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Have you noticed that most hooded eye tutorials only use brown! And they never show what to do with that annoying bit of loose skin!
The best Brushes for your hooded eye!
Blender bit.ly/2Tn0iAY
Socket 1bit.ly/2CNPGG7
Socket 2 bit.ly/2Ts3co6
Tight lining bit.ly/2CNPM0r
Pencil Brush bit.ly/2TmvhgC
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Thank you for watching my youtube channel. My name is Wayne Goss and often known on youtube as gossmakeupartist. I give beauty tips, makeup techniques and reviews on all things makeup and skincare related. If you’re looking to pick up tips and tricks to up your makeup game, then i really hope you find this channel useful. I give beauty and makeup techniques that i hope will change the way you view makeup and make it a more fun and easy process.
Unless stated nothing in the video is sponsored or a paid advertisement. Please note however that i do sometimes include affiliate links. These do not effect the price you pay for products but allow me to make a small commission on sales if you do purchase. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you.

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4-Yan, 2019



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s c 42 daqiqa oldin
I so appreciate that you used fingers and cheap sponges! Makeup isnt supposed to be about elitism!
Liz Hess
Liz Hess 3 soat oldin
I need to start a support group for Wayne - a- holics!!!!! I’m addicted💜💜💜💜
Marina Mori
Marina Mori 13 soat oldin
O.M.G. I love your eye makeup!! Truly sexy!!
Marina Mori
Marina Mori 13 soat oldin
Wayne, please tell me what is the SOFTEST eye pencil for my lower waterline -the rim of my eyes- Dark blue. Please, I know you know what is THE pencil I need. Live in Japan and there is nothing here. Pencils are so, so hard. I will go blind if I use them. Thank you!! Marina March 21, 2019
Holli Johnson
Holli Johnson 17 soat oldin
Are the brush numbers missing for a reason? I personally love them and just felt like bringing it up in case it was "a happy accident" moment
Meaghan Halkett
Meaghan Halkett Kun oldin
What about monolids?
Carey Walker
Carey Walker Kun oldin
Love this, thank you.
SashaRichterova Kun oldin
Okay! Listen here! I am in my 20's and have been trying to make my eye makeup look good since highschool. Nothing quite worked. Tutorial after tutorial, you just looked at me and FELT that something was missing but if you looked at the steps, I did it all right. I watched this video ONCE and now I'm sitting here on my floor, just finished the look, and I'm stunned. I never thought I'd finally get it to look like this. I feel like I should be going to an event to show off, not University lessons in an hour. Oh well, guess I'll just dazzle em. Point is, thank you so very much. I feel like I finally count in the "girls who can do beautiful eye makeup" category.
Katie Davis
Katie Davis Kun oldin
MY hero.
Robyn H
Robyn H Kun oldin
Where can I find one of this angled rubber/silicone mats you used for this tutorial?
Una T. Tuna
Una T. Tuna Kun oldin
You mean, there are YT viewers over the age of 23???
Chelsea Greene
Chelsea Greene 2 kun oldin
This was beautifully explained. The detail in your choice of words was amazing! thank you, thank you.
Yamilette’s World
Hi! So I’m a licensed cosmetologist, but even I have questions! You answer my concerns in a lot of your videos. What my question is today is.. I want to use a kohl in my waterline successfully so badly! I have tried so many brands, and setting powders and I don’t see why my eyeliner won’t stay in place. I do have oily skin, and big cheeks and my eyes “puff up” when I smile. So at the next glance at the mirror my eyeliner is at the lower portion of my eye socket. 🤭👎. I love makeup and usually eyeshadow on the lower lid is as much as I can do since the eyeliner always ends up down south. Could you graciously give me Any tips?
Isabel Sigala
Isabel Sigala 2 kun oldin
Excellent teacher. Thank you. 🙏🏽
Julia Magdalena Ziółkowska
Wow this technique really worked! Thanks
refreshNhappy 2 kun oldin
Oh I love you! Hooded eyes here 🙋🏻‍♀️ The struggle is REAL 😆 & this video was sooo easy to follow. Love the way you explain everything down to the last detail and give little tips for us people who aren't as makeup savvy 😅 Subscribed!!
Tabatha Feucht
Tabatha Feucht 2 kun oldin
God, you're a gorgeous man. You're prettier than some women.😍
05Sileyram30 2 kun oldin
Love it!!!💕💕😘☺️
Aurora Banks
Aurora Banks 2 kun oldin
Love the theme of the video but damn the colours are crap
Αννέτα Αεκ
great video, subscribed!!!
bubblegum culture
bubblegum culture 2 kun oldin
Love your videos. You seem like such a humble and positive person. Your videos are well presented and the time u take to explain really makes a difference.
Shelle Chii
Shelle Chii 2 kun oldin
dood just explain the makeup. It took over three minutes for you to do anything
Dutchmanswife 2 kun oldin
What a difference the softening with the sponge makes
P. consuela banana H.
I'll do my hooded eyes however I want thanksss
Nicole 2 kun oldin
what to do about uneven hood? one of my eyes is more droopy/hooded? then the other... I never know how to deal with it.
Florr Corr
Florr Corr 2 kun oldin
this looks gorgeous!! i actually do my eyeliner in a similar way, pulling outwards rather than upwards, but didn't know how to translate it into the eyeshadows since i'm not very good at makeup yet
Pat Gray
Pat Gray 3 kun oldin
Susana Luna
Susana Luna 3 kun oldin
Just... Exquisite. Love it❤️
J.S. Phoenix
J.S. Phoenix 3 kun oldin
I've tried this technique several times, and I messed up. What's confusing to me, is that having pretty severely hooded eyes myself... I don't have a natural crease. I have to go pretty high up, or you don't see the eyeshadow. I tend to either go too high or not high enough, or too far out!
spankymonsterr 3 kun oldin
Wow this makes me want to use colors on my eyes
Raech Elle
Raech Elle 3 kun oldin
So weird getting makeup tips from a man, but he's got some technique 🤔😂
EnigmaticMustard 3 kun oldin
Thank you for getting properly technical about hooded eye makeup application. It’s an art in itself.
Amanda Cook
Amanda Cook 3 kun oldin
I love your makeup tutorials. They are very informative, and you're so sweet and "do what makes you happy" it's fantastic!
Sonia Sharma
Sonia Sharma 3 kun oldin
How to stop foundation turning orange... Please make a video
Tabeeetheee 3 kun oldin
Tabeeetheee 3 kun oldin
Omg thank you!
MadMudz 808
MadMudz 808 3 kun oldin
Wayne Goss is the Tony Stark of the makeup community.
Jelly Torres
Jelly Torres 3 kun oldin
Shiiva Inu
Shiiva Inu 3 kun oldin
Wayne, I have been watching your videos for the better part of a year and I thank you so much for not trying to sell us things left-and-right while showing us amazing tips! You are a true artist.
reikun86 3 kun oldin
Thank you, Wayne. My waterline gets teary when I use kohl liner. I can't wait to try this look.
The Penny pinchers Palace
Thank You for your straight to the point techniques. Love that there's no BS just getting straight to business.
Mirelurk 3 kun oldin
Come on, I can't be the only one who thinks this looks terrible!?? what is this look!?
Elizabeth Dufour
Elizabeth Dufour 3 kun oldin
I’ve been using this technique for years, I discovered it playing with makeup when I was in middle/high school. I’m 24 now and appreciate a more subtle natural makeup look but I definitely rocked this technique back then!
Lou Stone
Lou Stone 3 kun oldin
This is great. Lots of people who maybe are new to makeup on hooded eyes, or want a diffirent approach, will really bebefit from this. Especially the eyelash trick, because it shows you the angles you can work with in the outer corner. I have pretty hooded eyes, one more than the other, -and I wear glasses- and my eyes turn down a bit, so just going out doesn't work for me. Yes, go outward, but you can definitely go at an upward angle with that outward. And definitely never be afraid to run one color on your lid, and a seperate color in the crease, blended upward. I prefer a colored crease, with a complimenting glitter lid. Like a little peekaboo when I blink. All eyes are different. Personally, I am sick and tired of all these gurus having a ton of eyelid space, but I also get tired of hearing that hooded eyes have to stick with 1-2 colors on top, and can't do cut creases. I do cut creases all the time. The best advice is to just practice, and learn to alter those guru tutorials to fit your face.
Liz 3 kun oldin
Cashi shin quereeeer
Kristine 4 kun oldin
You look like the love child of RDJ and Chris Evans...😂😂
jojoGjoy 4 kun oldin
you're the best!
Julianna Rodriguez
Julianna Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
You’re so fantastic!
Happyist 4 kun oldin
He has such a proffesional mannerism!
ray 0
ray 0 4 kun oldin
omg he pulls and tugs at his skin so much
Albany R
Albany R 4 kun oldin
My eyes are different, one eye is more hooded than the other is frustrating omg i cant do eyeliner because that means two different techniques T.T
bárbara gonzález
bárbara gonzález 4 kun oldin
Love this tutorial, you are the best Wayne goss, thanks a lot
Miss Rose
Miss Rose 4 kun oldin
Immense satisfaction by watching ur videos Wayne ☺️🌹
OryonStar1 4 kun oldin
I needed that. I stopped wearing eyeshadow because of the skin. Getting old sucks.
Siara Casner
Siara Casner 4 kun oldin
What is that kite thing called, that’s pretty clever
Sarah Emma
Sarah Emma 4 kun oldin
Hi, I hope you or someone who can help sees this... are cut creases okay for hooded eyes? Thanks in advance! Been following for ages, way back >12 yrs :) thanks for your videos
Jasmin Hansen
Jasmin Hansen 3 kun oldin
Yes, you can find many tutorials on cut crease for hooded eyes on UZvid.
Michelle Mayfield
Michelle Mayfield 5 kun oldin
What I really like about this guy is that he breaks it down and explains why it works. I love watching other youtubers but it's more entertainment and seeing how they liked a particular product. I never feel like I'm learning anything useful from them regarding technique because their instructions are generally geared for people with very good skin and no texture/undereye lines. Wayne has a lot of great tutorials that have been very helpful for me (approaching 50). Frankly I'm tired of the browns and mattes, gimme some color!! Thank you Wayne!
Aiysaa Sharma
Aiysaa Sharma 5 kun oldin
Why u r so good n cute at the same time
Madison Thompson
Madison Thompson 5 kun oldin
This tutorial saved my brightly colored life
TrueSkin Essentials
Hi Wayne! You have the most amazing demeanor and I learn so much from your videos! I bought cosmetic wedges and used my foundation to clean up under and outer and wow - what a difference it is making!!! I have a more uplifted cat-eye shape to my eye and never realized my shadow may have been coming out or down to far! I can't stop looking at my eyes ever since I started using this tip from you! Who knew! Thank you for all you do to make us look and feel more beautiful!!! :)
Sara .K
Sara .K 6 kun oldin
This is game changing!! I've always been so frustrated with my hooded eyes because most tutorials tell you to just put the eyeshadow higher, but I have really low eyebrows (I raise them in photos) so I don't have much room to work with (and sometimes looks ridiculous if I accidentally go too close them.) Extending it outwards make so much more sense. Thank you Wayne, you have the most informative makeup videos on UZvid! 💜
Kate Turcios
Kate Turcios 6 kun oldin
Honestly I've been trying to look for someone who can show me how to properly do makeup for hooded eyes since i have hooded eyes and i am truly in shock. Honestly life changing 😂🤣 "The More You Know"
Pilly Mangwana
Pilly Mangwana 6 kun oldin
Hey Wayne..... Thank you so much for your tutorials I have immensely grown.... I'm new on youtube with my channel... Please support me.... I'm your subscriber already... Please walk with me through this
JoGo Psycho
JoGo Psycho 6 kun oldin
I find it hard to wear shadow under my eyes. I think it makes my eyes look tiny.
Vanessa Porter
Vanessa Porter 6 kun oldin
Oo i feel like this is one of the most helpful videos ive ever watched :)super awesome & thank you lots !!!
Hot Frog88
Hot Frog88 7 kun oldin
Best hooded eyes tutorial I have found yet, however, I have always like subtle make-up, I might be daring one day and try it with those colours :) take care.
Om Yaseen
Om Yaseen 8 kun oldin
This is great, but I think a close up would really help me get it easier. Thanks
T SteinyRN
T SteinyRN 8 kun oldin
He has taught me so much about skincare, face anatomy, maturing skin and especially hooded eyes and what to do for each. He is an EXCELLENT teacher and MUA! I wish he could show me how to do my makeup properly. I have a face full of imperfections, so I need A LOT of help!! Thanks Wayne for always being real. He is the most genuine artist on UZvid!!
yuyui8312 9 kun oldin
I'm doing my make up since I'm 14 and I'm 22 and I still have to figure out how to do my eyes and damn... You taught me so well how to do my make up now ! Thank you so much !
Gypsy L
Gypsy L 9 kun oldin
Oh, that's quite intense. Loved that, to funny.
Ferret Mommy
Ferret Mommy 9 kun oldin
Wayne thank you for doing this tutorial. I have always worn a colorful smokey eye, but in the last few years my eyes have become very hooded and the way I use to apply my eye makeup no longer looked good. I was told by other make up artist that it would be better to go with a more mature look (brown and grays) do to me being over 50. You've given me hope that I can go back to wearing my blues, greens, purples and oranges and smoke them out. 💜💚💛💙
River Rowan Phoenix
River Rowan Phoenix 10 kun oldin
The only thing I would have done differently would have been to use a white liner, rather than black. But I have very small, squinty eyes, and I like how a white liner on my waterline gives the appearance of a larger eye. Really great tutorial, though, for sure!
Cecilia's Art
Cecilia's Art 10 kun oldin
Hi Wayne, I love your channel. I have seen many videos on hooded eyes and none address the problem that I have. I have hooded eyes but they don't droop on the outside of the lid, they droop on the inside , above my tear ducts. I can't use the white highlight on the inside of the eyes because it makes it worse. It is actually more puffy than droopy. Just wondering if you have come across this problem and how to help correct it.
Kathy Brown
Kathy Brown 10 kun oldin
Hi sugar! First, I’m from Texas so... anyway, I have a request. I’m 59 and love color on my face. Not too outrageous or over the top but shoot, color! I’m into purple on my lids with the usual brown etc. I use blue and sometimes a wine or burgundy color. I have the wrinkles and the dreaded hooded eye. Could you please do a video on using color on a mature face? My coloring is very fair, always has been. I have brownish red hair (from a box) and I love rose on my lips and for my blush. Please help me to do something that’s not too young but still has the colors that I love!! Life is too short not to enjoy who you are and what you love!! Thanks for a lovely video and for reading my way too long winded comment!! Y’all have a wonderful day!! ❤️❤️☮️
Adora Leonard
Adora Leonard 11 kun oldin
Wayne Goss, Love love love what you do. That being said is there a way to reduce the room echo in your vids? Your wonderful voice needs more credit😊
a mateo
a mateo 12 kun oldin
Hello Wayne!!You are such a Good teacher(for me in both English and make up) you are very kind;love to wach your vídeos 😁😁😁
Rika Kristinawati
Rika Kristinawati 12 kun oldin
I like to watch it again and again while practicing..really it gives me new life!
Just playin‘
Just playin‘ 12 kun oldin
in love with you since 2013
Ria Linnea
Ria Linnea 12 kun oldin
Maiev 12 kun oldin
Thanks for your work, Wayne, you rock! I'm so frustrated over dealing with my hooded eyes. Hope this helps me!
SSunshower 13 kun oldin
Love this! Thanks so much for magnifying gnats so helpful. I have bad hooded eyes and this was amazing
Tafkaprincess 14 kun oldin
Love this as usual 💞
Amy Galvin
Amy Galvin 15 kun oldin
Great technique. Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody. You have that Freddie uniqueness about you. You’re a fabulous artist and a love! 💕
Erin Wozniak
Erin Wozniak 17 kun oldin
Omg that's my technique
Edwina McManus
Edwina McManus 18 kun oldin
I don't have hooded eyes and this technique is no use to me but I really like your videos and watched anyway.
Foxy Xander
Foxy Xander 18 kun oldin
I'm a beginner and I need to know why do people color their lower lash lines?
• • • Tasha • • •
That’s what I do
MaggieMay 19 kun oldin
You are looking REALLY good! I haven’t tuned in in awhile and just want to let you know how good you look.
najla2 21 kun oldin
Thank you so much. I am so board with browns and beiges . I love the greens, limes and oranges Thank YOU
Glorious Tara
Glorious Tara 21 kun oldin
You have absolutely the prettiest vein!
Era Venator
Era Venator 22 kun oldin
Love this, I learn so much from you and you inspire me to go play and not worry if it's "right".
Seven of Nine
Seven of Nine 22 kun oldin
The undereye looks terrible- too thick and dark. But I love the upper eye.
Nofretari 23 kun oldin
What colors would you suggest for blue green hooded eyes?
The Nail Hub
The Nail Hub 24 kun oldin
Seriously the best! THE BEST! tutorial I've ever seen on hooded eyes and I swear to you I've seen them all. I had my knickers in a twist until I watched this...so thanks Wayne for lending a helping tutorial. Cheers!
aa vv
aa vv 25 kun oldin
Another GREAT tutorial
Mandy Mace
Mandy Mace 25 kun oldin
This video is amazing!! I could actually follow along with you step by step and for the first time ever I don't hate my eye shadow. You are a God send!! Bless you!!!
Lindsey Thompson
Lindsey Thompson 27 kun oldin
Well Wayne, how refreshing are you?! Stumbled upon one of your videos and now I am hooked! I am 45 and totally buy into your no nonsense tutorials. Thank you for being real. I shall look forward to working my way through your back catalogue :-D Ciao!
Lizzy W.
Lizzy W. 27 kun oldin
I love the Arab makeup style but my eyes are very round and any sort of liquid or thick liner looks so weird on me 😣 I've experimented for years. Even a dark smokey look doesn't work on me! My eyes are round in shape but hooded
Sara Dunard Reuter
Sara Dunard Reuter 28 kun oldin
The common knowledge for eye brows is to align the tail of the brown on a straight line from nose --> outer edge of eye --> end of brow. And, like you mention in the video, common knowledge is also to align your shadow with that line. But with the technique you demonstrate in this video, we break that line, and apply shadow on another angle, breaking that line (nose - outer edge of eye - end of brow). Would elongating the tail of the brow to match a straight line from nose ---> (new) shadow line, be a good or bad idea? Hard to describe without showing it visually, but I hope you get what I mean. :)
Sonia Villon
Sonia Villon 28 kun oldin
Merci pour toutes ces astuces ! Je m’abonne 👍
ingridelizabetth 28 kun oldin
love youuu. i need this kind of tutorial since i was adolescent :(
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