Steve King, President Donald Trump, And Why This Is Not About The Wall | All In | MSNBC

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“The Steve Kings of the world and the people who love them,” says Chris Hayes, “can’t be appeased because what they want isn’t policy. What they want is an ethnically pure America.”
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Steve King, President Donald Trump, And Why This Is Not About The Wall | All In | MSNBC



11-Yan, 2019



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LongBeach Ant
LongBeach Ant 2 oy oldin
The dude wife is a immigrant 🤦🏿‍♂️😂
Natilie E. S.
Natilie E. S. 2 oy oldin
To make America white again!!! How does one accomplish that. Send all Blacks back to Africa. Send all Mexicans back to Mexico. Send all Asians back to Asia. Send all Native Americans where exactly??? Racist people are hilarious and also downright evil and Idiotic.
Natilie E. S.
Natilie E. S. 2 oy oldin
I don't know what's funnier. A republican Muslim. Or the people in your District that want to get rid of you because you're a Muslim.
People Health Truth
King allegedly asked 'when' did certain terms become offensive? Demonrat Rashida Tlaib called #1 white man leader of the world a motherf***r on her 1st day and Speaker Pelosi says she won't censor her speech. Satanist Hillary lost because of her open hatred of white Christian and normal who she calls Deplorable and Irredeemable.
Carlos Olivares
Carlos Olivares 2 oy oldin
I'm an immigrant that came here legally, not as a Muslim that will not integrate into the American fabric, they want everyone to be a Muslim, not as a Christian American that made America what it is today, if you have a problem with this, you have the freedom to leave this country and move to a Muslim country.
gen mainion
gen mainion 2 oy oldin
hate is fear based
Grinning Duck
Grinning Duck 2 oy oldin
Not a "cluster of people"...more like a basket of....well you know.
Patriotic Warrior
Steve King wasn't removed from committee assignments because he was racist he was removed because he's a member of the House Judiciary Committee, the committee responsible for investigations and impeachments With Steve King on the Judiciary Committee the left witch hunt of President Donald Trump will fail because Steve King will call out the left's bigotry for what it is Steve King was also removed from his committee assignments because he opposes globalism, illegal immigration and immigrants who refuse to assimilate into American culture just as concerning is the fact that the GOP is infested with a large number of never Trump errs and rhinos who are completely invested in destroying Trump because he opposes their globalist agenda
scorpion528 2 oy oldin
So is this story detracting from the fact that Democrats including Obama called border security a CRISIS , and that Schumer and all those opposed backed this security measure up until NOW? Oh and you can't DEFLECT from the Mueller investigation for the sheer fact the report HAS to be released. True genius at work here in the comment section let me tell you. I see why Mr. Magoo has no problem finding believers.
James Wirth
James Wirth 2 oy oldin
Let's see how he feels with not making any money
Margo Romero
Margo Romero 2 oy oldin
People who are ignorant of the world and other cultures are afraid of anyone that doesn’t look, sound and believe as they do. It is a sad, small way to exist.
CommanderLVJ1 2 oy oldin
Well hang on there, a couple of things: 1. muslim just like juwish is not a race it is a religion. 2. well hold on some of the people who have immigrated to the U.S. are white: baring this fact in mind along with the fact that not every single republican in the U.S. (as hard as it may be to believe;) is white; (and while I'm sure a lot of the people who oppose immigration outright to some extent or another probably are so) while calling everyone who opposes immigration to at least a certian extent a xenophoboe would in of itself be a very simplistic and perhaps even dangerous statement; calling any a white (or what have you) supremacist without shell I say due course isn't a reasonable statment outright. Remember xenophobia is just as dangerous as (shell I say) xenocentresum...I think that is the correct term.
Nils Telle
Nils Telle 2 oy oldin
If Americans don't remove Trump from power poverty will take hold and Americans will become much poorer because of his actions,and the American Dollar will become of less value,Russia is watching the outcome as China shakes the hand of Trump,and the Saudi Kingdom pushes the oil price upwards,and other nations over take the American Dollar,
Len Ovo
Len Ovo 2 oy oldin
Distraction story to divert attention away from Democrats failing when it comes to public sentiment for border wall funding !!! Seems like the Dems have been paid off by Mexican drug cartels to block the border wall funding 100% !!
Robert Nicholls
Robert Nicholls 2 oy oldin
The idea of a wall is a white supremacist idea. I remember reading about it in the 1990s. It is what it is. The GOP plays footsie with that part of the electorate.
LiS Wright
LiS Wright 2 oy oldin
How did the Muslim get elected county vice chairman in the first place? Did they know he was Muslim?
Ikenna Iteogu
Ikenna Iteogu 2 oy oldin
I support steve king
Dang Shame
Dang Shame 2 oy oldin
These are people who are inbreds, live in trailer parks, believe Obama and Hillary are the devil and love hanging out in Walmart parking lots. Think about it, his campaign told him to say build a wall in order to cater to the most racist in the country. That says a lot about who he is and the people surrounded by him.
Fred Frond
Fred Frond 2 oy oldin
Wow pramala jayapal today, AOC on Rachel Maddow after the trump Oval Office address. MSNBC is really turning left or throwing red meat at the viewers. Or both.
Salim miya
Salim miya 2 oy oldin
Beau33 2 oy oldin
Thanks for this story Chris Hayes
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 2 oy oldin
WALL... What Are Liars Like! Who knew...
Roxanne needham
Roxanne needham 2 oy oldin
The doctor i used to work for had a daughter who was deported from england.i guess you have to enter legally or ask for asylum.whoops!!
Roxanne needham
Roxanne needham 2 oy oldin
I live in tarrant county and am so ashamed.i. am a democrat in fort worth ( a gop stronghold) i have been voting and hoping for years we would turn blue before i die.im 65
misterjag 2 oy oldin
Trump said he wants more immigrants from places like Norway and fewer immigrants from "shithole" countries. But during the Potato Famine, Ireland was considered a shithole country. And Germans like Trump's immigrant ancestor weren't welcome either.
Deeanna Coy
Deeanna Coy 2 oy oldin
Bingo he talked about the elephant in Americas living room. We could turn into the Balkans in a heartbeat. Ethnic cleansing is in the hearts of so many Americans it is scary. Well dressed polite savages converted Christianity to their true pagan values and tribal beliefs. Bang on a drum and see which toddlers start to march?
nil bogg
nil bogg 2 oy oldin
ALLLLLLLL of this, Donald, all of it is due to two quiet, largely overlooked reports: One in 2015 that said whites will be a U.S. minority by 2050 (now looks more like 2035) and a 2016 report that said white CHRISTIANS are ALREADY a U.S. minority. Now, those reports made sane, secure rational people think "huh, whaddya know?" but in Trump-trash areas of the country? Those reports went off like nuclear bombs. Future historians will not entertain the "economic anxiety" deflection. They'll have the hindsight advantage and write history to say "The rise of Donald was whites openly endorsing white supremacy following the first black president".
David Burton
David Burton 2 oy oldin
Birds of a feather are racist together. This administration are all too comfortable with white supremacist and neo Nazis.sad
marie-hélène martel
Well said, Mrs. Jayapal.
Heather Remlin
Heather Remlin 2 oy oldin
GOD, you would have to be pretty IGNORANT to NOT SEE what TRUMPS doing!? Keeping the FOCUS off of the Mueller investigation is WHAT HE THINKS HE'S DOING!! MUELLER'S breathing down your NECK Mr TRUMP and I'm sure it won't be to much longer before your charged with TREASON. ;)
Raymond Kidwell
Raymond Kidwell 2 oy oldin
Yes of course extremists and white nationalists support this, but also many regular Americans. The U.S. takes in more immigrants than any country in the world. To bring our immigration rules more in line with the rest of the world- have immigration law that mirrors Mexico, Canada, Australia etc. I don't think is some extreme xenophobic policy. Some of us don't believe setting the world record for refugees every year is a desirable goal and we would like to bring it down to more normal levels and have a merit based immigration policy along with border security.
MediaFaust 2 oy oldin
Perhaps it's time for the rest of the world to put a ban on America.
Unity 2 oy oldin
Trump already did that with the Tariff wars.
Justice For All
Justice For All 2 oy oldin
Grand Wizard King has been saying this stuff for years. The RePUGliKLAN party has kept it's mouth shut and the people of his district have still voted for him. RePUGliKLANs=Racists. Might I suggest for the unenlightened a Tim Robbins film, "Bob Roberts."
Justice For All
Justice For All 2 oy oldin
The RePUGliKLAN party = the racist party. If you're still a RePUGliKLAN you're a racist, plain and simple.
dot schnitzler
dot schnitzler 2 oy oldin
Please , this wall is for protection from drug and human trafficking , and the wrong way to gain all that is offered to non residents of America
Judith Hayes
Judith Hayes 2 oy oldin
Working in Arizona, a 'right to work' state we had many illegal immigrants working. The companies there would be warned of a day when they would have Homeland Security checking staff, and the companies would tell their immigrant staff not to come in that day. Interesting enough, our pay was kept down because they could employ them at such low wages. Very common in 'right to work' states.
heredownunder 2 oy oldin
'Desperate Honduran women in flip-flops'?
Julie Henderson
Julie Henderson 2 oy oldin
Eliminate the electoral college. Trump was not elected by the U.S. voters!
Celia Resendez
Celia Resendez 2 oy oldin
Unity 2 oy oldin
And because the United States cut off financial assistance to Honduras until the Honduran government prosecutes their corrupt police force and military members for the murders, rapes, and child trafficking they've committed and continue to commit. Honduran officials won't stop their criminal authorities so the Honduran citizens who have survived the murder spree of the Honduran military and police are coming to the United States and apparently would rather be caged at the border and maced at the border than go back home because they'll live a little longer just outside our border than they would on the trip back to Honduras...where they will definitely be murdered at the border.
joette 2 oy oldin
Rose Johnson-Tsosie
King would hate living here in Northern New Mexico, surrounded by Native American Tribes and "other than white" folks. They would like to talk to Mr. King about a few things. My Family has been here since my original Grandmother was strung up as a witch in 1662. Does that make me a Super-American? Can I then kick out King?
Wayne Plaisted
Wayne Plaisted 2 oy oldin
You look at they amount of racist acts since Trump got elected look at the people in the crowd this is the only time i ever agreed with Hillary but most of them are Deplorable racist bigots .
Ann Pringle
Ann Pringle 2 oy oldin
Trump committed TREASON against his own country with Russia and his Congress and followers still follow him. Trump is a liar,bigot,racist and ignorant so is most of his followers. If only God made us all look alike! Everybody came here except for the Native Americans. Even his wives except one.
JJSC 2 oy oldin
STOP focusing on Steve King as the issue. Get the F out of the studio and figure out ON THE GROUND in IOWA why in the world his ELECTORATE sees him as not only acceptable, but preferable.
Rm EPD 2 oy oldin
This country is originally inhabited by native Americans and Mexicans--they are not white. White Americans are aliens to this country. Get that!!!! Know your history.
crispy 2 oy oldin
Why Trump must lose this argument for the sake of the Republican party; 1. Once a child's temper tantrum is rewarded - they continue with that behaviour. 2. Presidents will follow this play book with ever increasing wild demands (Incl Dem POTUS's). 3. The damage to the GOP will be significant for years to come. 4. The mid term win - the Dems can't and probably wont ignore this. 5. The USA loses it's iconic position as leading the free world. 6. If there is democratic dysfunction in the west - Putin wins.
LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone
I'm an old white guy. In the locker rooms, the country clubs, the family gatherings, and when they think no one else is listening...I guarantee this is exactly what is being said. And it's not everyone I know but yes, it's about...35%🤔
Alessia C*****
Alessia C***** 2 oy oldin
As a white guy, the kkk ie.. ( king, miller, trumpsters, Gop ) it’s embarrassing for all us normal white folks and makes us all look bad. I apologize for all of them. Most of us don’t feel or act that way
wubbie cat
wubbie cat 2 oy oldin
Only brainwashed people believe this crap. Dishonest Media!
Mike Reseigh
Mike Reseigh 2 oy oldin
I see a future without the republican party because they will do what they do best. Age out and die off. Alienating almost everyone on the way out. Keep it up boys. We will rise above your hate.
Cody Greyeyes
Cody Greyeyes 2 oy oldin
it's not just white supremacists who want the wall and immagration to stop.
Cody Greyeyes
Cody Greyeyes 2 oy oldin
ethnically pure America? lol this guy.
Pat Richardson
Pat Richardson 2 oy oldin
The irony of it all is that Mrs. Melania Trump is an immigrant!
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon 2 oy oldin
Go back to that interview with bannen when trump says we need some immigration but bannen says USA doesn't need any immigration particularly from clever Chinese people. It's been downhill for trump ever since then.
Christopher Pearson
Enter: A Real American President for a change doing the right thing in the face of preposterous odds and disinformation (demoncratic opposition) - for setting the most 'critical path' agenda for congress. Your acumen is priceless,Thank you Sir!
American Patriot
American Patriot 2 oy oldin
So sad that the left promotes racism and most liberals buy into as equality
Des Doyle
Des Doyle 2 oy oldin
Trump is a racist with strong fascist tendencies. There is absolutely no doubt about it.
Rudy Hicks
Rudy Hicks 2 oy oldin
The KKK man. Steve King just revealed his true colors. White . What a slug. He should be shut down. Permanately.
Thomas Foolery
Thomas Foolery 2 oy oldin
So if the new NAFTA deal is mexicos way of paying for the wall, please use Canada's share to build a northern wall to keep your countries Trump zombies out
Bubbles McGee
Bubbles McGee 2 oy oldin
Rachel maddow here is calling people xenophobic but he demonizes all Russians.
Blanchette Fotopoulos
Bubbles McGee Yes; and....?
Nat Armstrong
Nat Armstrong 2 oy oldin
Can not wait for the day I wake up and Trump is president no more, or even better hes dead.
Humble one
Humble one 2 oy oldin
I miss the Obamas. ...everyday , every minute , every second. I was a proud American then. Not so much now.
nicewknd 2 oy oldin
That 'wall' already shows signs of surface rust, give it a few weeks, it will be structural.
F M 2 oy oldin
Trump "throwing out red meat" to his minority base of racist dogs! Let's hope they choke on it!
F M 2 oy oldin
Smart people have always known this is not about a wall.
catchfish205 2 oy oldin
Just one way to sort out this white idiot...a war with the one he hates... Let the war begin and this time it will solve the argument... Discuss !!
Pano 360
Pano 360 2 oy oldin
Absolutely. The Limbaughs and Coulters of America, plus the mouth-breathers in trump’s base just want to see immigration become the number one issue of contention. They must all know a wall won’t help. They also never ask for one on the northern border. It’s always just been a symbol. Twattery.
Arthur Prematunga
Trump is a Nazi, white supermist and that is his base, the others are window dressing.
M bryant
M bryant 2 oy oldin
Trump & King are 100% racists scum and are unfit for office. Impeach them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...........
Maximus Alexander Maxim Augustus XVIII
Trump's a white nationalist
John Coloe
John Coloe 2 oy oldin
Five words: Separation of church and state.
Jeff somersby
Jeff somersby 2 oy oldin
It is trump knowing how much money he can make out of this ...50 Billion Dollars...Who's going to miss 5 or 10 mill here and there. The other reason is it could possibly be a good practice session for calling Marshall Law ?
Michael Stead
Michael Stead 2 oy oldin
Racism is an illness.
Marie Watson
Marie Watson 2 oy oldin
Please be patient 72, stress, MacDonald Berger's, and DEMENTIA be patient hopefully not long!!!!!!!
hugh hrobowski
hugh hrobowski 2 oy oldin
Where is that old pissant boy David Clarke ex shreff of Milwaukee? Trump need you
Rodolfo Ayala
Rodolfo Ayala 2 oy oldin
Reflecting from Russia amgos.
Brian Allen
Brian Allen 2 oy oldin
0:43 - 0:46 Note the dude wearing the grey pullover with Navy written on it just to the right of center. Isn't that the salute the NAZI's use ? Maybe without the fist....but still. These are the people who support Donald Trump and I find that alarming.
Solo Vagant
Solo Vagant 2 oy oldin
Erm ....... Isn't America a nation founded by immigrants????
Mr22thou 2 oy oldin
Can anyone explain how any white person's life would be improve by eliminating everyone who's skin color is darker than Wonder Bread? Has this been thought through at all? - by a sane person that is.
Norberto Sauz
Norberto Sauz 2 oy oldin
Hi don't know we have good digger s
Norberto Sauz
Norberto Sauz 2 oy oldin
Why trump scare the Mexican? Because the the Mexican guy took is ex- lol
Bruce Taylor
Bruce Taylor 2 oy oldin
tRump is only revealing who we really are as a country. The idea of america is a BIG FAT LIE, americans love to see their neighbors hurt. They feel as long as they have it better than their neighbor they are GOOD. Shame on americans that sit idle and watch WORKING american being used to keep a political promise. Some of the folks that voted for our clown in chief are now sitting home with jobs they can't work or are working jobs with no pay. This rest of the world knows we have LOST OUR WAY and may NEVER recover from the damage of this so called presidency.
CaneFu 2 oy oldin
The term "racist" and "Trump supporter" go hand in hand but try accusing Trump supporters of being racist and they will want to argue about it. And that has always amazed me, why obvious racists who know themselves that they are racist, don't want to admit it. If a person doesn't have the courage to admit their belief, even in an anonymous forum like UZvid, it only makes them seem even more deplorable.
Bubbles McGee
Bubbles McGee 2 oy oldin
It’s not my responsibility explains myself to racist like you. Stop the virtue signalling it’s pathetic.
SkyGemini 2 oy oldin
+CaneFu He's a troll and the only thing I've seen in all of his worthless posts are the words "black" and "brown". That's all. Maybe his precious gun will backfire in his racist face while he's out hunting squirrel.
CaneFu 2 oy oldin
+Bubbles McGee ... If you were either black or Hispanic you would know which one you are but apparently you don't seem to remember. In other words, you're just a white Trump supporter LYING as usual.
Bubbles McGee
Bubbles McGee 2 oy oldin
Even if your black or Hispanic? Did someone tell us? 🤪
Patsy Sadowski
Patsy Sadowski 2 oy oldin
Drumpf is first and second generation. Didn’t his dad escape political strife post ww2? His mother came illegally.
Veronica Stewart
Veronica Stewart 2 oy oldin
Yes, there is real damage. Rump has taught his base that it's acceptable to be a bigoted jerk. Who knows, one of them could even be elected president.
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi 2 oy oldin
Maybe he is Hitler reincarnate he shore acts liker he should go back to Finland or where ever he came from as a little boy
don milland
don milland 2 oy oldin
calligan? please take off your stupid cap and your sh_tty ads
Of course he throws red meat. He needs attention. He said so in his book.
WARRIOR OF GOD 2 oy oldin
Michael Hollier
Michael Hollier 2 oy oldin
the chumpov family immigrated from germany....and they want racial purity in the USa with the help of putin & NRa...wtf us?
Bonnie Forman
Bonnie Forman 2 oy oldin
Really well said about racism Chris. Thanks. I always watch your show.
Lars Jones
Lars Jones 2 oy oldin
Look, it's one thing to expose the dark underbelly of America, it's another altogether to give these scum any platform whatsoever. That makes you part of the problem. Show their pictures. Tell the truth. Never broadcast the words of vitriol as they spewed them. Good job, Chris
Dawn Palmby
Dawn Palmby 2 oy oldin
It took u a minute but u finally figured it out! Keep it up MSNBC!
cupguin 2 oy oldin
To be fair he's also for Eastern European model immigration and using chain migration for their family. It's amazing often things are dangerous and immoral when they're allowed for "everyone else" but absolutely fine when it's what "we're" doing. "Our" welfare and "our" government funded lifestyles are just fine, but when "those people" get a fraction of the same support it will make them lazy!!
Michael Billington
Question: Why hasn't ICE raided Mar a Lago and other Trump properties that have been - and still are - employing undocumented immigrants? I'm sure one of you Trump supporters can answer that...
Shirl E
Shirl E 2 oy oldin
They don't want to end all immigration, just the immigration of brown skinned people because the president proclaims all of them come from sh**hole counties and of course he is sure they are all murders, terrorists and rapists.
Pretty Melody
Pretty Melody 2 oy oldin
Chris is right on about trump supporters
TONIOFSFV 2 oy oldin
I'd rather kiss Hitler's dog than Hillary.
Kevin Mulcahy
Kevin Mulcahy 2 oy oldin
I hope to I live to see the day when Steve King , Stephen Miller and their ilk are dead and gone.
Kyle 7K
Kyle 7K 2 oy oldin
How can someone look into Steve King's eyes and not see the crazy brewin up in there?
Karen Jo Cole
Karen Jo Cole 2 oy oldin
Lemon: Steve King has 'out Trumped' Trump
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