Stephen Applies For White House Chief Of Staff

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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With Mnuchin, Mulvaney and Ayers declining the opportunity, Stephen Colbert volunteers to be Donald Trump's White House chief of staff.
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11-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 197
Naman Mathur
Naman Mathur 6 kun oldin
Anand Varun Achari
Anand Varun Achari 11 kun oldin
This man is a killer 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mohamed Adam Mohamed
A job well bing,bing,bing,bong............
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth 17 kun oldin
I really respect Mr. Ayers for not taking that job. He would have been labeled a traitor like Trump. Trump is poison and will go down in history as the most corrupt President as we've ever had. A man who was more loyal to our enemies than to the American people. I can hear history Professors now. "The thing about Trump is that he could not tell the truth. He averaged ten lies a day. We will be studying why this man was a traitor many times over this semester and we have a lot of ground to cover." Songs
Daniel Andersson
Daniel Andersson 18 kun oldin
I know this is not Conan but I found a mistake! That was the wrong finger used in the foam finger joke.
Mark Maxwell
Mark Maxwell 19 kun oldin
That would lighten things up....lol..... You could borrow Jay Leno's cars.
Sunny B Sunny
Sunny B Sunny 19 kun oldin
Colbert don't you dare take a Holiday! We need you!
Jiminy Lummox
Jiminy Lummox 20 kun oldin
Hehehe, Muller can't get me in trouble. I did all those crimes amonmonsly... anomolusly..umm.... amonomously. . . . . amo-FUCK'N COVFEFE
Ann Lake
Ann Lake 15 kun oldin
That's BRILLIANT!!!!!
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi 24 kun oldin
The only thing the stupit wall would stop is regular precious animal migration viva the ultimet Farrow Donald duck
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi 24 kun oldin
There is always one that is ready to kiss dinkel berrys
jervey123 26 kun oldin
jeez, why the hell am i watching this on christmas eve?
Benjamin Vincent
Benjamin Vincent 27 kun oldin
God bless Stephen Colbert! Thanks for giving me laughter in my misery over Trump!
ramo moreno
ramo moreno 27 kun oldin
Stephen Colbert potus 2020
Theresa Jarreau
Theresa Jarreau 28 kun oldin
John Smith
John Smith 28 kun oldin
This man and his shenanigans as made a mockery...... wait I mean fuckery of the presidency and the Oval Office. I don’t live in the state, and I can see this moron being impeached.
Wajahat Shah
Wajahat Shah 28 kun oldin
Well !!!!!! DONE
jan bar
jan bar Oy oldin
Colbert, kto cie splodzil ty tepy idioto.
Is it just me or does Nick Ayers look like Mike Pence in a wig?
jim buchens
jim buchens Oy oldin
Don the con is done
William Hicks
William Hicks Oy oldin
Please please can you cut the mics of those off camera who add such gems as “yes”, “ha ha”, and “mmmm”. It’s like an annoying Aunt at Christmas dinner who agrees with everything, but adds nothing.
leHungry Oy oldin
Stephen’s monologues are unmatched of all late night!
Marivel Fernandez
love your show!
D Mack
D Mack Oy oldin
Ol' fat Nixon is going to prison... and hopefully some of his Nazi administration will be going with him.
Leighann McWilliams
I don’t like him Stephan. Mean jerk
Misha's World
Misha's World Oy oldin
I want to be the stage manager for this show and manage all the imaginary props Colbert uses.
Sam Burns
Sam Burns Oy oldin
My oh my, Donald's "Stupid" character trait continues to increase each week.
William H Bonnie
Stephen Colbert and liberalism, prime examples of why birth control and condoms were created. Just keep cryin, whining, and lyin til 2024. Maybe your nightmare will end then. But then again, maybe not. #MAGA #KAG. #TRUMP2020. #BUILDTHEDAMNWALL #WWG1WGA
Esther Mwangi
Esther Mwangi Oy oldin
Now I want Cohen regret emoji on my phone 😂
Andrej Tag
Andrej Tag Oy oldin
Take a Russian guy.
c C
c C Oy oldin
I want 2 do a Purge on all trump supporters
Kiki N
Kiki N Oy oldin
Nobody wants to sign an NDA
Suzette Young
Suzette Young Oy oldin
Stephen Colbert would make a great Chief of Staff! Stephen. Stephen, Stephen, Stephen
Trump is stupid if he passes this proposition with Stephen! They could make history!
Matt Oy oldin
Trump would be so embarrassed having to stand next to a real celebrity like Colbert day in and day out. I love it.
derry667dingo Oy oldin
Well... done? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Colbert is a master of the comedic pause.
Notur Queen
Notur Queen Oy oldin
John Kelly quit. If Trump did the quitting, he would have had a replacement lined up.
wizeguy2007 Oy oldin
Is this really comedy? Or just a show for brainwashed people to go along like a bunch of lemmings running off of a cliff.
MrTingles Oy oldin
Hot Potreason, hot Potreason. Hot Potreason, hot Potreason.
APPLE & HAPPY x-files
Donovan Oy oldin
4 Star Liar and 1st Class Racist. Good riddance.
dolceanstar Oy oldin
I hear Piers Morgan has also applied
Antwon Brinson
Awesome!! So awesome!! 😂😂😂
It’s going to take a crowbar to get this dude out of office, no... a bouncer.
michael poche
michael poche Oy oldin
Is Dan Qualye available for Trump's Chief if Staff? Humm...Was Bush's VP even at the funeral? I didn't notice one way or the other.
Dragon Curve Enthusiast
a job .... well...... done.
Stormy Oy oldin
Stephen wouldn't last five minutes because that would involve him doing a real job....
The P
The P Oy oldin
Right on :)
Louis Ayensu-Mensah
“I would like to humbly announce...” Colbert is so good with the voice. 😂😂😂😂
Fat Daddy
Fat Daddy Oy oldin
Your trump impersonation sucks Stephen
James Monroe
James Monroe Oy oldin
Like Bolton wig,,, or Whig
Michael Renshaw
comes with a prison sentence lol
Javier Bonilla
Individual 1 says: “I never instructed Cohen to do anything wrong”. Cohen says: “that is right, it’s my hobby to look for random women who can make up stories about married men and give them lots of money; I do it for the fun of it.”
Mystery Man
Mystery Man Oy oldin
10+ people in line? Stephen Colbert -Nick Ayers- Michael Costa John Oliver -Mick Mulvaney- Ivanka Trump Ivana Trump Donald Trump, Jr. -Steve Mnuchin- His wig
Michael James
Michael James Oy oldin
It's gonna be Richard Spencer.
theGhoulman Oy oldin
Let me get this straight... The President of the United States is guilty of conspiracy with Russia, and paying off porn girls for sex, then paying THEM off for their silence, during the election (thus using election $) and all the while making biz $ to build hotels in the Middle East and Russia, yea, a lot. So, to get this straight, the US President is a real estate salesman. Dude...thought that was he was from the beginning. See?
Jack the Ripper
He was number one
Seetiyan Oy oldin
"But I believe in my heart of hearts that this could be fun for me." Hey, at least he's honest about what he wants to get out of the job unlike Trump and his administration.
Timothy McNulty
Steven Corbert will be making apologies forever starting in Jan2019 when the Military Tribunals start on all the scum he's been helping avoid the executioner. GAME OVER. Didnt you see several of the Bush and Clinton Crime Family members receive an envelope with their folders at GHWBush's funeral? After all of them read the content, all of their expressions and expectations made a drastic change... Video Gold...
Brian Mouland
Brian Mouland Oy oldin
The only job you want is Nancy's face pillow Maggot!
Timothy Kwong
Timothy Kwong Oy oldin
All the Trump staffers who left this administration don't have to worry about going to HELL , they have already been there!!!!!!!!
Chester Carter
I wonder who's going to the fema internment camps under president trump
Katherine Dorsey
Wanted: Trump White House currently seeking to fill vacant Chief of Staff position. Illegal Mexicans welcome to apply, no AMERICAN wants this sucky job. ~MAGA ~ OLÉ 🤣🤣🤣 - D.W.
Katherine Dorsey
Wanted: Trump White House currently seeking to fill vacant Chief of Staff position. Illegal Mexicans welcome to apply, no AMERICAN wants this sucky job. ~MAGA ~ OLÉ 🤣🤣🤣
MR SriLankan
MR SriLankan Oy oldin
Individual-1 and “Totally clears the President” got me rofl 🤣. Individual-1 is a troll!
Virka Odinenko
Ah, this prostituted jester is now wanting a job at White House?
Paul Herbst
Paul Herbst Oy oldin
u will c told u so
once trump goes away this guy loses his whole act...then what?
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna Oy oldin
WarMask Oy oldin
I'm extremely disapointed by Stephen. You lost your edge man.
Jackie Lubeck
Jackie Lubeck Oy oldin
According to Aaron Sorkin in West Wing; the chief of staff should be (1) a best friend and (2) smarter than the president... So that leaves no one and everyone. (THIS IS A GOOD JOKE...!!!!)
MravacKid Oy oldin
Stephen Colbert as the next Republican president? :D
Salahudin346 Oy oldin
If you get the job, the man on the West wing will be out of his presidential seat! 🤣😂😆
Kathleen Greves
torso ventilation ,, lol lol thanks for the laughs
joe blogs
joe blogs Oy oldin
wouldn't individual 1 be Putin?
Poison Kiss
Poison Kiss Oy oldin
At this point, anyone would have to be caught dead to work for Trump. You'd have to have nothing to lose to join the Trump administration.
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan Oy oldin
Stephen Miller is KKKREMLIN Donnie's bedwarmer
R023 G0ld
R023 G0ld Oy oldin
President Trump has a thing for blondes, Ivana Trump, Stormy Daniels, Paula White and of course his daughter Ivanka Trump. Very Aryan 👌
Tds Tds
Tds Tds Oy oldin
Steven would be a terrible Chief if Staff. But still better than the Trumpster as President. Fun to watch for a month or two. A train wreck after that.
Forrest Lincoln
Guess who's going to be announced as "Acting Chief of Staff" ... after all it saves taxpayer money to make Mike Pence a two-fer Trump affiliate.
Sarah Brayer
Sarah Brayer Oy oldin
I said after he won the election, he kept saying "the election is rigged" because he F*#@$+;! rigged it! Come on Mueller! Bring the hammer down!
trainwreck told ya
David Letterman was funny
Leo Peridot
Leo Peridot Oy oldin
It's clear that the WH is turning the next Chief of Staff hunt into a bad episode of The Apprentice. Unfortunately for the WH, it's backfiring on Trump because people are turning him down, and the ones applying are even more incompetent, visceral, and toxic than Trump himself. So I do hope Stephen Miller is selected. My money is on Cory Lewandowski or KellyAnne Conway. I have to laugh at Santorum turning down the WH offer, so he says. Like anyone would offer him a job at the WH. There is no way Jared Kurshner will let Chris Christie inside the WH. Ultimatum would be made, either Christie goes or Jared will take Ivanka and leave the WH.
michael ruiz
michael ruiz Oy oldin
MAGA !!!
Dennis Dowd
Dennis Dowd Oy oldin
The beginning of the end of Trump forever.....
Ricardo Salas
Ricardo Salas Oy oldin
I think Trump should bring Oma Rosa back to be the new Chief of Staff...
Michsel Holiday
you know what would be really funny if Donald Trump said yes Steven and then fired him
Golden 47
Golden 47 Oy oldin
I'd love to see a comedian in the White House. It would be awesome
Linn Davis
Linn Davis Oy oldin
*Colbert sniffs the end of the finger* baaaahahahah Yeah, you don't wanna know where that's been.
heterodyne1 Oy oldin
YOUR only job qualifications would not even get you a job as lifeguard at a sewage treatment plant.
Sijan Bhandari
I am up. I am up. Here, look here. i got my hands up too.
p0gr Oy oldin
what happens if stephen is accepted?
The Kniving Feather
Dear Stevie, don't you know by now the conglomerate position of chief of staff is under prescreening..."A spoon can be magdalenized by the homomorphism of the mouth"
This is my annual reminder that Stephen Colbert is not funny
D Y Oy oldin
Anyone who takes this job,be prepare to lie and be deceptive for the orange b!ob and expect no loyalty in return!
J. Patterson
J. Patterson Oy oldin
Thought it said Chef... 😂
Jake Filmore
Jake Filmore Oy oldin
Y'all Americans shouldn't be crying now. You elected him after all
E G Williams-Woodson
The only requirements are, that you are a living or a once living being, lack comman sense, have zero morality/humanity, willing to be totally loyal, not too fond of your freedom, and look good in Orange or stripes....🙃 If you have these qualities, the sign on the line....🖍
Healing Dog
Healing Dog Oy oldin
Who would want to clean after the man who $hits all over himself, everywhere, everyday...
Angel PDI
Angel PDI Oy oldin
Mourad Bouskla
He looks like that light skinned Guy with blond hair from Harry Potter.