Stephen A. sounds off on Trump's tweets about LeBron James | First Take | ESPN

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Stephen A. Smith calls out President Donald Trump on First Take for his critical tweets aimed at LeBron James after his interview with Don Lemon on CNN.
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6-Avg, 2018

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Digital Dino
Digital Dino 2 kun oldin
I typically don’t agree with Stephen A. But this time I can.
kain seviers
kain seviers 3 kun oldin
Now, I see SAS is a really low nigga...nothing new...
Henry Doyle
Henry Doyle 8 kun oldin
bro dont even act like Lebron and Don Lemon arent dummies
Life was Given to us
The left and the media are divisive. Unplug the BS, that girl is speaking nonsense, people pit MJ and lebron against each other all the time.
Homer Jay
Homer Jay 25 kun oldin
White people are smarter then black people. It not fake news, its true news.
timhoward5 Oy oldin
Trump = 💩
sean segure
sean segure Oy oldin
Sorry but although its great what Lebron is doing for kids in Akron there are other NBA stars who give back too.You will probably never hear of it because Espn has a love affair with Lebron James.They act like he's the second coming or something.His comments about the NFL owners are dumb.If an owner or CEO of a company wants their employers to work and to do what they say isnt that normal,oh but somehow he has to call it slavery just because the owners are white.#Bruhpleezsityocrustybuttdown
Dock Mckinney
Dock Mckinney Oy oldin
First take you guys always compare Jordan and Lebron and there is no comparison at all to me you guys do this every day.
Milos Maric
Milos Maric Oy oldin
How many white kids are in Le Bron school can somebody tell me?
Andrew Morrissey
Maxine Waters is one of the dumbest congresswoman. She's instructing her base of supporters to harass Trump supporters. Who ever is defending Stephen a is pathetic. He does not know what he's talking about.
shandclub Oy oldin
If you want to make a black person that likes Obama look stupid just ask them what does Obamacare do 🤣🤣🤣 and when they try to explain anything beyond the fact of nothing you can laugh to yourself because clearly you're speaking to an idiot.
shandclub Oy oldin
Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA 2012) at midnight New year's Eve that allow citizens to be taken without question & held indefinitely under claim without proof of terrorism and we know today it is our Gov that finance ISIS al-nusra Al-Qaeda al-shabaab and many other terrorist groups throughout the middle East & the world. clearly Obama don't care
shandclub Oy oldin
Because of Barack Obama ObamaCare insure that tax is taken from your paycheck and go directly to pharmaceutical companies & medical institutions that overcharge citizens while not providing adequate healthcare not even the healthcare desired by the patient
shandclub Oy oldin
Because of Barack Obama libyans are now being sold as slaves for $400 a Man the facts reported by Ben Swann
shandclub Oy oldin
Kooning Kooning Kooning all you have to do is say you hate Trump and like Obama and the Koons come out. The question that blacks should ask themself is; (explain clearly) "What has Obama and or Obamacare done for you?" The honest answer is.... Nothing!
Irshad Henry
Irshad Henry 2 oy oldin
trump is a bama of a joke
Supertron5000 2 oy oldin
It's truly a sad time in America when everything's politicized to the extreme. You can literally watch this and forget it's ESPN and not some political news channel. Sports used to be an escape from politics, but clearly that's not the case anymore.
SpaceMarine 101
SpaceMarine 101 27 kun oldin
+ApeHead lebron started it.
ApeHead Oy oldin
Supertron5000 It’s hard to separate the politics and sports when the president of the United States takes shots at professional athletes. If he didn’t, they would never cross. This is 100% on Trump.
Ron Cyr
Ron Cyr 2 oy oldin
Stephan A. let me be very very clear....You have gone all in on your racist views since Skip left you in the dust and I see why he did. You have shown us all your racism on front street. Stephan A. I'm Sawry but you are a racist ! I'm sawry ! ! !
Whitechvpel Gaming
If u dont like the president leave the country
Kizzie Swittenburg
Kizzie Swittenburg 13 kun oldin
He has the money to do so
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco 2 oy oldin
Max secretly voted for Trump
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco 2 oy oldin
Lebron James is the GOAT
JustCallMeRock 2 oy oldin
Lol trump got em mindfucked, again everything is about race
Edrow72 Sexton
Edrow72 Sexton 2 oy oldin
You can't even call anyone stupid or dumb without being a racist
tyler tyler
tyler tyler 2 oy oldin
Ya soo trumps a racist cause he said this person is dumb and is black soo that makes him racist.
Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson 2 oy oldin
Stephen A got him elected. Look up his 2015 video on cnn about voting republican. Trump presidency made his job easy. Stephen A is a huge pussy with tons of money. Fuck this giant coward.
C Hansen
C Hansen 2 oy oldin
I dont even have to hear what this guy says to know he is automatically a band wagoner, totally! Ever heard of affirmative action, and its not just jobs moron, its college too! Obamas college was paid for by Saudis! Every single person you say Trump has talked about has talked shit about Trump first you fucking douchebag! Its people like you that are the Racist who refuse to look at anything objectively! Maxine Waters is dumb as fuck and it has nothing to do with her Race, shes just stupid! Her accomplishments, what has she accomplished but to have Black voters vote for her because she is black, and what has she accomplished since she has been in Congress, NOTHING, and certainly NOTHING for the Black community she is suppose to be representing, from her multi-million dollar mansion in another district. Btw, how does someone accumulate enough money to buy a multi-million dollar mansion? And dont insult my intelligence by saying its because she makes $170,000 pr year as a congressman! So she has saved every single penny since she started in congress, well who paid for her living expenses, clothes cars, jewelry, food, etc... all of these years? Take your time! She is one of the very top most corrupt members of Congress and always has been. You say, "then why hasnt she been removed from Congress?" Easy, shes Black, shes a woman, and shes a Democrat! What does that mean? It means a 2nd grader can effortlessly predict how she will vote on ANYTHING in Congress, plain and simple! The Republicans love people as dumb as her, and she as well as you think she is this amazing person with an amazing career in politics, but shes just an idiot who embarrasses herself every time she opens her mouth not making any sense, babbling on and on about nothing while being the behind closed doors laughing stock of Congress! Harris and Booker are also morons, and Shumer, Schitt, Pelosi, Feinstein, and especially blumenthal, what a total weirdo moron!
George Scoates
George Scoates 2 oy oldin
All these racist in comments are retards. And trying to defend Maxine Waters 🤔🤔🤔. ESPN sucks
Combs Alex
Combs Alex 3 oy oldin
I guarantee if we had a debate I crush u on it
Combs Alex
Combs Alex 3 oy oldin
Stephen a Smith I had respect for until this video. U need to keep listening to mark Levin. U are completely uneducated. If u blame this on race.
Matt Harris
Matt Harris 3 oy oldin
That Politically Incorrect Black Guy
😂😂😂😂😂 omfg this is ridiculous. The matrix is real.
Just Saying
Just Saying 3 oy oldin
As a black person, this is utter BS. That shit ain't got nothing to do with race. And Maxine Waters ineffective and IQ is questionable. Whiners defend whiners.
SYDUCTION 3 oy oldin
In 2015 he was telling us vote republican now this lmao
Sergey Lee
Sergey Lee 3 oy oldin
Thank god this idiot doesn't cover news. Otherwise will have 2nd dumb Lemon
TheDark Nite
TheDark Nite 4 oy oldin
Trump and his Nazis would be lynching Obama if he talked about grabbing women by the "X", molesting little girls like Roy Moore, abusing white women like illegitimate Kavanaugh or accused of sexual assault of 19 white women like Trump. But they give their fellow white Cons a pass. That's why no one respects white Conservatives and never will!
The suicidal Indian
Don lemon is not dumb he is super bias.
Adam DeFord
Adam DeFord 4 oy oldin
Anybody who defends the wicked witch of the west Maxine wortors, with the low iq makes me lololololololololol
Blueman 4 oy oldin
This guy overdosed on liberal Kool aid. The same rhetoric always. Pompus and fabricated rage. Fake moral high ground.
Tom Tommy
Tom Tommy 4 oy oldin
Should of added Stephen a Smith to the list of low IQ individuals
outside the rattlebox
Bo knows sports, Stephen knows nothing about politics, its evident Stephen is ignorant in the political Spectrum. If Stephen was just aware 10 % he Would know Obama was a ILLEGAL president. Obama even admits it in a video easily found on youtube. Obama Ran the debt ceiling Higher than ever, Obama signed over Our Constitution to the United Nations, Obama has destroyed our relationship with our Allies, Obama has never proved his college transcript nor a legitimate BIRTH CERTIFICATE
OneThiccPanda 5 oy oldin
Um sorry but Maxine Waters is a fucking psychopath and Don Lemon didn't earn the title of the worst journalist in America for no reason. Your race baiting is exactly why you lost and will continue to lose politically. Stop it. If you don't, 2020 will be a crappy year for you. Have fun.
Dave Durs
Dave Durs 5 oy oldin
I will vote for trump if I like him or not just to piss off you trump haters ... lol sad part is this country would be better off with trump. You rather have one of these politically correct people that just say what we want to hear so we vote for him. We did that for the past couple of decades and look were it got us. BROKE N A JOKE
lindalovesmusic1 5 oy oldin
Trump is not a racist. The ones calling him a racist, are "the" racists!
BryceJonesVlogs 5 oy oldin
Yea okay the best example of Trump being so called racist is you bringing up what he said about Maxine Waters, is that the best you can come up with. Trump did not say anything racist about Maxine Waters and okay fine lets use her as an example this is the same women who has an unprecedented amount of animus towards Trump and his supporters, so much so she told her supporters and liberal supporters to go out and target people like me(A Trump Supporter)and his cabinet members. So who is really oppressed a black man playing basketball making millions of dollars, with checks being written by white men or, a teenage African american, conservative who is scared to state his political beliefs out of fear of being subjected to harassment, yes that would be me. But you don't see me crying about it I put my big boy pants on and move along, so to Kaepernick shut up and throw a ball and to LeBron shut the hell up and dribble honestly.
Paris Bunch
Paris Bunch 5 oy oldin
We are all struggling to live better all races division is a hinderance to neccessary collaborative efforts
jon britton
jon britton 5 oy oldin
when did LePrick or Smith become political scholars? both are tards
Ronald Joseph
Ronald Joseph 5 oy oldin
Stevie Not So Wonderful, You've always been a bag of hot air. Always so full of yourself. Max and yourself should stick to sports news and stop all the rabble-rousing and race baiting. Shame on you both.
Shirley Warren
Shirley Warren 5 oy oldin
Obama did and said so much more crap than Trump even thinks of saying and Obama got away with it and should have been hanging from the highest tree with a rope around his neck for all the treason and garbage he did to America. LeBron James is a racist just like the Obama's and likes to use the RACE CARD. Get rid of the RACE CARD and talk sense.
Nuka Bomb
Nuka Bomb 5 oy oldin
Mayo tears in 3...2... 😢😢😭😭 lol
lisa goldsby
lisa goldsby 5 oy oldin
Trumps has a problem with educated men of another race its quite sad that your such a spermless spineless jellyfish of a man that couldn't find a brain cell if u put it in his face lmao lmao tagged has more sense then your president
Condie Kittles
Condie Kittles 5 oy oldin
I believe if there comes a sharp decline in crime within the inner cities, Blacks won’t constantly be attacked for having a low IQ.💯
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 5 oy oldin
I dont understand why this is new la bron did right at least i no he dont kiss ass like everyone dose it is crazy on how you get to protect don trump which is a low life loser a man who lie who tweek all night every night. On straight bullshit and it is all fuck when black man and a black woman exprees them and how they feel it wrong and all fuck but a white men and woman say a y thing it is right but my point. Fuck you Donald trump and ever ride with fuck you to yes it is war against us black people it not a secret it been this but worster cause of trump bitch ass if that a black president he would been lock up especially that shit trump is doing that bitch as honkey was supposed to got lock up along time ago
Randy S
Randy S 5 oy oldin
This week on ESPN “It’s wrong to pit two African Americans against each other” Next week on ESPN “Who was better Jordan or James” GTFOH
Randy S
Randy S 5 oy oldin
New race card record @ :43 sec
E Z E 5 oy oldin
Please, do not let any other network hire this guy when espn fires him..
Guitars rcool
Guitars rcool 5 oy oldin
Some of these ESPN shows cant keep politics out of there shows so im going to stop watching them. I can find plenty of programs more worthy of my time. Tired of some of these people that try to tell you how to think.
Brenden Dallas
Brenden Dallas 5 oy oldin
Calling someone not intelligent isn't racist. Trump has said way worse about countless white politicians and others. Don't pull the race card Stephen A
Mikey B
Mikey B 5 oy oldin
3 clowns 🤡
Hal AAA 5 oy oldin
Trump is a disgrace to the human race and the white people that support him are racists. It’s the truth. I am a white man and disgusted with these hateful vile white people who voted for this idiot and these deplorables does not represent the white race.
TG PI 5 oy oldin
I like Mike too, arguably the "greatest of all time", but LeBron is the undoubtedly the "greatest of this era"! GOAT VS GOTE??? The separation is LeBron speaks on social issues and Mike doesn't! LeBron is taking his talents(earning from them) to the next level by ascribing to "we are blessed to be a blessing"!! I applaud you LBJ! As for 45, it's like he's eating the vegetables and leaving the main course and dessert on the plate! I just think that sports are for entertainment, but his job should be more about dealing with lives and the livelihood of people!
Roman Darius
Roman Darius 5 oy oldin
Stephen says that he is proud of the Black Government of South Africa pushing out the white people, telling the white farmers that they either turn over their farms or be killed, those white people stole that land!!! But when asked about he blacks in Europe, he said that would be White Supremacy if the whites asked them to leave, hehehe
Dredmond Stucky
Dredmond Stucky 6 oy oldin
And mj should have got left out cause he only cares about money and disrespects his own people while kissing white people ass
The One
The One 6 oy oldin
I'm actually un subscribing from cnn right now. Oops, I mean espn. MF bloosh, be careful when you speak in hypothetical, if it didn't happen, you can't compare. Try and be more accurate. Story telling is fiction. Reality is reality.
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee 6 oy oldin
So they the libtards can call TRUMP every bad name there is, but yet TRUMP defends himself and he's a racist. Whatever You racist piece of crap George Jefferson. La choke is an idiot, just like Stephen, lemon and e.s.p.n.
Meadow Apple
Meadow Apple 6 oy oldin
Stephen A is a racist. The response to that crazed loon Maxine was heard from all over the United states by people of every race. Her comments were borderline "high crimes". To say that Trumps response was RACIST means that Steph A is either a straight out liar (I pick that one) or a moron. Well on second thought I change my mind. LOL too accomplished to be talked about! Jesus dude have you ever heard anyone talk about CHRIST? Not like he was accomplished. To say that Maxine has done so much that no ojne is allowed to talk about her is just garbage. If you think you are correct NEVER mention MLK jr again as he did more for you than Maxine dog breath. She has been so far left for so long she walks in circles. They should take away her pension as she has sucked off the government for too long. Name three things Maxine has done...Ok one thing...no having kids does not count. She was once KICKED out for being a rude cunt when folks were questioning Hilary Clinton's chief of staff. The presiding officer, Carrie Meek (D-FL), classed her behaviour as "unruly and turbulent". They should have stuck that mace in her mouth to shut her up. She has been disruptive since she tripped and fell into the House. From the "South Central" District in LA where the population is still mostly black and on welfare she has done little to pull her voters out of the muck.
David 6 oy oldin
Trump actually does question the intelligence of white people as well. He says “low IQ individual” all time.
John Cameron
John Cameron 6 oy oldin
Before he opens his mouth you know the left wing anti American lock step crap he is going to say.
Den Jamaica
Den Jamaica 6 oy oldin
That orange creature#45 is like a leaking pipe if not fixed you bet your life it will burst and f**k every thing in it path!!!
Moments in Time Films
Obama from Kenya he said it on video 3 weeks ago stay with sports
William Kern
William Kern 6 oy oldin
I would rather have a President that has done for our Country run his mouth about his detractors than a mealy mouth President who needs to be Politically Correct which is a term and a way of life that I have never been comfortable with, I leave that to you intellectuals, elitists, over-educated morons who know little or nothing and want to know little or nothing about us average Americans who go to work every day to pay your wages or supply the money to support your life-styles. I will go to my poll and vote for Donald J. Trump and any and all candidates who support his agenda. I do not know where it is written on how an elected President to act that makes it Presidential. We all climb into our pants the same way we all have our individual like, dis-likes and personalities that is what make us who we are AMERICAN'S, so you anti -Trump, Politicaly Correct jerks get over it and relish in the fact that he is making America Great Again.
3000 idiots can go jump off a cliff and die
Weezy Turtles
Weezy Turtles 6 oy oldin
Lebron started it
William Leonard
William Leonard 6 oy oldin
Steve is taking a knee.
Rumango Chef
Rumango Chef 6 oy oldin
He is like any dictator in the world... doing his shit and then distract the people to later lie about what he has done or not done.... same pattern... he is no different then Penia Nieto... a dumb puppet. Stop paying attention to him and taking him serious. He is just a dumb, rich spoiled little brat!!!
Ian Miller
Ian Miller 6 oy oldin
They attacked President Barack Obama in so many ways and at no point did he ever respond to any of it. So clearly this president is insecure and I'm going to go and further.
Marty Gray
Marty Gray 6 oy oldin
LOL!! In over 50 years of film, newspaper articles, and videos the record is clear to all except those whose head is buried in the sand of ignorance; if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and looks like a duck = it is a duck, for those who have not put their intelligence and common sense in “FAKE, FAKE, FAKE disgusting mime/donald's” blind trust. LOL!! Yes, donald is a racist.
Mario Sevilla
Mario Sevilla 6 oy oldin
Fuck stephen a smith....fuck espn dont watch that shit no more....Hispanics for Trump!!
John Lovelace
John Lovelace 6 oy oldin
Can someone give me a book as to what I can say about what race and cannot say about what race?
Robert Wood
Robert Wood 6 oy oldin
Go f yourself,blowhard,ass clown,Smiths an idiot
Fcgg Fgbb
Fcgg Fgbb 6 oy oldin
NetGroups 6 oy oldin
Maxine Waters .... is a bat shit crazy ..... Has nothing to do with her skin color
Deba Dev
Deba Dev 6 oy oldin
Thank you I was wondering why your President all of a sudden had a problem with LeBron
andrew m
andrew m 6 oy oldin
Maxine Waters is an idiot, Lebron James is an idiot, Stephen A is an idiot, Stephen Colbert is an idiot, Max Kellerman is an idiot. ESPN is going to crap because of all these liberal progressive segments they are running. I cancelled my ESPN package and no longer watch sports because of how disrespectful athletes and analysts are to our country and president. SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE.
Roger Jr
Roger Jr 6 oy oldin
Of course Trump is a racist. This guy belittled Mexicans when anyone that knows anything knows that along with Mexico, Central Americans cross the southern border as well. Not to mention all the asians, euros etc that come illegal.... Smh.
Austin McKinley
Austin McKinley 6 oy oldin
growing up i never heard shit about presidents on espn damn wtf you guys tryna be cnn
Sergio DO OR DIE
Sergio DO OR DIE 6 oy oldin
Lebron is the voice of the voiceless
Martian74 6 oy oldin
Is this CNN or MSNBC? These guys should stick to sports, not topics they know nothing about. Maxine Waters is really low IQ, there is no denying this. President Trump also called Mika on Morning Joe low IQ but you conveniently forget about this and make it about race. Stick to sports and not topics that you know nothing about and that we are not interested in hearing from a sports show. Also, look at the school that Lebron's foundation supposedly paid for, the taxpayers in that area are the ones that are paying for over 80% of it and a majority of them are white, look up the facts and not what First Take tell you to believe.
Lex Kage
Lex Kage 6 oy oldin
Steven A Smith ....come on now Barack destroyed America... tell me what has he done to help America? Just tell me one thing that OBAMA did for the USA to make it better ?.. Labrons school? The Tax payers paid for that school ...NOT LABRON FACTS!....this show is full of 3 clowns ! All 3 are RACISTS!!!! Wake up !! Democrats are the RACIST!! Wake up!!!!
Stephen Shine
Stephen Shine 6 oy oldin
And you wonder why ESPN ratings are tanking. Give it a rest Stephen A. We don't want to hear it.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 6 oy oldin
Lebron is a moron. You need to talk to trump about problems, not Obama. Hes not here. And then the school hes building hes not even paying for it fully, the rest comes out of tax payers money.
John Napolitana
John Napolitana 6 oy oldin
teenagers and children should be taught respect and on the overall its not being done correctly in the USA that's the reason respect doesn't exist like it use to
John Napolitana
John Napolitana 6 oy oldin
the problem is people just come here looking to make money that's all they care about
John Napolitana
John Napolitana 6 oy oldin
the President is still the President like him or not Lebron don't have to like him but when Lebron disrespects him in social media what kind of example is that for children and teenagers its wrong
KD35Beast 6 oy oldin
Ok now can you talk about an actual sports topic
Angelo Kournianos
LeBron who cares. Stick to sports.
Johnn Norflin
Johnn Norflin 6 oy oldin
Brett Doug
Brett Doug 6 oy oldin
God this show sucks
Andrew Hendershot
So let me get this straight, so when black people call trump a bum and all the other words they call him it fine? but.... if he fires back he’s a racist!?! Hahahaha BULL SHIT!
aquatraxman1 6 oy oldin
I Lost my Respect for you, Stephen. So Sad! Hey Stephen he won to be our President by the American People. You are Dangerous! Please stop this!
Meadow Apple
Meadow Apple 6 oy oldin
fact-Blacks in America are far more racist than any other race. Never heard Trump say "God damn America!" But bet Stephen has mouthed it a few times.
Trump voter: The President is a monster
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