Strangest Pregnancy Cravings Taste Test

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Does Colleen Ballinger crave Cheetos + Cool Whip? We're tasting the strangest pregnancy cravings we can find, and guessing which ones came from Colleen! GMMore #1399
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12-Okt, 2018



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Hunter Labandeira
Hunter Labandeira 23 soat oldin
The gold fish in pickle I eat all the time
Youraverageweirdo -.-
Who's here when Colleen has had baby Flynn?
Hudson 3 kun oldin
No it’s ham and goldfish tacos (wrap goldfish in ham and enjoy) and pickles and original flavor Pringle’s.
Aaliyah Arriaga
Aaliyah Arriaga 4 kun oldin
My moms pregnant and his name is rj
Betta Aesthetics
Betta Aesthetics 8 kun oldin
I love cheesy doritos and pickles so good
Elle Ay
Elle Ay 8 kun oldin
The thing I like about Link is that despite him being a picky eater, he'll still put his feelings aside & try foods he normally wouldn't, in the sake of being a team player 👍🏾👏🏾
G And G L
G And G L 10 kun oldin
“I’m fine guys. I’m just pregnant.”
KaterinaTalantliva 12 kun oldin
She's just lovely
Vitto Congi
Vitto Congi 12 kun oldin
Pepperoni sticks and yogurt was my wife's favorite.
My big prego craving was hot cheetos and watermelon(not together) definitely worth a try
Sofia D06
Sofia D06 15 kun oldin
DIY-double 16 kun oldin
I craved beef jerky with mustard:)))
sam Hawks
sam Hawks 17 kun oldin
My grandfather was called DJ RJ, he was a DJ for a little bit of time, and his name is Robert James
Riley Hixson
Riley Hixson 19 kun oldin
I knew all of them because I watch her videos
Osvaldo 5959
Osvaldo 5959 21 kun oldin
There was a guest teacher in my 4th grade class who could guess what animal we were thinking of and she was only wrong like once
Kennedy Wilcox
Kennedy Wilcox 21 kun oldin
My two favorite UZvid channels come together!
Catfsihnig 23 kun oldin
She is mega hot
Ham SandWich
Ham SandWich 23 kun oldin
i eat flamin hot cheetos with hummus instead of cool whip i am neither a female or pregnant
marinette_applesauce Cat
I know what her cravings are because I follow her on UZvid 😂
Hollie Savage
Hollie Savage 23 kun oldin
Coco pebbles in England r called coco pops
I am Blanco
I am Blanco 23 kun oldin
My pregnancy craving so far is hot coco and ice cream at the same time it’s amazing lol
destiny pineapple. ;-;
my pregnant ass saw pickles and was like i need that now
Taylor 23 kun oldin
Welp she didn't go with Bullwinkle
flower 24 kun oldin
Links name is actually charles? MY LIFE IS A LIE
HyperGamez 25 kun oldin
'Rett link james neal rocky' should be the kids name
WillDa Beast
WillDa Beast 25 kun oldin
Did anyone else think the brisket was chocolate cake😂😂
Minnie Smith
Minnie Smith 26 kun oldin
Link is called charles
boop 373
boop 373 26 kun oldin
My initials are also RJ
Quinn Arnold
Quinn Arnold 27 kun oldin
I never really got into the Miranda Sings thing, but I really like Colleen!
Tyler Thomson
Tyler Thomson 27 kun oldin
Just found out that his name is CHARLES LINKON NEAL
goracks69 Oy oldin
Colleen is super fine when she isn’t Miranda.
Iva Freed
Iva Freed Oy oldin
Smoked fish, definitely a pregnancy craving... Problem: you can't eat it while pregnant, technically it's raw so it falls into the same category as sushi.
Phox _
Phox _ Oy oldin
Theres no but *starts a sentence that starts with but*
Peyton’s Meme shoo
*dAiRy oN dAiRy*
Natasha Tworek
Hm. I must be pregnant because I also want coco pebbles 24/7
Alex Hatch
Alex Hatch Oy oldin
Alex Hatch
Alex Hatch Oy oldin
Is thus Rhett’s wife?
Mary Monk
Mary Monk Oy oldin
she gives food this *craving* look when she sees it... But only is it *is* a craving
Chloe Fletcher
peanut butter and pickles is amazing and I've never been pregnant
Chloe Fletcher
I love peanut butter and ketchup
Katie Smith
Katie Smith Oy oldin
Cheese and pickles is what I crave all the time. I’ve never been pregnant but I loveeeee cheese and pickles. Omg
Kristie B
Kristie B Oy oldin
Omg Links wife’s name is Kristie! Same!! Idk how it’s spelled though 😢
Kayla Huddleston
Dude she said she got brisket from austin? I wonder if she got it from Rudy's!!! I live here in austin and rudys is my all time favorite BBQ. I need answers @goodmythicalmore
Jazmine Carina
Yes maaaaaaam, Austin will DEFINITELY give you the best brisket options!!!
MJ Kell
MJ Kell Oy oldin
I was sick my whole pregnancy with no cravings
mimi 9000
mimi 9000 Oy oldin
0:48 obviously feels left out
Ryan Haag
Ryan Haag Oy oldin
Can I get a like if trick you Read more
life as summer anderson
I love Collins channel and yours but do you have permition by collineca use it might seem mean to her
Sarah Mathis
Sarah Mathis Oy oldin
life as summer anderson what?!?!? That makes no since what you said
TheTrickyBlue 2 oy oldin
Plot teit Rhett is pregnant. *DObUle PloT TwISt LiNk iS PrEGnAnT*
Lily Gordon
Lily Gordon 2 oy oldin
Omg, I feel betrayed for just finding out that Link is his middle name and his first is Charles.
Nevaeh Dutra
Nevaeh Dutra 2 oy oldin
My sister in law craved pickels and peanut butter and I tried it it was soooo good
Sky Diamond
Sky Diamond 2 oy oldin
Anybody else craving coco pebbles😋 now that they see a whole bowl of it😂😋
alen mujakovic
alen mujakovic 2 oy oldin
she looks like Maranda
Destiney Reborns
Destiney Reborns 2 oy oldin
I automatically knew that the gold fish and pickles one was a craving!! She talked about it in a mukbang
SpRITE????!!! Aka The Kit Kat Kitty
Susan Curry
Susan Curry 2 oy oldin
Well guess what y’all Flynn is in the world
MrTingles 2 oy oldin
Whenever I see Rhett eat a pickle, I'm thinking "Wait, I thought he hated pickles!" And then I remember "Oh no, that's Joe Bereta. He's the one who can't stand eating pickles..."
flaming skull24
flaming skull24 2 oy oldin
What they call coco pebbles we call coco pops
Cloey Jordan
Cloey Jordan 2 oy oldin
I love pickles and goldfish!!! I’ve always ate that
erin plus olivia
erin plus olivia 2 oy oldin
I love how rhett always just goes right into it, no matter how weird the food is lol
Georgia 2 oy oldin
Here we call them brookies not briskets
Rj Casas
Rj Casas 2 oy oldin
You could’ve been me
Jessecat Dunn
Jessecat Dunn 2 oy oldin
Cheetos and Cool Whip has just became my craving I'm craving a lot of Cheetos
John Mike
John Mike 2 oy oldin
I like her ... She is mad sweet
Edgy Kiddz
Edgy Kiddz 2 oy oldin
ITSMENIKKl 2 oy oldin
Colleen was so not into this collab and it bothers me. Idk if she was even friends with Rhett and Link before this but it sure seems like she didn't know who they were or why she was there..
Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen 4 kun oldin
ITSMENIKKl If you watch Colleen’s videos you’d know how completely AWFUL she was feeling so just the fact that she was able to show up was AMAZING!!!
Zoey Calhoun
Zoey Calhoun 2 oy oldin
Colleen is so beautiful
Loryell McNemar
Loryell McNemar 2 oy oldin
I love pickles with hot and spicy cheese its
Clarence Miguel Torres
The child's name should be Rhett Link
Nite Nite
Nite Nite 2 oy oldin
If anyone didn’t know pickle juice over Cheetos is close to the goldfish and pickle thing but better. Been doing that for about 15 years now. Get a snack sized bag of Cheetos, pour a little pickle juice or squeeze a pickle into the bag. Then roll down the open end a little and shake the bag to distribute the juice and enjoy
Abby Swieczkowski
I’m not even pregnant and I love love gold fish and pickles
Melanie Hayes
Melanie Hayes 2 oy oldin
Me and my friends eat hot Cheetos and cool wip
Gracie’s World
Gracie’s World 2 oy oldin
You should be in all your kids for a video
Susan Poncin
Susan Poncin 2 oy oldin
Its Emily Blount
Peachy Aesthetics
Am I the only one here after Flynn was born?
Youraverageweirdo -.-
Kiraro The Kitsune
Camo_bear1705 2 oy oldin
Flynn is so cute Colleen...(that’s her son)
Calvin Nguyen
Calvin Nguyen 2 oy oldin
Um I’m just getting hungry looking at this vid
Aubrey Dawson
Aubrey Dawson 2 oy oldin
Rhett is secretly a pregnant women
Princess Patty
Princess Patty 2 oy oldin
Wait. Link’s name isn’t really link?!? I knew it was short for Lincoln, but his first name is Charles?!?!
Jawaher Alkhodair
The baby's name is Flynn
Elementsage 2 oy oldin
Whats the diff between GM Morning and GM More?
Susan 2 oy oldin
I ate pickles and cottage cheese during my first pregnancy. Also, hot fries.
James Perez
James Perez 2 oy oldin
Aye I'm in austin texas. Apparently we have good brisket
BOIII SQUAD 2 oy oldin
Pregnancy is like a 9 month period that is like an exaggerated version
Ppot8tochip s
Ppot8tochip s 2 oy oldin
We say cocoa *PoPs*
rachel.doremi 3 oy oldin
“I would consider it, we don’t have a name yet...” Day water breaks: “Still didn’t have a name yet”... classic
Ivy Allbee
Ivy Allbee 3 oy oldin
M M M maranda sings as known as collieen I'm 10 so I know her
Giraffe Woman
Giraffe Woman 3 oy oldin
They are called coco pops in Australia
Haley Divelbiss
Haley Divelbiss 3 oy oldin
I eat pickles and cheeze-itz together
JoanaRose 3 oy oldin
link is so cute talking about christy omgggg im softt
L L 3 oy oldin
I know what is actually the cravings because I have watched Colleen's video
Emily Dudley
Emily Dudley 3 oy oldin
Only clicked on this because I saw Coleen!
Caroline Holmes
Caroline Holmes 3 oy oldin
is it just me or did anyone else first only notice that colleen didnt make a single sound until 0:45 and didnt talk until 0:49? 😂
Gaby LittleDebbie
I'm pregnant. Not really. I have all these cravings tho.
Allyson Mendoza
Allyson Mendoza 3 oy oldin
I bet all her fans knew what was and wasn't a craving right when they pulled it out because she talked about it a lot.
Neko Drago
Neko Drago 3 oy oldin
She had her baby!!! And he's adorable!!!
Irish 2ties
Irish 2ties 3 oy oldin
what if im not pregnant and i still eat them.....
NightWolf Animates
Sunshine Bird
Sunshine Bird 3 oy oldin
I love cheese and pickles oh my God
Lilpandashado 3 oy oldin
Like on month later good job for the baby lol 🍼
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