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Survivor Lisa VanAllen shares her story in this clip from Episode 2. #Lifetime
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3-Yan, 2019



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Shay Sitney
Shay Sitney 7 kun oldin
This girl did another interview and said the complete opposite
Verbs describe us
Verbs describe us 8 kun oldin
in this way the image of the perfect star equals the perfect human being is blown away
Elita -
Elita - 9 kun oldin
Black women have been abused for years upon years, so it’s a pattern through their life because they think it’s normal. They were children, they were excited to see their icon.. to see someone so big in the black community. I don’t doubt not one bit of them going through what they went through. I don’t blame them for surviving the best way they saw fit.
Hello Hart
Hello Hart 11 kun oldin
R Kelly is guilty for sure.... but I JUST watched her interview with Vlad, she said she was willing to do his first 3 sum because she wanted to be the one to give him that. She's a clout chaser.
Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree 12 kun oldin
He's a child molester stop defending him!
toyo 250
toyo 250 14 kun oldin
This girl cut class and went to his trail, heard all the trash on R Kelly and when ask to come to his house and bring a bathing suit she went, I think if he'd married her she prolly wouldn't be in this position!
Manzi Nicholas
Manzi Nicholas 14 kun oldin
Y'all Killin him man
TEALAZY 15 kun oldin
I hope everyone came back and listened to their stories again...bc after so many interviews plz listen very carefully and read between each words that was told on this documentary 🤑
IMBG_ Brian
IMBG_ Brian 17 kun oldin
Hold up y come out now tho cmon now
Sorakanohealing 18 kun oldin
I wanna kill him
Jim Richardson
Jim Richardson 18 kun oldin
She’s just mad because he used her and she didn’t get any money in the end
yootuubinatwerk 19 kun oldin
So Planned Parent does abortions? Why not just admit it? That's why PP is always in an urban area never in suburbs or higher class area. Planned Parenthood wants to wipe black people out! Hillary Clinton was a firm supporter of Margeret Sanger. Had Sangar been alive 90% of the black pop would not be here.
AA3 19 kun oldin
I don’t want to watch this whole thing, so can someone tell me if there was actual reliable evidence and not a bunch of girl that are prolly lying
GunsAndPoker 22 kun oldin
~ I believe he can fly ~
Rich 23 kun oldin
What really gets me is the fact of if Lifetime and these people want this story out in the public; why you made it to where you either have to own cable, or buy the episodes on youtube. Granted I've seen it thanks to a streaming service I have, but a lot of people don't do cable anymore, and they're not going to pay to watch it. So it starts sounding more like you guys are trying to rip money from this, and aren't about getting the truth out. I do not like companies who attempt to gain profit over something as serious as this, especially when it's just a matter of removing the required payment from the videos you've already uploaded to youtube. If you want to add it to youtube for people and then do monetizing on it, that's fine. But to tell people "hey, we have the truth, BUT you gotta pay" is really a low move, and the victims shouldn't even have agreed to those conditions if they also wanted this story out so bad. There's a big difference between a company saying "We want to gain profit on what we provide" and "This is serious, we truly care, and we want everyone to know what really happened".
Bigg B
Bigg B 25 kun oldin
All he did was pee on you
Shy McLean
Shy McLean 25 kun oldin
Who was the friend who came to the studio
Maggie A
Maggie A 26 kun oldin
This is so sad...he's talented, made a fortune and for someone who comes from a difficult background he could have done so many amazing things for other people, for kids, for the music industry but instead he made a decision to do quite the opposite. 😔 I hope that all the people out there, dreaming about fame and money, will understand that a real achievement in life is becoming a good person who lifts others rather than trimming their wings and not letting them fly.
Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen 26 kun oldin
Leave R Kelly alone he is INNOCENT, they just found out that he doesn't appear to be wealthy. Someone had to pay $100,000 to get him out on bail. So the main reason why these females lied is because they assumed they could get money out of him and gain publicity. Unfortunately R kelly has made some bad business deals which has caused him to not be wealthy as he should be. LEAVE R KELLY ALONE HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY TO GIVE YOU PEOPLE.
jojo abushkr
jojo abushkr 27 kun oldin
I hate this comment section honostly if this woman was white it would have been a whole different reaction people she was underage a child who was played by an older man there are laws in place to stop that he perfectly knew them yet chose to look the other way so now he should be in jail for doing that for hurting all these wemen
monica webster
monica webster 28 kun oldin
how old was she when she and r kelly were a couple?
Danika Ponce
Danika Ponce 28 kun oldin
I think he should go to jail for 548years
Tatyana Marie
Tatyana Marie 16 kun oldin
just say life honey
RicaRamone1 29 kun oldin
Why should we take her word for it though?
Cas Green
Cas Green Oy oldin
Where were the parents?
splendid nights & moonlight
Stop blaming victims. Despite some of them are adults, but they can be victims of domestic violence and abuse. What is wrong with you people? And plz do not make it as a race discrimination. It is about indifference and wrongful fan passion for a person who is a pervert and psycho, not a race problem.
Tracy Brooks
Tracy Brooks Oy oldin
so she knew exactly what she was getting into and didn't object.
She's a lair! Show us proof! Without proof of videos, photos, police reports, or anything! She's a bold face lair. Imma says what Y'all won't say, she's a liar and not a victim. She has so many holes in her lies, the great lakes would overflow!
Ikhlas Charifi
I'm really surprised by people's reaction so you're blaming the young girls so you're saying that if an ordinary man did it to a 15 yo the girl is blamed for it. Wow shocked
Loofy Promo
Loofy Promo Oy oldin
They did it to Michael Jackson (king of pop) , now they're doing it to R kelly ( king of rnb)
Jiga Oy oldin
This shows in the rule of law you are innocent until proven rich
Jay A
Jay A Oy oldin
This is just a tv show. She was with it so let’s get it!!!
Michaela S
Michaela S Oy oldin
So why are they making a documentary instead of taking it to court??
Ambition Freeman
Ambition Freeman 12 kun oldin
+Lemon Tree ❤
Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree 12 kun oldin
Oh God 🙄
Ambition Freeman
Ambition Freeman 15 kun oldin
Exactly and why didn't you report your child missing years ago? Mmhmmm...
Nutty 414
Nutty 414 Oy oldin
He was married but she thought she was more then a side chick huh smdh
cherrie ferguson
dqrkmonkey Oy oldin
Robert Young
Robert Young Oy oldin
Step in the name of 💘
Daniel Iteon
Daniel Iteon Oy oldin
It’s terrifying what she can do for the money. Lying so convincing without any proof.
Gregorius Rex
Gregorius Rex Oy oldin
If R Kelly had told these girls to jump off a cliff they would have. He is extremely manipulative, he knew which people to target
I was watching planet Earth yesterday on Netflix. I noticed that the lil baby animals that didn't have the protection of the parents. The predators would attack or eat the little chicks or babies. Yes, R Kelly was wrong!!!
Dejaverst Arts Ayodeji Azeez
I didn't hear anything like being forced here. Twas your choice! Sure you liked it then. We have humans being worshipped around the world. It's not a crime, as long as its a choice.
Thomas Shishani Shuuya
As a 17 year old, you're doing heavy calculus already and stuff. You can think clearly. You know what's right from wrong. If you're mentally challenged, then that's understandable. If you're not, you know dang well what you're doing. You're responsible. Some of these women aren't victims. Just stupid.
Blaze_ The MAD Hatter
It’s actually sickening to see how many people are still coming to R. Kelly’s defense....
Gneo Salen
Gneo Salen Oy oldin
To think that they would use this to use as a money grab and make a show out of it disgust me more.
Jackkimkk44X Oy oldin
TheGaming Fan21
They want a check
Nate91Dawg !!!
Thumbs up for the guys who never checked out a teenage girl👀
David Elstob
David Elstob Oy oldin
He's a sadistic coward, bullying young girls like that. If it was my daughter, I'd not have a problem smashing his head in with a hammer. Simple.
Toto Tita
Toto Tita Oy oldin
sad but they are groupies those girls where after fame and $$ they could have left im to me too as been here for 4 yrs why now !!!!!! the parents should be blamed too
Bhanji Junior
Bhanji Junior Oy oldin
Kells is a legend for banging all these now emotional jerks
FBI Oy oldin
Just more evidence piling up heh heh 👀
Pinky Linky
Pinky Linky Oy oldin
He's broke lol dum dum
Corey Romer
Corey Romer Oy oldin
Who else thought worlds greatest was gonna start playing @ 0:13 ?
Raquel Inzunza
Where are the PARENTS?!!!!
Now we try Surviving Trump terms
Michael bell
Michael bell Oy oldin
Let me start out by saying I don't agree with this statement I'm about to make, but did you know that 49 of the 50 states the legal age for marriage is 14yrs old. Just thought I would let you know
jason stone
jason stone Oy oldin
What do you get get if you cross a paedophile with a pirate? Arrr Kelly
Seeker Oy oldin
Men sleep with young women all the time. But they just want to go after R. Kelly. 😑 these young girls consent to these type of things but money involved so it causes a storm. And pep talks lol girl get outta here.
Joel Munoz
Joel Munoz Oy oldin
Obviously yall haven't seen the show with all these ignorant comments
SnipeGhost Oy oldin
mmm what a man.
DJ BOP Oy oldin
Wasn't she 17 when she got with R Kelly? If so, he wasn't doing anything illegal
Ashton Hapadziwi
Gold diggers
Chris Heinrich
Listen to Money (That's What I Want) by The Flying Lizards and it will tell you everything you need to know about certain women these days.
Miss Miaw
Miss Miaw Oy oldin
You don't need to listen to any song to know that most men are trash, like you.
ryan smith
ryan smith Oy oldin
How is he not in prison!!
Davis Campos
Davis Campos Oy oldin
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall 2 oy oldin
You remind me of my jeeep
Dejaverst Arts Ayodeji Azeez
But you enjoyed the champagne. You lived on his money and didn't have to hustle like the decent girl. Take some responsibility for making selfish decisions, as long as you weren't forced.
truckingwithlove 2 oy oldin
If Robert was just broke ninja from the hood none of this foolishness would have went down. He was a R&B superstar with lots of money and fame and and im sure these ladies/ girl were star struck... dont get me wrong the man needs help so do the women clearly they had some type of self esteem issue..
Bankshed 700
Bankshed 700 2 oy oldin
It's a big and indictment coming
steve pain
steve pain 2 oy oldin
destroying r Kelly.
Horseman Secretariat
I mean..he did a song with Aaliyah called "age ain't nothing but a number" when she was 15... so there is some truth behind him preying on underage girls. If you're willing to do a song like that with a kid, there's no doubt you preyed on minors. Plus, he was on the album cover in the background looking at her while he was standing against a wall. He wrote thst song and wrote it about her. She was 14 when they shot the music video.. so all in all.. he's done things.
Best Windd
Best Windd 2 oy oldin
Debbie Does Dallas
He knew better than to try this mess with a little white girl 😒
yasemin sen
yasemin sen 2 oy oldin
Isnt it true?? If you love a person you dont change him/her...why didnt you leave then? My gawd take responsibilites for ur own actions
Smoke 9
Smoke 9 2 oy oldin
Yall wait all the way until 2019 to expose this man y'all just want some money
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates 2 oy oldin
First off I'm glad she's speaking out. I imagine she feels much better getting these things off her chest and she's helping build a case against R Kelly just by telling her story, whether she was abused or not. But what she's describing sounds like a bdsm relationship, like something they would've come to an agreement on at one point or another. She agreed to do a lot of things. And she was of legal age. Other stories such as R Kellys ex wife's really moved me, but every woman's story is just as important, for the case.
Leon Charles
Leon Charles 2 oy oldin
what case yet u love that movie with bdsm
Legend Love
Legend Love 2 oy oldin
One thing I'm not defending him but some of these girls go to him wasted or I'm drugs and yes that is his fault for even touching them but why did you think to speak about it now since some of them of them know they would get money or they want to ruin his career but if you were that distraught by this then why would you wait you could've talk to someone that you trust and if that could work write down your feeling and throw it away bc with that in your life you can't ever get over it.but at least try not to Remember it and again I don't agree at all with him and I'm only 13 and know what you've gone thru bc I understand it from a woman's pov.
Dnana G
Dnana G 2 oy oldin
Why is nobody talking about Halle Calhoun, who was publicly his girlfriend not too long ago?? Does she have to say anything?
Lemon Sheep
Lemon Sheep 2 oy oldin
Jesus. Christ.
zeroeman 2 oy oldin
But he sang "U REMIND ME OF MY JEEP"😝😝😝😝
joshua parker
joshua parker 2 oy oldin
I feel so sorry for her, where are her scars from the restraints that kept her from walking away?
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 2 oy oldin
R Kelly is most likely a liberal celebrity so they won’t touch him
DeenScene 2 oy oldin
Black people take this l
Kartik Aman Saraf
This show was easily the hardest show I’ve ever had to watch IN MY LIFE!
swagg bee
swagg bee 2 oy oldin
Y’all crazy in these comments
Andrew Delgado
Andrew Delgado 2 oy oldin
She looks different without the pee on her face.
Ms Dee
Ms Dee 2 oy oldin
I watched the entire show and of all the women Lisa and Sparkle crying was fake. I didn't see any tears like with some of the others. It seemed staged. This woman (Lisa) is just as quilty as R. Kelly for having a threesome with the 14 year old.
Jordan L
Jordan L 2 oy oldin
All the people that allowed him to do this including his team failed this Young’s girls aswell and are just as guilty as Robert kelly is they should all be thrown the key and locked up for the rest of there life’s
kappakumplete 2 oy oldin
She knew 100% that the girl she had the threesome with was underage. It was impossible not to know. This woman is a victim but she did wrong as well.
jason johnson
jason johnson 2 oy oldin
It's obvious that Kelly is a sick man....but what is sick to me as well is how all these girls parents didn't care about there daughters....imagine how many women would have been saved if their parents were parents
Ima Dumfuq
Ima Dumfuq 2 oy oldin
This is such old news “sheeple”.
CAPTAIN 2 oy oldin
She just want money
Paris Esco
Paris Esco 2 oy oldin
Iike you say you thought you was his girlfriend
Slime Beats
Slime Beats 2 oy oldin
Any wise women would get out of such a situation fast. I don’t wanna here all this ! You put yourself in this position ! You wanted his $ ... now you complain about it ! You could of called the police 🚔 and ran away . But nooo money is the motivation! And honestly R jelly you like little girls and boys I don’t wanna here it ...
J ‘Mar
J ‘Mar 2 oy oldin
This why R.Kelly wanted girls to pee in the bucket URINE LOVE SPELL VODOO In European -- especially Italian -- folk magic, as well as in hoodoo, urine is used in women's coffee and tea love spells, as a quick substitute for menstrual blood, when the intention is to tie or bind a lover. This is particularly common among girls to young or women too old to have menstrual periods, and among pregnant women and those who for any other reason don;t menstruate. Men also can put urine in a drink to tie a woman, although this is not mentioned so commonly. In hoodoo, and in polite Southern speech generally, urine is often called "chamber lye" or "water." No matter what you call it, one of the oldest root work traditions is for a male gambler to have a female lover urinate on his mojo bag or lucky hand while he is at play. If the gambler and his partner can retire to an alley to perform the act while the game is in progress, so much the better. This is called "feeding the mojo," and the use of the word "feed" is, of course an indicative link to African magico-religious thought, from whence this custom derives. (Lodestones are also "fed" in hoodoo -- with magnetic sand.) Women players rarely ask a man to urinate on their mojo hands, so, for whatever reason, it is female urine that is considered lucky in this case. Chamber lye can be a vulnerable spot in a man or woman's periphery. An enemy who gets your "water" can cause grave damage to you by stopping it up in a bottle with red pepper and Graveyard Dirt. The result will be urinary tract problems, ranging from cystitis and nephritis to prostatitis and kidney stones. The only way to take off such a condition is to find the bottle and destroy it, letting the urine run out into a fire. Conversely, chamber lye has its strengths -- a man can use his own urination to cure a case of impotence that was put on him through magic. Peeing on a knife blade and letting the pee run on the ground is one of many methods for accomplishing this. Another is to urinate into a red ants nest. Women who have had their natures hoodooed can pee into a running river as they call on the river to take off the jinx. I should also add a quick comment on the term "chamber lye" for readers who are not native English speakers: Chamber: A chamber means a room, so in the old days a bedroom was called a bed chamber. With no indoor plumbing, you went outdoors to pee in an outhouse, but the first pee of the morning, before dressing or washing up, most folks didn't want to go out, so they peed in a covered container called a chamber pot, which was carried out later. Lye: This is an old Anglo Saxon word meaning any strong alkaline liquid. Most of the time nowadays you'll hear the word lye in reference to making soap at home, where one good source of lye is potash -- literally pot ashes. You make potash or pot ash lye by concentrating water that has run through the ashes collected from the fire under your cooking pots. Since there is no one chemical formula for lye; in common parlance it can be any really strong alkaline solution. So a polite word for urine used to be "chamber lye" -- an alkaline solution obtained in the bed chamber. So... "chamber pot" plus "pot ash lye" equals "chamber pot lye" -- which is shortened to "chamber lye"!
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 2 oy oldin
Mayweather will be next, this metoo campaign will take even more big names down yet. If I was Floyd I'd be worried
01987 N?a
01987 N?a 2 oy oldin
R.kelly did nothing wrong he is a BAMF
Cortez Brown
Cortez Brown 2 oy oldin
I can't stand a woman who can't tell a story without crying that make me not believe you cuz I know women cry to make you feel sorry or believe there story
Ricky Buckner
Ricky Buckner 2 oy oldin
If this is true he deserves the hands!
nyl wan
nyl wan 2 oy oldin
So the only nonsonsensual is the sextape... why not leave r. Kelly if they already fell so uncomfortable in his side??
Bobby B
Bobby B 2 oy oldin
Drip Drip Drip.
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