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Is the BBQ Chicken Pizza from CPK tastier from the restaurant or the grocery store? Find out! GMM #1321.1
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19-Apr, 2018



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Megan Ober
Megan Ober Kun oldin
Rhett: "I quit for a little and it felt great!" Wish I could do that lol
David Jiang
David Jiang 3 kun oldin
I'm starting to wonder if Link wished for people to stop calling him Dink when he blew out the candle.
David Jiang
David Jiang 3 kun oldin
If you r winning in these types of games, if you always do what the other person does, then you r guaranteed to win. If he gets a point, you get a point, and when he doesn't, you don't. When you have the initiative and you know my methodology, then it's a guaranteed win.
Brad kava
Brad kava 5 kun oldin
Was hoping they’re break into Dr dre with the soups
Mac MashPotato
Mac MashPotato 5 kun oldin
You guys picked restaurants that cook mostly frozen stuff, so yea, they should be about the same. The only reason the resturant ones might be worse is the variability of lazy workers or fry cookers not getting changed out enough.
Ashley McNeil
Ashley McNeil 6 kun oldin
Omg Edward u r so hot lol
WeirdGREENDAY 6 kun oldin
I accidentally shot my father because the Jaws theme put me on edge
MasterGamer 26
MasterGamer 26 7 kun oldin
Hold on you forgot frozen krabby patties
damien helm
damien helm 9 kun oldin
gaston moreno
gaston moreno 9 kun oldin
Wandering Sailor
Wandering Sailor 10 kun oldin
I'm 21 and aging faster than these beautiful men. wtf
#02588 #02588
#02588 #02588 10 kun oldin
Wtf is Penelope bread? Or w.e
Ligma BOSS
Ligma BOSS 12 kun oldin
Any1 else get bothered by the sound of them eating
animal lover
animal lover 12 kun oldin
A guy named Jeff killed my friend’s dad
silvermist477 15 kun oldin
Depends what state you live in, I live in Southern Louisiana so mostly everything we eat is homemade
Yorick G
Yorick G 15 kun oldin
I am the guy who makes the panera soup, i make a lot of soup thats why i never sleep and eat the soup while making it. My life is panera soup and i will die panera soup.
WorldMess 15 kun oldin
I love cc’s
Ray Reinhart
Ray Reinhart 16 kun oldin
not frozen but i think it's worth mentioning Cracker Barrel mac and cheese can be found at grocery stores.
jazmine galvan
jazmine galvan 16 kun oldin
When the Panera soup comes frozen to the store too so it’s literally is the same lmao
Isaiah Gillette
Isaiah Gillette 16 kun oldin
9:44 am I the only one that paused it here to process what Link says
Jennifer M
Jennifer M 18 kun oldin
You can just by the way the broccoli looked that Link’s side was the frozen one for the PF Chang’s
luky98ification 20 kun oldin
The part where they freaked out about the different notes that the bowls made when tapping on them irrationally bothered me lol. Of course they're going to make a different noise when one of you are tapping on the hollow section of the bowl and the other is tapping on the soup filled section of the bowl
Tiff-Kate 21 kun oldin
Why is this so ASMR??? I just cantttt
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 22 kun oldin
Jump the shark
joshua ooroth
joshua ooroth 22 kun oldin
I wish they did the red lobster biscuits
TemperChain X
TemperChain X 22 kun oldin
Taste test on acid
Gabe Jones-Lang
Gabe Jones-Lang 17 kun oldin
TemperChain X no blindfolds just a dark room
Jessica Weaver
Jessica Weaver 22 kun oldin
I was a manager at Panera. We did nightly orders (at my store) for soups and veggies and everything. The soup comes frozen. We heat them in the bag and cool them down again (at my store) then boil them in a large pot and bring it out as if we make them every morning 🤷‍♀️ so that’s more then likely why they taste the same
Kaiden Dejor
Kaiden Dejor 23 kun oldin
I didn’t click for asmr
Steven 25 kun oldin
I like how their native North Carolinian roots come out. CiCis pizza.....
RuggedandDumb 25 kun oldin
I’m curious why so many thumbs down on this video? I guess some bad feed back is good feed back.
CobyM24 25 kun oldin
Love the show but is that laugh tracks I hear
Big32Productions 25 kun oldin
10:47 👎👎🏼👎🏾👎🏻👎🏿
Espen Buseth
Espen Buseth 26 kun oldin
Crazy catlady alarm 11:48
Desi's Skits
Desi's Skits 26 kun oldin
I Panera to work at used and our frozen comes in soup
Sean Matthew King
Sean Matthew King 15 kun oldin
+Desi's Skits 🤔
Desi's Skits
Desi's Skits 23 kun oldin
If you don’t like it, just ignore it.
danielallen111 23 kun oldin
Good one..... 🤔
Desi's Skits
Desi's Skits 24 kun oldin
Its a joke.. people kept saying that they worked at Panera, and their soup comes in frozen. So I made a joke about it and jumbled it up,
danielallen111 24 kun oldin
Are you speaking English, or decided to jumble up all the words for fun in that sentence?
Joe Rams
Joe Rams 26 kun oldin
Anyone else always pick the right curly fries?
Jen Dee
Jen Dee 27 kun oldin
Former Panera employee: Panera bread soup comes frozen from the “Panera kitchen” and thawed out and served in store as do the soups sold to the public. They are the same. However can differ based on batch and where in the batch the container is filled.
LeaFY ModZ
LeaFY ModZ 27 kun oldin
U forgot costco pizza
mike 27 kun oldin
I like how link looks like a little kid at the grownup table.
xETourest 27 kun oldin
CiCi's Pizza has a Mac n Cheese Pizza 🍕
Linuxpunk81 28 kun oldin
shouda been blindfolded
Drake krome
Drake krome 28 kun oldin
when it comes to panera bread restaurants you get big taste but very, very very little food, that's how their profit margins work. you order a sandwich and a bowl of soup, you're literally only going to get half of a sandwich and only going to get exactly 6 ounces of soup, if you don't know how little 6 ounces of soup is that's less than half a serving bowl of Campbell's canned soup. its nothing, like 7 spoonfuls of soup and its gone. its nothing and you've just spent $30 on half a sandwich and 6oz of soup. that's what i had to realise the one and only time i've ever ate there, me and a date decided to eat there on our date, we ordered the half sandwich and a 6 oz bowl of soup and the price was like $54 we just ate a half of a sandwich and a half a bowl of soup. we ate there and left only deciding that were still very hungry! we ended up immediately going to a chick-fil-a where we ordered 2 chick-fil-a sandwiches and an order of 12 nuggets. LONG STORY SHORT PANERA BREAD IS NOT WORTH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
Nathan Butcher
Nathan Butcher 28 kun oldin
Hey where's Alissa Violet from Panera
Anthony Tah May
Anthony Tah May 28 kun oldin
didn't sound like jaws at all
Mike Christy
Mike Christy 29 kun oldin
How do they keep the restaurant food fresh? These are the questions I must know
JohnX Oy oldin
My nickname is Jeff
3:33 the time I thought my life was over
Bon Jigers
Bon Jigers Oy oldin
Can someone please tell Rhett that he has Synesthesia (if you don’t know what that is, google does wonders). At 4:30
Adrian Brock
Adrian Brock Oy oldin
My dads name is Jeff
L L Oy oldin
Yalls definition of cici's is too accurate.
poetiklee vehrzed
Yall are hilarious lol. The broccoli cheddar part had me cracking up!! Lol the cicis comment.
Potato Tube
Potato Tube Oy oldin
Well Link, when you only eat dog food with a few exceptions, things begin to taste the same.
Joe Cambo
Joe Cambo Oy oldin
5:45 this is just DWIGHT
Omar Robles
Omar Robles Oy oldin
I kinda love the idea of link doing these things in complete silence knowing how much of an urge he has to talk 😂😂
Gym Clown
Gym Clown Oy oldin
The Panera one will taste the same because if you go to a Panera it comes out of the freezer and goes into a water bath to defrost.
Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified
I eat that cajun pasta literally every day
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy Oy oldin
TGI Friday's will always be associated with Guy Fieri to me.
PasTeK Prod
PasTeK Prod Oy oldin
12:00 rip the intern
xydoit Oy oldin
The cheaper one is frozen. This is the reason the pasta is not the same.
xydoit Oy oldin
The restaurant fries won't be fresh after several minutes.
xydoit Oy oldin
Please add (game) when its a game.
VPagon Oy oldin
I went to Panera a few weeks ago the first time. Got an Italian sandwich, can't remember the full name of the dish. But it was bitter inside, vinegary, and the bread was hard like rocks. So in the words of Link, I was miserable that day lmao
Daniel M
Daniel M Oy oldin
Man im glad she's gone....
Kathleen LeMaire
Love your show, glad I came across it! I am a new subscriber!
Krynesh Lilith
Truthfully, I worked at Arby's for a couple years in several states and many stores(I helped at several stores from my main ones). The fries are frozen, obviously, and most of the stores don't throw out the fries as often as they should. They are suppose to be thrown out after seven minutes(if I recall correctly) of sitting in the fry station(if immediately put into it after they are done cooking) and most places just reset the timer if they even use it. From how dark those are. They are either super old(longer than just a drive) or were left in too long despite the beeping to take them out.
K1aThegL1Tch M1racle
i think the arby's curly fries would be obvi because if it's burnt its most likely to be the restaurant because the chef might've overcoooked it and the machine from the store might be programmed to have the perfect temperature so the fries didn'tburn.
Ruben Nuñez
Ruben Nuñez Oy oldin
Khrap, GMM always makes me hungry
to helhiem and back
More like Jim and Dwight
Aaron Petersen
I work at Kroger and one of the cashiers names is Jeff lol
Antonio Fang
Antonio Fang Oy oldin
Can we get a "seven minutes of: Rhett leaving the show"
Kevin Alexander
Who's the announcers voice? Its heavenly. She should read audiobooks.
C R Oy oldin
lol 3:16 :P
Psychosis Gaming
Is it just me or is it satisfying when they chew
DëiMos Oy oldin
Oh there gluten ..that just means there both gunna be bad hahaha
TheMilomack Oy oldin
Happy Birthday Dink
Joe Picone
Joe Picone Oy oldin
Link meant to choose the arby's restaurant fries, he said I think these are from the store and not the bag
Nightowl333 Oy oldin
Am I the only one who actually really likes CiCis? I know it’s super cheap but something about it, maybe I just love variety
Dillon Yousif
Dillon Yousif Oy oldin
Oh yeah Cici's was the plug. That elbow skin they called pizza was only good because they threw some mac and cheese on it.
Shi Miller
Shi Miller Oy oldin
Dink 😂
I_Like_Memes _
That’s Jeff that’s Dwight HEY THATS JIM!
yaite Oy oldin
Whats the name of the female that gives you the answers? perfect voice c:
DTMT 527
DTMT 527 Oy oldin
yaite her name is Stevie
Ethan Owens
Ethan Owens Oy oldin
Why is it that the items taste “totally different” to Rhett and to link they taste the same
Elias broända
And his name is Jeff kaplan
Pizza slice87
Pizza slice87 Oy oldin
Do you know him
Mercedes Cup rill
Pene means peanut the privite part in spanish
Mahea Ramos
Mahea Ramos Oy oldin
Why did Link say “Chaaaaangggs” like that?
Walter Phillips
I worked at Panera, the soup comes frozen to the restaurant so I'd imagine it's the exact same recipe as what you'd get at the grocery store.
Walter Phillips
All of the soups come frozen in big bags. No prep of soup is done at the restaurant aside from thawing it out.
Albruey Melton
Why does the girl singing happy birthday remind me of the dude from scary movie with the messed up hand😂
nomad73916 Oy oldin
and hes outta there lol
jawjaw wacky journy
Adrianna Weisman
gorden ramsy cud figer this out
oxy 75
oxy 75 Oy oldin
From the store or from Arby's they are both frozen. Just matters if you fry them or not.
Reign 55
Reign 55 Oy oldin
Loved cici pizza but they closed the one where I live at in Tennessee
Arnav Singh
Arnav Singh Oy oldin
Anyone know where rhett got that shirt?
Josh Keating
Josh Keating Oy oldin
They did the Jaws theme. They jumped the shark.
Rhianan Arthur
7:00 hi welcome to chillys
goku son
goku son Oy oldin
I want rhett and link to be a crew member on their own show and experience the bts with crew members doing the gmm show lol
Figuring It Out
The BBQ chicken pizza from CPK is my FAVORITE
Kate Mattice
Kate Mattice 2 oy oldin
Link, you have become...... Food blind
ranaee_ k
ranaee_ k 2 oy oldin
Eww Rhett’s face @ 11:26
Aubrey and Milo
Aubrey and Milo 2 oy oldin
Everytime Rhett stands up from the desk I remember how tall he is.
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