Strangers Play Monopoly with Real Money

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We brought millennials and a millionaire together to play Monopoly with real money while answering some of life's big questions about money. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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13-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 639
Jubilee 6 oy oldin
It's a valid question...how much would YOU chop off a limb for? 🤔
Danjal Veskandar
Danjal Veskandar 17 soat oldin
Definition limb 1. an arm or leg of a person or four-legged animal, or a bird's wing. 2. a large branch of a tree. Just saying, the conditions aren't very specific...
Rising Rowey
Rising Rowey 18 soat oldin
100 mil
James Shepherd
James Shepherd 19 soat oldin
Malaz Akram
Malaz Akram 23 soat oldin
1 billion
AlphaRW 2 kun oldin
the price of the prosthetic leg plus the amount to install it with an extra 100k
Shuhraty 31 daqiqa oldin
Mike is the 🐐
Tyler Bissell
Tyler Bissell 4 soat oldin
Oh yea yea
YoungFoley 8 soat oldin
Jessica got a good heart but she about as dull as a fart for that😂😂😂
Christine Sabella
Christine Sabella 8 soat oldin
Mike has a great vibe.
Elhan Elias
Elhan Elias 12 soat oldin
What like charity of your own pocket
Elhan Elias
Elhan Elias 12 soat oldin
I like Mike
jggamerrad 14 soat oldin
Who came here because Mr beast wouldn't do it
Cypher 14 soat oldin
I really like Mike. His mindset is the most realistic. Specially about money.
626lololol 15 soat oldin
Jessica wouldn’t be making the same claims if she was still a single mum in a parking lot. She’s now saying that this is her philosophy because she wants to be credited for where she is now. Her self-serving comments make me cringe so hard.!
Verna Roz
Verna Roz 17 soat oldin
I'd be Aneesh in this situation.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Kun oldin
I'm from mr.beast and many comments recommend mr.beast will play this game with real money too
EX evil
EX evil Kun oldin
Anyone ended up here after mr beast new video
SparkyMTB Kun oldin
This is terrible.. you start with $500 but if you win the game & best everyone, you only win $250.. This sucks..
meja skal
meja skal Kun oldin
people who say money doesnt solve problems must not have enough money to solve them
BurningSpirit Kun oldin
Hey, is there a raw video of them playing? I'm baffled how ONLY Mike has property. It's like the others weren't even trying.
BurningSpirit Kun oldin
Money can't get you happiness. But without money, problems that cause you unhappiness creep up.
Klaus vom Klärwerk
2009 isnt that og dor youtube
Nethalie Embuscado
This is no joke
Genesis April
Genesis April 2 kun oldin
Should’ve done like a Birdseye view of the board...so we’d know what’s happening.
BlackWing Gaming
BlackWing Gaming 2 kun oldin
"Ive been doing youtube before it was a thing, ive been doing it since 2009" buddy it started 2005
Rico Fernandez
Rico Fernandez 2 kun oldin
11:00 that's not exactly a rule, people play with that rule because some guy came up with it and it seems legit but it isn't
King King
King King 2 kun oldin
Lol. That dare card, easy dare, pay me $100.
ReplayTheBeatz 2 kun oldin
If you know you're not financially stable you shouldn't be making so many children(and 4 of them?that's crazy). Don't put yourself in bad situations then blame the system
Da Samurai
Da Samurai 3 kun oldin
Does anyone belive mike makes millions of dollars a year? I believe that he might but I dont belive that he doesnt know how much he makes. All buisness men know how much they are bringing in and putting out if they didnt they would spend more then they made. They all have accountants as well.
Anthony Marasco
Anthony Marasco 3 kun oldin
Mike should have a UZvid channel instead of jessica
Jeylan Jubran
Jeylan Jubran 3 kun oldin
Why hasn't this trended
Jeylan Jubran
Jeylan Jubran 3 kun oldin
Jeylan Jubran
Jeylan Jubran 3 kun oldin
Please continue this
Jeylan Jubran
Jeylan Jubran 3 kun oldin
Why didn't this continue
DR Barry
DR Barry 3 kun oldin
O the wamen lost must be the pay gap lol
DR Barry
DR Barry 3 kun oldin
A little preachy
Gabby and Sydney
Gabby and Sydney 3 kun oldin
0:53 umm honey 😂 re you sure? UZvid was made in 2005💀
steve2jerry 4 kun oldin
Please use Canadian banknotes next time! Will look at least like Monolopy money
SuperSansCraft Comment Edition
Rich-@$$ Monopoly...
UnitedRaccoon57 4 kun oldin
Mike reminds me of my dad so much idk why
MarkuSutra 4 kun oldin
They did it before MrBeast
Friisk 4 kun oldin
Who’s here because of mr. beast comments
McSassy pants
McSassy pants 4 kun oldin
They are all paid actors, no one can play monopoly without fighting each other Jk
CDXX jayden
CDXX jayden 5 kun oldin
i wouldn't cut of my limb for nothing
frostyshadow10 5 kun oldin
Screw capitalism the oppressive system needs to be abolished
Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez 5 kun oldin
Give this a like if u want Mr. beast to do this
get out
get out 5 kun oldin
Can we get Mike his own motivational speaking show
Daniel Eliassenfgh618
Here from a comment from Mrbeast's latest video
Jenna Marmalade
Jenna Marmalade 5 kun oldin
i would not cut off any of my limbs no matter how much money it was, but theres a couple things 1. they never said it had to be *your* limb 2. they never said it had to be a *human* limb 3. they never said it had to be *living things* limb so logically.. couldn't i cut off say a dolls limb?
pyjamapro 5 kun oldin
TLuke DRake
TLuke DRake 6 kun oldin
Mike is a boss! A level 100 boss!
TLuke DRake
TLuke DRake 6 kun oldin
Jessica: I've been doing it before YT was a thing. Since 2009. Wait... But YT was created in 2005... *That's how YT works*
Bronson Seehafer
Bronson Seehafer 6 kun oldin
Bro, Mike is fuckin loaded
The Queen
The Queen 6 kun oldin
If I was playing I would declare bankruptcy
Great Mvw
Great Mvw 6 kun oldin
Mike is a lvl 35 boss
Dong Vo
Dong Vo 6 kun oldin
I don't like jessica
Gavin Wiltshire
Gavin Wiltshire 7 kun oldin
I realize why Mike is so successful. Because he can make a person feel as if he supports them while he is completely disagreeing what their saying. It kind of gives me a kind of quesy feeling in my gut to see him be this two-faced but this is probably the reason to he is so successful in life. By complimenting them you gain their trust and support and the disagreement feels "less" opposite than it truly is.
Jesus christmas
Jesus christmas 6 kun oldin
Summerhays Says
Summerhays Says 7 kun oldin
1:00 UZvid was created in 2006... lol
Serek Danio
Serek Danio 7 kun oldin
I hate them except the black guy
NPC #2138991
NPC #2138991 7 kun oldin
i would cop off a limb for 1-2 billon dollars
Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell 7 kun oldin
“I’ve been doin it since UZvid was a thing, since 2009” Bruh UZvid was a thing in 2005....
Daniel Engebretsen
Daniel Engebretsen 7 kun oldin
Is this a talkshow or is it monopoly?
Pathetic Person
Pathetic Person 7 kun oldin
Michael isa great guy
Oliver Fletcher
Oliver Fletcher 8 kun oldin
mike is level 100 mafia boss
Shane Hof
Shane Hof 8 kun oldin
this doesn’t really show them playing monopoly at all
Daydreamer6805 8 kun oldin
Mike looks like George Janko!!🤯
Joshua 9 kun oldin
The winner of the game who boasts and shills the most for Capitlism is of course a millionaire. He can't imagine a world where his perception of wealth is not tied to laziness and motivation because he has been told his success is predicated on being hard working and motivated. The truth is quite the contrary, there are people who work 10x harder than him, 80 hrs+, who will never make what he makes because of circumstances and lack of upward mobility, but in his mind he is better than them.
Jade Moreno
Jade Moreno 9 kun oldin
Why tf would they even add the real estate agent like we know he's gonna win is this even a question
The Seventeen
The Seventeen 9 kun oldin
In 365 days 365 $ for water, for one person at least, How did she think 40 people could have it for life?
FuzzyPanda21 9 kun oldin
How that’s how mafia really works
Unbox therapy fan #1 Yes
Mike sounds and looks like my dad😪
Carlos Matos Fanpage
*This isn’t really monopoly as much as it’s just a random group of strangers (including an Italian Mobster) talking about their life story*
blessai yessai
blessai yessai 2 kun oldin
He isnt italian
JotaJade 9 kun oldin
Winner gets 250$? I thought they'd just keep the money wtf
Raisin 9 kun oldin
The guy with the beard and the girl are so annoying. They never give others a chance to talk.
The Hunter Girls
The Hunter Girls 9 kun oldin
I went to Jessica’s channel and....doing UZvid since before UZvid? Nah I’m not getting that🤨
Michael Waskelis
Michael Waskelis 9 kun oldin
God, I hate the Rich's mindset. The poor are poor because they deserve to be? What a crock? That is the problem with our current President, he thinks the poor deserve to be poor and treated badly. I don't think they are particularly religious people if they truly believe that.
finbob5 10 kun oldin
The girl is annoying.
_ Dead1ine
_ Dead1ine 10 kun oldin
Are you guys racists? No whites?
ThatKidMar 10 kun oldin
i swear the guy in the grey shirt is in the mafia money laundering😂😂
Toomany Francis
Toomany Francis 10 kun oldin
Just so you know, landing on free parking has no legitimate rules. Free parking is a blank square, it's the same as landing on a property that hasn't been purchased or has been mortgaged.
Toomany Francis
Toomany Francis 10 kun oldin
You edited out the part where they actually played...
Hazal S
Hazal S 10 kun oldin
Ok. The ending was very sweet
Mattlirious The Slayer
One million to lose a limb
Thomas Chiappetta
Thomas Chiappetta 10 kun oldin
Am I the only person who doesn't care about these questions? I just wanted to see a monopoly game played with real money. Not an interview of random people with a monopoly sub theme.
ElizaDankert 10 kun oldin
I hate this video. The young African American man I can agree with. There are situations in life where you can NOT get out of. Take for instance a woman has a child at a young age, eventually married that man and has another child. Then the man accuses them of domestic abuse just so they get custody of the children. The mother works and works and works but every single time she thinks she has money for a good lawyer, it turns around and she has to pay some kind of medical bill or she ends up having to move out due to unforeseen circumstances. She goes to get a better job but because of her pending charges she is unable to get any better job than she has now. So now the woman is stuck in a rut, running out of money, cant get a good job because of charges, and cant get charges dropped or even someone to look at them because she doesnt have money to pay for a good lawyer. Is it the mothers fault that she ca t get put of her jam? Is it the mothers fault that she has tried her hardest and STILL can not do what she needs to? Or is it money hungry capital that is people driven by what they want and why they desire way above what would be better for their fellow human. Money controls everything. Money controls almost anything. And if everyone wasnt solely focuses on their own money and their own doing maybe society wouldn't have so many problems. Money is good, but it's not great, when it goes against their fellow companions and it hurts people it is a problem The world ran without money WAYYY before we came along, and it will a long time after. Money is paper and it is sad that so many people look to it like a God. It's not holy, it's not sacred, and it's not the answer to all problems
Rafa T A C
Rafa T A C 10 kun oldin
Babes youtube came out in 2005
Doan Gia Khang
Doan Gia Khang 10 kun oldin
Monopoly with real buildings when?
Levo GAMES 10 kun oldin
Lesson about capitalism: Anyone can achieve their dreams, but not everyone. Winners and losers.
I was a failed abortion but anyway,
2009 isn’t really OG UZvid but okay plus I’ve never heard of her so 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
fireyfists 10 kun oldin
You said play with, not playing for. Huge difference. Would not watch again
Micro Motors UK
Micro Motors UK 10 kun oldin
Nice to know.... So who roles next, get on with the game 😂
Nicolas Clark
Nicolas Clark 10 kun oldin
I thought this was just going to be a regular game of Monopoly with real money and that money went to the winner :/ Not one with questions and such. Figured it would be trimmed down to such a short time by only highlighting the big things as well as a few rounds. It was still decent to watch, but I feel it would have been more enjoyable as the normal Monopoly game except a cash prize. To see how it actually impacts a person's decision if it's actual money at stake.
kerry848 11 kun oldin
Let's be honest here. They're here for the money
Sierra Penman
Sierra Penman 11 kun oldin
what is with the questions i wanted to watch some cut thoart monopoly you ruined it
liam 11 kun oldin
i could listen to that real estate guy talk all day
F B I 11 kun oldin
- UnbreakebleCow
- UnbreakebleCow 11 kun oldin
"Money doesn't make you happy" but i buy food with it...and eat it tho
PoppaRocker 11 kun oldin
I was hoping there was more monopoly game play.
Capri Smith
Capri Smith 11 kun oldin
Money CAN buy happiness, it buys horses, which is practically the same thing.
OneTimer 11 kun oldin
I wish I could not know how much I make and it not being an issue
pixelpants02 12 kun oldin
A good way to say it is, money cant buy you happiness but neither can poverty
Chad Davies
Chad Davies 12 kun oldin
Anyone notice mikes gold rolex daytona?
BananaCactus 12 kun oldin
Aneesh reminds me of Carlton Drake in Venom (2018). They sound almost identical and have similar hairstyles.
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu 12 kun oldin
*takes the money and leaves*