Stephen A. Smith fired up over Michael Jordan's superteam comments | First Take | ESPN

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First Take's Stephen A. Smith gets fired up over NBA legend Michael Jordan's superteam comments.
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13-Okt, 2017

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ryan rivera
ryan rivera 16 soat oldin
bulls is not a super team.. it happens they develop there game skills and became a great team..
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia Kun oldin
Nobody jams Jordan’s cock down their throat harder than Stephen A.
Que Sanders
Que Sanders 16 kun oldin
I have SOOOOO BEEN WAITING 4 SOMEONE 2 ACTUALLY KNO MY BULLS. IM IMPRESSED STEVEN A... Superteam Bulls🤣🤣🤣🤣 WHEN? WHO? Take Mike off of any of those teams and they are no longer even winning. #KNOCKITOFF ITS MIKE then KOBE then Everyone else. #Factz
David Gindi
David Gindi 20 kun oldin
I love SAS but sometimes I wanna see someone stuff a fucking rat in his mouth
AyyMD 21 kun oldin
People who said the firts three peat bulls is super team are a clown. Look when pippen and grant drafted by bulls they're still a rookie and far for so called a star player. Bulls developed them to become a star
Damon Wade
Damon Wade 24 kun oldin
I think it means that it makes the sport boring because you know how the matchs play out most the time
Derrick Berry
Derrick Berry 24 kun oldin
Bird and Magic played on the best super teams of all time. Hakeem played with Ralph Sampson, the twin towers. The super team phenomenon started in the 80’s. Oh and Jordan is not close to the athlete Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Wilt Chamberlain were.
gmmg 24 kun oldin
Mike's not a hypocrite and he has a point. The league is boring with superteams. He had 1 all-star for a freaking 3 peat. And then Dennis for playing defense. That's it. It wasn't a super team. Jordan was Super, because he's the actual GOAT.
Great Upload
Great Upload 25 kun oldin
when michael played the game even if he was on a super team there were other great teams . i mean there was Stockton and Malone in jazz , Payton and kemp in supersonics , hakeem and drexler in rockets also barkley joined them , mullin hardaway richmond in golden state , penny and shaq in magic , ewing in knicks , bad boys ( pistons ) , robinson on spurs reggie in pacers , zo and LJ and bouges in charlotte a great hall of famers era in seperate teams
Danny Banks
Danny Banks 25 kun oldin
agreed with stepen A. here. MJ, Pippen, and Rodman don't equal the kind of super teams that are being assembled these days. the Bulls drafted pip and kukoc. they went out and got rodman. no one else on those teams were even remotely dominant players. Harper was great in cleveland, but never was the same after his knee injury. the best players in the league back then wanted to beat each other. drexler was in the end of his career with houston. today's best players are teaming up at the peak of their careers. MJ is right
Danny Banks
Danny Banks 25 kun oldin
stop, mike was never on a super team. A great 3 and a specialized 4 doesn't make a super team. the rest of those players never did much of anything in the league. scottie played great while mike was playing baseball, but was riding on the momentum mj created. the bulls were a super team because of mike, don't kid yourselves. 5 all-stars starting for the warriors? good for them, but that's called stacking your team, and they'd still have a hard time beating MJ's Bulls.. MJ scored 63 in the playoffs against Bird's celtics while they were still great, and mike had zero help. he's a killer, that's all there is to it.
jared seels
jared seels Oy oldin
I agree with jordan. Who is this dick riding lebron fan. Get em Stephen A
nickolaus cabcabin
Steven a smith put max in his place lol
nickolaus cabcabin
What is max smoking?
Sekai Daniels
Sekai Daniels Oy oldin
Man that is a hard job to carry a team being a point scorer.
Julius Tugado
Julius Tugado Oy oldin
Max is so stupid
Geno Bourn
Geno Bourn Oy oldin
Max stick to boxing!
RandomPerson Oy oldin
What a fucking hypocrite. He was in the gs of his Era
Sea Pea
Sea Pea Oy oldin
It's not like teams were clamoring for Rodman back in 95. He was a problem child. Bulls weren't expecting much out of Rodman. Even they were surprised.
Leon White
Leon White Oy oldin
Maxx kellerman doesn't know shit about sports period!!!
Biboy Pogi
Biboy Pogi Oy oldin
.what r u saying Stephen a,pippen was learning???r u out of it mind,,remember the first finals,magic put triple double on mj and win..until they put pippen on magic,and lock magic..so what r u trying to say learning stupid
Robert Shimokihara
Stephen A, how can you downplay Horace Grant like that?!?He was selected 4 times to all defensive team, 94 All Star, and he was 4 time NBA champion.He was the missing piece that helped the Orlando Magic make it to the NBA Finals in 95.To downplay him and not give him the credit he deserves is showing how ignorant you truly are.
Brian Boyle
Brian Boyle Oy oldin
The 80s Lakers and Celtics were superteams, but no one bitched about it then. Jordan needs to accept responsibility for his failures as an owner instead of pissinng and moaning about golden state.
Brian Boyle
Brian Boyle Oy oldin
Max is right. Jordan is a shitty owner. Because he is" in the bible belt"? Fucking retarded comment by Stephen A.
Shabazz Noah
Shabazz Noah Oy oldin
Niggas makin excuses for this clown owner
The 96-98 bulls were never considered a super team. Jordan and pippen were aging superstars and rodman was fucking old at that time and btw rodman was a great defensive player but his addition to the bulls didn’t make the bulls a superteam. They can’t rely on rodman to score in crunch time so no the bulls were never a super team.
Bob Sutton
Bob Sutton 2 oy oldin
The Bulls equivalent to the warriors would be their original team, and then they add Shaq.
Maxim Lekov
Maxim Lekov 2 oy oldin
there are super teams and then there is this GSW team. greatest roster to ever step on court
Jordan Grace
Jordan Grace 2 oy oldin
Stephen A isn’t smart
Taliban 2 oy oldin
Fuck the segment Max just said Jordan is the greatest athlete in us history. "I AM THE GREATEST" -Muhammad Ali
Makaveli Shakur
Makaveli Shakur 2 oy oldin
Stephen A shut the fuck up m.j was doing his thing all along b4 pippen made him a winner he was 1-9 in those playoffs b4 he got pippen that's y it's a team sport and it's always m.j who gets all the credit for those 6 championships the bulls won when he couldn't win a playoff game without Scottie
James daniels
James daniels 2 oy oldin
steve thought he was defending Jordan's GOAT status again and forgot the discussion topic. lol
PaySo the P.I
PaySo the P.I 2 oy oldin
The Bulls were the best team..they played super together but nothing like the Warriors.. They drafted all their stars and got Rodman as a free agent
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco 2 oy oldin
Take MJ off the Bulls still had 2 hall of famers and some all stars, that was cuz of MJ how? He was in a superteam and had no same level competitions period
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco 2 oy oldin
so all star is not a star, Stephen A says so
Oluseun Adeyinka
Oluseun Adeyinka 2 oy oldin
Horace Grant wasn’t a star!
Ramakrishna Batabyal
Why does the white dude keep talking?
SSTelevision 2 oy oldin
People love trying to rewrite history to make LeBron and the new school look better. No way on Earth the Bulls were a superteam. Stop it. He made the team what it was. He didn’t run and team up with Magic or Bird, or Kareem, or Malone to go win. He was given good complimentary pieces whom he made better and they developed into better players in his presence.
Luke Ryan
Luke Ryan 2 oy oldin
I know I have an unliked take, but I don’t think Michael Jordan would be that good ( still all star level though ) today just because of the league’s shift to focus more on shooting 3s
ThatYoungin TJ
ThatYoungin TJ 2 oy oldin
Naw, MJ would've beasted in this league. If Kobe bodied today's league than MJ would most def. Plus look at Westbrook. Westbrook don't shoot the 3 that much but he still kills. Jordan is a way better scorer, stronger, quicker, more efficient and way better basketball I.Q than him
Don Don
Don Don 2 oy oldin
Stephen is speaking from emotion
k M
k M 2 oy oldin
Horrace Grant? a Superstar? wtf Max your drunk
Keith H
Keith H 2 oy oldin
Stephen a you sound so moronic. They had a super team. Look at every other 90's team compared to them. It speaks for itself.
Keith H
Keith H 2 oy oldin
Jordan would've never won a ring if he wasn't on his own superteams. Jordan can't act like those 90's bulls weren't a super team when they clearly were. Jordan is just mad because he's arguably the worst team owner in NBA history.
Aaron Lavapie
Aaron Lavapie 2 oy oldin
Stephen a started dead ass started spelling
Abu Nation
Abu Nation 2 oy oldin
The bulls went 55-27 AFTER the first 3 peat so yes MJ had a great great team before Rodman, Stephen a is dumb af
Deans Kingdom
Deans Kingdom 2 oy oldin
The one time Stephen a is right in the argument with Max
Like Max and think he normally has good judgement......But Stephen A. was totally on point here. I watched every game in Chicago....MJ in that first 3-peat was a one (and a half Pip) man act.
Raps United
Raps United 3 oy oldin
Stephen A literally criticized Horace Grant for passing to Paxson too quick?? What the fuck lmao
Larry Bradley
Larry Bradley 3 oy oldin
Any team that Mike would be on is considered a superteam. He is easily worth two or three superstars by himself.
Susanna Billson
Susanna Billson 3 oy oldin
Jordan is worth Billions why not built your SuperTeam in Charlotte Hornets??? Air Jordan shoes are eXpensive & MJ is damn cheapest Owners in NBA. 😥 😥 😥 😥
Jerald Vincent Zumel
Bron's teams are better top to bottom compared to MJ's. Wade and Bosh were proven the number 1 options in their teams before joining Bron. Kyrie may not be able to carry the Cavs to the Playoffs but he is also the number 1 option in his team pre-Lebron. KLove was a walking double double in Minnesota, a consistent 24 and 12 guy. Also, the number 1 option in his team pre-Lebron. He also had elite snipers like Korver and Ray Allen, who by they way saved his ass vs the Spurs. Then you have solid role players like Haslem, Rashard Lewis and Birdman in Miami, then got the highest paid roster in NBA history because of Bron's GM antics to pay Thompson, Henny and Shumpert. Meanwhile, the only legit signing that the Bulls had was Rodman, while MJ, Horace and Kukoc were drafted, and Pip was acquired via trade in draft night. The rest were Longley, Wennington, Buchler, Kerr and a bunch of other no names. That said, Bron has had more elite squads than MJs teams in the two 3peats. But, any of MJs teams in thos runs will still smoke any of Bron's teams. Why? Two letters, MJ.
prashanth raja
prashanth raja 3 oy oldin
bulls a super team?!?!?!?!? who other than MJ was an all star every season?
Bill Kerr
Bill Kerr 3 oy oldin
no love for toni kukoc, who was an all-star.
Alwyn Malan
Alwyn Malan 3 oy oldin
For me there will always be a difference between a guy remaining loyal to one team and building the team into a superteam...nothing wrong with that. That compared to buddy-ing up with other superstars and all going to one team to form a superteam
How are super teams hurting the nba??? Build your team correctly and stop shooting for old players past there prime and has a name.... Stop making dumb trades that's going to cripple ur future and stop being cheap and spend the luxury tax
Nicholas Lai
Nicholas Lai 4 oy oldin
mike is right. nba is hard to watch now
Karl Kelly
Karl Kelly 4 oy oldin
I hate how SAS is too aggressive towards his colleague max Kellerman. Chill out Man U don’t have to be disrespectful
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 4 oy oldin
The heat were a superteam because of lebron also
GoodNight Robicheaux
SUPER team!
michael brown
michael brown 4 oy oldin
As great as MJ is he is a terrible owner and has not made the bobcats competitive despite him being the goat. Jordan is more about selling undies then trying to make the bobcats better. I'm tired of the term Superteam because if you are an owner you need to deliver a team that wins. That is your job. Let's stop being pissed that someone else built a better team.
Sergio Meza
Sergio Meza 4 oy oldin
The blondie is so dumb because he cant understand the context of superteams. You form a superteam when you gather superstars from other teams and convince them to leave their current team to play altogheter and get an easy ring like Durant did when he fled from Thunder to play for GS or Lebron to leave Cleveland to play for Heat or Lakers when they picked Malone and Payton. Jordan would never do a bitchy move like that because he wanted to defeat those great oponents... he never went to Lakers or Pistons or Celtics or try to convince Magic, Larry, Ewing, Hakeem or Rodman to play for Bulls. And last but no least, first three peat Bulls were nothing like a superteam, just look at some players from the starting five, Grant was a very good player who was an all-star one single time; BJ Armstrong was an average player, Cartwright was completely trash and also look at the bench Perdue, Paxson, Levingston, they are average players. And if you talk about the stacked Bulls from 96, it just happened because Kukoc was drafted by Bulls years ago, Pippen was from the begining and Jordan too, Longley was garbage, Harper a great player but not an all-star and Chicago gambled with the choice of Rodman and was traded for Will Perdue because San Antonio didn´t want him any more and was 34 year old.
Dante 4 oy oldin
Pippen was *traded through the draft* in 1987 and only made the All-Star game after three seasons with the Bulls. Grant was *drafted* to the Bulls in 1987 and only made the All-Star game *once* after six seasons with the Bulls. Rodman was *34 years old* when he was traded to the Bulls. All of these examples are nowhere near the same circumstances as to what players (who are the faces of franchises) are doing in today's NBA.
Haamid Price
Haamid Price 4 oy oldin
Too me to be a super team you have 3 or more first ballot HOF...80s celtics and 80s lakers and todays warriors are 1 period..you wanna throw miami in there fine
Diego Oliveira
Diego Oliveira 4 oy oldin
How max is on espn?
BARZ 5 oy oldin
Actually Scottie did better the 1st 3 peat statistically so what he developed...
Will Inneed
Will Inneed 5 oy oldin
Jordan was on one of the greatest Superteams of all time! You give that team to Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Magic n they doin the same shit he did
Jake Rojas
Jake Rojas 5 oy oldin
Michael had the best super team. Athletic forwards, clutch guards, hungry rebounders, dominant attitudes,. Alpha players. It's better that he didn't have talent. Talent feels entitled.
Stacy Wilson
Stacy Wilson 5 oy oldin
MJ never had a "SuperTeam" period!
Carloray Dadinirt
mj never ever build a superteam..and join superteam.. mj pippen are teammate scene 1987.. rodman just rebound and defense.. lebron james lecry lefloop lechoke lequit always build a superteam join superteam hahaha to win a ring.. quitter
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker 5 oy oldin
The Bulls wasn't exactly a super team they put together a group of veterans the second time around a lot of bull's at the end of their careers but they had knowledge of the game of basketball and they cash in three championships along with Michael Jordan Point Blank that is what happened and all the other excuses do not matter...
ThatYoungin TJ
ThatYoungin TJ 2 oy oldin
Yep, they were the oldest team in the league during the last 3 peat
T B 5 oy oldin
Horace grant??? I agree with max alot but he's off his rocker with this one.
makis papachristou
In the first 3 peat the Bulls weren't a super team. In the second 3 peat they were without a doubt
StarlitShadows 5 oy oldin
I don't even consider the second 3 peat to be a super team really. Rodman was garbage offensively and at the free throw line. He didn't even average a block or steal a game. Defensively he was good not great. He was only really good at one thing, rebounding. Grant was good but not a superstar, Kukoc was decent, Harper and Kerr were only averaging 6-7 ppg. Max is confusing a great team for a super team. GSW has 3 people scoring 20+ all 3 great 3 pt. shooters, and now Cousins who also averages over 20 as well. The Bulls had Jordan, a well balanced team with great coaching at team work. But it wasn't a stacked super team by any definition of the phrase.
kingeriq 6 oy oldin
So the bulls wasn’t a super team? Lmao doesn’t matter if they drafted or not, the bulls were a super team. Don’t no regular team go 72-10 without being the best team in the league. Simple. Don’t no regular team 3 peat twice without being the best team in the league. That’s called a super team gtfoh
KaRoU323 5 oy oldin
kingeriq To be honest, I don't like when superstars join forces when they are in their prime. Still, I have got used to it. By the way, type in UZvid "Open Court superteams". All of the players have a great opinion (the show was before Steve Kerr became Warriors coach)
kingeriq 5 oy oldin
KaRoU323 I feel you. The warriors are the only super team in the league tho so I understand what shaq talkin bout. But players gotta elevate their game in order to beat them. They can’t jus complain about it and act like they can’t do anything cuz they too good. Cuz really they not. If they were so good, they woulda won more than 73 games but they didn’t.
KaRoU323 5 oy oldin
kingeriq I believe Shaq said the wisest thing regarding superteams. That he likes "accidental or coincidental" superteams, meaning superteams created mostly from draft picks. He also said he did not mind veteran superstars (Lakers 2004, Heat 2006, Rockets 1998 etc) joining together. In my book, I cannot even consider these teams a superteam but even if I do, I don't any problem at all.
Duke Holidai
Duke Holidai 6 oy oldin
Stephen A shredded Max on this one
Keith Witcher
Keith Witcher 6 oy oldin
Michael Jordan is right to complain about superteams are ruining NBA basketball. I wanna tell basketball fans don't be saying Michael had a superteam when he was with Chicago. Michael had only one other basketball star on his team which was Scottie Pippen. Michael and Scottie had a bunch of good role players. That's why Chicago won 6 championships. They would've won 8 championships if Michael hadn't retired for 2 years. It's sad that Michael can't get any basketball stars to come to Charlotte since Michael has been the owner. Al Jefferson should've stayed in Charlotte because he isn't scoring much in Indiana LOL. He made a stupid mistake going to Indiana. I heard that Charlotte's Kemba Walker might be traded. Kemba should stay where he is because Charlotte needs to keep good players. Charlotte is never gonna make the playoffs if their best players keep leaving LOL. Charlotte also has a bad history of having too many head coaches since Michael has been the owner LOL. Michael and the general manager needs to stop getting rid of head coaches. Head coaches aren't the reason why Charlotte can't get to the playoffs. Charlotte doesn't play defense. 2nd reason is there aren't a lot of good basketball players in Charlotte. Michael Jordan will never get a championship in Charlotte. I'm happy for Michael that he's the first black NBA player to own a basketball team. Michael should've never stopped being friends with Charles Barkley. Michael is mad at him that Charles has said some truthful stuff about Charlotte being a bad team. If I was Charles friend. I wouldn't stop being friends with him because he's dissing a basketball team that i'm the owner of LOL. I love Charles Barkley. Max Kellerman on First Take said that Michael needs to stop complaining about the superteams because Michael can't get good basketball players to come to Charlotte LOL.
Mark Anthony Sumayod
Smith is too high for Max..
Chandler Mays
Chandler Mays 6 oy oldin
Shut up max
LEX 6 oy oldin
Jordan had great teams, hall of fame players pippen rodman etc. very good supplementary players grant cartright etc. a stacked bench etc. A Hall of fame maybe the best coach of all time. Most of all an owner who would spend money and bring in talent to surround Jordan. And the talent Jordan faced in the finals was inferior compared to what lebron has to go up against. And that' Is the bottom line
Harrison Jordan
Harrison Jordan 6 oy oldin
Without pippen. There was no rings for mj. So when we talk about the stars of the bulls in my mind is Scottie in Micheal was the super stars it wasn’t Batman and robin it was 2 stars because Scottie was the best defender that I ever saw and the points when u had mj he was a ball hog so pippen had to get his points on himself so I would take pippen over Jordan any day because he was about team and getting everyone involve
troy jones
troy jones 6 oy oldin
Michael Jordan never had a superteam. This is crazy!!!
Berendo Ball Bomber
Max ya need to take Steve A. Smith down memory lane. The Bulls were a super team they had 4 all stars, Jordan, Rodman, Bill Cartwright and Scottie Pippin and smart shooters Kerr and Paxson. Plus the arguably the greatest head coach in the NBA History, Phil Jackson running the unstoppable triangle offence.Scottie Pippen 6 x x x x x x B. J. Armstrong 3 x x x Bill Cartwright 3 x x x Horace Grant 3 x x x Stacey King 3 x x x John Paxson 3 x x x Will Perdue 3 x x x Scott Williams 3 x x x Randy Brown 3 x x x Jud Buechler 3 x x x Jason Caffey 3 x x x Ron Harper 3 x x x Steve Kerr 3 x x x Toni Kukoc 3 x x x Luc Longley 3 x x x Dennis Rodman 3 x x x Dickey Simpkins 3 x x x Bill Wennington 3 x x x Craig Hodges
I AM 6 oy oldin
Jordan didn’t have the choice nowdays NBA player have to creat his own destiny...So the bulls owner creat Jordan super team for the bulls not for Jordan....
S Beharry
S Beharry 6 oy oldin
Stephen A u are absolutely right. straight up the bulls became great because they played with a great leader . they were not a superteam they gradually learned to play together as a team and succeeded but it took years to make it work
michael smalley
michael smalley 6 oy oldin
max kellerman ur bullshit hahaha horace grant??
Keith Whitney
Keith Whitney 6 oy oldin
Thank you, Stephen A! If I had to listen the least qualified, pseudo-intellectual garbage of Max, I would quit listening altogether.
24BIGDYL 6 oy oldin
Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Dan Marino, Hank Aaron, babe Ruth all more accomplished than jordan
Mapex Armory
Mapex Armory 6 oy oldin
Lol...super team..... Wow really....they wasn't a super team...they just developed into a great team!!!!! Max get your facts together! Smh...
Melvin Riddick
Melvin Riddick 6 oy oldin
He think he no it all,lol, punk cry baby ass
Duckrockerz4life 6 oy oldin
Stephen a smith is the one embrassing himself😑
Cardell Barnes
Cardell Barnes 6 oy oldin
Even if Mj did or didn't have a super team LeBron will all ways be better because he took his bum team to the nba finals and had washed down stars
Heather Refalo
Heather Refalo 6 oy oldin
everybody 4 gets bout toni kukoc so what was he
Pan Desheng
Pan Desheng 6 oy oldin
Same bulls roster without MJ let see who will call it a superteam.
Hurelulga Enkhtur
But i dont like gsw they cant beat withiot refs so sucks like mj
Kurt 6 oy oldin
This is why hockey is so much better. Upsets actually happen.
red red
red red 6 oy oldin
Mike Jordan is the pass time has changed by by
KillaAntz72 6 oy oldin
Two words. Phil Jackson How many rings does Jordan and Kobe have without Phil and the triangle offense? I'll wait...... While jordan and Kobe were great basketball talents, their ego's were bigger than their understanding of the game and what it takes to win championships. TEAM PLAY! Now, how many championships did lebron win with a all time great coach and arguably the second greatest player in the league next to him? I'll wait.... I hope this bit of information settles the super team debate and THE GOAT debate all in one shot. #2birds1stone.
Rodman Dennis
Rodman Dennis 6 oy oldin
Mj wasn’t the greatest athlete ever even in his era. Bo Jackson was though
Nick Schneider
Nick Schneider 6 oy oldin
"The greatest athlete in the history of american team sports and it's not even close" Stop living in the past, anyone who's actually watched Jordan and compared it to the modern game should see that basketball is always getting more advanced. Jordan was iconic and set the bar for new generations, but if prime Jordan stepped out on the floor today, he would look awfully similar to Demar DeRozan
Shane Meredith
Shane Meredith 6 oy oldin
Does anybody know of a youtube clip in which S. A. isn't a tard. Surely there are a few, I just can't find them.
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