Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and talks about his favorite basketball sneakers, being a Warriors fan before Kevin Durant, and how he has the best sneakers among his castmates.
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10-Sen, 2018

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Mark Njombo
Mark Njombo 12 soat oldin
Caleb bought 5 pairs Noah only bought 1😂😂
Clay White78
Clay White78 14 soat oldin
3:33 wearing beetles on ur foot
Clay White78
Clay White78 15 soat oldin
This dude gets more girls than my whole school
YuNg_FaYe Kun oldin
My mans is 17. He looked 12 still lmao.
StirredFry 12
StirredFry 12 Kun oldin
1:14 I thought he was a Knicks fan????
Jungwoo the UWU
Jungwoo the UWU 3 kun oldin
0:48 what he played a game with kris
Nyemiah Hale
Nyemiah Hale 4 kun oldin
Cash x Monkey
Cash x Monkey 5 kun oldin
thats still a bandwaggon
woolfiee :3
woolfiee :3 7 kun oldin
Sneaker Things
Virginia Gordon
Virginia Gordon 7 kun oldin
I thought this chile was 12yrs old 😂😂
Daron Martin
Daron Martin 7 kun oldin
Sneaker shopping with daequan
sami lobato
sami lobato 7 kun oldin
If I posted a video of me going outer space it wouldn’t even get as many views as this of video of him shopping for SHOES 😂🤧
Piggy the Comedy Cat
He sounds like Kermit the frog
Francheska Atanasova
I love basketball and am very good at it toooo
Yadiel De Jesus Morales
This lill bitch doesnt even know about tim hardway and chris mullin an tellin hes fan of gs since curry and not a band wagon dumb boy pleaseee "!
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 5 kun oldin
Yadiel De Jesus Morales who cares it a b-ball team get a life 😂
Gauge Ssushi
Gauge Ssushi 10 kun oldin
Do joji dude or rich brian and joji duo
Bandana Gangsta
Bandana Gangsta 10 kun oldin
I like the Thanos looking pair
autumn brown
autumn brown 10 kun oldin
Dang hes rich 😂😂💯
Carapute et Bouchtiflore
150 for thé Travis ?!?
Malique Motuzas
Malique Motuzas 11 kun oldin
Josh Welch
Josh Welch 12 kun oldin
Cardi on this
Edward Nguyen
Edward Nguyen 12 kun oldin
Shiiiii he got them thanos shoes
dis boi
dis boi 12 kun oldin
He called the yeezys thanos yeezys
Charlie Pearman
Charlie Pearman 12 kun oldin
Thanos shoes! Thanos shoes!
Antoine Tardif
Antoine Tardif 13 kun oldin
he wears 11.5, damm
NB Gamer
NB Gamer 14 kun oldin
Yo I have a pair of air Jordan 3 Justin Timberlake’s
Daytime 14 kun oldin
his sister goes to my school
Jessey Boe
Jessey Boe 16 kun oldin
CALEB IS SOOOO CUTE!! He's so underrated
Salvador Salazar
Salvador Salazar 16 kun oldin
$500 for a pair of shorts geez
achichingz 17 kun oldin
"in a humble way i'm the king of sneakers"😂
Bryan Alves
Bryan Alves 19 kun oldin
He likes the thanos yezzeys get it right
Wizard Of Dank
Wizard Of Dank 20 kun oldin
I was a fan since they won, I’m not a band wagon tho
Ashish Bommera
Ashish Bommera 20 kun oldin
Props to the guy for not messing up the handshake 👏
its.KyKy! 20 kun oldin
He got all that stuff nd it was cheaper than Noahs. Noah only bought one shoe lmd
G I M E N O P H 21 kun oldin
MrAdds11 22 kun oldin
Someone knows the name of the white shoes? 5:15
skinny boi
skinny boi 22 kun oldin
501 N 503
501 N 503 22 kun oldin
The beginning of "Greatness" was TMC.
Flyesthuman 22 kun oldin
This mf three different types of ugly
Flyesthuman 4 kun oldin
well thats your opinion, I regret porting thus comment about Caleb.+Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 5 kun oldin
Flyesthuman you have a picture of a ugly dog so I wouldn’t talk
derboy derG
derboy derG 23 kun oldin
fuck mcDonalds!
BonCly 14
BonCly 14 23 kun oldin
do a complex with exo Lol🤙
Red Ring of Death
Red Ring of Death 23 kun oldin
NtM 25 kun oldin
All for retail? Where tf
Blake Ogeris
Blake Ogeris 25 kun oldin
Wait... where is this store?? They sell shoes retail.. weird, they always sell their guest resell price
Jacobae W.
Jacobae W. 25 kun oldin
V2s the “thanos ones”
Manraj Brar
Manraj Brar 25 kun oldin
Manraj Brar
Manraj Brar 25 kun oldin
bro this kid was wildin at that one all star game
AmazingSSJ 25 kun oldin
whats crazy is i saw him walk down the street last year around thanksgiving because his cousin goes to my school
Chicken 2K
Chicken 2K 29 kun oldin
I saw him on wwyd
NicholasJ Walker
NicholasJ Walker 29 kun oldin
If every African American teen would follow this young man's lead.
Michael Depo
Michael Depo 29 kun oldin
He kinda looks like Lucas Sinclair
Emma Mulvey
Emma Mulvey Oy oldin
1792 dollars 😂 Noah was like ‘my moms gonna kill me’ but Caleb got like every pair 👌🏻
Annette Nyamwaya
Honestly one of the best
Daquan TheRealist
7:48 how you know u black
David Torres
David Torres Oy oldin
Retail price? Now that is a blessing.
This kid has worst taste 🤮😂
donoho93 Oy oldin
This kid is going somewhere.
Shannen Granger
Kana Beats
Kana Beats Oy oldin
lol this kid hilarious I can't wait for season 3
fkylw Oy oldin
Nothing worse than getting rare fire shoes and only being able to wear them for a year before you grow out of them.
Joana de Palol
HE PLAYED WITH FCKING KRIS WU! sjkvnjñzdvdfjfvnlskdmdcksldc
Tyler Stepp
Tyler Stepp Oy oldin
This nigga shoe game so weak
Burnout Fan
Burnout Fan Oy oldin
First Noah, then Caleb, what's next Finn, Millie and Gaten shopping with complex
sound booster
sound booster Oy oldin
Like if ybn cordea should be on here
Julia Rosacia
Julia Rosacia Oy oldin
I can’t believe Caleb is from stranger things.
August Mahler
August Mahler Oy oldin
"Thanos looking ones" XD
jamila gillette
$500 for some short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really
kai Singh
kai Singh Oy oldin
This guy over here look like the American kid KSI
Nicolas Rojas
Nicolas Rojas Oy oldin
We mostly want athletes and artist
Jasper is Noice
thanos kinda looking ones
xzibit Oy oldin
Yo sway wat store is this how’d he get all the shoes for retail
mia schnapp
mia schnapp Oy oldin
Alexander Prasens
That was a firm handshake
Dog Kaisher
Dog Kaisher Oy oldin
No pair of shorts is worth 500 dollars
joe f
joe f Oy oldin
*clears throat* *scowls* it’s Sauc A Nee NOT Sa Co Nee....god damn it
Lqurens Oy oldin
3.26 "I Like the thanos looking ones" lol this dude know his memes
Chasity Lamierr
Is he a Scorpio? *searches birthday* He’s a Libra😂 same difference.
Marcus Vinicius
please beat name? 0:40
Noah Molin
Noah Molin Oy oldin
Such a nice guy
Thanos shoes OP
Emmanuel Noel
Emmanuel Noel Oy oldin
Cj so cool
iGod Oy oldin
I wish my skin was darker. you guys can basically wear any color
Peter Gezah
Peter Gezah Oy oldin
Green Runs deep
John P
John P Oy oldin
Lil Dude is Cool
Splash Oy oldin
He KINDA looks like a young tupac
Mordexi Thompson vlogs
*Well someone grew up*
Well I have no choice but to wear the same sneakers my family is broke I have 1 pair of shoes 1 year (R.I.P in the chat)
Tru Tru H.
Tru Tru H. Oy oldin
This is just my opinion but , CALEB MCLAUGHLIN IS FREAKN HOT!!!
7:43 I definitely gonna get my tail whooped today
Mark Waitz
Mark Waitz Oy oldin
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball Oy oldin
Bandwagon city 🤣😂🤣😂😂
Zom Bee Nature
All Complex does is sneaker shopping videos.
Eilish Bitch
Eilish Bitch Oy oldin
They getting every type of nigga on here
AndreIII plays
"I like the thanos lookin ones" thats my guy
DKMade Luke
DKMade Luke Oy oldin
He hopped on the bandwagon right when they won their first championship. Just like everybody else he a bandwagon
Sekai'sWorld Oy oldin
0:48 what the fuck Kris lMAO
F. Foster
F. Foster Oy oldin
he's a golden state fan so i must go folks...
Ackeem Kelly
Ackeem Kelly Oy oldin
This is a very bless kid
Werm YT
Werm YT Oy oldin
To this I’m his age and I got got no cash 😭🤦🏼‍♂️