Sylas New Champion - League of Legends Plays | LoL Best Moments #102

League Of Fails
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Sylas New Champion - League of Legends Plays and LoL Best Moments 102
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[House] - Astronaut - Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) [Monstercat Official Music Video]

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9-Yan, 2019

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yoann baylet
yoann baylet 5 kun oldin
1 video 5 pub bof
Rafaelle Lagat
Rafaelle Lagat 7 kun oldin
Lol that Sona play at 1:45 ttho
Eduardo Isola
Eduardo Isola 7 kun oldin
0:43 dat vayne
Maria alicia Martinez
Dice sylax new Champion y mete jugadas de otros campeones . Dislike "_"
League Of Fails
League Of Fails 7 kun oldin
Sorry Bro, the title of the video indicates that Sylas is the key figure of the video, but this is not fully montage on Sylas, this is a selection of the best moments.
ömer güler
ömer güler 7 kun oldin
Ananin ami daha hero cikmadi ne ara montaji cikti aq
Maritza Tineo
Maritza Tineo 7 kun oldin
Like 250
Jiaxin Lachica
Jiaxin Lachica 8 kun oldin
the new hero is trashtalker hakhak
JMBT 911
JMBT 911 8 kun oldin
When rilis in indonesia?
Hamood Nasser
Hamood Nasser 8 kun oldin
Sick new champions But I like more that new skin for vayne I am in love with it 😍😍😍😍 Good job bro ❤🖒🌹
Zohir Benamara
Zohir Benamara 7 kun oldin
League Of Fails ok np i'm sending her
Hamood Nasser
Hamood Nasser 7 kun oldin
I well be in your video next time ❤ or not
League Of Fails
League Of Fails 8 kun oldin
@Zohir Benamara np bro send me to Email: loloffails@gmail.com
Zohir Benamara
Zohir Benamara 8 kun oldin
League Of Fails I have an excerpt from one of my actions I'd like to send it to you
League Of Fails
League Of Fails 8 kun oldin
Thanks Bro ❤️👍
Gang Gangster
Gang Gangster 8 kun oldin
how to get this champ help me plase where north amereka EUnE or EU
League Of Fails
League Of Fails 8 kun oldin
PBE server one and it is in America and players from all over the world play on it (for me from the EU, the ping is about 155+). This is a test server where all new champions and updates are tested. 😀
Gang Gangster
Gang Gangster 8 kun oldin
League Of Fails
League Of Fails 8 kun oldin
pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/pbe To register, your main account must be in good standing (no current bans) and be honor level 3 or above.
Gang Gangster
Gang Gangster 8 kun oldin
+League Of Fails can u link me?
League Of Fails
League Of Fails 8 kun oldin
Only PBE servers
the birefrost
the birefrost 8 kun oldin
Brasil galera!!!
NooBEST - Gamer
NooBEST - Gamer 8 kun oldin
It makes zoe look okay
NooBEST - Gamer
NooBEST - Gamer 8 kun oldin
M A 8 kun oldin
Riot Employee 1: "What if we fixed Reksai, he's kinda crap now. His AoE is pathetic, should be only 1 hit. And that orb does like 0 damage." Riot Employee 2: "We're actually developing this new guy with chains. Lets make his passive 1 hit AoE so it's free wave clear. And he'll have chains that deal huge chunk of damage on long range and can be used as AoE." Riot Employee 1: "But Reksai... he has to build rage to hit Execute... and it does like 10% of champion damage... okay anyway, and there's also Vi who's kinda in need of mobility boost. Once you land a Q on enemy they can just easily run away from her. Not to mention she takes time to charge which is hard to do in team fight." Riot Employee 2: "Yeah we totally should add mobility to this new guy. Make a leap ability with execute enemies below 30%. And we can create another leap from E skill, and we made chains slow so he's able to attack as more. And we add heal and shield as well to the kit." Riot Employee 1: "That sounds pretty broken... Does he have a weak ultimate then to compensate strong kit?" Riot Employee 2: "We don't have any good idea for ultimate... lets just make him steal that from other mid laner (like Veigar)."
NooBEST - Gamer
NooBEST - Gamer 8 kun oldin
Mattia Ricciardo
Mattia Ricciardo 8 kun oldin
Permabann this champ in ranked Pls guyrs
IceFrog Gamer
IceFrog Gamer 8 kun oldin
y esa skin de vayne? min 2:53
Daily League Videos - VladiqLoL
Sylas insane champ
Alexi Monster
Alexi Monster 8 kun oldin
Esta Brutal En Campeon
League Of Fails
League Of Fails 8 kun oldin
Yeah Bro, Sylas 100% nerfed 😀