Stephen A. Smith on Steph Curry: He's the greatest shooter I've ever seen | First Take | ESPN

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First Take's Stephen A. Smith comments on Steph Curry saying he's the greatest shooter I've ever seen in my life.
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29-Yan, 2018

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Desmond Anderson
Desmond Anderson 3 soat oldin
Max its not Steve Nash 2.0 its Steve Kerr 2.0..Rememberwho also was Nash's boss in Phoenix. during his MVP years .And who still holds the highest career 3pt % in NBA history ..now coach of the Warriors Kerr
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw 5 kun oldin
Curry is better
ichytittieboe 24
ichytittieboe 24 7 kun oldin
No Max, no🤦🏿‍♂️ everything you say is wrong...
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Curry can shoot
Alex Com
Alex Com 15 kun oldin
Max for forguet it .....Now it is shooting time.
Harmen Greven
Harmen Greven 24 kun oldin
Haha Max you poor soul ;( XD
Bert Gumble
Bert Gumble 26 kun oldin
Max is a cuckhold.
Curry is better period.
Samuel Oppong
Samuel Oppong Oy oldin
Preach it!! Stephen A Smith.
Jordan Gentsch
He took over 840 3pt shots in one season (16-17 season). Thats over 150 more than the next person on the list for a season
Jordan Gentsch
His coach has a better career 3pt percentage than him so how is he the best? Smh he just shoots the most shots of all time.
Jordan Gentsch
Curry is not the greatest shooter of all time, he just takes the most 3pt shots of all time. He shoots almost twice as much as everyone on the all time 3pt list. Thats the only reason he will break Ray Allen's record is because he will have over 1000 more attempts when his career is over.
Jay Man
Jay Man Oy oldin
Erik Moore
Erik Moore Oy oldin
The only thing I would say is teams was coming in with plans and traps for curry no one does that for Irvin
zyl zyl
zyl zyl Oy oldin
Max so bias , he's "always" .... "Always" talk down about any GSW player ... Period
zyl zyl
zyl zyl Oy oldin
Is Curry better shooter than MJ ????? Yes ... I think so
Khai Adderly
Khai Adderly 2 oy oldin
This nigga blew my shit when he said steph should play in space jam instead of lebron smh white ppl🙄🤦🏾‍♂️😭🙄
joab nyabuto
joab nyabuto 2 oy oldin
Max's argument doesn't make sense, just because curry didn't have a good series and kyrie hit a 3 on him, doesn't mean he's better.
Antonio Gill
Antonio Gill 2 oy oldin
Curry will never be caught and if anyone it’d be Klay
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 2 oy oldin
It’s kyrie all day with handles
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 2 oy oldin
Max talks like curry isn’t a clutch player
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 2 oy oldin
Curry is the best shooter ever
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 2 oy oldin
The way the game is played today it’s all about shooting
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 2 oy oldin
Curry is a cheat code kyrie can only do so much
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 2 oy oldin
Curry is just too good really can’t stop him
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 2 oy oldin
Kyrie is a really good point guard but he ain’t curry
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge 2 oy oldin
My god its hard to listen to Max's dumbass sometimes
Patriot Man
Patriot Man 2 oy oldin
Max is just a curry hater! Stephen A is right!
ThePokerbrat626 3 oy oldin
Best shooter ever
Tanvir Hyder
Tanvir Hyder 3 oy oldin
Laugh as you watch this video in 2018-2019 szn
Ramon Miguel
Ramon Miguel 3 oy oldin
Curry all day > kyrie
Omari Scott
Omari Scott 3 oy oldin
Steph Curry will go down as the greatest 3 point shooter in NBA history!!
Sofia Garcia
Sofia Garcia 3 oy oldin
Curry is better🔥
Dante Taylor
Dante Taylor 3 oy oldin
Be quiet what about Mahmoud Abdul-rauf that was the best shooter...
spondon kashyap
spondon kashyap 4 oy oldin
Max is deluded
submissivelover 4 oy oldin
Curry doesn't have to be clutch because there's 4 other All-Stars helping him finish teams before it gets to that point. Max is right, because when it has gotten to that? Steph hasn't shown up.
Nadav Oneplus
Nadav Oneplus 4 oy oldin
Saying Steph Curry is the best shooter ever is just disrespecting him, he is way more than just the best shooter ever, he is one of the greatest players ever too, before Steph Curry, the greatest shooter ever was Ray Allen / Reggie Miller , they both were never as dominant to a championship team like Steph Curry. Ray was a 3rd option in Boston and even in less Miami and he never was the best player in the leauge or top 3. Steph is a leader of 73 wins team.(who could win a title without suspension and injury), x3 NBA Champion, x2 MVP. The only player ever to score 30 ppg on 50-40-90. He is one of the most valuable and efficient players ever. Saying Steph is the best shooter is laughable, he is so much more he is the best played in the world right now.
Anish Shenai
Anish Shenai 4 oy oldin
Max is shite
Samuel Bell
Samuel Bell 4 oy oldin
Curry is more clutch
tintman831 4 oy oldin
Max is so dumb
d3larosa07 4 oy oldin
Soooooo true, Steven A.!!!
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards 4 oy oldin
Kyrie will catch him eventually but I don’t think kyrie’s peak will be as high as curry’s and I’m not sure if kyrie will ever match his mvp seasons period.
Rogelio Panotes
Rogelio Panotes 4 oy oldin
Nobody was double teaming Kyrie in the Finals like how Curry was being defended.
24SparrowJack 5 oy oldin
Kyrie is a better playmaker and has better ball handling skills, Curry is just a great shooter
Stergios Sth
Stergios Sth 5 oy oldin
wtf Max Kellerman...Steph curry has been in the finals 4 times ...kyrie with all the injuries only 1 time (maybe 2 times)
straightballin 5 oy oldin
It's funny that it was Dahntay Jones, a dude we've never heard of and who sat on the bench his whole (very short) career, making the comment that Steph's "not a top ten player". lmao That's just pure hating 100%. Jones was like a bottom 10 player in the NBA. Just about EVERY player in the NBA is better than Dahntay Jones.
Anee Roy
Anee Roy 5 oy oldin
mak hines
mak hines 5 oy oldin
if the shooters in the 90s were given the same liberty as today. We wouldve seen outrageous attempts too but fg percentage would be in the low 30s because the game wasnt tailor made for finesse type players.
S M 5 oy oldin
Yea if you shoot as many 3s of course you gonna avg that many pts. Curry 3pa are nearly double all sharpshooters
asterisk911 5 oy oldin
Meh. Steph elevated his numbers in the 2015 Finals over his 2015 MVP regular season, and because he had one bad shooting game (in six games) people say he didn't deliver. By any possible meaningful metric, Steph was the most valuable Warrior in the 2015 Finals (but if you were willing to give it to someone from the losing team, LeBron would've gotten it). Iggy was a novelty vote, not a serious piece of evidence about Steph's performance. And Steph's 2017 and 2018 Finals were also first rate. It's only 2016, when he spent half the series in foul trouble and 1/3 of the playoffs too injured to play, that he under-performed in the Finals.
Jt_ Ballin_23
Jt_ Ballin_23 5 oy oldin
Did y'all catch that. Max said Kyrie Irving is 4 years younger than Steph Curry. Then he said that kyrie was better. Now let's switch the names. KD and LeBron so by max's narrative that means KD is better than LeBron.
Neel Khatri
Neel Khatri 5 oy oldin
Kyrie will never be able to catch Curry . I agree Curry chocked in 2016 finals but look the Western Conference Finals he came back from 3-1 deficits and Won it . With Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook In OKC . Remember the Game when he just pulled up from just taking one step from half court and hit the game winner . Unanimous MVP for a reason . Curry won't age quickly because he is a Shooter , Ball Handler and a Good enough passer . His shooting won't age , his ball handling will bit age , his passing ability will not age , the only thing that will age will be his quickness on the floor and athleticism . But will have quickest jumper and best jumper in NBA history for ever . Kyrie just showed up in 1 Finals and that's it . Curry showed up for 2 seasons straight and won MVP in those 2 seasons without Durant . Let me tell you Golden State Warriors does not play at their best in regular season after Durant joined them. Kyrie cannot lead a team to 73 wins or even close , Curry can and he did it in 2016 season . Max just shut your mouth Curry was the best player in his team in 2016 Finals , Kyrie Wasn't . Kyrue did not have as much pressure on him as Curry had . Also Curry came back from injury in playoffs . After reading this just don't say that Kyrie is better , because you know that he isn't .
Kyrie simply a better player. Kyrie shoots 3 close to him and you can't defend kyrie. Kyrie can do it all .You can run a 2-3 zone and with role players stop curry. You have seen it in the match up with Golden State and San Antonio. No matter how great his shooting is his shooting is never always on a day to day basis great. One day he can shoot 60-70 percent through the field and the next it wil be 40-50 . Kyrie doesn't have that same issue
joab nyabuto
joab nyabuto 5 oy oldin
Well i guess we just have to wait for the finals this year cuz it's gonna be warriors vs Celtics.
Justin R
Justin R 5 oy oldin
If boogie is healthy when the finals come, its an automatic dub. Celtics will get in AT THE MOST
It's Ah GooD LooK
Back2Back Champion Back2Back MVP (w/Finals MVP(s) being robbed, at very least once) 1st Unanimously Voted MVP (ever) w/ votes coming on repeat yr Most Clutch (of era) buzzer beaters, daggers, game winners Greatest Shooter Of All Time
Tammi songs
Tammi songs 6 oy oldin
I saw the thumbnail and thought Jesus tatum is long
Tanzerlaubnis 6 oy oldin
I dont think its possible for kyrie to ever be higher ranked than curry all time
Itz Serg
Itz Serg 6 oy oldin
curry is a clutch player when no timeouts is called look at 2016 warriors vs okc 0.6 sec shot half court yup its true
Boi_Better_Know 6 oy oldin
Max chatting bs
Ray Quin
Ray Quin 6 oy oldin
Max is in another world.
Cameron Cobb
Cameron Cobb 6 oy oldin
Every one is forgetting that green got suspended and Steph was injured
Steph The Best
Steph The Best 6 oy oldin
Yes, I am.
Joe joe Man
Joe joe Man 6 oy oldin
Kyrie is never gonna see Steph. Steph is gonna see Past Lebron in the end. Truth
Dr. 6 oy oldin
Kyrie is better.
Dej chung
Dej chung 6 oy oldin
I agree Stephen is amazing!
Diego Gaming
Diego Gaming 6 oy oldin
Larry.... u there?
Two Kings
Two Kings 6 oy oldin
Deven Lee
Deven Lee 7 oy oldin
Now what is max saying about Stephen Curry
royland walker
royland walker 7 oy oldin
Max is wrong as usual
Neptune SISI Bintuan
Curry's range is getting longer and longer, thus making it more hard to anticipate the shot plus the accuracy..
Berto Reynolds
Berto Reynolds 7 oy oldin
why y’all market him saying this like it’s not already common knowledge?
David Paulo
David Paulo 7 oy oldin
Kyrie is more of handles and finishes. Steph is more of shooting and assists.
Max is full of crap
Rickey Gray
Rickey Gray 7 oy oldin
400 3's in a single season. Back to back league MVP. only player in the history (Jordan,Kobe,Magic,Bird,LeBron Russell,Kareem,Wilt and all) of the NBA game UNANIMOUSLY voted MVP. I submit that Steph Curry probably would still be stacking up MVP's if he had not made room for KD. Love Kyrie, but absolutely no comparison.
Gwen Marie
Gwen Marie 7 oy oldin
Curry should be in Space Jams 2. I Always Believe that. Thats not to say LeBron Would not be a good Draw at the box Office. But i would love to See Curry. And People Always Sleeping aon My Guy Klay Thompson.
Matthew O
Matthew O 7 oy oldin
How is Curry small?.?🤔 He is 6ft 3 inches and look for a photo with his shirt off, looks muscular than most males.He’s a true pure athlete. I prefer he keeps his beliefs of religion off the court, but he is the new modern inspiration for kids.Respect.
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 7 oy oldin
Where the fuck was Kyrie to close this postseason. When Jayson Tatum a rookie took the Celtics without Kyrie to the Eastern Conference Finals game 7
Justin R
Justin R 5 oy oldin
Your point?
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 7 oy oldin
That’s a big if Kyrie can stay healthy
Saint Aubyn
Saint Aubyn 7 oy oldin
Curry is just better, and always will be
tigera6 7 oy oldin
The guy was averaging a near triple double in the Finals, yet dumb analyst like Max still call his production dropped off from this normal game.
Jason Powers
Jason Powers 7 oy oldin
He will NEVER be better than Curry
GnB 7 oy oldin
Maxie Pad is Loud 4 his size. If only his brain could catch up!! WTF are his credentials??? Remove him from serious sport commentary. Now or sooner.
wmg111 7 oy oldin
Curry is far superior because he is a team player. Irving will probably never win another title because he is a selfish player. Steph wouldn't have walked away from playing with Lebron, because he knows it takes a team of stars to win.
Andre Faelnar
Andre Faelnar 7 oy oldin
Kyrie is like aomine where he will just dance on u and do some streetball moves on you but curry is like midorima where he can shoot from anywhere lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Andre Browne
Andre Browne 7 oy oldin
EXACTLY Stephen A he "throws" it up. God is on his side but let's not act like he doesn't miss. Best believe Steph was all smiles when Kyrie left Cleveland.
Andre Browne
Andre Browne 7 oy oldin
I remember Kyrie shutting Curry down when the series was on the line. Curry just has chips over Kyrie. Curry not dropping 26 on Kyrie Irving.
Andre Browne
Andre Browne 7 oy oldin
Reggie Miller and Larry Bird are the greatest shooters I've ever seen.
arwin silva
arwin silva 7 oy oldin
max is either stupid or high all the time!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
Timothy Hilton
Timothy Hilton 7 oy oldin
I Max is right. In Game 4 a few weeks ago against Cleveland, KD was feeding the ball to Curry willing him to win the MVP and when Curry shot up to 37, he couldn't buy a shot. If Curry had hit 45-50 he probably would have got the MVP. But the pressure of the MVP caused Steph to tighten up in the 4th and thats without any real defense on him. Imagine if the game was on the line. KD hit the pressure shots in crunch time during the season and so he deserved the MVP. Curry could not hit the crunch time shots for MVP with little or no defense in the 4th quarter of game 4 . Max is right.
Uncle Funky D.
Uncle Funky D. 7 oy oldin
Man...1 thing they really trying to sale sports. Sports is really dead NBA,NFL n MLB done.
Michael Rebong
Michael Rebong 7 oy oldin
Kyrie choked up last finals game w GS though. Over dribbled himself and shot nothing but blank in a contested game cavs should have won
kyha states
kyha states 7 oy oldin
Max is dumb. Kyrie will never catch Steph in greatness!!! He can't go a full season without getting hurt.
jevinranks 7 oy oldin
Kyrie will never catch Steph. Max is stupid this year. I don't know what happened. When he first got the job on this show he was good. Now? Not so much.
Martin S
Martin S 7 oy oldin
Fuck Max
Leon Powe
Leon Powe 7 oy oldin
Curry was injured when he played poorly. When Kyrie was injured, he played poorly too.
Dota 2 Replays
Dota 2 Replays 7 oy oldin
Max is dumbass.
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 7 oy oldin
I love max, but why do I get the sense that he was just making shit up on the fly on this one lol
William belloso
William belloso 8 oy oldin
I just want to smack Max
Roger Lee
Roger Lee 8 oy oldin
I still think Curry wont be as successful in the 90s. The defense would just eat him up.
Justin R
Justin R 5 oy oldin
Who gives a fuck. We dont have a time machine to make steph play them
Sipei Li
Sipei Li 8 oy oldin
max is biased AF
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