Sylas The Unshackled is OFF THE CHAIN!! THIS IS TOO FUN!!! - Champion Spotlight

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Sylas The Unshackled Champion Spotlight | He is ridiculously fun and Riot really did a great job with him
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9-Yan, 2019



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Anklespankin 2 oy oldin
All Your Ults Belong To Meeeeeeeeee
patrick fosby
patrick fosby 2 oy oldin
what would happen if you ulted a nid or elise?
Wilson Jones
Wilson Jones 2 oy oldin
Ankle.... u teased us with the old intro recently is it actually coming back?
Salecar96 2 oy oldin
i saw you didn't notice that when you have vayne ult your q makes you go invis.
lucky boi
lucky boi 2 oy oldin
Anklespankin will you play another game then League ?
rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 2 oy oldin
+zachary laprad I get it. Still that is my opinion. I mean its kinda fun but useless. Guess our taste is different
Sherone Peters
Aki Aoryuu
Aki Aoryuu Oy oldin
Geronimo Wirth
Geronimo Wirth 2 oy oldin
The only youtuber who dont call that vid "SYLAS JUST OP , RIOT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!" or something like that . Probs for that
Jacob Titus
Jacob Titus 2 oy oldin
that 4 minute long shen yun ad tho.....
Chee Rex
Chee Rex 2 oy oldin
I love it when you showcase new champs you really hype it up!
Luke R.
Luke R. 2 oy oldin
wait this guy is ap, thats sick.
Flam Papadopoulos
Oh man this champion is so much awsome!!!
Professor Kled
Professor Kled 2 oy oldin
Sylas the UnshacKLED ???
thetattooedyoshi 2 oy oldin
Glad you like this new champion Ankle :) I personally don't like him. His design seems edgy for the sake of edginess imo. I also don't like his stolen ultimate numbers just converting to straight AP scaling if the ult you steal normally scales w/ AD. I think it nullifies strategic ways to use the ability and doesn't properly punish someone for hijacking the wrong champion unless the ult you jack forces you to remain stationary like Xerath or Caitlyn. His kit and numbers seem okay, any champion can look broken when they get a big enough lead imo. He also reminds me way too much of Kayn for some reason. Great video as always and looking forward to more :^)
Caleb Carrier
Caleb Carrier 2 oy oldin
He needs a Kratos skin
Rony Orobio
Rony Orobio 2 oy oldin
16:25 That was sick.
Thomas Dean
Thomas Dean 2 oy oldin
I forgot you existed. I didnt have notifications on and this is the first video I've seen on my list for like 6+ months
Luka Marjanovic22
He fells like Ekko
Brian Kuk
Brian Kuk 2 oy oldin
oooo bloodmoon, you know what that would look good in? GREEN!
Zay 2 oy oldin
HAHAA off the CHAIN!!
Pokyqu 2 oy oldin
the new "whats up guys" is for anklespankin. rip Jeremy
Kolibry1995 2 oy oldin
i don't care if he is busted or not his ult should still be a skillshot instead of a point and click ability... and yes,i am salty for rito releasing ANOTHER fucking champion instead of focusing on reworks or fixing up their god damn game...
asdf 2 oy oldin
Hmm, I hoped he was a bruiser
David T
David T 2 oy oldin
When riot lets 2-Chainz design a champ......
Oliver Straszynski
Yo proud of your success man, been watching you for years! You were the first league streamer I ever watched and are a solid dude
Sofaking Universe
akali asked you to be gentle and you gave her the big ankle dick
Aqua Vitae
Aqua Vitae 2 oy oldin
Nice work on this champ. Riot games.
Anthony Zeng
Anthony Zeng 2 oy oldin
Dude ankle you are one of the best league of legends UZvidr I know and I really enjoy your videos not only are they entertaining they’re educational really appreciate your work thanks man
Jeric Toquero
Jeric Toquero 2 oy oldin
I think the malphite ult is one of the best ults you can steal.
Call Me Negan
Call Me Negan 2 oy oldin
12:40 He literally sounded like Sylas laughing there lmao
Carbyne Mast
Carbyne Mast 2 oy oldin
I feel like 4 things need to change, most probably will. The shield, heal, waveclear from his passive, and possibly the missle speed of his ult. The last one is up for debate but i think for how long range it is, it moves way too fast that only flash could dodge it unless you have a very fast dash like pyke.
Acid 2 oy oldin
the thumbnail made my day XD
Aleksandar Stanojevic 212
Ouuu yeah chain me brutherrrr!!!
Capricorn 1
Capricorn 1 2 oy oldin
Plz do lissandra top , ryze adc or trundle mid
i always thought prestige was just gold kroma and a giant rip off with the pass xD
Velender 2 oy oldin
bobby big play!
Nyrai Shorei
Nyrai Shorei 2 oy oldin
I hope we someday get to see those "setup"-games you play before the final video. The ones where you feed, don't understand the champ or the build correctly and learn. I'd love to see you actually learn those things! Though obviously we'd take like 10x the time, maybe that helps some people improve their "learning"...
Jonathan Casillas
Play top lane tank Cassiopeia
Spencer Tyre
Spencer Tyre 2 oy oldin
ANKLE HEY HEY ANKLE!!!!! Try Viktor & Veigar bottom. It's fun and viktor's stun fits right inside of veigar stun. Plus they're just stupid broken champs (thanks Rito)
Jenna Beddie
Jenna Beddie 2 oy oldin
What if he steals nidalee or jayce ult?
koszernylosiuu 2 oy oldin
When you killed Vayne with Akali's ult, the chat logs called you Akali instead of Sylas c:
575snake 2 oy oldin
@Anklespankin i challenge you to try a build i have dubbed the Ashessassin running leathal tempo, triumph, alacrity, coup de grace, futures market and approach velocity rushing a ghostblade then going into runans then bork, i have had reasonable sucsess with the build and would like to see if its my lack of skill or the build itself that's not cutting it
Blu Note
Blu Note 2 oy oldin
saying it's not broken because you enjoy it and don't want it to be nerfed LULW
Max Scott
Max Scott 2 oy oldin
hey ankle ive watched you from the very beginning and love your content would you ever consider bringing back the old intro sequence and song
Jonas Harboesgaard
Spanker can you plzz Play som taric top? So fun!!
Devlin Ash
Devlin Ash 2 oy oldin
is that ankle sponkers on the sylas, i think it is :D
Swavey 2 oy oldin
Ankle I love your videos but please stop playing so much of custom games. Like 90% of your videos are custom games at this point. It’s not fun especially when Akali just dashes in to you with 10% hp. Wouldn’t happen if it weren’t a custom game.
Lorenzo Bartolome
that ted talk tho
Shane Armstrong
Shane Armstrong 2 oy oldin
What's up, Bobby Big Plays here
Josef Plaček
Josef Plaček 2 oy oldin
Riot : Let´s make champion with a lot of spammable spells and 6 ults, That sure won´t be busted *edit : also make his other 5 ults buffed
GrymLawjick 2 oy oldin
19:02 is why I'm subscribed.
Aemicus 2 oy oldin
I'm a fan of the new Complainklespankin, you should critique more stuff
Calvin Bjerke
Calvin Bjerke 2 oy oldin
You need the original starting animation back
Michael Chan
Michael Chan 2 oy oldin
Do you turn into a Mega Sylas if you get Gnar's ult? Or sore like a dragon if you get Shyvanna ult??? O:
Gingerdead Man
Gingerdead Man 2 oy oldin
You are not Bobby Big Plays, you are world famous anal fisting porn star legend Johnny Shitknuckles
momo 2 oy oldin
I agree w the prestigious skin stuff. it totally takes away from it being special
AKreid 2 oy oldin
I think, that his passive is broken and his hit is also badly designed. Passive: you have insane burst, self heal, and control. And on top of that you have a free lane clear. Like - you cleared a stacked lane in less then a second! His passive should have a cooldown. Ultinate: there is no counterplay to it :/ Like - what can you do, to not let Sylas get the strongest ability of you team? Kill him? Yeah, great counterplay. Let's just look at other "spellthiefs": a hero in hon needs to channel for a second on an enemy hero to become that hero - she can be stunned, target can move out of range; morrigan (smite) - she can transform into any hero from any point on map, yes, but she becomes that hero, so killing her new image results in killing her, so becoming a squishy and unfarmed hero is pretty bad; and the og spellthief - Rubick, dota 2 - he will steal the LAST USED ability of the hero, which brings a lot of counterplay by quickcasting a less effective one + there are items that will just block his ability. Rubick needs to pay attention, to choose wisely and to build a pretty costly item to really benefit from the stolen abilities. Sylas is just "K, now you're being demolished cuz I pressed one button twice. Bye" A pure design choice, tbh. Other then that, the champion is... well... kinda fun? Don't know - he looks overburdened with everything good about other champ. Does his heal trigger on minions/monsters? Cuz then he looks like an exceptional jungler and top laner.
abdelmalek heaven
I love ur videos ankle and ure so funny , but damn league is getting worse and worse idk how u can still play it for so long lol
Dustin Matchinski
get em Ankle. Riot could use a chewing out from time to time with their teat milking ways
Δημήτριος Μαγγασάρωβ
ankle keep the good work we love u mate... !
TranscribesClips 2 oy oldin
Nobody notices that when you get a spree with another champions ultimate it says "Tugg Turtledunk(not sylar)"
Τριαντάφυλλος Τσιακίρης
Still waiting for champions to be free, like in DotA 2. It is not fair that I need to grind for hundreds of hours to have all champs and thus not being at a disadvantage by not having champs. ESPECIALLY when they buff and nerf them all the time.
The Real Gaming Export
Funny champ.... Very OP....im a master yi main....this doesn't matter to me...
ZzzDarkCloudzzZ 2 oy oldin
What if he steals nidalee ultimate?
Bubblebutt 2 oy oldin
I feel like your eyes look a lot happier than they did like 1 or 2 years ago. I hope you are happier because you're a wonderful person I'd really love to meet because your character is pure. Love you. Following you for years :)
TheNineDivides 2 oy oldin
"I'm a man I'll say it I suck dong!" - Ankle 19'
TheNineDivides 2 oy oldin
Omg urgot ult would be so funny lol
spicy noodle
spicy noodle 2 oy oldin
next champ - gives you deppresion
John Rocco
John Rocco 2 oy oldin
Love the video. This ain’t on ankle, but when Galio does that damage everybody freaks and wants him nerfed 😭
Chase Rodgers
Chase Rodgers 2 oy oldin
i 100% agree wth ankle
Michael van Dijk
Michael van Dijk 2 oy oldin
What ult does Silas get when he ults another Silas?
nyomelem 2 oy oldin
What happens if Sylas steal Karma's ult? O.o
JackxRaiden 2 oy oldin
Ankle plz,the chroma opinion is not necessary
Scottie Currie
Scottie Currie 2 oy oldin
Sylus is exactly what this game needed. An extremely versatile champ that can break down the pillars of disgustingly broken champs. Now with a good sylus player no one trick pony is safe as Sylus can use their own broken abilities against them. Riot did good with this and I hope he stays exactly as he is. We need a good bursting champion that can even out the broken playing field
Mac Ellenburg
Mac Ellenburg 2 oy oldin
Best thumbnail game in the biz.
funnybigb71 2 oy oldin
Wonder how riot got rights to kratos from God of war
AJFes12 2 oy oldin
I still think the sheild and overpowered sheild should be removed/nerfed,
cmango 2 oy oldin
Lovin the new God of War gameplay!
Nino Sulser
Nino Sulser 2 oy oldin
Great vid man
Chrono Bretz
Chrono Bretz 2 oy oldin
The champ looks interesting not really my type of champ but would be fun to play in aram
Echo Fox
Echo Fox 2 oy oldin
Can you steal jinx's ult?
Renektop 2 oy oldin
from the way his abilities looked i thought i would be an ad caster/assasin, him being ap doesnt make much sense to me, anyone else feels that way?
Roni Hussein
Roni Hussein 2 oy oldin
I clicked on your video to like it without watching it just because of you're caption... good one!
MrLittleSam 2 oy oldin
The thumbnail is giving me a serious case of the giggles.
Вячеслав Дедик
Hey Ankle, i think u can buy The Black Spear ,because if you steal Kalista's ult, you need to have your ally connected with you , then when u steal Kalista's ult, u should buy and use The Black Spear before u will be able to use ult. Sorry if there are mistakes in my comment , i'm from Russia :D And thank you for your videos, its really big pleasure to watching it =) *hitting them with the hypecat*
MommY 2 oy oldin
good talk ankle, good talk
Maurice Anderson
Maurice Anderson 2 oy oldin
Oh yes, pierce dem lil black boys assholes, big chunky white criminal with giant white cock
Halfrican 8
Halfrican 8 2 oy oldin
I feel like they are pumping out these glorified chromas because people sucked the knob off Riot with pajama party Star guardians.. they saw high profit from low quality, from a business stand point there is no reason to put in effort if little/no effort makes more money
Menelker 2 oy oldin
AoE, Small cc, gap closer and a love to grope all champs to steal ulties... hows he play in the jungle?
Pyke Oneesan
Pyke Oneesan 2 oy oldin
Ankle does have a point about the chromas. I mean, why does riot keep releasing them in (mostly) every new skin release? It doesn't make any sense. Btw, love the video ankle. All of them are a good jiggle in the funny bone. :3
Mustard-Sama 2 oy oldin
The voice actor for Sylas needs to voice the lines of all the other champions on their ults.
Lunch Guy
Lunch Guy 2 oy oldin
Sylas : The unbalanced
Phương Nguyễn
Keep it up senpai
Sassy Hack
Sassy Hack 2 oy oldin
When is this champ coming out to live servers?
Rakkis97 2 oy oldin
無弦止玫 2 oy oldin
It's fantastic to see Ankle's smile again.
Zertog3000 2 oy oldin
Summary: 8:31 =D
Savage Age
Savage Age 2 oy oldin
great ted talk do more we here for u not league... ok thats not true we here for league but u 2
264MOSHY 2 oy oldin
Amen to that ted talk at the end
ISHAQUE MIA 2 oy oldin
You are an actually intelligent leauge content creator. And also so funny.
Eetu 2 oy oldin
12:41 it says "Akali" is godlike when you killed enemy with her ult. Interesting.
Jason S
Jason S 2 oy oldin
wwwwWWWWWWWWWWhat's up Ankle =D
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 2 oy oldin
Just realized that the enemy team was all female. Haha
Pete Troia
Pete Troia 2 oy oldin
Another ap assassin...great
Yasuo puts on his robe and wizard hat
Who is Sylas?
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