'You've got to be crazy' to think anyone can surpass Kevin Durant - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman get fired up breaking down the possible candidates that could eclipse Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant as a better player in the 2018 NBA season including Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.
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4-Okt, 2018



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James Harford
James Harford 3 kun oldin
Top 7 players in the league 1. Gannis no question 2. Harden 3. Curry 4. AD 5. KD 6. LBJ (Could go back up to the top if recovers from injury but right now he's here) 7. Kawhi
Stanley H
Stanley H Kun oldin
This is the real top 10 1.LeBron 2.Kawhi 3.AD 4.KD 5.the Greek Freak 6.Joel Embiid 7.Demarcus Cousins 8.James Harden 9.Russell Westbrook 10.Steph Curry
Stanley H
Stanley H Kun oldin
James Harford your list is Trash
ChillxBlacky 4 kun oldin
I’m tired of people saying wait until giannis gets a jumper what if he never gets a jumper then what’s y’all excuse giannis is nice af don’t get it wrong but it’s all about shooting now
ChillxBlacky 4 kun oldin
Kd best player in da league
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Dat One Kid
Dat One Kid 4 kun oldin
Now giannis is going to be mvp
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera 5 kun oldin
Max is the dumbest person I’ve ever seen
Tedros Sibhatu
Tedros Sibhatu 8 kun oldin
Max you are sick
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz 8 kun oldin
GiAnNis D0sEn"t hAvE a ShOt
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Now he does
Laxatives Dre
Laxatives Dre 8 kun oldin
KD is underperforming on a Super Team. He is 5th for me 1.Bron 2.Giannis 3.Kawhi 4.Curry 5.KD
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
NBA top 5 players 1.LeBron 2.Kawhi 3.AD 4.KD 5.the Greek Freak
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Anthony Davis should be in your top 5 list
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Morgan Wallace
Morgan Wallace 9 kun oldin
If Giannis has a three point shot he would the best player ever
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
It depends How many threes he would make
Sheldon Barnes
Sheldon Barnes 10 kun oldin
Max was right. I'm glad to see someone else is seeing what I have for a long time.
Sheldon Barnes
Sheldon Barnes Kun oldin
Nope KD is number #5 at best. Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetekoumpo. Kawhi Leonard (if healthy), Lebron James then KD.
James Purcell
James Purcell Kun oldin
Nope he's not KD is the best player in basketball right now
Saint Aubyn
Saint Aubyn 10 kun oldin
Max says Durant should be leveling off as if there’s a limitation on everyone in sports. KD can take his game as far as he wants. Giannis is NOT better than KD. Not even close. As a basketball player????? Are you serious????
Saint Aubyn
Saint Aubyn 10 kun oldin
What is wrong with Max?
Ralphie Decongilio
Ralphie Decongilio 11 kun oldin
Am I the only person who thinks Anthony Davis is way overrated...he has one nothing and never will
Tevin Smith
Tevin Smith 11 kun oldin
Max just die
akia goldsmyth
akia goldsmyth 11 kun oldin
As a 59-year-old woman, I could do a better job than Max (who talks too much). He's unqualified.
Oh No no
Oh No no 11 kun oldin
Why does this man get so worked up
TeeJay Meyer
TeeJay Meyer 8 kun oldin
It's how he is and its entertaining..I love it lol
Shane Jones
Shane Jones 11 kun oldin
But Ad is a solid argument
Shane Jones
Shane Jones 11 kun oldin
So yeah giannis gets his, but when does kd ever get stopped? 😂
Stanley H
Stanley H Kun oldin
KD is better than the Greek Freak
Pearl SorA
Pearl SorA 11 kun oldin
not only does Giannis have ball in his hands almost twice as much as KD.. he has no other super stars on his team to relay on, Kevin Durant is astronomically a better all around player then Giannis, I love Giannis but to say this is dumb Max...
Obito Clan
Obito Clan 12 kun oldin
Who wants to surpass the gay that choose the easy way to get a championship ring
Jerry Long
Jerry Long 12 kun oldin
4 months later and im still like huh
allen lepon
allen lepon 12 kun oldin
Kevin durant for me is a no. 1
Stanley H
Stanley H 7 kun oldin
bill keller
bill keller 12 kun oldin
Max need to go back to boxing cause this guy is basketball dumb
Black Shades Johnny Cage
YO sas face when he said the greek freak lol tooooooo funny
Jonah Scarlett
Jonah Scarlett 12 kun oldin
5:50 Leonard won a title while Tim was on the floor not when he wasn't XD yup and KD won a title while Curry and Klay were on the floor putting up 25-30 a game and not when they weren't Lmao hypocritical Stephan A
Jonah Scarlett
Jonah Scarlett 12 kun oldin
Harden took the rockets to 3rd seed by himself while Westbrook AND DURANT were below that. Harden better than Durant and Westbrook?
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
He's better than Westbrook but he's not better than KD
Jonah Scarlett
Jonah Scarlett 12 kun oldin
Durant is not even top 5 rn
triggamanful 13 kun oldin
Man look i get KD fucked by going to GSW but KD is a fuckin beast man he averaging 27 while sharing the ball with Steph and Klay is this some kind of joke?! KD is hands down the best scorer ever add to that his defense and rebounding. No one is better than KD right now man. When was the last time KD had a bad shooting game
RRY PHILL 14 kun oldin
Max is a Controversy sports analyst..he goes the Opposite just his position is Wack.
Justin LeBlanc
Justin LeBlanc 14 kun oldin
I ain't no warriors fan but no way in hell Kevin Durant is the 5th best player... I gotta put him on the top since lebron doesn't play defense very well at the moment.
Stanley H
Stanley H 2 kun oldin
+Justin LeBlanc LeBron is Still the best player in the NBA
Justin LeBlanc
Justin LeBlanc 2 kun oldin
True but they haven't been playing well since he's back. Next season will prove what he can still do
Stanley H
Stanley H 2 kun oldin
+Justin LeBlanc if LeBron had never got injured the Lakers would be a good Team and have a good record and make the playoffs
Stanley H
Stanley H 2 kun oldin
+Justin LeBlanc I mean it not he's fault that he gonna miss the playoffs he got injured
Justin LeBlanc
Justin LeBlanc 2 kun oldin
Yeah man he has been number 1 on my list for many years but that changed this season he gonna miss the playoffs and defense has been shaky
Jacob Knock
Jacob Knock 15 kun oldin
Anyone noticed that before kd’s move to GSW, that no one noticed him as the 2nd best player
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Kawhi was the 2nd best NBA player since 2014
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
NO he wasnt
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons 15 kun oldin
KD ain’t even top 200 all time. 🐍🐍🐍
David Murphy
David Murphy 15 kun oldin
Molly: HE DOSENT HAVE A THREE POINT SHOT😡😡 Me:SHUT ......TF..........FUCK ...........UP!!!!!.......MOLLY 😂😂
soggy weinie
soggy weinie 15 kun oldin
Few months later max is still wrong. max needs to get fired
Jonah Scarlett
Jonah Scarlett 12 kun oldin
soggy weinie 5:50 Leonard didn't win without Tim and KD didn't win without Curry and Klay
allen panicker
allen panicker 16 kun oldin
actually now lebron is not top 5
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Is U Stupid??
Alfred Faofua
Alfred Faofua 18 kun oldin
Honestly Lebron playing like he's da 5th best player today...🤷‍♂️ just saying..
Uros Jovic
Uros Jovic 19 kun oldin
Just one question for mister Stephen A. How long have you kept a secret you jerk on KD ?
Kasper Ståhl
Kasper Ståhl 20 kun oldin
Stephen A. Smith is so fucking annoying, someone get him fired
search on spot
search on spot 20 kun oldin
Looking at it now, Max was right. Gianis is having an incredible season and most likely win mvp and the bucks are 1st seed and have the best record in the NBA (including east and west).
Baseball28 TP
Baseball28 TP 21 kun oldin
You can’t talk about pts and reb because kd is on such a stacked team he doesn’t get the ball as often
Almighty_Cloutgod12 21 kun oldin
I love how it ends when Molly starts talking😂
Pug_Life 21 kun oldin
Watching Stephen A. destroy max in arguments is the highlight of my day 😂
Just Anon
Just Anon 22 kun oldin
AD is better than KD tho.
Jude Broussard
Jude Broussard 22 kun oldin
Oh yeah and kawahi
Jude Broussard
Jude Broussard 22 kun oldin
I'd take Curry all say over Durant. Max is definitely right this time. AD LeBron Curry and PG13 is better
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Curry and Paul George is not better than KD
John Grabish
John Grabish 23 kun oldin
Giannis is my favorite player and I think is is as good as most but I think all of the people they mention are as good as each other andi would never say some one is better only if there way better, and if he does get a 3 point shot yes maby a little better then all the other all stars for being the good in all aspects
Ray Karish
Ray Karish 24 kun oldin
Max retarded asf
Josh Khodosh
Josh Khodosh 24 kun oldin
Lebron Curry Durant Harden Westbrook
Jhon Doe
Jhon Doe 25 kun oldin
Kevin Durant is the second best player in the league period..1)Lebron .J 2) Kevin D. 3)s. Curry 4)Gianni. K 5) Kawhi L 6) james H. 7) Anthony D. 8)kyrie. E 9) Paul G. 10)Russell W.
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman 25 kun oldin
KD is better than lebron...
N Igga
N Igga 25 kun oldin
This video ages well for max
Tilen 26 kun oldin
Stephen is a joke
Poly Skrub
Poly Skrub 26 kun oldin
KD blew a 3-1 lead against GSW with Westbrook who is a dominant and consistent guard. Curry destroys OKC with multiple back to back 10+ 3's games thus making KD give up on winning a ring with OKC
Khereem Anderson
Khereem Anderson 26 kun oldin
Supreme Beast
Supreme Beast 27 kun oldin
You should conduct a drug test on Max Kellerman (TELEVISED)
Cortez Carter
Cortez Carter 28 kun oldin
Greek Freak is better but Smith got me dead asf 😂😂
Angel Brown
Angel Brown 28 kun oldin
Listening to @Theboy Mo 'Haiti Baby' using My Mixtapez app mymixtapez.com/album/197541
TheLimeSpider 28 kun oldin
Giannis, harden, Westbrook, lebron, AD, Kawhi, then Durant
Grayfire78 29 kun oldin
Based on what we’ve seen... what would make anyone think 🤔 that Giannis is gonna “develop” a jump shot 🤣😂. This is funny 😆. KD is one of the ALLTIME great shot makers/scorers in game history. Lol being able to shoot and stretch defense is a major skill. That cant be discounted. Greek is a great player, but taking advantage of the style of NBA play that is today, makes him look ALOT better. KD could play and be just as dynamic in ANY era. No way Giannis could play his style game in a different era. So since KD is more versatile at the SAME height, he gets the edge at whos better.
Victor Ojo
Victor Ojo Oy oldin
Giannis doesn't shoot 3s but still dropped 43 pts against the Wizards with a win.
sugarcoin72 Oy oldin
First of all, Molly..shut up.. second, max was right
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Max hair Turning gray quick
Warren Franklin
Max tripping now
Stanley H
Stanley H Kun oldin
Max is right tho but Giannis is not better than KD
Mark Louie Leones
Now tell me, is KD better than the greek freak? Hell No!!!
Jonny boy Ali
Jonny boy Ali Oy oldin
If golden state wins again he’s going to be the best player max!!!
Patches O'houlihan
My Top 10 Players Right Now 1. Giannis Antekonkoumpo 2. James Harden 3. Anthony Davis 4. Kevin Durant 5. LeBron James 6. Kawhi Leonard 7. Steph Curry 8. Paul George 9. Joel Embiid 10. Russell Westbrook HM Damian Lillard
Patches O'houlihan
I think Max has a point
Eric Tolbert
Eric Tolbert Oy oldin
Sas is such an hypocrite, cant catch kd but everyone can catch lebron
The only reason you would take Giannis is because he is 24 but if you just building a team for this year no way would I take him over KD Kawhi or LeBron
Ramon Booth
Ramon Booth Oy oldin
Stop with this LeBron fan boy shit....LeBum is the problem with the Lakers he stinks as a leader he is dragging my team down with his lack of leadership and no heart. Those that can't see it dont know ball.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Oy oldin
Stop hating Milwaukee's gonna win the Championship.gannis is the next 🐐......
Erik  Danner
Erik Danner Oy oldin
Max your dumb
Richard Thomas
There will never be a goat again if your whole team are super teams theres no challenge to the game anymore Kobe Bryant is the last goat
Benjamin Jeanes
Lakers are 10th in their conference.. How is tampBron even in the top ten? Not even greatest now much less THE 🐐...
Benjamin Jeanes
Bulls were never over 5th in their conference with jordan
w o
w o Oy oldin
Stephan A. Is going to kill me 😂😂.
They pay Molly no mind😂😂
eric medina
eric medina Oy oldin
All I know is that with the game on the line there is no one as good as Durant right now, certainly not Lebron James.
Baller Boi
Baller Boi Oy oldin
Max hating on kd cause he went to the warriors. Obviously kd is better
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
KD is the 4th best player in the NBA
TheGhost8783 Oy oldin
I wouldn't mind listening to what Stephen A's perspective is, but I can't hear him!!!
M.O.U records
M.O.U records Oy oldin
Today's my birthday uzvid.com/video/video-afzpRl-Iub4.html
Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant Oy oldin
Who is this girl think she knows shit like lmao 😂
Raptors SF
Raptors SF Oy oldin
“Kawhi didn’t have to join a super team just to stop Lebron.” Facts. Facts. Facts. Everyone think warriors good and Lebron is shit cuz warriors beat Lebron when Lebron has nobody when he was in Cleveland
Paul Carlomagno
I can't help but think of those Shiggy imressions when Stephen A. speaks 😂
Vincent King
Vincent King Oy oldin
Gianni's is like seeing a 16 year old in a Lamborghini and all you can do is "😨" when you see him!
Richard Hillman
Of course they would start a team with giannis, they are gms. They look at age, ability, length etc. But it only said 30%, different gms have different needs and views for their organizations. I don't think you could go wrong starting with AD either. Both AD and the Greek Greek are young to build around. Are they better than Durant would be in a playoff game tonight? Maybe not
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright Oy oldin
Molly shut the fuck up
Top 5 players in the league (people will disagree with me, but that’s because they take stats out of context. There are millions of factors outside of the player’s control that can influence stats, not to mention there are many parts of the game that don’t show up in the stat sheet at all. The only way to determine these factors is actually watching them. I have watched the nba extensively, so if you’re a stat sheet watcher then don’t even try to argue with me cuz your arguments are irrelevant). That being said 1. Lebron 2. Curry 3. Kd 4. Giannis 5. Hard choice between ad, kawhi, and harden. If I HAD to choose I’d say kawhi. Harden’s offensive stats are inflated by since he’s such a ball hog, but I can’t really hold that against him since his team would actually be worse if he wasn’t a ball hog. His team needs it right now. Still a defensive liability though. I also think kawhi just has a better all around game than ad. But like I said, number 5 was a really hard choice, and any of these 3 players have a strong argument for them.
Corben Sutherland
You can tell by the look on Max's face that he knows he is talking bullshit
Fãsedø Oy oldin
1) Lebron 2) KD 3) AD 4) Kawhi 5) Curry Change my mind‼️
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
NBA top 5 players 1.LeBron 2.Kawhi 3.AD 4.KD 5.the Greek Freak
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Your list is not good
Jemal Oy oldin
KD isn't even top 5 for *this season* Top 5 for *THIS SEASON* is: 1.Harden 2.Giannis/PG13 3.Curry 4.LeBron 5.Kawhi/AD
Stanley H
Stanley H 3 kun oldin
Overall KD is top 5
Sleepy Eyes
Sleepy Eyes Oy oldin
This fool tripping. Gianna's has a littler further to go but pg, Leonard on his ass Davis. That's four! It's really not that absurd.
Roshes aii
Roshes aii Oy oldin
I'll take Giannis he can actually lead a team unlike KD whose being spoon fed and has fake rings. Allen Iverson playoff run better then KDs 2 rings
PlotMixtapes Oy oldin
1.Lebron 2.Harden 3.Steph 4.KD 5.GIANNIS
Stanley H
Stanley H Kun oldin
The real top 5 1.LeBron 2.Kawhi 3.AD 4.KD 5.the Greek Freak
PlotMixtapes Oy oldin
max is right
Emma Bee
Emma Bee Oy oldin
Man stfu Steven A Stupid.
Naeem Salemi
Naeem Salemi Oy oldin
Imagine if Kevin Durant was 40 pounds of muscle heavier. #rip the nba
Epic Asaps
Epic Asaps Oy oldin
i can agree kawhi can carry a team lebron can carry a team but usally on a bad team so sometimes The greek freak is carrying rn but durant needs a superteam just let that sink in for a second ok kd is good but kawhi better defence and greek freek better defence so what is kd better at then any of theese players besides greek freeks shot? huh i think hes right 5
koliikho ko
koliikho ko Oy oldin
It's like battling for 2020 President
Antwan Jones
Antwan Jones Oy oldin
Marquee Harris
nobody is not moving up on LeBron LeBron got more percentage of points in everybody in the career-wise he made more points than all his careers dinner rookies did this is why he should stop talking he called Jordan 23 and he said a lot of other things now he's saying everybody is going to pass LeBron and also KD is 5th place he's the second best player in the game this man really need to leave Sports if y'all name in people that's passing LeBron name those people because one nobody scores more than LeBron hog the ball and 2 KD shoes more threes and he drives in Moore same thing with LeBron one season doesn't count all of them do so think about what you say what's the best player in the world because those players are not the best players in the world KD and LeBron James is because that's the most stupidest thing to say
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