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Will Stephen give Conan the hook?
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7-Noy, 2017



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Umberto Cardona
Umberto Cardona 3 kun oldin
The man definitely knows how to make an entrance
Rachel Oleysyck
Colbert gives so many accolades to coco, and then no tag or credit given to stephen by Conan. Guess it's just a personality difference
Michael Baumann
Michael Baumann 6 oy oldin
That’s not a harpoon. That’s a pike pole for firefighting.
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco 10 oy oldin
0:36 daym! That turn is something
VisseNekku Yil oldin
That's not a harpoon. You use that to drive logs in a river.
shalini singh
shalini singh Yil oldin
Conan is definitely with no doubt the late night king!
Lovely Me
Lovely Me Yil oldin
You two are such a cute pairing lolol
Tiffany Alexandria
Colbert is the real deal man
Yamael Gomez
Yamael Gomez Yil oldin
Crossover lmao
Franks Tanks
Franks Tanks Yil oldin
Who paid for the pro trump ad?
Joe Lin
Joe Lin Yil oldin
Distasteful and frankly offensive guest to America and the people of America. Conan finally interviews Hitler and wonders why there are only 131k views.
lar hjp
lar hjp Yil oldin
I love Colbert so much! He's so wise, clever, sarcastic, funny, intelligent, talented, geeky and authentic. Got a crush on him
Struggling with life like you
Trump's got a point tho
Jacob Crouse
Jacob Crouse Yil oldin
AKG should make a limited edition, red CONAN C414. That would be dope.
Tyler Gould
Tyler Gould Yil oldin
It's actually a antique fireman's pike.
re hash
re hash Yil oldin
"Blew his brains out, all over the Pacific. And there's nothing funny about that."
The Alfonso Nation
Two legends unite.
Sympath der Seefahrer
Capt'n Stephen Colbert, hunting the big orange whale since 2016!
Rara Zap
Rara Zap Yil oldin
I LOVE STEPHEN COLBERT!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Conan for getting him on your show!
Jason Tinsley
Jason Tinsley Yil oldin
NOT A HARPOON! It's a boat hook.
Ricca Shaps
Ricca Shaps Yil oldin
BornDepressed Yil oldin
For some reason my Conan videos always come up as pitch black. Is this a new technique being used to keep Conan looking young? Blinding the public? Classy.
Mark Yil oldin
This NYT article just confirmed out loud what Conan's fans already know. He's here for comedy. He's breathing it. His whole thing is about it in a generation when the mainstream attention is focused on karaoke songs with movie stars and political comments. Kudos to Jason Zinoman for writing this piece and we also should give props to Colbert for aknowledging the article.
Nate Puterbaugh
Nate Puterbaugh Yil oldin
Just remember, he killed a man with a trident
Al Hutch
Al Hutch Yil oldin
wheres all the black people thought this was the apollo
Deathna Yil oldin
The King of late night show. #COCO
Todd Albrecht
Todd Albrecht Yil oldin
I liked Stephen best, in the first 50 of his episodes. Conan has so many great clips. I love when he goes to another country.
Krumple Themal
Krumple Themal Yil oldin
Disgusting and nothing funny comes out of his mouth? Was Trump talking about himself and accidentally addressed Colbert?
Sheila Dey
Sheila Dey Yil oldin
Two legends of talk show
KaWaWu Yil oldin
That is not a harpoon
ryan staudt
ryan staudt Yil oldin
Clearly a gaff...
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
The best red head talk show host in America!!!
MurphdogTV Yil oldin
This just reminds me how funny Colbert is. It's a shame he just reduced himself to the trump basher nowadays but I still think he's absolutely hilarious
Trey Grosvenor
Trey Grosvenor Yil oldin
Conan is King!
Alrighteeful Yil oldin
I've been a fan of him since strangers with candy, and oh the '06 correspondents' dinner.
DeRock Media
DeRock Media Yil oldin
SWC was a gem of a show
Joonas Ahonen
Joonas Ahonen Yil oldin
leave it to a couple 'yorkers to mistake a lumberjack's river pole for a harpoon... :,D
ultraklebestift Yil oldin
Here's the article: www.nytimes.com/2017/11/05/arts/television/conan-obrien-artistic-risks-late-night-talk-show.html
Clark Parker
Clark Parker Yil oldin
Damn, Colbert 's got swag.
Rollin Kocher
Rollin Kocher Yil oldin
I wish their feud was still going on.
Frits Thomassen
Frits Thomassen Yil oldin
Guest on Guest on Guest...horny... ..........not
Cancun771 Yil oldin
Yeah that's a gaff, not a harpoon.
xCaptxCrunchx Yil oldin
Three Legends right there sitting together.
The man, myth, the legend, Steven Colbert
actually thats an ox prod . seen many.
jack p show me a photo of a boat hook . no sharp end . my sis had an action pursuit cruiser. Theres a grand marina over the ridge from me in costa rica. wanna scratch your 300k yatch ? shithead . show up at the marina with your " boat hook " clown
jack p youre stupid . not my problem boy
jack p
jack p Yil oldin
DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS I mean I guess you could if that’s what you’re into, it’s your ass. That reverse barb must destroy your intestines but it’s 2017 and I’m not going to question you’re sexual preference
look up goad . a medival tool . are we done ?
jack p i suppose so. or you could stick it up your ass eh ?
Edgars O
Edgars O Yil oldin
Dear Conan, please stop inviting LOSERS to your show. Colbert is a complete moron, a political prostitute and looks like a faggy twat. Please avoid it.
Battleschnodder Yil oldin
Carlos Marquez
Carlos Marquez Yil oldin
Marcus Gerber
Marcus Gerber Yil oldin
I'm glad he brought up that article, because I felt awkward for Colbert after I read that, especially when I saw that he was going to get interviewed by Conan right after it was published. It pretty much says Conan is the only one doing anything interesting and creative, while Colbert and the others just have a predictable schtick.
For all those wondering, here's the article: www.nytimes.com/2017/11/05/arts/television/conan-obrien-artistic-risks-late-night-talk-show.html
Robert Ri
Robert Ri Yil oldin
Give that man who wrote the article a cookie!
Nebula bloomstar
I remember how Colbert's audience gave Conan a standing ovation 😀😀😀😀
Pacmanshooter Yil oldin
but colbert got a standing-O too.. and they chanted his name... And I don't think either one of them is 'better', they're just different.
killerblingxbl Yil oldin
That's because Coco is better.
Singularity Bound
Is this the future of this country? Idiots supporting Presidents en mass like Football teams? Does anyone remember what being American first was like? He will eventually be gone and its not worth the poisoning its doing.. And the people who are famous or in politics that are pushing to resist are not your friend.. The irony. It should be the other way around.
allmighty lord and savior of the internet
Singularity Bound wtf are you talking about
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Yil oldin
This is cool and all but could you maybe chop the interview into smaller parts? You know, three sentences in a row is a bit taxing for my attention span.
RK F Yil oldin
Irene: You have blown my mind. Why did I never think of that?
Flickspoo Yil oldin
Penny Lane I think chopping the interview in parts is better 'cause I would know the topics they are gonna talk about from the video title and click on the ones I'm interested. But uploading the full interviews is good too.
the Joker Baby
the Joker Baby Yil oldin
DeRock Media
DeRock Media Yil oldin
Irene Adler think ill havta start watching on the site vs youtube...thanks
Irene Adler
Irene Adler Yil oldin
It's better to watch the full episode on teamcoco.com
Raam Rajaram
Raam Rajaram Yil oldin
Nothing's coming, nothing hardly even happens in the video!
T Reaper
T Reaper Yil oldin
Trumptards are coming I can smell them
L16htW4rr10r Yil oldin
T Reaper Heheheh. :3
KaoruKat Yil oldin
I love how humble Conan is
IAmVenom Yil oldin
I like watching Colbert but he needs to cut back with the Trump satire it's already stale
Charlie H
Charlie H Yil oldin
So is Trump. -- Sincerely, The Rest of the World
DeRock Media
DeRock Media Yil oldin
He does political comedy...its a given
Kenny Yil oldin
BlueKnight You're mama's stale...
Natalie gonzalez
BlueKnight why not?
Natalie gonzalez
Hope you Trump supporters know that Conan and Andy don't support Trump...lol
ahepperl Yil oldin
Well Conan and Andy are both well known as intelligent adults, so that goes without saying.
Justin Lawson
Justin Lawson Yil oldin
They live in California..... so they'll always be democrats...
psycold Yil oldin
Eck I actually agree with you and I'm definitely not a Trump supporter. I've stopped watching Colbert and I watched him since he started at The Daily Show all the way until Colbert Report ended. I'm just sick of the Trump stuff...I'm a fan of comedy and I want there to be variety. I don't mind Conan having a few Trump jokes here and there but I appreciate him for the fact that he doesn't do that for his entire show like Colbert and Seth Meyers. It just gets old.
I swear anyone who says "everything Colbert does is Trump related" only watches the monologues lmao
Eck Yil oldin
Ok??? I never said he couldn't?
dragonweyr44 Yil oldin
That's not a harpoon, it's a boat hook
Jacques Yil oldin
Tyler Gould right. Some FDNY truckie is catching heck for misplacing his pike pole.
Tyler Gould
Tyler Gould Yil oldin
It's actually a Fireman's pike :) Google image it. (just trying to help)
Christoph Salat
Christoph Salat Yil oldin
really looks like a boat hook
ryan staudt
ryan staudt Yil oldin
Thats not a boat hook, thats a gaff! lol ;)
kelley davis
kelley davis Yil oldin
how many times has the teacher told you to stop playing with the window opener?
Yasaal A.
Yasaal A. Yil oldin
Wow I'm early
Yasaal A.
Yasaal A. Yil oldin
Wow Colbert looks short compared to Conan
sid goku
sid goku Yil oldin
Randel Carpio 99%.
DeRock Media
DeRock Media Yil oldin
or...Conan looks like a giant compared to Colbert ;)
Randel Carpio
Randel Carpio Yil oldin
To be fair, 90% of the human population looks short next to Conan 😂
OnboardManx7 Yil oldin
Yasaal Abrar Conan is a prehistoric giant
Shayor Hamid
Shayor Hamid Yil oldin
all the trump russian trolls in the comment section is so funny.
themadplotter Yil oldin
MailOrderClone Yil oldin
There's the Russki! Happy to see that you've popped in with your canned response there, comrade. It's like you're all still bothered about that whole Cold War thing, and that the USA is the strongest nation in the world and Russia is pitifully weak now. I can't believe we ever viewed you as equals.
rick star
rick star Yil oldin
All the hillary internet shills are told to say trump russian bots! Because that is why she lost! Too bad she spent 1 billion on internet paid trolls.
MailOrderClone Yil oldin
Being a Russian troll seems like a pretty sweet gig, except that you also have to live in Russia and you get paid well below the American minimum wage.
R Silva
R Silva Yil oldin
Shayor Hamid are they getting paid to defend their Dear Leader at every opportunity and complain about anyone who disagrees with him? I'd like some money too
Tim Stark
Tim Stark Yil oldin
Stillicide Yil oldin
Colbert is filthy and there is nothing funny about what he says.
Randel Carpio
Randel Carpio Yil oldin
Well nothing is funny about the truth these days, you still can laugh though.
x2yll l
x2yll l Yil oldin
You probably shouldn't click on videos you know your not going to like, I mean if you like wasting minutes off your life watching\commenting on videos of a person you think is filthy\unfunny I guess? Kind of sad and pathetic
Termutis Yil oldin
Stephen Colbert isn't funny tho......
aeon lincoln
aeon lincoln Yil oldin
Cos he doesn't make dirty sex jokes all the time?
x2yll l
x2yll l Yil oldin
But u clicked tho....
MrJambot Yil oldin
MrJambot Yil oldin
Daniel Polido
Daniel Polido Yil oldin
MrJambot Not even close.
Akshaya Yil oldin
Sheila Dey
Sheila Dey Yil oldin
Akshaya in fact both are icons
ELEMDOR Yil oldin
*Civil War!!!*
Ashish Dagadkhair
Daniel Polido
Daniel Polido Yil oldin
Ashish Dagadkhair Not even close.
Alfonso Fernandez
I can't believe I thought he was funny. This dude is wack.
x2yll l
x2yll l Yil oldin
LOL of course you don't think he's funny, your a little kid. You probably don't understand half of the words coming from his mouth. uzvid.com/show-UCnvg65OeuPStx_XIWmtCAXgplaylists?view=1&shelf_id=0&sort=dd
I know, Colbert should get raped by a Dinosaur.
The Perfect Circle
moodmusic4life Yil oldin
So early
MaiizePond Yil oldin
W _
W _ Yil oldin
TMS313 Yil oldin
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