LeBron James will never eclipse Kobe Bryant in L.A.- Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James will never eclipse Kobe Bryant in L.A. because of what Kobe was able to accomplish after Shaquille O'Neal left the Lakers.
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3-Okt, 2018



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Allan Gerald Caacbay
This video aged well max hahaha
KG LAMBO 6 soat oldin
Yes .. First of all...⚠⚠⚠🚨
Bruce Komakech
Bruce Komakech 12 soat oldin
Lol 😂 these comments are silly AF so many haters.
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson 16 soat oldin
Kobe better than lebron lets stop the bullshit
Tomi Igo
Tomi Igo 16 soat oldin
I don't see any chance Lakers will be champions.
Martin Lorenzo
Martin Lorenzo 17 soat oldin
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 17 soat oldin
I'm a kobe fan but i will never say kobe better than mj.
Tom Jimenez Fitness
Tom Jimenez Fitness 21 soat oldin
Lebron will never own the Lakers. He will most likely get his own team going with business partners. He is not a west coast guy.
Kyle Jett
Kyle Jett Kun oldin
Jordan might have the better resume on paper but I think we can all agree that Kobe faced stiffer competition. For years and years all of the Western Conference playoff teams were championship quality teams. Kobe beat all of them.
Kyle Jett
Kyle Jett Kun oldin
As far as the small forwards we have had over the years, I guess lebron is an upgrade over Rick Fox. But I'll take Lamar back over both.
Kyle Jett
Kyle Jett Kun oldin
LA is Kobe town. I hope they trade lebron.
TehutiBrim 59
TehutiBrim 59 Kun oldin
Airhead ass Molly u didn't hear all they just said Bron is a transplant at the end of his journey in the nba he'll never get Kobe love and he's not better than kobe Kobe whooped on him Flash and Bosh how many times, Bron didn't wanna see Kobe in the finals IMHO
this didnt age well lol
Dot Everything
Dot Everything 2 kun oldin
Max, you said the main reason lebron can’t pass Kobe in LA around 4:30. Which is “KOBE AND MAGIC WERE LIFE LONG LAKERS” period.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
Fuck Jordan ya'll keep sucking his whip
Mr. Franklin Jackson
Kobe's my guy he is Laker Nation. 5 rings yes he apart of Laker Legends.
Kyza Yorke
Kyza Yorke 3 kun oldin
They argue on everything but they both agree on one thing which is so satisfying and that being that Jordan is the 🐐 and the rest can debate over 2nd 😎
GHfan4life 3 kun oldin
Lebron’s Lakers are not in the playoffs
Amir I
Amir I 3 kun oldin
Even if Lebron grabs 2 rings with the Lakers it will be because LA will be STACKED. Lebron will not be able to do it without adding 2 all stars to the squad
RASHTG 3 kun oldin
You wanna know whether Lebron is better than Kobe? There is one guy that can answer that and his name is Jack Nicholson. That dude literally stopped going to the Oracle arena after Kobe's retirement and don't forget that the guy has been to ALL Kobe games that he can actually attend. I don't think there is a bigger Lakers fan than that dude. I even think that guy is a bigger Lakers fan than Magic and Kareem A. J COMBINED! So, he will tell you all whether Kobe was above Lebron or NOT but personally, I think Kobe is above Lebron. The media did a good job thou, by pushing Lebron all the way up to #2 right now.
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 4 kun oldin
People ... OF COURSE LeBron wont eclipse Kobe in LA .. the man played 20 YEARS for them. How can someone come in and change that in 4 years. Come on with this b.s topic. Espn is bored
Ricardo Pulido
Ricardo Pulido 4 kun oldin
Who will you pick Kobe or lebron ? Me Kobe 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Patrick Kabongo
Patrick Kabongo 5 kun oldin
"You out of here" "what?!" "it's a WRAP" lmaoooo tears
Vanja Nikolic
Vanja Nikolic 6 kun oldin
Just by comparing their smiles, you can see that Kobe could lead the team better
Francis_ Sy
Francis_ Sy 6 kun oldin
I think it's pretty safe to say that James will never surpass Kobe in LA. Thats a fact! 3 more years with those Warrriors still looming around and Harden getting better every year, it's done 😎
Tray Sayles
Tray Sayles 6 kun oldin
Lebron finna Retire
Yuzhe Yan
Yuzhe Yan 6 kun oldin
The black dude talking is a bust himself
Deva Savant
Deva Savant 6 kun oldin
How can Lebron Eclipse Kobe , Kobe is the goat
Miguel 6 kun oldin
That locker should be Ingram’s
shaolin1200 6 kun oldin
1phone1gamer 7 kun oldin
Get lebron bitch ass out of here. Kobe the GOAT
Floyd Scott
Floyd Scott 7 kun oldin
Max don’t be knowing his shit @ all smh
Floyd Scott
Floyd Scott 7 kun oldin
Kobe was never better than mike at an early age especially when mike got rookie of the year
Bay Boggs
Bay Boggs 7 kun oldin
no shit........its just where LeBron went to FINISH his career. His legacy will always be primarily with the Cavs and Heat
fredmillerlove 7 kun oldin
Need to put respect on Kobe's name
Omar De Anda
Omar De Anda 7 kun oldin
This has not aged well lol
Paul 7 kun oldin
And he was right
Charliemagne Caballero
Lebron is overrated because he plays in the East....Look at now what happen when he's in the West.....
251Trioxin 7 kun oldin
Yeah we know
Infidel Lives Matter
Minus Kobe the 2005-2006 Lakers had a worse roster than this 2019 team and went 45-37 and all the way to the WCF’s. Kobe was an absolute killer competitor and never stood around and watched like LeBron..
Taifa Haynes
Taifa Haynes 7 kun oldin
Ted _
Ted _ 7 kun oldin
Anyone still saying bron not better than Kobe; it’s all from the heart. And I respect that passion you got for the mamba but nah bro
Ted _
Ted _ 6 kun oldin
Clinton Alford nah dog, notice how Stephen A says “in L.A” at the end of the sentence
Clinton Alford
Clinton Alford 6 kun oldin
Kobe is way better bro
Uncle E
Uncle E 8 kun oldin
Lebron will never be better than Kobe in a Lakers uniform
Mike909ism 8 kun oldin
Kobe was as good as Jordan, people just hate to admit it it so they bring out all Jordan’s stats against Kobe’s who were lower because he played with Shaq 8 seasons. I don’t care what anyone says, Jordan never had the kind of games Kobe had. Jordan was great for his era and Kobe was equally as great for his era. When Kobe scored 81 points in a single game it was the most unbelievable thing I ever witnessed. When Kobe scored 62 points in less than 3 quarters and outscored an entire team it proved he was the single most unstoppable player ever. The only thing Jordan accomplished over Kobe was DPOY award. All the other awards and titles Kobe has too. Only haters will try to belittle Kobe’s accomplishments. 25ppg, 33,000, points, 5 titles, and scoring games only wilt can say he did.
Superman Dat
Superman Dat 2 kun oldin
I agree with everything here but MJ is the GOAT. Kobe is up there for sure in the same level but MJ is the original. Kobe is the "reeeemixxxxx babaayyyyy" (Wayne style) ahhaha but seriously though. the original will always be the best. But when Kobe was "in the zone" or getting hot in a game; he was the most unstoppable shooting/scoring machine EVER. Only issue was it was kinda inconsistent. MJ was much more consistent. But hey MJ did say if there was ever a player who could beat him, it's the Mamba.
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 8 kun oldin
Now let me tell you why Lebron looks so good on paper but consistently fails to lead his team to victories. His fg % is 51 % for the year, thats really good but, when you break down his shooting by different areas.. it tells a different story. Shots from within 5 feet Lebron averages 68.4%, really good but its within 5 feet. He shoots 24% from 5-9 feet 48% from 10-14 feet 39% from 15-19 feet 44% from 20-24 feet 34% from 25-29 feet 26% from 30-34 feet What these stats tell me is that Lebron is only good at scoring from near the basket... his fg% is so high because he attempts most of his shots from within 3 feet. The Lakers are 21-24 when lebron played this year.
Free Union
Free Union 8 kun oldin
Why is this even a debate
Fuel able
Fuel able 8 kun oldin
Bron sexuals incoming.....
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 9 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-xua8Qd9OVAk.html This is what a real playoff mode looks like.
Joshua Boes
Joshua Boes 9 kun oldin
I’m sick of Steven a smith fucking thinks he knows everything probably never picked up a ball in his life and everything is always racist with him stfu
Joshua Boes
Joshua Boes 9 kun oldin
Well no shit he’s not playing there for 18yrs damn you guys find anyway you can hate on lebron and try to bring him down you people need to find new stories cause everyday you have a new way to hate on that man
WestRide 4Eva
WestRide 4Eva 9 kun oldin
Kobe is the Black Mamba... of course Lebron won't.🤷🤷
Kyle Gilmore
Kyle Gilmore 9 kun oldin
Kobe will be forever be the ultimate laker
Kyle Gilmore
Kyle Gilmore 9 kun oldin
Kobe will be forever be the ultimate laker #8 #24 #MambaOut
Elwood Riley
Elwood Riley 10 kun oldin
LeBron James Retire / You never be like M.J or Black Mamba so stop trying you will never ever get to there level
Michael Costuna
Michael Costuna 10 kun oldin
Lebron is not trying to compare himself to kobe. He just want a championship
Michael Costuna
Michael Costuna 9 kun oldin
+Mike B yeah they are
Mike B
Mike B 9 kun oldin
LeBron want stats , him, Westbrook, harden are stat chasers without a doubt
Jayjrkd8 10 kun oldin
This aged well...
Anthony P
Anthony P 10 kun oldin
ESPN is trashing LeBron lately. What's next? No more politics?
Ovreil Lopez
Ovreil Lopez 10 kun oldin
If lebron is play in the west for the beginning Never got a good stats Never be a king
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 10 kun oldin
All I know is LbJ ain't better than Kobe when in Cleveland how was it going to change when he ain't going to win a ring. seriously don't any LbJ biased fans see him going to L.A. shows he not better than Kobe he can't even measure up
legendver2 10 kun oldin
Players who aren't Lakers also know what's real. Compare the moment both passed MJ on the all-time scoring list, Lebron barely got applause from home and just continued playing, while the opposing team on an away game called timeout to stop the game to celebrate with Kobe and gave him the game ball.
wornoutshoes11 10 kun oldin
Here we go again... max: kobe is better than MJ at a younger age... Geezzz max smh
BoyDanny93 10 kun oldin
What a stupid comment!!! Kobe spent his whole career playing in L.A. i could have also said Kobe will never eclipse Lebron in Miami or Cleveland. People going after Lebron at every angle, it's sick.
Faith Lovely
Faith Lovely 10 kun oldin
Joshua Mcdaniel
Joshua Mcdaniel 10 kun oldin
...They do realize LeBron is 34-years old and father time is catching up. More guranteed injuries are set to come and set him back even more, so....!
Flava4TheSoul 10 kun oldin
LBJ is in LA because of space jam 2!
Anon Jax
Anon Jax 10 kun oldin
I will take Kobe over Lebron. Hands down.
Y Y 11 kun oldin
Fuck this white dude. He is clueless.
April Anne De La Cruz
Broomed twice in the finals with 3-6 finals record #EclipseMyAss
Nick Foles
Nick Foles 11 kun oldin
I’m 48 yrs old and watched the NBA since the 70’s. I’ve watched MJ, Kobe, and Lebron’s entire career. There is no fucking way Lebron is better than Kobe. And it’s just ludicrous to even think that Lebron is close to MJ. It’s just blasphemy.
Nick Foles
Nick Foles 11 kun oldin
Not fucking in hell will Lebron pass Kobe in LA. Why is this even a debate. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 11 kun oldin
I like Kobe Bryant better
Tristan Joshua Soriano
Lebron on miami he has wade and bosh, cleveland he has love, irving, smith thompson,
iKON RETURN 12 kun oldin
Give at least half injuries Kobe had to lbj and watch him on the sideline cuz he's a queen..a high maintenance one..
Carr Rexx
Carr Rexx 12 kun oldin
Calm down. No one expected LJ to change Lakers overnight. LJ is here, who do we get next year?
division100 12 kun oldin
I always wanted to know how the Bulls would be with Kobe if the trade happened
Rocky G
Rocky G 12 kun oldin
Realest shit I ever heard
Raycapone The Art Designer
Kobe a legend mj a legend Ai a legend
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 12 kun oldin
In other news water is wet.
Abel A
Abel A 13 kun oldin
NOW they say LeBron has to get to Kobe's level/?? We have been saying he was never at his level but they shoved it down our throats.
Aries Marquis
Aries Marquis 11 kun oldin
RIGHT!!!!! We have been saying this for years!!
Erick Perez
Erick Perez 13 kun oldin
Kobe gave every single drop of sweat and heart on that 2013 season to make playoffs and Lebron struggling the way he has proves me even more right to know my guy Kobe is better than Lebron thru killer instinct and will to win period
Atlas24gh 13 kun oldin
This guy gets compared to all the greats. some even say he is better than them yet non of these guys left their teams in difficult times to join forces with other supper stars on super teams in order to win a championship. It is ridiculous when you hear this Jordan comparison while discrediting a player like Kobe Bryant. such a pity. the players and fans know where KObe's place is as far as greatness. Media can't tell shit
Reef k
Reef k 13 kun oldin
Max you sound ridiculous
demetrio loya
demetrio loya 14 kun oldin
Kyle be riding LeBron's dick hella hard LeBron ain't never gonna be better than Kobe go suck LeBron's dick already I'm a die hard Laker and Kobe fan look at wat LeBron doing in a l.a now not a damn thing get the fuck out of here
demetrio loya
demetrio loya 14 kun oldin
I meant max see I don't even know his name cus he be on that bullshit
Benji Clantoni
Benji Clantoni 14 kun oldin
Didn’t need to add the in LA part
Garion Ramsey
Garion Ramsey 14 kun oldin
I will have to put gannis in this to
JOHN P 14 kun oldin
Tired of these discussion. Lebron will never be better than Kobe let alone MJ. The most important characteristic he lacks, is the killer instinct.
Ruben Vera
Ruben Vera 14 kun oldin
Message for Bron. Stop trying to be like Mike or Kobe Be Lebron. Go after your own Legacy. Stop trying to emulate someone elses
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo 15 kun oldin
Kobe is all marketing, most overrated athlete ever
Akshay Sundru
Akshay Sundru 15 kun oldin
Nah man. LBJ's GOAT argument would be based more on his Heat and Cleveland days. Kobe achieved everything in LA and fans of the Lakers have to respect that since he brought them 3 with Shaq and 2 by himself. Kobe in his prime was on the Lakers so people got to see his best in a Laker's uniform but LeBron isn't in his prime. He's slowly on the decline and a s great as he is people won't see that same greatness from LeBron in L.A like they did with prime Kobe. Just my take so if anyone disagrees then share why.
Ralph Clifford Johnson
High school wise Kobe was way better then Jordan and that's facts. Jordan got bench in high school plus his junior year he couldnt make the team! That's facts! KOBE CAME STRAIGHT OUT HIGH SHCOOL AVERAGING 40PTS! WENT TO THE LEAGUE. SO YES Kobe has been better then jordan when it comes to being that ever! But Jordan is the goat. Kobe second!
Monkieeeeeee 15 kun oldin
Lebron fans are the people who never achieve anything with their own lives, and therefore they attach all their dreams and delusions to this man named Lebron, hoping that their collective effort can just speak successes into existence
Christian Valdivia
Christian Valdivia 15 kun oldin
Lebron will never surpass Kobe anywhere and especially not at the Lakers, Kobe has accomplished so much for the Lakers that it's not even fair to bring up Lebron in the same category
Filiberto Torres
Filiberto Torres 16 kun oldin
DDD Pheth
DDD Pheth 16 kun oldin
Harm to KOBE? STFU!
DDD Pheth
DDD Pheth 16 kun oldin
It never gonna happen!!!! KOBE BKACK MAMBA!!!
ThatHenchKid G
ThatHenchKid G 17 kun oldin
Kobe the goat but lebron is better player off the court i hope that make sense
luis h
luis h 18 kun oldin
Shut the fuck up max. Stupid ass
Damian Bailey
Damian Bailey 18 kun oldin
Dude, stop bringing kobe's name up with lebron's drama. Kobe issued challenge to his teammates..he called their playing style soft against a very tough Boston squad which they were at the time. What was the result of Kobe's challenge to his teammates.. championships!! Chemistry with teammates...life long bond with Gasol his big brother. Stop trying to deflect heat off LeBron. LeBron is a bad teammate and because of people like yourselves who writes or talk fake narratives in his favor, its toxic being around this guy. He is to be blamed for alot of the current drama surrounding the organization. He is to be blame for alot of heat that his past teammates endured. True basketball fans know this; Stop trying to issue these fake narratives while trying to make leBron look good by bringing down other players. That is "soft"...bring the truth next time because real fans already know the truth too.
Nick Giant
Nick Giant 18 kun oldin
Kobe has 5 rings and scored 81 in a game. LeBron has 3 rings and his highest point total is 20 points lower. LeBron is no goat
charles jones
charles jones 20 kun oldin
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