Street Food in Oaxaca - CHEESE CORN CHAMPION and Mexican Meat Alley Tour in Mexico!

Mark Wiens
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One of the places I was most excited to visit in Mexico for food (Comida Oaxaqueña) is Oaxaca. Oaxaca has one of the most developed and advanced food cultures in all of Mexico. For our first day, we set out on a Mexican street food tour of Oaxaca, eating everything we could see.
Mercado de Abastos - We began the morning at one of the biggest local fresh food markets in Oaxaca. I samples a Tamal de Mole - 11 MXN ($0.59) and a hot Chocolate - 10 MXN ($0.53), both of which were delicious, and a great way to start this tour.
Soup - 30 MXN ($1.60) per bowl - The market was just opening, but there was a busy soup stall, so we stopped to have a bowl. The fish and shrimp soup were both delicious.
Memelas - 30 MXN ($1.60) total - One of the ultimate Mexican street foods to try in Oaxaca is memalas, a round of masa, cooked and topped with salsa and cheese, and your choice of other toppings. We got it with grilled meat on top. It was delicious, one of the best things I ate throughout the day.
Carnitas - 30 MXN ($1.60) total - This was just a quick impulse taco on the go because it looked so good… it was.
Zócalo Oaxaca, Plaza de Santo Domingo - The center of Oaxaca is a pleasant place to hang out, only today there happen to be a protest going on, so it was a bit busy.
Mercado 20 de Noviembre - Meat combo - 300 MXN ($16.02) - This is one of the great meat halls of the world. You walk in to the meat sauna, choose your meat, they grill it all in front of you, and you eat it with tortillas and salsa. An amazing food paradise.
Tlayudas El Negro - Tlayudas are another common Oaxacan street food, using giant tortillas filled with beans, cabbage, and cheese, and then grilled.
Price - 80 MXN ($4.27) for 1
Monte Albán - Resting our stomachs, we did a little sightseeing in Oaxaca. One of the famous attractions are the ruins of Monte Alban.
Elote - 20 MXN ($1.07) - You’ll find elotes, a corn on the cobb with cheese and salsas, all over Mexico. It’s one of the most common Mexican street foods… but this guy is at the main plaza of Oaxaca is on another level. His style is champion!
Mole negro - 60 MXN ($3.20) per plate - Finally to end this Mexican street food tour of Oaxaca, we needed to have a plate of mole negro, one of the national dishes of Oaxaca.
It was an amazing day of food. Oaxaca has such a rich culture of food and friendly people.
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21-Fev, 2018



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Dario Castillo
Dario Castillo 2 soat oldin
Caldo de pescado ni madres😂😂caldo de camaron si😂😂
Steven Salcido
Steven Salcido 7 soat oldin
Can we get more México ???
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez 10 soat oldin
How come you Mexicans don't season the meat with garlic -- onions and spices? Your meat is bland! You need to doctor up meat with spices while it's cooking or the meat itself is bland as hell!
Giovanna Persaud
Giovanna Persaud 21 soat oldin
32:00 PORE Mika look at that face n the PEPPER making him sneeze lol #Blessyoulol
DiscoverThe WorldTV
Why are there stains everywhere
Yummy it looks good oh my goodness ❤❤❤❤❤
Pancho Rojo
Pancho Rojo Kun oldin
Delicious and cheap food, hopefully I will return to Oaxaca this year and enjoy these amazing dishes one more time
Raven Kun oldin
Mole de Oaxaca is the best
Danny Juarez
Danny Juarez 2 kun oldin
Micah sneezed right on marks corn
K sciscokid
K sciscokid 2 kun oldin
Darn you Mark you make me hungry 😋
Cheyenne Hunter
Cheyenne Hunter 2 kun oldin
I love your videos, I'm disabled and unable to go anywhere, so I love traveling right along with you !!
Katie Workman
Katie Workman 2 kun oldin
Ok, Camera man, why didn’t you tell him he had mole on his chin there at the end? I really enjoy your videos and your enthusiasm!
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 3 kun oldin
Hey Mark! Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your videos ever since I discovered your UZvid channel a few months ago! Every Wed and Sun I'm jumping on youtube to watch your latest video! Your enthusiasm and genuine love of food is fantastic, and so enjoyable to watch! My daughter and I have come up with a saying that "You know it's good if it gets the Wiens lean!"....whenever you really like something you smile, close your eyes and lean to the side! love it! haha! Sometimes when i'm watching your videos I get inspired and head to the kitchen to start cooking something inspired by your video :)Wanted to know if you have any plans of travelling to Peru at some point? Peruvian Cuisine is really on the rise and has some of the most delicious dishes! Would love to see you do a food tour in Peru! Keep travelling and eating! -Jenn/Baltimore, Maryland, USA! p.s. -If you're ever in/around Maryland, You must must have some Maryland Blue Crabs!
Angel Noriega
Angel Noriega 3 kun oldin
Yo viendo este video a las 12 de la noche y mi boca llena de saliba. Ya valio madres creo voy a meter una maruchan al microondas ya de perdis. 😞😞😞
Elizabeth 3 kun oldin
It's my first time watching your videos, very interesting and fun! 👍
H0RSEMAN0FWAR 86 3 kun oldin
His son at 33:00 was looking at him like you gonna share or what!?
Marvin Pinzon
Marvin Pinzon 4 kun oldin
That music at the start when he walks in the Mercado los abastos, is Puertorican music called “reggaeton”. Not Mexican
Ashley Cabrera
Ashley Cabrera 4 kun oldin
Watching this while 6 months pregnant, having all the cravings 😣😣😣
Wazir Nasirudin
Wazir Nasirudin 4 kun oldin
Hi mark I have some Rory for you and goat curry and it spicy
Hope Rose
Hope Rose 4 kun oldin
I love how he appreciates the people the food and how kind he is! Everything looks so delicious 😋!
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 4 kun oldin
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 4 kun oldin
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 4 kun oldin
Sandra Dee
Sandra Dee 5 kun oldin
I would have choseen the menudo!
Eduardo Trevino
Eduardo Trevino 5 kun oldin
I have just one question: You eat so much you dont have time to take a dump ! How you loose all those calories?
Juan Morato
Juan Morato 5 kun oldin
Ver el video, sinceramente fue un martirio, que delicia la comida mexicana 🇲🇽
Chachita Moreno
Chachita Moreno 5 kun oldin
I clicked on dis cuz i saw elotes😂
Chachita Moreno
Chachita Moreno 5 kun oldin
Fml i really wish i lived in Oaxaca 😭
jesse davis
jesse davis 5 kun oldin
Back in my High school days I would’ve been all over the girl that made the hot chocolate
José Valverde
José Valverde 5 kun oldin
Gracias mike por el mejor video de Oaxaca y lo mejor de su estado... la comida 🥘😋😋😊
Jamal Methlouthi
Jamal Methlouthi 5 kun oldin
Give some corn to your son. He was eye ballin it the entire time you were eating it.
Ms.love 5 kun oldin
He just love everything!!! N curious about everything lol nice
Amanda Ceballos Cruz
Que viva Oaxaca!!!
Kenneth Ramirez
Kenneth Ramirez 5 kun oldin
Viva Mexico my niggas
Yakelin Reyes
Yakelin Reyes 6 kun oldin
pams channel
pams channel 6 kun oldin
whew..real food with real ingredients? America could NEVER
Victor Arauz
Victor Arauz 6 kun oldin
Araceli Juarez
Araceli Juarez 6 kun oldin
Who is from Oaxaca I am 🙋‍♀️
lil_ varz
lil_ varz 6 kun oldin
I love that he is not picky and loves everything he eats and is not afraid to try anything
lil_ varz
lil_ varz 6 kun oldin
You should go to Puebla or toluca
lil_ varz
lil_ varz 6 kun oldin
Bro every Mexican like me can relate to this some tortillas hecho a Mano con carne Asada,carnitas,barbaqoa,omg take me to Mexico again
lisette c b
lisette c b 6 kun oldin
I want that 🌽😖
Guero M
Guero M 6 kun oldin
Nobody makes better food than us Mexicans. Italians come 2nd and Chinese 3rd
Daisybaebee Daisybaebee
I had to stop and make some Mexican hot chocolate
Arnulfo Alvarez
Arnulfo Alvarez 6 kun oldin
I watched the video with all these delicious Oaxacan food, that I feel like I am going to go on a strict diet.
ChevyHeavy11 6 kun oldin
lucky guy... thanks for the video
Rodolfo me
Rodolfo me 7 kun oldin
His eyes are going to pop out
Jose Mireles
Jose Mireles 7 kun oldin
I know for sure this dudes gets sick asf when he eats in Mexico
melanie martinez
melanie martinez 7 kun oldin
Who’s mouth was watering with that elote 😭😭
Paulina Rey
Paulina Rey 7 kun oldin
Carlos Is with you in almost every place in Mexico! You must be very good friends
Bule Fornite
Bule Fornite 6 kun oldin
No u
Julio Vazquez
Julio Vazquez 7 kun oldin
0:18 Me when I find out I got bad grades
Antonio Bolivar
Antonio Bolivar 7 kun oldin
looks ,like enjoy every bite...
LaMalisima Greeneyedbbwnyc
U get me soo hungryyy!!!😂😂😂😊😊😊
carlitos brillante
carlitos brillante 7 kun oldin
Its mole no mooley
Bibiana Gonzalez
Bibiana Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
Wow 👌😋
Henry Acosta
Henry Acosta 8 kun oldin
I like your video makes me hungry by just looking at all the good food that you are showing 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
MufasaWasAPunk 8 kun oldin
Best culture ♥️
Animal lover lover
Animal lover lover 8 kun oldin
I am getting hungry Dios mío 😊😊
AquaTone 215
AquaTone 215 9 kun oldin
I saw elotes that’s why I clicked
Raul Ortega
Raul Ortega 9 kun oldin
Amigo se ve que adoras la comida mexicana , definitivamente eres bienvenido a Nuestro Mexico tienes las puertas abiertas at ANYTIME ,,,VERY WELCOME !!!
daze 9 kun oldin
13:46 i thought hotline bling was about to start playing 😂😂😂😂
Luz Vp
Luz Vp 9 kun oldin
hi from Oaxaca!! i just find your video!!! thanks for visit Oaxaca!!! and show how is our city!! and our gastronomy.. i really like your video
Julian Melendez
Julian Melendez 9 kun oldin
11:49 why is everyone staring at him 😂😂😂
Tan Sok
Tan Sok 9 kun oldin
Jerry Espinoza
Jerry Espinoza 9 kun oldin
A donde estan mi Mexicano
Armando Castellanos
12:13 Ohhhh! That is insane... Carlos!!! Que paso man?.... Ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja, ja That its funny.
RaeIvePerf 9 kun oldin
Mark w e i n s lmao how he said it
Jorgecampos 17
Jorgecampos 17 9 kun oldin
8:00 he did not like the coffee😂
Jorgecampos 17
Jorgecampos 17 9 kun oldin
Carlos Ambriz
Carlos Ambriz 9 kun oldin
I'm so hungry 😭
Carlos Ambriz
Carlos Ambriz 9 kun oldin
Stone mortal,,, it's a volcanic rock carved into a bowl,,,molcajete,, it's are blenders 👍
aztaroth 10 kun oldin
Como otra gente aprecia nuestra cultura , y nuestra gente se mofa y se burla de nuestra gente oaxaqueña , lo malo que nunca se han visto en un espejo los tatarados que se burlan de su propia raza
Adrian Romero
Adrian Romero 10 kun oldin
Thanks man enjoy watching all the videos especially loved how u supported our Mexico people need to know not all of us are bad people Criminals like trump says we work hard for our families 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤓🤓🤓
S4Dave 10 kun oldin
At 32:22 My exact face watching this knowing elotes here in the north are not as good.
Jimmy Pina
Jimmy Pina 10 kun oldin
ILL SOCIETY 10 kun oldin
This guy is cool. Mexicans are cool
AshBoss 10 kun oldin
Omg I almost cried when I saw that Tamalé cause it’s my favorite ever. Why did I never know about this channel? Omg I had to subscribe!!!!
Sonia Manso
Sonia Manso 10 kun oldin
Give the baby some corn😆🌽
DaleSky 10 kun oldin
Este amigo conocio los oaxacos
luis pedrosa
luis pedrosa 10 kun oldin
I am from Mexico city and i love the food from Oaxaca, i think this is the best food in Mexico. I really enjoy your video.
Hija Del Rey
Hija Del Rey 11 kun oldin
Los Quesos se antojan el elote los tacos y la carne☺
Juanpy Alcalá Gallego
You sould've come to Sonora, Mexico. We have the best meat of the world
Eunice Estrada
Eunice Estrada 11 kun oldin
Ohh my 😋😋😋 watching this makes me hungryyy I remember my grandpa loved taking me to those amazing places in the morning for breakfast good memories.
Bisker 86
Bisker 86 11 kun oldin
My mouth is watering thanks mark
gill baker
gill baker 11 kun oldin
Feel sorry for anyone who shares a bathroom with you.
Richard Beauchesne
Richard Beauchesne 11 kun oldin
Have you ever gotten sick from eating street food?
Dani Saldivar
Dani Saldivar 12 kun oldin
Dani Saldivar
Dani Saldivar 9 kun oldin
Sasuke Uchiha hii
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 9 kun oldin
Hey bb
Michelle Diane
Michelle Diane 12 kun oldin
#i felel like dieing, the # sup! @ #ur peeps muh ps.
K G 12 kun oldin
I like the food this guys facial expressions make me angry though. I can see him doing all those faces by himself to a camera in public ....hes that guy
Gildardo Garcia
Gildardo Garcia 12 kun oldin
But let me tell you Thanks for promoting our Delicious food.
rhino mite
rhino mite 12 kun oldin
Love to eat when I travel. Wish I could travel alone, wife says ewwww a lot. Haha. Leave her at the spa and go explore. Oaxaca City? Looks bomb as hell. Really enjoyed this video
andy nator
andy nator 12 kun oldin
31:00 Corn
Wendy Lira
Wendy Lira 12 kun oldin
Omg the way he eats and discribes everything it feels like I'm tasting them my self ...😄😄🤩🤩 Pobresito Mika le bieran comprado uno nomas con Limon y sal pokito ovio ...
Sam Dogan
Sam Dogan 12 kun oldin
The mexican presidente needs to make Marlk an honorary mexican!
Joel Dominguez
Joel Dominguez 12 kun oldin
Hi mark Te falto probar el pozole Saludos desde salina cruz Oaxaca
Mishel Baltazar
Mishel Baltazar 13 kun oldin
The amount of times he shook his head and said “wow” is unbelievable 😂
F Ozzy
F Ozzy 13 kun oldin
I always gain weight in Mexico 🤣
Ju Ju
Ju Ju 13 kun oldin
Micah looking like bitch nicca give me some,🤣😂💯💯
Chelo Solana
Chelo Solana 13 kun oldin
The mamelas me recuérdame de mi abuela 😭😭😭💕
Ross Ramirez
Ross Ramirez 13 kun oldin
The devil works hard but this man...31:32
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