Strangest Pregnancy Cravings Taste Test

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Does Colleen Ballinger crave Cheetos + Cool Whip? We're tasting the strangest pregnancy cravings we can find, and guessing which ones came from Colleen! GMMore #1399
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12-Okt, 2018

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alen mujakovic
alen mujakovic Kun oldin
she looks like Maranda
Sunrise Reborns
Sunrise Reborns 5 kun oldin
I automatically knew that the gold fish and pickles one was a craving!! She talked about it in a mukbang
The Kit Kat Kitty
The Kit Kat Kitty 6 kun oldin
Susan Curry
Susan Curry 9 kun oldin
Well guess what y’all Flynn is in the world
MrTingles 10 kun oldin
Whenever I see Rhett eat a pickle, I'm thinking "Wait, I thought he hated pickles!" And then I remember "Oh no, that's Joe Bereta. He's the one who can't stand eating pickles..."
flaming skull24
flaming skull24 10 kun oldin
What they call coco pebbles we call coco pops
Cloey Jordan
Cloey Jordan 11 kun oldin
I love pickles and goldfish!!! I’ve always ate that
XxTheGoatxX G
XxTheGoatxX G 11 kun oldin
I love how rhett always just goes right into it, no matter how weird the food is lol
Georgia 11 kun oldin
Here we call them brookies not briskets
Rj Casas
Rj Casas 11 kun oldin
You could’ve been me
Jessecat Dunn
Jessecat Dunn 12 kun oldin
Cheetos and Cool Whip has just became my craving I'm craving a lot of Cheetos
John Mike
John Mike 13 kun oldin
I like her ... She is mad sweet
Edgy Kiddz
Edgy Kiddz 13 kun oldin
ITSMENIKKl 14 kun oldin
Colleen was so not into this collab and it bothers me. Idk if she was even friends with Rhett and Link before this but it sure seems like she didn't know who they were or why she was there..
Zoey Calhoun
Zoey Calhoun 14 kun oldin
Colleen is so beautiful
Loryell McNemar
Loryell McNemar 15 kun oldin
I love pickles with hot and spicy cheese its
Clarence Miguel Torres
The child's name should be Rhett Link
Nite Nite
Nite Nite 16 kun oldin
If anyone didn’t know pickle juice over Cheetos is close to the goldfish and pickle thing but better. Been doing that for about 15 years now. Get a snack sized bag of Cheetos, pour a little pickle juice or squeeze a pickle into the bag. Then roll down the open end a little and shake the bag to distribute the juice and enjoy
Abby Swieczkowski
Abby Swieczkowski 17 kun oldin
I’m not even pregnant and I love love gold fish and pickles
Melanie Hayes
Melanie Hayes 18 kun oldin
Me and my friends eat hot Cheetos and cool wip
Gracie’s World
Gracie’s World 18 kun oldin
You should be in all your kids for a video
Susan Poncin
Susan Poncin 18 kun oldin
Its Emily Blount
Peachy Aesthetics
Peachy Aesthetics 18 kun oldin
Am I the only one here after Flynn was born?
Camo_bear1705 19 kun oldin
Flynn is so cute Colleen...(that’s her son)
Calvin Nguyen
Calvin Nguyen 19 kun oldin
Um I’m just getting hungry looking at this vid
Aubrey Dawson
Aubrey Dawson 19 kun oldin
Rhett is secretly a pregnant women
Princess Patty
Princess Patty 19 kun oldin
Wait. Link’s name isn’t really link?!? I knew it was short for Lincoln, but his first name is Charles?!?!
Jawaher Alkhodair
Jawaher Alkhodair 20 kun oldin
The baby's name is Flynn
Elementsage 24 kun oldin
Whats the diff between GM Morning and GM More?
Susan 24 kun oldin
I ate pickles and cottage cheese during my first pregnancy. Also, hot fries.
James Perez
James Perez 24 kun oldin
Aye I'm in austin texas. Apparently we have good brisket
BOIII SQUAD 25 kun oldin
Pregnancy is like a 9 month period that is like an exaggerated version
Ppot8tochip s
Ppot8tochip s 25 kun oldin
We say cocoa *PoPs*
rachel.doremi 27 kun oldin
“I would consider it, we don’t have a name yet...” Day water breaks: “Still didn’t have a name yet”... classic
Ivy Allbee
Ivy Allbee 27 kun oldin
M M M maranda sings as known as collieen I'm 10 so I know her
Giraffe Woman
Giraffe Woman 28 kun oldin
They are called coco pops in Australia
Haley Divelbiss
Haley Divelbiss 29 kun oldin
I eat pickles and cheeze-itz together
JoanaRose Oy oldin
link is so cute talking about christy omgggg im softt
L L Oy oldin
I know what is actually the cravings because I have watched Colleen's video
Emily Dudley
Emily Dudley Oy oldin
Only clicked on this because I saw Coleen!
Caroline Holmes
is it just me or did anyone else first only notice that colleen didnt make a single sound until 0:45 and didnt talk until 0:49? 😂
Gaby LittleDebbie
I'm pregnant. Not really. I have all these cravings tho.
Allyson Mendoza
I bet all her fans knew what was and wasn't a craving right when they pulled it out because she talked about it a lot.
Neko Drago
Neko Drago Oy oldin
She had her baby!!! And he's adorable!!!
Irish 2ties
Irish 2ties Oy oldin
what if im not pregnant and i still eat them.....
NightWolf Animates
Sunshine Bird
Sunshine Bird Oy oldin
I love cheese and pickles oh my God
Lilpandashado Oy oldin
Like on month later good job for the baby lol 🍼
Emma Tafoya
Emma Tafoya Oy oldin
Colleen does not look really happy looks like she feels uncomfortable 😂
Jordyn Nobelius
My mind was blown when I realised Link’s first name is Charles 🤯
Yarnie Pop
Yarnie Pop Oy oldin
I heard that if you're pregnant you can get your baby sick by sharing saliva with others (I can't remember the illness, but carriers don't know they have it). Apparently it's not well known, but I think it should be warned more to expecting mothers because I had never heard of it myself. Anyways, Colleen is looking as beautiful as ever!
Kallie Crowell
who’s watching after colleen has had her baby boy!??
Rhett is Pregnancy Cravings Brian.
Mandy Neal
Mandy Neal Oy oldin
Oh my god my nick name was RJ and my last name is Neal
Deanna Smith
Deanna Smith Oy oldin
Wait his name is charles whaa
Sara Sliger
Sara Sliger Oy oldin
Emily Blount
Marce line
Marce line Oy oldin
Colleen looks so good
Eliranpaul musick
וואו מדהיםםםםםםם
why mee
why mee Oy oldin
How does everyone find amazing brisket in Austin. Ive lived here 6 years and haven't been to any brisket places💀
Kimberlee Roberts
5:16 pickles with a cheese flavored snack IS good! I personally don't like goldfish but I do doritos with pickles. About 6 years ago we were having a cookout and my friend saw me doing it so she tried it; she liked it too
Fang K9Club
Fang K9Club Oy oldin
Heyyyyy let’s play a game! Boys try to get to 235 Girls try to get to 245 Let’s begin!!!!
Alexandria Reid
Omg I'm not even pregnant and I'm craving Cheetos and Cool Whip
Chester was in this show a while back 😢
Olga Soto
Olga Soto Oy oldin
Pickles and Doritos are a must!!!!!!!!! PLEASE TRY 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Jade Lea
Jade Lea Oy oldin
Pickles and cheese are totally my pregnancy craving
LPS Cupcake Shugar
LPS Cupcake Shugar
*The one time Rhett gets food in his face and doesn't devour it all*
Ayden Basler
Ayden Basler Oy oldin
My name is Ayden James so I could pass as A.J.
Norah Gilbert
Norah Gilbert Oy oldin
No lie I just ate goldfish and pickles and not I’m extremely confused
Nina Joublin
Nina Joublin Oy oldin
is it bad that I am not pregnant but have eaten almost 2 pounds of brisket before
Rubyrandom Lol
I can’t wait for her baby to come he’s gonna look soo cute 😍 (p.s I call them coco pops)
Olly Enriquez
Olly Enriquez Oy oldin
I love Cheetos and sourcream. Pregnant or not
Noor Shareef
Noor Shareef Oy oldin
*ASMR has entered and exited the chat*
It’s AveryReynolds
Bacon Man
Bacon Man Oy oldin
*is it weird that im craving pickles and goldfish now?*
Marthin Nielsen
Sheeeee issssssssssss FIIIIIIIINE
valentina navarro
Wtf Cheetos and cool whip? Nah man nah Women are weird Yeah I’m weird
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Oy oldin
My cousin is a dj and actually his name is EJ
Marilla Ley
Marilla Ley Oy oldin
Cheetos and Whipcream sounds dope and delicious yumminess that I want to eat all of
weird person
weird person Oy oldin
Colleen is sooo uncomfortable in this😟
Ella Collins
Ella Collins Oy oldin
It’s vegan ice cream
paigethepenguin 32
Conspiracy theory:Rhett is pregnant???
LOLsWTFsOMG Oy oldin
I'm not pregnant and I crave pickles and goldfish all the time
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Oy oldin
Cocoa Pebbles is a darker chocolate...
DK World
DK World Oy oldin
she was craving rhett
Untold Secrets
She should do James
Mary Carnahan
Mary Carnahan Oy oldin
Cravings: 1 child... bean burritos dripped in strawberry ice cream, sardines and avocado sandwiches. 2 child...Chinese food,ice tea,Cheetos and catchup. 3 child...cherries Jubilee, hot peppers(chilli,salsa),coco puffs
the invisible me
the invisible me 22 kun oldin
But not at the same time right?
CASH’OUT Official
White people gross me out ..🤮
Emely Fernandez
I'm 5months pregnant tomorrow and the Cheetos and cool whip made my mouth water. ALONG with the goldfish and pickles lol. I'll be back, I have to go buy some now. 😂 And my baby is a boy as well. Lol
scott moehring
Pickles are better with cheez its or hot pickles even better with cheez its
Colleen talked about recently how her weight gain has been bothering her but I just want to say she is seriously STUNNING! I can't stop staring at her in this video, sorry, boys haha
KK VLOGS Oy oldin
One of my mom pregnancy cravings was Pringles and noodles
Heather Powers
I had to eat peanutbutter and blackberry jam on eggo waffles everyday between 3am and 5am for 3months with my oldest son. With my younger son chef salads with ranch and watermelon the whole pregnancy.
The life of Peyton and Lilly
I thought you was vegans
Dillon Phillips
I feel like Colleen is attracted to Rhett.
Shibbers Scott
“Not like the p-puncher guy”
Stwabewwy girl
Stwabewwy girl 2 oy oldin
Could it be... My two favorite UZvidrs on the internet collabing... It is yay😍😍😍
Judy Jay
Judy Jay 2 oy oldin
she is so sweet
John Doe
John Doe 2 oy oldin
Dunno who she is but I’m going to eat her if she likes it or not
hewo me new
2018 was hard.
21 kun oldin