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Tracks 2 and 3 off of STEVE LACY'S DEMO.



24-Fev, 2017



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Lotte Kun oldin
Only you my girl, only you babe
Nathan Giles
Nathan Giles Kun oldin
Nothing more pleasing than watching his lighter flicker to the beat at the beginning of Dark Red.
Chris Paul
Chris Paul Kun oldin
Can someone loop the beginning of the song
AfroCyro Kun oldin
StarFallz Kun oldin
This is the best song i ever heard!
Teena Red
Teena Red 2 kun oldin
Like a mix between Miguel and Frank Ocean🤗😍😏
damn richi
damn richi 2 kun oldin
So Ryd or Dark Red?
LoboPreto 2 kun oldin
This music sucks. He hasn't got shit tattooed all over his face, doesn't look like a junky and might live to +25 years. What kind of name is Steve Lacy supposed to be? Where are the numbers, the symbols and the kitchen utility?? SetvLa96XXCupboard. That music I could get behind!! But this?!
stanley oleyte
stanley oleyte 2 kun oldin
The guitar is similar to “slow motion-juvenile”
Rosie Nigri
Rosie Nigri 3 kun oldin
Why did I never watch the vid
Jay King
Jay King 3 kun oldin
Aint he in the Internet
Dee James-Garner
Dee James-Garner 3 kun oldin
Couldn't remember his name just now and went crazy😬
doge bread
doge bread 4 kun oldin
📂Documents └📁Music └📁Steve Lacy └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty
jvst-do-it 4 kun oldin
In love with ur Voice
Hueman Prints
Hueman Prints 4 kun oldin
the kids who grew up listening to NERD are now making the music out here. xox
Daryl Wathen
Daryl Wathen 4 kun oldin
Got that Frank Ocean vibe...
Yonela Nsimbi
Yonela Nsimbi 4 kun oldin
I like RYD, but damn ilove me some RED DARK, something bad is about to happen to me
Scratch Squad
Scratch Squad 4 kun oldin
This literally revitalised me going through a slight depression, if this song was a conversation it would say "Just smoke and joke and be easy" no to suicide
LUF LUOS 5 kun oldin
Damn that breakdown is similar sounds to Miguel as an artist and stylistically. Steve is the fuckn man nonetheless
crazycholo88 6 kun oldin
I stumbled across this song and it's dope asf
chrisav savy
chrisav savy 6 kun oldin
brianna if you are seeing this i love you. -chris
Bo Lo
Bo Lo 5 kun oldin
ooo dis nigga in loveeeeeeeeeee
xslayergaming 7 kun oldin
Steve lacey is a God
Beatrix Kiddo
Beatrix Kiddo 7 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice how he had a white lighter at 3:57? That’s so subtle and perfect for the song because white lighters are known as bad luck
Cora Jones
Cora Jones 7 kun oldin
Damn, $1.75 per load is a pretty good deal
No Nvm
No Nvm 7 kun oldin
such a dad
WindowsXP 7 kun oldin
why can't i like this more than once?
rosegoldbb 7 kun oldin
Is that a red bump I spy on your chocolate nose? 😊 hate when that happens No bumps ain’t stopping my ryd 🤣🤣🤫
Kaio Santos Luz
Kaio Santos Luz 8 kun oldin
Brazil loves u bro!
Kaio Santos Luz
Kaio Santos Luz 8 kun oldin
How do u can be so Genious?? Teach me plz!
Kayla Patrice
Kayla Patrice 8 kun oldin
I love ❤️
Richard Kincaid
Richard Kincaid 8 kun oldin
Its not gay to like steve lacy
sambitnes 8 kun oldin
I need to work this dude
Ima Twat
Ima Twat 8 kun oldin
Thank you for this wonderful ride Steve
Al Boschi
Al Boschi 8 kun oldin
Guys awesome
Dawson Nichols
Dawson Nichols 9 kun oldin
Anyone know the name of the song he is playing during the credits?
Mieshia Dyches
Mieshia Dyches 9 kun oldin
“Babyyyyy riiiidee on meeee”
Pool 9 kun oldin
Tbh he’s like the black Rex Orange County
Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson 10 kun oldin
I want to learn how to play this song, which guitar do i use?
HoneyDTV 10 kun oldin
That funky breakdown at the end tho'!
Ignacio Ponce
Ignacio Ponce 10 kun oldin
todo el estilo tiene Steve. y eso es importantisimo en un guitarrista. re joven, aparte. Estos americanos siempre tienen la posta al final. Edit: Syd, The Internet y Steve.. Yo creo q en Steve esta la clave y es lo q va a quedar. Slds.
Esmael Bara
Esmael Bara 10 kun oldin
This will be my jam forever, Steve Lacy is a creative talent, he made this beautiful song on his fucking iphone!!
ketsala makuku
ketsala makuku 10 kun oldin
stay safe kids , lest protect each other. its not a white thing or a black think or an asian thing or a crime thing its a human species thing. lets stay true to who we are. R.I.P Mac Miller ur were great to experience. you will stay great in ur heart...
Axel Medina
Axel Medina 11 kun oldin
but like what did my baby steve lacy do to her to be throwing around like that, smh , the audacity
georgekvsh 11 kun oldin
how tf did this nigga not get out of the trunk earlier?
Eric Aldana
Eric Aldana 11 kun oldin
That last little part gave me chills so bad I actually teared up
Stand By
Stand By 10 kun oldin
Eric Aldana yeah ;(
SpeakingOf Rhikya
SpeakingOf Rhikya 12 kun oldin
Frank ocean / Steve lacy
Phone _Tap
Phone _Tap 12 kun oldin
Man this a good damn song y’all just ain’t hearing what I’m hearing he a GOAT
Phone _Tap
Phone _Tap 12 kun oldin
The internet brought me here oh and Lorna doones
Camila Gomez
Camila Gomez 13 kun oldin
Pamela de Jesus
Pamela de Jesus 13 kun oldin
Garota de Ipanema?
Yuval Toledano Shemesh
[Verse 1] Something bad is 'bout to happen to me I don't know what, but I feel it coming Might be so sad, might leave my nose running I just hope she don't wanna leave me [Hook] Don't you give me up, please don't give up On me, I belong, with you, and only you, baby Only you, my girl, only you, babe Only you, darling, only you, babe Only you, my girl, only you, babe Only you, darling, only you [Verse 2] Something bad is 'bout to happen to me Why I feel this way I don't know maybe I think of her so much it drives me crazy I just don't want her to leave me [Hook] Don't you give me up, please don't give up On me, I belong with you, and only you, baby Only you, my girl, only you, babe Only you, darling, only you, babe Only you, my girl, only you, babe Only you, darling, only you [Bridge] What if she's fine It's my mind that's wrong And I just let bad thoughts Linger for far too long What if (if!), she’s fine (fine!) It’s my mind that’s wrong And I just (just!) let bad thoughts (thoughts!) Linger for far too long [Hook] Don't you give me up please don't give up On me, I belong, with you, only you, baby Only you, my girl, only you, babe Only you, darling, only you, babe Only you, my girl, only you, babe Only you, darling, only you
Ariana Grippo
Ariana Grippo 13 kun oldin
I miss my girl
hxrry558 xx
hxrry558 xx 14 kun oldin
Hey guys, I know these things are annoying, but it would mean a lot if you listened to my song on my channel! Thank you so much
Aaliyah Stewart
Aaliyah Stewart 14 kun oldin
I finally understand the video. that last scene with shawty roughing him up and then kissing him is fucked.
Mia Ross
Mia Ross 14 kun oldin
I just want to say I love that his pimples aren't hidden. Real. Genuine. Human.
Spicy 14 kun oldin
holy shit this is seriously so good
Jack The PlayStation Gamer
poor mans frank ocean
bertie5 14 kun oldin
So gooood....
a potato flew around my room
that last bit will forever be the death of me
Sharna Karlae
Sharna Karlae 15 kun oldin
5:03 ✨
jordan bethany
jordan bethany 15 kun oldin
what would y’all call this music genre?
Docbndgrl9113 15 kun oldin
Ian Henry
Ian Henry 15 kun oldin
Talented guy💯💯💥🔥
lindsey 15 kun oldin
i'm in love with his voice omg..... also anyone recognize where those sunglasses are from at 2:52?? lmao i love them
Sausa X
Sausa X 15 kun oldin
WHITE GRANITE6 15 kun oldin
am i hearing music or not maybe idk do you know michael jackson i dont do de treu def fualkj jehel
Ricky 15 kun oldin
Damn that’s some good Acid you got
Nathaly 16 kun oldin
I'm so glad I discovered him😣😍😍😍
Hollie Golitely
Hollie Golitely 16 kun oldin
These songs are perfect as usual. I love the funk, r&b, rock influence from the 1970s
A cow
A cow 16 kun oldin
idk where i heard this song before ... but it's fucking GOLD AND I JUST REALISED THAT I HAVENT HEARD IT IN FOR EVER SO NOW I AM TYPING IN CAPS
Tommy 16 kun oldin
Song on the outro???
Docbndgrl9113 15 kun oldin
Outro to "Some" on _Steve Lacy's Demo_
Danielthebest 22
Danielthebest 22 16 kun oldin
Cool so nice 😒😒😒
Mark W
Mark W 16 kun oldin
Locked in the trunk if a 45 year old car with a cigarette lighter is such a bad idea. Gas leaks. Something oily is always stuck back there. A possum family. Shit! That was good music.
unbelaneablebeautyy 16 kun oldin
😍😍😍😍😍 his song. his vibe. his voice. his face. he’s perfect
KushLit Supreme O
KushLit Supreme O 17 kun oldin
*The Black Beatle(s)*
Politically Incorrect
Aww reminds me on Frankie....I love frankie frank lol
Owen A
Owen A 18 kun oldin
Bianca de Souza
Bianca de Souza 18 kun oldin
Amei esta música, não sai da minha cabeça!! :D
Lana O'Brien
Lana O'Brien 18 kun oldin
how can you dislike this guy? he's too good.
심형섭 18 kun oldin
으 넘넘 조아..
Michael burnsteen
Michael burnsteen 19 kun oldin
Fuck now i gotta find another underground artist fuckn steve
F33RCETV 19 kun oldin
youre awsome
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls 20 kun oldin
any one have chords to the last song
Noodlez 20 kun oldin
Anyone get a tyler the creator vibe?
Noodlez 10 kun oldin
+DylanXDyoung oh tru
DylanXDyoung 10 kun oldin
Hey Noodlez I get a frank ocean vine tbh.
Genuine Jayy
Genuine Jayy 20 kun oldin
He should make the “take it slow” thing at the end a whole other song... that would be fye🔥
mariah bonner
mariah bonner 20 kun oldin
What in the Frank ocean, Pharrell Williams, Daniel ceasar, early 2000s is going on here 😂😍😍
Sarika Thakorlal
Sarika Thakorlal 20 kun oldin
on repeat x
copeart_ 21 kun oldin
That's one crazy woman lol
mizzmini45 21 kun oldin
He's sooo hot!
Jasmine Vega
Jasmine Vega 21 kun oldin
Loving the beat the lyrics , everything about this song 😭❤️😍
Mia Bernson
Mia Bernson 21 kun oldin
Try listening 1.25x speed
I y a n a
I y a n a 22 kun oldin
OG.TEZRIN 22 kun oldin
anybody notice that steve is trapped in the trunk of the car with a white lighter ...white lighters are unlucky and steve continuously says something bad is about to happen just saying this man is a genius with visuals..
Faye Yañez
Faye Yañez 22 kun oldin
that car is WICKED
Austin Townsend
Austin Townsend 22 kun oldin
This just ain’t right. He just wants to take her on a ride down the backstreet but she pulls up in his car and stuffs him in the trunk. All Steve wanted to do was make up with her because she was mad and the next thing he knows he’s in the trunk of his very own vehicle. He then realizes that it was a bad choice and something bad is gonna happen. Lady... please have some sympathy for Steve. All he wanted was a drive and now he’s getting beat up on the side of the road. Yes I’m all for women empowerment but she’s abusing her power over Steve. FREE STEVE😔😳💗
Kenneth Hoskins
Kenneth Hoskins 19 kun oldin
jolie orban
jolie orban 22 kun oldin
i love this song WAYYY too much.
Ciaran Farrell
Ciaran Farrell 22 kun oldin
This must be what the cool side of a pillow sounds like
Crimsonfold 3 kun oldin
Most underrated comment of all time
SupaDupaHooper 23 kun oldin
mr lonely
Cory Collins
Cory Collins 23 kun oldin
Yo this brotha making good stuff!
Chicken Chips
Chicken Chips 23 kun oldin
This song is beautiful it kinda reminds me of kid cudi day n nite
Yil oldin
See You Again
Yil oldin