...📝™
Justin Collado
Justin Collado 3 kun oldin
Fire max
Sufyan El-Kortas
Sufyan El-Kortas 3 kun oldin
3:50 I'm done 🤣🤣🤣. Max is trippin', he's a baaandwagon...smh
Me in L
Me in L 3 kun oldin
Fuck this niger bitch. When they draft KP he was talking shit, after when he played good he told he’s the best, and now he’s talking shit again bc KP is working hard to come back from his injury
Knick Johnson
Knick Johnson 3 kun oldin
this guy max is the real laughing stock tbh. He doesnt know shit about basketball
Anfernee Mcmillian
Anfernee Mcmillian 3 kun oldin
Max canceled. Foh
Alex 3 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 this mofo said negro spiritual lmfao Stephen A face says it all.
Ridz 39
Ridz 39 3 kun oldin
Knicks best give him the damn max
hipnoticheadnotic 3 kun oldin
He got the business from the both of them that time. He even put his head down. Benditio lol
Anonymous 3 kun oldin
Stephen A. calls Max a *twat*
Jayson Genobiagon
Jayson Genobiagon 3 kun oldin
Brooklyn Bandit
Brooklyn Bandit 3 kun oldin
shut up
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 3 kun oldin
I fucking lost it at the end.
Bidwellz9 3 kun oldin
max has a great point, keeping him in ny is doing nothing for the knicks. its doing nothing for KP let him get his money
Ekber Kazimov
Ekber Kazimov 3 kun oldin
Stephen A. is a complete asshole)
Eastcoastflavor 3 kun oldin
Max is the white guy who has a pass but keeps saying dumb shxt and get's it rejects without him knowing it.
Merg 3 kun oldin
Go fuck yourself Max
23Jpro 3 kun oldin
I’m not a knicks fan, ima Lakers fan, I lived in LA for 6 years lmaooo
Tigerjuhhh 4 kun oldin
Max is sadly right. The knicks dont deserve a player like that. Hell the fans booed him. The organization is terrible. The team sucks why the fuck would he stay there? I hope he leaves.
ball n chill huncho
Maxxxxx is the realist nigga for knowing the culture passover negro spirituals lolz aye man getcha manz
Angelo Materia
Angelo Materia 4 kun oldin
Stephen “mhm” a Smith
Carey Mahoney
Carey Mahoney 4 kun oldin
"Let me people go." lmao
joe castles
joe castles 4 kun oldin
Max is right......
Aidin Nakhai
Aidin Nakhai 4 kun oldin
"They will almost certainly ruin Porzingis" - such strong statement. Meanwhile Steven A Smiff is playing with 2 cellies.
Donkey Teeth
Donkey Teeth 4 kun oldin
fuck james dolan