Stephen A. eats crow after Cowboys defeat Saints | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith is speechless after the Dallas Cowboys pulled off the upset during Thursday Night Football against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.
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30-Noy, 2018

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Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys 19 soat oldin
I bet Steven A .had to get his assistant to write down all these nice things about the cowboys so he can read because i know this isn't coming from him.
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys 19 soat oldin
Its sad if he had said all this before the game he would of look so right. But naw no matter what he always thinks the cowboys will lose.
Highlight High
Highlight High 2 kun oldin
Well, let's be honest NO-ONE in their right mind would have picked the Cowboys.
Blue In red
Blue In red 5 kun oldin
chadguess44 5 kun oldin
Stephen smith is a fucking idiot
Brett Debnam
Brett Debnam 5 kun oldin
Steven a smith is a idiot
pat K
pat K 5 kun oldin
Do you want salt or pepper with that crow.
Black Peacock
Black Peacock 6 kun oldin
you all know Stephan secretly loves the cowboys. he's just to embarrased to admit it
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez 6 kun oldin
I love it when ppl talk shit have to eat their own words 😂😂😂😂😂loooove it #DC4LIFE hellyeah!!!
Karim Walker
Karim Walker 6 kun oldin
"May your words be covered with honey, for you may have to eat them." --Chinese proverb
jonathan fogarty
jonathan fogarty 8 kun oldin
Stephen A can kiss my butt
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 8 kun oldin
This is my new favorite Stephen A video.
Incredible World
Incredible World 8 kun oldin
Excellent video! Continue producing nice content and you can get bigger fast! Subscribe to our channel and also we could subscribe back!
Lewis Ramirez
Lewis Ramirez 9 kun oldin
Luv it!!! Cowboys nation baby!!!!⭐
everplaz 9 kun oldin
I'm a cowboys faaaaaan
Erebus5620 9 kun oldin
fake news. No one ate any crow.
Shackaloo 9 kun oldin
Stevie Ass Smith eats humble pie once again😂
Matthew Necessary
Matthew Necessary 9 kun oldin
Bout time he shut his damn mouth how does that crow taste ho how bout them cowboys you’ll learn to stop hating on us we’re America’s team
Noel Banda
Noel Banda 9 kun oldin
you loosing your hairline every time u bet against these boys. just go bald SAS
Christine Genton
Christine Genton 10 kun oldin
Always screaming so much, he loses his voice. Hes my favorite. 😂
Roemon Elliott
Roemon Elliott 10 kun oldin
What if the Dallas Cowboys win the Superbowl by beating the Patriots by 50 points?Stephen A Smith commits suicide
Diamond Ramirez
Diamond Ramirez 10 kun oldin
Tim L
Tim L 10 kun oldin
HAHAHA HAHAHA First time I seen SAS speechless! Very funny! 😁
Eddie Odell
Eddie Odell 10 kun oldin
1 -Game " Is Not D" Super -Bold🆗
Andy Crandall
Andy Crandall 10 kun oldin
Thats called humble pie....sometimes any giving sunday is a beauty
Ismael De La Rosa
Ismael De La Rosa 10 kun oldin
Salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt S Sa Sal Salt Sal Sa S Ssssssssssssssssss Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Tttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Stephen a is salty af
Tony B
Tony B 10 kun oldin
Sometimes life just gives you a moment! *CowboyNation*
Larry Grammer
Larry Grammer 10 kun oldin
This Dallas Cowboys win goes out to the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan I know. Stephen A Smith!!!😂😂😂
Larry Grammer
Larry Grammer 10 kun oldin
Stephen A Smith said the Dallas Cowboys they got me today but that's it that's it that's all I get you said that we don't ever get you try more like every time you say we're guaranteed to lose a game we win so all thanks to you really just like back in 2014 when you made that back that Tony Romo on the Dallas Cowboys would go to Seattle and get their butts whipped guaranteed to get their butts whipped so much that you made a bet to wear a Tony Romo Jersey if the Cowboys won in Seattle on your birthday guess what you lost just like back in 2016 when you said and week 10 the Cowboys were going to lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers when we were 7-1 you guaranteed Ben Roethlisberger that bad man guaranteed we were going to go to Pittsburgh and get our butts whooped again guess what we won that game too every single time you say there's no way in hell there's no chance for the Cowboys to beat a certain team we prove you wrong. I guess my point here is that don't say that we don't never show you up that we don't never get you because we do just about every time you say there's no chance we can win not even 1% we end up winning the game the way you promised it wouldn't so haha Stephen A Smith choke on that big ol l like a dick like everyone knows you love to he he haha Jaja Kaka mama Tata. The Dallas Cowboys beat the best team in the NFL and there ain't nothing you could do about it and that makes you mad to the Core your rottens you like sugar to your teeth you can't stand us but yet we're constantly beating your teams you talk down on us so much that it's really hard to believe you're not our true blue biggest secret admirer secret fan you talk about it so much that I'm starting to think you're a bigger fan than I am and I was born and raised in Dallas Texas I was born and raised a Dallas Cowboy fan I've Been a Cowboy fan so long when I first started rooting for them Stephen A Smith you actually had a hairline damn well I tell you what Stephen A Smith this win goes out to you Cowboys won this one just for you because they know you're really their biggest fan.
Simon Massih
Simon Massih 10 kun oldin
Molly is a fucking joke. Get her the fuck off the show.
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho 10 kun oldin
4:12 went from Stephen A to Ludacris
Ike Mike
Ike Mike 10 kun oldin
This show is nothing without Stephen A, his value would be pretty hard to replace.
James McGowan
James McGowan 10 kun oldin
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop 10 kun oldin
Do you have any idea how many people have stopped watching pro sports especially football. It's amazing.
Daniel Myers
Daniel Myers 10 kun oldin
I almost feel bad for ole Stephen A
Gerald Hopps
Gerald Hopps 10 kun oldin
Stop watching this video and subscribe to Pewdiepie
King Juice
King Juice 10 kun oldin
vonnie B
vonnie B 10 kun oldin
To hell wit Stephen A!!! Shut up!!! I love it, ya hater
Zui 10 kun oldin
00:02 when you nut in her mouth for the first time
SR71BBFLYER 11 kun oldin
I’m catching high blood pressure from all the salt Stephen A. is spewing!
Collin Richards
Collin Richards 11 kun oldin
That’s a fancy way to say he choked on dick on live tv
Skipper 11 kun oldin
Why did I think he would actually eat a crow wait if he wants to eat a crow will he also want to eat a penguin?
Irish 1634
Irish 1634 11 kun oldin
Andrew LaRoche
Andrew LaRoche 11 kun oldin
Dallas cheated
TRay T
TRay T 11 kun oldin
lmao!!! and....you CRAZY!!!! hahahahahhaha
D Koch
D Koch 11 kun oldin
Kneelers who cares
Shadow Thief
Shadow Thief 11 kun oldin
Lun Hing
Lun Hing 11 kun oldin
Where's the crow
Buz Bee
Buz Bee 11 kun oldin
We Dem boys!
tuhlunksss 11 kun oldin
this video has no audio
PHELCAN 11 kun oldin
Hahaha get fucked Stephen!
ViC ViC TV 11 kun oldin
Jus here to say what a wierd ass thumbnail
Dre Hamraee
Dre Hamraee 11 kun oldin
Max kellerman: “cowboys ain’t winning the Super Bowl” Me and other cowboys fans: “neither are the giants. And who’s got the better record?”
AKcam7 11 kun oldin
again.. Steven A is a dumbass
lewaproductions 11 kun oldin
I thought he was gonna eat a crow
Daniel Chung
Daniel Chung 11 kun oldin
"yeah that's what I thought"
DeonTay Smith
DeonTay Smith 11 kun oldin
Stephen A. Vs. Cowboy Fans will never get old😂
rustleup 1000%
rustleup 1000% 11 kun oldin
Funny how Steve A. mentioned the Tennessee Titans, the last Cowboys loss!
Jennifer Keller
Jennifer Keller 11 kun oldin
Stephen A. Is a RACIST ... Called me out for being a "white girl Trump supporter'. What a loser.
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 11 kun oldin
What a screechy loud voice Molly has
Teezy Frm305
Teezy Frm305 11 kun oldin
Started sound like Bill Cosby
TXzombiekiller 11 kun oldin
Never forget the uss Liberty & Israel did 911
Blue Beta
Blue Beta 11 kun oldin
I dont watch sports. But Stephen A is always wrong when I see him in a video
PrettyBoyErin 11 kun oldin
"Wipe me down" 😂
JackGeezy 11 kun oldin
Stephen your Steelers choked lol
rustleup 1000%
rustleup 1000% 11 kun oldin
I hate Steve A. at times but at other times he shows he's human when he gives credit to the Boys and he's right they have to keep winning. But at the same time Saints fans gave me hell all summer about this game so thats why this was big deal, probably the biggest game this season in the NFL. The high ratings was a combination of the dedicated Cowboys fans and the 10-1 Saints and their dedicated fans, this is what the NFL is about. GO BOYS
The Stephen A. Smith Show
smith lol xD
joshua lozier
joshua lozier 11 kun oldin
The cowboys win in spite of Garrett...not because of him
Santiago Camacho
Santiago Camacho 11 kun oldin
VRSE 11 kun oldin
Stephen a.... we got you the last 4 weeks... not just that day
DoYLe T 11 kun oldin
Tired of Stephen A. Smith needs to shut his big mouth!!
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 11 kun oldin
Hahhahaha stephen my man sup bruh you loose again bruh
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson 11 kun oldin
Click bait. I clicked to see him eat a crow.
H-matic08 PSN
H-matic08 PSN 11 kun oldin
Molly pregnant??
Felisiano Kalamafoni
saS look like bitch
Elijah Agui
Elijah Agui 11 kun oldin
Never would have thought I would see the day that SAS would be embarrased and utterly speechless at a Cowboys win. Just...wow! I have seen it all now.
Fortnite Boss
Fortnite Boss 11 kun oldin
Hallo 0 of Reise, v, .. Du
j drayton
j drayton 11 kun oldin
How can jalen listen to that voice every day it would drive me crazy
OgGarcioVega 11 kun oldin
Stephen A. Bitch must eat asshole everyday in the morning because there is no other reason why shit shoud be coming out his mouth everyday. Smh
david jlenovich
david jlenovich 12 kun oldin
I thought he was gonna eat a crow
Natanael Aguilar
Natanael Aguilar 12 kun oldin
Zay Zay
Zay Zay 12 kun oldin
At what time does he put the crow in his mouth
Jim V
Jim V 12 kun oldin
Funny, if this had been the Patriots that lost, everyone would have said Tom Brady has gone off the cliff and should retire. Yet when Drew Brees does it, it is just a bad game and he's still got it. I love double standards don't you?
Eddy_ Fresh23-
Eddy_ Fresh23- 12 kun oldin
Get off Stephen’s back you Cowboy wanna b’s
Xavier Garza
Xavier Garza 12 kun oldin
Is his middle name answers wrong
Ash&Misty Natsu&Lucy
As a Cowboys fan I had mixed feelings towards this game because I wanted the Cowboys to lose in a blowout so Jason Garrett can get fired and I wanted the Cowboys to win to shut up the haters.
女の子xKurenai 12 kun oldin
xSaintsfangirl #WHODATNATION has left the chat......
Ken Breaux
Ken Breaux 12 kun oldin
Nothing more ridiculous to me than a bunch of clowns in suits and ties talking about sh8t they know nothing about.
Tony Decker
Tony Decker 12 kun oldin
to see Stephen speechless is priceless
August hinojosa
August hinojosa 12 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣 saints are an elite team??? Wheres the 50 points at?
David Carter
David Carter 12 kun oldin
NFL is still around? Weird.
alphavegas1 9 kun oldin
Found the white racist!
Izabella Kail
Izabella Kail 12 kun oldin
Subscribe to Pewdiepie(a self made youtuber) so he can win the war against TSeries (a company that buys bots to subscribe to them)😊
carthaginian 12 kun oldin
Steven A you could have learned a lot more respect had you just said you were wrong as hell, you did not. So shut your ass up!
Jay Flaboozy
Jay Flaboozy 12 kun oldin
Where’s the crow
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto 12 kun oldin
Saints fans think the refs were on the payroll and called the game in favor of Dallas. They missed a lot of calls that game the two biggest ones being the hit to the helmet by jaylen and the offensive PI on that touchdown pass by the saints. I think more were missed in favor of the saints. They shouldn’t of even had 10 points.
slothpapi 12 kun oldin
damn i came because i thought there would be actual crow eating
Tyrone Perry
Tyrone Perry 12 kun oldin
There's a lesson here...NEVER SLEEP ON AMERICA"S TEAM NEVERRR!!!
Davlyn Nolan
Davlyn Nolan 12 kun oldin
Praise the load Steven preach! Who Dat
thegamergirl is me
thegamergirl is me 12 kun oldin
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Leonard Jackson
Leonard Jackson 12 kun oldin