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James Corden heads to Walmart to give an employee a break, and learns the finer art of greeting everyone with a smile and choosing the highest quality items for online orders. And he finds the perfect spot to catch a quick nap on the job.
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1-Noy, 2018



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Dat Schwifty Boi
Dat Schwifty Boi 13 soat oldin
We never saw Shanika again..... some say that when you get on a canoe in that very walmart’s paper towel isle while rolling a melon to see if it is good or nah, then you will hear her snoring
Vonte Deans
Vonte Deans 21 soat oldin
When you work at Walmart it’s even more hilarious 😆
Gewgulkan Suhckitt
That was some really cheap looking wine he drank from that cardboard carton. If it had been good wine it would have had a sharpened straw on the side of the carton to poke through the little aluminum foil hole on top. I'm a bit of a wine snob, so you'll have to excuse me.
Darkestblue One
Darkestblue One Kun oldin
Frozen was not in the $5 bin
mary ghjkl
mary ghjkl 3 kun oldin
2:31 yeah James blank her like its black mirror
Choo Jung Yong JK
Choo Jung Yong JK 3 kun oldin
Sherri CS
Sherri CS 4 kun oldin
sam watkins
sam watkins 5 kun oldin
2:34 *warning* Don't open any painted or made out of plastic stuff with your mouth because that could be harmful and carcinogenic, the paint may fall and enter your body(even a small amount could be harmful). Also that is bad for your teeth.
Abdul Aleem
Abdul Aleem 5 kun oldin
James didn't see off rightly we can identify the Kate's fake smile
Jordan Lawrence
Jordan Lawrence 6 kun oldin
Jeffere Star and Shane Dawson are quaking
Bryant G
Bryant G 7 kun oldin
James: This place is huge Me: man do you ever get out
FSRC 8 kun oldin
But the canoe is not a canoe, that's a kayak
Frederick Fatalla Tampus
I Love This Video! Its Really hard Working in SuperMarkets Its my Pass Work Its Very Hard But Happy At the Same Time! Thanks for this!
Nayely Acosta
Nayely Acosta 10 kun oldin
I don't think I've ever laughed this hard during a UZvid video 😂😂😂😂
Lily Christie
Lily Christie 10 kun oldin
Oh my god wen James drank the wine I pissed myself LOL🖕😂😜
Ninja Army Gaming
Ninja Army Gaming 11 kun oldin
This should've been called "James destroying Walmart for 10 mins straight"
Sandy jiang
Sandy jiang 11 kun oldin
James Corden is the jolly version of Gordon Ramsay
I give up
I give up 8 kun oldin
Anubhav Nandi Nandi
Anubhav Nandi Nandi 11 kun oldin
Te Rini
Te Rini 11 kun oldin
Vanessa Hudgens, is that you??
Karanda Hyatt
Karanda Hyatt 11 kun oldin
I would love for him to come to the school I teach at and let some teachers have breaks. It would be hilarious!
Riley Meister
Riley Meister 11 kun oldin
You should play a game called "How much does James get sued for!"
Addyson Teague
Addyson Teague 11 kun oldin
And this lady's and gents is (James giving Shanica a bad day)
Miss Estee
Miss Estee 12 kun oldin
Am I the only person who thought of Hamilton when they saw the title?
Hannah Martin
Hannah Martin 11 kun oldin
SherriNicole Driver
SherriNicole Driver 13 kun oldin
I did that in a movie been all the bloody time
Heather Pruett
Heather Pruett 14 kun oldin
You are crazy 😂🤣😹😇🤓🤡🤡🤡😭😭🤐
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey 15 kun oldin
When james was moving with that mask on, i was tense. I knew hed hit something. Shanica looked kinda pissed.
eirene 15 kun oldin
what a mess! I know everything is planned, however it's not really funny. Kind of uncomfortable
MaddieMaddie 18
MaddieMaddie 18 15 kun oldin
When he hit the items in the shop I was literally about to die!😂😂🤣🤣😅😅
Spicts 16 kun oldin
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I 19 kun oldin
Ok why cant every walmart employee be shanika
Chhuti Maiti
Chhuti Maiti 19 kun oldin
Am I the only one who got annoyed by James' stupid antics and intentional disasters? I mean don't ruin the products man! Either someone else will buy those malhandled products unknowingly , or the company will have to bear the loss. I mean I won't buy a melon which has been thrown on the floor like a ball, or a mask which was worn by someone else. He is tearing packets, stealing products, throwing everything on the floor, and intentionally hitting the shelves with his cart and making things fall everywhere! Especially, when he hit the Nyx shelf and it collapsed with all those cosmetics in it. I mean, we all know how fragile and expensive cosmetics are. It's so irresponsible of him to behave like a buffoon! The employees are too polite to tell that to a tv celebrity, but it's evident that they are getting annoyed by these stupid antics.😏
Lohanne Alves
Lohanne Alves 19 kun oldin
I love James! Kisses from Brazil.
farhaz munna
farhaz munna 20 kun oldin
James we like isnt really rude and a bully like this
James Maxwell
James Maxwell 20 kun oldin
*2:27** well then, that's one way to do it*
Christopher Rivers
Christopher Rivers 20 kun oldin
James is the best
Ashley Brewer
Ashley Brewer 20 kun oldin
I wonder how much money james had to give Walmart after 😂
Sonia Dang
Sonia Dang 21 kun oldin
James at 2:49 tho!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Jillian Sorah
Jillian Sorah 22 kun oldin
“So people don’t even get their own groceries anymore?” Says the man who doesn’t get his own groceries.
Nithya Sivaguru
Nithya Sivaguru 22 kun oldin
7:54 who else sees the woman filming the whole thing
royalbuff123 22 kun oldin
James harassing Walmart workers
Bernadette Lilis
Bernadette Lilis 23 kun oldin
He destroy anything😂😂
Aditi Kashyap
Aditi Kashyap 23 kun oldin
How do people not know who James Corden is!
Better than You
Better than You 23 kun oldin
9:34 he’s committed I’ll give him that
Better than You
Better than You 23 kun oldin
4:00 I stayed the night in Walmart challenge
J D 25 kun oldin
My Walmart does not have that rule
Virus Of Cyrus
Virus Of Cyrus 25 kun oldin
He's funny and all but that bit right at the end when he takes off the uniform and you see his big saggy boobs.... YUK!! I just dont understand why people with this much money cant go on a diet or get a personal trainer before they die of a heart attack or lose a foot to diabetes or any one of the thousands of obese related fatal medical conditions that are completely overwhelming our hospitals & making good people die cause fat lazy cunts take up the beds in hospitals... You FAT PIGS make all of the rest of us sick!
Autumn Banter
Autumn Banter 25 kun oldin
As a Walmart employee this hurts me
ms.potato 1234
ms.potato 1234 26 kun oldin
"take a break have a kit-kat"
Mark Marlee
Mark Marlee 26 kun oldin
1:18 the best
kadd toh
kadd toh 26 kun oldin
so james is copying conan now with those remotes?
cHiLd FrIeNdLy
cHiLd FrIeNdLy 26 kun oldin
My ocd is shaking
Taekwondo IsMyLife
Taekwondo IsMyLife 28 kun oldin
I wish Shanica wasn't so strict, she should let him have his fun, he'll pay for it.
AIMS 1 28 kun oldin
AlmightySosa 28 kun oldin
What's Kate instragram?
Ashlee Shanen
Ashlee Shanen 28 kun oldin
James is such a SAVAGE🔥😂👑😂😂
Sophie Stanton
Sophie Stanton 28 kun oldin
With or without James Walmart is always like that
Free 30 dollars Trading Credits
Take a break , take a kit-kat
Kawaii Unicorns
Kawaii Unicorns 29 kun oldin
It's so weird when he said shernika because my name is shernika 🤣🤣🤣👏👏👍👍
Marcella Domingo
Marcella Domingo 29 kun oldin
James you should try and work at costco
Yoonmin is my religion
Does anyone know Kate's instagram..
Yoonmin is my religion
Shanica looks so done with james lmao
Ellie Arkus
Ellie Arkus 29 kun oldin
Shanika is like my spanish teacher and James is the class lol
Avery Jones
Avery Jones 29 kun oldin
chloe jec
chloe jec Oy oldin
Take a break, I'm on my way there's a little suprize before supper and it cannot wait-
Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen Oy oldin
Sounds like a sponsorship
This is so scripped Walmart employees are not that nice😐😐
Rom La
Rom La Oy oldin
Sunita Verma
Sunita Verma Oy oldin
The last one Harry Styles the cupcake smile!!!!!
Bill Day
Bill Day Oy oldin
That thumbnail tho XD
Sam Oy oldin
Lol 5:20
Maaz Hussain
Maaz Hussain Oy oldin
The fuck no one knows you
kemal mussy
kemal mussy Oy oldin
Omg is funny best video out lmao
Bendigen Streams
I feel terrible for that girl he was with srsly he just contradicted her all the time !
Tony Henderson
Should be called how to sell out your show and make fun of regular people by coming in for a day and getting paid what they make in a year.
Sarah Felton
Sarah Felton Oy oldin
Paetyn Hoffmann
When Ellen does it she makes people smile, but when James does it he gives people anxiety. XD
Mohammad Ismail
Is anyone like if any of this happened to my parents they would rage at James 😂
AJ Jackson
AJ Jackson Oy oldin
oh my gosh i love !!! 3-18-19
Holly Johns
Holly Johns Oy oldin
I love how James annoys people and doesn’t care LOL
Bekah Noel
Bekah Noel Oy oldin
AJ Gaming
AJ Gaming Oy oldin
kate lookin like vanessa hudgens fr
Cathrine Karumbi
That Wal-Mart employee was pissed
Jarong Sangma
Jarong Sangma Oy oldin
I would have punched him.
aiden merritt
aiden merritt Oy oldin
That girl was getting pissed off
Tylish Noodles
James gives me anxiety..
BeKfAsT .-.
BeKfAsT .-. Oy oldin
shanica bout to yell at him
Wilderness Tv
Wilderness Tv Oy oldin
I haven’t watched a funny video in so long
James Milner
James Milner Oy oldin
It’s all closed places and set up with actors but I think james is great
Rachael Leah
Rachael Leah Oy oldin
Litteraly the only people that they let film
Autumn Martin-Geerts
I freaking love James so much!!!!
Chance White
Chance White Oy oldin
This is the Walmart in SCV
Yissacher Blaxberg
He literally came and shoplifted. I hope he paid after
COACHC925 Oy oldin
Store #1615
Frank Xu
Frank Xu Oy oldin
Wow 😮
The American Panda!!!
Imagine just shopping and seeing James there
KD Infinity
KD Infinity Oy oldin
Its because its kind of advertising Walmart
josh herniman
josh herniman Oy oldin
Katie a young healthy girl who's too lazy to get off her ass and do her own shopping..way to go Walmart contribute to lazy America and you wonder why we have an obesity problem
_Lumichiko _
_Lumichiko _ Oy oldin
I thought you were going to sing hamilton songs in the faces of random employees😂
Professor ppp
Professor ppp Oy oldin
When James said hiii😂
- taehyung
- taehyung Oy oldin
poor shanica is having the hardest time of her life
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