Stephen A.: LeBron James will never eclipse Kobe Bryant in L.A.. | First Take | ESPN

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Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James will never eclipse Kobe Bryant in L.A. because of what Kobe was able to accomplish after Shaquille O'Neal left the Lakers.
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3-Okt, 2018

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Jr Ryder
Jr Ryder Soat oldin
Lebron is better than Kobe. Kobe fans are idiots because they always think that Kobrick is something special 😂😂
Sang Yang
Sang Yang 4 soat oldin
Wtf did he say. He said Kobe was better than Jordan at an early age. First 3 years Jordan was a house hold name already max. Better average than Kobe the first 3 years😂😂😂. This guy needs to get the hell out of sports😂😂😂. And he said Jordan is slightly better than Kobe 😂😂😂. People gotta realize Jordan is chasing no one but every one is trying to chase jordan😂😂😂 and u don’t ever hear anyone say wanna be like Kobe and Lebrun but everyone wanted to be like mike😂😂😂. Everyone is always trying to find the next Jordan. Not the next magic, bird, Kareem, chamberlin, Shaq, Kobe or Russell but trying to find the next jordan😂😂😂
lifetimeskater24 7 soat oldin
WTF is Max talking about? Real Kobe fans respect Jordan. While I do believe in a game of 1 on 1, Kobe could actually beat Jordan, I do believe Jordan had a more successful career than Kobe due to a having bit more maturity at an early age, and overall better judgement on the basketball court. By better judgement, i mean Jordan was more disciplined on the the offensive side of the ball than Kobe. He didn't take those super long 2-pt or 3-pt fadeaways with 6 hands in his face lol Kobe did a lot of that and that was one thing I always wished he would stop doing. Other than that, he is still my hero.
DIFFERENT NAME 9 soat oldin
Did max just say that Kobe was better when he was younger okay Jordan averaged 28 points as a rookie
Iso UNGUARD able
lebron is essentially a guest in LA. Its never gonna really have the same feel, especially since he is retired now. kobe got it i think he is honestly the most loved laker by lakers fans ever period. u cant be better than kobe in l.a. unless your last name is jordan
Picasso VVIX
Picasso VVIX Kun oldin
Haha bahahaha jahhahajaha funny
varnel lamaute
varnel lamaute Kun oldin
The disrespect to Kobe makes me sick! It's jealousy at the end of the day.
Sean Ferdinands
Sean Ferdinands Kun oldin
Kobe would beat Lebron one on one and lebron will never come close to Kobe’s legacy! Kobe is a killer just like MJ. Lebron would not cut it mentally.
Jewry Hernandez
Jewry Hernandez 2 kun oldin
I will never say LeBron is the greatest, Kobe never left the Lakers to win championships, Michael never left the Bulls to win, ever!!!
Pascall Williams
Pascall Williams 2 kun oldin
Y is this even a topic.....like reallt
Rueben Zamora
Rueben Zamora 2 kun oldin
Kobe was so sick.
BMWD4 3 kun oldin
Kobe most skilled player all time. Jordan GOAT. Lebron plays in inflated offensive era which makes his stats better then it appears.
D3X / DevolvR
D3X / DevolvR 3 kun oldin
Black Mamba > LBJ Black Cat (MJ) > Black Mamba
Kobe was better and greater than Jordan, from an LA native and Lakeshow fan!! fuck outta here
The Moderator
The Moderator 5 kun oldin
What kind of take was this
Godwayne Songalia
Godwayne Songalia 5 kun oldin
I'd pick Kobe over Lebron because of his skill and mentality while playing basketball. Kobe is just different than Lebron. He is more exciting to watch especially when he was on fire or when he locks someone up in an entire quarter. His level of play and that fiery look in his eyes just cannot be seen in Lebron. These are three thoughts of mine that put Kobe over Lebron: 1. Kobe had another kind of mentality that Lebron doesn't have. The Mamba Mentality in which its purpose is to be the best version of yourself. Lebron isn't currently the best version of himself because of old habits like playing in a Lebron system. You will only truly know you are better than who you were back in 2011 (Yes Im talking about that) if you actually played in an NBA system that the coach creates. Also mentality is also like IQ and EQ of the game. Kobe used his emotions to better enhance his IQ especially during clutch times and basically to play better.Mentality is that will to win whether blow-out or not. Lebron just doesn't have that yet. The will to win and be in GODMODE in clutch time as we say it. 2. Kobe has far more superior offensive and defensive fundamentals than lebron. This makes him get out of double teams, or when you get stuck in a play. It helps you get out of sticky situations. Fundamentals are far more superior than physical attributes and talent. Tim Duncan is a big example of that. 3. Kobe's impact on the game is far more superior than Lebron. Never have i ever seen Lebron turn the tides by himself.Kobe just has that assassin style of play. I saw him once just put his heart out on defense and just do the same on offense. Now that is impact. GSW is also a team that relies on the impact of every player on the court. If Curry cant shoot, they give it to Klay and make Curry focus on something else, to have an impact on the game doing something else. Kobe is like GSW in a way. Lebron has never been that type of player.
The Carnage
The Carnage 6 kun oldin
1. MJ 2. Kareem 3. Shaq 4. Kobe 5. LeBron
kmdp 6 kun oldin
Shaq was gone because he was not putting in the work and eating cheeseburgers.. so stop making Kobe look bad Steven A. sometimes I feel like you belong next Steve Urkel. lol
Bennie Wood
Bennie Wood 6 kun oldin
Being the GOAT is just an opionated idea. You can say AI the GOAT...dont make it true
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia 6 kun oldin
*Only way would be LeBron winning 4, no make that 5 titles in a row in LA. Not 2 Max. Not 2.*
Alex Anayasan
Alex Anayasan 7 kun oldin
The fucking haters
Southcidal Music
Southcidal Music 7 kun oldin
Lebron would never equal Kobe in LA... stop it. And he isn't going to catch Jordan as the GOAT. The question is can he catch Kareem, Wilt, Russell and Duncan, who beat him in the Finals twice.
Donald Rivers
Donald Rivers 7 kun oldin
Those of you who are sports collectors hold on to your Kobe Bryant rookie cards because when the NBA come to there senses and realize lebron is not better than Kobe your rookie are going to be worth a whole lot
Chad Lawrencd
Chad Lawrencd 11 kun oldin
Every shot of Lebron has his hair line looking more and more fucked up 😂😂😂
Rishab Gulati
Rishab Gulati 11 kun oldin
Max Kellerman is stupid af here! LeBron can NEVER eclipse what Kobe's done!
HeKnows HisSport
HeKnows HisSport 11 kun oldin
Nick Wright and Shannon Shape's of the world's have made LBJ23 think he can eclipse Kobe n Jordan. This one sided agenda isn't fooling me and anyone else with #bballknowledge!
HeKnows HisSport
HeKnows HisSport 11 kun oldin
Kobe steady gets mad #disrespect! How LeBron #leapfrogged Kobe? These #roodypoo #plumplum NBA Fans are missing a few basketball screws! They don't know anything about basketball!
Jhanellaelizabeth Calimag
What was to this people always debating about lebwrong,the drama queen.
We Hauling it
We Hauling it 13 kun oldin
Kobe is the second best player ever 1 is Jordan 3 is karrem 4 is magic 5 bron and that’s generous to bron
Chris Austria
Chris Austria 14 kun oldin
Kobe was my Jordan
Zheng Lai
Zheng Lai 17 kun oldin
Lebron eclipse Kobe??? A lifelong laker with five rings, not to mention the black mamba. I always knew this guy was a jackass but disrespecting Kobe like that is too far.
Baron Samuels
Baron Samuels 26 kun oldin
Put it this way LeBron would've never beat MJ one on one in his prime. Same as with kobe being in his prime LeBron is a great player but he lacks the commitment that Kobe an Mj had. To top it off LeBron didn't start emerging until Kobe left the game. I swear it makes me really mad how every one forgets kobes impact to the game. I grew up watching Michael and know for sure he was a the Goat in his time , but when Kobe came into the league even the Goat himself said he sees the desire an skill Kobe had. In better terms MJ passed the torch. Kobe surpassed MJ. LeBron would never compare to Kobe so how could compare Jordan? Kobe is the greatest achievement for the game of basketball best laker of all time, tied with mj to be realistic about it. T mac was better than LeBron besides the fact of injuries.
StateOfShock 27 kun oldin
Bron can never eclipse Kobe in LA.... wtf kind of topic is this
Lorenzo Bontorin
Lorenzo Bontorin 27 kun oldin
What you guys don't get is that a ture Laker fan will just love anyone who can make us win but that won't ever make us forget what ur past champions did. Ever.
GM 007
GM 007 29 kun oldin
"kobe was better than mj at an early age" mj averaged 28 ppg in his rookie season...... kobe averaged 8.
Anthony Mckinney
Anthony Mckinney 29 kun oldin
Lebron is going to decline faster than people think.
Allen Terry
Allen Terry Oy oldin
The assassin... The BLACK Mamba
Rafinha Latvezzi
When LeBron James shakes Jordan and Kobe’s hands, he gets sad when he sees all those rings! You have MJ the GOAT You have Kobe the King and then you have baby LeBron wannabe like those two
Zachery Garcia
Ppl say kobe is not top 10 shit not even top five wtf is this world coming too you can argue both ways in who cared who in the shaq and kobe era kobe avg 28 a game to shaqs 29 in the finals and that's easy for shaq who could guard that monster gusal gets some credit he choked the first finals and played better the next 2 but kobe was mvp by far lebron has 3 rings 2 which came from having Dwade Bosh ray Allen etc. And didn't win his 3rd until he played with kyrie who also averaged 30pts a game in the finals like lebron lebron good but it goes MJ KOBE LEBRON LEBRON WILL ALWAYS BE #3
Theodor Dinu
Theodor Dinu Oy oldin
There's a difference between earning love and earning respect. That's the difference between Kobe and Lebron in L.A.
questtmstp Oy oldin
I think it's funny that people who aren't from L.A. are talking about how basketball fans that were born and raised in L.A. are going to feel. They've always dogged the Lakers, now because LeBron is here they're forced to talk about them again. Stay in your lane east coast.
Lars Sweede
Lars Sweede Oy oldin
I watched Kobe's entire career he was every bit as good as Michael Jordan and then some but the game had already changed. LeBron out-dueled Kobe in their head-to-head matchups this is a fact
Some guy
Some guy Oy oldin
Kobe Bryant was better than Jordan at an early age. Rookie season: Jordan 28.2 ppg 5.9 apg 6.5 rbg and 2.4 steals 51.5 fg% 84.5 free throw. I’m not gonna mention Kobe’s early years. Stop it.
It's funny listening to people debate this stuff. For one there are so many important things going on in the world right now but also because nobody watches the NBA anymore. That's the reason no one will ever be better than Mike. Professional video game championships are getting more viewers than the NBA finals get.
Sober Sonik
Sober Sonik Oy oldin
There's not even a chance no one can replace Kobe in LA most my life I've always thought they were the same thing
JAY-R-BEATZ Oy oldin
LeBron James is better hasn’t been injured more rings to come
Adam Samuel
Adam Samuel Oy oldin
No more rings for Lebron as long as GS have KD or AD on their team. Lebron missed out in 2011 & 2015. MJ ain't losing those finals. Don't waste your breath about Lebron carrying scrubs to finals in 2007 because Iverson did it and no one praises him.
Heyitzj0sh Oy oldin
Lebron is a better player than Kobe but legacy wise Lebron would never eclipse Kobe's time in L.A. Kobe has single handedly battled superteams like the Celtics and Spurs by himself with no help. Kobe would never miss crunch time free throws as much as Lebron did. And Kobe just has more memorable moments than Lebron has had in his career, minus obviously beating the Warriors down 3-1.
Robert De Silva
magic.j have a good teammates good coach. kobe.b robert.h, fisher, s.oneal, gasol, and phill.j. james.l have stupid coach. lots off rookies wanna be a hero sh....
ladileo 820
ladileo 820 Oy oldin
I'm not grateful.....Kobe love!
Daramie Houston
People hate labron Kobe ain't shit lol
Pournflakes Oy oldin
I would rather have a Kobe on the team
Pablo Alvarado
This should even be a conversation cause Kobe was loyal to the lakers 20 years never went to another team even when he had bums on his side he still stood with the lakers lebron is not loyal so he never be Kobe in los angels never
William Marc Boquiren
Young kobe better than Jordan...that is fucking ridiculous..max is big time idiot..
Bruh kobe played 20 years with the lakers wtf you think lebron finna make them forget that in 4 stfu lebron making his own path not trying to be like kobe and bron
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit Oy oldin
I hope the comments are civilized.
Trey Bens
Trey Bens Oy oldin
LeBron better hope he could get Shaq type love at BEST. Kobe and Magic are untouchables in L.A. Like Jordan is an untouchable in Basketball
David Joseph
David Joseph 9 soat oldin
True dat he should get that Shaq love if ntn else
AICMasta Oy oldin
Kobe was never better than MJ..Maybe when MJ was 40 and Kobe was like 25
Christopher Morales
It’s dumb to think that he would. They lead different careers
Deposits Oy oldin
Jordan rookie stats are good as Kobe mvp stats, Kobe was never better than Jordan max.
Dakota Godfrey
This comparison gets annoying lebron played in the weak east nearly his entire career when Kobe played against alot harder competition in the west especially in his older years Kobe was putting his numbers up while being hurt a good chunk of the time and the Kobe being a side kick is bs he was only about a point or 2 behind shaq on average and shaq only had rebounds on him Kobe led in everything else so go back and look at statistics and people act like lebron never had any help through the years come on Kevin- love all star ,kyrie- all star ,Dwayne wade-a all time great sg,bosh-all star,those are only all stars on those teams hes never won a championship without at least 2 all stars on his team Kobe only had gasol and shaq realistically and gasol wasnt particularly great either he was good but not great
Yo Kel
Yo Kel Oy oldin
LeBron will never get the same LA love as Kobe, even if he wins 4 straight there lol which is impossible. How can he eclipse a lifetime Laker, who has 5 rings, and 2 jerseys retired??? This is not even a debate 😂 First Take is crazy
moises suero
moises suero Oy oldin
The Numbers tall 15season. Only see the # wait for 20
kristian fowler
every body khows that for the very begging of lebrons career he tried to copy Michael jordan and Kobe Bryant but he's a total failure ... this one of the reason why other people choose diffrent players over Lebron
Childs Play
Childs Play Oy oldin
First of all MJ and Kobe is not better than Lebron,.. And it works like this,.. MJ - Chicago, Kobe - Lakers, Lebron - Cleveland,.. Step A. Is right Lebron will never be Kobe in Lakers coz he’s always Lebron - Cleveland
Leon Pressley
Leon Pressley Oy oldin
It is so sad that steve A does not give respect to kobe in fact even Michael Jorden said out of his own mouth the only player that can beat me one on one is kobe ...boom thats enough for me
Jay Tillah
Jay Tillah Oy oldin
If Kobe was in the east with bosh wade and then having Kyrie and Love he would’ve been to the finals 15 times and would’ve had more rings as well 💯
TCCyeah Oy oldin
One Jersey, one team, Steph Curry will eclipse Micheal, and Kobe, not some GM/Player hybrid who picks and chooses his coach and team every four years, the dye has been cast on that man, so why is this still a question! The new question should be when will Steph Curry eclipse M & K! Fin!
Andrew Oy oldin
1v1 I’m taking Kobe over Jordan
ËlŸ Oy oldin
What if Lebron had Shaq🤔 What if Kobe had Dwade and bosh 🤔
ËlŸ Oy oldin
If Jordan never existed kobe would be the greatest of all time facts even tho technically if Jordan never existed neither would kobe to an extent
NEGUS IBE Oy oldin
Kobe was better than Jordan at early age what Jordan avg 28 his first year kobe 14 third year Jordan 37 while shooting 50+% from the floor
Dillon K
Dillon K Oy oldin
Higher ups always giving Max the harder arguments to defend
Andrew Vasquez
Shout out to the fans that listened to 710 espn am LA !!!
Andrew Vasquez
Kobe will always be #1 in LA
koog008 Oy oldin
KOBE is the GOAT. I watched jordan's 6 rings, I watched kobes whole career, I watched lebrons career so far. The things kobe went through and still be at the top of the game. The defenders kobe had to play against were the best during their time and when they went against him they brought their A game. And he was double/triple teamed. The drama in and out of court. What other player that was the best during their time was hated as much as kobe. Teams were afraid of kobe. When that chris paul trade was going to go through, what did the teams do. The nba actually had to veto the trade because of everyones drama. Who else could make the nba do that. You see all these super teams/big 3. When did it start. It was during kobes time. They needed all the help against kobe. The injuries he had to go through. There will never be a player that had a messed up hand on his dominant shooting hand that needed surgery, be the main scorer/ball handler and win a championship.
Andrew Gonzales
Fuck this convo look at that Babe
Lakoko Kaye
Lakoko Kaye Oy oldin
Steph a smith you ain't shit, you guys always underestimate the king james
Lewis DC
Lewis DC Oy oldin
Stephen A = biggest LeBron hater ever
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Oy oldin
SAS can’t say one good thing about bron, still wack AsF.
NSiU Oy oldin
Only millennials and people who argue in the comment section of videos think Bron will surpass Kobe.... 😑
Snuwfer D
Snuwfer D Oy oldin
I grew up loving Kobe and the Lakers. No amount of greatness can replace that.
GhosT Oy oldin
Fuck are you talking about Kobe is loved by everybody that knows basketball not just laker fans
Facts. Kobe wasn't a better player than Jordan at the beginning of his career. Mike was a high flying spectacle. Kobe worked hard to get his shots Jordan was effortless.
Kaleb Boucher
Kaleb Boucher Oy oldin
Why can't LeBron just be the best LeBron and laker fans just accept they got a top 3 player of all time Kobe is top ten probably 4-8 m.j did it first and better ... ps love the mamba
king j
king j Oy oldin
They talk like they know everything,,,good if they can play like MJ,KOBE and LEBRON,,,
Paulo Austria
Paulo Austria Oy oldin
Max was a idiot Jordan always better than Kobrick. Jordan won rookie of the year Kobrick was trash in his Rookie year lol.
Mike Tego
Mike Tego Oy oldin
Kobe is the best players.yes LeBron is great but come on he not better than Kobe...
Abhishek Patil
SAS has a firm grip on the obvious. Kobe played 20 years for the Lakers, no way in hell LeBron eclipsing that in 4/5 years.
Maricruz Garcia
FGOM FamilyandGodOverMoney
Kobe the 🐐 Bryant
Van C
Van C Oy oldin
He said Kobe was better then Jordan at a young age, then turned right around and said Jordan was a lil bit better...🤷🏽‍♂️ That's why Stephen A calls him out on that flip flop shit all the time! SMMFH
luis morgado
luis morgado Oy oldin
WHEN LEBRON RETIRES , there will be NO ONE EVEN CLOSE TO HIS NUMBERS.... KOBE , JORDAN ... GREAT PLAYERS... LEBRON JUST SIMPLY BETTER...don't matter what i say or you say , watch the stat's at the end of his career , Lebron already is 1st in steals , and 1st in point's and 3rd in assist's , and 3 rd in 3 pointers , IN THE PLAY OFF'S..... like i said .... in the end .,,,,,,,,,.. ,,,, NOT EVEN CLOSE.....
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore Oy oldin
Lebron ain't shit.
Sean Hardman
Sean Hardman Oy oldin
Im a lakers fan but jordan was better then kobe. I was honestly never a fan of lebron until he became a Lakers player, i hope he destroys all records in purple and gold though
JustNeL Oy oldin
Huge Kobe fan here.. I don't think Kobe is better than Jordan..
James Boidy
James Boidy Oy oldin
Stephen a clown
James Boidy
James Boidy Oy oldin
Stephen a clown
Makaveli Shakur
Kobe son a nigga who gotta take 30 shots 2 score 10 points missed the most shots ever in the NBA
zyl zyl
zyl zyl Oy oldin