Stephen A. calls out Kobe Bryant for his comments on LeBron James' workload | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith calls out former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant for saying that LeBron James "doing everything" for the Lakers "is not a recipe for winning championships."
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5-Dek, 2018

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Augustine Choi
Augustine Choi 4 kun oldin
Stephen a oversteps his boundaries when "calling out" Kobe. the real laughter is stephen a's geeky ass behavior on this dying show.
GOOD GRIEF 8 kun oldin
Battle of the GOATS
Shadow Aitherios
Shadow Aitherios 21 kun oldin
It's not like Kobe played in the NBA, my bad we watch sports for the analysts.... I remember watching ESPN for the highlights, now it's about interpreting a player's words. What happened?
First Name
First Name 23 kun oldin
SAS is looking for ratings. Max gets what Kobe was saying.
So Kobe didn't take care of his body??? Kobe style of conditioning was too difficult for other nba players to handle from what I read smh.... Kobe conditioning was even harder than Jordan style.
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro 25 kun oldin
Kobe Bryant is right
Brian Ofori
Brian Ofori 28 kun oldin
You guys really think Lebron should be pressured to win in LA? Hell no.
Sal Rodriguez
Sal Rodriguez Oy oldin
I order subway honey oat as my bread of Choice
Angelo Capuno
Angelo Capuno Oy oldin
I love Kobe, but Stephen A and Max has a point. Just let LeBRON do his thing 😏😁😇 #gopurpleandgold
Kratos Oy oldin
Jeez these analysts talk like their NBA legends. Kobe has the right to say his opinions base from his experience. stephen a Hasnt it concurred to you that kobe learned from his mistakes and is sharing it for the benefit of LBJ?
Richard Lee
Richard Lee Oy oldin
Y'all just like to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk...lol blah blah blah...Y'all just like to talk too much. Shut y'all mouth and listen for a min. Kobe was Jordan copycat and Jordan wannabe. I don't like Jordan and Jordan is not the GOAT. Go back to 1991 Finals you babies. What do you know?? If James Worthy was healthy, Lakers would've beaten those Bulls, period. When Pippen was guarding Magic, Bulls put Jordan on Vlade. Jordan couldn't guard Vlade and 100% healthy Worthy would've dominated low post. Game 2 got stolen by pathetic refs who got paid by someone. Now let me get to King James. It's just too early to be talking...but Lakers will definitely make the playoffs & I'll see how far James can carry this team in the playoffs. I want and hope James can win 2 or 3 rings with the Lakers. We'll continue this conversation in April or June of 2019.
Dorian Wilson
Dorian Wilson Oy oldin
When the lakers got Nash.. the was all broke up and old and Dwight was on bs
this guys a hack
Kemonni Poitier
Well wtf do he do kobe with mostly rookies
Saddam Paurom
Saddam Paurom Oy oldin
Stfu max ur a moroon
Dean Ambrose Gozun
i usually disagree with max but for now he is damnful right .
MegaBruce247 Oy oldin
Kobe ... "Don't do as I do ... do as I say ... just because I took 30 shots a game and froze people out. You shouldn't do it."
Kazi Supreme
Kazi Supreme Oy oldin
Fuck Kobe change yo jersey# after rape incident your opinion doesn't matter unless you talking making public forget big ass fuck ups
red red
red red Oy oldin
Bron 🐐
LucidHOOPS Oy oldin
You know im the goat
Shane Erjean F K
Kobe play with lebron now
lupina29 Oy oldin
why this fuckin kobe wants to be relevant ? u fuckin retired bro just shut the hell up .
Obito xshinobi
No please Ariza think about Kobe the guy who DID NOT NEED ANY SUPERTEAM please Kobe gave you a ring 😢 Le3-6 is crying again to pursue a shooter 🤣 Le3-6 is desperately crying for help 😢 he has no way to get more rings to beat MJ 6 rings and Kobe's 1 Oscar
Edwin Marchena
How is he crying dumbass. Didn't Kobe want to leave in 07 when the times got tough. Fucking idiot
Tavaris Johnson
Lmaooo 6:06
Louis Alexander
Sugafree lol
Adam Oquendo
Adam Oquendo Oy oldin
Oh shut the fuck up u monkey!!! U know what wouldve happened? Jordan would not have 2 3 peats guarentee
kuwpale Oy oldin
Kobe should just shut up and focus on his detail garbage clips
KB FAAL Oy oldin
Stephen A is a d!ckhead... A 🐐 hater... Kobe will be remembered forever fvk u gotta say about that Stephen Ass
Matthew Baca
Matthew Baca Oy oldin
Shout out Suga Free!
Ryan Ramos
Ryan Ramos Oy oldin
Kobe still got 5 rings. smdh.
CFN Can’t Fear Nothing
Kuzma the GOAT
Lil Deezie Caine
Looks like Lebron lost a small lil step to me. Doesn't run the floor as hard. Factz
Dime Oy oldin
Kobe trolling
lucifer Oy oldin
lonzo kuz and hart are the ones to keep. ship brandon ingram to africa
#Nassgang Los
#Nassgang Los Oy oldin
The point of these shows is to cause a debate...if they agree or always go to the simple answer it's no ratings...so if the answer is simple then someone has to play devil's advocate and reason against it
I'm Nick Foles No Wait Tom Brady
Wonderful john henry analogy max
Hector Corniel
First time I agree with Max
First Comment funny as hell
Alex Mac
Alex Mac Oy oldin
Stephan a smith your just an analyst always remember that you have no legacy. .you aint no hall of famer always remember that when you die we wont remember your name. Piece of shit
Rosalina Pua
Rosalina Pua Oy oldin
Wow so much hate for a person who just giving his opinion. what happened to America freedom of speech if you get crucified for speaking your mind
Darwin Landicho
Stephen loud mouth should be fired on this show! Too LeBoring and artificial. Kobe should just slap this guy's face and punch that filthy over talkative mouth!
Kriznald Faldas
Think of it.. LEBRON is the only player made a history comeback 1st time in NBA history 0-3 againts GSw and bring the miami to a champion. Lebron is the only player who can carry a team into the champion. Lebron is the only player who give a championship ring in cleveland 1st time.. my idol LBJ..
Warren Empleo
Warren Empleo Oy oldin
Kobe just shut up, LeBron knows how to condition his self well. Unlike you selfish mf.
marvelous razwa
This Stephen A Smith obviously have something against kobe
star watching
star watching Oy oldin
LeBron is a great basketball player and he's in a great position to develop into an even greater player, better than the greatest, with direction from Kobe Bryant. If Kobe decided to coach the Lakers, who are the poster team, franchise face of the NBA, by way of Magic, losing will be a think of the past, Kobe is Winner, and LeBron is too.
darko nikolic
darko nikolic Oy oldin
max,tell me pls,was there enough talent when kobe wins 2 times with gasol
Joshua Greene
Joshua Greene Oy oldin
Kobe knows lebron needs help plus Kobe has been in that situation and it didnt work!
iqmant je
iqmant je Oy oldin
everytime i see stephen a face,i see a big turd
Carmelo Tansengco
Max has a point in this discussion.
inher tummy
inher tummy Oy oldin
These dudes talk bad about the lakers but come on there better than what they been saying they were going to be so come on and Stephen a smith is dumb af this whole time hes the only one been saying lakers are going to be western conference champions now hes backing off lame
이 양키새키들 뭐라고 하는지 아시는분?
xV3NOMous21x FredzZ
Shut yo ass up stephen A. Kobe is a Legend and he knows better than Lebron
Lonzo's Daddy
Lonzo's Daddy Oy oldin
Lol SAS is a gsw bandwagon dickrider and what Kobe said hits him
Stacey Vega
Stacey Vega Oy oldin
Dont mess with the ruler king of b ball... ..all hail .the mamba
Alyssa McKee
Alyssa McKee Oy oldin
Yea cause Kobe got hurt and lebron will not win shit averaging 40 10 and 10 niggas will hype his stats but wont win shit
Cila Oy oldin
On the Lebron bandwagon but why does no one talk about Lonzo and Ingram's defence. Lonzo especially.
Adair Guevara
Adair Guevara Oy oldin
Stephen A is a fucking dumbass
mcfly .hur
mcfly .hur Oy oldin
kobe did it at the end of the season where theyre trying to make the playoffs..basically theyre trying to tell lebron that its too early to play 48 minutes a game at this time of the season..
Kei Harrison
Kei Harrison Oy oldin
Steven Smith has never played basketball on mann stfu...lol
Charles Hardy
Charles Hardy Oy oldin
Kobe was playing like a madman the end of that season.
Jesse Cab
Jesse Cab Oy oldin
This is coming from a lakers fan since the 90’s when Del Harris was coaching the team from the roach infested arena called the Great Western Forum in Inglewood. Kobe needs to just stop with the critiquing of Lebron James. Just let the team develop and let Lebron do his thing. It makes him look a little petty. We sucked ass when Kobe was taking all of the money. I appreciate what he did for the lakers but come on bro, enjoy retirement. He was all about not talking about the lakers last year but all of the sudden he wants to speak on the lakers now that Lebron is here. Just stop it already and enjoy that fine ass wife of yours Kobe.
Christian Henson
Stephen A is a fuckin moron!!! Kobe is actually stating truth because eventually doing everything for the Lakers can even wear LeBron down at some point
MustWatch Live
Fccc+ccccfcff. FffffcfccfcccDxxddddddxddxdxxxdxxddxxxdx h $-($-$$-$$$$$--$$--¥$$ x+x.
Hector Cabrera
These niggas stoopid
francisco darko
kobe said nothing wrong..message is it takes a TEAM to win not one guy.
Killa Mont
Killa Mont Oy oldin
Kobe is Damn Right he's got 5 championships out of 7 Trys 🏆 you cant say that for LeBron so he should Listen 👌🏀
Gabriel Esuola
I actually believe Kobe wants LA to win. Don't think he necessarily wants to sabotage Lebron. Lebron isn't winning 5 rings or even 3 with LA. Lebron is known for Clevel and MIA work. Right now, this is just resume builder years.
Bobby Greer
Bobby Greer Oy oldin
Lonzo Has been balling
techxtremist Oy oldin
What the heck? Shouldn't you listen to Kobe on this? He got hurt. Maybe he's trying to help LeBron.
Trey Bens
Trey Bens Oy oldin
I’m guessing SAS don’t know the meaning of wisdom
Trey Bens
Trey Bens Oy oldin
2012 Achilles injury ... that’s Kobe’s credibility
Maurice Bowie
Maurice Bowie Oy oldin
She started the segment with a shoutout to Suga Free... She is the MVP lol
Death Row
Death Row Oy oldin
Maurice Bowie he was a pimp in his songs. Love suga free. On my way
third eye order
Greatest Laker Ever Is Rick Fox
TUNGTABLE338 Oy oldin
Future AMV
Future AMV Oy oldin
LeBron playing hard: "oh lebron plays too hard he should let the other guys develop, he should take some break, this is why he wont win anything" LeBron taking some break and game off: "LOL LEBRON IS TIRED wtf kobe mj or any other greats WOULD NEVER TAKE BREAKS This is why he is not the goat and is a choker people! Scared of the game haha" NBA 'fans' and media in a nutshell
ejMaVericK_13 Oy oldin
lebron miami, cleveland and lakers championship no one can do that 3 teams give championship come on
Israelite Unite
Kobe Bryant is just bored.
I think Kobe and MJ would know what they talking about then SAS.
afura1981 Oy oldin
Yeah...averaged 45 min a game and busted his achilles. Smh
clayton jackson
Max taking the show over slowly but surely....As SA tries to interrupt..A turn of events
king james
king james Oy oldin
kobe just dont want lebron to win mvp award as a laker😂😂😂
king james
king james Oy oldin
yea every marky names won a champioship but they never faced a team with 5 west allstars in 1 team in thier primes..😂😂😂😂😂
Datu Oirog XIII
You need not worry Kobe coz LAbum is on roids.. 🤪
Rati P
Rati P Oy oldin
Is Stephen for real here? Kobe is saying that cause he knows it will hurt you eventually from his own experience. How is this even a debate?!
E BO Oy oldin
A guy who contracted HIV and a guy who raped a teenage girl. Yeah LeBron should really be listening to them.
AsapGaming Oy oldin
Have u forgotten Dwight Howard
Les davis jr
Les davis jr Oy oldin
Molly knows nothing about Suga Free...It's, If you still ready you ain't got to get ready
King Gwalla
King Gwalla Oy oldin
alvin villanueva
If you want to win championships join jordan 6-0, tim duncan 5-1 or curry 3-1.. lebron will never be the goat he lost alot in the finals 3-6 lol..
Gavin Hung
Gavin Hung Oy oldin
Stephen A. is a perfect click bait XDDDDDDD but i didn't regret it~
alvin villanueva
C'mon max?? how can you win the championship join lebron?? With 3 6 record in the finals.. lets rephrase that if you want to lose championships join lebron fact....
olzt100 Oy oldin
Lebron is a multi dimensional player that does not try to over excel in a few areas.
Tj Nelson jr
Tj Nelson jr Oy oldin
No one notice Molly shout out Suga free
Mix Master
Mix Master Oy oldin
Jim Buss fucked over Kobe's last few seasons facts
Demond Swindell
Stephen A. you actually made Kobes point
pfunk42 Oy oldin
Stephen A. has to be one of the dumbest mofos in captivity. Does he even believe what he's saying? Kobe has more credibility than anybody that can speak....Why? Because LeBron is walking in Kobe's shoes.....Kobe has been there done that, he's traveled the road LeBron is now on. He carried the load and dragged the Lakers into the playoffs.....He achieved that. The precedure was successful....but the patient died. Stephen A has a problem with Kobe personally and it manifest with all of these nonsensical opinions
MDJ Oy oldin
SA just made Kobes point. Kobe had veteran players in nash who was hurt and Dwight who was obviously butt hurt, thus wasn't getting production out of his established team mates, therefore was back to playing with a insufficient squad during the regular season and needed to try and get to the playoffs where he hoped they would be physically and mentally healthy. For the first time bron has teammates bot established, but young healthy with talent and if he and the coaches don't force them to sink or swim then in the playoffs bron is gonna be a one man band and will be crushed. They are good enough to get to the playoff and experiement during the season. Bron is appearing to be a stat suffer and simply as kobe stated it's all about winnin the chips. Kobe had to take control through out his carrer with out allstars, bron hasn't. Kobe certainly knew how to pick the moments hid go off.
Courney Hallcy
No comparison between how Kobe exerted himself and how Lebron is being used this year at all. Two totally different players
Trey Spencer
Trey Spencer Oy oldin
Well Kobe also doesn’t spend millions of dollars on his body every year like Lebron does
18magicMARKer Oy oldin
that season fucked up kobe...he would have been #1 on the all time scoring list...but he wouldn't have won another championship and the rebuilt would have been well after 2020