Stephen A. Smith fired up over Michael Jordan's superteam comments | First Take | ESPN

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First Take's Stephen A. Smith gets fired up over NBA legend Michael Jordan's superteam comments.
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13-Okt, 2017

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Jake Rojas
Jake Rojas 4 kun oldin
Michael had the best super team. Athletic forwards, clutch guards, hungry rebounders, dominant attitudes,. Alpha players. It's better that he didn't have talent. Talent feels entitled.
Medvo 9 kun oldin
Max blinks too much
Stacy Wilson
Stacy Wilson 11 kun oldin
MJ never had a "SuperTeam" period!
Carloray Dadinirt
Carloray Dadinirt 15 kun oldin
mj never ever build a superteam..and join superteam.. mj pippen are teammate scene 1987.. rodman just rebound and defense.. lebron james lecry lefloop lechoke lequit always build a superteam join superteam hahaha to win a ring.. quitter
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker 16 kun oldin
The Bulls wasn't exactly a super team they put together a group of veterans the second time around a lot of bull's at the end of their careers but they had knowledge of the game of basketball and they cash in three championships along with Michael Jordan Point Blank that is what happened and all the other excuses do not matter...
T B 17 kun oldin
Horace grant??? I agree with max alot but he's off his rocker with this one.
makis papachristou
makis papachristou 22 kun oldin
In the first 3 peat the Bulls weren't a super team. In the second 3 peat they were without a doubt
StarlitShadows 24 kun oldin
I don't even consider the second 3 peat to be a super team really. Rodman was garbage offensively and at the free throw line. He didn't even average a block or steal a game. Defensively he was good not great. He was only really good at one thing, rebounding. Grant was good but not a superstar, Kukoc was decent, Harper and Kerr were only averaging 6-7 ppg. Max is confusing a great team for a super team. GSW has 3 people scoring 20+ all 3 great 3 pt. shooters, and now Cousins who also averages over 20 as well. The Bulls had Jordan, a well balanced team with great coaching at team work. But it wasn't a stacked super team by any definition of the phrase.
kingeriq 25 kun oldin
So the bulls wasn’t a super team? Lmao doesn’t matter if they drafted or not, the bulls were a super team. Don’t no regular team go 72-10 without being the best team in the league. Simple. Don’t no regular team 3 peat twice without being the best team in the league. That’s called a super team gtfoh
KaRoU323 24 kun oldin
kingeriq To be honest, I don't like when superstars join forces when they are in their prime. Still, I have got used to it. By the way, type in UZvid "Open Court superteams". All of the players have a great opinion (the show was before Steve Kerr became Warriors coach)
kingeriq 24 kun oldin
KaRoU323 I feel you. The warriors are the only super team in the league tho so I understand what shaq talkin bout. But players gotta elevate their game in order to beat them. They can’t jus complain about it and act like they can’t do anything cuz they too good. Cuz really they not. If they were so good, they woulda won more than 73 games but they didn’t.
KaRoU323 24 kun oldin
kingeriq I believe Shaq said the wisest thing regarding superteams. That he likes "accidental or coincidental" superteams, meaning superteams created mostly from draft picks. He also said he did not mind veteran superstars (Lakers 2004, Heat 2006, Rockets 1998 etc) joining together. In my book, I cannot even consider these teams a superteam but even if I do, I don't any problem at all.
Duke Holidai
Duke Holidai 27 kun oldin
Stephen A shredded Max on this one
Keith Witcher
Keith Witcher 27 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is right to complain about superteams are ruining NBA basketball. I wanna tell basketball fans don't be saying Michael had a superteam when he was with Chicago. Michael had only one other basketball star on his team which was Scottie Pippen. Michael and Scottie had a bunch of good role players. That's why Chicago won 6 championships. They would've won 8 championships if Michael hadn't retired for 2 years. It's sad that Michael can't get any basketball stars to come to Charlotte since Michael has been the owner. Al Jefferson should've stayed in Charlotte because he isn't scoring much in Indiana LOL. He made a stupid mistake going to Indiana. I heard that Charlotte's Kemba Walker might be traded. Kemba should stay where he is because Charlotte needs to keep good players. Charlotte is never gonna make the playoffs if their best players keep leaving LOL. Charlotte also has a bad history of having too many head coaches since Michael has been the owner LOL. Michael and the general manager needs to stop getting rid of head coaches. Head coaches aren't the reason why Charlotte can't get to the playoffs. Charlotte doesn't play defense. 2nd reason is there aren't a lot of good basketball players in Charlotte. Michael Jordan will never get a championship in Charlotte. I'm happy for Michael that he's the first black NBA player to own a basketball team. Michael should've never stopped being friends with Charles Barkley. Michael is mad at him that Charles has said some truthful stuff about Charlotte being a bad team. If I was Charles friend. I wouldn't stop being friends with him because he's dissing a basketball team that i'm the owner of LOL. I love Charles Barkley. Max Kellerman on First Take said that Michael needs to stop complaining about the superteams because Michael can't get good basketball players to come to Charlotte LOL.
Mark Anthony Sumayod
Smith is too high for Max..
Chandler Mays
Chandler Mays 28 kun oldin
Shut up max
LEX Oy oldin
Jordan had great teams, hall of fame players pippen rodman etc. very good supplementary players grant cartright etc. a stacked bench etc. A Hall of fame maybe the best coach of all time. Most of all an owner who would spend money and bring in talent to surround Jordan. And the talent Jordan faced in the finals was inferior compared to what lebron has to go up against. And that' Is the bottom line
Harrison Jordan
Without pippen. There was no rings for mj. So when we talk about the stars of the bulls in my mind is Scottie in Micheal was the super stars it wasn’t Batman and robin it was 2 stars because Scottie was the best defender that I ever saw and the points when u had mj he was a ball hog so pippen had to get his points on himself so I would take pippen over Jordan any day because he was about team and getting everyone involve
troy jones
troy jones Oy oldin
Michael Jordan never had a superteam. This is crazy!!!
Berendo Ball Bomber
Max ya need to take Steve A. Smith down memory lane. The Bulls were a super team they had 4 all stars, Jordan, Rodman, Bill Cartwright and Scottie Pippin and smart shooters Kerr and Paxson. Plus the arguably the greatest head coach in the NBA History, Phil Jackson running the unstoppable triangle offence.Scottie Pippen 6 x x x x x x B. J. Armstrong 3 x x x Bill Cartwright 3 x x x Horace Grant 3 x x x Stacey King 3 x x x John Paxson 3 x x x Will Perdue 3 x x x Scott Williams 3 x x x Randy Brown 3 x x x Jud Buechler 3 x x x Jason Caffey 3 x x x Ron Harper 3 x x x Steve Kerr 3 x x x Toni Kukoc 3 x x x Luc Longley 3 x x x Dennis Rodman 3 x x x Dickey Simpkins 3 x x x Bill Wennington 3 x x x Craig Hodges
I AM Oy oldin
Jordan didn’t have the choice nowdays NBA player have to creat his own destiny...So the bulls owner creat Jordan super team for the bulls not for Jordan....
S Beharry
S Beharry Oy oldin
Stephen A u are absolutely right. straight up the bulls became great because they played with a great leader . they were not a superteam they gradually learned to play together as a team and succeeded but it took years to make it work
michael smalley
max kellerman ur bullshit hahaha horace grant??
Keith Whitney
Keith Whitney Oy oldin
Thank you, Stephen A! If I had to listen the least qualified, pseudo-intellectual garbage of Max, I would quit listening altogether.
24BIGDYL Oy oldin
Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Dan Marino, Hank Aaron, babe Ruth all more accomplished than jordan
F.M. Sanders
F.M. Sanders Oy oldin
Lol...super team..... Wow really....they wasn't a super team...they just developed into a great team!!!!! Max get your facts together! Smh...
Melvin Riddick
He think he no it all,lol, punk cry baby ass
Stephen a smith is the one embrassing himself😑
Cardell Barnes
Even if Mj did or didn't have a super team LeBron will all ways be better because he took his bum team to the nba finals and had washed down stars
Heather Refalo
everybody 4 gets bout toni kukoc so what was he
Pan Desheng
Pan Desheng Oy oldin
Same bulls roster without MJ let see who will call it a superteam.
Hurelulga Enkhtur
But i dont like gsw they cant beat withiot refs so sucks like mj
Kurt Oy oldin
This is why hockey is so much better. Upsets actually happen.
red red
red red Oy oldin
Mike Jordan is the pass time has changed by by
KillaAntz72 Oy oldin
Two words. Phil Jackson How many rings does Jordan and Kobe have without Phil and the triangle offense? I'll wait...... While jordan and Kobe were great basketball talents, their ego's were bigger than their understanding of the game and what it takes to win championships. TEAM PLAY! Now, how many championships did lebron win with a all time great coach and arguably the second greatest player in the league next to him? I'll wait.... I hope this bit of information settles the super team debate and THE GOAT debate all in one shot. #2birds1stone.
A5AP Ocean Sweatshirt Mescudi
Mj wasn’t the greatest athlete ever even in his era. Bo Jackson was though
Nick Schneider
"The greatest athlete in the history of american team sports and it's not even close" Stop living in the past, anyone who's actually watched Jordan and compared it to the modern game should see that basketball is always getting more advanced. Jordan was iconic and set the bar for new generations, but if prime Jordan stepped out on the floor today, he would look awfully similar to Demar DeRozan
Shane Meredith
Does anybody know of a youtube clip in which S. A. isn't a tard. Surely there are a few, I just can't find them.
Tai mix
Tai mix Oy oldin
80-90s Chicago gm "Ayo when 95' come and mj retires we gonna sign Isaiah Thomas and trade for Dennis rodman so even without mj we still gonna win". That's a definition of a super team and putting one together...MJ didn't have to go through anything of that sort
Antwone L
Antwone L Oy oldin
Steven A. Is a Buffoon.
tonyrome648 Oy oldin
Why is the woman there?
MsMar143 Oy oldin
I 100% agree that Michael Jordan was never part of a super team, or ever created a super team! The only team that has ever done that is the Warriors which have left players with absolutely no competition or excitement in basketball anymore! I wish we had Michael Jordan type players in our time or teams like there was back than.. Michael Jordan shouldn't be compared to nobody there's no one like him or will there ever be anyone like him he's one in million, he will forever be remembered for the best basketball player of all time!
CeeBarrio1 Oy oldin
Here's the difference between the Bulls with Mike and the GSW. They had 3 already plus an Iggy off the bench. The bulls added Rodman because of a loss of a player. GSW had 3 all stars in Steph Klay and Green and ADDED Durant! That's like the bulls ALWAYS having Rodman along with Mike and Pippen then adding Olajuwon or Robinson or Wilkins or Barkley (depending in who you had as a top 3 player) toally different. Matter of fact it's like Isiah Thomas coming to the Bulls after they beat them in 91 LMFAO yo crazeee talk
Elton Terry
Elton Terry Oy oldin
The 2nd team wasn’t a super team Rodman was an old man that no one wanted. That bulls team was organically super.
Anthony Monroe
Max smoking... Bulls were not a superteam
Junder R
Junder R Oy oldin
Getting paid for your opinion when you think Horace Grant was a star?? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Xzavier Varo Tattoos
Max shouldn't be talking about basketball
Gibrel Said
Gibrel Said Oy oldin
Yall saying that LeBron team on the cavs is a super team or a big three? Love was overweight on the timberwolves and that's why he could get so many rebounds. When he lost the weight he lost his advantage. Idiots blame LeBron James for making love a spot up shooter and making his points go down when they don't realize that love is the third option with two ball dominant players . Of course his number will go down. People say that LeBron James doesn't make his teammates better and that might be true but his leadership and skill makes his team record improve. Kyrie with all due respect is a great and talented player but he is selfish and can't stay healthy. He and Love wasn't healthy in the 2016 finals. He talks about wanting to lead a team but the cavs team before lebron came back never got pass the 1st round. His shot at the 2016 finals is incredable but wouldn't have matter if LeBron James didn't block the shot. Tristan Thompson with his dumbass curse or whatever the hell is wrong with him can't do his damn job. Jr looks high as fuck. When the damm bench has iman shumpert and a bunch of no name bech warmers you are going to lose . LeBron James is not the goat but people are saying he should be able to win every championship when he has ty lue as the head coach whose only game plan is to pick then pass to LeBron. Jordan and kobe are lucky to have a coach as good as Phil jackson.
Edwin Logan
Edwin Logan Oy oldin
Grant was a role player
James T.
James T. Oy oldin
How many Olympic medalists on Jordan’s super teams vs others? Jordan and Pippen 3 peated twice with 2 different teams surrounding them.
Jerry W
Jerry W Oy oldin
What is Max talking about?? SMH!!
akpan thephilus
get off Jordan's dick. Thanks
Konnor Ternus
Konnor Ternus Oy oldin
Who do you take Horace Grant, Chris Bosh, or Draymond Green? I say Green, Bosh, then Grant.
D Wayne
D Wayne Oy oldin
None of you fucks know basketball talking about the bulls were a superteam.. Shut the fuck up, stick to watching bball and not playing.
Donny Sander
Donny Sander Oy oldin
Deion Sanders an bo Jackson best athletes
Pao Lee
Pao Lee Oy oldin
GSW is only considered an elite/super team because they are winning. GSW start with nothing, but they're on top today. STFU Jordan. You owned a team, but you're not winning. Hi. Hello. Bye Bye.
Pao Lee
Pao Lee Oy oldin
and, you're just a guy, a girl? #$%^&& Not a Jordan lover here.
Justthatguy Oy oldin
pao lee is a fucking idiot.
Vernell Brown
Vernell Brown Oy oldin
Shut the fuck smith u sound dumb as well
Vernell Brown
Vernell Brown Oy oldin
Bulls was a super team
A Fils
A Fils Oy oldin
WTF is he talking about. Rodman was not an all star player!!! It was more like Paul pierce, garnet and Allen!! Still the comparison don’t come close.
Stephen A. you the man !💪🏽😜
omgitzray Oy oldin
Max might b the reason I stop watch , dude sound dumb af . Facts: All old school teams were good MJ was just the BEST Debatable: LBJ & Kobe didn’t need super teams they just played harder then the rest IDGAF: Warriors were better with Monta , Captain Jack , Al Harrington and more
Rises East
Rises East Oy oldin
Jordan is cheap. What a f'n hypocrite!
Van Damme
Van Damme Oy oldin
Issue got squirted 💦
Jayson Manansala
How did max became a commentator here when he doesnt know anything about it..kys
Wayne Garbutt
Wayne Garbutt 2 oy oldin
Max has a point
Benjamin Jeanes
Benjamin Jeanes 2 oy oldin
Only superteam then was DREAM TEAM! Grant was no Karl Malone or Barkley! Bulls wouldve been a super team if malone, ewing, wilkins, etc joined them. But they earned it instead of buying it. Adding player here and there is one thing.
Benjamin Jeanes
Benjamin Jeanes 2 oy oldin
Every player being good makes a great team. A super team is making a team of the best players in league.
Art Artwell
Art Artwell 2 oy oldin
Max u wrong max
J. Bush
J. Bush 2 oy oldin
Michael Jordan should marry Steven A. Smith because he sucks Jordan's meat better than everyone in history. Please, someone help Steven A. get off Jordan's dick
Trenton Warner
Trenton Warner 2 oy oldin
They won 55 games and were a bad call from probably going to the finals the year MJ retired first, so by that metric MJ had a better supporting cast
Lyricaly Artistic
Stephen A is right on this they didn't have no super team ever because rodman was the only other star they added after they won 3 rings and rodman can't shoot like dramond green he was defense and rebounding dramon was drafted and had to develop ,so the warriors are really not a super team ,they was a regular team that drafted 3 talented players that developed over time won a ring before KD and 2 Wit him ,KD is just the warriors rodman I'm a Spurs fan but I respect them for what they have done they are a product of the Spurs ,Kerr ,Mike brown both came from Spurs so they have our dna but the Spurs will bring them down
Jason Hailey
Jason Hailey 2 oy oldin
Steven A is bugging out. Horace Grant was a beast. Wtf he talking about?
You mad
You mad 2 oy oldin
I hate Jordan
Charlie Lentfer
Charlie Lentfer 2 oy oldin
MAx is right
Joe Stisser
Joe Stisser 2 oy oldin
Tony Kukoc anyone? Basically every team that wins it has multiple studs. Tired of the MJ glorification.
From The North
From The North 2 oy oldin
Take MJ off the Bulls and that team is FAR from a super-Team. MJ = GOAT!
From The North
From The North 2 oy oldin
Wayne Gretzky is the greatest athlete of ANY team sport. Period. Look up the numbers son!
Mariano Ruiz
Mariano Ruiz 2 oy oldin
Fuck mj
the real scorptile
SAS is right and Jordan is right super teams are killing the NBA.
browns1ism 2 oy oldin
Umm they both don’t have a clue that Jordan didn’t play on super team like these fools of today I’m not surprised by the comments of Steven the mouth smith it is what it is the warriors have 4 players in there prime and now they’re gonna have 5 once cousins gets healthy oh yeah spoiler the warriors are gonna win again.
Joseph Fazzingo
Joseph Fazzingo 2 oy oldin
Super teams are destroying the league, you know who's winning the championship when preseason starts LOL
BrickCity NJ
BrickCity NJ 2 oy oldin
I agree with Max. Mike, Spend Some of That Money and get a Franchise player.
truckerlawyer 2 oy oldin
you commentors are whining like silly bitches. they finally told the truth on mj. the bitch had a great deal of help. pippen-top 50 player. rodman-hall of famer, Steve kerr-one of the greatest 3-pt shooters in league history, kukoc-one of the best 6-man players that the league has seen, Phil jackson-best coach.
Frank Nitty
Frank Nitty 2 oy oldin
Dear Max, I love M.J. and agree he was a phenomenal athlete but I also feel that Vince Carter was way more athletic than Jordan for a longer period of time. And your comparison of Charlotte and Oakland is wrong simply because it is in California.
Amir Miller
Amir Miller 2 oy oldin
This dude just said “I recall their first 3 peat” stop right there ... they won 3 in a row .... He was the second best player on their team[Scottie] so no development needed at that point.
JTJ 2 oy oldin
Max needs to go back to boxing
Smith Definitely Correct!!!!
skyflyer 2 oy oldin
that wasn't a super team, but there were amazing role players that made them a machine, not the same. none of them away from jordan could carry a team. I don't like superteams either, but it is the way it is now.
sparkymike83 2 oy oldin
They didn’t call them the Jordan 5 for nothing. Warriors strength in numbers.
will864sya 2 oy oldin
the bulls wasn't a super team lol, they just had jordan a role players who knew their roles and did it
Carlos 2 oy oldin
I love some Jordan but I'm so tired of Mr. A. Smith 🍆 Riding Jordan... Jordan never had a team that was as bad as the Cavs An still made it to the finals
Tarkatan Reedling 0
Man max, how are you correct 90% of the time! God dam dude, your the best source in my opinion
ben Soto
ben Soto 2 oy oldin
The bulls weren’t a super team. They were good. Now a days, there’s super teams. Fuck outta here. The end.
Paul 2 oy oldin
Honestly, Max sometimes is as dumb as Skip. Horace Grant was a good player but FAR from a superstar. Besides he was DRAFTED by The Bulls. Drafting guys who pan out doesn’t make you a super team. Rodman was traded - can’t hate on MJ/the Bulls for that trade. He wasn’t a superstar either...he was a great role player. He fit in perfectly into their system. No one would have traded Malone or Barkley or Kemp or Webber etc for Rodman.
steve mayala
steve mayala 2 oy oldin
SAS antics used to be original and interesting now like dick vital..his antics are old and boring.he needs to stop screaming at this other man so disrespectfully...I wouldn't take that max
devin williams
devin williams 2 oy oldin
I don’t even consider the second 3-peat a super team 🤷🏽‍♂️ ....Rodman didn’t make them a super team
Many Gods
Many Gods 2 oy oldin
Michael Jordan was never on a super team
Marcus Russell
Marcus Russell 2 oy oldin
Niether of the bulls teams where super teams he only had pippen as the only other all-stars goldenstate had four all-stars on one team now 5
Justthatguy 2 oy oldin
exactly... they think dennis was a all star caliber player.. when in reality... he is a great defensive player.
W Judon
W Judon 2 oy oldin
Max looking ridiculous 😂
Lamonte Wood
Lamonte Wood 2 oy oldin
Mike started the super team shit
dell cruz
dell cruz 2 oy oldin
stfu Max,MJ's Bulls wasn't a super team,all they had was MJ and Pippen,afterwards they got Rodman,and even so Bulls still wasn't a super team,gtfo...know wtf you talking about before you look even more stupid,smfh...
DuongE Luu
DuongE Luu 2 oy oldin
Max is full of shit😂😂😂
Marc Lagmay
Marc Lagmay 2 oy oldin
Max taking Ls