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James Corden heads to Walmart to give an employee a break, and learns the finer art of greeting everyone with a smile and choosing the highest quality items for online orders. And he finds the perfect spot to catch a quick nap on the job.
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1-Noy, 2018

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Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez 7 soat oldin
I think james have reason to act like that. I will bet walmart ask for big money to get film this. James not doing this without purpose i think
Will Patterson
Will Patterson 14 soat oldin
Honestly annoyed me to watch this...
Alexey Dzyuba
Alexey Dzyuba 14 soat oldin
Walmart has a super-power to turn every talkshow host into an asshole
Alissa Fader
Alissa Fader Kun oldin
She’s getting way to serious. He doesn’t actually work there.
Sad Heart
Sad Heart Kun oldin
this motherfucker piece of shit is so fucking disrespectful lame piece of shit fat pig
sarahvids Kun oldin
shaneka was so mad at james im deadd
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 2 kun oldin
5:42 😂
Joker Vape Crew
Joker Vape Crew 2 kun oldin
I worked at Walmart and it was hell fuck u Walmart lmao
THE Noellian Freebird
OMG!!! Surely someone from the show was cleaning up behind his crazy a$$!!! Bahaha!!!
Amber Sidwell
Amber Sidwell 2 kun oldin
employee of the month
Ryan Langhart
Ryan Langhart 3 kun oldin
damn whats up kate
noam klein
noam klein 3 kun oldin
Eli Vasquez
Eli Vasquez 5 kun oldin
Hannah Dayton
Hannah Dayton 6 kun oldin
I mean this is sorta just think this is stupid
MaximMate 6 kun oldin
while he was there he should have raised the minimum wage lmaoooo
Erik Jauregui
Erik Jauregui 6 kun oldin
Idk how he has balls to do that lmao. I would be sooooo embarrassed lol
Li Alkalo
Li Alkalo 7 kun oldin
shaniqua can't handle james
Fathim Toure
Fathim Toure 7 kun oldin
I feel so sorry for that employee 😂😂
UnrulyBaton 8446
UnrulyBaton 8446 8 kun oldin
Except it’s been squeezed
UnrulyBaton 8446
UnrulyBaton 8446 8 kun oldin
That one green funny looking squash that you found it looks like a penis
Jesse Cappelaere
Jesse Cappelaere 8 kun oldin
He should give the CEO of epic games a break and then destroy fortnite
IRONic MANner 8 kun oldin
Hahaha Best moment when he used his theeth 3:30
Zack Zack
Zack Zack 8 kun oldin
This fucking audience is retarded, laughing at the dumbest shit I swear smh.
Siryos 8 kun oldin
Bella Fassler
Bella Fassler 9 kun oldin
Wen he kept knocking over the signs I died of laughter
Bella Fassler
Bella Fassler 9 kun oldin
This is such a funny video
tshilidzi ntsieni
tshilidzi ntsieni 9 kun oldin
So wish i could do that in south african shops.lol
JJg123 9 kun oldin
This killed me😂😁
Mia Mori
Mia Mori 9 kun oldin
People writing "James was being an ass" ect ITS A SKIT Y'ALL don't be ignorant 😂 😂
Doctor Alphys
Doctor Alphys 9 kun oldin
Un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf...
Meme 228
Meme 228 9 kun oldin
Lol 2019 anyone?
Ivanna Estrada
Ivanna Estrada 9 kun oldin
Be carful it might brake😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏽
K1ng5n0w 9 kun oldin
let’s play a guessing game. how much money do you think james had to reimburse to this walmart 😅
Yu Koinuma
Yu Koinuma 9 kun oldin
so good my fav video! I love James Corden!
Yu Koinuma
Yu Koinuma 9 kun oldin
Yu Koinuma
Yu Koinuma 9 kun oldin
i agree
Ally Toussaint
Ally Toussaint 10 kun oldin
I hope he actually pays for the stuff he damaged lol...
Jon C
Jon C 10 kun oldin
Not...very funny. Just a bad attempt to advertise for Walmarts crappy services.
Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba 10 kun oldin
I mean i know its fake but it made me cringe sooo fucking much
# Peekapower
# Peekapower 10 kun oldin
Hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha love the nap place!!!!
Matt Hall
Matt Hall 11 kun oldin
Incredibles is Pixar 😂
miss B
miss B 10 kun oldin
Which is owned by disney
Elli loves pizza
Elli loves pizza 11 kun oldin
this was kinda rude
William Bailey
William Bailey 11 kun oldin
You need a smile just not more then 34 hours so you don't get benefits.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 12 kun oldin
I hate to say it but he's trying too hard to get laughs he was just an a-hole here.
BEK : BrownEyeKat
BEK : BrownEyeKat 12 kun oldin
im watching this in class and i cant stop laughing
RosyGoldarts 13 kun oldin
that worker kind of annoyed me idk she seemed mad 😂
Marat Minikhanov
Marat Minikhanov 13 kun oldin
She is fuming
Ruby Waller
Ruby Waller 13 kun oldin
James your the funniest person I know 😂😂😂😂
Rexasaurus 13 kun oldin
Ah, the perfect day at work.
chris delo
chris delo 13 kun oldin
Well I hope their “Ten Feet Rule” works in the Walmart near us.
Imna Medina
Imna Medina 14 kun oldin
Walmart be empty there
gamer squad
gamer squad 14 kun oldin
Not the best idea to start watching james when i go to bed.... I cant stop watching him 😩😩
James Parsons
James Parsons 14 kun oldin
@morejstu they did a toilet paper fort
Mary's Reviews
Mary's Reviews 14 kun oldin
Lol...tooo funny
Dragon'sprincess 14 kun oldin
I don't know why i expect he is gonna sing take a break from hamilton while he forces the employees to stand aside and take a damn break😂😂
4 subscribers aiming for a million
This was a silent Walmart promotion " Wow this is a big place Look at this fresh produce Well we pick up the stuff for our customers That's what we strive for " And that their trolleys can handle huge weights
Aatir Mohammed
Aatir Mohammed 14 kun oldin
Well.......James has never been to WalMart?
Katherine Harrington
lmao this reminds me of ellen
Zoe Dovy
Zoe Dovy 14 kun oldin
I don’t know why but this pisses me off SO MUCH! 😬
Hi I’m tom
Hi I’m tom 15 kun oldin
James tried shoplifting candy lol XD
GachaWolf -MJC
GachaWolf -MJC 15 kun oldin
And this is how James got banned from Walmart
Celeste Alvarez
Celeste Alvarez 15 kun oldin
Did anyone else see “Me Before You” in the film bin?
mattbhagify 16 kun oldin
Melons are expensive :( sigh.
annA 16 kun oldin
well now you're just wasting food...................
Eli Soper
Eli Soper 16 kun oldin
Shanica shaniqua...how do you spell it?
Holly Robinson
Holly Robinson 16 kun oldin
This guy is pure BRITISH talent Americans won’t ever get him the way us British do come back over here James please 😂😂😂😒 x
Tianna Elizalde
Tianna Elizalde 16 kun oldin
I wonder if that walmart pick up is extra...
Tianna Elizalde
Tianna Elizalde 16 kun oldin
I really hope that he did this to shove in walmarts face that u cant record in there although its more like if ur famous enough and have enough money u can do whatever u want...
Dominik Troxell
Dominik Troxell 16 kun oldin
James corden has officially revoked jake pauls title of "KING OF DESTRUCTION" Lmao😂
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia 16 kun oldin
I wonder how much $ in product James destroyed during this “break”?
jesi strickland
jesi strickland 17 kun oldin
Hi I'm shanica.. what do you think shanice ?
Holly Johns
Holly Johns 17 kun oldin
this series is iconic
Melissa Johnston
Melissa Johnston 17 kun oldin
I love James, it doesn't matter what he's doing, it's hilarious
Klare Bepary
Klare Bepary 17 kun oldin
I was stupid enough to think that the Walmart employees were gonna sing "Take A Break" from Hamilton: An American Musical. i was deeply mistaken.
Sharon Garza
Sharon Garza 18 kun oldin
Usually I do not comment on youtube videos. But REALLY I do like your work. I always laugh. Greetings from Mexico.
Avery Anthony
Avery Anthony 18 kun oldin
He looks like my uncle
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 18 kun oldin
Fuck Walmart, bunch of pricks. Stores are shit too
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 19 kun oldin
No girls in my Walmart talk to me they hate me
Nigrum Lupus
Nigrum Lupus 19 kun oldin
Absolutely entertaining! Genius, Mr. J! :)
Yara great
Yara great 19 kun oldin
High key the funniest video I’ve ever watched in my life😂😂
Shancai 19 kun oldin
9:05 that lady is me... Im just browsing yeh im not really looking for anything in this area *skip to 10mins later im in the baby section and i dont even have a baby*
Jackie 19 kun oldin
ALWAYS FUNNY! thanks james :D
Ria Swaynie
Ria Swaynie 20 kun oldin
There’s something wrong with me. I laughed so hard I almost puked 😂😂😂
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 20 kun oldin
I don't why but this is cringy to me
Bimal Thapa
Bimal Thapa 20 kun oldin
Kinda Rude
Graham Owenby
Graham Owenby 20 kun oldin
Why does everyone look like they've never seen him ...
Issa Galagar
Issa Galagar 22 kun oldin
James had a good sense of humor he's always making everybody Happy
Rayne Eiken
Rayne Eiken 22 kun oldin
Did she even know who James is.
lindda septiani
lindda septiani 22 kun oldin
Late late live tinder, comments are disabled. you know what? i hate you
Myles Day
Myles Day 23 kun oldin
James: Acts like a dick Crowd: 😂
hannkipf834 SNS
hannkipf834 SNS 23 kun oldin
10 meter rule? I got kicked out of Walmart because my order looked suspicious
Aidan Hipple
Aidan Hipple 23 kun oldin
Since when does Walmart sell wine?
Aidan Hipple
Aidan Hipple 23 kun oldin
That Walmart looked fancy from the outside compared to any other Walmart I’ve ever seen.
AudibleASMR 23 kun oldin
She had 0 patience for our man James 😂
Pugs are cuter
Pugs are cuter 24 kun oldin
Walmart employee: I cant see a thing James: Oh dont worry i will guide you runs into a shelf with the cart
justaddwater 24 kun oldin
hahaha that lady has no sense of humor
Gracie Arnold
Gracie Arnold 24 kun oldin
'Your still on the property!'
justaddwater 24 kun oldin
hahaha #sponce
Edna Deleon
Edna Deleon 24 kun oldin
I’ve been to Walmart and no one follows these rules. 👀
SD Borker
SD Borker 24 kun oldin
What a douchebag!
Catelyn Hale
Catelyn Hale 24 kun oldin
Makeup by Emely
Makeup by Emely 25 kun oldin
“Angel soft tissue, aw good for her” 😭