Supernanny USA - The Ririe Family | Season 1 Episode 8

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Kids running off outdoors are a worry. Supernanny helps Mom implement the Roaming Technique to stop the habit and teaches Mom and Dad the Same Page Technique to bring them together in their parenting.
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Supernanny is here to tackle tantrums, fights and naughty kids all over the world! Have you ever given your parents a hard time? How do you compare to these kids?
Supernanny will help families get their behavior back on track- but it won’t be easy!! 😭 Expect lots of extreme tantrums, fighting kids and broken rules!
🎥 These episodes were originally on TV from 2004 to 2012, so it might look like it was filmed on a potato!
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12-Yan, 2019

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Darlin Daydreams
Darlin Daydreams 57 daqiqa oldin
He has to eat pizza to eat carrots? Wow. For most kids it would be the opposite.
ᑭᖇOᒍEᑕT ʑơᖇɠơ
They need duct tape for The DADS mouth
Gudetama Devil
Gudetama Devil 4 soat oldin
Everyone says the dad is useless but your wrong he’s WORSE THAT USELESS HE MAKES EVERYTHING WORSE
Luna Games200
Luna Games200 4 soat oldin
Man, i missed this show. I remember i first saw it when i was like 7 and now im 13. Still an awesome show
Wooderlyn 6 soat oldin
The thing that confuses me is that the rest of the children even the older ones seem pretty well behaved, even though they were probably raised in the same disorderly way if not even more disorderly because of the parents lack of experience(well primarily the Dad.).
V1 _HM
V1 _HM 7 soat oldin
quickscoperpiper 10 soat oldin
You: Dear lord it is the most highest bounty ever. Computer A.I: 3yr old drill kid - Reward : $100,000,000,000.00
Peggy Funk
Peggy Funk 10 soat oldin
I wanted to see dad handle all those kids at the mall all by himself.
Vlog n blog , life and music On AY
❤💖 u little girl
Vlog n blog , life and music On AY
This man does not help this woman at all. It will be better if she's single. The nine year old is an angel
Amber Mai
Amber Mai 12 soat oldin
What child dose not like pitzza 🤨😟🍕
unicornbuckaroo booboo
The dad is the biggest problem
ShadyBeAShooketh 12 soat oldin
That dad is really punchable
Xxazyloii The rosignolo family
The dad says "he cares about his kids" well sorry to break it to ya but ik u love them but u dont watch them
Amiri Stiggers
Amiri Stiggers 15 soat oldin
SuperNanny is like the modern day Mary Poppins
Jariyah Hummons
Jariyah Hummons 15 soat oldin
Jariyah Hummons
Jariyah Hummons 15 soat oldin
Miam Maij
Miam Maij 17 soat oldin
The girl wasn't even mentioned once in the entire episode - WHAT ????
Demwre x
Demwre x 17 soat oldin
oh my, the kids are going to kid diabetes
Demwre x
Demwre x 17 soat oldin
Just lock the damn door, or put some locks on the door.
Ava 17 soat oldin
Fwk Tae
Fwk Tae 18 soat oldin
Jojo is so pretty
Roddy Hank
Roddy Hank 23 soat oldin
W o o d y i s s a d
*Mary poppins returns 2*
Caroline Russell
Lemme say 1 thing: What kid doesn't like pizza!? Yet he's eating CARROTS!
CM Vogt
CM Vogt Kun oldin
Blake has Problems with Misbehaving.
Rolandia Gale
Rolandia Gale Kun oldin
The problem is the wife is too soft and the dad is softer,all she has to do is taking control of her children 👶 ,the husband is the provider but she should be the brain.
Nina Mazzuca
Nina Mazzuca Kun oldin
Blake needs to follow directions asap
animegirl Kun oldin
The mom is doing her best and trying to do better but the dad really does not care it's sad
Amy The Pusheen Lover
I'm so glad I'm mature.
ninja star90
ninja star90 Kun oldin
What kids don’t eat pizza
A Subscribble
A Subscribble Kun oldin
I survive on chocolate milk
Ava Fahey
Ava Fahey Kun oldin
Super nanny is so nice I love her
Kate Saggers
Kate Saggers Kun oldin
Why is it always the dads who need to be sorted out too?!?!
Sh4nDGam3r Kun oldin
If me or my brother tried to run of whole shopping my mom would grab out hands and hold them really tight if we decided we wasn’t gonna walk she’d literally drag us
The super lump Bros
Like if people want nanny macfee crossover with supernanny
Austinxgamer the gaming channel/vlogs
YOU GUYS REALLY DO NEED MY HELP plays big chungus remastered theme
Carola Fillips
Carola Fillips Kun oldin
What's wrong with the kids? The first thing I would have asked if somebody brought up the snack-rule would have been wether I could save my snacks for the next day and then have six snacks instead of only three. At least the nine year old should have thought of that. Where is their tactical thinking?!XD
Sonia Bonner
Sonia Bonner Kun oldin
The dad is an imbecele
Ninja Keks
Ninja Keks Kun oldin
Am I the only one who was irritated which kid doesn't love to eat pizza? o.o
Zed 10000
Zed 10000 Kun oldin
They just need to lock their front door. Simple.
Mayson's Unboxing & Reviews
Definitely the dad is the biggest problem. Help your wife out!! Geez
Jamie Kun oldin
Why didn’t she come down from the sky from an umbrella?
Kitteh Croompeth
Whenever there's some snack cabinet in this show, there is SOOOO much stuff. When I grew up there would be some kind of crackers, some type of cereal and on fridays we'd buy something more unhealthy like candy for the evening. Other than that we'd snack on fruit. I can't comprehend why there's so much and how much money is spent on snacks they don't even have time to eat up. These guys ate lots of snacks and the cabinet is STILL full. I'm confused 🤷‍♀️
Caity OBrien
Caity OBrien Kun oldin
I Liked Supernanny! She’s Great Giving The Routine And The House Rules!
Hailey Dimitri
Hailey Dimitri Kun oldin
If I ran off into the street or out of the house. You better be ready for the dreaded belt 😂
Doritolover 95
Doritolover 95 Kun oldin
How about don't feed them until they act better
Priscila Peixoto
Honestly the dad is the one who needs discipline! He’s literally doing anything else but listening to his wife when Jo isn’t around, but when she is with them he acts perfectly like an angelic child. He is acting extremely immaturely! Gee
Silly Green Fairy
Silly Green Fairy 2 kun oldin
Jo Frost is literally Mary Poppins. That woman has changed the lives of so many people.
Platonic Purple Panda
Are you sure the blind date went well?
_.__space_kitten__._ boop
I'd shove the chocolate milk down the dads throat 24/7 see how he likes not eating.
Jim Von Schmittou
Jim Von Schmittou 2 kun oldin
When I was 7 I wouldn’t dare to do those things
Jim Von Schmittou
Jim Von Schmittou 2 kun oldin
My parents raised me to be respectful to my elders
RobloxMinecraftMan 2 kun oldin
10:17 I mean, what kid survives on chocolate milk? Kids: ALL OF THEM
Teresa M
Teresa M 2 kun oldin
He’s not going to continue, he’s a uninterested sloth! Useless
Teresa M
Teresa M 2 kun oldin
He felt picked on...BOOHOO
Teresa M
Teresa M 2 kun oldin
Ten minutes....she needs to divorce him, get loads of Child support and alimony he should pay out nose!!
Farria Adel
Farria Adel 2 kun oldin
Who still uses that DVD thing 😂😭💀
Last name first, First name last
The problem with this family is the moms face.
Teresa M
Teresa M 2 kun oldin
Five minutes in....the father is an idiot
Gacha TV
Gacha TV 2 kun oldin
The girl I didn’t see misbehave ONCE.
meredith bts is life
Lmao I love ARMY
kingkronik4200 2 kun oldin
Why did they throw away all that food!?
Gaming with Kayla
Gaming with Kayla 2 kun oldin
21:51 "MOOD
Sarønx 2 kun oldin
Blake is the only kid I know who will only eat his carrots and not pizza.
sksjdj sndh
sksjdj sndh 2 kun oldin
not surprised. kids that act like this are almost always from rich households.
Gamer Dino
Gamer Dino 2 kun oldin
25:41 The Baby Was So Cute.
Terra V
Terra V 2 kun oldin
throw scott in the trash
Danielle Ciamei
Danielle Ciamei 2 kun oldin
okay I feel so bad for the mom! I mean come on, they’ve got Blake not doing ANYTHING he’s told, and Jen is sitting here trying to handle him, and 3 other kids BY HERSELF because Scott just isn’t helping at all, to the point where I honestly (sorry to say this) think he really has no part in the family anymore.
Repute Gaming
Repute Gaming 2 kun oldin
Break up then
Anishma Vijayan
Anishma Vijayan 2 kun oldin
Thats moment in 38:19 when the kid is coming from behind ...huhhhhh
avigail della
avigail della 2 kun oldin
The dad has no idea how to parent kids!
Killer Cat
Killer Cat 2 kun oldin
*kid spits cheese out* Camaraman: mybe we need to tell her...NAH.
funsocks 2 kun oldin
Dang, even a 1 year old is insane.
Fabiola Balcazar
Fabiola Balcazar 2 kun oldin
Dad doesn't care! He is just the money maker!
Bailey Fordenwalt
Bailey Fordenwalt 2 kun oldin
Supernanny do u live in the UK
LibbyRoseITM 2 kun oldin
Oh my gosh! That Dad is so irresponsible!
Helen Agu
Helen Agu 2 kun oldin
Good mummy
Jessica Torresdey
Jessica Torresdey 3 kun oldin
The dad is the BIG PROBLEM HERE
Audrey White
Audrey White 3 kun oldin
Lmao Jennifer could have done SO much better
Marissa 3 kun oldin
I like how Jo also has to be the “marriage counselor” sometimes
Naomi Spat
Naomi Spat 3 kun oldin
Are you saved?
Naomi Spat
Naomi Spat 3 kun oldin
And I don't think the Dad is the problem
Chelsea O’Dwyer
Chelsea O’Dwyer 3 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that the little girl was hardly on the episode or is it just me
Heather Creighton
Heather Creighton 3 kun oldin
These people spend way too much time at the mall @.@
j e n n a
j e n n a 3 kun oldin
what type of kid wants carrots instead of pizza?
Kawaii puppy
Kawaii puppy 3 kun oldin
So the kid liked carrots but not pizza can you???
Normalo Bürger
Normalo Bürger 3 kun oldin
Junk food all day....every meal just junk food....
Claire Lewis
Claire Lewis 3 kun oldin
That is the ugliest nutty rug I've ever seen
Arrow 33155
Arrow 33155 3 kun oldin
Other People: I feel bad for the mom Me: I feel bad for Woody
Nadia Manick
Nadia Manick 3 kun oldin
I think that they dad should be more responsible
The Trollman
The Trollman 3 kun oldin
All the other dads were kinda trying to help but not this one.
Nadia Manick
Nadia Manick 3 kun oldin
I added you on messenger Joe please accept my requests
Kids Dahlenburg
Kids Dahlenburg 3 kun oldin
our pantry has no snaks only organi food
Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos
Seriously? "He's drinking his chocolate milk so he's getting his nourishment" ...speechless...dad needs help
tyree grant
tyree grant 3 kun oldin
I need super nanny and I’m 14 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ to old
Avalee Hernandez
Avalee Hernandez 3 kun oldin
He is the worst husband he doesn’t know how to take care of his kids
Tiffany Fraijo
Tiffany Fraijo 3 kun oldin
deadbeat egghead dad
C. 3 kun oldin
One word people: wooden spoon 🙌🏻
Becky’s Lush life
This is so interesting but well done to super nanny the problem is the dad though the mom is nice
Courtney Gregory Ragan
Jo says the funniest things sometimes. This episode it was "remainding snacks". Remain-ding. Ha ha