T.I. Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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T.I. goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about his love for Air Maxes growing up, meeting Michael Jordan and getting blessed by DJ Khaled with a pair of the Grateful IIIs.
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8-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 949
gmitch 7 soat oldin
this cat take hisself too serious
Tiffany Newman
Tiffany Newman 13 soat oldin
Dude bought 18 pairs of shoes
fagbemi ayodele
fagbemi ayodele Kun oldin
Why aren't Jay-Z coming for sneaker shopping?
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 4 kun oldin
“ I said you could have whatever you like “ 🎤🎶
Steven Rivera
Steven Rivera 6 kun oldin
T.I. on that big baller status
Olaitan Garuba
Olaitan Garuba 6 kun oldin
Nice one, T I...
GhostofAlexJonesss 6 kun oldin
this nigga wearing a paper machai shirt bahhaaaaa bruh made it in art class and his teacher told him it was great
GhostofAlexJonesss 6 kun oldin
this nigga wearing a picnic table cloth with newspaper clippings stapled too it lol smh this dude needs to just shut down his clothing line already no swag at all
Lee Kautz
Lee Kautz 12 kun oldin
I hope these fools pay respect to where it come from. Run dmc......public enemy.......nwa.....eazy e........eazy e was the shit.......I hope these youngsters know shit
Klisman_Lp 15 kun oldin
I said u can have whatever u like!
queennixon123 15 kun oldin
I’m not familiar with the sneaker head culture so can someone explain to me why those Concords and Air Max 97s cost that much in this store? Can you not get those in a regular mall for significantly cheaper?
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 16 kun oldin
There prices are nuts.
Mohammed Adamali
Mohammed Adamali 17 kun oldin
Man that chick fine as hell
Juan Navarrete
Juan Navarrete 18 kun oldin
T.i is the fucking man
Jaymz Talamantez
Jaymz Talamantez 18 kun oldin
The Hand Symbolism Though...
Elijah  Todd
Elijah Todd 19 kun oldin
Nelly should do a episode!
Don't play poker with MJ unless you wanna end up broke as Antoine Walker
Tavont Lee
Tavont Lee 19 kun oldin
They taxed his ass 👀
Jimmy Chai
Jimmy Chai 22 kun oldin
You know what im saying? Yeah you know what I'm saying?
Jay Al
Jay Al 23 kun oldin
Tip did his thang
Tia Long
Tia Long 24 kun oldin
You guys need young thug
King James
King James 24 kun oldin
As far a total amount I think he spent the most
Emmanuel Sam
Emmanuel Sam 27 kun oldin
Ma only king in pop The real gee
The Rellum
The Rellum 28 kun oldin
What's the name of the song in the beginning?
Michael Nite Quinto
Michael Nite Quinto 28 kun oldin
Im high boi🍁🍁🍁
Isaac Solorio
Isaac Solorio 29 kun oldin
Ti seems like cool guy
Randy Barrientes
Randy Barrientes 29 kun oldin
God bless T. I. Good shoe collection
Matthias Horne
L.B. Hughes
L.B. Hughes Oy oldin
Bruh just spent 9K like it wasn’t nothing 💯
Hisoka Oy oldin
Leave it to Tip to make you feel broke as hell. 😂
xDELTAKILLx Oy oldin
Sneaker shopping with the Mamba!
Paulito Gallegos
Y’all really have famous people drop money on your shows without a question but won’t give T.I. A discount when he spends $9,500 on shoes. Weak
T.I. be balling
Savior Aleman
Savior Aleman Oy oldin
Fuck that lil midget and i ain't hating
Savior Aleman
Savior Aleman Oy oldin
T.I is a cocky fuck
SuthernHottie 00
Discount!!! LMAO
jheredi84 Oy oldin
Shit! I wish I could drop 9k on some kicks!
Tommy Tang
Tommy Tang Oy oldin
This is crazy
stroves Oy oldin
He looks like a smart gangbanger lowkey
BMT Oy oldin
The bewildering number of footwear displayed before me has left me no less than bamboozled. I must retire to my domain in order to alleviate the possibility of making a terrible decision in purchasing one of these here shoes.
Leobardo Hernandez
I love t.i vocabulary. He thug life with smarts. Definitely a person to look up to.
Julian Walls
Julian Walls Oy oldin
Ti trippin he chose the 89s over the 90s never knew about the 89s learned something new they look the 90s but flatter
Julian Walls
Julian Walls Oy oldin
T.i shirt ugly as a bitch
Tremain Smith
Tremain Smith Oy oldin
T I be trying 2 be proper and thug like nigga be glad u made it stay true kutty yup😏
Dirk504 Oy oldin
The MJ 3s are my favorites too. And man... TI did it big in there lol.
Sean Mayo
Sean Mayo Oy oldin
Ever thought bout that their ancestors never wore shoes. Think
LordAlmighty BMack
This is malcome x not T.I.
James williams
Selector Jah
Selector Jah Oy oldin
What kind of shirt does TI have on?
Vloggin' Vlogs
yeah we all would probly buy all the J1s available there like TI did.
one nation.
one nation. Oy oldin
Waiting for lilwayne.
Tiffany Jones
Tiffany Jones Oy oldin
Dope dealing
man.kab Oy oldin
I like this give me all the colors 😂
GT 4real
GT 4real Oy oldin
Until we stop buying into corporations that need our money there will never be Equality, how are you going to be equal if your always inferior to your competition? Do you see Jordan wearing AKOS?
BLOCK B2B Oy oldin
So far he spent the most...
Davonte118 Burley
Ashley Oy oldin
9K on sneakers sign me up
Ives Lopes
Ives Lopes Oy oldin
t.i is so slow , i sleep hes high
Ramesh Persaud
Ti big up all d shows I look at he shop biger than others
BRANTube Oy oldin
Who rolls up to Complex's show to film a sneaker piece in D. Martens?? Those would be the boots he has on for those who dont know. I got a cpl pair...just sayin, not a sneaker homie.LOL!
Lord Devenity
Lord Devenity Oy oldin
It’s not want kind of shoe you have on your feet it’s about your Individual style show Your SHOE GAME Nice video 👍
William Kenney
William Kenney 2 oy oldin
Damn T.I. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
SwayNoir 2 oy oldin
Damn T.I, dem teeeeeeeth. Must have spent a lot on dem
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 2 oy oldin
Question, is this the most someone has dropped?
Angela Wheeler
Angela Wheeler 2 oy oldin
T I is smart and handsome
Duncan Penderhughes
Sneaker Shopping is slick. They used this show as a way to keep revenue coming in. Get celebrities to come in and express their love for shoes, now let's go shopping.
Ashley Morris
Ashley Morris 2 oy oldin
9,000 on some shoes... must be nice.
brandon cobb
brandon cobb Oy oldin
Ashley Morris was up ms morris
Tommy T
Tommy T 2 oy oldin
Oh shit he grabbed the skeptas
duv endique
duv endique 2 oy oldin
Tang In* goes sneaker shopping!
knowwe 2 oy oldin
Fuck you TI, vid disliked
Miracles _mama
Miracles _mama 2 oy oldin
T.I is a professional guy
kevin araujo
kevin araujo 2 oy oldin
Ti your killing me . 9gs on sneaks. You should've pulled out the rubber band man on the cashier . His sneaker game is almost as vast as his vocabulary. Salute the rubber band man
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis 2 oy oldin
10,000 on kicks and probably won't wear half of em
Matthew does nothing
invite travis scott to stadium goods
Tiffany L French
Tiffany L French 2 oy oldin
Man listening you can get these shoes at Foot locker, Finish line, and Foot Action for a reasonable price.
VALLEY El 2 oy oldin
They dont even let my bro talk lmao
shakur carter
shakur carter 2 oy oldin
what did they say at the end
Deryk Saenz
Deryk Saenz 2 oy oldin
You can whatever you like 😂
Bertarontaria 2 oy oldin
TI will always be zaddy
Allova Suddun
Allova Suddun 2 oy oldin
Dam Tip Bought Dude Shoes & Food🤔
Lonely Kid
Lonely Kid 2 oy oldin
this was an off day for joe
Lonely Kid
Lonely Kid 2 oy oldin
know what I'm sayin
Corderro Faulkner
Notice when 50 was on here he bought one pair for his son but nothing else mentality man mentality
Muhammad Saifuddin
man this guy is so chill
ives tanglao
ives tanglao 2 oy oldin
Bring machine gun kelly for shopping
Matt l
Matt l 2 oy oldin
Does Anyone else just go to the end to see how much the person spends
El Matatan
El Matatan 2 oy oldin
Always Been a T.I fan...
Vagos por vida
Vagos por vida 2 oy oldin
T.I looks extra fly in this video!
soundcloud Cdog CLT
The Legend💯
Chris Shim
Chris Shim 2 oy oldin
ti is the man
Haassan1 2 oy oldin
TI needs to chill.
J W 2 oy oldin
Damm I knew he was Gona go big
She Beast
She Beast 2 oy oldin
U have good taste King SheBeast Ducezzz
Kevin s
Kevin s 2 oy oldin
Highway robbery with those prices tf
Israel 2 oy oldin
This must be a charity event,because the shoes are way over priced.
E V7
E V7 2 oy oldin
Will Smith aka Fresh Prince goes sneaker shopping with Complex!!!
Luis Tavares
Luis Tavares 2 oy oldin
finally some Neymar shit
Mad Duck
Mad Duck 2 oy oldin
Bruh how small is Tip
Tashveen Randhawa
Respect man. A real og. Not some wannabe ass pretending to be an og but cashes out with 600 dollars worth of stuff
Harbo Empires Productions
Brilliant marketing decision by Nike to act socially conscious and use Colin to help bolster their profits. That quote about being willing to “lose profits to be on the right side of history” is just icing on the cake.
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