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8-Yan, 2019

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Jason Nash
Jason Nash 13 kun oldin
Yo Guys thanks for watching! Just to be clear we all spent the same on the baby gifts, Scott included. We did the Jameson as a gag. Scott ended up picking out all the stuff with us. U just didn’t see that! Again just a gag ! Love u Jason
Inezann Guillen
Inezann Guillen 7 kun oldin
I Love Jason..he's the man!!
Dayla Hampton
Dayla Hampton 8 kun oldin
+Cambria E I think its suppose to be saying love u to us and then signing out as Jason. So itd be "love u, jason"
Bubbly 1
Bubbly 1 9 kun oldin
I thought it was funny🤷‍♀️
timothy gonsalves
timothy gonsalves 9 kun oldin
Your vlogs Cheer me up when I'm depressed
Aryn Rose
Aryn Rose 11 kun oldin
Jason Nash but most of all I love your Tom Brady jersey. That’s my team ❤️💙
Logan 5 soat oldin
Wait people are actually upset about the whiskey joke? Y’all are crazy
Carolina C
Carolina C 8 soat oldin
13:50 when Josh said "it'll help us know if the baby is astmatic" I literally started wheezing and reached for my inhaler
bobo fattt
bobo fattt 10 soat oldin
Haha i love how the title is like - buying HIM some gifts for his new home like he's your man and you're so very proud of him. It's cute. But really Jason you're great man, just subbed, oh and your intros the funniest thing I've ever seen lol.
K Siu
K Siu 17 soat oldin
I laughed so hard when he said the vlog that you go to when david hasnt posted
Em Scott
Em Scott 21 soat oldin
1:29 “look at that zeebwa that zeebwa would make a nice gift”😂
Issa Garcia
Issa Garcia Kun oldin
Jason’s son looks kind of like Finn Wolfhard
LondonAC 123
LondonAC 123 Kun oldin
Poor David was probably wanting it to be him reviving baby gifts for him and Liza's baby
Meagan Lawson
Meagan Lawson Kun oldin
I honestly love Scott. God forbid he makes a joke 😂
Dabby Tabi
Dabby Tabi Kun oldin
I like your videos more than David's. Tbh I've only watched one of David's videos. Whoops
UnicornexPlays 2 kun oldin
I’m surprised that Trisha doesn’t get angry at Jason’s intro 😂😂🤣🤣 only joking love you Trisha
laurenxoxo11 xx
laurenxoxo11 xx 2 kun oldin
👮‍♂️👮‍♀️👩‍🦳👨‍🦱👩‍🦱👨‍🦰👩‍🦰👨‍🦲🦷✍️🥶🥰🥳👩‍🎤🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️👩‍🚀🧝‍♀️🦹‍♂️🕴🧶new emojis I think 😂
amber temple
amber temple 2 kun oldin
jason’s mom is so cute omg
Kynedi Humphrey
Kynedi Humphrey 2 kun oldin
8:42 so true 😂
David Amantia
David Amantia 3 kun oldin
Jason and todd and Scott are all fighting over which burrito to buy and Wyatt is in the background becoming a musical genius
miya norbury-blundell
Olivia Winters
Olivia Winters 4 kun oldin
Your son looks like fin wolfheart.
FernBotUSA 4 kun oldin
Scottie you’re so funny!!!!
GraceGurlO 4 kun oldin
I loved the alcohol bit 😂😂
Maisha Khandakar
Maisha Khandakar 4 kun oldin
Wow he plays the piano so beautifully😢 love that song❤️
Blake Marks
Blake Marks 4 kun oldin
please get that ukelele out of wyatts hands
Tanisha Lynn
Tanisha Lynn 4 kun oldin
i know the alcohol bit was a joke but dead ass that something my dumb ass would do lol
Loni Salsman
Loni Salsman 4 kun oldin
David and Jonah look high 😂
Mrs. J
Mrs. J 4 kun oldin
A man shower I love it!
Yo Momo
Yo Momo 4 kun oldin
Joe should have won
Puppy Soccer
Puppy Soccer 4 kun oldin
since david gets everyone cars, he should get the baby one of those toy cars for him to drive lol
deziree macias
deziree macias 4 kun oldin
“He has a good heart” 😂😂😂
Myla Dionne
Myla Dionne 4 kun oldin
If I was a boy my name would be Mylo but my name is Myla
jeidi01 4 kun oldin
I need info to buy the baby burrito thing xD can anyone help?
Jazmin Castellanos
Jazmin Castellanos 5 kun oldin
Joe’s gift was the best. That hippo was adorable!
XoX. Imani
XoX. Imani 5 kun oldin
Tbh... i thought jason's son was david.
MartyMcfly1985A 5 kun oldin
You give 100$ each for presents. David gives 100$ for paintball. Who wins?
Djpon Duh
Djpon Duh 5 kun oldin
Loved the music in the background by Wyatt
Maddy Burke
Maddy Burke 5 kun oldin
this video was so cute and sweet it made me cry. i wish i had friends like you guys #stan
Serial Makeup
Serial Makeup 5 kun oldin
Scott went to get Scotch
Eliana Garcia
Eliana Garcia 5 kun oldin
The clothes👌🏼
Yusra Mohamed
Yusra Mohamed 5 kun oldin
so kind that josh is going to Palestine this summer
Haley McManus
Haley McManus 5 kun oldin
Miss the old entro music😪😪😭😢
Brianna Kelly
Brianna Kelly 6 kun oldin
Ugh. Scott.... Tullamore dew whiskey. The worst. Haha
Citlali Almanza
Citlali Almanza 6 kun oldin
I like how Scott got like 5 bottles and brought back 3/5 OF ONE BOTTLE
Adam Ford
Adam Ford 6 kun oldin
jason is definitely a little gay
UnLikleyMsp 6 kun oldin
Bro the intro is fire!!! 🔥
Griffin Goodman
Griffin Goodman 6 kun oldin
Very pitiful video
Hayden Shaw
Hayden Shaw 6 kun oldin
12:15 wtf is jonah’s laugh
Anna Marie Fratt
Anna Marie Fratt 6 kun oldin
Hey Jason, go Pats!
Danni Wills
Danni Wills 6 kun oldin
Hush little baby don't say a word daddy is going to drink you in just 3 slurps. Next up on David's channel, baby products review
STEFANIA 11 6 kun oldin
i love how david totally picked the best one & not josh lol & he went through the entire mental process, fucking adorable, i love it
SecretlyAngel 6 kun oldin
I literally came here cause David hasn’t posted yet 😂😂😂
D. Alexa
D. Alexa 7 kun oldin
Scott’s alcohol thing was VERY obviously a joke. Even jason said at one point in the video “he really commits to the bit”, meaning that it was a joke they had agreed on. Scott has said himself that he got it with his own money. It’s annoying that so many people take everything seriously.