Stephen A. takes James Harden over Giannis Antetokounmpo ‘any day of the week’ | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith rattles off a list of reasons as to why he would take Houston Rockets star James Harden over Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo.
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9-Yan, 2019

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Logan's forehead
Logan's forehead Soat oldin
Kellerman is something else man. He waffles pure shit
climaxdesigns 6 soat oldin
sigh i can't watch these two clowns scream at each other, the conversation minus the screaming would be great. yeah i get 'baber shop talk' but damn the baber shop dont be this loud
Neev Rathod
Neev Rathod 7 soat oldin
Harden has no help in his team if you take Giannis antetokoumpo out of bucks bucks still make the playoffs You take James harden out of rockets they will be 30 in the NBA
Chris 14 soat oldin
When Greek Freak gets a consistent 3point shot he will be a beast and I'm not even a bucks fan shit !
Gorka Arzallus
Gorka Arzallus 14 soat oldin
This take is beyond bad. Giannis over Harden any day.
Adam Masters
Adam Masters 18 soat oldin
Did he just give Harden props because the refs baby his ass? The only reason Harden is unstoppable, is because he is allowed to travel, and no one is allowed to guard him.
Getmoneytay 30
Getmoneytay 30 Kun oldin
Harden is a playoff team by himself ..Gianni’s can’t carry scrubs to the off sorry
Getmoneytay 30
Getmoneytay 30 Kun oldin
Max hold this L smh..
RaZeThreatz Kun oldin
This is hilarious
N i c k
N i c k Kun oldin
Harden is a great 3 point shooter. Curry obviously way better. But Harden is better than good at 3s.
anonymous Kun oldin
I kno it's TV business and they have to disagree but Max is becoming a dumbass, I used to agree with him but he just be talking out his neck now..
Πανος Κεκελος
harden puts 40 points but nooooo defense at all.
Pharaoh Elijah
Pharaoh Elijah 2 kun oldin
Lol anything short of making the nba finals is not playoff success Greek freak does more for his team than AD will
TJ The 90s KID
TJ The 90s KID 2 kun oldin
No Steven a smith, James harden is the most un-guardable player because of how biased the refs are when it comes to him. You can’t defense him without sending him to the line. We’ve seen what happens when the refs aren’t calling ghost fouls for him.
aaron berhane
aaron berhane 2 kun oldin
4:43 Someone please make Stephen A’s face into a meme 😂😂
yougoBoy 2 kun oldin
Curry doesn’t play defense either..
ej arts
ej arts 2 kun oldin
11 percent on 3 points in a generation of shooting basketball.lmao and when did the bucks with him win anything, in the east.
RIFICA777 3 kun oldin
Kellerman doesnt know basketball? Is he more knowledgable on boxing since he was in Creed 2?
Armstrong Neil
Armstrong Neil 3 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂Max said Timeout
Mike Pollak
Mike Pollak 3 kun oldin
Its just cuz hes in milwaukee. Foreal no one ever gives anybody there enough atention. Even when they have been good, granted its been a wile, but people dnt even watch whole games even now with all the hype. People like S.A.S. Think they only need tk watch a few mins and theyre automatically experts cuz their so good at their job they must not need to watch as much as ur average person or even close to it. They only even just started nationally broadcasting the bucks like this yr.. hadnt had a game on christmas since 1970 somthin, whats that tell u, folks aint payin atention.
Alex Craciun
Alex Craciun 3 kun oldin
Max educate yourself about Hardens 3pt shot
FaTaL ChaosDcuo
FaTaL ChaosDcuo 3 kun oldin
Stephen a smith needs to make up his mind on who is the greatest scorer harden or Durant.
kambge 3 kun oldin
Giannis plays more D and gives you rebounds and hustle but Harden has way superior offense. They are both equally good facilitators in different ways. Depends what you are lacking in your team. And 39% is excellent 3pt shooting its probably top 5 in the league so yeah.
Trevon Adams
Trevon Adams 3 kun oldin
Give me Giannis every day
Witty Wobbafet
Witty Wobbafet 4 kun oldin
is it wrong hearing stephen a's voice even without watching😂
Gian Linarez
Gian Linarez 4 kun oldin
And his championships
TheBombDotCom 4 kun oldin
So Harden taking his team to the playoffs, to WCF a number of times and nearly beating the warriors up 3-2 until Paul went down; and Harden doesn’t show up ?
Broad-Y x4
Broad-Y x4 4 kun oldin
0:50 *fRoWlS*
insanemidget 4 kun oldin
stephen a will get a heart attack one day
Garrett Vinson
Garrett Vinson 4 kun oldin
James harden is the greatest bitch in basketball. He is complete trash when it matters
Savage 4 kun oldin
basically, james harden has the worst team in the nba, even worse than the worst 76ers a while ago.. nigga without harden the rockets wouldnt even win 2 games
Savage 4 kun oldin
only better player than harden is leborn, but not this season so far... besides him no1 comes at james harden lol
edd edward
edd edward 4 kun oldin
the ability to draw frars ? 😂😂
Brett Hanson
Brett Hanson 4 kun oldin
SAS is right come soon prob come playoff time the Celtics, Pacers, etc. will collapse the paint and make him less effective
kakashi hatake
kakashi hatake 4 kun oldin
Midrange game? What midrange game?
Murad Naghiyev
Murad Naghiyev 4 kun oldin
Giannis hasn't been passed the first round and will get exposed come playoff time
boogie lingo
boogie lingo 4 kun oldin
I like how getting respect from the officals, & drawing fouls has become a stat, & reason to call someone unguardable. Of coarse he is unguardable with all the traveling, flopping, & flailing he do. You can't guard someone who gets 15pts a game from free throws alone 😂😂
NARDDOG Ros 4 kun oldin
Max is stupid
414 Savage
414 Savage 4 kun oldin
Max drunk harden get his team farther than giannis every year giannis haven't even got past the first round
414 Savage
414 Savage 4 kun oldin
Kd is the greatest in the game rn no question
vasilis bil
vasilis bil 4 kun oldin
it bothers you that they are not American stupid Americans Giannis is MVP
Tobias Andersen
Tobias Andersen 4 kun oldin
Everyone if you cant get a job just remeber these people make lot of money just by setting there talking nonsens
Orlando Reyes
Orlando Reyes 4 kun oldin
If it wasnt for the refs Harden would be a Champion Rn
Cyril G
Cyril G 5 kun oldin
Did Harden didn’t showed up last yr playoffs?
Cyril G
Cyril G 5 kun oldin
Giannis is great and his size but Harden is different and this dude carrying a team.
Suave Guyy
Suave Guyy 5 kun oldin
Idc what anybody says Harden travels and has the referees on his side but when it come to showing up in the playoffs he chokes. Giannis is a two way player and still developing. SAS don’t start kissing his ass when he start shooting threes around 35%
Dabuh12 5 kun oldin
Kyrie is a better shot creating scorer and is actually clutch in the playoffs
Alexis Gardea
Alexis Gardea 5 kun oldin
Westbrook can lock him up
ShotbyEsco 5 kun oldin
CP3 helped Harden become the best player he could be
Calvin Thomas
Calvin Thomas 5 kun oldin
Aaron 5 kun oldin
2 conference finals appearance > 0 conference final appearance
Sadik Hammad
Sadik Hammad 5 kun oldin
Does anyone remember a bad man named Kobe Bryant ? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Collins Odhiambo
Collins Odhiambo 5 kun oldin
You are stupid if you tale Harden over Giannis....Giannis is like Lebron...only thing that lets him down is his shooting....
Shadow Ambush
Shadow Ambush 5 kun oldin
ESPN keeps makin Max look like the idiot all the time haha change the script once in a while guys
Game Boy
Game Boy 5 kun oldin
😂😂 thats why worlds laugh at western peoples ... 😂😂 Fuck .. how any one can pick harden over giannis 😂😂 lol
Student Isiah Jackson
Max always talk about playoffs like damn bro
David Morgan
David Morgan 5 kun oldin
Dunno why we keep calling him James Harden instead of James Haren. There’s no D
NoNameTheFirst 5 kun oldin
By the way in the 15-16 season when Harden disn’t make any of the All NBA teams before D’Antoni became the coach of the Rockets, Harden averaged 29 7.5 and 6 shooting 44% from the field and 36% from 3. I don’t know what revisionist history Max is referencing, but he’s dead wrong. Harden’s ppg actually hasn’t overprojected in the D’Antoni era considering the year to year increases he was making prior to D’Antoni. His asists have taken an upturn due to D’Antoni’s offense, but honestly that’s the kind of offense Morey has been wanting to run anyway. You saw the Rockets trending towards minimizing mid-range while maximizing 3s and layups.
Moises Morfin
Moises Morfin 5 kun oldin
This is my first time agreeing Stephen A.
KHAO SHONG 5 kun oldin
Lost my respect for Stephen A for endorsing James H. James H is nothing but a cheater. Skilled player but a cheater and flopper. One day he will gets his karma for cheating.
Qyoungin Savage
Qyoungin Savage 5 kun oldin
Clint Capela is unstoppable🏀🚀
Yule Moralde
Yule Moralde 5 kun oldin
harden has no defensive ability..
Andrew Goering
Andrew Goering 5 kun oldin
Let me just put it this way..... Giannis is so tall and long and fast and strong and dominant that he doesn't have to do all that crap that Harden does.. He doesn't have to get to the line 30 times every game in order to get 30 pts..... He doesn't have to travel to make buckets......
Icyyy Bray
Icyyy Bray 5 kun oldin
I think it’s safe to say that harden is way better than Russ the 2 year Argument is over
Lanre Sanni
Lanre Sanni 5 kun oldin
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macbook 16
macbook 16 5 kun oldin
yo molly looking guuuuuud
gilbertblaine8 5 kun oldin
What has giannis done in the playoffs???
Hrishikesh Manjunath
SAS actually right for once Lolz James Harden is 💯
Chan Sichen
Chan Sichen 5 kun oldin
Max harden hater 😂
Baggelhs1 Vysus
Baggelhs1 Vysus 5 kun oldin
Last month for stephen a smith the greatest scorer was durant lol he is trippin
David Alexander
David Alexander 5 kun oldin
The bucks just beat them
Unai Alday
Unai Alday 5 kun oldin
It’s so easy to say that Giannis can be defended by leaving him space. If you leave him space he is gonna drive like a runaway train and dunk on anyone at 65ish % efficiency. That’s the equivalent of a 43% 3pt shooter if you do the maths.
Bobby Chimes
Bobby Chimes 5 kun oldin
Omg these guys are hilarious
arey davis
arey davis 5 kun oldin
Keep that same energy
Vanisher 5 kun oldin
Btw max is pronouncing giannis surname rlly weirdly
Vanisher 5 kun oldin
This is a hard decision but we need to make the circumstances clear. If we are talking about overall game, I belive giannis is better because he does so well on defense while playing elite offence. If we are talking who is gonna get you more points, definitely harden cos he can play in the paint just not as well as giannis but he is a great mid range player and a solid 3 point shooter
S 93
S 93 5 kun oldin
James harden is his worse enemy lol
Jamal Imam
Jamal Imam 5 kun oldin
0:48 frowls
_ NVNDO _ 5 kun oldin
Yea Giannis might not have peaked yet and is only 23, the way Harden is playing now, I’m takin him all day any day
2k Ma-tricks
2k Ma-tricks 5 kun oldin
jokic MVP Allstar ,take jokic away From Denver and they r nothing why media is sabotaging Jokic !Steven A over Jokic WTF!!!😡
Frank Amisi
Frank Amisi 5 kun oldin
These guys BOTH stupid
J Money
J Money 5 kun oldin
Agree with Stephen A here.. Harden is just clearly better. It’s crazy how these 2 just switch off being right and wrong. Wtf is Max talking about here 😂
Kobe 5 kun oldin
Foul on harden by Max 3 Free throws.
vitorressan pasa
vitorressan pasa 5 kun oldin
Apex Gaming
Apex Gaming 5 kun oldin
Frals😂😂 dead 💀
Big Natie
Big Natie 5 kun oldin
At the end of the day, Antetokounmpo averages 26 and barely shoots jumpers lol. He would average 35 if he could actually shoot. Plus Harden production decreases in the playoffs........ give me Greek Freak. Ohh and he plays defense.
elwingy 5 kun oldin
stop shouting ffs wtf is this garbage? Do they really think that this makes it more engaging to watch or something? Holly shit give me subtitles so i can mute this shit lol.
C.T. Marshall
C.T. Marshall 5 kun oldin
Same here.
rupel 5 kun oldin
Lol harden benefits from the system around him, but giannis doesn't benefit from a system where he is surrounded by 4 shooters that space the floor around him so he can get to the basket? Foh max
R3sG THEPVS 5 kun oldin
Alsow Harden has the abilty to make his divenciv matchup look like a all star
A 5 kun oldin
I don't always like Harden's game with all those damn fouls. But his skills are undeniable and he puts everybody who guards him on skates.
Tana Young
Tana Young 5 kun oldin
There is a answer for harden... the playoffs! No D and gets scared to shoot since his thunder days he kills in regular season and chokes in playoffs
Mike Jeff
Mike Jeff 5 kun oldin
Get Udoh in the game tonight let's go Jazz...
vasilis bil
vasilis bil 5 kun oldin
Giannis is MVP no doubt
Kendall Miller
Kendall Miller 5 kun oldin
Id take Jokic over both
Aerro Kuhn
Aerro Kuhn 5 kun oldin
Giannis over harden any day of the week. Giannis is way more of a competitor
Lok Wong
Lok Wong 5 kun oldin
Its a tough decision but if had to choose which player to start a franchise with it would probably be Giannis.
Gaming4evah 5 kun oldin
For every view, James Harden gets a foul call.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 6 kun oldin
Does stephen a hate max shows such disrespect when he gives an opinion.
misanthropas 6 kun oldin
When SAS is talking about a European player versus an American homebred boy his opinions are as valid as Bozo the Clown s! The man is the 2nd best Greek freak hater after GreenRunsDeep and above Kyrie Irving (same person 2 IDs), and is the only person who cannot accept that placing those boys from US colleges above a man like Doncic was a mistake, hopefully a nice placing in the races for ROTY and RegSeason MVP will shut his trap...and maybe teach him some manners and the fact that usually in debates the one yelling and trying to shout over anybody else is the uneducated, wrongful sciolist!