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Stephen Jackson on chance LeBron's new-look Lakers can dethrone the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Stephen Jackson joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Holly Sonders in studio to discuss the new additions to the Los Angeles Lakers and if they can compete with the Golden State Warriors.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Stephen Jackson on chance LeBron's new-look Lakers can dethrone the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




3-Iyl, 2018



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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Are the new-look Lakers a legit threat to take down the Warriors?
Axl Through
Axl Through 7 oy oldin
Richard Rojas now he’s gonna change his opinion and says Paul pierce os the goat😂😂😂😂😂
Richard Rojas
Richard Rojas 7 oy oldin
Ben Garcia in that case you'd have to put the rest of the guys on the celtics for those 10 years runner ups ? I mean BILL RUSSELL????? oh your saying rings ? not the Goat bro. Geatest ? He's a champion and great defender but Olajuwon would work him and I cannot see him doing anything with Shaq. Hes a great but not near of all time brother. Not even greatest center of all time. he didnt even avg 20 pts a game . You must be from Boston.
Axl Through
Axl Through 7 oy oldin
Lobo 1 G till I die people sleeping on kuzma Brandon Ingram josh hart They speaking like those players are still rookies and they haven’t see how much work this put this summer They will surprise how good all those three players could handle goals stats They’re coming stronger this year I saw lakers game and those players are not mediocre players,last year lakers didn’t have star players now we got lebron and golden state we have hard time, If lakers toon gsw to overtime twice this year without any Superstar and now having lebron Thiings was gonna be more interesting!!
Concord High School Choir
Not a freaking chance
Ross Best
Ross Best 8 oy oldin
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED forget Stephen Jax and his racist garbage. I'm going to ESPN. WE REFUSE TO watch HIM!!
Juan Ka wawa
Juan Ka wawa Oy oldin
Look at the bronsexual game face
Phillip Kelley
Stacks be ctfu! makes me laugh even harder
Jordan Rider
Jordan Rider 2 oy oldin
That man said thinking he at the rucker 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 man Shannon a fool and he telling the truth
Bigg Hamm
Bigg Hamm 4 oy oldin
This show is legendary 😂😂
LJ Cesi
LJ Cesi 5 oy oldin
Svi skip....
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker 6 oy oldin
It doesn't matter what the Lakers do they don't have enough scoring power to keep up with the Houston Rockets or the Golden State Warriors they need to bring in some Sharpshooters because the team that they have now is basically mediocre they might make a playoff run but I have them at a 8 or maybe a 9 spot anything above 8 or 9 is a miracle because that team does not have any Shooters you need Shooters to win on the west coast Golden State Warriors are averaging over a hundred and 115 points a game sometime and the Houston Rockets are right somewhere along those lines to 110-115 the game the Lakers must match that in order to even have a chance at beating one of those they need Shooters who can put points on the board or this LeBron James venture to the Lakers will become a classic disaster at the end of his career...
Fred Ruck
Fred Ruck 6 oy oldin
I like skipp but he sounds like an straight hater of LeBron I know he's know fan but ALL LeBron do is win yeah he 3-6 but that'd 9 trips too the finals off his talent n never had the great coach n system an now he in a system u gone see what LeBron can do in that triangle it took mj an pippen,4 years took kobe an shaq 4 years too master the triangle LeBron first year Lakers going too the ship
Concord High School Choir
sharp eis such a bandwagoner.. now hes a Laker fan..
Casey Brigham
Casey Brigham 7 oy oldin
3:44 “Kuzma is not Jayson Tatum” damn straight
edward lyons
edward lyons 7 oy oldin
1:51 "let me finish skiiiip" lol im dead
Petty Pendergrass
Skip would be the worst GM in Sports History
Johnny Le
Johnny Le 7 oy oldin
Lakers will be top three seed in nba next year
Johnny Le
Johnny Le 7 oy oldin
Skip shut up. Magic turn around lakers in two years
Brandon Moreland
Brandon Moreland 7 oy oldin
Skip is so full of s***
Mike Tancuan
Mike Tancuan 8 oy oldin
Shannon Sharpe is not allowed to be a Laker fan lol
Paul Anthony
Paul Anthony 8 oy oldin
I am well aware that players such as Lance, Rando, Javale & Michael have had some kind of nauseous history with other teams prior to be on this current Laker's roster. And one may asks why employ someone to your organization that have had a bad history with their former superior/supervisor ? Well, perhaps the organization were willing to have that sort of employee for a particular reason. The organization being well aware of all aspect of those employees, would have had to placed means and ways to mitigate any unforeseen or foreseen circumstances that may arise. So all those noises about those players history, may not panned out in the manner many are currently concern about.
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada 8 oy oldin
KD IS better than LeBroomed.
Rockit Mike
Rockit Mike 8 oy oldin
OKC was eliminated by the Jazz like come on and y'all saying Russell Westbrook is going to do something with LeBron please Westbrook would lose gas like always and I like Westbrook lol
Luck Fove
Luck Fove 8 oy oldin
3rd or 4th seed......... we gotta stop hyping up the west like it’s some kinda dog fight .... Portland was the 3rd seed last year
Sharp so funny... Lol.. "He'll look good besides ol'Bron too"... Lol
The Constant DNP
The Constant DNP 8 oy oldin
2nd in west
Donald Pace
Donald Pace 8 oy oldin
Yes in a utopian world...
Ross Best
Ross Best 8 oy oldin
I refuse to watch anymore FS1 keep putting this RACIST CLOWN Stephen Jax on HERE! Back t ESPN I Go!
Only leshannon sharp thinks queen champs is the best player. He shrinks from challenges.
D3rrick 8 oy oldin
Damn Shannon yelling at skip saying “MAGIC JOHNSON HAS MADE IT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR KUZUMA IS OFF THE TABLE!!” Had me dying lol. You’ll think he’s a laker
A Hines
A Hines 8 oy oldin
Dem boys like medicine. Small doses.Hahaha Robitussin
tasos tasoss
tasos tasoss 8 oy oldin
LBJ in Cleveland Shannon we we we this year LBJ in LA shannon we we we my god he is the definition of a bandwagon:) i believe LBJ is the only reason he speaks about basket ball
BSO Icy 8 oy oldin
No way rondo is replacing the 2nd pick of the draft it doesn’t make sense rondo is a veteran
Aleksi S
Aleksi S 8 oy oldin
We’re not trading anyone. One of the reasons Lebron signed with the Lakers is because he loved our young core (which include Ball, Kuzma, Hart, and Ingram). Kawhi wants to be a Laker and we’ll get him through free agency without losing any of our core. Simple as that.
The Truth
The Truth 8 oy oldin
Shannon's is so stupid hes crazy
leece reesey
leece reesey 8 oy oldin
Lebron gon be right on the couch wit the rest of Cleveland LA really don't fuc wit him at all but any press is good press I guess
Danny pULLIAM 8 oy oldin
Lance do thinks he's at the Rucka Lol!!
Carlos Magnani
Carlos Magnani 8 oy oldin
Now u gotta bet 5k to get 150..that waa smoooth sharpe
reginaldino enchillada
Just wait. don't offer them anything. let San Antonio keep him in and let him walk for nothing next year.
Doboj-BIH 8 oy oldin
that girl just there to look good? lol
Chef Richard
Chef Richard 8 oy oldin
It’s going to work, trust me on that
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark 8 oy oldin
Who else thinks that Shannon and Lebron look related?? Father, Son??
Terrance Reed
Terrance Reed 8 oy oldin
Rath-O-McGrath D-Dog & DaddyMac
jackson is right. There are books about the fact that the smartest people are clinicaly insane.
Siddy king
Siddy king 8 oy oldin
kd is the BEST player in the game that's why LeBron wants to play wit him........ kd showed his WORTH even wit 3 other all stars b/c hit bigger shots than ALL of them combined........
MonSTAR 8 oy oldin
Kawhi is only worth josh hart that’s it
ed3432 8 oy oldin
Stacks should choke out Skip and pull a gat on Shannon. Deja Vu
lotr6ringZ Th36oat
They cant be f-ing serious lakers are at best the 4th best team in the west
Flight Maine
Flight Maine 8 oy oldin
Skip Bayless is soo bias.
Jerrymie Maquiling
If warriors lose this comming nba finals on LAKERS. They gonna try to get kyrie irving on 2020. I tell you that.
J D 8 oy oldin
At 8:26Shannon said you cant give lance to many minutes because he's gonna think he's out at the Rucker one handing it.. winding it up.....lol😂
James Hicks
James Hicks 8 oy oldin
So Shannon Sharpe Is Lakers Fan Now?
inam fcbb
inam fcbb 8 oy oldin
Houston would beat the Lakers easy
DJ DEKO 8 oy oldin
KD is Finals MVP only because was on the winning team.
Sports Central
Sports Central 8 oy oldin
Put Lebron on the warriors too and he will be way more effective than KD. KD plays in an very successful system. where was all these attributes while he was in OKC?
Damien mccullum
Damien mccullum 8 oy oldin
Wtf has Stephen Jackson done in his career, that gives him the right to judge a 3 time champ. 0 ships Jackson smh
Nick 8 oy oldin
I kinda want melo to the lakers but he didn’t really help okc this year so who knows how he’ll do😓
jw smith
jw smith 8 oy oldin
The Lakers will get the 6th seed
packers12to80 8 oy oldin
As is...this Lakers team is gonna be a disaster hahahaha and I love it. Klay k.d. they aint going to l.a. keep dreaming Lakers fans
Johnny McCockenen
Lmfaooo when shannon said THIRDDDD😂😂😂
anthony jones
anthony jones 8 oy oldin
How is Skip confused about Rondo he's pure veteran leadership he's really going to make everyone around him better
Alex Bouvier
Alex Bouvier 8 oy oldin
Shannon can't be real tryong to firesale the young core for old ppl. Give it up. The young guys will get us the chip.
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko 8 oy oldin
Ugh, LeBron the ugliest dude in the NBA - bringing that scary mug to LA! lmao
Ben K
Ben K 8 oy oldin
That girl is just a vase
Ben K
Ben K 8 oy oldin
Pink dress hoe, what's her name ?
enward lover bro
enward lover bro 8 oy oldin
Usually it's the worst players that turn into the best coaches and GMs. What it is, is there an understanding of the game but a failure to execute.
TRK_RDY 8 oy oldin
Skip's career, built on being a complete sausage
Simon Sungpyo Hong
Rob Parker and Skip should have a new show together. "Dumper and Dumber"
kulpot wahu
kulpot wahu 8 oy oldin
Rondo, Javale, Lance to fight off draymond green? maybe get him a tech foul then out of the game, is this what Magic is planning to bring down GSW
Carnign91 8 oy oldin
As a Laker fan hearing Shannon say we when he talks about the Lakers sounds so weird
Kelviaunt'e Mitchell
Bet money the lakers be better than okc the timberwolves and the trail blazers
The Jinn
The Jinn 8 oy oldin
Kyle Kuzma as a SG 🤔
PWNstar 248
PWNstar 248 8 oy oldin
@3:21 😂 Skip getn yelled at. I like how he just curls up and looks down like “sorry” 😐
Jay 8 oy oldin
O wanna but in Holly, so much! Glad she's here and Joy is gone.
AweSum PowerZ
AweSum PowerZ 8 oy oldin
Skip ... Do you think you know more than MAGIC?!?!?!
AweSum PowerZ
AweSum PowerZ 8 oy oldin
The West will come down to The Lakers and the warriors ... You heard it here first!!!
Lucianodadon 8 oy oldin
I dont want to hear any excuses from shannon after the season starts since he doesnt believe the jazz nuggets thunder blazers being better than the lakers
Pietro Galeotti
Pietro Galeotti 8 oy oldin
no one is beating the warriors for some years from now
Anfmethodjor 8 oy oldin
KD is not more efficient than LBJ.
William Phelps
William Phelps 8 oy oldin
“We” Shannon?
Nate 8 oy oldin
The lakers shouldn’t give up anything, wait until next year to get him.
1KRAZM F 8 oy oldin
These predictions mean nothing
thatsjas2 8 oy oldin
Skip salty lol .. now he downplaying kawhi's skills
Adil Majid
Adil Majid 8 oy oldin
Dont trade Kuzma
steezefly tatted
steezefly tatted 8 oy oldin
So shae sharp a lakers fan now?????
Saint Pablo
Saint Pablo 8 oy oldin
Skip thought we'd make the playoffs with just Lonzo last year but thinks we will barley make it with Bron lol dude a clown he just hate Bron and this notion that Kuzma better than Ingram or Zo is insane dude only a scorer that's it I wish Magic would trade Kuz and a couple picks I like Hart they can't have him either
Brother Malcolm
Brother Malcolm 8 oy oldin
"We'll" ? Shannon is truly a bandwagon fan.
nerdwithjordans 8 oy oldin
Skip and Shannon have good chemistry on sports talk.
Paul White
Paul White 8 oy oldin
Jesus Skip goes, did u see game 3? Skip did u see game 1? When Durant was getting torched all over the court by LeBron? Game 1 really changed everything and it’s not talked about enough. Thanks A lot Jr Smith & George Hill.
Blue&Orange 8 oy oldin
“And he look good side Lebron too” Shannon’s too much Lol
Kyle Almorade
Kyle Almorade 8 oy oldin
So ppl hate on warriors because they champ and the front office made some smart drafts that became superstars but no one expects clay or curry or dreymond to be superstars so lebron going to la and taking bunch of players in other teams so hows warriors ruining nba ? And la is desperately trying to get kawhi from spurs hahaha
Shoe Head
Shoe Head 8 oy oldin
Dude wtf happen to joy????
Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley 8 oy oldin
Stephen Jackson is right on the money - "Idiot Savant"
DAILY NUTZ 8 oy oldin
Cherry Park
Cherry Park 8 oy oldin
LeBron now looks on 'entertainment/business' mode
Mike H
Mike H 8 oy oldin
Lakers won 35 games last season. If this team stays as currently constructed up to this point in free agency I can totally see at least a 15 game improvement simply because the best player in the NBA is now on this roster. That's 50 wins in the west. Last season Portland went into the playoffs a 3rd seed with 49 wins. The 3rd seed and 8th seed were only separated by 2 games. Could totally see the Lakers anywhere from 3-7 but leaning more towards 3-5.
Tuna 8 oy oldin
"We". Hahahaha ok unc 👌🏾
Organic Soul Gumbo
Anthony Davis.
Jurietto Mitshi Kunai
Plot twist. Kawhi already signed in L.A they're not announcing yet of course so more debates can happen. hahaha to keep the post and pre season talk.
thereddoors 8 oy oldin
Shannon is so dumb and annoying
Ice Boi
Ice Boi 8 oy oldin
Skip predicted the Lakers to be 8th seed last year 😂😂 now they add Lebron and somehow won’t be top 4 😂😂 Ok Skip
Daniel Isaacs
Daniel Isaacs 8 oy oldin
Spurs have no leverage Skip. You don't get equal value for a superstar, especially one that doesn't want to play for you. Lakers won't give up all those players for a player who has made it clear he won't play for Pop anymore. And the Spurs need Kawhi more than the Lakers do at this point.
Anonymous Anonymously
6:34 What, lol?
2 PAC 8 oy oldin
where is eboni
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