SUPER MARIO PARTY: Very Hard Edition

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GIVEAWAY LINK: gleam.io/competitions/AlTAW-nintendo-switch-super-mario-party
Well, I definitely thought I'd be able to do a solo mode to start out with... but oh well! I'll be uploading some online play and the ACTUAL solo mode later this week. Stay tuned for more Super Mario Party content!
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7-Okt, 2018

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Poiri Oy oldin
14:50 just look at the way mario stands
MsmX Music
MsmX Music 27 kun oldin
Poiri what about it?
Hideki _an
Hideki _an 29 kun oldin
Everyone thought I was Mario but no *KONO DIO DA!!!*
Serperior Snake
October 12 squad?
Mikgames Plays
You got a heart from Alpharad in your comment.I'm jealous,i can't come up with a joke or comment that would get one from Alpha.
Ze_eTPlays Oy oldin
HEY! You didn't release it on the 12th October!
The Butterfly Wizardess
The Butterfly Wizardess
That Mario solo dance was fabulous 😂
Greater Mario 221
Hammer Bro=Me when I play Super Mario Party
Don’t Mind Me Okay?
now try master
Sheepe Dani
Sheepe Dani 3 kun oldin
this video was posted on my birthday by my favorite youtuber, *I feel blessed*
Douglas Cusa
Douglas Cusa 4 kun oldin
More like Mario party 4 top 110
kawaii-jessica uchiha
trash player
MotdHS Gaming
MotdHS Gaming 4 kun oldin
8:27 R. I. P. PEACH You will be unlucky :(
jojabaloney 4 kun oldin
Idk why but hammer bro saying "oh no" is cute.
Froggy Xd
Froggy Xd 5 kun oldin
I easily completed mega fruit powder keg and domino ruins on very hard com expect for kamek’s shitalizing tower
Turd King Dingaling
Hammer bro has too many hammer hoes
Small Nibba
Small Nibba 5 kun oldin
Do master CPU
Donovan Mahan
Donovan Mahan 6 kun oldin
boo do SOMETHING *🅱️olls a 0*
the Mexican gamer
the Mexican gamer 6 kun oldin
Hammer bro can suck a dick
Lenny 6 kun oldin
VH ai is easy af
wouldchucc the beaver boi :3
Me me very hard too
Allen Nguyen
Allen Nguyen 9 kun oldin
*right after landing directly in front of her* Toadette: INCREDIBLE PEACH! IT'S PRACTICALLY A M I R A C L E !
I'm bored
I'm bored 10 kun oldin
Man's got 666K views
mudkipsonic1055 12 kun oldin
Very hard cpus are EZ
caspervanhelsing 12 kun oldin
how about master difficulty ;)
TheDizzyDeveloper 12 kun oldin
Doge Plays
Doge Plays 12 kun oldin
Immagine playing super mario party with less than 2 allies. (*This post was made by the HammerBro gang*)
Switzerland ball
Switzerland ball 12 kun oldin
I feel sorry for boo he has no friends
IvoCorp YT
IvoCorp YT 12 kun oldin
8:04 Hammer Hoes. Alpharad, you’re a fucking genius!
GamerGeorge - Gaming And More
Bad Purple Man? #WaluigiForSmash xD
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 13 kun oldin
oct 12 is my birthday so ill watch it then lol
PenguinGamer 13 kun oldin
6:52 yeah right at 2:32.
Maximillius 14 kun oldin
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana 14 kun oldin
"Boo can you do something?" *Z E R O*
GoldenTreesYT Minecrafter
What is that thumbnail
Michael Evan
Michael Evan 15 kun oldin
New video idea: Alpharad jerks off
Steakee 15 kun oldin
"I finessed past those bananas!"
Niqolas 15 kun oldin
*K R I S M O 1 0 0*
Cangy Carnation
Cangy Carnation 16 kun oldin
1 like = 1 helper for boo
Al’ Akirerino Kripperino
7:03 Peach is so lucky I’ve always wanted Waluigi to descend from heaven to my side
Sample text
Sample text 17 kun oldin
Boy this is easy. Try Master Mode😭
Hazel Fireflight
Hazel Fireflight 17 kun oldin
I can barely handle the easy ai I don't blame ya
A77Q 17 kun oldin
When i get my hands on this game, i'm gonna play the first game as hammer bro
TypicalAphmauFan :3
TypicalAphmauFan :3 18 kun oldin
Blue Panther
Blue Panther 18 kun oldin
It makes me very sad that this game uses the default Switch UI font for... fucking a lot of things, even the Win calls, why? Gimme back the wacky Mario font
Jaye Derp
Jaye Derp 18 kun oldin
His karma of waluigi is sakurai telling the dev team of super mario part that alpha has to have waluigi every time because he predicted waluigi
Lil boi
Lil boi 18 kun oldin
Hammer bro be like everyone is here
JAMES Gaming LV2
JAMES Gaming LV2 18 kun oldin
7:02 If u hating on waluigi everyone will attack you
v r
v r 18 kun oldin
"The bad purple man"
Karla Molina
Karla Molina 19 kun oldin
I've literally never won a game of Mario party in my life
Thomas Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy 19 kun oldin
Boo gets 2nd after rolling 0 for at least 5 turns, in quick succession...
Zelda Fabbro
Zelda Fabbro 19 kun oldin
"Oh my god I got the bad purple man." really his name is waluigi |:P
Skylanderlover 725
Skylanderlover 725 19 kun oldin
The yosh of the most
Geonel Cruz
Geonel Cruz 20 kun oldin
Hammer gang, hammer gang, hammer gang, hammer gang, hammer gang. (Hammer gang!) Spent 10 coins on a new star, my hammer hoe do love dice ooh. I fuck a hammer hoe, I forgot her name. I can't buy an item for no hammer hoe ooh.
Daniel playsmariokart7
This was on my birthday!😀
Nick Bender
Nick Bender 20 kun oldin
This comment was made by hammer bro gang
JL Gamers
JL Gamers 20 kun oldin
Check out our Mario party with our wives: uzvid.com/video/video-VTd_dGkucIE.html
Shane Bauman
Shane Bauman 22 kun oldin
Crap ton of allies
Liam Carr
Liam Carr 22 kun oldin
Yay now you can see my commit
Barb Contorno
Barb Contorno 22 kun oldin
I thought toad said bowser sucks
Fruity Troll Roll
Fruity Troll Roll 23 kun oldin
I cracked up every time you said PERSONA!!
Timmy Reobed
Timmy Reobed 23 kun oldin
Hammer Bro? More like Harem Bro
Seth G
Seth G 23 kun oldin
0/10 It’s very hard edition and you didn’t put DK in the thumbnail
King Dedede
King Dedede 23 kun oldin
I still can't believe Super Mario Party is the only game where Donkey Kong is top tier.
Slashser 24 kun oldin
This video is now property of the Hammer Gang
Shinobi X
Shinobi X 26 kun oldin
They weren't just the just his "Hammer Hoes", they truly were his "Hammer Bros".
E A 26 kun oldin
Where was the winner announced?
Super Mario
Super Mario 26 kun oldin
Kirby The Meme Warrior
ew, you're playing as peach. i swear i just HATE peach.
[ERRORNAME] 26 kun oldin
*You got a star*
Plush Crew Freddy Gaming, Plush Vids And More!
0:46 Wow Mario lost some WEIGHT
BlackEeveeplays YT
BlackEeveeplays YT 26 kun oldin
10:07 the answer is a little ghost
Spooky Shantoms
Spooky Shantoms 26 kun oldin
.... I’ve never played a round of this game where there were more than 5 allies TOTAL at the end of the game. Apparently you can SQUAD THE FUCK UP. Understandable, have a day.
Boi 26 kun oldin
Who would win? Hammer bro and his Hammer hoes vs Ernie Gang?
Amaro Diaz Galdames
Amaro Diaz Galdames 26 kun oldin
So who son the giveaway?
TheRoyalBrotato 26 kun oldin
Jam Per
Jam Per 27 kun oldin
When computers are tryhards and still lose
Noahtgametime Roblox and minecraft
Yay the new Mario party *introducing mario party 11*
Nintendo fan 128 cool
MsmX Music
MsmX Music 27 kun oldin
Jaffet Arredondo
Jaffet Arredondo 27 kun oldin
does anybody know outro music
SSX Teka
SSX Teka 27 kun oldin
Default Mario! 0:46
Arch Bishop
Arch Bishop 27 kun oldin
Hammer Gang shirts?
surely you Jestin
surely you Jestin 27 kun oldin
0:45 oh of course
Katelynn Savage
Katelynn Savage 27 kun oldin
7:32 😂 this made me laugh way too hard
Sky Pink Dog TTR
Sky Pink Dog TTR 27 kun oldin
*Sees Fortnite Dance* *d i s l i k e s m i l l i o n s o f t i m e s*
That Ninja Yoshi
That Ninja Yoshi 27 kun oldin
Now we need master ai edition
Paul Krawitz
Paul Krawitz 28 kun oldin
1:21 Bow ties are cool!
I don’t Want subs
I don’t Want subs 28 kun oldin
0:46 yes FBI this right here
Moldyrandomguy 28 kun oldin
is choking some kind of fetish to you? 8:25
Danieru Plays
Danieru Plays 28 kun oldin
Mr. Mattino
Mr. Mattino 29 kun oldin
Now i REALLY want this game
GamerGuy249 29 kun oldin
"Hammer bro and his hammer hoes" is the new name of my dance dance revolution Mario mix cover band
GamerGuy249 29 kun oldin
We need boo in smash bros.
Soldier1287 29 kun oldin
ectoplasmic ball
Keife-corn 29 kun oldin
Hammer bro harem
Saucy Majora
Saucy Majora Oy oldin
Single player Mario party is the single worst experience on planet earth
Every time I see how the AI reacts in this game, regardless of difficulty, it's always a toss up between "I will personally make sure to mess up every dice roll" or "I will bury you in the ground when I win".
greder23 Oy oldin
Subbing just for "Persona!" when Hammer Bro got the star.
Jean Carrion
Jean Carrion Oy oldin
7:03 are they gonna be triggered?
Yoruichi Shihouin
That was gr8!! I don't know how i haven't found your videos before. This was hella funny. I genuinely enjoyed this and have decided to subscribe ^^ Looking forward to more of your uploads^^
Domino Hevy
Domino Hevy Oy oldin
Ernie gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Brennan Hernandez
Hammer bro got the homies
Yil oldin