Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 11.1.2018

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Check out the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct before the game's launch featuring exciting new game info delivered by director Masahiro Sakurai.
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0:24 - Masahiro Sakurai Intro
0:54 - Echo fighter introduction: Ken
1:57 - Incineroar introduction
3:32 - Ken character info
4:52 - Incineroar character info
6:26 - Fighter Select Screen
6:58 - New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo
8:12 - Spirits introduction
16:55 - Local Wireless and Online Play
21:56 - Assist Trophies
24:58 - Other Features
29:09 - New Mii fighter outfits
30:15 - DLC Development - CONFIRMED
30:55 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fighter's Pass
33:06 - Piranha Plant introduction
34:15 - Piranha Plant character info
35:06 - Piranha Plant amiibo
35:27 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events
36:33 - World of Light cinematic
*Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online play and access to Smash World. Nintendo Switch Online Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. nintendo.com/switch-online
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now! goo.gl/EqyQpc
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1-Noy, 2018

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Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Soat oldin
Galeem theme plays at 8:00
Blu Kirby
Blu Kirby 12 soat oldin
I swear Sakurai made Pirhana Plant overnight while the grinch leak got serious just so he can prove the grinch leak for good
AndyGamer2 14 soat oldin
Masahiro Sakurai: DLC #2: 72 - Chris (Fire Emblem: New Mystery of Emblem)
AndyGamer2 10 soat oldin
Twitter #SlashBros for fangame
TimDude12 10 soat oldin
No. We don't need more Fire Emblem reps.
Dylannator Channel
Dylannator Channel 22 soat oldin
You should have red Genesect as DLC please
rmka2000 22 soat oldin
I mean incineroar instead of waluigi maybe? I dont know how to say it ;( im a noob
rmka2000 22 soat oldin
I should problably changed waluigi instead of incinerioar
rmka2000 22 soat oldin
What about waluigi huh nintendo plz add waluigi for smash
Snowhue 15 soat oldin
Keaton Smith
Keaton Smith Kun oldin
I hope there's a snake amiibo
Smash Hype
Smash Hype Kun oldin
He does
Kaelob Schroeder
Take out the "O" in GALLEOM. What do you get? *G A L L E M*
Pleedi Kun oldin
I need a 10 hour long video of villager throwing punches at 3:08 *Please*
Joshua Laurin
Joshua Laurin Kun oldin
*e g g*
Malachi Robinson
Malachi Robinson 2 kun oldin
Dear Nintendo - it’s been 10 days since I got Smash Ultimate and I still haven’t received my Pirranha plant email I checked my Spam and primary please can you send email before January ? -From Malachi Robinson
Malachi Robinson
Malachi Robinson Soat oldin
TimDude12 23 soat oldin
+Malachi RobinsonCall them
Malachi Robinson
Malachi Robinson 23 soat oldin
TimDude12 How do you do that?
TimDude12 Kun oldin
+Malachi Robinson Contact Nintendo then
Malachi Robinson
TimDude12 I Did...
Lucy Cagle
Lucy Cagle 2 kun oldin
Smash Hype
Smash Hype Kun oldin
Kawaii Bendy UWU
Kawaii Bendy UWU 2 kun oldin
Where is Waluigi....
TimDude12 2 kun oldin
Assist Trophy
Keaton Smith
Keaton Smith 3 kun oldin
Hey Shadow lovers bad news, Shadow the hedgehog becomes a assist trophy! again! 21:57
powernova911 3 kun oldin
Crono from Chrono Trigger should be added to the roster!
powernova911 3 kun oldin
Snowhue 15 soat oldin
Id rather see a playable turkey sandwich than sans.
Kawaii Bendy UWU
Kawaii Bendy UWU 2 kun oldin
Oh Yes, this is a true Comment.
Toshinori Yagi
Toshinori Yagi 3 kun oldin
*Bring Undertale Characters To the Next Super Smash Bros Games*
A little Everything
The SherLachNess
The SherLachNess 2 kun oldin
rudy lechat
rudy lechat 3 kun oldin
Hello, I bought the fighters pass and I do not fight them. Can somebody help me please
RW_Thunder 2 kun oldin
The fighters in the fighters pass (as they state even in this video) are in development. The fighter pass is just paying for all 5 DLC Fighter Packs early at a discounted price (as well as a bonus Xenoblade2 Rex outfit). They will be released as they finish each one throughout 2019.
Amici dell' Ambiente
They’re not out yet
rudy lechat
rudy lechat 3 kun oldin
i do not have the fighters from the fighter pass
rudy lechat
rudy lechat 3 kun oldin
fighters *
Franklin Colon
Franklin Colon 4 kun oldin
Matt J
Matt J 4 kun oldin
I have this game why am i here?
deepest button
deepest button Kun oldin
I have no idea why i'm looking through the comments when the game's already out
AndyGamer2 4 kun oldin
Why Adventure mode (World of Light) had not 2 players!!! (No p2 entry!) Smash Bros. BRAWL: had P2 ENTRY in adventure mode
Blue_gallade games
Blue_gallade games 4 kun oldin
goku for smash.... Goku For Smash !!!!!!! GOKU FOR SMASH!!!!!!!! 500 likes for him in Smash bros 1000 likes for him in Smash and having a trailer.
Gamerrr Dude
Gamerrr Dude 3 kun oldin
Smash is a crossover towards gaming. Not anime
Dylan Stewart
Dylan Stewart 3 kun oldin
You are unbelievably stupid
joshua centeno
joshua centeno 4 kun oldin
I know all super smash bros date came out like year 1999 super smash bros 2001 super smash bros melee 2008 super smash bros brawl 2014 super smash bros 4 for wii u and 3DS then the cool game we have is 2018 super smash bros ultimate and thanos snaps everone is not feeling bad i dont feel so good XD
TimDude12 3 kun oldin
Uh... What?
Phantom Lynx
Phantom Lynx 4 kun oldin
I want Steve From Minecraft as a DLC Fighter
Gamerrr Dude
Gamerrr Dude 3 kun oldin
AndyGamer2 4 kun oldin
Chris from (Fire Emblem: New Mystery of Emblem, 2010)
Ghost 2
Ghost 2 4 kun oldin
5:37 luigi won by doing anything..... again
Sylvia Reviar
Sylvia Reviar 4 kun oldin
36:40 Why is Red all the way at the edge of the cliff and Charizard is chillin' in the back of the group like "Nah, I'm not feelin' this today. Sorry guys, I don't wanna die. You go on ahead, Red. I'll be here to pick up your body."
J Cooley
J Cooley 5 kun oldin
32:30 i think joker is the 2nd dlc character and 3 more to go my wish is 3rd sans 4th geno 5th tails
AndyGamer2 4 kun oldin
2nd dlc is Chris from fire emblem new mystery of emblem
Xtra 1
Xtra 1 4 kun oldin
Joker is the 1st DLC character. Pirahna plant doesn't count and all DLC will be from new franchise's.
Cihan MRT
Cihan MRT 5 kun oldin
27:21 Sakurai pls can u make turkish and more...
Rania Ben Zian
Rania Ben Zian 5 kun oldin
Ken: So you want to fight fire with fire huh? Incineroar: EGG!!
BAD DONKEY 900 5 kun oldin
My left hand is the original echo fighter
Spine Thrasher
Spine Thrasher 5 kun oldin
Gamerrr Dude
Gamerrr Dude 3 kun oldin
Spine Thrasher
Spine Thrasher 5 kun oldin
Spine Thrasher
Spine Thrasher 5 kun oldin
Spine Thrasher
Spine Thrasher 5 kun oldin
Spine Thrasher
Spine Thrasher 5 kun oldin
Just Another Animator
I’d be happier if we had both the smash app and being able to hit the record button on our switch, but nevertheless I can’t wait
John Wick
John Wick 6 kun oldin
Why is Shadow an assist trophy tho?
naoual sami
naoual sami 5 kun oldin
He's an edgy sonic clone
Pesquids 6 kun oldin
I’m not joking about this- Sans from Undertale in smash. Please make him DLC. I beg you. Please... it just makes sense! He would be an amazing character. He could be an echo fighter of Ness even since his character was inspired solely off of Earthbound. Or he could be a completely new character with new moves. At least add in Frisk or somebody from Undertale please
Lava Networks
Lava Networks 6 kun oldin
Just because Sans is basically a Ness rip off doesn't mean that he is viable in Smash.
Snowhue 6 kun oldin
You saying he could be an echo fighter of ness killed me.
Lava Networks
Lava Networks 6 kun oldin
We would have to be very lucky to have an Undertale rep.
Twisted Dark Joey 2004
piranha plant for the fighter pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how is this gonna work he doesn't have arms anyway what was massahiro sakarai thinking they should've added waluigi or tails for the fighter pass
RW_Thunder 6 kun oldin
+Twisted Dark Joey 2004 Piranha Plant isn't part of the fighter pass.
Lava Networks
Lava Networks 6 kun oldin
It obviously does work. Since Sakurai has literally just made it work.
Verlisify 6 kun oldin
I keep coming back to this for the modern take on evo moment 37
Lava Networks
Lava Networks 6 kun oldin
And only the few others who return will see this comment.
Benjamin jimenez
Benjamin jimenez 7 kun oldin
Waluigi It s very sad
Lava Networks
Lava Networks 6 kun oldin
I have never felt happier.
Gman Games.
Gman Games. 7 kun oldin
37:50 The entire fan base: OH WE ****ING GET IT SAKURAI
L S 7 kun oldin
Lava Networks
Lava Networks 6 kun oldin
Assist Trophy.
July Mays
July Mays 7 kun oldin
So there are No tropies,No for Fun and for Goly and Rip Shadow he back as an assist trophy:(
Lava Networks
Lava Networks 6 kun oldin
Fondetgi Animations
27:50 BOW TO ME
Jillian McCormick
Jillian McCormick 8 kun oldin
Do you know who I hope is in the DLC? Ignatius and Nadia from Nightmare Creatures!
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 8 kun oldin
3:04 That featureless crotch shot lol
Benjamin Calderon
Benjamin Calderon 8 kun oldin
33:21 there he is, the dream crusher
Gamerrr Dude
Gamerrr Dude 6 kun oldin
You mean the dream maker right? He looks amazing!