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James Corden heads to Walmart to give an employee a break, and learns the finer art of greeting everyone with a smile and choosing the highest quality items for online orders. And he finds the perfect spot to catch a quick nap on the job.
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1-Noy, 2018

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Valeria Barriga
Valeria Barriga Soat oldin
5:40 has me dying😂😂
Felix von Roeder
Felix von Roeder Soat oldin
Very nice advertisement guys, Job well done 👍🏼
Elizabeth Maurer
Elizabeth Maurer 2 soat oldin
Anybody else notice at first he called her by the wrong name @ 0:56? I agree he came off as rude. I get he was being "funny" but pick up stuff you knocked over. Come on.
Neha Bhujel
Neha Bhujel 6 soat oldin
Prexto Rex
Prexto Rex 6 soat oldin
This is just too cringy. And I mean the highest level of cringe I've ever felt.
Shawn Ray
Shawn Ray 8 soat oldin
Wtf he is so annoying
Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis 14 soat oldin
7:52 that’s what she said
Lexi O’Neal
Lexi O’Neal 14 soat oldin
In the middle of this video I got an ad about Walmart and their pickup service 😂
bubble butt
bubble butt 16 soat oldin
He is fired
Shayna Welch
Shayna Welch 16 soat oldin
Why is kate not happy I'd be like chur throw that shit in the car
Anthony D'Alessandro
Anthony D'Alessandro 17 soat oldin
I understand that this is all for entertainment purposes and all the stuff damaged/consumed was probably paid for but causing damage and purposefully being disrespectful really is not that funny but that's just my opinion
Optimistic Monday
Optimistic Monday 17 soat oldin
This literally made me crack out loud
kingofmonra 18 soat oldin
the smile is part of the uniform? never seen anyone that works at walmart smile.
Tyanna Sera
Tyanna Sera 18 soat oldin
Why u guys not dislike this video to make James clear that it’s not ok to mess up a store and he’s not even cleaned it....wtf
nic-cin 18 soat oldin
thought this was a hamilton thing
M L 19 soat oldin
As a Brit, I have no idea what Americans see in this disrespectful idiot. I am glad he is there, most here just cant stand him lol
Kirpal Singh
Kirpal Singh 19 soat oldin
I liked your carpool karaoke, I think you have a beautiful singing voice, and when you don't try to brown-noser for your audience I think you're exceptionally ROFL- type funny. But I'm just disappointed bro, you thought this was a good idea. Much love and admiration Great job on weight loss James
Kirpal Singh
Kirpal Singh 19 soat oldin
I used to work for Walmart, they're abusive to the mass of employees. It's all brainwashing, and they hope you don't notice the managers take credit for every single thing you do. Separately, when I worked there for example, I was really into a few of the chicks that worked there and they'd just flirt enough to get us to complete an objective and then nothing. Maybe it's the culture from the company or from the community. But the culture of the company is really not very humane. In fact, the company relies on mass of it's employees to use welfare or lose a substantial amount of weekly pay to inflated insurance rate.
Ana Farias
Ana Farias 20 soat oldin
No food waste, plz, James.
Alex Ayala
Alex Ayala 20 soat oldin
I work at Walmart and every time he made a mess it hurt me a little
park jimin san
park jimin san 21 soat oldin
i work in a store and my anxiety is acting up thinking about cleaning all the mess he made lol but i laughed my ass off
Tana Jenner
Tana Jenner 21 soat oldin
Lol he called her Shanice. Her name was shanika
Squishie Pineapple
Squishie Pineapple 21 soat oldin
There was a Walmart add on this..............
Missay Missay
Missay Missay 22 soat oldin
James please do more of "take a break" youre hilarious.
Zain Ali
Zain Ali 22 soat oldin
You can tell that he still has that Britishness inside James walking around the aisles and throwing stuff 😂😂 that's what we brits do around here and he took it with him to California 😂 props to James 🤙🏽
Joseph Gaudet
Joseph Gaudet 23 soat oldin
Is this a Walmart pr campaign? We all still know they are a corporation that runs off of sweat shops and employee abuse...
PotatoTaco Girl
PotatoTaco Girl 23 soat oldin
i got a walmart ad 😂
Marianna Sassone
this is hilarious omg
JasmineTV Kun oldin
Who would like to see James Corden handle customer complaints? I think that would be pretty funny haha 😂
Anna Khomutenko
Anna Khomutenko Kun oldin
What a talented funny guy he is :)
Symi Hope
Symi Hope Kun oldin
All the walmart employees in my area just flirt with the customers or offer no assistance at all
mromar Kun oldin
There are a few Gay bones in this guys body.. The hip movement with the smile dry runs says it all
Jason Hamilton-Ramm
Everyone looks pissed lol
Jason Hamilton-Ramm
That employee look pissed of
Ryan Rubio
Ryan Rubio Kun oldin
When do Walmart employees smile they all look like thier pissed and have attitudes. but this Girl probably drinks Wal Mart Kool Aid everyday
eva C
eva C Kun oldin
Anyone else get a Walmart ad before the video?!?!🤔
Vlogs with John
Vlogs with John Kun oldin
I cracked up at 5:44
ツCrypted Kun oldin
*Gets a Walmart ad*
Kübra Karatas
Kübra Karatas Kun oldin
Take a break! Me: my whole life has been a break
Kate Brandli
Kate Brandli 17 soat oldin
Kübra Karatas R
Kucopel Zol
Kucopel Zol Kun oldin
8:30 there you go, woman behind
KimSohye Manager
jame’s jokes were kinds off errr like abit too harsh idk why..
bianc muño
bianc muño Kun oldin
He made a mess out of that Walmart
Mariano Benítez Sierra
3:13 that Arron Crascall reference xd
Bad Player
Bad Player Kun oldin
1:58 The fortnite football emote. Fortnite got it from here lol
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson Kun oldin
Wal-Mart was a good sport.
Ava Marie
Ava Marie Kun oldin
Why did I get like 20 Walmart ads???
Hammys 101
Hammys 101 Kun oldin
Omg I got a Walmart ad before this
Celine Gerenshteyn
was it only me or did everyone get a walmart ad before watching this?
Katie Shields
Katie Shields Kun oldin
Laughing at all the people getting offended for James “mocking” Walmart. Explain to me exactly how?!?
Lolli_Pop Kun oldin
I got a walmart ad before this lol
When I was watching this the ad was Wal-Mart pick up. LOL
The Wal-Mart employee was stressed and mad. Hahahahahaha
Tina Ned
Tina Ned Kun oldin
You can tell she was annoyed
Lidia Nuckowska
Lidia Nuckowska 2 kun oldin
That shop is massive my tescos are small
Carson Wiesner
Carson Wiesner 2 kun oldin
I have never had a Walmart employee smile
Praise Owoeye
Praise Owoeye 2 kun oldin
Y do the workers look so serious 😂😂😂😂I would take advantage
Mrudul 2 kun oldin
oof I got a Walmart ad
thuraia Al.s
thuraia Al.s 2 kun oldin
CryptPixel 2 kun oldin
This should be titled "James giving Shanika anxiety"
CryptPixel 2 kun oldin
Damn Dude, Shanika must've been so worried having James around screwing everything up for them haha.
dilanka nimsara
dilanka nimsara 2 kun oldin
Someone tryin' na duplicate Ellen
Andy Crandall
Andy Crandall 2 kun oldin
To me he was being ab ass...that wasnt funny...kinda mocking
Solomonster 2 kun oldin
The best one yet 😂
Rahayu Elc. Yogya
Rahayu Elc. Yogya 2 kun oldin
Wonder how many dvd he destroyed diving in there lol
Shannon Willis
Shannon Willis 2 kun oldin
My kids do that!! 😂They sneak in the toilet paper or paper towels and try to take a nap. Or build a castle.
Adeline Arendell
Adeline Arendell 2 kun oldin
Yo shanika was not having it. She looked like she was about to have an aneurism
James Ryan
James Ryan 2 kun oldin
Just saying. Kate was kinda cute😍
Per David
Per David 2 kun oldin
My local Walmart be snatching weaves
Forever_ Blonde
Forever_ Blonde 2 kun oldin
half way through this video.... i got a walmart ad....
Chloe *
Chloe * 2 kun oldin
There was a add about Walmart on your video
Ta comendo muito gordonês ikkkkkikk tamo junto eu também como
mary buster
mary buster 2 kun oldin
what Walmart is this I have never seen any employee at Walmart smiles, say hello & be nice to customers. Walmart's around here suck, I store at Target.
jenny 2 kun oldin
the employee aren’t having it
TheOnly 0506
TheOnly 0506 2 kun oldin
Rip 5000 discs 😂
Azucena Beltran
Azucena Beltran 2 kun oldin
Who ever cleaned his mess probably gate him 😂
tulsipatel97 2 kun oldin
conan is so much better at these remote segments lol
MinionStudios 2 kun oldin
Had a Walmart ad before this lol
aye sha
aye sha 2 kun oldin
emotional work
Bertha Henson
Bertha Henson 2 kun oldin
Isn't that embarrassing
jackiesnowangel 2 kun oldin
I did not enjoy this one. Too much mess for others to pick up after.
Ginger Adventurez
Ginger Adventurez 2 kun oldin
Paper towel nap, classic.
retnuH 2 kun oldin
I can imagine the late late show helped clean, and payed for what James ruined. So no need to be mad about this. It was all in good fun.
Tirath Bal
Tirath Bal 2 kun oldin
Red Kings
Red Kings 2 kun oldin
Lmao I got a Walmart ad before the video
William weber
William weber 2 kun oldin
He looks like an employer and not a talk show host
Prachet Agarwal
Prachet Agarwal 2 kun oldin
that just wasn't funny
Karley Harris
Karley Harris 2 kun oldin
You don't need the calories!!! Lol!!!!! 😂
Indira J
Indira J 3 kun oldin
*gets a walmart ad before this video*
Max Ette
Max Ette 3 kun oldin
We are we are WALMART
Ondine Travers
Ondine Travers 3 kun oldin
James would literally be me if I worked at Walmart
Nvsble Tears
Nvsble Tears 3 kun oldin
I have ligitimitly never seen any employee at Wal-Mart smile. Never. Never friendly either.
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace 3 kun oldin
shkskskskmsns shaniqua hatessssss him
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace 3 kun oldin
“are you sure katie doesn’t want a canoe?”
Neil Blasingame
Neil Blasingame 3 kun oldin
I got a Walmart ad
BoosPlaybook 3 kun oldin
i love james but its sad how fake this is lol
Lliam Williams
Lliam Williams 3 kun oldin
He should do stuffs like this with conan
Got7 AhGaSe
Got7 AhGaSe 3 kun oldin
8:35 &James as a coupon dealer lmao like on the black market*
Craig Yamamoto
Craig Yamamoto 3 kun oldin
Audrey Chan
Audrey Chan 3 kun oldin
i dont find this funny and hes starting to act like conan :(
Haneen Hussain
Haneen Hussain 3 kun oldin
Did anyone else get a Walmart Commercial in the middle of this??????