Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and talks about his favorite basketball sneakers, being a Warriors fan before Kevin Durant, and how he has the best sneakers among his castmates.
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10-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 092
UGHH 4 soat oldin
Humble kid....I respect this so much.
Paul Barszczowski
Paul Barszczowski 4 soat oldin
My mans still got recess... smh
Calum Hadley
Calum Hadley 4 soat oldin
6ixe 9ine goes sneaker shopping
Dimas Beato
Dimas Beato 12 soat oldin
Damnn iv u dont know wat u want to buy from 3 Human races.. Just bought them all LOLLLL
Troll Lol
Troll Lol 13 soat oldin
He’s so genuine
Gacha Gurl
Gacha Gurl 14 soat oldin
I do not rock vans
Albert M
Albert M 16 soat oldin
what a great kid
kyla smith
kyla smith 20 soat oldin
Caleb is gave him the credit card like it was nothing knowing if it was me id left every thing at the store.
Brian Hines
Brian Hines 20 soat oldin
anyone tryna go to this store with me?
Brian Hines
Brian Hines 20 soat oldin
cuz i cant drive yet🙃
David Carrera
David Carrera 21 soat oldin
My mans said he was there from the beginning , literally every bandwagon says that , like if you agree
Jonathan Toews RULES #19
I love gsw and curry to
lando Kun oldin
Unfortunately he can’t dress but it’s all cool he’s chill
TheBoyBluu Kun oldin
Dropping 1.8k that young on clothing. Must be nice
Isidor Backlund
Isidor Backlund Kun oldin
They get these stuff retail 4 real
Tayvon Gibson
Tayvon Gibson Kun oldin
travis scott x AF1 for $150!?!?
Ermer G
Ermer G Kun oldin
wtf this kid now about sneakers
Seamus Murphy
Seamus Murphy Kun oldin
"the thanos looking one" XD
Z M Kun oldin
Could be the first person who didn’t get completely scammed for the sneakers
BoH hytry
BoH hytry Kun oldin
Midnight do caralho
Darryl Snoddy
Darryl Snoddy Kun oldin
Cool kid.
Pablo 2014
Pablo 2014 Kun oldin
Mgk needs to be on sneaker complex
Martinez Kun oldin
Do sneaker shopping with king lil g
aaron berhane
aaron berhane Kun oldin
6:39 Caleb cut Joe off and Joe’s face at 6:42😂😂
Damar Lintang
Damar Lintang Kun oldin
Lil pump
Joseph Deng
Joseph Deng Kun oldin
Do ayo and teo next
Sebastian Campos
Sneaker shopping with Gunna
Y tho
Y tho Kun oldin
Yo where is season 3 of stranger things?
Memelordnord 66
Memelordnord 66 Kun oldin
“I like the thanos lookin ones” I’m dead
Above The Law
Above The Law Kun oldin
Caleb's pops, Supa Mario worked for Uptown and then went with Puffy when he started Bad Boy Records
Laurie Solis
Laurie Solis Kun oldin
He is so kind hearted!!
Diego Guerra Estrada
Do Kodak black
Levi Collins
Levi Collins Kun oldin
Y’all need to do a steelo brim sneaker shopping
boringtuber Kun oldin
This kid going places not a hard call but this dude gonna go big
Mercenary 202
Mercenary 202 2 kun oldin
After all that the shorts were the most expensive 😂😂😂😂😂
Laceless Shoes
Laceless Shoes 2 kun oldin
Wait how old is this kid
Laceless Shoes
Laceless Shoes 2 kun oldin
Does Caleb actually curse in real life?
LION ER 2 kun oldin
Do sob rbe next
Sebastien Devaleriola
lmao thanos looking shoes
Concave 2 kun oldin
What store he at getting everything for retail
BG Squad
BG Squad 2 kun oldin
Favorite character of the show
Lucid Scopez
Lucid Scopez 2 kun oldin
0:48 peep ricegum
jack bim
jack bim 2 kun oldin
he is not pretinding
Charlie Vogler
Charlie Vogler 2 kun oldin
Get Quando Rondo on the show. Like if you agree
ugly potato
ugly potato 2 kun oldin
Noah: *buys 1 pair of shoes for $3K Caleb: *buys 5 pairs of shoes plus shorts for less than $2K lool
PioneerBlue 2 kun oldin
Can't decide...get all three XD
LarryLegend 2 kun oldin
Dystopia 9
Dystopia 9 2 kun oldin
Who watches that show anymore 😂
Ashley Valderama
Ashley Valderama 2 kun oldin
You guys need to invite kehlani🔥🔥
E Abrahams
E Abrahams 2 kun oldin
Cool kid
ty anastasio
ty anastasio 2 kun oldin
the 845's very own
Ziel Campbell
Ziel Campbell 2 kun oldin
I don’t fw this kid no more he dubs fan
Mary-Kristina Farinas
Caleb is the cutest. Go off lil prince!!
Mobile - Fortnite
Mobile - Fortnite 2 kun oldin
Thanos Yeezy
Phoenix A
Phoenix A 2 kun oldin
What a king
timotheus nakashona
Those old skool vans are awesome.
Davud TaVeRaSsS
Davud TaVeRaSsS 2 kun oldin
Tyler the creator goes sneaker shopping : D
Lorcan Rees
Lorcan Rees 2 kun oldin
So class 3 bandwagon, not quite 1 or 2
YOYOyosief 2 kun oldin
nicegirl 2 kun oldin
Can you do this with sadie ore millie too
jarhead23 2 kun oldin
Have brad hall on please
MWAclanGaming 2 kun oldin
Wtf how was it retail price when there like double the price on stockx and goat, even consignment shops too.
SCRiptys PLaYS
SCRiptys PLaYS 2 kun oldin
I wanna cop the Travis Air Force 1s
SCRiptys PLaYS
SCRiptys PLaYS 2 kun oldin
The Thanos looking ones LMAO 😂😂😂
Dwayne2k 2 kun oldin
That stranger things check must be coming in nice
Zeke Davis
Zeke Davis 2 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that those Travis Scott forces were only $150??
Derek Oakley
Derek Oakley 2 kun oldin
Get my man cole it Travis in this bitch
Mike Collison
Mike Collison 2 kun oldin
Dude those yeezeys he was holding looked like Walmart shoes or some shit. No joke
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez 2 kun oldin
Do sneaker shopping with Nigel Sylvester
faris zulkifli
faris zulkifli 2 kun oldin
Rocking that ksi style bandana.
Bigbandz cam901
Bigbandz cam901 2 kun oldin
Duwap kaine goes sneaker shopping
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 2 kun oldin
I must be getting hell old because this kid grew the fuck up. His voice ain’t what it use to be.
Bo Collins
Bo Collins 2 kun oldin
Bo Collins
Bo Collins 2 kun oldin
If PAC.....had a SON.....
lil boost
lil boost 3 kun oldin
Lol what
Rob Martinez
Rob Martinez 3 kun oldin
Complex just wants poor people to buy those wack China made shoes to keep us poor.
Mike Collison
Mike Collison 3 kun oldin
Those look like pink carpet
ghosts busters
ghosts busters 3 kun oldin
Such a great choice of guest i could actually understand what his saying not like with other guests
L3JoinedYourLobby 3 kun oldin
BPLNick 3 kun oldin
dude said "THANOS ONES"
Krzysztof Albinski
Krzysztof Albinski 3 kun oldin
Ninja goes sneaker shoping with complex. Juice Wrld gkes sneaker shopping with complex
itss.rachel_ 3 kun oldin
He voice has broke yet
Jacobo Santana
Jacobo Santana 3 kun oldin
yo Joe amaze videos bro OK theirs a dude named blazendary but that's his UZvid name but real name giancarlo hype beast crazy sneaker head try to get in touch with him.
TeNou 3 kun oldin
simply Diamond
simply Diamond 3 kun oldin
my new celeb crush😘he's so cute
Wot In Tarnation
Wot In Tarnation 3 kun oldin
He looks like Lucas from stranger things
Nando's with the lads
Joceline Vincent woooossshhh
Joceline Vincent
Is this sarcasm? Cause you must be joking.
Laceless Shoes
Laceless Shoes 2 kun oldin
Carbon 3 kun oldin
Kara Black
Kara Black 3 kun oldin
sneaker shopping with finn wolfhard!!!!! pleaseeeee
SFG Gaming
SFG Gaming 3 kun oldin
Get nav to do this pls
Noah Hinton
Noah Hinton 3 kun oldin
Fuck any kid with this much money. He ain’t never had to work.
Kayara Williams
Kayara Williams 3 kun oldin
Do kehlani next
Kensley 3 kun oldin
*Sees total* “it’s worth it “ *looks at friends about to stop me*
kkawesome1234 3 kun oldin
He says he's not a bandwagon fan yet only became a fan the year the Warriors won 67 games and a championship. Basically the definition of a bandwagon lmao😂
Tyson Martin
Tyson Martin 3 kun oldin
Thanos Chin
Tyson Martin
Tyson Martin 3 kun oldin
Thanos shoes
Sic narf
Sic narf 3 kun oldin
Those shorts garbage tho
Luis Mercado
Luis Mercado 3 kun oldin
Hope those Travis Scott are available in black some day.
T 3 kun oldin
7:02 he said give the browse a shelves instead of give the shelves a browse lol
Dean Rojas
Dean Rojas 3 kun oldin
what a cool fucking kid
Matteo Marletto
Matteo Marletto 3 kun oldin
6:28 name of the slip on shoes in the background??
*Darnell* 3 kun oldin
He’s very genuine in person we hooped wit him a couple times he’s our homeboys cousin