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Their ultimate? It belongs to you now. Witness how Sylas seizes the enemy’s power.
Sylas Reveal:
Sylas Champion Trailer:

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24-Yan, 2019



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Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark 2 kun oldin
"its time for a revolution" George Washington: oh boy sounds like a champion for me
Brooks Hyde
Brooks Hyde 5 kun oldin
I remember when they first revealed this and showed his W. Seeing his health go from a quarter to just under three fourths made me think this was actually a joke. Click to win. XD
Mark Cervantes
Mark Cervantes 6 kun oldin
Aka lli
Aka lli 6 kun oldin
New champ: switch your current health to enemy's current health
Matthew Shadow
Matthew Shadow 8 kun oldin
those puns deal critical damage to the soul
Cookie Stew
Cookie Stew 9 kun oldin
Anyone notice riot is running out ideas. Like most champion play style are starting to repeat themselves. Unless they all have a counterpart Thresh - Blitz (grab) Morgana- lux (snare) Garen- Darius (spinning tanks) Jinx- Ezreal-Ashe-Draven (Global Ults) Shen- Galio (saving teammates) Zed-Kayn (ults) Fiora- Yi (fiora’s old ult) Yasou-Malzahar (passive shield) Katerina - Talon Rekenecton-Shyvanna Zac-Cho (size) Xerath-vel koz Soraka-Karthus Nasus-Veigar (unlimited Stacking) Kayle-trydamere (invulnerability) Elise-Nidalee Zoe-Neeko -Sylas (steal spells, looks, ult) Vlad-Swain Miss Fortune-Gangplank Kalista-Xayah-Twitch Vayne-Kaisa Bard-Kindred-Ryze Pyke-Urgot (low health clean up) Jihn - Jinx Malphite-Maokai Diana-Akali Leona- Barum Hemerdinger- Karma Shaco-Leblanc Fiddlestick- Brand (bounce) Annie - ivern - Yorick - Mordkaiser (ult) Sion- kogmaw (passive) Nunu-Aurlion sol Jarvan-Camille Anvia-aatrox-zac-zelian
Angioeberia 7 kun oldin
I'm not giving riot any credit here, but to be fair when you have that many champions in the game, I'm sure it's a little hard to come up with ideas that are completely new and different from every other champion.
The Gamer2825
The Gamer2825 12 kun oldin
Its lile Khufra from Mobile Legends
Eric C
Eric C 13 kun oldin
Kratos copy?
Em deChamplain
Em deChamplain 13 kun oldin
Let’s make an original ult Rito: *well yes but actually no*
Alphix Val
Alphix Val 14 kun oldin
Alex 16 kun oldin
ap ad?
Don Kurdi
Don Kurdi 16 kun oldin
Oh the puns
yasser martin
yasser martin 16 kun oldin
True pain doesn't have to be physical 1:28 shac-kills 2:04 grand theft ult-o 2:12. chain-ges 2:34 sy-last hit 2:45 moo chick get out the way 3:10 xer-ath 3:00 gnarly 3:04 hi-jack of all trades
Bleach is cool
Bleach is cool 17 kun oldin
First, a champion that steals spells, then a champion that steals your identity, then a champion that steals your ults. What's next? A champion that steals your turrets and makes it attack you?
Chronous Style
Chronous Style 19 kun oldin
This game looks like mobile legends
Sylas Tha Vyrus
Sylas Tha Vyrus 20 kun oldin
That’s my name
World Traveler
World Traveler 20 kun oldin
How can this trashy game be more popular then hots ?!
UpTopYuki 22 kun oldin
ali ult on a fighter lol
Forever Happy
Forever Happy 23 kun oldin
im glad I dont play league anymore
Brad Billings
Brad Billings 23 kun oldin
It's so broken, Not even sure if league is worth playing any more
Brad Billings
Brad Billings 23 kun oldin
This champion is Broken AF... worst champ to play against ever level 4 and he gets half health back just by hitting it...It's stupid....
Martas 25 kun oldin
Realy good champ !
Michael Robert Horegue
Think u can put LOL in mobile phones of tablets pls I'd really enjoy it
Krab man.
Krab man. 26 kun oldin
Oh, goody, you made Rubick, but... weaker. I wanna see you try and make Invoker
adam heeley
adam heeley 26 kun oldin
Doesnt matter who they release. LOL will die if they dont figure out how to make the player base less toxic and stupid.
darkestskie 28 kun oldin
*grand theft ulto*
Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson Oy oldin
"Move chick. Get out the way." -_-
UmbraSuna Oy oldin
Zoe - steals summoner spells Sylas - steals ultimates I guess next one will steal your girl
No0bm YT
No0bm YT 20 kun oldin
patch 9.9 Lucian's ultimate is now replaced with bike steal
Na No
Na No Oy oldin
You guys are getting more and more uncreative with new champions imho.
Elias Deeb
Elias Deeb Oy oldin
ohh no the puns are too cringy freak pls
Nasrullah Gunawan
Grand Theft Ult-O
DANIKEN 07 Oy oldin
Hmmmm Rubick No i mean sylas.....
Cannie Oy oldin
Nice Rubick rip-off
kanen alejandro
Is it just me, or does this champion kind of feel like a mess? Like his outfit, his back story, his abilities? He just doesn't seem to fit together to me all that well? idk
Greninja Oy oldin
Riot didnt even have to release him. He released himself...
Hicham Zahid
Hicham Zahid Oy oldin
These puns are too much, i can't keep up
Dane Plays
Dane Plays Oy oldin
Now Nerf it's w
Morty Arszel
Morty Arszel Oy oldin
I cant stand these cringe jokes
Látlak Oy oldin
btw, he's broken. His kit is compexe enough for two champions...
abyysabyys Oy oldin
The Carlos Mencia of Summoners Rift
Michael Tartak
2:03 why
Hail to the Chief
all i see is a fizz that has self healing and shield
marvin Oy oldin
yeah 20 abilities.
Big Tony
Big Tony Oy oldin
Abathur of lol
Xiles 73
Xiles 73 Oy oldin
RUBICK: hold my drink
Pitu Ditu
Pitu Ditu Oy oldin
We need a champion spotlight puns collection because It's too many xD
Roughnegg Oy oldin
rich demacians: Sylas: CEASE THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION!
sajisama24 Oy oldin
Communism intensifies
The Master XIV
what i sylas copy sylas ult
FoxPlayZ Oy oldin
My acc name is SSyllas 😂😂
painthamil vendhan
It's Rubik except he can only steal ultimates
Spayce93 Oy oldin
He looks like Seth Rollins
Spayce93 Oy oldin
Silas is the most unique champ I've seen in years
Jan Steiger
Jan Steiger Oy oldin
I guess its balancing but to me he seems like a bad designed Rubick
GrDroid Gaming
Vote here for no more champions
Joka Gameplays
is this sylas or kratos?
Games FTW
Games FTW Oy oldin
These just Get Shorter and Shorter
Petter Lundgren
Sylas's shackles isn't the only thing that's broken here
Opabinia regalis
we Need communism-sylas skin
Roughnegg Oy oldin
that means he would have to look really malnourished, scrowny and without any clothes on...
dle511 Oy oldin
coming up next, a champion that can steal the enemy's account's login credentials and credit card info
john15399 Oy oldin
i wanna play trinity sylas so bad but u guys gave him ap ratiooossss
Marcelo Varela
Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder
Thefilth Oy oldin
Cool kit. Except the ult. The ult has to go. Please remove it.
Colin G.
Colin G. Oy oldin
When are we allowed to ban two champions each?
vanquish V12
vanquish V12 Oy oldin
Jungler f1 😈
The Phantom
The Phantom Oy oldin
Neeko steals your aperance. Zoe steals your summoner spells Sylas steals your Ult. *League Of Legends steals your L I F E .*
The Phantom
The Phantom Oy oldin
Moo,chick, get out D A W A E .
Fitz Gamer
Fitz Gamer Oy oldin
New Champion Steals Your Items..
Cristina Manzano
My ulti gives you 5 types of aid Cancer and iternal uglinest Sylays steakl: NNNNNNNOOOOOO
Azure Archangel
Honestly...bravo, this is a magnificent inside joke about how communists don't produce anything xD *claps*
General Grievous
Those puns were phreaking me out man.
Gail Hatherley
I'm pretty sure I know what caused the earth quake here in the Philippines now?
Dadang Sulistiyo
I�m just trying to make it on UZvid ?? does anyone want to help each other out??
rebecca cailon
i miss the fortnite content! Since i upload it
Gabrielly Bernardo
These kids needs to study physics?
X Tch
X Tch Oy oldin
Today's fact: Butterflies taste with their feet.?
Deborah Marinkovic
Whoever is reading this I genuinely hope day is going amazing!
yu qe
yu qe Oy oldin
These kids needs to study physics?
gabriel bernal
yup the culmination of my life come to being number 6
Eygon Oy oldin
Someday we'll see the 4th darkin
demon lord candidate
Kind of remind me of the Quincy who stole the shinigami BANKAI (in the manga)
Sarbazzz Oy oldin
*his talent for grand theft ult-o* yep definetly deleting that game
Alexander Von Engelberg
I feel like the puns get worse exponentially each time.
Genesis Champion
Genesis Champion 2 oy oldin
You can hear how disgustingly proud of himself this guy is when he says "Grand Theft Ulto"
Nollie29 2 oy oldin
God of War
Konstantinos Karamanolis
!!!!!!!!THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!
闩工 リ나乙工刀
Communism at its finest
Brock Obama
Brock Obama 2 oy oldin
this game just became so autistic
Luís 2 oy oldin
lets hear the noobs cry about OP OP OP, weakness disgusts me
ImeldaRovillos Medallada
Can you make a spotlight about Amumu there's no vedio for Amumu.
elonwhatever 2 oy oldin
Ow, lookie here, rubic ult is here
faizal harizt
faizal harizt 2 oy oldin
Next Stop Is Death
The next champion is Karen She will steal your kids
brain dad
brain dad 2 oy oldin
Who cares about matchmaking and balance lets just make another champion that steals opp onent ultimate xDD RITO logic
Ayberk Köse
Ayberk Köse 2 oy oldin
last scene was great :D
Bacon Blitz
Bacon Blitz 2 oy oldin
Easily my new favorite champion. No question
Ajax Favorite
Ajax Favorite 2 oy oldin
Thanks guys, the best, now sylas is my favourite
Parker McElvie
Parker McElvie 2 oy oldin
I can smell a nerf coming on the W!
yin-leh tabuzo
yin-leh tabuzo 2 oy oldin
Can anyone else see Jesus Christ. Oh wait, it's Sylas
Roda Baylen
Roda Baylen 2 oy oldin
Mobile legends khrufa hahahaha
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rito nerf Sylas pls
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