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Tracks 2 and 3 off of STEVE LACY'S DEMO.



24-Fev, 2017



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RadicalRainbow1993 4 soat oldin
Whats the song at the end?
11 6
11 6 Kun oldin
he gives me steve lacy vibes
limited edition
limited edition Kun oldin
only you ma gorl
sleeping in.
sleeping in. 2 kun oldin
What shoes are those at 4:07?! Can anyone help?
Michael Eadie
Michael Eadie 2 kun oldin
Steve Lacy and Anderson Paak??
Concepcion Garcia
Concepcion Garcia 3 kun oldin
You fine asf
Daniel Cervantes
Daniel Cervantes 4 kun oldin
Forever my Favorite💞😭
Ryan Nishioka
Ryan Nishioka 4 kun oldin
m double OD
Leiondra Gooden
Leiondra Gooden 4 kun oldin
He like the modern day Pharrell
Afrin begam
Afrin begam 4 kun oldin
Why is he so beautiful?
Paola Fernandez
Paola Fernandez 4 kun oldin
I love how i scroll through the comments and see people that like other people that i like too so if you like Steve lacy you might also like Mac demarco Rex Orange County If you have any other people like them comment them so i can listen to them😄
ariana urzua urzua
ariana urzua urzua 4 kun oldin
in loveeee
Katalina Juarez
Katalina Juarez 4 kun oldin
covered this song like share, singing by me :) soundcloud.com/kmj47/ryddark-red-katalina
Peter Cary
Peter Cary 5 kun oldin
Milly S
Milly S 6 kun oldin
Somethin bad is bout to happen to me
j trillz
j trillz 6 kun oldin
Rex orange county and Steve Lacy have the exact same mindset on me lol
shaqfu 6 kun oldin
You can tell this was recorded on an iphone because it sounds like the microphone is a coffee can.
Timothy Julien
Timothy Julien 7 kun oldin
This is a mood fr fr!
K. Phen
K. Phen 7 kun oldin
Nero Juge
Nero Juge 7 kun oldin
Soo the black version of Still Woozy??
mike benjamin
mike benjamin 7 kun oldin
hook sounds like the classic "girl from ipanema" hook
x3miG4mer 7 kun oldin
bedroom pop made by a genius
johan bell
johan bell 8 kun oldin
everyone saying he sounds unique must have ignored all of wiz'es early stuff..... copy catting ass nigga get snuffed
Valeria Talavera
Valeria Talavera 8 kun oldin
_real music_
Valeria Talavera
Valeria Talavera 8 kun oldin
Hannah De La Rosa
Hannah De La Rosa 9 kun oldin
Nobody 9 kun oldin
My guy cutting it up in the laundromat!!!
Jasel Rico
Jasel Rico 9 kun oldin
Alex Roberson
Alex Roberson 10 kun oldin
The lady driving the car looks suspiciously like Lianne La Havas..
V Lucas
V Lucas 10 kun oldin
You're a Natural
get a real job
get a real job 10 kun oldin
Frank Ocean Or Steve Lacy??
JustA Loser
JustA Loser 10 kun oldin
Loving the end song in the credits anyone know what it’s called?
rachel l
rachel l 10 kun oldin
he’s so fine bye
Micah Montemayor
Micah Montemayor 10 kun oldin
Beeeeest song ending and intro ever. Genius. Genius. Genius. Genius.
Micah Montemayor
Micah Montemayor 10 kun oldin
Mid acid trip. I thought I killed or got killed
Evelyn Morales
Evelyn Morales 11 kun oldin
5:02 , sooo sexy. -kp
Cray Jaylo
Cray Jaylo 11 kun oldin
I love that transition
hiruma nightclub
hiruma nightclub 11 kun oldin
huge props to Steve Lacy for writing one of the most genius chord progressions ive ever heard and then making the song about fucking in your back seat
Anya Shah
Anya Shah 12 kun oldin
I will always come back to this during the summer. Literally the best summer song FUCK 🤯
Vívian Santos  Cruzeiro
Gabe R
Gabe R 12 kun oldin
Steve Lacy is cool but let's not forget he is a black boy that doesn't want to date other black boys lol
Camilla B.
Camilla B. 12 kun oldin
I just hope she don’t wanna leave meeee, DONT U GIVE ME UP, PLEASE DONT GIVE UP, LONG AS I BELONG W/ YOU !!!!!111!!1!1!!1!1!
Camilla B.
Camilla B. 12 kun oldin
I want u to riddeee w/ mee, babyyy riidee on mee
Landis Burnett
Landis Burnett 13 kun oldin
That LAST Song tho...
Gillian Delffs
Gillian Delffs 13 kun oldin
Wow I’m in love I just came here from Come on over by the internet
THEGREENMAZER 14 kun oldin
This song is crazy good, Its so different but so good, All I listen too all day
vicente nevearez
vicente nevearez 14 kun oldin
Where can I find more?
Sauceoutprime1x Reactions
2k18 still listening to this
Valeise Jackson
Valeise Jackson 14 kun oldin
What is the girls name in the video?
CLASSIFIEDGTA 14 kun oldin
Man I love Steve's music
Donovan Pavion
Donovan Pavion 15 kun oldin
Still waiting on that solo album, man!
D A M N S W E E T 16 kun oldin
omg i loved this song...
Olivia Lawrence
Olivia Lawrence 16 kun oldin
OKAY SO LIKE........ RYD this nigga sounded like frank ocean then DARK RED he sounds like miguel. HOW COMES THIS DUDE SOUNDS LIKE BOTH OF MY FAVOURITE ARTISTES AT ONCE???
Perrionna Bell
Perrionna Bell 16 kun oldin
Bronwyn Maritz
Bronwyn Maritz 16 kun oldin
I'm pregnant after listening to this🤰
Osgood Day
Osgood Day 17 kun oldin
Steve Lacy. Music. Dope.
UghNames 17 kun oldin
damn shes even rocking that top down
NÆ8THAN TV 17 kun oldin
hot cocoa
hot cocoa 18 kun oldin
He’s such a cutie 🤗 nice music as well
Average Contender
Average Contender 18 kun oldin
Watching it again and again lol still get frank ocean vibes 😩
benita 19 kun oldin
does anyone want the outro to be a full song or is it only me??
TorQ28 M
TorQ28 M 19 kun oldin
I love the second part. I didnt realize they were the same song.
TorQ28 M
TorQ28 M 16 kun oldin
+Scout with Clout lol ooh
Scout with Clout
Scout with Clout 18 kun oldin
TorQ28 M they’re not lol
VictoriaMyNameIs 20 kun oldin
if you guys want, please listen to my new r&b song ! I'm 18 and trying my best to get my music out there ! i appreciate you even reading this ! thank you so much
Tyus Southern
Tyus Southern 20 kun oldin
ryd is the best song I've ever heard about car sex
Taylor Elrod
Taylor Elrod 21 kun oldin
He dances like Dr Disrespect, expect with -%1000 speed, violence, and momentum.
bigdreamsolivia 21 kun oldin
frank oceans son i swear i love him
Lane Jones
Lane Jones 21 kun oldin
Reminds me of frank ocean
tana m
tana m 21 kun oldin
my everything 🧚🏾‍♀️
gabriela alonso
gabriela alonso 22 kun oldin
Amazing!! Love you Steve
Harry Barlow
Harry Barlow 22 kun oldin
He’s so underrated
theseus perseus
theseus perseus 23 kun oldin
i need new music from him. like an HOUR LONG ALBUM.
Leidy C
Leidy C 23 kun oldin
he so fine with that pimple on his nose
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson 24 kun oldin
Can the last minute be a whole song tho??
Danisha Downing708
Danisha Downing708 24 kun oldin
I freakin love him ✨
typical tone
typical tone 25 kun oldin
Underrated af please make this man a thing!!!! Such a classic track
Breeanna Rawlinson
Breeanna Rawlinson 25 kun oldin
Okay but can the song in the credits be made into a full length?
Kynoah Bond
Kynoah Bond 25 kun oldin
jenneth rae? u there?
SEI WHAT? 25 kun oldin
This is Perfect
Paola Ceja
Paola Ceja 25 kun oldin
his dancing is everything
Charlie Leffler
Charlie Leffler 25 kun oldin
Sex-C boy
Liliana Aguilar
Liliana Aguilar 26 kun oldin
me mama esta canción
rosegoldbb 26 kun oldin
🔥🔥🔥💯 I luv multi sounds in one😊 Sooo smooth...yet..sooooo wavy🤗 Infectious 🔥👌😊💕
Bianca Lemaire
Bianca Lemaire 26 kun oldin
Van Hunt anyone? I love this!!
Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue 27 kun oldin
jOrGii14 27 kun oldin
bruh this shit fire !
Eyghen 28 kun oldin
Damn this hit 10M views. Congrats Steve
Docbndgrl9113 29 kun oldin
Finally at 10 milli y'all!!!
blackhammer1231 29 kun oldin
so at the end is that a full song if so whats the name
Docbndgrl9113 27 kun oldin
+blackhammer1231 You're welcome
blackhammer1231 27 kun oldin
thank you so much
Docbndgrl9113 29 kun oldin
It is a full song, called "Snaily", but he only released it as an outro to "Some" on _Steve Lacy's Demo_ .
Tj Drake
Tj Drake 29 kun oldin
Saved on my playlist; I Need A Cig
Yoko April Tamada
Yoko April Tamada 29 kun oldin
*Unfazed* Jae
*Unfazed* Jae Oy oldin
Here before 10mil
Eve Allen
Eve Allen Oy oldin
why is the outro to this not a full song i need more
Quinten Peasley
Carmen Siakam
Carmen Siakam Oy oldin
I love it so much. It's been 3 days I'm listening to it, non-stop
Lua Mai
Lua Mai Oy oldin
Bibi dueces still make music
Lua Mai
Lua Mai Oy oldin
Lua Mai
Lua Mai Oy oldin
Itch y ma
Lua Mai
Lua Mai Oy oldin
I'm cozzie I'm Rose
Lua Mai
Lua Mai Oy oldin
Steve lacy I'm eyce
StevenSegura Oy oldin
im rolling and this is the beat music ever
Yil oldin
Just A Stranger
7 oy oldin