Stephen A. Smith explains why Lonzo Ball might be on the way out of Lakers | First Take | ESPN

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to LaVar Ball's comments that Lonzo Ball will be the Los Angeles Lakers' starting point guard over Rajon Rondo next season, explaining why not only isn't that true, but a potential trade for the Portland Trail Blazers' Damian Lillard could mean Lonzo is on his way out of L.A.
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5-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 687
Jab Cajun
Jab Cajun 2 kun oldin
So y’all fools don’t think that Rajon can be a mentor for Lonzo?? Rajon isn’t getting any better than what he is now. Not so much for Lonzo. Lonzo is 20 and Rajon is 32. Just say that y’all don’t like the father and be done with it.
Reginald Jeanmarie
Reginald Jeanmarie 3 kun oldin
Rondo and Lonzo. Good depth chart.
Lucien Molina
Lucien Molina 9 kun oldin
They Obviously picked up Rondo to be a Veteran Mentor for Lonzo. Theres no way they trade a #2 draft pick that you called the future face of the LA organization. I think its more likly hes was given nine mil for one year to teach Lonzo how to be the big baller they need him to be.
don brassco
don brassco 10 kun oldin
Chess peices fallling😅😅😅
young MB
young MB 14 kun oldin
Lonzo will be out if LaVar says one more negative word about the team, you'll see!!
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 15 kun oldin
They didn’t go after rondo for shooting 😂
ABOULEILA Hussein 16 kun oldin
Stephen a smith is the goat🐐
ericlogos 16 kun oldin
They will trade Lonzo cause LeBrons got no balls.
charlie M
charlie M 16 kun oldin
Lonzo is better than rondo at this point easy
Fiat Limo
Fiat Limo 17 kun oldin
Ball needs to go to San Antonio.... he'll be a Hall of Famer when Pop gets through with him
B Xx
B Xx 17 kun oldin
Lonzo Ball is horrible
d c
d c 18 kun oldin
Max has a face I wanna bitch slapp..Lol
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Yeezys’ R’Gay 18 kun oldin
Max is 2 shades away from blackface. Lol
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Yeezys’ R’Gay 18 kun oldin
Lonzo is a scrub, bye bitch🤚🏻
bilee01 18 kun oldin
Imagine what Lavar would say or do if the lakers win the championship next season....i mean i dont even think about it
robert wilson
robert wilson 19 kun oldin
Max Stutterman
jajanken_king 08
jajanken_king 08 19 kun oldin
Y'all need 2 chill y'all know LeBron the starting point guard
Loui P
Loui P 19 kun oldin
Lonzo, Ronzo, Hanzo get who u want warriors in 3
Joel Embiid Is A Bitch
Rondo, Joel berry, and isaac bonga????? Lmaooo lonzo definately on his way out.
Christopher Moseley
Christopher Moseley 21 kun oldin
She messed up and said "Ronzo", but watch that end up becoming a meme later this season, if they're playing well, or just incredibly bad. The Ronzo Combo lol.
510 JB
510 JB 21 kun oldin
Londo and Ronzo these melanoid names is tough
Diego Chavez
Diego Chavez 22 kun oldin
It doesnt make sense to have lonzo and rondo when you have lebron
M K 23 kun oldin
Lonzo... after proving how trash he is this season is still the most overrated player in the nba
wait what
wait what 24 kun oldin
Ingram and Randle weren’t good in their rookie year. Give Lonzo a chance
Brandon teller
Brandon teller 24 kun oldin
You guys can suck a dick for that title. Stephen A Smith explains why Lonzo is on the way out of the Lakers? Who wrote that title? I see why you did it but you actually posted that title?
Alexander Chase
Alexander Chase 24 kun oldin
I got love for Rondo but he needs the ball to dish those dimes. What they needed was a shooter like they said. Bron had Kyrie and rarely gave him the keys and when he did they won a chip.
alvin rozon
alvin rozon 25 kun oldin
Am I trippin or did that b*tch say 'Ronzo'? Xd
Kevin Durantula
Kevin Durantula 26 kun oldin
Who tf is Londo and Ronzo?
Feature DaGreat
Feature DaGreat 26 kun oldin
Its some ignorant ppl in these comments
Joushua Tetreault
Joushua Tetreault 26 kun oldin
They've got good talent they don't need trash like that around
Joushua Tetreault
Joushua Tetreault 26 kun oldin
They've got good talent they don't need trash like that around
ManVs Fish
ManVs Fish 28 kun oldin
Don’t start lonzo don’t start rondo Start Ronzo that’s your guy !
Bo Rerun
Bo Rerun 28 kun oldin
Lonzo is on a way out because he's a stupid ass bitch
J Howard
J Howard 28 kun oldin
Lavar might light a fire under Rondo and a pumped up Rondo may make them start him. A 100 percent on board Rondo is a great point guard.
M W99
M W99 28 kun oldin
Yo that beat at 1:00 is dope af wtf what is tht?
TallSomeone 29 kun oldin
Lavar's nigro antics take the race back decades.
D Hu55ein
D Hu55ein 29 kun oldin
Rondo is clearly the better player, no way he doesn't start
blues watchin
blues watchin 29 kun oldin
Leronzo is gona be interesting together
10milescratch redline4life
Hell no rondo old ass ain't taking nobody job
Nero Bruno
Nero Bruno 29 kun oldin
Strange how much HATE people have for Lonzo. He's out there working hard and better than many but people just wish he fails. He didn't pick his father, stop hating.
Medicine Medicine
Medicine Medicine 29 kun oldin
Ronzo or londo 🤣😂🤣
DB 29 kun oldin
Why is no one talking about starting them both? I know they are both passing PGs, but having 2 guys who can push the fast break, make plays in the half-court and play great defence isn't such a bad idea if the only expense is not having a traditional 2-guard. PG: RondoOther PG: LonzoSF: Kuzma or IngramPF: LeBron (who can also make plays and push the fast break and be a ball carrier and a first-option scorer and defend multiple positions)C: JaVale McGee (think about how much fun he will have catching lobs from Rondo, Lonzo and LeBron)Then you have a deep bench of scorers with either Kuzma or Ingram, Lance Stephenson, Josh Hart and KCP. That would be a good team to watch imo
todd krager
todd krager 29 kun oldin
Magic needs to drop Lonzo and his disruptive, bigmouth dad. The Lakers won't die without him. Let him play in OKC or new Orleans.
butch jebbodiah
0:06 “Ronzo” why is Molly even on this show?
Crazy Crossover
Lonzo is a younger rondo they don't have jumpshots but good playmakers
Dolan Duck
Dolan Duck Oy oldin
I know Rondo is better than Lonzo. But Lonzo should start so he could begin to develop and get better. Plus Rondo is gonna be a lot more productive if he came off the bench and step up at the moments where it counts.
Dolan Duck
Dolan Duck Oy oldin
Here what the Lakers should do: Give up on trading Kawhi. Focus on trading for Lillard. Trade him for Lonzo, Ingram & maybe Hart with some draft picks. Keep Kuzma. Develop the chemistry for one season. Acquire Kawhi through free agency next summer. Then Cousins leaves Golden State after winning his ring. The Warriors become vulnerable. Lakers win 2020 NBA champs.
Ricky Grimez
Ricky Grimez Oy oldin
"Ronzo" and "Londo"? These mysterious Unicorns must be the Lakers secret weapons! Best kep secret ever!!! Lol
Gary Augustus
Gary Augustus Oy oldin
Lakers opening day starting lineup should be: LeBron Rondo Lance Ingram McGee Bench : Lonzo Hart Kuzma Caldwell -Pope Zubac
southernraisedw w
Who gives a fuck lonzo ball doesn't even deserve to be on a Sunday morning team at the ymca!!!!
Donald Ooten
Donald Ooten Oy oldin
Hey guys love your show
Chris Martinez
you thought lebron would go to the lakers if he knew lavar would be there, lonzo's getting traded
vsar223 Oy oldin
Why would first take even talk about this..if you’re dumb enough to fed into this ...I have nothing to say. Lonzo is the future and Rondo is there to be mentor and to fill in if lonzo cannot begin the season with knee injury..
Joel Isawesome
Lmfao stephen😂😂😂😂
Jalen Yang
Jalen Yang Oy oldin
Skeptical about Londo, Rondzo as well
Daddy19A_B! !
Daddy19A_B! ! Oy oldin
“Ronzo” 🤣
IamLuciano Oy oldin
Dame dolla dnot wanna play wit lebron, dame dolla need like melo!!!
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith Oy oldin
Ronzo my nigga?????
viengasvanh sengsouvanh
Lonzo was shooting so great in college but y he can’t shoot in the nba ? Three point line just a lil farther but he still ain’t hitting like he was in college. Drop dude he’s overrated ! BBB, Blah blah blah !!
Sam Oy oldin
Why creaming guys, you're inside a studio equipped with sensitive microphones? Just take it easy and speak normally.
Serial lova/Cheerios
My mane man the AH MAN aka Brontickle.can u feel me backing ya down?😅👆🥋✊
King Ceaze
King Ceaze Oy oldin
I hope we can get damian lillard but i would start rondo over Lonzo
owen daboss
owen daboss Oy oldin
Damian lilard is not good
Sam White
Sam White Oy oldin
Stephen a what if smith
Imset Sareem
Imset Sareem Oy oldin
Espn always trying to find a way to get lebron some help. Smh
samir davis
samir davis Oy oldin
YOU couldnt get you ONE GAME
singhatar0912 Oy oldin
That Lithuanian team has a spot for Zo
1quickster Oy oldin
He needs to work on of how to stay healthy. Not injured all the time.
Jorge Gonzalez
I know this is besides the point but why are all the espn videos only 720p? I figured that (they make a sh#@load of money) they could finally bring it up since its 2018. Why does 5 man crew unbox therapy have 4k video and nationwide sports station cant even do fhd. Sorry if im being too unreasonable...
Abdullah Hardy
Max was ready to curse SAS OUT @ the end
Abdullah Hardy
I personally don’t care, but let Lonzo start in regular season and rondo for playoffs
Jeremiah Burks
All yall smokin rocks , lonzo only 19
TiredEyes Oy oldin
How long is this choad going to keep talking about a Damian Lillard trade?? Portland isn’t moving their franchise player for a couple of unproven scrubs...
Duke Holidai
Duke Holidai Oy oldin
Ronzo @0:07 Londo @0:25
RJ Records Entertainment
Why do they keep mixing up the names 😂😂
skuba Lopez
skuba Lopez Oy oldin
Sum how russ takes a L
KI77Gaming Oy oldin
Who the fuck is ronzo and londo? So they got four pgs now like damn
dave rich
dave rich Oy oldin
rondo vs portland nuff said lonzo sit
B Walk
B Walk Oy oldin
Come to the bulls
Joey Buzzella
Joey Buzzella Oy oldin
I’m feeling sick man. It’s looking like the majority of the fan base wants Lonzo out. I’m begging this isn’t true. Just because his dad is an idiot sometimes doesn’t mean Lonzo should go. Lonzo is his own person with great skill in the game of basketball. This off season has been amazing but also very stressful
Danny Perez
Danny Perez Oy oldin
Who da fuq is Ronzo??
Keyboard- Troll
Ronzo rajball
Andre Browne
Andre Browne Oy oldin
How many rings does Damian Lillard have? How many rings does Rondo have? Playoffs Rondo versus playoff Lillard who's better? Can Lillard grab double digit rebounds with double digit assists? Stop with the Rondo with disrespect.
Andre Browne
Andre Browne Oy oldin
If Luke Walton start lonzo ball over Rajon Rondo he is a dumb ass coach. Which would make him the perfect coach for LeBron.
Dee Loc
Dee Loc Oy oldin
ronzo is the backup? she messes names up all the time LOL
Michael Hytez
Michael Hytez Oy oldin
SAS said Londo lmaoo 😂😂
Stephen a smith is a idiot honestly 😂 and everyone who think me lonzo will get traded are idiots also
Zack Rasband
Zack Rasband Oy oldin
I like how everyone talking about Damian just because a fan tweet and him saying he’d be a happy camper
Raymond Aliviado
Stephen A. Smith explains how media pundits are paid to spit random B.S. on a daily basis.
Spoonie G
Spoonie G Oy oldin
Send Lonzo to a small market team like Orlando, Memphis, or New Orleans!
skelleytor Oy oldin
I'm suprised Lebron signed with Lonzo even on the team..They'll eventually get rid of him and the baggage.
TJ Hoops
TJ Hoops Oy oldin
The Lakers would be smart to trade lonzo ball
Problems 973
Problems 973 Oy oldin
She said Ronzo Stephen A said Londo 😂😂😂
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen Oy oldin
Londo and ronzo
david rosenberg
I really think steph A smith Is retarded He asked max for answer and then Max answered and then he said you didnt answer it
SDAWG Oy oldin
God I wish Rob and Magic would just deal Lonzo and just send him packing!! He should be playing for Vytautas with his 2 younger brothers!! And I'll take Rajon Rondo's shot over Lonzo's any day of the week!!
Giovanni Zapata
Stephen a Smith can convince me of anything tbh :P
wasaBae Oy oldin
The best move for the sake of entertainment would be to move Lonzo out in dramatic fashion, shaming Lavar as much as possible in the media, and having him play for the warriors for next to nothing.
Saul Cabrera
Saul Cabrera Oy oldin
Look at how many times max blinks. Like hes crazy