Strangers Play Monopoly with Real Money

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We brought millennials and a millionaire together to play Monopoly with real money while answering some of life's big questions about money. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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13-Iyl, 2018



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Jubilee 8 oy oldin
It's a valid question...how much would YOU chop off a limb for? 🤔
Not TheVileFiend
Well seeming as you have to want atleast 1 million dollars to suck a dick if your a male... I’d say about a million dollars
Mr Random
Mr Random 3 kun oldin
19 bilion
World of Chaos
World of Chaos 4 kun oldin
enough to get immortality
Death vs Life
Death vs Life 4 kun oldin
That depends, how much are you offering? 😐
Pianomaster Dany
Pianomaster Dany 27 kun oldin
40 Million
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 2 kun oldin
binging all your videos so good!
Vibe 3 kun oldin
lol I like Mike he’s cool
NeoXenoZ 3 kun oldin
With the Monopoly Real Edition, you may win and have the money but you will lose the strangers!
Denny Man
Denny Man 3 kun oldin
Money dosen't make you Happy But No Money makes you unhappy.
Alibek Murataliev
Alibek Murataliev 5 kun oldin
7:03 black guy didn’t like his handshake so he wiped it with his butt
Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki
people here wants to suck that Mike's dick ... to me he's a jerk.
luck8961 8 kun oldin
This would be way different if everyone put in their own money, and winner keeps everything they earned from the game at the end
Zombie Survival Labs - ZMZreloaded
UZvid was around in 2005. So no sweetheart, you were not doing blogging "before" youtube was around.
Eric Schleden
Eric Schleden 10 kun oldin
"Can money solve the worlds problems?" "No" Sis, have you not heard 7 rings? 🤔
John Smith
John Smith 10 kun oldin
This is not even a game of monopoly with randomly distributed properties...
Lune 12 kun oldin
Money can buy time, if your sick you buy medicine which heals you and lets you live longer, we used to die to common sicknesses we experience today
Mae Cadayona
Mae Cadayona 14 kun oldin
Mike, I love your perspective and your whole personality.👌👍
Diquan Washingbeard
Diquan Washingbeard 16 kun oldin
Jessica if you don’t shut yo ass up.
Abilawa andamari
Abilawa andamari 16 kun oldin
Damn mike gives off this weird ass vibe. Like he can rob all of my money and i would think he's giving me handouts. Does that make any sense? He has a dangerous charisma. I aspire to be this jewish man.
Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn 17 kun oldin
I’d much rather play Monopoly with real money over Poker any day
Ernesto Herrera
Ernesto Herrera 18 kun oldin
I was watching at 9:32 and skipped and landed on 9:38 it worked perfectly
Hakuraita 18 kun oldin
I can relate to Aneesh so much right now.
Chels142 19 kun oldin
Why is everyone worshipping mike? Wasn’t anyone else annoyed with him along with Jessica?
gunnar 19 kun oldin
why does she keep throwing herself a pity party about how she got kicked out
Steve Tinoco
Steve Tinoco 20 kun oldin
I have the slight feeling that this is a SJW channel. You know, a “slight” feeling
Richcool 21 kun oldin
Mad respect for Mike.
Mohammed Yakub
Mohammed Yakub 25 kun oldin
i thought they meant, "how much would you chop someone else's limb off for" i was like, that's so cruel
O.G_ KINGPIN 25 kun oldin
i honestly just clicked the wrong video..
Karbi Kid
Karbi Kid 27 kun oldin
Mike makes 3 million a year.
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 29 kun oldin
Mike looks like the richest man alive
AZUbius Oy oldin
The American Fallacy - "Everyone can make it". The brown brother tryna hit the group with knowledge and everyone is just hitting back with these motivational epithets. Sometimes it doesn't matter how "motivated" or hardworking you are. Some people just never get a break. Despite common belief, capitalism is in fact not designed for "everyone to win". Just saying.
dedalliance1 Oy oldin
I'd love to have a conversation with Mike on how he went about making his money in real estate. If only I could mimic everything he did that would be great lol.
The Funny Plushie Show!
Ha! Mr. Beast wasn't first!
YouTube Algorithm
This should definitely be a thing.
melody ou
melody ou Oy oldin
jess is not an og youtuber, I love her but calm down
Ambrosia Lynne
The answers to the question about solving the worlds problems with money shows how bad our relationships can be with money. I recommend the book "You are a Badass about making money" by Jen Cincero. She explains a lot about how money just gives opportunity. It's a tool, like the internet. It is not bad, just like a car or pizza isn't bad. It does not have a number limit where it's suddenly evil to have it. you can solve world hunger with it if it's in the right hands. You can build art schools, influence politics to become more moral, etc
Zurtron D
Zurtron D Oy oldin
A real “og you tuber in the house” would be from 2005
DUN LETS GO Oy oldin
Stop talking please! I have to skip 10 seconds for the playing
MineCarter XoCrafter
Who came from Mr Beasts video
Reblex Oy oldin
they only use real money so they dont flip the board
1017 brick squad
Who seen the mr beast real life monopoly?
BradenBoykoTV Oy oldin
*MrBeast has joined the chat*
Demonic Chara
Demonic Chara Oy oldin
Of course people be like. *"OMG SO AND SO IS ANNOYING!!!111"* Meh, can't please everyone I guess.
Jay P
Jay P Oy oldin
The girl on here annoying asf 😭
UZvid has been at thing since 2005
Does jessica think youtube was made in 2009 im pretty sure it was made in 2005 lol so not OG 4 years off
Gavin Pace
Gavin Pace Oy oldin
She said she was og youtuber for starting in 2009 but youtube came out 2005 🤔
heleen akrayee
Man I wanna be best friends with Mike so bad
Red Oye
Red Oye Oy oldin
What if somone said . I dare you to give me all your money lol
Vandarte Freelancer - Translator
This video is boring and the title is clickbait. I expected then to put a certain amount of real money and then the winner took all as a reward.
Oscar Vitlue
Oscar Vitlue Oy oldin
9:23 level 99 boss
frank trejo
frank trejo Oy oldin
money can so change you're diet i love being vegan but its hard asf to have variety
Luke Zez
Luke Zez Oy oldin
That girl thought you could give someone your leg... WTF
Galaxy MasterMaya
mr beast needs this
A L Oy oldin
9:40 😂
Camille Lee
Camille Lee Oy oldin
So whr is the Monopoly gameplay? Also that is some real rich ppl board game 😂😂
MrDevil Oy oldin
Level 1: Jessica Level 99 boss: mike That’s how mafia works
Liz Stacy
Liz Stacy Oy oldin
I have one question - how did they not end up arguing over this
Zigy Oy oldin
I dont know what she was thinking youtube was made in 2005
ziad mohamed
ziad mohamed Oy oldin
We requested this from mr. Beast not you
Nive Yoga
Nive Yoga Oy oldin
I love this format!
B Wink
B Wink Oy oldin
Mike is sooooo daddy. Motivational, positive, charming, intelligent, driven, handsome. Yassssss
Michael Keating
UZvid was a thing before 2019 ur not og
Let me hit the lottery!
Karma Oy oldin
That jessica girl had it easy now. Making UZvid vids with brand deals,easy ass job she ain’t got to struggle no more
AveMarie Meleisea
This is what we have been asking Mr beast for
Your mum looks like my foot
*og UZvid in da houzzz* Well that’s enough of that!
Jessalynn L
Jessalynn L Oy oldin
Is it really a game of Monopoly if hands aren't thrown and the board hasn't been flipped off the table?
Alexis Sarabia
Mike: behind the scenes millionaire, not a jerk and seems actually quite likable and is comparably humble to most rich people, full of wisdom and life knowledge to get you through various troubling times. all around good guy who doesn't let adversity get him down but uses that to drive him to success. epitome of chad specimens. Jessica: youtube personality before it was even a "thing" although vibrant and out spoken she displays arrogance in her speech and is very opinionated and hard to like initially, fowl mouthed. admirable in her struggles and very commendable human being, but dwells too much on the past letting that define her instead of molding her. Aneesh and D'andre: chill average people just trying to make it in this world like many people. outspoken and opinionated when it is called for but overall seemingly respectful and careful not to offend or trigger anyone. not to overbearing in mannerisms. would crack open a cold one with.
Alexis Sarabia
little do they know my boi mike is not bluffing when he says he loaded, that is chump change for him.
Zhafrran S
Zhafrran S Oy oldin
I just like watching Luis Fonsi now, lol..
Lordosis Oy oldin
Gee, Jess Ligma here smells pretty entitled to me...
Cole Hammond
Cole Hammond Oy oldin
You dont earn money when you land on free parking
Bailey Harrison
0:55 UZvid definitely was a thing in 2009 lmao
Gipz Oy oldin
Now, this is the type of gambling I’d do.
GhostGotToast Oy oldin
I'm happy I watched this video
jtthedude Oy oldin
I like Mike
momen sherif
momen sherif Oy oldin
and ironically the rich guy's origins are Jewish
Chucky H
Chucky H Oy oldin
The real estate guy thinks he like a god
Joseph Aaron
Joseph Aaron Oy oldin
The black guy has a big poverty mindset he’s a victim and stays in poverty and he put himself there. The rest are more self made hard working people especially the guy in real estate and marketing.
bambino Oy oldin
"I'm a UZvidr and have being doing it before UZvid was a thing in 2009." Hun UZvid came out 2005 and how you doing something before it even existed?
It wasn't a thing till after 2009. She's saying she has been on it before it was popular. Think before you type
Noel Villarin
Noel Villarin Oy oldin
Despite the fancy board and the fact that real money was being used, Monopoly still remains such a dry and uninteresting game that they had to resort to TRUTH/DARE to spice up the show.
Zeenat Ullah
Zeenat Ullah Oy oldin
Mike is a walking legend 😁
JustSilly rachet
For some reason I really disliked the girl....
Just Another Person
Just Another Person
"I love paying rent" never heard that before
SoftWarewolf Oy oldin
Where is the game? They are just babbling, and couldn’t even cut it chronologically as hotels jump on and off the board.
Saila -
Saila - Oy oldin
jessica was the only obnoxious and passive aggressive person here, - 8:25 instead of listening to the guy's point, she takes every opportunity to try and get "omg ur so strong and independent" points. mike can be rude, but at least that's not (from what i can tell) on purpose
Deandre look like the black version of one of the guys who got caught on to catch a predator featuring Chris Hanson
what monopoly board is this
James Oliver
James Oliver Oy oldin
Next level gambling
Da Boo
Da Boo Oy oldin
Money can buy happiness... would you be happier living in a fancy house with a large supply of foods, amenities, and recreational activities, or a cardboard box, outside in the cold, with no food and water?
Sorry I'm happy with my money
Christine Manawatu
Surely they made more then $250 off of this video 🤦🏻
Jacob Reister
Jacob Reister Oy oldin
Guys there is an OG youtuber in the house
orange lord
orange lord Oy oldin
Free parking means free parking you don't get any money read the rules.
Paul Tougher
Paul Tougher Oy oldin
That was fun, the douche guy mike turned out to be a good, nice guy. Interesting how his real estate mind helped him own all the properties on the board 😂!
Paul Tougher
Paul Tougher Oy oldin
Jess Lazama
Raid3n Oy oldin
Take my leg give me 557$ Million so I can get a RobO-LeG, mansion and Kookez
Lynx_Renoswag Oy oldin
00:50 hmmmm butt 2005
James Santoy
James Santoy Oy oldin
Last time I checked that's not how you play monopoly......
Gsauce 29
Gsauce 29 2 oy oldin
UZvid existed since 2005 smh
Rod Pruitt
Rod Pruitt 2 oy oldin
I used to play the board game LIFE with my kids. This game teaches that we are the product (MOSTLY) of our choices. I grew up with no dad in the Detroit projects, I chose to stay out of trouble (which was hard). I chose to avoid prison (unlike my two drug dealing brothers). I made it, because I chose to. NO EXCUSES.
Strangers Play Monopoly with Real Money
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