Super Mario Party - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro and Whomp's Domino Ruins! (Nintendo Switch)

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Super Mario Party Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Whomp's Domino Ruins Gameplay!
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Thanks for watching my Super Mario Party Gameplay and Walkthrough! I've been a fan of Mario games for years, and I'm so excited to be playing this game on the Nintendo Switch! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature my impressions, reactions, and commentary throughout the full game including the all mini games, boards, and characters! If you're a fan of Nintendo, then let's play Super Mario Party! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes today!
The original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode that fans love is back, and your friends and family are invited to the party! Freely walk the board: choose where to move, which Dice Block to roll, and how to win the most Stars in skill-based minigames. Wait till you see the 2 vs 2 mode with grid-based maps, the creative uses of the console, and the series’ first online minigame mode! Test your skills in sets of five minigames with the new mode, Mariothon, and see how you stack up against players across the globe in Online Mariothon. Whether you’re pedaling tricycles, flipping meat, or who knows what else, you’ll use Joy-Con controllers in clever ways across 80 new minigames; some are all-out free-for-alls, others are 2 vs 2, or even 1 vs 3! Toad’s Rec Room lets you pair up two Nintendo Switch systems, which you’ll lay side-by-side on a flat surface like a real tabletop game. That way you can play a mini baseball game, battle tanks in custom arenas, or even see who can match the most bananas by repositioning the systems however you see fit!
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Name: Super Mario Party
Developer: Nintendo, Nd Cube
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: October 5, 2018
Website: supermarioparty.nintendo.com
#SuperMarioParty #NintendoSwitch #ZackScottGames #Mario #MarioParty #Nintendo

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5-Okt, 2018



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Dawn Coleman
Dawn Coleman 8 soat oldin
This is cool but I don't think that it can go back
Zoe Hewitt (STUDENT)
I like peach
Simon 307
Simon 307 2 kun oldin
They should add chef peepee lol
Rexsploits Gaming and More
On the second turn you could have gotten a ally!
Christine Spraggins
If two people survive that means that other person wins to
James Taylor
James Taylor 7 kun oldin
Y is the fact that the board game was meant to be an hour and that's exactly how long the video is so satisfying to me
Kwai Fong Tang
Kwai Fong Tang 7 kun oldin
I like mario!
Matthew Gardner
Matthew Gardner 9 kun oldin
Ultra Street Fighter 2!
Braeden 9 kun oldin
They should have a minigame bonus for winning the most mini games
Selma adnan Emoji!!!
LOL just barley 1 hour!
Aaliyah G
Aaliyah G 11 kun oldin
dang i still watch these 😂
I did the math you would have won if they didn't help wario
Archie 12100
Archie 12100 14 kun oldin
play Mario bros
marko markota
marko markota 14 kun oldin
# I made him subscribe
marko markota
marko markota 14 kun oldin
Hello Jack Scott my name is Xavier I'm using Marcos account
ADAM NADI 19 kun oldin
Super Mario Party 2018 Very cool
Angelina Munoz
Angelina Munoz 20 kun oldin
Rosy Montar
Rosy Montar 21 kun oldin
Mario and Wario both win by doing nothing in Drop Quiz.
Hays Coleman
Hays Coleman 22 kun oldin
you're pronouncing kamek wrong; its pronounced KAM-ek
Christian Dejesus
Christian Dejesus 25 kun oldin
U lost zack😦😢😨😩😫
natalie mendez
natalie mendez 25 kun oldin
I want to play Mario party
Sherry Michon
Sherry Michon 28 kun oldin
29:50, wario wins by doing absolute nothing, (instead of luigi)
Cadyrn Malgas
Cadyrn Malgas 29 kun oldin
I like this dude I wished I had a Nintendo switch
Ghost Bird Lary
koopa troopa is the GOAT boi
Ghost Bird Lary
i got here from PVZ 1
Pom Singh
Pom Singh Oy oldin
Pom Singh
Pom Singh Oy oldin
Get the drugs foot
O Antle
O Antle Oy oldin
Then bonuses
Patirck Colonia
(24:51) Why won't you call him Boopkins?
Patirck Colonia
In every Mario game, why do you always play as Mario at the beginning?
Superstar Candy
So I got an ad during this and it went like this: What a racket! *O N M A R C H 1 5*
I play this already
David Dyer
David Dyer Oy oldin
*sigh* Nintendo, while this game is good, you're using that certain character font again which doesn't fit the design aesthetics of this game. You also used that font in Mario Kart 8 as well. For Rosalina's sake, stop using that font. It doesn't go well with the visuals.
Richard Thomas
sambabal boy
sambabal boy Oy oldin
i love ur chanel do what you do :D
Poppy Powell
Poppy Powell Oy oldin
Keep it up😊
Kryptonite Kole
Play hello neighbor
Jude Collins
Jude Collins Oy oldin
ContentRating: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 (keep up the good content):)
Make up By Deaf Dewey OG
I beat that game in a day they should of made it batter
Alyssa Udvig
Alyssa Udvig Oy oldin
Can you play super Mario party eight
Sofia Malik
Sofia Malik Oy oldin
I love your videos!
Noel Cappal
Noel Cappal 2 oy oldin
Play slime racher 😎😎😎
Adrian Wong
Adrian Wong 2 oy oldin
I subbed before when you played Angry Birds Go & Plants vs Zombies 2. After that, I confirmed I would sub because of your Super Mario Bros 3D World Series :)
carmen lopez
carmen lopez 2 oy oldin
at least waluigi is in one game on the switch
That gamer guy 12
That gamer guy 12
jetnight 88
jetnight 88 2 oy oldin
They done well on your channel and popular..... also more money I know you’re scam
MoFoChezCake 2 oy oldin
No way bro I remember you from plants vs zombies garden warfare!!!!
MoFoChezCake 2 oy oldin
Evan Richardson i know right??? No, it’s because if your old enough to play mortal Kombat then ur old enough to hear cuss words.
Evan Richardson
Evan Richardson 2 oy oldin
MoFoChezCake so he cusses in the mortal kombat videos but in his Nintendo videos he doesn’t make up your mind zack 😂😂😂
COOL BEANS! 2 oy oldin
Flip yoshi
Daniel Battaglia
Daniel Battaglia 2 oy oldin
They were right, it took a hour
Wesley Maartens
Wesley Maartens 2 oy oldin
damn 10 min and the game just starts?? wow,some of us dont have that much time to waste
isabelonga ubrig
isabelonga ubrig 2 oy oldin
Is posible play in solo mode??
Miemiey Valentine
I subscribed because of Animal Crossing New Leaf lol
Thank goodness we finally got a good MARIO party game, we haven’t had one in years.
Ella luera
Ella luera 2 oy oldin
make sure to sub to my channal when i get one
HeyThatsAlex GaNg
They need to make multiple mario Party games on Switch Lkke they Did with Gamecube
TheEmerald Jacob
TheEmerald Jacob 14 kun oldin
And N64
Sufficiently Gaming
i like it how dis video is exactly 1 hour long
Wyatt Saum
Wyatt Saum 2 oy oldin
Here's how to pronounce kemek right Kam ek
Wyatt Saum
Wyatt Saum 2 oy oldin
And Lakitu lak e two
Timothy Unsinger
Timothy Unsinger 2 oy oldin
I swear to God if they say party one more time I am going to scream.
Evan Richardson
Evan Richardson 2 oy oldin
Timothy Unsinger PARTY
Captain Apricorn
Captain Apricorn 3 oy oldin
Play as Peach next! My favorite character! 47:46 Hi!
Captain Apricorn
Captain Apricorn 3 oy oldin
4:17 Nice job! My friend taught me that! We do it alot! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Don't leave me hanging, Dude! ✋🏻
JDV21 3 oy oldin
I love your content
zinny : creampasta
13brakeman 3 oy oldin
U da best man
Kelly Morris
Kelly Morris 3 oy oldin
I subscribed because of all the different games you play. The switch games are expensive lol so it’s good to get a review on what we’re getting!
Carlos Ponce
Carlos Ponce 3 oy oldin
Enyone also play new super mario party well watching this?
Christian Music Rocks Official
This was published the day after my birthday
Neon The Gamer 101
Reuben Majam
Reuben Majam 3 oy oldin
smarty infinity
smarty infinity 3 oy oldin
There should have been an ally bonus
Isaiah Hobbs
Isaiah Hobbs 3 oy oldin
It’s Kamic
Nizir Melton
Nizir Melton 3 oy oldin
I supscribed
Denis Kirb
Denis Kirb 3 oy oldin
Richie Williams
Richie Williams 3 oy oldin
I just realized.... Wario isn't fat. If he can climb the pole and balance his body with only his one hand, he is not fat. Same for Bowser and DK.
Lionel Grayson
Lionel Grayson 25 kun oldin
Yeah, you're right. They're not fat, they're *THICC*
Patirck Colonia
Mario is also chubby and fat.
Comank Oy oldin
Richie Williams well dk wouldn’t be fat anyway since he’s super strong, and bowser is just a big monster who is supposed to be built like that
Robert Carvajal
Robert Carvajal 3 oy oldin
Get those sub's!😉😉😉
Ricky Majano
Ricky Majano 3 oy oldin
Super Mario party doesn,t want you to win cause nintendo wants computers to win
plant boi amibo
plant boi amibo 3 oy oldin
I got this when it came out
Lucas Bishop
Lucas Bishop 3 oy oldin
I picked mario and went to Mario party also before I watched this XD
Mia Davis
Mia Davis 3 oy oldin
The reason daisy won too is because u Wario and daisy were all on 1 team against yoshi , it was a 1 vs 3 type thing.
HeyThatsAlex GaNg
I'm going to get a Switch Next year for christmas 2019
michael hernandez
I subscribed you should too
Habeeb Wardak
Habeeb Wardak 3 oy oldin
sarah rose
sarah rose 3 oy oldin
U waal
sarah rose
sarah rose 3 oy oldin
I'm telling papa Zack off u because u disliked my comments
sarah rose
sarah rose 3 oy oldin
Could you buy me chocolate? And stop living in my house
Habeeb Wardak
Habeeb Wardak 3 oy oldin
I like burgers but im not a big fan of food
sarah rose
sarah rose 3 oy oldin
I feel like your fat in real life
Mixalis Argyrakis
I'm happy with Mario party 1,2,3 in Nintendo 64!
allldin 3 oy oldin
Board game, but better because it's digital? Not really, no. I love Mario Party, but it's not even close to some of my favorite board games.
Harry Robinson
Harry Robinson 3 oy oldin
Daisy 2won as well because it was a 1 v 3 minigame and your team won
Harry Robinson
Harry Robinson 3 oy oldin
Sorry i mis typed
yummy yummy cupcake
I have that game in my Nintendo swich
Alpaca Eniamrej
Alpaca Eniamrej 3 oy oldin
All fives is better than a 1
Alpaca Eniamrej
Alpaca Eniamrej 3 oy oldin
So dumb you should have used hammer bro block
Max 3 oy oldin
Do you need 2 sets of joy cons to play multiplayer on this?
Pretzel Snack
Pretzel Snack 3 oy oldin
Golden mushroom +5 to dice roll in the chicken nugget box That’ll be one of my favourite
BigBlue4Life 3 oy oldin
But most importantly...why isnt Waluigi in smash?
Sean Bowen
Sean Bowen 3 oy oldin
I had "Super Mario Party" for christmas. It was so much fun!
Coolgirl Awsome epic2009
Thx for making the video!I have a Nintendo Switch and I don't know what game I should get,Super Mario Party or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!Everyone that is reading this,Pls reply on this comment and tell me which one I should pick!
Preston Plays
Preston Plays 3 oy oldin
Daisy won becuse she is on your team
Brad Wright
Brad Wright 3 oy oldin
morning I wanna grab your sweet potatoes for me please please don’t tell him that they want to him or something like he was gonna he didn’t know if you had anything else to say hi and dan said he would come
Nadine Piloto
Nadine Piloto 4 oy oldin
if one teammate wins, the whole team wins. that is why daisy was able to win
Carmen Gomez
Carmen Gomez 4 oy oldin
I’m getting mine for Christmas the game and the Nintendo
Carmen Gomez
Carmen Gomez 4 oy oldin
I just noticed you posted this on my birthday
Henry G
Henry G 4 oy oldin
I’m getting MARIO party for Christmas, but since my mom wrapped the gift and it’s under the tree I can’t play it so I have to wait 3 days. But I’m SO thankful that I’m getting it
TheEmerald Jacob
TheEmerald Jacob 14 kun oldin
I got it the day it came out, my dad really wanted it. At least you got Smash Bros and Mario Party! 😁
Fern Br
Fern Br Oy oldin
Patirck Colonia nice!
Patirck Colonia
I recieved it in my birthday.
Fern Br
Fern Br Oy oldin
Henry G oh, okay. I played Mario party on the Nintendo ds and loved it. Hopefully if I get it on the switch I’ll love it even more than the ds version!!!
Henry G
Henry G Oy oldin
Fern Br I like Mario party better 🤗
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