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A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the troupe's artistic director, an ambitious young dancer, and a grieving psychotherapist. Some will succumb to the nightmare. Others will finally wake up. Suspiria arrives in theaters November 2. From director Luca Guadagnino. Starring Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Jessica Harper and Chloe Grace Moretz.
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» Coming to Theaters November 2, 2018!
About Suspiria:
As a darkness builds at the center of a world-renowned dance company, its artistic director, a young American new to the troupe, and a grieving psychotherapist become entangled in a bloody, sighing nightmare. Suspiria arrives in theaters November 2. From director Luca Guadagnino. Starring Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Jessica Harper and Chloe Grace Moretz.
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Suspiria - Teaser Trailer | Amazon Studios
Amazon Studios

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4-Iyn, 2018

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Mariano Felan
Mariano Felan 5 soat oldin
Dakota's Hair is superb
LIL TY G 14 soat oldin
kinda reminds me of that rob zombie movie salems Lot ??
SAMZIRRA 17 soat oldin
Jesus, play scarier music.lol
Matilde Arroyo
Matilde Arroyo 18 soat oldin
Que Pelii.. ja
Francis Binet
Francis Binet 22 soat oldin
I must admit that i am pleasantly surprised by this trailer.
Hunter Grey
Hunter Grey Kun oldin
I've never before had a trailer's soundtrack grab my attention like this one did
E Lo Marr
E Lo Marr Kun oldin
Some films shouldn't even get remaked. They always get someone who doesn't have a clue of the original and it becomes trash .
AndrewWolfPro Kun oldin
that score 😆😆
櫻井翔 Kun oldin
Camille Silvera
Camille Silvera 2 kun oldin
I'm a big fan of the original, but this actually looks pretty good.
Kalel Luis
Kalel Luis 2 kun oldin
Getting some The Shining vibes EDIT: And apparently, this film is going to be set in 1969, a full 12 years after the original
JohnDaWhale3 2 kun oldin
Another fuckin' remake.....
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 2 kun oldin
Hey I thought David Bowie was dead..... Oh wait, that Tilda Swinton.
Damian Wiecha
Damian Wiecha 2 kun oldin
Suspiria 2018 soundtrack by Thom Yorke PERFECT !
Stefan Breitsching
Stefan Breitsching 3 kun oldin
First good "Foghorn Trailer" since Alien 1979
sorrowsuperstar10 3 kun oldin
This actually looks pretty good . haunting. creepy. witchy.
Christian Victor
Christian Victor 3 kun oldin
a24 feels
Kyra Slegers
Kyra Slegers 3 kun oldin
What the heck did i just watch
B 3 kun oldin
NO.... no no no ... noooooooooooo no.
Jared T
Jared T 4 kun oldin
I'm not crazy about the original. Although his work is so unique I just get lost and feel the ending is so weak from a narrative standpoint. It's stylistically amazing...similar to Holy Mountain....I was so turned off by this remakes and reboots. I guess Twin Peaks made me less skeptical to show that a talented director can play with the fact about making a reboot and have it in the show as subtext. This is going to be incredible. Luca has a style and pacing that will probably evoke the same thrill of seeing a Hitchcock movie in the 50s....but for our generation. I mean look at the knife....flashy. Memorable. The camera pauses on it for a long amount of time (for a trailer). Other things will have the Argento-esque pizzaz...little subtle details. I can't wait. Take all my money.
Will0928 4 kun oldin
This doesn't feel like the original movie at all. The original had a really unique visual style that this one completely lacks. This comes across as generic/run of the mill.
eyeswatermaker 4 kun oldin
Dakota Johnson is incredibly different from what you have seen before. LOVE this!!
eyeswatermaker 4 kun oldin
@1:20 is that a comb under the movie name?
Samuel Rothenberg
Samuel Rothenberg 4 kun oldin
Daphne Christle
Daphne Christle 4 kun oldin
why does every great movie need to be remade christ almighty
X-MISMA-X 4 kun oldin
Does anyone know where I can see that scene from the new Suspiria that was shown at comiccon? It's the scene where Dakota Johnson is controlling a ballerina's movements so wildly that the woman literally splits into two.
Parzival 935
Parzival 935 15 soat oldin
X-MISMA-X not out yet, plus it would mean a copyright strike since the movie isn't out.
Shava 4 kun oldin
ufff esto se ve tan bien que hasta me da miedo decepcionarme a la mera hora. Esperemos que Guadagnino no defraude.
Jazzyhenry 4 kun oldin
I’m loving the general tone/vibe of this trailer! I generally am not drawn to remakes but this looks very promising.
Wildcock23 5 kun oldin
Doesn't look as bad as I expected it to be, but enough with the remakes already!
Firat Senay
Firat Senay 5 kun oldin
50 shades of creep
Move_I_Got_This 5 kun oldin
Looks great and you got Tilda Swinton, she's super talented.
Tyler Ramirez
Tyler Ramirez 5 kun oldin
Anyone notice the reflection of the blue iris on the coffee table when the hand placed down the instrument? 1:15
Mider999 5 kun oldin
Still can’t top the original but I’m very interested
SolipsoJoe 5 kun oldin
Per me il corrispettivo moderno di Suspiria è The Neon Demon. Punto. Non credo assolutamente che si possa replicare un capolavoro del genere, ma comunque lo vedrò, da amante del grande Dario Argento.
senhor babadook
senhor babadook 5 kun oldin
O primeiro trailer achei uma bosta até fiquei puto por terem mudado tanta coisa! Agora com esse novo trailer eu meio que entendi à proposta! Tô ansioso por esse filme!
heka kahlo
heka kahlo 5 kun oldin
Not a scratch on Argento & Goblin to be sure, I'll give it a chance though...a small one.
Bojan Dosen
Bojan Dosen 5 kun oldin
Romerillo de la Amargura
As a fan of Dario Argento and giallo films in general I'm not sure of what to think of this. I loved the original's fairytale-like, ambiguous atmosphere and I'd hate to see it dumbed down into into another jump scare-laden formulaic horror flick. The trailer does look promising at least, with its own style instead of trying to copy the giallo aesthetic. I'm guessing this new movie will expand on the three mothers. Not keeping any high hopes though...
Joy Nicoloff
Joy Nicoloff 5 kun oldin
another pointless remake
Traci-Jean Behind Blue Eyes
As a huge Dario Argento fan, I'm not sure how I feel about this one.
Alex Vidakovic
Alex Vidakovic 6 kun oldin
Nothing scary for me, I'll probably pass.
Kevin Largaespada
Kevin Largaespada 6 kun oldin
Now that's a trailer!
Amazon Studios
Amazon Studios 4 kun oldin
We quite agree.
zach schab
zach schab 6 kun oldin
Who did this music?
Ryan Preziosi
Ryan Preziosi 6 kun oldin
Thom Yorke!
Paul Cole
Paul Cole 6 kun oldin
why can't they come up with something original. Nothing will better Dario Argento's version...….
Strega Dell
Strega Dell 6 kun oldin
excellent,superb soundtrack...don't know about the movie..
Tere Olivera
Tere Olivera 6 kun oldin
Pero cuando se estrena???????
Tori Martínez
Tori Martínez 6 kun oldin
2 de noviembre!!! El día de mi cumpleaños. Yay!
Tawnya Luke
Tawnya Luke 6 kun oldin
I own a copy of the Original. I didn't find it enjoyable or scary. I hope this one has a better storyline and the producers and writers didn't rely on kitch and myth for the witches.
Mr Ry
Mr Ry 6 kun oldin
this is just so disturbing wtf
EATING ASMR 6 kun oldin
it even has that look of a film right out of the 70s. Reminds me of The Exorcist with the way it was filmed.I can't wait for this, looks like it should be excellent!!!
Mustafa Hasan
Mustafa Hasan 7 kun oldin
its not scary at all ;D
Jorge Carnero
Jorge Carnero 5 kun oldin
The original wasn't either
Choy Bisnar
Choy Bisnar 7 kun oldin
The Grudge ballet version
Crazy Couple
Crazy Couple 7 kun oldin
Dont waste your time watching this sh***t
Holden 7 kun oldin
Great trailer. Shows you some really visually striking stuff, while holding back on the plot reveals. Looking forward to seeing this, which is really unusual for a horror remake. They're usually utter trash.
Diana Varela
Diana Varela 7 kun oldin
Polly Kangas
Polly Kangas 7 kun oldin
Tilda Swinton is so great! I can't wait to see this!
Etymology Of Life
Etymology Of Life 7 kun oldin
This is a movie. We live in a society. Move on to the next comment.
Watery Watery
Watery Watery 7 kun oldin
pkn_ MoUxiNha
pkn_ MoUxiNha 7 kun oldin
Dakota Johnson?!!! WHAT???
Brandon Westbrook
Brandon Westbrook 7 kun oldin
Never seen the original. This looks dull too
Zyra L. F.
Zyra L. F. 7 kun oldin
'The goal of Amazon studios is to create great entertainment from original stories.' Then what's with this teaser for a remake of a movie with the same title? ? ? Yup, the definition of original.
Vitoor Aquinoo
Vitoor Aquinoo 7 kun oldin
Dakota aaaaaa😍😍😍😍
Evil Soundcloud rapper
When I first saw the thumbnail I thought this was gonna be a movie about woman's Olympic wrestling lol
Marcos Manzanares
Marcos Manzanares 7 kun oldin
Witches Always up to some 💩
ThePhenomenalMSS 7 kun oldin
I gotta feeling this movie is gonna have an It Follows type vibe
quipper 7 kun oldin
If the actual movie has this kind of "show-don't-tell" approach, even with a script, then full marks.
ATUL RAJ 7 kun oldin
Luca Guadadnino+Thom Yorke = I'm sold
nohi 8 kun oldin
It will be better than the original.
melodyhaze 8 kun oldin
Tbh the only reason the original was 'good' was cause of the cool cinematography. Hopefully this one will have better acting and plot lines (judging by that wig I'm unsure) otherwise it'll just be another useless remake
Jess Lovely
Jess Lovely 8 kun oldin
Why do they have to remake this masterpiece?! Like it will ever be better 😒 I'm sorry but it's true.
Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts 8 kun oldin
Jess Lovely I actually think this could be better
Marnie Lester-Smith
Well, we're not in Northern Italy anymore...
bish 8 kun oldin
This trailer looks absolutely fascinating. Everyone is upset that it doesn’t have the colors and themes that the original did, but maybe this movie will have its own sense of “suspiria”. Dario Argento said the main point of his original film was the feeling it evoked, and I suppose this remake will be its own way of evoking such a sensation.
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 8 kun oldin
You've seen this...now watch the recut trailer featuring the goblin score
Nilbog 8 kun oldin
looks good! but goblin better have had a part in the soundtrack.
Brian Kwon
Brian Kwon 8 kun oldin
Luca Guadagnino is a legend
eyeswatermaker 8 kun oldin
0:44 is disturbing af. (Sharon Tate murder scene popped up on my mind)
The Holy Mackerel
The Holy Mackerel 8 kun oldin
Nothing will ever be as good as the original, because it’s the greatest horror movie ever made. I never wanted Suspiria to be remade, despite the fact it was inevitable. But this looks very promising.
Dona Marie
Dona Marie 8 kun oldin
y’all did the most least w this
R E X 8 kun oldin
Its been one hell of a week for trailers
Mogie Kasely
Mogie Kasely 8 kun oldin
Unglaublicher Film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren ! 🔴 *SUSPIRIA* FuII~Mᴏᴠɪᴇ ☛ [ Evoc.in/SuspiriaHdMovie2018 ]
The Holy Dream
The Holy Dream 8 kun oldin
Maritza Dillingham
Maritza Dillingham 8 kun oldin
Weird as f....
Math Helper
Math Helper 8 kun oldin
Where's that Goblin main theme.
Aylen Valdez
Aylen Valdez 8 kun oldin
Luca Guadagnino is killing it.
Eye Am Spooky
Eye Am Spooky 8 kun oldin
The original is best
W S 8 kun oldin
AquaFire Witch
AquaFire Witch 8 kun oldin
This short trailer gave me an unnerving feeling much like the original. I am impressed!
Will Andersen
Will Andersen 8 kun oldin
Looks like every family reunion
Vincent Arceo
Vincent Arceo 8 kun oldin
Music is getting to me
The Daily Nerd
The Daily Nerd 8 kun oldin
The way Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnston are having a brow beating contest at that dinner table part makes this worth seeing.
Jakob Sanchez
Jakob Sanchez 8 kun oldin
Me after first hearing about a Suspiria remake: This is gonna be bad. Me after seeing this trailer: This might be amazing.
bigbangnone 8 kun oldin
Hollywood is still on crack
Ad Max
Ad Max 8 kun oldin
This really didn't need to be remade ffs leave stuff alone hollywood.
Ugly Rose
Ugly Rose 8 kun oldin
This trailer is amazing
radolf p
radolf p 8 kun oldin
I just saw Mia goth in the trailer..she supposed to be sara
Abhishek Prasad
Abhishek Prasad 8 kun oldin
Dario Argento … Salut !
I'm so happy they kept the insane soundtrack. If you like the looks of this though, I would strongly advise you check out the original soundtrack if not the film. It is pretty wild.
J . Val
J . Val 8 kun oldin
0.54 : is she Chloe Moretz or not ?
Tori Martínez
Tori Martínez 6 kun oldin
Abdul smells
Abdul smells 8 kun oldin
Another movie that looks like a clusterfuck
na_z 9 kun oldin
I honestly think this is going to fail, feel really bad for amazon
Mariam Shotadze
Mariam Shotadze 9 kun oldin
Dakota looks stunning. Tilda looks creepy:)))))))))))