Stephen Curry on LeBron James to Lakers: It creates 'suspense' for the league | SportsCenter | ESPN

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Stephen Curry joins SportsCenter to talk about his newborn son Canon Curry, DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Golden State Warriors, LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, and more.
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13-Iyl, 2018



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Later 6 kun oldin
"roll the dice" interesting way to say you hit it
KemuelG23 7 kun oldin
Is ayesha enjoying his c0*k? Or making the baby
sucks nz
sucks nz 6 oy oldin
Lamar Van Buren
Lamar Van Buren 7 oy oldin
Curry smoke big kush
Augusta Jones
Augusta Jones 7 oy oldin
He mad as hell mcgee didnt resign
kingrobinho777 6 oy oldin
augusta jones 😂😂 good one
J 7 oy oldin
Garbage Era in NBA
Kai Rohrbach
Kai Rohrbach 7 oy oldin
What is this hoe talking about at the end of the interview? And those last 2 questions were dumbfounded anyways
Kai Rohrbach
Kai Rohrbach 7 oy oldin
How do you give such an eloquent answer every time on the spot?
dragon54 7 oy oldin
West. It creates suspense for the “West.”
Corey Miles
Corey Miles 7 oy oldin
Sage need to get a grip, she just nerve wrecking wit those bum ass questions
Homer Aleguis
Homer Aleguis 7 oy oldin
Curry is too big of a star himself to be worried about Cousins. If you can handle a Draymond, Cousins will be a piece of cake.
Dominicans Fuckwith Black Hippy
3:54 she’s feeling Steph😉
Jonathan Jennings
oh we gonna see you in the playoffs lmaoo
Boogie City
Boogie City 7 oy oldin
4 times a year in the regular season yes ass ass ass assess as lord!!!!!!!!!!
WideOpen 7 oy oldin
Cannon gonna be the best in the nba with Bronny JR
Brealfrank25 7 oy oldin
omg its so amazing to have a child...especially when you already got a cool $100 mil in the bank. how the hell do you think it feels? whats he suppose to say? i hate it? I told her to take a plan B?#dumbassquestions
Every nice person has a dark side. I wonder how he really is when the cameras are not rollin 🤔
Vicki Opfer
Vicki Opfer 7 oy oldin
She miss pronounced his name.. #duh
James Johnson
James Johnson 7 oy oldin
This dude gone say maybe we meet in the playoffs maybe not...foh...you WILL see the Lakers in the playoffs. The nerve of this guy.
TheNateTheGreat5 7 oy oldin
She has good teeth
IDOT ROK 7 oy oldin
That boy Curry looks mad that Lebron joined the Lakers 😂😂😂😂😂
Uncle Randy
Uncle Randy 8 oy oldin
who gives a crap about lebroom
AL Will
AL Will 8 oy oldin
Y the press considered curry the best player in the nba because he beat out LeBron James twice for mvp. He didn’t have to leave his city to win a title . His team beat LeBron James 3 time in the finals. And he has as many rings as lebron James in a shorter time
bRenegadez 8 oy oldin
I cant wait to see how Canon will look once hes older
Robert P
Robert P 8 oy oldin
KD to Lakers is proven !!!
james 8 oy oldin
"new challenge" lmao
Brandon Kuhns
Brandon Kuhns 8 oy oldin
This man is fried the nba is rigged
hittman_-holla 8 oy oldin
Lakers is the 2019 champions
Iluvtokyo 8 oy oldin
He looks nothing like he talks like if you know what inmean
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 8 oy oldin
This is why lebrons the greatest fuck golden state
Tiffany Gamble
Tiffany Gamble 8 oy oldin
Cannon will be the next Steph Curry mark my words
Reed Jenkins
Reed Jenkins 8 oy oldin
Bitch boy Curry gonna get beat by my Lakers and sent his bitch ass home crying
The Truth
The Truth 8 oy oldin
White Iverson..stephen curry finally had a son..
Elisha Ousley
Elisha Ousley 8 oy oldin
Congratulations too a real brother, humble brother Steph Curry, God bless his family.
Mark Delik
Mark Delik 8 oy oldin
Congrats big steph on the new lil one!
The trucker majic
The only thing that will prevent warriors from next three championships is themselves. However, age will ultimately prevail.
The trucker majic
This is why I do not watch much basketball any more. It has become way too predictable. Yawn😓
Brandon Hoffmann
Brandon Hoffmann 8 oy oldin
This interview is putting me to sleep
Ernest Sillion
Ernest Sillion 8 oy oldin
Canon will be the Best 3 points shooter ever. Congrats Curry.
thelegend George
thelegend George 8 oy oldin
Is it just me or does it seem like Steph wasn’t in the mood to be interviewed but was forced to do so?
King of Bloodsports
fucking nigers man
Jenny Kevin
Jenny Kevin 8 oy oldin
he's such successful Talent very kind good personality, and I like his light skin and green eyes, he's such a handsome person inside and out,
Jefrie Sueña
Jefrie Sueña 8 oy oldin
Nicholas Pagano
Nicholas Pagano 8 oy oldin
no it creates no suspense. the league is rigged thanks do bitch ass durant.
manzero134gd 8 oy oldin
Canon Curry after 20 years Shooting from both ends of the court
stranahan07 8 oy oldin
When she said “and two really shy big sisters” Steph looked at her like “Bish whaaaaat” lol
Ayyy Tee
Ayyy Tee 8 oy oldin
Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino 8 oy oldin
Stephen Curry is a good player the other teams are good too but they are bad in real...
Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino 8 oy oldin
Stephen is not the only MVP
Khalyah White
Khalyah White 8 oy oldin
I'm a Lakers fan but I like dis interview I can tell curry nice and he appreciate competition
TK_Jacob15 •
TK_Jacob15 • 8 oy oldin
Why does steph look so high
Sarah Drake
Sarah Drake 8 oy oldin
Okc! God prayers !
Joshua Weeks
Joshua Weeks 8 oy oldin
Also, canon shot HIMSELF from three into that egg, and the uterus said "BANG!!"
Joshua Weeks
Joshua Weeks 8 oy oldin
I love steph for how good he is. But be scared bro. We're coming. Puple and gold for life. No matter who no matter what.
joesakic91 8 oy oldin
A Final Four of the Warriors, Lakers, 76ers and the Celtics will be an absolute treat to watch.
Lebron James
Lebron James 8 oy oldin
Shut ur bitch ass up Curry....Leking 👑 is coming for u ....u bitch ass light skinned ass nigga
Derek Williams
Derek Williams 8 oy oldin
Just win 4 more chips so I can tell all the bulls fan to slap dick 😂😂
Huh? 8 oy oldin
Rapchat app @reckless bastard 🔥🔥🔥🔥💵🚬
Huh? 8 oy oldin
Huh? 8 oy oldin
Rapchat app @ Reckless bastard
anthony OC 714
anthony OC 714 8 oy oldin
Fool this ain’t carps ! Just roll the dice , but you still cool man ! D cuz is way too much for Golden state ! Lebrons Ass getting paid too much , but we need a fuckin Joel to fuck everybody uppppppppppp!
Damon bigsbys channel
Lol damn this lil nigga bout to have all the hoes lmao and damn that hairline though lol
Cassandra Berry
Cassandra Berry 8 oy oldin
Soundz / Kyle
Soundz / Kyle 8 oy oldin
“In one word explain how it feels to have a son” Steph: (makes a whole paragraph)
CALI 69 8 oy oldin
Lakers need a power team with Lebron,Westbrook,Gasol,Kawhi,Dellavedova
Julian Lex
Julian Lex 8 oy oldin
*NEW CHALLENGE AND NEW OPPURTUNITY* if wrong spelling tell me
John Lewis
John Lewis 8 oy oldin
I really like Stephen curry, but I really think the warriors ruined the leauge
P- Star7
P- Star7 8 oy oldin
Curry so cool and humble he's like a friend I never had
P- Star7
P- Star7 8 oy oldin
Straight up no conversation talk to the Cannon lol
Kim Cozz
Kim Cozz 8 oy oldin
Robbed of Finals MVP
abcd abcd
abcd abcd 8 oy oldin
Next curry 🏀👶🏼
Mr. Opinion
Mr. Opinion 8 oy oldin
See all these FAKE curry/warrior riders🤣🤣 #IWASALWAYSAWARRIORFANTHO
Gary Lion
Gary Lion 8 oy oldin
In one word.... proceeds to speak a paragraph.
Rain Drops
Rain Drops 8 oy oldin
Lebron can’t build a super team and he’s in the West! Golden State will sweep them again
Jordan started this golfing offseason trend
Book of shadows contributor Brian
one of the faces of the west
Bradley S.
Bradley S. 8 oy oldin
Anyway LeBron could sign a contract to play on a different planet?? Fuckin titty baby BITCH
Funkslave 8 oy oldin
He doesnt care, he owns Lebron at this point
Haloo Sainto
Haloo Sainto 8 oy oldin
LeBron is going to Lakers just to beat Kobe's achievements on Lakers because LeBron knows he can't beat 5 rings of Kobe. LeBron wants to be called the greatest Laker of all time that's why he went to Lakers. He is jealous of Kobe Bryant's accomplishment. And perhaps, why would you (LeBron) go to his rival's (Kobe) franchise team, the lakers? If he is not jealous of Kobe... Where is the pride LeBron? ... Your loyalty on cavaliers?? The people in Cavs?? U left them again. I hope they burn your jersey again, LeBron.Hahahahaha...
Paulina Sativa
Paulina Sativa 8 oy oldin
they only interviewed him to ask about lebron
El Chivato
El Chivato 8 oy oldin
Reporter earns the award for dumbest questions asked wow pathetic take this L hoe
ceasar lozano
ceasar lozano 8 oy oldin
Curry the most blessed man in the world thats why everyone hates him
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 8 oy oldin
FUCK LeBron and Curry. Liberal scum. Children of the lie
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 8 oy oldin
com on soup U and I know ....Lakers SUCK!!!!! go WARRIORS.
Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves 8 oy oldin
Get the FUCK out of here. NOTHING creates suspense in this gay as league, and the only people that still care about this shit are little kids and delusional people. SHUT IT DOWN, NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE NBA
Michael Lessier
Michael Lessier 8 oy oldin
Preach Curry. I see you. Idenity in Christ. Allow the Word of God to change Cousins. Amen
Raul Ibarra
Raul Ibarra 8 oy oldin
Curry is a team player.
Ronj Riva
Ronj Riva 8 oy oldin
Congrats steph on ur new son
Tiffany De La Roche
Stephen Curry, your son is going to be a nobody just like Michael Jordan's sons. You should have married better! Not that dumpy looking ayesha.
Tac Bueno
Tac Bueno 8 oy oldin
if not a basketball star, probably a Engineer, Scientists, Doctor, Pastor...etc. Please don't say a *nobody!
MrSatdal 8 oy oldin
Hate the warriors but mad respect for curry
Much Love Gambine
Nigga have a baby for every championship
Miguel Perry
Miguel Perry 8 oy oldin
Im a lebron fan in and out, but curry should be the face of the nba. He is an amazing player, an amazing father and dedicated husband. And hes the most humble player in the nba imo.
William Turner
William Turner 8 oy oldin
No it doesn't create suspense because hall still gonna beat everybody smdh
stylin60es 8 oy oldin
Lakers about to romp on the West!
Drones and Sneakers
His eyes are like permanently squinting and refocusing from shooting a basketball
That Kidd Style
That Kidd Style 8 oy oldin
I think smoke weed brehh, his lips turning black.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 oy oldin
Used to watch Steph's dad drain long-range jumpshots, Dell Curry.😂😂😂
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 oy oldin
Last year, the Lakers roster didn't mean JACK to Steph Curry.😂😂😂 Full of Draft Babies.
Jeremiah Billiter
skip to fuckin 3:00
Tough Talks gaming
Lebron is the real champ and the real mvp
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