Stephen Curry vs Lonzo Ball EPiC PG Duel 2017.11.29 - Zo With 15-10, CLUTCH Steph With 28-7!

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30-Noy, 2017




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Bora Erdoğan
Bora Erdoğan Oy oldin
Epic pg duel? 😊😊😊😊 ball doesnt even deserve to play in nba
Dave Young
Dave Young 7 kun oldin
You sleep.
金澔吳 Oy oldin
Shit man I don't like Curry but this dude is a brazy ass motherfucker so y lonzo has a video to compare with him?
Danail Tilev
Danail Tilev Oy oldin
lonzo is not a bust for me.this season i mean he can play better
Chollo DG
Chollo DG Oy oldin
Basketball With Ido
Lonzo literally isn’t GOOD in anything... bad shooting bad handles bad defends like what do you mean?
Joel Sailo
Joel Sailo Oy oldin
Lonzo 👙
Erick Mbuthi
Erick Mbuthi Oy oldin
Curry vs lonzo is nothing close to epic
J Oy oldin
hand down man down goofy
NAZ_GAMING 03 Oy oldin
6:24 did he so fucking
Martha Sanchez
That Chef Curry Cooked That ball boy.... 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Loner Yee
Loner Yee Oy oldin
*JaVale McGee Will Be The* *Difference Making In This Years* *DUBs v LALs Match Up. It was* *not a smart move both letting* *him go and letting make it to the* *Lakers.*
john patrick aquino
Clarkson is idiot
Ian William Tan
No need for debate here. Curry is GOAT against "AIR"Ball.
Owen Ward
Owen Ward Oy oldin
Lonzo is still a young player and I can see him being a good basketball player in the nba I just dont like to watch his ugly ass shooting form it just annoys me but as long as it works I guess it's all good
korshonn mckenzie
this when lonzo was doing something.
Miracle 322
Miracle 322 2 oy oldin
Lebitch knows Lakers can compete against GSW thats why he sign in Lakers LUL
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon 2 oy oldin
This season should be good 📺
1k dariell
1k dariell 2 oy oldin
Lebron watched this game an made his decision then
Dorabell Boyd
Dorabell Boyd 2 oy oldin
Klay and curry are a great duo because they both can shoot 3333333,s
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 2 oy oldin
Wow mathi you're so good
alishow tv
alishow tv 2 oy oldin
augusta jones
augusta jones 2 oy oldin
Did mcgee play at all this game???
Чинтулга М
Lonzo wtf is that lazy defense on steph curry in overtime. We all know who is Steph curry. No matter if he lost 9 shots he can make 10th shot
Benziboiiii 2 oy oldin
Can anyone explain why Lonzo has his hands down while guarding the hottest shooters in the league, AS THEY ARE SHOOTING. Giving them layups basically!
doktor who
doktor who 3 oy oldin
No one cares!!!(except lavar)
Litler 3 oy oldin
Why even put curry vs lonzo what is you thinkin!?!?
Damion Magee
Damion Magee 3 oy oldin
We gave them a run for their money, next year it's GO TIME!!!
RealKingDon Curry
Curry 2x mvp
RealKingDon Curry
Curry for three bangggg
Lashunta Middlebrook
Kd 7 foot nine monster pull up 3 point shot dribble move death mismatch
Mysterious Man
Mysterious Man 3 oy oldin
Gonna be honest, Lakers shouldn’t have had a shot at winning, but I’m a lakers fan and I’m proud of them
MaSTer-OF-worDS 3 oy oldin
lol lavar said lonzo better than curry lmao nigga wtf
Jamil Kobe
Jamil Kobe 3 oy oldin
U mean clutch kd
Lonzo will never be curry
monta ellis
monta ellis 3 oy oldin
And now, that Laker team, have Lebron
Dondre 3 oy oldin
Sidenote: Kobe Bryant left at the end of regulation. He wasn't trying to see OT
Labiang Jonathan
Labiang Jonathan 3 oy oldin
lonzo can't guard him lmao
sweg 3 oy oldin
pretty sure lonzo is not 6'6 after looking at those closeups...probably around 6'4-6'5 (in shoes)
Edgar Espinoza
Edgar Espinoza 3 oy oldin
If they barely won by 5 points, with lebron lakers could win
LA Bron
LA Bron 4 oy oldin
The perfect pg is lonzo The best shooter is curry
Bodhi McDonald
Bodhi McDonald 4 oy oldin
this is the video that made lebron go to LA
Amir Anderson
Amir Anderson 4 oy oldin
I hate the commentator he talks to much he's so annoying
JomoDaMusicMan 4 oy oldin
never thought there could ever be a better back court than Knicks, Earl the Pearl and Clyde. The Splash Brothers are potent as hell. This era has teams loaded with great guards, The Wiz with Beal and John Wall are another great pair.
zitmo1 4 oy oldin
This is the definition of low Basketball IQ.........Ingram was suppose to pass ball to Randle on that last second drive in regulation!!!
Jaden Jones
Jaden Jones 4 oy oldin
Epic duel???
Anshul Bamrolia
Anshul Bamrolia 4 oy oldin
When you think about it Lonzo is really bad at defense 😬😬🤣
Shehzeb Imam
Shehzeb Imam 4 oy oldin
no he is not ... to the contrary elite defender for his position, in the 86th percentile as a perimeter defender as a ROOKIE.
KOTJ412 5 oy oldin
Zo did well for a rookie...he was suppose to be a sophomore in college this past season but decided to play w/grown men...respect to him & will only grow/improve w/Lakers young core of Ingram, Randle, & Kuzma....Lakers are building their future super team.
Sean Chao
Sean Chao 5 oy oldin
Clarkson so bad happy he's gone
Gwarrior fighter
Gwarrior fighter 5 oy oldin
That was good game for both teams, wow
Vlad Koshel
Vlad Koshel 5 oy oldin
I heard about woodprix instructions good opinions.
23 5 oy oldin
Steph is the 🐐.
Ricardo Da Great
Ricardo Da Great 5 oy oldin
Sucks he couldn't clutch it😔
Amadou Sarr
Amadou Sarr 6 oy oldin
Stephen Broke someone's ankles
Atomic Nite
Atomic Nite 6 oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks Ball looks like Adam Sandler in the thimbnail
Devilman 6 oy oldin
Monkeys playing ball should be a banana instead of a ball
Louis Mcarthur
Louis Mcarthur 6 oy oldin
Curry's worst day is Lonzo's best CNT wait for lonzo to VET UP after a yr or two hone and sharpen his game then we can really see how these two go at it like boxers
Nate Adams
Nate Adams 6 oy oldin
At 1:11... he can catch the ball, take 2 quick steps and then dribble? Every PG carries the ball while dribbling...Wtf is happening in the NBA?
Lord Undayaba
Lord Undayaba 6 oy oldin
Lonzo "Air" Ball
Shane Exdee
Shane Exdee 6 oy oldin
It would be weird if Lonzo signed the contract in Under Armour hahahah. I see a bright future for him. Too bad his father uses him as a model for his fuckin fucked up expensive shoes
Anaelle Kaukare
Anaelle Kaukare 6 oy oldin
so glad golden state won #teamstephcurry
xxxtarnation 6 oy oldin
At the end before overtime was that a foul?
Darren LU
Darren LU 7 oy oldin
ball is suck
Bugsy 5 oy oldin
your english is suck
dboutte36 7 oy oldin
I always wonder at what age Lonzo realized lavar wasn’t being serious about beating mj. I bet he genuinely thought lavar could beat anyone in the world damn near his whole life
Adan Tha Savage
Adan Tha Savage 7 oy oldin
75% of replies, Cavalier Bandwagons who are hatin cuz curry is the goat
m0E SkILlS
m0E SkILlS 8 oy oldin
How ?
Swazza It's a mazza
I see potential in Zo he starts picking up at 3:15
Ragedy Ann
Ragedy Ann 8 oy oldin
Steph ain't from this world! ❤
Cody Patino
Cody Patino 9 oy oldin
Not bad at all. That was a great game!
Tito World
Tito World 9 oy oldin
That hand curry had on lonzo gonna get him fouled! Better yet ejected 😂🖐🏽
OneHitWonder 9 oy oldin
Tbh curry isn’t that great in the paint. People over do it and that’s why he always get buckets in the paint. 3pointers yeah he’s a god
SadOwl lll
SadOwl lll 9 oy oldin
suddenly lonzo not look so shitty
BBTKN 1224
BBTKN 1224 9 oy oldin
Kuzma > lonzo
Clown PS4
Clown PS4 9 oy oldin
4:00 Nice hustle Zo
salvador lopez
salvador lopez 9 oy oldin
Lonzo .?.
Rosario Uno
Rosario Uno 9 oy oldin
watch a 2017 lonzo ball ultimate mixtape here, uzvid.com/video/video-LxER4bEOv8w.html enjoy bros!
finessin thekid
finessin thekid 10 oy oldin
Y'all be dick riding curry gtfoh lonzo is a rookie he gonna get better with time
Rudro Lahiri
Rudro Lahiri 10 oy oldin
He broke his finger Steph
Cameron 10 oy oldin
This was so scary I got the goosebumps and chills
Shtyder 10 oy oldin
Curry is GOAT, but Lonzo is damn good.
Chris Woo
Chris Woo 10 oy oldin
It's cool the way Curry and Ball interact at the end. Pure respect.
eVCephei 10 oy oldin
That was ... a fuckin good game .. Holy Shit
Ryan Doyle
Ryan Doyle 10 oy oldin
Curry is so much better than lonzo no balls
Minimi 10 oy oldin
#14 on lakers is trash he barely passes, shoots so damn much and doesn’t make shit
Marcel Tambago
Marcel Tambago 10 oy oldin
The Lakers Crowd Sucks. They barely show support for them when they are playing. You don’t hear them cheering
Crion Tv
Crion Tv 10 oy oldin
Lmao lavar ball says lonzo better than curry then compare lonzo to jordon? Lets just say there is no comparison to jordon james is barely matched up with jordon this lavar guy needs some water
Israel Ornelas
Israel Ornelas 10 oy oldin
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 10 oy oldin
steph had 28 points
EpikVictory 10 oy oldin
brah Ingram fucked that game up big time smh, and lonzo did good
Heather Collingwood
Steph showed the young kid who’s the mvp
Anitte Pascal
Anitte Pascal 10 oy oldin
Ball wet in curry face
SNSD.are. Queens
SNSD.are. Queens 10 oy oldin
Lonzo seems more humble than what his father makes him to be.
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 10 oy oldin
Steph actually had 28
Legendary Skillz
Legendary Skillz 10 oy oldin
That's not really clutch he's obviously good at free throws but besides those 3's he wasn't that clutch Durant was clutch to keep the game alive and he's getting not a lot of credit (curry = overrated)
Susan Mars
Susan Mars 10 oy oldin
I really don't like how people are showing so much hate to lonzo. He's just trying to do the best he can out there. Remember that he's a rookie. He's trying his best so SHOW A LITTLE LESS HATE PLZ!!!
Evanrep Iutu
Evanrep Iutu 10 oy oldin
para mi estephen curry gano
Evanrep Iutu
Evanrep Iutu 10 oy oldin
para mi estephen curry gano
x G U C C I z
x G U C C I z 10 oy oldin
3:29 lonzo lowkey crosses curry
tomek NBA LIVE
tomek NBA LIVE 10 oy oldin
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko 10 oy oldin
I'm glad the Lakers finally made that stupid ass Lavar shut his mouth and stay out of the Laker huddle! I don't know who that fool thinks he is - his kid is only a damned rookie, he ain't no big thing in the NBA! He really thinks his kid is gonna come in the first year and school Curry, Durant and Klay? Why do all his kid's names start with La? lmao
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar 10 oy oldin
curry best point guard ever