Sylas: The Unshackled champion abilities revealed! New Champion that steals your ultimate

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New champ time!!
Gameplay trailer for Skinspotlights (highly suggest you watch this too!) = uzvid.com/video/video-1spTTZZjOFE.html
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Title: Insan3Lik3 - We Are The Robots (feat. Temu)
Video Link: uzvid.com/video/video-oe443Gl4Skk.html
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Label Channel: uzvid.com/u-Monstercat
Sylas: The Unshackled champion abilities revealed! New Champion that steals your ultimate

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8-Yan, 2019

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ALF33 6 kun oldin
2 days later?
Julia Kutyba
Julia Kutyba 6 kun oldin
why no robots >:[
Lol is shayet
Lol is shayet 6 kun oldin
discord.gg/GqSWaE join a small euw server :D
Khamis1203 7 kun oldin
how does he work against elise, nid, udyr and quinn?
Outkasts 7 kun oldin
there needs to be an "as well" counter on his videos
Cker 7 kun oldin
No kit is overloaded if every kit is overloaded -rito logic
Dustin Warring
Dustin Warring 8 kun oldin
God of war anyone?
Fian Halim
Fian Halim 8 kun oldin
Radicalised by ISIS
What happens with nidalee/karma/Jayce etc.
Nick Hajec
Nick Hajec 8 kun oldin
he gonna kill karthus then take his R wtf
Nick Hajec
Nick Hajec 8 kun oldin
why does he need a HEAL and a shield??????
Ye Hu
Ye Hu 8 kun oldin
Jayce will dumpster this guy
jupân gealat boss de boss
looks kinda lame
Ca595 8 kun oldin
hes ap and thats not nice
Sentry Ward
Sentry Ward 8 kun oldin
Im gonna call him Rubick
9000DeadlySins 8 kun oldin
His W heal is doubled to 500 + 80% AP when he falls under 40% AP, so you’ll probably want to keep a CC for when he gets to that point, so that you can burst him before he basically heals back to full.
Young Simba
Young Simba 8 kun oldin
How dare you not leave us with the robots
Resley Wood
Resley Wood 8 kun oldin
Heimer ult?
Youngjun Oh
Youngjun Oh 8 kun oldin
what does he do with jayce lol
Josh Kerr
Josh Kerr 8 kun oldin
I can't wait to see this dude do Fiddlesticks ult.
Jordan Rettich
Jordan Rettich 8 kun oldin
Kennen ult wouldn't work like you expect it to, because Kennen's stun isn't tied to his R, right?
Raul Ansbach
Raul Ansbach 8 kun oldin
God dammit riot is so fucking retarded it's not even funny anymore
Wolf Fire
Wolf Fire 8 kun oldin
He's broken
Magic Ravioli
Magic Ravioli 8 kun oldin
Wow. This is the least excitement I've felt for a champion in a long time. He just looks so boring. Shirtless dude in slim jeans? Really?
Brandon King
Brandon King 8 kun oldin
Sylas vs Karthus. Oof.
EvilNeon 8 kun oldin
Did no one realize how broken this would be with Nasus ultimate stolen, or Tryndamere ultimate stolen? Just me?
Vanossgamingify 8 kun oldin
Where did the robots go?
Hi Noobs
Hi Noobs 8 kun oldin
And what will happen if ur enemy didn’t upgrade his r like udyr didn’t take his ult as an example and he ult him what will happen
Quince Jones
Quince Jones 8 kun oldin
So what about transformation ults (Elise, Nidalee)? Also what about Udyr who doesn't even have an ult technically?
Andy Torres
Andy Torres 8 kun oldin
They should make his ult a skillshot, it could work like a blitz hook animation wise; having it be lock on sounds op
UltimateRedFire 8 kun oldin
Sylas looks super cool seems like my kinda champion. But how is he using magic with petricite on his hands?
Spectre 8 kun oldin
Wht role is he i think he makes a great jungle because neeko was made for jungle but she is played mid more so if he is top i think jungle suits him better
Universal Understandings
Vi , aatrox , camile and urgot in one. Nice
a random pirate
a random pirate 8 kun oldin
yay riot's every new champion since season 7 starts has dash/untargetableness XD! MAKE MORE OF THEM
Haru Antiquin
Haru Antiquin 8 kun oldin
EtRo_ 8 kun oldin
im quitting league
retro knight
retro knight 8 kun oldin
Is this god of war?
Bryan Glover
Bryan Glover 8 kun oldin
I already fucking hate this champ...over kitting new champs is so cool, riot
BeN aLi
BeN aLi 8 kun oldin
Seems like udyr is a good counter 😂😂
Dttrixt 8 kun oldin
Riot needs to realize that if they keep doing this, they also need to add more bans to each team. At least in professional scene.
Zeke 8 kun oldin
Would suck if he somehow got stuck against eliese nid jayce, udy, Zoe
bsuudn besu
bsuudn besu 8 kun oldin
Nice another Champ that can one shot the adc with no counterplay
Will Warner
Will Warner 8 kun oldin
Phy trying really hard not to say it's broken
moin husain
moin husain 8 kun oldin
Another op champion to deal with 😈😈😈
grrrindz 8 kun oldin
he sure did skip leg day
Cosmic Armor Superman
Don't release this retarded champ. Look at that heal and shield ratio?????!!!! Plus the ulti is just dumb.
James Froggatt
James Froggatt 8 kun oldin
And heres me thinking Neeko was op...Jesus....
X9Cobra 8 kun oldin
Everytime you see him in enemy team pick him yourself and his ult it's useless lol
Adam Young
Adam Young 8 kun oldin
He doesn't need a missing-health-scaling heal on W. He doesn't need an initial dash on E. He doesn't need a shield on E. If he has 3 dashes including 2 gap-closers he doesn't need a ranged point-and-click ultimate. His ultimate is stupid, but what's stupider is that they gave him these bonuses to make him impossible to fuck up.
TheVortex590 8 kun oldin
I can’t ban all these champions.
Corey McNaught
Corey McNaught 8 kun oldin
Why was he able to pyke ult twice? If pyke doesn’t kill with his ult it goes on full cd... sylas ignites that?? BULLSHIT.
Alex Da Rocha
Alex Da Rocha 8 kun oldin
Robots..... denied...
A lame Artist
A lame Artist 8 kun oldin
Mr. Steal Yo Ult
Eldritch0Golem 8 kun oldin
Riot: hey I have this new crazy idea for a champion! Community: are you sure this new mechanic won't be so strong we will need to pick or ban this champ for the next 3 patches until you have to Nerf him so much his broken part won't be able to keep it viable? Riot: Wen have we done that?
Allen Rojo
Allen Rojo 8 kun oldin
How is he gonna use yasuo's ult?
wut ever
wut ever 8 kun oldin
this looks really broken, when lots of champs in this game already need re balancing. Why are they focused on adding more champs too an already 100+ roster when there is more important things to be done with league.
wut ever
wut ever 8 kun oldin
wow so quickly after neeko ?
MVP_KZ 8 kun oldin
So when is the nerf patch? :)
fr0zeNstriKe 8 kun oldin
I felt some embarassement to explain us this champ like "wtf riot is doing? Wtf is this healing and this ult...." but still got smily face lmao
Walter Malone
Walter Malone 8 kun oldin
Next champion will steal your account
OutsiderD 8 kun oldin
Rammus: *ok*
Mattia Pasquali
Mattia Pasquali 8 kun oldin
Idk if you steal an ulti with ap scaling and you aren't building it? same for ad in case he'll be an ap champ.
David Mitić
David Mitić 8 kun oldin
I mean since his R is targeted its just stupid. His 3 abilities are overloaded. Like reading what he does will probably be a essay on wiki page. And stealing an ult from fed enemy? How stupid can it get. Also the fact that it leaves ult intact since he can reset Pyke´s ult is just ridicilus. There is only so much you can ban before you run out of bans.
davichost 1
davichost 1 8 kun oldin
And the ultimate isnt even an skillshot. Nice
LOL dude
LOL dude 8 kun oldin
Me: take that ult damage Sylas: *NO U*
Hi Noobs
Hi Noobs 8 kun oldin
U said that u will make a video about how to make a small champion pool
Rye Bread Reid
Rye Bread Reid 8 kun oldin
I'm wondering how certain ults will work with him.. Take LeBlanc let for example, will it just pick up whichever ability she last used? Or Kai'sa ult, will he be able to jump to any enemy? He certainly can't use any other Kai'sa abilities to trigger the ultimate mark. I'm just super intrigued to play around with his ultimate against every champion lol
Switchbox 8 kun oldin
top laner???
Stephen Robert Graves
I like this idea because it actually fits perfectly with the short-story they made to cover his backstory. In summary, Sylas travelled with mage hunters for a while before meeting a young girl who was an incredibly powerful mage. Sylas after trying to defend her from the mage hunters accidentally absorbed her powers and lost control, killing the mage hunters he had been travelling with resulting in his imprisonment, thus the chains in the trailer. You'd like to think Riot will put pretty heavy cool-downs on his kit though seeing as each one of them does so much. Riot haven't released someone in a balanced state since most likely Ivern, so it's fair to assume he's gonna be banned like crazy until he's properly managed.
Large Format
Large Format 8 kun oldin
It is pronounced Phylas
TheGamingg33k 8 kun oldin
This looks beyond busted...
berkay hiştir
berkay hiştir 8 kun oldin
Kratos: The Unshackled maybe ?
justin johnson
justin johnson 8 kun oldin
What if when Sylas ults, his new ult scales like it always does.for example, if sylas builds ad, but the ult he steals scales off of ap, then it doesn't do as much damage. Then it would only be beneficial for him to steal ults that scale with what he is building.
Ellimanist15 8 kun oldin
Riot: Releases a champ who attacks with chains and copies enemy abilities. Me with a summoner name base off of Kurapika from HxH: *laughs in Emperor Time*
The bhaalist
The bhaalist 8 kun oldin
Kratos that you?
A Dancing Gamer
A Dancing Gamer 8 kun oldin
How do you steal a vayne and twitch ult*?
nhat binh le
nhat binh le 8 kun oldin
We don't know is he has scaling on the ult he takes or if he has single scaling or hybryd so ofc he can steal lux ult and ult himself Great but if he has only base damage then you are firing a giant wet noodle sure it hurts not sure about The efficiency tho
Touch This
Touch This 8 kun oldin
Riot are on crack
Ventu 8 kun oldin
I am surprised he isn’t black lol
Renny Ren
Renny Ren 7 kun oldin
+Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez Oh that's right I forgot about ekko
Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez
+Renny Ren Two actually. Ekko and Lucian.
Renny Ren
Renny Ren 8 kun oldin
Why they only have like one black champion
Dying Light
Dying Light 8 kun oldin
i m asking myself what happened when he steals darius ultimate because he can't generate bleeding stacks so it will do only minimum damage
Lestat Staton
Lestat Staton 8 kun oldin
They make it sound like every time you level up his ult it means another you can steal in quick succession. So lvl 16+ teamfight hes going to be able to Vlad ult into Amumu ult into Ezreal ult for a horrible scenario. He sounds like pure insanity and incredibly OP. They're called ULTIMATES! How does Riot think its a good idea to make a champion who can use 3 ULTIMATES in a teamfight?! All that plus constant AOE DMG, 3 gap closers, a huge heal, a shield, aoe slows and a knockup. Sounds like one of the most OP champs they've ever released.
eleftherios vafeiadis
Yeah but do the ultimates have their normal scaling with ad and ap?
Zamynix 8 kun oldin
He is an AP scaling champ,you can clearly say that since in the video he has lich bane 2:27
Melondot 8 kun oldin
who do you think you are? when i watch these videos, i expect to be left with the robots
Nathan Szpakowski
Nathan Szpakowski 8 kun oldin
I'm glad to see a champ that doesn't seem super team fight oriented, I feel like most of the last reworks and champ releases have been team fight oriented and while thats all well and good its not as much fun to play all the time so playing almost any of these new champs almost forces you into that play style to utilize their kit properly
Tim O.
Tim O. 8 kun oldin
What happens when he steals karma/udyr/nidalee/jayce "ult"?
Abel Raregroove
Abel Raregroove 8 kun oldin
And if he steal Kalista ult?
William Kallemeyn
William Kallemeyn 8 kun oldin
i feel like he would make a good jg because of his passive for clears, and his mobility and cc for ganks
Nikolai Gerginov
Nikolai Gerginov 8 kun oldin
What happens if he steals a transform ult? For example Nidalee/Quinn/Jayce ?
geigster 8 kun oldin
His ult is the same as rubick's in DotA but you always get the ult. it really isn't anywhere near as strong because League doesn't have champions who's kits and importance rely only ults. His e seems over tuned (doesn't need the first part of e) and the w looks like it heals too much
Rickey Smith
Rickey Smith 8 kun oldin
Hmmmm Sylas jungle vs shyvanna jungle. Will he turn into a dragon?
N Sum
N Sum 8 kun oldin
Visually... absolutely beautiful
Reveled ß
Reveled ß 8 kun oldin
If he steals kled's ult will he make appear a magical lizard and start rolling over it?
Cor Leōnis Regulus
Does he steal or just copy, if ur ult goes on cd without using it then that would be next level bullshit, imagine taking trynda or aatrox ult or maybe even malphite, it would literally turn into 6v4
Sir Trollface
Sir Trollface 8 kun oldin
Say, he 'steals' a champ's ult... but what happens to that champ's cd for their ult? Does it go into cd when it goes stolen? If it doesn't, it wouldn't be proper to call it a 'steal', it should be a 'copy'
Deannix 8 kun oldin
i see a champion who'll be permaban on ranked while permapicked on normals.
The Great Nobby
The Great Nobby 8 kun oldin
Hes so charismatic. I want him to be my jesus
Sammy Alzaharna
Sammy Alzaharna 8 kun oldin
About time they copied another hero from Dota2...I see you Rubik
nubserver 8 kun oldin
This is a copy and paste from Sylas from Heroes, that could steal anyone’s ability
RoaÐRunner 8 kun oldin
Have they released a character that doesn't have some kind of positive movement displacement(dash, leap, speed, stealth, etc) skill lately(last couple of years)?????? even counting the reworks?? Even nunu rework he rolls a snowball you can't outrun. How many characters are left like Annie that need something added to their kit to compete with the new league of legends?
RoaÐRunner 8 kun oldin
​+Matt Majcan I love Ashe and varus and their kit use to be good even though they were not mobile you could kite most fights and flash when those gap closers came in but now it doesn't matter if you flash or how well you kite and dodge there is always 3 or 4 more gap closers following all the ones you had the enemy waste and then on top of that a 100 to 0 hit coming in as soon as they get on top of you. I have seen aram fights bounce from inhib tower to inhib tower in a matter of seconds there is so much distance that can be closed these days with certain champs when the team comps were right for it on aram. It's kind of crazy to see. Same on the rift most the time anymore.
Matt Majcan
Matt Majcan 8 kun oldin
yup yup i feel like if you arent a very mobile champ now you have no chance