Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

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Stephen A. Smith says Serena Williams was wrong about the way she approached the chair umpire, adding that when she brought the issue of sexism into the argument, “that’s where she lost.”
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10-Sen, 2018

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Kovačević Dobrina
Kovačević Dobrina 35 daqiqa oldin
Europa 505
Europa 505 46 daqiqa oldin
Yeah use the color expression then they should throw you out of the studio I have no other comment
Roman Davidovich
Roman Davidovich 53 daqiqa oldin
I cant stand the sport of tennis etc. However Im on Serena's side on this one. Men who have played this sport have done waaaay worse than what Serena did during this match. Ive seen men cuss out Carlos Ramos during matches and he didnt do shit. The reason everyone is getting so bothered by Serena's conduct is because shes a black woman who called out someones BS. God Forbid Serena gets angry but yet gets wrongfully labelled "Angry black woman," for doing so smh... So yes it is sexism and blatant favoritism, SAS needs to really look at it from a different perspective that men do get treated differently than women when it comes to certain sports. The Ironic part of this interview was how SAS just said "If Serena Williams was a man, shed be the GOAT." This is the point Serena was trying to make, if she was a man this wouldn't be discussed or it wouldn't of happened.
Christopher X
Christopher X Soat oldin
1st time ever, I couldn't wait 4 Stephen A to speak. Sit and spin Maxine
Seth Braun
Seth Braun Soat oldin
Max is a complete fucktard
Broadica Soat oldin
Why is he yelling.
childlogiclabs2 Soat oldin
who's the pussy who supports Serina
Robert Wright
Robert Wright Soat oldin
the way the match went because they haven't Serena Williams wrong it's always something with someone y'all need to get things situated like that if it was macaroni so it wouldn't be handled like that back in the days through tennis rackets cuz first everything it was just f****** crazy why handle Serena Williams like that one love Cheri Smith
crunchysauce Soat oldin
Max and others need to stop comparing Serena's outburst to the players of the 70s and 80s. That was a different era. And it doesn't matter that the mens tennis players smash their rackets, whether male or female, its a racket abuse violation for anyone doing it.
Shane Pell
Shane Pell Soat oldin
Serena looks like a sore loser that other chick outplayed her and shes so self centered she can't give propps to osaka get over yourself serena
Tomas sso
Tomas sso Soat oldin
why is this guy shouting all the way??
rui silva
rui silva 2 soat oldin
I "said" b4 and ill "say" it again "15 wrongs don´t make a right ! Just because OTHER PPL did it( not applying the rules )ISNT a VALID reason for the UMP to NOT apply the rules ! Rules are RULES, NOT suggestions!"
AlexandriaBurns 2 soat oldin
So what the hosts are arguing for is for referees in all sports to ignore the written rules and follow a secret set of rules that allows players who have been cheating to continue to do so because "everyone does it". This is literally an argument for allowing performance enhancing drugs into sports.
furrynick 2 soat oldin
For once I agree with Stephen A and can someone please smack Max Kellerman he has no clue what the fuck his talking about. No one is talking about the winner they all talking about the looser because she acted like a sore looser and she took away the other girl accomplishment with her childish behavior and looser attitude.
RANT OF TOYMAN 2 soat oldin
So having meltdowns are sexist now. Anybody can have meltdowns. Anybody, no matter what gender.
Udi Travels
Udi Travels 2 soat oldin
Bravo! Black guy criticized and white guy patronized 👍🤣😂🤔 i saw what you did there.... Hahahahahaha...
featheon 3 soat oldin
"Look the other way," Max. Whelp, we'll go ahead and do that next time a woman claims sexual harassment, as to not upset the prestige of the institution. Dweeb.
JD Stylez
JD Stylez 3 soat oldin
Man max is such a cuck, you can tell he takes big J shlong up his butt from his producers at the end of each week and loves it.
Chris Boden
Chris Boden 3 soat oldin
I haven't really heard anyone mention it this way but I thought Serena behaved that way as a way out of being beaten by the better player. She escalated the situation with the umpire way beyond what's acceptable and I think she did it because she new she was going to lose. The judge isn't at fault at all, everyone loses their shit playing sport that's why we love it but if you keep going you have to take your punishment. Serena tainted her entire career with this, being the bully but playing the victim.
konrad2008 3 soat oldin
Always about 'emotions' with liberals these day. "He could have been better with his emotions" but he did everything right as an umpire with enforcing the rules of tennis...... boo fucking hoo, there was no sad and guilty looking face or whimpering voice when he told off Williams. This planet is fucked!
Scoobems 3 soat oldin
Keller man should just STFU! Serena ruined Osaka’s spotlight, end of story...
Daniel Serrano
Daniel Serrano 3 soat oldin
Cmmon white boy, dont be afraid to tell what you really feel...u are intimidated because Serena is a black female. It doesnt matter gender of race, rules are rules, no one should be allowed to be or feel above them. Serena was a rude, megalomaniac, sore loser. Her coach cheated, she broke the racket and was unnecessarily rude to call Ramos a thief. She was fueled by her sense of “black privilege”
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 3 soat oldin
Me-too state farms insurance company CEO wanted sex for money I said I am a boy Damien I don't get paid racism
Dwight Stone
Dwight Stone 3 soat oldin
Fuck Stephen A!!!! Come to Baltimore and see me you piece of shit!
tery999 3 soat oldin
Fact 1: She was being coached , which was both filmed and admitted by her coach. Fact 2: You cant claim sexism when both you and the opponent are females. Fact 3: You cant blame racism when your opponent is half black, half japanese. Fact 4: She claims men get less penalties, which was not only disproven, but shown that men get more penalties. Fact 5: Her points werent stolen. She gave them away by 1) breaking her racket , 2) insulting the judge and stalling the game People who support Williams are either SJW or blacks.
shrapnel77 3 soat oldin
Tennis players (good ones) are known for immature outbursts. They do not have teammates and are the center of attention constantly. Having coached tennis, I have seen many players lose their temper and act like total idiots on the court, throwing rackets and abusive language. They believe this behavior is justified until an umpire calls them on it, then they lose their shit.
pustulio81 4 soat oldin
I'm with Serena on this one, she worked her ass off and some sexist pig took that win from a strong independant woman just to turn around and give it to some....other ...strong independant woman?....okay, I retract my statement, Serena Williams is just an entitled twat, I apologize for any confusion I had LOL
kbell1479 4 soat oldin
Haters just tired of Serena and Venus whipping ass on the courts so they started cheating to help their opponents win. Hello they even said she can't wear her cat suit outfit anymore since when does your outfit matter all "HATERS".
Aesthetic Life
Aesthetic Life 4 soat oldin
Max = Cuck
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown 4 soat oldin
Osaka won, Serena foreseen her defeat and started to cry. End of story. Osaka basically is our new Tennis queen!
Mickey ÓMaolmhóna
Mickey ÓMaolmhóna 4 soat oldin
Stephen A might get annoying but I can’t help but agree with the man 90% of the time. I hope he sticks around for a LONG LONG time.
SmoothdaHustla 4 soat oldin
That guy is an idiot, she was already down.
john sutherland
john sutherland 4 soat oldin
I think that Stephen A. Smith is usually full of it; but for once I totally agree with him.
K W 4 soat oldin
But she’s not the greatest of all time. If she were a man playing at her level she would be nowhere near the top. That’s just going off actual rankings. Tired of people saying she’s the best regardless of gender. Be cool if it was true, but it isn’t.
D Mil
D Mil 4 soat oldin
This took all the focus away from Naomis amazing performance. And thats what is really wrong. Rules are rules and some officials will be stricter on them. Serena has no one to blame but herself for her loss. You should never give any official a reason to penalize you in a sport. And unfortunately Serena let her superstar status and emotions cloud her better judgment. She should’ve handled herself in a more professional manner wether the official was tough or laid back. What a disappointment.
gamrage 5 soat oldin
White people getting offended on behalf of a black woman.. Black Man saying, Hell no!!
Timon Altenburger
Timon Altenburger 4 soat oldin
This isn't about race you fucking idiot
Trump Jr
Trump Jr 5 soat oldin
I have never watched 1 second of tennis in my life, honestly I could care less about it, but watching Serena's tirade and some of her earlier ones, she is a complete and total sore looser. And Max Kellerman you are a total douche bag.
Frili Me
Frili Me 5 soat oldin
Rules are the base of the game, if she did not uphold those rules it is pointless to argue if she could win. If the rules define behavior too, then she should stick to it, or search for another profession. Ladies and Gentlemans sport seems after a certan age not suiting to Serena Williams that mutch, maybe she should move to other similar sport like baseball, she can swear, spit and arguing there as mutch she want, and the way of the motion is similar too.
etelot 5 soat oldin
Max is a pussy
selvakumaran velupillai
The white boy need to take chill pill
J Maples93
J Maples93 5 soat oldin
Max is nothing but a liberal snow flake! He is always spewing diarrhea from his mouth!
Magnús Másson
Magnús Másson 5 soat oldin
Why are black always so proud of other blacks, accomplishments? I could not care less if a white male or female accomplishes something, because it is just the norm for whites. If Serena was a brain surgeon, fine. But a lousy tennis player, who cares!?
Saravanan Ramanathan
This white guy is trippin
MrLazyNoodles 5 soat oldin
It doesn't matter how big the game is. You break the rules you pay for it. Simple as that.
Alan E
Alan E 6 soat oldin
Suspend Serena for one year & fine her 1 million dollars!
Ryan Kelley
Ryan Kelley 6 soat oldin
Am I the only one that thinks all of these news agencies saying the same exact thing, is like a dumber form of brain washing.
nashville slim
nashville slim 6 soat oldin
Ikke Echt wel
Ikke Echt wel 6 soat oldin
Rules are rules.She just can not stand her loss. And she's just rude
Ariel Wainzinger
Ariel Wainzinger 6 soat oldin
Not much of a tennis fan, but if anyone owes anyone an apology, it's Serena Williams to her fans and the sport for being a disingenuous creton. You lost fair and square to a better competitor.
chris99103 6 soat oldin
This apologist talk is unbearable
Macho Voce
Macho Voce 6 soat oldin
Serena is right. The haters are wrong.
trac nunya
trac nunya 6 soat oldin
Jo Pg
Jo Pg 6 soat oldin
Serena is trash
poppy smith
poppy smith 7 soat oldin
Go to 3:06 for sensible discussion.........................
jael leon
jael leon 7 soat oldin
Say hi to your mom, she didn't see you in 4 days.
mykaelprince Banks
mykaelprince Banks 7 soat oldin
Serena , You had a meltdown , and don't blame it on anything else
Leaped Gryphon
Leaped Gryphon 7 soat oldin
More western civilization ruining feminism in ESPN and sports in general. This scum shit won't last.
Kurt Steele
Kurt Steele 7 soat oldin
No Max....Serena took that moment away from Osaka
C Mac
C Mac 7 soat oldin
Why the fuck is this dildo shouting for?
小宮英一郎 7 soat oldin
Serena Williams is a black monkey.
Ms. Alston
Ms. Alston 7 soat oldin
Y’all doing to much. Kill yourself
LaMonte Jefferies
LaMonte Jefferies 7 soat oldin
Max, you are a douch bag !
dogFace RC
dogFace RC 8 soat oldin
Max shut the fuck up!
SuperRasputia 8 soat oldin
Seriously, pause on 1:23 That is the face I make when I look at my bank account...
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks 8 soat oldin
Max Kellerman is a moron
The Man
The Man 8 soat oldin
This is where PC culture gets you
gyleake 8 soat oldin
At 00:10..."Judge took away a great moment from Naomi...." Seriously?!?! The judge did his job.... period. Placing any blame on the judge is an insult to everyone concerned/involved. The blame should rest solely on the shoulders of the Professional tennis player who was completely out of line and completely selfish....
JOE WATSON 8 soat oldin
Max spouting his SJW nonsense as usual. Guarantee he hates waking up everyday being a straight white male....
Dorothy Vailes
Dorothy Vailes 8 soat oldin
Serena Does Not Have To Cheat To Win, Folks. She Has Lost Matches Before. She Has Played Against Naomi Before. She Has The Right To Contest The Ump's Call. They Do It In All Sports! If She Was A Sore Loser, Why Would She Comfort Naomi And Encourage Naomi? Common Sense Has Left The Building! Shalom
Dave Barista
Dave Barista 8 soat oldin
You can't just lose your temper all the time when losing. That's what we call a sore loser. No respect. It is hard to win, but harder to be a proper loser.
you can't be this empty
Why is that guy MAX shouting and spitting. He's hedging his bets here.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 8 soat oldin
Anyone who watches tennis know the men and women do this all the time. McEnroe was know for it They just aren't a black woman and the fact is black men also have a problem with black women standing up for themselves also soo SAS I'm not surprised.
Dorothy Vailes
Dorothy Vailes 8 soat oldin
Her Coach Threw Her Under The Bus, By Giving Thumbs Up While Serena Was Not Looking. Stupid Tennis Rules Doesn't Allow Coaching While Game Is In Play. Serena Doesn't Have To Cheat To Win!! Shalom
splitshot71 8 soat oldin
Max is a pos cuck.
GrassHopper 8 soat oldin
She said thief and that was after she told Carlos to stop talking to her. Thus 3rd penalty. Carlos was the calmest judge after Serena's attitude issue.
Abhineet Arora
Abhineet Arora 8 soat oldin
I can't believe a great player like Serena is a sore big loser. All this is bullcrap and is just frustration that she was getting beaten by a 20-year-old girl.
Rodney 8 soat oldin
too much slang, Carlos Rhay-mohs.
Danny Lin
Danny Lin 8 soat oldin
Lol Serena lost, Naomi won. Nothing else needs to be said. She can use every excuse in the book, in conclusion, she lost.
draden haven
draden haven 8 soat oldin
Only Americans think she's the GOAT.
Louise Burton
Louise Burton 8 soat oldin
Right guy is cheating at the US Open finals. Get your head out of your asses or better yet that black b****** ass she cheats she lies she's a big baby she's a disgrace.
Clarity A1
Clarity A1 9 soat oldin
Max is an idiot. Lets remember this is the same guy that said that the Notre Dame mascot was racist.
arjaun Taliban
arjaun Taliban 9 soat oldin
Steven a I respect u for what u said she should not have taken it so far
you'll listen to Socrates
Liberal. cucked, beta male.
mike tomlin
mike tomlin 9 soat oldin
Serena is not the GOAT. Graf has a much superior record!! Check the stats.
Matthew heather
Matthew heather 9 soat oldin
matyboy1986 9 soat oldin
Gender ? Why not mention the fact she told him you will never have a job again ? Snowflakes
JamesSunderland 10 soat oldin
Who gives a shit if she argued with the ump? In every other sport the players always argue with the ref and yell horrible shit at them all the time. She is a pro playing in one of the biggest tournaments in tennis. I don't even like Serena but to take away a game for smashing her racket in the biggest game of the tournament seems like some petty ridiculous shit and I would have been pissed too. Tennis needs to change some of these gay ass rules.
devotedghosts 10 soat oldin
Men do this and are applauded for their behavior. Rules or no rules.
TheRadFactor 10 soat oldin
Rubbish. Give an example of male tennis players being loaded for such behavior?
astroman30 10 soat oldin
Max being PC to keep his job.
Clyde 10 soat oldin
Wtf, they cut Stephen off..
Jacques Montgomery
Jacques Montgomery 11 soat oldin
Stephen A never gets it right as usual LOL
Jacques Montgomery
Jacques Montgomery 11 soat oldin
Serena coach may have cheated but she didn't the video showed she wasn't looking at him that's why she didn't realize the first warning was a penalty she thought the breaking of her racket was the first warning but what I don't get is why was he watching her coach when she was at the other end of the court and why didn't he see Sasha doing the same thing coaching Naomi. The only thing we no for sure is that we will never no if Naomi would have won on her own cause he stole that opportunity from her but if she can break Serena Williams record in majors I might give her the benefit of the doubt
Eli.Feliz 11 soat oldin
"Insert himself" Max, he actually had no choice in the matter... and everything she said was Patently False. Finally, the coaching incident resulted in a WARNING (which if she keeps playing this amounts to literally nothing). Serena gave the match to Osaka and stole the spotlight. Ramos was simply the scapegoat.
JuggaloSupreme 11 soat oldin
Both were wrong. "Umpire ABUSE???" FOH She shouldn't have had a whole game taken away. The rest was all her fault.
Luke Epps
Luke Epps 11 soat oldin
CamilleDeveveraux 11 soat oldin
Of course she was wrong, this fucking PED cow.
Dukey_40 11 soat oldin
She is a he
Darrel Hicks
Darrel Hicks 12 soat oldin
John 8:44) Ye are of your father the and lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie , he speaketh of his own : for he is a liar , and the father of it.
shootingstarpress 12 soat oldin
the one thing that annoyed me is the people who were on Serena's side knew nothing about tennis.
Clive Muchato
Clive Muchato 12 soat oldin
serena crossed the line