Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Everyone is Here Trailer (E3 2018)

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Every fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series' entire history is coming together at last in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! Ice Climbers, Wolf, Snake, Mega Man, Cloud, and more -- everyone is here! Check out the first-ever footage from Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct!
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12-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 8 996
Vainth Kun oldin
If someone told me there would be a game back in 2000 with sonic, mario, snake, cloud, ryu, megaman, pacman... man....times have changed
Dawa AwA
Dawa AwA Kun oldin
where the fuck is waluigi
PlasmaStar 2401
PlasmaStar 2401 3 kun oldin
waluigi has been here since melee. i understand that some people say he isnt, as a joke, but saying "everyone is here!" relates to all preveous fighters who have *been playable*
Awkward Mark
Awkward Mark 4 kun oldin
[sad wah]
J Man
J Man 4 kun oldin
How you gonna put my boy Luigi at the end though
PrettyRandom IfYouAskMe
PrettyRandom IfYouAskMe
Guys let's summarize the Switch right here and now. Nintendo Switch: EVERYTHING IS HERE, BETTER WITH mOrE! (Think about it: This game. Kirby Star Allies and the Dream Palace thing. Go Vacation has like a million games.)
Mi 5 kun oldin
#10 don't you mean s a n s?
NoahGames 6 kun oldin
EVERYONE but waluigi
cheezymuffin 6 kun oldin
Jackal Animations
Jackal Animations 7 kun oldin
DaRo 7 kun oldin
We want Conker on the list lol
Austin F
Austin F 7 kun oldin
So awesome, there are no words. Sakurai is the man.
Groszówka Saberowsky
Groszówka Saberowsky
Groszówka Saberowsky
You cant just leave Smash without him
Groszówka Saberowsky
Bring Waluigi you fucking cunts
Karol Kowalczyk
Karol Kowalczyk 8 kun oldin
WHO want pichu no one GIVE ME WALUIGI
Media Maniac
Media Maniac 8 kun oldin
This trailer gives me goosebumps of excitement and hype every time I watch it. 😆
Jaydon Brown
Jaydon Brown 8 kun oldin
Why they didn't put wuluigi in
ShutTheHeckUp Mom
ShutTheHeckUp Mom 8 kun oldin
Nope, not everyone.
Veljko Games
Veljko Games 8 kun oldin
11 Year old: we need sans in super smash bros
S i r l
S i r l 9 kun oldin
WHERE. IS. WA-LU-IGI.?!?!??!?!
Juan David
Juan David 9 kun oldin
Smash Lover
Smash Lover 9 kun oldin
I can’t wait
FireSonicYT 10 kun oldin
Jason Guzman
Jason Guzman 10 kun oldin
Still to this day, I was one of the few people who knew that Sakurai would one day put all characters from the smash series into one game. Satisfying to see my prediction become true
Pyke The Bloodharbor Reaper
"Everyone is here !!" Waluigi: ???
Undyla - Chan
Undyla - Chan 12 kun oldin
*Waluigi cries in a corner*
Gerexo Molarroid
Gerexo Molarroid 12 kun oldin
Undyla - Chan he wans't playable in previous smash bros games
Mettaton Ex
Mettaton Ex 12 kun oldin
Where is dasiy!
Carl Ellis
Carl Ellis 12 kun oldin
where is luigi?
Carl Ellis
Carl Ellis 12 kun oldin
nether mine
lil gengar
lil gengar 12 kun oldin
This trailer makes me lose my virginity
TeeJay 12 kun oldin
*EVERYONE. IS. HERE!* 77888. ur mom
Caleb Varega
Caleb Varega 13 kun oldin
This better come out on Wii u
Gerexo Molarroid
Gerexo Molarroid 12 kun oldin
Caleb Varega not this time
Doc Brown
Doc Brown 13 kun oldin
We. Need. Some. Waluigi. Time.
Gerexo Molarroid
Gerexo Molarroid 12 kun oldin
Doc Brown we not need this
Game Arts
Game Arts 13 kun oldin
well this makes me nur on s e v e r a l levels
Celes Diamon
Celes Diamon 13 kun oldin
The real question is: "Where is Waluigi?"
Celes Diamon
Celes Diamon 11 kun oldin
*screeches* UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!
Gerexo Molarroid
Gerexo Molarroid 12 kun oldin
Celes Diamon Assist Trophy
kek van memes
kek van memes 14 kun oldin
Still no waluigi #waluigi4smash
Master Weegee
Master Weegee 14 kun oldin
If there is not a battle royale mode, I'm sueing.
Andrew M
Andrew M 8 kun oldin
Master Weegee no more of that shit, my sister is addicted to it
God's Boi
God's Boi 11 kun oldin
Funny plush World
Funny plush World 14 kun oldin
Yay Walaigi is Not in the New Smash Bros 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Cave And Jackson
Cave And Jackson 8 kun oldin
Funny plush World this has bait written all over it trying to make us mad
Mr. McthiCc
Mr. McthiCc 15 kun oldin
The Real Johnny Biscotti
Not everyone FNAF doki doki baldi so many more
JTAnimator 15 kun oldin
Everyone isn't here until we get number 66 (Waluigi)
Gerexo Molarroid
Gerexo Molarroid 12 kun oldin
JTAnimator Waluigi can't be the 66..he is assist
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson 16 kun oldin
1:21 *Sans
Jay Mitch
Jay Mitch 16 kun oldin
What is taking so long for the game to come out
Midna Lazuli
Midna Lazuli 17 kun oldin
I love how they're using the Link from Breath of the Wild, the Zelda from A Link Between World, and the Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time. Every since Brawl they've always used the Twilight Princess designs, now they're switching things up!
Jack Jay
Jack Jay 17 kun oldin
DavidSam 18 kun oldin
😕 not enough characters really....
DavidSam 2 kun oldin
Cave And Jackson Bro seriously just stfu you must have better things to do then sit on your ass righting our responses to a dumbass joke I made 😆 just don’t respond I’m not even annoyed this is just ridiculous to the extent of being funny!
Cave And Jackson
Cave And Jackson 3 kun oldin
DavidSam you are the one taking this for real Everyone who would see this can see you just salty and you trying to act like you won you just pissed because I said no one can tell when you make jokes like this because UZvid is mostly full of dumbasses like yourself and you still saying smash sucks just to try and make me mad also the fact you didn’t let this die after 4 days proves it more
DavidSam 4 kun oldin
Cave And Jackson Oh and smash bros does suck ass.
DavidSam 4 kun oldin
Cave And Jackson What? Bro you’re taking this way to fucking seriously and personally okay? It was a joke and you didn’t understand it because you probably don’t have to much going on up there. So I’m just gonna leave now and you’re just gonna hopefully leave as well and this awkward conversation will hopefully never be found. 😁
Cave And Jackson
Cave And Jackson 8 kun oldin
DavidSam I’m saying you can’t really use the argument of this is a joke and treat the person who commented lesser because it is UZvid it is filled with dumbasses like no one can ever tell with comments like this and the only true reason you said Super Smash Bros sucks is because I made you mad for some reason now that right there is a joke
Galaxi The Weebshadow
@everyone is @here
Tony Targaryen
Tony Targaryen 18 kun oldin
The fan service is real
Foxykiller101 20 kun oldin
EVERYONE BUT WALUIGI XD Lol the ice climbers r gonna be beast, and snake is gonna dominate
Garrett Quinn
Garrett Quinn 20 kun oldin
I was bored so I ranked all the franchises by Number of playable Characters! (Miis and Pokemon Trainer are grouped separately) 1st: 9 Fighters Pokemon 2nd: 8 Fighters Super Mario 3rd: 6 Fighters Fire Emblem 4th: 5 Fighters: Legend of Zelda 5th: 3 Fighters: Mii Kirby Star Fox Kid Icarus Metroid 6th: 2 Fighters Donkey Kong EarthBound 7th: 1 Fighter F-Zero Ice Climber Game and Watch Wario Ware Metal Gear Solid Sonic the Hedgehog Pikmin R.O.B Animal Crossing Mega Man Punch Out PAC-MAN Xendoblade Duck Hunt Street Fighter Final Fantasy Bayonetta Splatoon I kinda hope people see this the list is SO BIG :D Edit: I got some of the numbers wrong so i changed it
Cave And Jackson
Cave And Jackson 15 kun oldin
Garrett Quinn there are 6 FE characters
William R Wortham
William R Wortham 21 kun oldin
Waluigi dlc
Brayden Tidswell
Brayden Tidswell 21 kun oldin
I guess the Groose isn’t loose today.
SconScers1234 21 kun oldin
Oml guys if you think everyone is here except waluigi, sakurai meant from the smash roster and characters who were playable so get over waluigi, why won’t you waluigi fans stop!
Cave And Jackson
Cave And Jackson 15 kun oldin
SconScers1234 because we still hope and we know what Everyone is here means we are saying that they missed one person
Tresean Cann
Tresean Cann 21 kun oldin
I have loved Super Smash Bros. ever since the N64 original, but I never Nintendo and Masahiro Sakurai would go all out.
LoopoYT 22 kun oldin
loki chan
loki chan 22 kun oldin
I dont know what is it
ツxEnderMelon 22 kun oldin
At the end Sakurai just breathes in knowing that he has lived a good life
I’m dead Inside
I’m dead Inside 22 kun oldin
Cubitiz 22 kun oldin
WHAT ABOUT WOLF edit: i literally never realized wolf was there the whole time.
Super Splashor TV
Super Splashor TV 22 kun oldin
The first teaser for this with the silhouettes..... Sakurai was shitting his pants from laughter...
M3L0619 22 kun oldin
Snake. Snake? SNAAAAAAAKE!!! Smash Bros was never the same after he left. Now the boss is back.
sand gurdian the man Poseidon quivers before
So we got three links and one game but we can go Waluigi at all?
zachary ethan gavin
zachary ethan gavin 23 kun oldin
I never played splatoon before
Sammy Macaroni
Sammy Macaroni 24 kun oldin
Awesome but still no Simon Belmont?? I'm buying a Switch once this is out!
SSJ3INKSANS 24 kun oldin
Wlagia 😢😭
C3_KiLE 24 kun oldin
here is a list of all of em with there respetive number! docs.google.com/document/d/15dWnRKTRFRuraKtgwX7yghNRBBY00uWW_bJSsFklWac/edit?usp=sharing there is 64 in total!
the average Joe
the average Joe 24 kun oldin
This trailer is perfect
Jaydon Brown
Jaydon Brown 25 kun oldin
Best dam super smash bros game every
That_Penguin101 Penguin
Where is sans?
AvaReel 101
AvaReel 101 26 kun oldin
Why put Yoshi at the end dude
Marlene Melendez
Marlene Melendez 26 kun oldin
Why’d they have to disrespect Luigi like that 3:07
Andre Hupe
Andre Hupe 26 kun oldin
Work and meta knight were my shit
邓龙豪 28 kun oldin
Would anyone call this super smash bros 5?
Cave And Jackson
Cave And Jackson 26 kun oldin
邓龙豪 yes because you have to be dumb or blind to see this as a port
Call Me YouTube Version of Vince
I've already added this to my playlist of "best things of all time"
ItsJustJared 28 kun oldin
Who's here for making memes?
that guy
that guy 28 kun oldin
I'm calling it guys twilight sparkle for smash baby...….oh yeah and waluigi I guess
ainsley toledo
ainsley toledo 28 kun oldin
I still can't wrap my head around the fact that for the first time in 10 WHOLE YEARS we get to see Solid Snake in a new game
VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs
South Park Games
South Park Games 29 kun oldin
I'm so hype!!!!!!
Chris - X
Chris - X 29 kun oldin
I thought this was the meme version
#AnimeForever Oy oldin
I hope they do the following things again: - Story mode - Fox's old voice, a new one or smash 4's must try to sound more epic and adult - At Peach, Rosalina and Daisy at maybe the screen KO's the panties shots (for the boys) - Falcons mouth movements at his taunts - Links taunt in Melee ,,Bitch, I'm fabulous" - In the Stamina deaths the screams (At characters like Zelda and Peach it should sound as painful as in Melee)
#AnimeForever 24 kun oldin
In melee and brawl you could see the panty of Peach
Cave And Jackson
Cave And Jackson 26 kun oldin
#AnimeForever gotta think about the girls for the panties one you pervert many got mad because of it
TheVectory Oy oldin
WHERE IS Waluigi
waluigi Oy oldin
Why does Nintendo hate me...
South Park Games
South Park Games 29 kun oldin
waluigi don't need you
Aureole The Great
Can We Talk About The theme
Everyone is here... Even us..
zorro zorro
zorro zorro Oy oldin
I had a nerdgasm
Fuco Oy oldin
someone Oy oldin
When is the release date for this game?
Raemonn Ramos
Raemonn Ramos Oy oldin
December 7, 2018.
where is walu fucking igi
robokid1177 Youtube
But not waluigi......................... ._. ...........
Plushie Link
Plushie Link Oy oldin
AidanCoGaming Oy oldin
Fun fact: the only characters in all of smash that were cut from ssb4 were Snake, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Young Link, and Pichu.
MrGameAndPlay Oy oldin
Will banjo-kazooie and digdug be in smash at least cameo
Hulio Ortiz
Hulio Ortiz Oy oldin
Forest Knight of Whispys Forest
3:06 “Hey guys, we forgot to put Luigi and Yoshi in that.” “We did?” “Yeah.” “We’ll just add them at the end.” “Okay.”
Dan K. Meme
Dan K. Meme Oy oldin
A meme is born
Robin is just sitting in the corner reeding a book