Stephen A.: 'You've got to be crazy' to think anyone can surpass Kevin Durant | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman get fired up breaking down the possible candidates that could eclipse Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant as a better player in the 2018 NBA season including Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.
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4-Okt, 2018

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Tidus & Yuna
Tidus & Yuna Kun oldin
I know everybody dislikes kd, but this is crazy lmao. None of those names are BETTER than KD. They are definitely on his tier, but no they are not better. KD does everything! He is a better scorer than any of those names. He doesn't rebound better than Davis. He's on the same level as the freak and better than the other names listed. He's not better defensively than Ad and kawaii. He on the same level as the Greek freak but better than the rest. He's not a better passer than Greek freak but he's better or equal to the rest. He's the better closer and the better ft shooter. Hes without a doubt a snake. He makes the better teammate. Kd is better than the rest but not by much.
fredmillerlove 2 kun oldin
Max is trippin
Tracy Hallmon
Tracy Hallmon 2 kun oldin
KD is good but i really believe if he is on a team where he had to be great then that team will not win a ring
Immanuel Bobby
Immanuel Bobby 4 kun oldin
KD is free frim double-team
Cl0uD N9nE
Cl0uD N9nE 4 kun oldin
This nigga suckin kd balls tf. He tries to blind with talk not facts. Kevin durant my ass, dude just named 4 thats super solid and anytime golden state plays giannis kd be movin out the way amd does not defend giannis well. Stephen always talks loud but never spits facts tryna make the folks believe that loud talk to sell his show
MC Champ
MC Champ 5 kun oldin
Get me on the show❗️❗️❗️ PLEEASSEEE 😂 I just need a moment to talk to max kellerman
LaDarrell Hickman
LaDarrell Hickman 6 kun oldin
KD is a better shooter that's it giannis does everything else better.
IceInTheVains 44
IceInTheVains 44 8 kun oldin
max is right ngl
Aust0n Matthews
Aust0n Matthews 9 kun oldin
1) LeBron 2) Kawhi 3) KD 4) AD 5) Giannis This is the real top 5.
Derrick Williamson
Derrick Williamson 9 kun oldin
but LeBron did run and join a super team do you see how double-minded this dude is Max Kellerman its like he must not remember what he says because on the one hand joining a super team to win a championship doesn't stop LeBron from being in the concentration of being the goat which he was the first to do so . but it stops Kevin Durant from being even to 3.this dude is rediculous and I use to have a lot of respect for max kellerman when he was a boxing analyst and commentator was one of the best to do it although I did not agree with the way he went from saying Floyd Mayweather was better than Manny Pacquiao until Floyd beat Manny Pacquiao and then he said that Manny Pacquiao was better than Floyd it was obvious that HBO made him say that and that's when I lost respect for him but I don't have the same amount of respect as it pertains to him commentating and analyzing basketball
supervong1 10 kun oldin
Harden Westbrook Kd Lebron Giannis Ad Curry Leonard Irving Lilliard
Neil Ordanez
Neil Ordanez 10 kun oldin
Man just watching two people talk facts about NBA players is the best
Quentin B.
Quentin B. 10 kun oldin
Milwaukee is my team bar none.. Everybody hating cause we on the rise and gotta dominant player.. Antetokompo is better right now an on the rise
Docomonater Skywalker
I’ll take Giannis, a man who can average 30 ppg and have so much rpg
Rayn Rehman
Rayn Rehman 11 kun oldin
Look now kawahi harden gianis are above kd also Westbrook
OhMyOkI-_-ll YT
OhMyOkI-_-ll YT 11 kun oldin
not even gonna cap, max gave sum good ass points😩
Dakota Kidd
Dakota Kidd 12 kun oldin
Molly...pls stop
Karl Liggans
Karl Liggans 12 kun oldin
No lie every one he just listed of stats are better then KDs
kurl58 13 kun oldin
My dream team(currently) 1)Giannis 2)Anthony Davis 3)Lebron James 4)Kawhi Leonard 5)Steph Curry
kurl58 13 kun oldin
Anthony Davis > Kevin Durant
Jb Plays25
Jb Plays25 13 kun oldin
top 5 players 1.LeBron James 2.Curry 3.Giannis 4.KD 5.AD they are based statistically... Top 5 Best shooters 1.Steph 2.Klay thompson 3.KD 4.Lebron 5.Kawhi
Colin O'Brien
Colin O'Brien 13 kun oldin
Why is this molly bitch even talking like bitch u aint on the tv for a reason so firstly you prolly ugly as hell, secondly your arguments are useless and childish and bare no grounds but the the playground
the GOAT
the GOAT 13 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I love there debates lol
DMNFR 13 kun oldin
Giannis will be this season's MVP
Jamie Gaskins
Jamie Gaskins 13 kun oldin
This is the mindset that makes sports fans idiots. Just because somebody has been great doesn’t mean somebody won’t be better than them at some point. Giannis is going to pass kd dickheads
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 13 kun oldin
Think about this Kd made regular season warriors worse when he joined because they won less than 73 games
Lando Hudson
Lando Hudson 13 kun oldin
Max was right🤷🏽‍♂️
G 13 kun oldin
I agree with Kellerman. Stephen A makes all his decisions based on level of a players name. S.A lost credibility over the years by just choosing players he wants to defend opposed to looking at stats or listening to stories from coaches and other players. Just ask him about melo - the dude just screams his point hoping people think he iscorrect
MicGucci 14 kun oldin
Max just said kawhi was the only good player and mvp candidate when the spurs beat lebron lol.... he's just straight up lying on live television at this point
Darkwing2526 14 kun oldin
this guy has a major breakthrough rn
Superdave 14 kun oldin
Max eyes looking like a traffic lighy
JBourneID 14 kun oldin
I'm watching this on January 2, 2019 thinking this video came out from today's episode. Soon as Stephen A started talking crap about Kawhi I thought Stephen A must have lost his mind lol. He was proven wrong almost as soon as the season started.
heyal251 14 kun oldin
Max is stupid asf. My top 5 players list is 1. Lebron 2. KD 3. Kawhi 4. AD 5. Giannis Honorable mentions: Harden and Curry
G Lavish
G Lavish 14 kun oldin
Max is high key right
Siolo Leota
Siolo Leota 14 kun oldin
Sure.. Shaq couldn't make a damn free throw but still won mvp. Get off Durant's nuts stephen
Cory Knight
Cory Knight 14 kun oldin
Molly if you don't shut up
R A 14 kun oldin
Why do they always talk about the past and age when ranking players today, in the present time
Kyle Matthews
Kyle Matthews 14 kun oldin
Stephen A's face at the end. (Tha Fuck you talkin' bout audibles for Molly?)
CutterBender 14 kun oldin
Max speaking fax
Roberty Crosby
Roberty Crosby 14 kun oldin
You know it's hard when Molly all most snapped
The Original Kobby
The Original Kobby 15 kun oldin
I'm watching this on the 2nd of January, and I'm thinking of how stupid Stephen A. looks now after watching his reruns
Danny Crenshaw Sr
Danny Crenshaw Sr 15 kun oldin
Bitch ass nigga hating on Greek
daddy dissgod
daddy dissgod 15 kun oldin
Once giannis gets a jumpshot he's easily going to to be the 🐐
malick TJ Matiabeyuwi
Giannis gonna dominant soon just matter of time..
Jordan D
Jordan D 15 kun oldin
It doesn’t matter if Giannis has a three point shot or not because he’s still carrying the bucks to 15+ point blowouts against some if the best teams in the NBA
Jordan D
Jordan D 15 kun oldin
top 5 1)Lebron 2)Giannis 3)Kevin 4)Kawhi 5)Harden Giannis is playing much better than durant this season and Harden has had 5+ 35+ point games in a row with three if them being triple doubles
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster 16 kun oldin
@ 29 seconds 😂🤣😂
Logan Schliewe
Logan Schliewe 16 kun oldin
every team and player in the league knows giannis doesnt have a jumper and yet he still gets 30 a night. just being he cant shoot 3s doesnt mean he isnt an elite scorer. also peep the standings 👀
Pimpin Pat
Pimpin Pat 16 kun oldin
Molly, STFU
Tevin Jones
Tevin Jones 16 kun oldin
Its funny cus Max is right
BRAYAN ODHIAMBO 16 kun oldin
I agree with Max..KD is cry baby.
yannick willems
yannick willems 16 kun oldin
0:59 that face tho of smith 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The gamer Freak
The gamer Freak 16 kun oldin
I’m a fan of Kd but he can’t even lead a team
a5apJoshy 17 kun oldin
Kd wouldn’t take the bucks to where they are. Simple enough
Chef BoyardFlizzy
Chef BoyardFlizzy 17 kun oldin
Stephen A must be STOPPED!!! this nigga is be over emotional asf and be over debating wit no facts 💯💯💯💯💯
SonicRileyDawg 17 kun oldin
GiAnNis doesnt have a 3 point shot hm explain to me why he destroyed every opponent he goes against and dogs KD does anyone besides Max watch basketball?
SonicRileyDawg 17 kun oldin
Yo max destroyed SA
N. W.
N. W. 17 kun oldin
Giannis is now widely considered frontrunner for MVP, so Kellerman was right. I'd take out Leonard and add reigning MVP Harden ahead of Durant. Durant is about 5th. KD needs to go get his own team to prove he deserves to be the top guy. KD and Steph hurt each others' case and chances as MVP.
Tiffany Russell
Tiffany Russell 17 kun oldin
Max is Mad to think Durant is number 5😂😂
Yeohj Manalo
Yeohj Manalo 17 kun oldin
Stephen A. Thinks he's always right
Yeohj Manalo
Yeohj Manalo 17 kun oldin
Giannis is already stronger than KD
hellopeople191998 17 kun oldin
How does Stephen Smith not run out of breath?
Run Platypus
Run Platypus 18 kun oldin
This sells.
iniohos2 18 kun oldin
Stephen a smith z gonna have a stroke...
Alex Holtzie
Alex Holtzie 18 kun oldin
I refuse to listen to Max kellerman talk about NBA after hearing his opinion on Kevin Durant not being top 5 in the league.
A1 Dre
A1 Dre 18 kun oldin
LeBron 🐐
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz 18 kun oldin
Coming from a bucks fan. To say Giannis is better than KD right now is a mockery. Would I rather have Giannis? Yes because of his potential. But not because he's better right now
KennyX 18 kun oldin
How long can this guy talk for without breathing?
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez 19 kun oldin
Greek freak averages 27 without a 3pt shot 😰 imagine wtf he gon do when that hoe starts falling
I C 19 kun oldin
Nah Giannis CAN
keshawn anderson
keshawn anderson 19 kun oldin
Lebron Giannis Kawhi Harden Steph kd take your pick So at worst kd sixth at best he’s fourth
William Gravlin
William Gravlin 19 kun oldin
As much as it sounds crazy Max is 100% correct
All I Do is Wynn
All I Do is Wynn 19 kun oldin
But at least Giannis is trying to get a shot .
Danny G
Danny G 20 kun oldin
Stephen A. Smith is one of the most annoying sports analysts
Ole Lund
Ole Lund 20 kun oldin
why the fuck does everyone suddenly think you need a 3-point shot to be the best? never needed one before 2015, give me prime ben simmons and giannis and they would demolish prime steph and klay
All I Do is Wynn
All I Do is Wynn 20 kun oldin
Kd is a selfish ball hog. I would take ad kawhi lebron and the greek freek or even steph over a snake that went to a super team that won 73- 9 so selfish.
Ur mom Gay
Ur mom Gay 20 kun oldin
hE dOesN’t hAve a thRee pOint shOt
Rae Davidson
Rae Davidson 20 kun oldin
Yes, In today's game you need a shot. Ask Duke@ Zoga, you cant dunk everything
Rae Davidson
Rae Davidson 20 kun oldin
I love this !!!!!!!!!! No one, absolutely no one is better than Stephen A.
RustBucket 20 kun oldin
Stephen A is always wrong.
Aashish Gole
Aashish Gole 20 kun oldin
I think D Rose is the best. Hit if you agree
kennyb50 21 kun oldin
Max And Steven are annoying as hell but but Steven A. Is the most annoying. Too much blurting and spitting.
kennyb50 21 kun oldin
Shaq likes the Greek Freak. Says he didn’t have a 3 pt shot either.
Its Damion
Its Damion 21 kun oldin
Its Damion
Its Damion 21 kun oldin
Montrell Chapman
Montrell Chapman 21 kun oldin
KD is number one
PANDA GAMING 21 kun oldin
I like giannis more than kd
CHARLIE BROWN 21 kun oldin
Stephen A is getting real WWE these days.. (and its because others like max bit his style so much that he feels the need to over act)
Thanks 22 kun oldin
I like Molly but I miss Cari Champion
Javontae Jackson
Javontae Jackson 22 kun oldin
My man got Molly pissed off
Trust Johns
Trust Johns 22 kun oldin
Someone got brought back to college lectures 😁😁😂😂😁😁
Unknowngamer 101
Unknowngamer 101 23 kun oldin
Max’s point makes no sense when comparing AD to KD, because KD is playing with 3 other all stars right now, so he has less responsibility. The Pelicans are a one man team, and AD has all the burden for his team, that’s why his stats are higher
Anthony Harvey
Anthony Harvey 12 kun oldin
Unknowngamer 101 and he still more efficient
Jarrod Irving
Jarrod Irving 24 kun oldin
When Lebron retires Giannis is the best player in the league easily
Jarrod Irving
Jarrod Irving 24 kun oldin
KD is trash
King Gayton-Sims
King Gayton-Sims 24 kun oldin
You all say BECAUSE KD CAN SHOOT...but freak is a better rebounder passer ball handler and more athletic he can put on wieght kd can't...kd had a franchise and westbrook constantly over shadowed kd then he left cause he know he not a boss like that now the rest of his career he will not be the main star
CertifiedOGTripleOG 24 kun oldin
Kd #2 as far as basketball but he a bitch so he goes down to #5. #bitchmadeassnigga
native warrior
native warrior 24 kun oldin
Curry lebron kawhi n greek freak are all better than durant. A.d is coming. Kinda agree with max
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 24 kun oldin
Aigars Bru
Aigars Bru 25 kun oldin
where is Steph on their list? For me he is nr1
veazy v
veazy v 25 kun oldin
Giannis is 24 😱.
Deion Watson
Deion Watson 25 kun oldin