Street Food in Oaxaca - CHEESE CORN CHAMPION and Mexican Meat Alley Tour in Mexico!

Mark Wiens
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One of the places I was most excited to visit in Mexico for food (Comida Oaxaqueña) is Oaxaca. Oaxaca has one of the most developed and advanced food cultures in all of Mexico. For our first day, we set out on a Mexican street food tour of Oaxaca, eating everything we could see.
Mercado de Abastos - We began the morning at one of the biggest local fresh food markets in Oaxaca. I samples a Tamal de Mole - 11 MXN ($0.59) and a hot Chocolate - 10 MXN ($0.53), both of which were delicious, and a great way to start this tour.
Soup - 30 MXN ($1.60) per bowl - The market was just opening, but there was a busy soup stall, so we stopped to have a bowl. The fish and shrimp soup were both delicious.
Memelas - 30 MXN ($1.60) total - One of the ultimate Mexican street foods to try in Oaxaca is memalas, a round of masa, cooked and topped with salsa and cheese, and your choice of other toppings. We got it with grilled meat on top. It was delicious, one of the best things I ate throughout the day.
Carnitas - 30 MXN ($1.60) total - This was just a quick impulse taco on the go because it looked so good… it was.
Zócalo Oaxaca, Plaza de Santo Domingo - The center of Oaxaca is a pleasant place to hang out, only today there happen to be a protest going on, so it was a bit busy.
Mercado 20 de Noviembre - Meat combo - 300 MXN ($16.02) - This is one of the great meat halls of the world. You walk in to the meat sauna, choose your meat, they grill it all in front of you, and you eat it with tortillas and salsa. An amazing food paradise.
Tlayudas El Negro - Tlayudas are another common Oaxacan street food, using giant tortillas filled with beans, cabbage, and cheese, and then grilled.
Price - 80 MXN ($4.27) for 1
Monte Albán - Resting our stomachs, we did a little sightseeing in Oaxaca. One of the famous attractions are the ruins of Monte Alban.
Elote - 20 MXN ($1.07) - You’ll find elotes, a corn on the cobb with cheese and salsas, all over Mexico. It’s one of the most common Mexican street foods… but this guy is at the main plaza of Oaxaca is on another level. His style is champion!
Mole negro - 60 MXN ($3.20) per plate - Finally to end this Mexican street food tour of Oaxaca, we needed to have a plate of mole negro, one of the national dishes of Oaxaca.
It was an amazing day of food. Oaxaca has such a rich culture of food and friendly people.
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21-Fev, 2018

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Saul Cervantes
Saul Cervantes Daqiqa oldin
The title of most powerful country in the planet may go to USA but the the title of best food goes to Mexico. They got the best food u will ever try
•Alexandra Serrano•
ya me dió hambre, que cosas ricas😍
Kelli Bartow
Kelli Bartow Soat oldin
I belong in Mexico. Beautiful food that makes me stay up late watching it ❤
Thai Le
Thai Le 2 soat oldin
15:05 😂😂 when that plate comes out of no where
Shanelle Lemus
Shanelle Lemus 4 soat oldin
Great video but doesn't your baby get tired? 😕
Santoa Munguia
Santoa Munguia 8 soat oldin
delicioso 😀😀😀😀😀
Santoa Munguia
Santoa Munguia 8 soat oldin
montana sky
montana sky 10 soat oldin
your son face when u had your first bite on cob of corn.....😂😂
Liz Clayborn
Liz Clayborn 12 soat oldin
Fish has bones how can you eat fish like that
Kim Potter
Kim Potter 12 soat oldin
i’m new and i absolutely love your videos learning about different cultures 🥰 is that your son ?? he is super cute it sounded like he was sneezing from all the spices lol
Rudy R
Rudy R 15 soat oldin
Hi Mark .. I love your honesty on flavors.. because of you I'm willing to explore more of Mexican food.. Another thing your bby is BeeeeeUtiful... I think that may be your wife in the back ground.. if so she's gorgeous. Well thank you for your videos..... ps alittle sauce on your chin...... 😀
jorge avila
jorge avila 21 soat oldin
Any taco 🌮 bell
I always wondered if you ever get the runs with this food.
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz Kun oldin
Mole actully has chocolate in it
Rosalba Carranza
pobre bebé se estaba saboreando con el elote. 👶
Roy DL
Roy DL Kun oldin
I love your videos from Oaxaca but, can you do us Mexicans a favor? In the introduction, please play music from the region, salsa music is from Puerto Rico and we Mexicans are super nationalists, please
daddybear443 Kun oldin
I could have a fool stomach watching this show and marks enjoyment of food and explanations of how delicious the food is makes me Hungry again. love this show!!!!
Leticia Gonzalez
Que barbaridad!!!!! se me cayo la baba mmmmmmm..... qe rico todo...
Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez Kun oldin
Genoveva Kun oldin
32:19 My face watching him eat that elote y no comparte... x'D
Yahmee Admin
Yahmee Admin Kun oldin
Philippines great food service: lnkd.in/f67RPn9
Ruben ChihuasMX
Ruben ChihuasMX Kun oldin
I love your attitude Mark..you make everyone feel happier
Rosario Giron
Rosario Giron Kun oldin
La mejor comida sin duda es la de mi tierra, Oaxaca!!!
rosario ortiz
rosario ortiz Kun oldin
Carlos ya bien gordito d todo lo k prueba y el chinito sigue igual #oaxaca🥰🥰🥰
Curtis Boucher
Curtis Boucher 2 kun oldin
Im native i love BANNOCK
Ada Zuniga
Ada Zuniga 2 kun oldin
your eyes are so mesmerizing !! 🥰
Stephanie Olmedo
Stephanie Olmedo 2 kun oldin
I miss visiting Mexico 💔💔💔. But I can’t lie I’m scared to go because of how dangerous it’s been since the last time I went. I hope one day I’ll go back
Karina Rivera
Karina Rivera 2 kun oldin
My 3rd time watching this video
Miriam La AMIGUIS 2 kun oldin
Mark que bueno que todo te gusto en mi Mexico 🇲🇽 lindo y querido. Oaxaca 😘
QuiChiYang2 2 kun oldin
Mike your son is going 2b a food genius by the time he is 7 yrs old...
Jonny Eslama
Jonny Eslama 2 kun oldin
Why you always shaking
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez 2 kun oldin
It had me dead on 30:42 🤣🤣
TheLegendaryZed 2 kun oldin
this dude fr says "oh wow" after his first bite of anything
Jesus Espino
Jesus Espino 2 kun oldin
oh my. Lord ! I'm hungry and thirsty
Cathy Degraw
Cathy Degraw 2 kun oldin
O m g!!! You are making me hungry.
lukkyluciano 2 kun oldin
I've never seen turkeys just chill like that 8:35
Sarpio HB
Sarpio HB 2 kun oldin
Amo a mi país no es por presumir pero tenemos la mejor gastronomía de todo el mundo viva México cabrones
Sarpio HB
Sarpio HB 2 kun oldin
Que crack
GiThings 2 kun oldin
These people Will never go Vegan lol...and i dont blame them
Karla Perez
Karla Perez 3 kun oldin
Thank you for visiting Mexico! This video makes me want to book a flight and go to beautiful Oaxaca.
lâm lê
lâm lê 3 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-cF7hnBuHlAI.html?t=89 unhygienic food . She swept her ears and put them in the drink
Rebeca Garcia
Rebeca Garcia 3 kun oldin
Que sabrosura! Mexican are work hard people, creative and resourceful. Proud to be American/Mexican!!!
Gerber Baby
Gerber Baby 3 kun oldin
Makes me so hungry,, everything looks so good
Migo Gang
Migo Gang 3 kun oldin
I need to be there!!!! Food, Food, Food
Niya Hollie
Niya Hollie 3 kun oldin
I never had an elote. There is a part of me that wants to try it because i love corn. And then nooooo because i don't like mayo
Yazmina Macias
Yazmina Macias 3 kun oldin
Wow that's Amazing... how much do you end up spending at the end of the day?😊
Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one who loves the way he eats! 😊😅
Priciliano Vasquez Lopez
Mark Wiens, how did you learn to speak so well in Spanish? Originally I am from Oaxaca, Mexico. I love your videos, keep doing awesome job.
JA 3 kun oldin
Hey Mark! you have an amazing appetite , you eat like 10 meals a day wow!!
Chuck R
Chuck R 4 kun oldin
Always enjoy your videos Mark! Did anyone notice the guy flipping off the camera at 17:02? I had to do a double take because I couldn’t believe it lol
Lisette Rodriguez
Lisette Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Want to go soon Mexico Lindo 🇲🇽
Macaroni Tony
Macaroni Tony 4 kun oldin
Is this guy always happy lol he’s eyes finna pop out
lilJesus YT
lilJesus YT 4 kun oldin
17:04 look at the top right
Deissy Villasana
Deissy Villasana 4 kun oldin
man loveyour videos.. an thanks for letting were to go an eat when we go to mexico
The Time In Between
Man now I wanna go to Mexico
16nowhereman 4 kun oldin
Mark Wiens: Love your videos. How many countries have you been to and how many languages do you speak?
Erika Melendez
Erika Melendez 4 kun oldin
Excellent video my mouth is watering 😭❤️
diana yesenia
diana yesenia 4 kun oldin
Extraño mi oaxaca, en el norte de México no hay esa variedad de comida 😢
D A 4 kun oldin
Psh, I know you got diarrhea!
Mo Islam
Mo Islam 4 kun oldin
new form of a mirror coffee😆
mary fm54
mary fm54 4 kun oldin
second video I watched with my husband. WOW the expressions on your face while eating your eyes so expressive. Can see you truly enjoy and love the foods you are eating. You remind me so much of a gal I watch who is very expressive. EmmymakesJapan. I also do very much enjoy that you give a little tour of places and talk of them. Was looking for some desserts or sweets in the video though maybe at the end for dessert. Great video, on to watching more today. Thanks so much.
Cledja Silva
Cledja Silva 4 kun oldin
Videos sao bons mas deveria ter legenda em outros idiomas .
ourworld loveness
ourworld loveness 4 kun oldin
I’m a the only one who be like why we close to your face?🤔
Christian Bravo
Christian Bravo 4 kun oldin
LMFAO @ 17:03
Texas Country Muffin
I want some now😭
Ana P
Ana P 5 kun oldin
You forgot to try the ice cream, leche quemada with tuna. Or Nuez 😋😋
victor calderon
victor calderon 5 kun oldin
Las señoras..tenemos entomatadas enchiladas enfrijoladas mamadas..pasele cuantas le.damos !!! Jajajajajajaja jajajajajajaja
victor calderon
victor calderon 5 kun oldin
Yo vivo en oaxaca ..y esa pinche pomada de mariguanol...ya me tiene asta la madre !!!asta en mis sueños está !!!! Donde quiera oigo esa madre !!!
Carlos Ivan Arjona Martinez
Me dió hambre
Hazard Tacos
Hazard Tacos 5 kun oldin
31:01 I want an Elote🙁
jesus alvarez
jesus alvarez 5 kun oldin
Melissa Miranda
Melissa Miranda 5 kun oldin
He loves the food! He loves food! And I’m sure very greatful! True food lovers understand those first bites are heaven like Jesus is feeding you himself lol
Mazda Speed
Mazda Speed 5 kun oldin
Love the passion of this guy for the food
María Daniela Huerta López
Like si eres de Oaxaca y siempre eque vas al mercado de abastos escuchas a ese señor de las medicinas
Ismael J. S. Iraola
Happy New Year Mark and please continue with your videos all over the world and thank you for showing everyone that we must appreciate and care for other cultures. Mark you like an older brother to me, a friend was like dude he looks like if he was your older brother. Best wished from NYC.
Arbey Pinto
Arbey Pinto 5 kun oldin
People putting tumb down they don't know about life great video
Edith Gutierrez
Edith Gutierrez 5 kun oldin
I'm in love when Mark makes that smily happy face when he tastes the food.
Edith Gutierrez
Edith Gutierrez 5 kun oldin
Quiero ir a Oaxacaaaaaaa😍😍😍😍😍
Joy M
Joy M 5 kun oldin
Ni puso canciones de mexico solo Reggaeton como le gusta a alex sintec y salsa del caribe jajajajaaj.
Edith Gutierrez
Edith Gutierrez 5 kun oldin
I love your job Mark!!!! mmmmm
iNaff 1
iNaff 1 5 kun oldin
My parents are Mexican and I basically eat most of the foods you have on your vids everyday. Lmao
William Hernàndez
William Hernàndez 5 kun oldin
Hey, Mark, as all your other videos that I watched before I Love these ones visiting Mexico, I'm Glad you are learning some spanish that really helps you on what you Do which is visiting as many countries as you wish to communicate with people, try to visit guatemala city. great man, and best of luck on your new destinations.
Lizeth Ortiz
Lizeth Ortiz 6 kun oldin
Sabes que no es mexicano porque no sabe hacer un taquito de tortilla 😂😂
Itzddulce ._
Itzddulce ._ 6 kun oldin
You should go to Zapata, Sinaloa, Mexico 🇲🇽 that is were I’m from
JOSE PALILLERO 6 kun oldin
the mole negre is not from Oaxaca the mole negro is from puebla ... and i know that cuz i’m from puebla City. and u got to visite it ✋
victor calderon
victor calderon 5 kun oldin
Tenia que salir el envidioso !!!!
1000 8 1000
1000 8 1000 6 kun oldin
Your guide should advise you about tamal and chocolate are served almost boiling...
Jeorge Perez
Jeorge Perez 6 kun oldin
Now I’m hungry 😡
Dana Dane
Dana Dane 6 kun oldin
Your reactions are so sincere. I can almost taste the food thru your descriptions and reactions. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your videos.
Daygostylz 6 kun oldin
Good video. But it bothers me how this guy has the same level of shock on his face with everything he bites into. There has to be times where you try something and aren’t that impressed.
dt 1792
dt 1792 6 kun oldin
I'm a filipino in Los Angeles, i gotta ask my mexican friends for some home made food now.
Viviana Gutiérrez
Viviana Gutiérrez 6 kun oldin
Es un bebé o un muñeco??
Luis Santana
Luis Santana 6 kun oldin
we are from and live in 🇵🇷 but my wife love “elotes” which is sad because they are hard to find here!
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez 6 kun oldin
You should've got Mika one without chili.
oscar aroldo garcia rosales
0:12 😆😆😆😆😆 la señora según ellas está grabando todo 😆😆😆😆
David Borjas
David Borjas 6 kun oldin
Super Funny they called you "Güero". Muy Buenos videos amigo :) 17:03
High Voltage
High Voltage 6 kun oldin
Y te faltó el queso blanco con. Toda esa carne!
Prem Chatpar
Prem Chatpar 6 kun oldin
How is it that Markie here never ever bites into a bad tasting dish or a shitty beverage? We all know they're out there...
John Sof
John Sof 6 kun oldin
8:41 so sad:""{
carlo gilbert zamora
Your smile is so awkward
Gabriel Gopar Jimenez
yeah give it up for all us mexican oaxacan peeps much love for the whole world