Stephen A.: Damian Lillard willing to leave Trail Blazers for Lakers or Knicks | First Take | ESPN

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Stephen A. Smith says that while Damian Lillard doesn't want to leave the Portland Trail Blazers, he would entertain going to the Los Angeles Lakers or the New York Knicks.
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6-Iyl, 2018

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eye  v
eye v 16 kun oldin
Blazers and lakers aint in the same divison SAS
2k gaming god
2k gaming god Oy oldin
Lillard-Tweets that he's happy wherever and doesn't care The dumb ass media that we all hate- OH he must want to be traded! Oh he must want to play with lebron! They must mistreat him in portlan! Man shut the fuck up it's a tweet get over it.
J. LIL 2 oy oldin
I dont want kyrie to leave the Celtics but I’m down if kyrie and Dame go to ny
jamieson collie
jamieson collie 3 oy oldin
Idk why people don’t want to come to Portland because that would be a great team
JKennyPro 3 oy oldin
Lillard and bron would be nice together HIGH frequency.
Paul 5 oy oldin
Stephen A to the lakers
shamus248 6 oy oldin
6:14 Stephen A, the Lakers and the Trail Blazers are not in the same division. Portland is Northwest, LA is Pacific
K D 6 oy oldin
Lillard got too redeem himself after these last playoffs
Nathan Wong
Nathan Wong 6 oy oldin
Woah easy there Stephen A, Kevin Love is from Oregon!
dixonmixin10 6 oy oldin
Stephen A has never been to POWTland has he? XD
Binrappin Mik'doofy
Iilly better go to la or he fucked team goat lbj fuck horreden
Grey Fox23
Grey Fox23 7 oy oldin
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez 7 oy oldin
Please give Lebron a Pippenlike player, a Rodmanlike player, and the best three point shooters so that he can win more titles. PLEASE NBA, you can make all of this happen. Look what the NFL is doing for Brady and more.
Tmxney Taylor
Tmxney Taylor 7 oy oldin
ain't nothing wrong with wanting Portland ain't letting his ass go nowhere till his 3yr contract up
John Smith
John Smith 7 oy oldin
Please stay Stephan and max hollins is not a smart human and we need people who actually know basketball
RamboMerksYT 7 oy oldin
if damian wants a ring he better leave portland cause its not happening there.
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson 7 oy oldin
paul George didn`t want to go to okc but he resigned try to get kawhi and or jimmy a lot of other players did not want to come here then once they did they loved it and have made it there home
KP Sports Thoughts
If I'm the Lakers, I would GLADLY trade Lonzo Ball for Damian Lillard! That would be a GREAT TRADE for both teams! Now that you have Lebron, you have to be in WIN-NOW-MODE, and D-Lillard gives them a MUCH BETTER opportunity to WIN NOW than Lonzo Ball does! Not to mention, Lebron James is 33 years old! So if and when Ball gets to be good, Lebron will probably be NEAR RETIREMENT!
Don't Mind Me
Don't Mind Me 7 oy oldin
Lillard can only go to the Knicks cuz HE SAID. he would never join another superstar so he wants to be another hypocrite he better keep his ass in Oakland he cant leave or he will be one he dogged Bron for leaving home dogged KD for joining a super team, dogged his peers for it, now he wanna think about leaving even when he said the 0 is for Oakland where he will NEVER leave HIS WORDS!!! if he leaves portland for ring chasing i hope he suffers a CAREER ENDER, cuz he the type of hypocrite i dont wanna see come close to succeeding (and i dont even fuck with bron) BUT IN SAYING ALL THAT Damien aint going anywhere he’s staying put
David yu
David yu 7 oy oldin
Yeah Damian Lillard to Knicks is a good idea. If Lillard stays in Portland then Trevor booker or jahlil Okafor to Portland is good
Tymir Harris
Tymir Harris 7 oy oldin
t.co/q2IW1VBdud a simple click view or share would be great thanks✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 help me get back into college.
RICH ALLEN 7 oy oldin
What is the nba goin to do if the top players only want to ply in certain markets
xtentaciion .jr831
Damian lillard should play for the lakers so he can be with lebron
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu 7 oy oldin
wow if damian lillard goes to the lakers Lebron won't have to ever touch the ball unless he is cutting to the basket or posting up or spot up shooting a 3 or midrange after 1 or 2 dribbles. Considering you will also have rondo too.It'll also give lebron ability to be more effective on defense too.
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 7 oy oldin
i believe WOJ sources more than stephen a
Anish Pandey
Anish Pandey 7 oy oldin
If I am the Knicks, I don't know whether I want Dame. I don't know whether the guy is a winner. I'd rather have a pass-first PG working with KP and another wing superstar.
Damany Boyd
Damany Boyd 7 oy oldin
Thats stupid you already got Rondo
j-christian-r 7 oy oldin
Stephen A is losing it, the Blazers are not in the same division as the Lakers.
Nik Taylor
Nik Taylor 7 oy oldin
Nice to see dame win but I DON'T see it in Portland
Kay C Mula
Kay C Mula 7 oy oldin
Damien and Lebron could be twice as deadly as Harden And Chris Paul.. Hands down... But lets be honest Dam has to sell out for this to work and the Lakers need to make that happen like Magic.. Leonard and Lebron.. A bust in the making... Damien and Lebron would create a western conference war .. That would rival those of the bulls and Celtics bulls and piston as well as boston L.A... Kaweah is the tim duncan of shooting or 3 guard.. He's no Mamba.. And cant make people better like Damien or lebron..
Kay C Mula
Kay C Mula 7 oy oldin
Go after damien!! closes thing to having kyrie again.. Which proved to be a good draft and great production fit for james and the cavs.. But a guy that has #Nofilter in terms of finding there own shot with lebron on the floor is priceless... Not saying they can over come the warriors in the west.. But we with the right bench it would workout from a chemistry prospective far better than going after leonard.. Actually its fails in comparison..
Michael Kearney
Michael Kearney 7 oy oldin
Dame just want to be somewhere where his talent is fully appreciated which is why he wants to move to big markets
Agra Nam
Agra Nam 7 oy oldin
Srsly tho Lillard is unecessary for LA 😂
Spider Sense
Spider Sense 7 oy oldin
Nobody wants to help the Lakers, but the Lakers will help themselves
dannykuntsler 7 oy oldin
If the reality becomes that most of these dudes just want to play in LA, NY, SF, Boston, Chicago, or Philly (and none of the other markets) then the NBA is f**ked. If you wanna play that game, then just retract the NBA down to 6 major markets/teams, and see if the players who didn't want to play in Portland (or Cleveland, Memphis, New Orleans, Sacramento, Indiana, Utah, Milwaukee, etc) would be happy with not being a NBA player anymore. Most small market teams pay too because of the TV contract. You're rich, you can live anywhere in the offseason. Kudos to a guy like Paul George for wanting to be in OKC. F**k Lebron for going to play in LA. And f**k ESPN for wishing that into existence every single day on garbage shows like these for two years. ESPN personalities, careful what you wish for. If you think ESPN's flailing and laying tons of people off now because of people canceling their cable, just wait until nobody outside major markets cares about stuff like the NBA. The NFL does it right, the shortsighted NBA players/league/media cater to major markets. The NFL flourishes even though their players are on a slow march to Alzheimers. The NBA is becoming a joke. If I had to bet which league would be dead in 100 years, it wouldn't be the league where most of its future players will have brain damage. Nah, it'd be the league with the "me-first, screw the fans" stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Demarcus Cousins, and the generation of future stars growing up wanting to emulate them.
Joshua Batista
Joshua Batista 7 oy oldin
So we gonna sit here and act like he didnt say the blazers dont wanna do a trade with the lakers because they're in the same DIVISION?? lmaooo
H.G.B Basketball
H.G.B Basketball 7 oy oldin
Why are they on ESPN? they got all of this from "I'm a happy camper" they should be Detectives interrogating mfs.
madbwoy84 7 oy oldin
take a closer look, who do you see Dame hanging out with a lot lately, Whiteside. either Miami puts a package together to send Hassan to Portland or bring Dame to Miami. the pieces are there and the cap with the contracts. 3 players who should go; Dragic, TJ, Winslow. it's doable
Gee Tee
Gee Tee 7 oy oldin
Dame would be nasty on the Miami Heat
Lord Domini
Lord Domini 7 oy oldin
Imagine if kawhi and lilliard to the lakers and there will be now lebron kawhi and lilliard it could be wild wild west
Drew Perkins
Drew Perkins 7 oy oldin
The blazers are not in the Same division with the laker smh
The Fifth Generation
He'd look good in New York, pity they still have that douchebag owner Dolan.
*CAUTION* 7 oy oldin
Let that man leave & enjoy lakers 😁
iliketheodds 7 oy oldin
"Happy camper" qualified by "typically" says a lot.
KC 7 oy oldin
Same division? cmon Stephen A.
*Wait, Jimmy Butler's not interested in going to Portland but was happy enough to go to Minnesota!*
LegendofVII 7 oy oldin
ESPN "Sources say, MJ interested in joining lakers with Lebron"
LegendofVII 7 oy oldin
Molly - "Sources tell me Damian Lillard is interested in joining the pittsburgh steelers in the AFL, stephen any thoughts on that?"
BeastMode FIAZCO
BeastMode FIAZCO 7 oy oldin
The real question:who cares nigga
Mr.Muhumuza 7 oy oldin
Max had some good points
Hopeless_Knicks_Fan 21
Ok, I'm a Knicks fan, but not every superstar wants to come play in NY. Lets not get carried away here.
Fordthecow 7 oy oldin
I live in Utah by the college Damian came from, you are forgetting that the jazz are good and could be potential for him
Samer Seder
Samer Seder 7 oy oldin
Lakers made a huge mistake they should of signed Boogie for the MLE and traded for Dame Lillard. Kuzma and Lonzo and a couple picks. And get Kawhi next year but for 2019 this lineup. PG Lillard SG Stevenson SF Ingram PF Lebron C Cousins
Penny Bautista
Penny Bautista 7 oy oldin
Dame cannot win alone even playoffs game! Now his willing to be the pet of Lebitchhhh omg what a loser!!!why not join the pelicans maybe its better than with Lebitch!
Tony B
Tony B 7 oy oldin
I'm about to trade every damn body ta get Molly's perfect ass on the squad!! #instantBONER
Marco Lam
Marco Lam 7 oy oldin
It's funny that everyone wants to live in LA except for those who work in business, particularly in finance industry who prefer NYC instead due to NYSE.
Big Booty Cali
Big Booty Cali 7 oy oldin
Ty Wallace
Ty Wallace 7 oy oldin
Lillard game smooth he got game well lebron need a next super team if he wanna be chef curry ain't no way bron bron was gonna do it in the east but nba boring these days too much talent on one team and the game too soft they need to take it back to the 90s era the real game no hand checking fouls and you see players really earn their points with talent and skills am just sayn
AJ MJ 7 oy oldin
So what if they get all four LeBron, Kawhi, Dame, Jimmy and they don't destory the depth of the rest of the team. Omg Wow just wow NBA needs to get rid of Conferences right now like NBA ASAP.
Joseph Devillier
Joseph Devillier 7 oy oldin
In my opinion go after lilard since lebron and kawi play the same position if I'm not mistaking
Brian Sherwood
Brian Sherwood 7 oy oldin
I’ll find the tweet link.
Brian Sherwood
Brian Sherwood 7 oy oldin
Stephen a is full of shit. Lilliard lietrally said lakers or JAZZ he played in college in Utah that’s straight from his twitter. Smith is a knicks fan so he’s making shut up. Go read the tweet. Lilliard said lakers or jazz. Nobody wants to go to the knicks
Justin g
Justin g 7 oy oldin
We all just gonna ignore that he said Portland and LA play in the same division?
RUGGED BREED 7 oy oldin
He can team up with lebron and dethrone the GAyrriors
Mad_Lamb 7 oy oldin
Blazers aren't in the Pacific Division
Brock Glaser
Brock Glaser 7 oy oldin
I wish good free agents would go to Portland just cause I like when smaller market teams are really good lol
calland44 7 oy oldin
Max be so off topic I zone out & think I clicked a different video by accident
felix168 7 oy oldin
No true star would want to play with LeDrama. Just ask Kyrie.
Hone Mason
Hone Mason 7 oy oldin
Liar for clicks
Scott Meckley
Scott Meckley 7 oy oldin
Same conference but not same division. Portland is in the Northwest, whereas the Lakers are in the Pacific
mrsportcoat1 7 oy oldin
Players should get some type of extra money or incentives for joining small market teams. Just like super teams, a teams location (such as LA, Miami, New York) can cripple small market franchises from ever building a good team unless it is through drafting and development. Adam silver need to do something about this.
Angel Villa
Angel Villa 7 oy oldin
The Knicks????they are a joke like the clippers
Mistaa Jay
Mistaa Jay 7 oy oldin
John wall!!!!! 👀
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 7 oy oldin
Kristaps Porzingos Damian Lillard Enes Kanter Tim Hardaway Jr. Trey Burke NY would make the playoffs.
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 7 oy oldin
Madison Square Garden would be lit with the unicorn and Dame. Not to mention Kanter, Hardaway Jr. and Burke. NY would be ballin.
Eagleman 7 oy oldin
The Blazers and Lakers are not in the same Division, what the heck is Stephen A. Smith talking bout? We have been rivals for a lifetime and with that I dont see the Blazers making the deal to make them better. With how Neal Olshey has run the Blazers I see him making a deal with the Knicks and getting better first round picks.
The Jinn
The Jinn 7 oy oldin
The Knicks
professor88p 7 oy oldin
espn should hire me. i know more about basketball game then the two clowns
Spring Heeled Jack
Umm Kevin Love is from Portland, I think that is his ideal landing spot.
lashaun flamezington tv
Stephen a smith: Tristan thompson willing to leave cavs for Orlando or Memphis
Ctrl1u 7 oy oldin
Kill the Queen.
mg pg
mg pg 7 oy oldin
Click bate
Steven Bailey
Steven Bailey 7 oy oldin
How many times is this guy going to say Portland?
Luko 7 oy oldin
Wtf is the point of even having more than 4 teams in the NBA if they are just going to start stacking a team Olympic style?
Knee Grow
Knee Grow 7 oy oldin
Everybody made fun of the lakers for thinking they could get any stars but we’re laughing now
Random Black Guy
Random Black Guy 7 oy oldin
Knee Grow 😂 facts
Knee Grow
Knee Grow 7 oy oldin
So if lillard comes to LA is Lonzo gone cause we already have rondo
Tall Random Guy
Tall Random Guy 7 oy oldin
SAS is always making up stuff from his *sources*
aljohn tabion
aljohn tabion 7 oy oldin
Dame is wasting his talent in portland.. he needs to go somewhere that has a chance win
Lamar Van Buren
Lamar Van Buren 7 oy oldin
Wtf we just had isaiah thomas.... thats like the same skill set. Correct me if im wrong...
MisterBinx 7 oy oldin
Honestly, if a star didn't want to play with me in Portland then fuckem. They're saying I'm not good enough to go to a market they don't like. I sure as hell am not going to team up with them in LA.
dustin parks
dustin parks 7 oy oldin
They forgot the Utah Jazz
Ren Yagmi
Ren Yagmi 7 oy oldin
Say meme
hello 7 oy oldin
George, James, and Lillard would have given Warriors a run for their money
Ricky Tyson
Ricky Tyson 7 oy oldin
So, on Portland he the man not hard to be,another team you'll see
Steve Wise
Steve Wise 7 oy oldin
I’d rather see Lillard in the Lakers. LeBron needs a point guard. Trade Ball and Ingram plus a pick for Lillard.
LtDan 7 oy oldin
sad hes loyal but no one wants to play in Portland...damn maybe he should go to the knicks? east coast is easier then west.
Dank sanatra old red eyes
Knicks going to be good in next couple years
Jose Santos
Jose Santos 7 oy oldin
SAS got some imaginative ppl don’t he lol
Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben 7 oy oldin
Max your doin very well now..holding your point very well
The Olajuwon
The Olajuwon 7 oy oldin
“The state of Portland” 🤨 wut?
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