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18-Sen, 2018




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Eliana Meghan's
Eliana Meghan's 2 daqiqa oldin
80% of comments: WDW ad 20% of comments: About vid
Schuy Reign
Schuy Reign Kun oldin
Holy hell why is everyone commenting on this band I've never heard of
Schuy Reign
Schuy Reign Kun oldin
PART 2!!!
Shanti Khan
Shanti Khan 2 kun oldin
1:40 we all know you picked sex because you cut it out 🤣
TheMadGrim 0598
TheMadGrim 0598 3 kun oldin
Millennials were born between 1980- 1990 . Gen X was born between 1990 and 2000. Gen Z was born between 2001 and 2019
Riddhi Mathur
Riddhi Mathur 3 kun oldin
The chain on the right one is silver
Katherine Vai
Katherine Vai 5 kun oldin
Wow I didn’t think Emma chamberlain would be on the quiz at 3:11
Eden Gillott-Moody
Eden Gillott-Moody 5 kun oldin
I like how she didn't tell us what she put on the last answer on the first quiz 😂😂😂
Presley Walton
Presley Walton 5 kun oldin
there are multiple ansawers because i got the total package
Bubblez Lol
Bubblez Lol 6 kun oldin
She sounds like dory 😊🌹
Annika Hoag
Annika Hoag 6 kun oldin
You have a degree in bartending?
Mollie Marshall
Mollie Marshall 8 kun oldin
Hi Rachel I am your biggest fan and I tried the ninja warrior quiz and it said I am going to be the next ninja warrior
Alison Elliott  (STUDENT)
i did the jojo quiz and it said i was her age! haha not even close
The Hoverboaders
The Hoverboaders 9 kun oldin
Why were unibrows ever a thing?😂
Teagan Flannery
Teagan Flannery 11 kun oldin
That's a coincidence my name is Teagan
Yvette Sobky Shaffer
What if I put bark? What am I, A Duncan? Rachel, you are offending Duncan and his animal noises! omg why
Amelia Gacha Toons
Amelia Gacha Toons 12 kun oldin
My daddy always says Once you go black you never go back
Itz_April _Xx
Itz_April _Xx 12 kun oldin
5:18 the other was silver
Lalo and halo
Lalo and halo 12 kun oldin
Is she wearing colleens sweatshirt?or do they have the same sweatshirt?
Laura Gomez Padilla
Laura Gomez Padilla 12 kun oldin
Yeah.... I have the buzzfeed app...
Lulu LUNA 12 kun oldin
No one has a silver chain
Rebeka Zamudio
Rebeka Zamudio 13 kun oldin
6:50 your still you even if your a UZvidr!😘
zahara russell
zahara russell 13 kun oldin
So are just going to skip over how funny 1:39 it wasn’t that funny but I found it funny
Erica Vacco
Erica Vacco 13 kun oldin
4:42 Who else noticed the WHY DON’T WE BANNERRR
Amanda Duarte
Amanda Duarte 14 kun oldin
stuid the other cane is a diifent color
Gwen Clark
Gwen Clark 14 kun oldin
w h a t k i n d o f a i r a r e y o u
Sarah Diaa
Sarah Diaa 14 kun oldin
your face, it just screams CRINGEEEEEEEEE in my face
Music Jazz
Music Jazz 12 kun oldin
At least it doesn't scream ugly
Sarah Diaa
Sarah Diaa 14 kun oldin
you are the criniest youtuber evr
Music Jazz
Music Jazz 12 kun oldin
Learn how to spell before you hate
Shaiz Virani
Shaiz Virani 14 kun oldin
They don’t know what kind of bread I am ?!?! 😂💙
Josef Konrad
Josef Konrad 15 kun oldin
what watch do you have
ELZARA ARIFOVA 15 kun oldin
God is a pen Rachel is a highlighter God made the world Rachel made it brighter
Jessica Trevino
Jessica Trevino 15 kun oldin
I saw Harry Styles so I clicked one the video lol if anyone agrees then give this comment a like 🙂
Maren Berry
Maren Berry 15 kun oldin
I took all the tests and here is what I got: This food test will determine your taste in men: young and restless how well do you know what your favorite celebrities look like: 8 out of 13 eat a desert in every color and we'll reveal your sexiest quality: my brain build a genz boyfriend and we'll guess your age and dream job: 22 and photographer, screenwriter, or architect some of the quizzes I couldn't find but here are the ones I could.
Cassandra Harris
Cassandra Harris 15 kun oldin
born in 2008 and have known who the thornberrys were since i cud talk#RugratsGoWild
Amidakween 15 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hahahahahaaaa “Sexy snake”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hannah Wright
Hannah Wright 15 kun oldin
Unicorn Lover_6000
Unicorn Lover_6000 16 kun oldin
I need to know what type of bread I am *IMMEDIATLY*
Kt Is awesome
Kt Is awesome 16 kun oldin
Omg did any other limelights see the 8 letters advertisement on the bottom of the screenshot thing at 4:42
The LaRae’ Show
The LaRae’ Show 16 kun oldin
Take the why don’t we quiz
Rainbow_styles94 16 kun oldin
At :38 I freaked out cuz Harry😂🐸
Brandy Dickens
Brandy Dickens 16 kun oldin
Ooh she skipped the question at 1:40 we all know what that means😏😏🤫
Izabella Zapata
Izabella Zapata 16 kun oldin
5:22 why don’t We’s 8 letter tour.is advertised AMAZING
Haley Bell
Haley Bell 17 kun oldin
I Zoomed in on Kanye’s necklace the one on the right is silver and the one on the left is gold
Emily Dobbs
Emily Dobbs 17 kun oldin
*Sees Harry Styles in thumbnail Clicks as fast as possible
Mia Laddy
Mia Laddy 18 kun oldin
I I L I Lo I Lov I Love I Love y I Love yo I Love you I Love you I Love yo I Love y I Love I Lov I Lo I L I
it's teganwalters subscribe to my channel
My name is tegan
it's teganwalters subscribe to my channel
Ella Sharp
Ella Sharp 18 kun oldin
I don't like blueberries ether
Grotty Watermelon
Grotty Watermelon 18 kun oldin
And I don’t like chocolate
Serenity Gonzales
Serenity Gonzales 19 kun oldin
Imagenethebeast 0
Imagenethebeast 0 19 kun oldin
Itz just Lizzie
Itz just Lizzie 19 kun oldin
9:49 um Rachel I can see so much Colleen In her
Sarah Diaa
Sarah Diaa 20 kun oldin
Kate Myllyniemi
Kate Myllyniemi 20 kun oldin
I suggest checking the comments at the bottom to see what other people got
Abigail Leaf
Abigail Leaf 20 kun oldin
Shes never watched Sleeping Beauty?😥
Samantha Petrusky
Samantha Petrusky 20 kun oldin
I do't like blue berries either
Madster Monkey
Madster Monkey 21 kun oldin
I took the jojo quiz and it said I’m the same age as her and I’m 9
Crazy Gacha Potato
Crazy Gacha Potato 22 kun oldin
5:24 The other Kanye had a silver chain
Taylor Kiel
Taylor Kiel 23 kun oldin
I did the chipotle one and I got never...:(
Flynn Stocklin
Flynn Stocklin 23 kun oldin
“I’m not a writer....... but I did write a book” 😂
Elizabeth Hamill
Elizabeth Hamill 24 kun oldin
** does a JoJo quiz with a JoJo pillow in a background **
mattmiller family vlogs
i see harry styles i click
Incredible Wells
Incredible Wells 24 kun oldin
My brother says Ballinder instead of Ballinger.
Hanging out with Huck
*See Harry Styles in thumbnail* *Immediately Clicks*
The Wise Group Gaming
MalloryKateLife 24 kun oldin
I love how she just skipped her answer to the snacking or sex question😂 1:38
Patience Duran
Patience Duran 25 kun oldin
They don't know what type of bread I am lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gabrielle Miles
Gabrielle Miles 25 kun oldin
2:48 she said my nickname gabby
Daman Oberoi
Daman Oberoi 26 kun oldin
This vid proves that Rachel is a tomboy
EvieEdits 12
EvieEdits 12 26 kun oldin
Rachel my brothers name is Carter XD
Rita Vassalllo
Rita Vassalllo 26 kun oldin
Presley Hucks
Presley Hucks 26 kun oldin
What type bread am I me lol
Erin Blaschka
Erin Blaschka 26 kun oldin
Yes. Harry. STeal! The! Show! I love Harry styles
Ridha Shaikh
Ridha Shaikh 27 kun oldin
hey y’all we get it.. there was a why don’t we ad and no you weren’t the only one who noticed so stop freaking asking if you were the only one who saw it im triggered
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 23 kun oldin
I have been thinking that the whole time!
Uhmm Whyy
Uhmm Whyy 27 kun oldin
Lmao this is me at school because it’s the only page not blocked and we barely do anything
Scarlett Farr
Scarlett Farr 27 kun oldin
I did the funny answers one animals for you
Czean Mikhaela
Czean Mikhaela 27 kun oldin
4 months late but no one cares LOLLL
Xaira Henderson
Xaira Henderson 27 kun oldin
Why’d do you skip the part where you decide what harder to give up... sexy or snaking 🤔
Breanna Cordero
Breanna Cordero 28 kun oldin
Can anyone else relate that at the end of the videos I did NOT hear 👂 stay awesome possums I heard stay out for some possums
Luci Hassing
Luci Hassing 28 kun oldin
Did anyone see the Why Don’t We ad for the 8 letters tour in before Kayne. 😂🏁💙
Neve Harrison
Neve Harrison 28 kun oldin
0:36 blaze is like what the heck are you doing x
Zamfam Lover
Zamfam Lover 28 kun oldin
I have a ferret
Angie Morgan
Angie Morgan 28 kun oldin
I love this vid so much it is so funny
Ryann Beamon
Ryann Beamon 28 kun oldin
Girl I feel you. I love blue I love everything blue even my food but I HATE blueberries
Hailey Fitting
Hailey Fitting 29 kun oldin
Kanye had a silver chain in the other
All Hail Queen Lyla The Cat :3
omg pause at 0:06
happy fox
happy fox 25 kun oldin
Sam Cats
Sam Cats 29 kun oldin
Name is naomi
Candy Wang
Candy Wang 29 kun oldin
You know she pressed the option other than “snack” in the first quiz, which means she likes “doing stuff” more than eating.
Candy Wang
Candy Wang 27 kun oldin
Pusheen Is Queen but then again, she didn’t show that she clicked “snacks”
Candy Wang
Candy Wang 27 kun oldin
Pusheen Is Queen 1:40
Claire Farina
Claire Farina 27 kun oldin
no, I don’t think she did. her mouse was just hovering over it. she probably just cut it off because it’s awkward to talk about, that’s why she was laughing
Iqbal Kapadia
Iqbal Kapadia 29 kun oldin
Is it only me or does she remind you of joana ceddia
Gucci Girl
Gucci Girl 29 kun oldin
I will add a 🥨 for every like COME ON PEOPLE I WILLLLL UPDATE!!!😂😂😂 🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨
Jassy LTV
Jassy LTV Oy oldin
OMG I love that intro were it says Rachel’s Random Thursday’s it’s so funny lolol you are great Rachel
olivia fessler
Came for the picture of Harry styles
I'm Scout
I'm Scout Oy oldin
This is my Friday night
Caitlin Jaques
oof i watched this video in 2x speed without realising
Jenna Rego
Jenna Rego Oy oldin
This is a loaf of bread 🥖. Each like I will add a loaf. If you love bread like this and we will see how much🥖 we can get. 🥖🥖
Gucci Girl
Gucci Girl 29 kun oldin
Ekisha Hailey Cocosa
-watches video, shouts the preferred answer, starts getting angry, starts going crazy, realizes that she could just take the friggin quiz, decides to do so, doesn't find it, goes on another tantrum- I'm totally normal.
Mya Bright
Mya Bright Oy oldin
Who else claps with her
Christina-Marie Lawrence
Did anybody else an add for the Why Don't We 8 letters tour😂😂.... they deserve the plug tho😂
Adriana Rose
Adriana Rose Oy oldin
At 1:46 the man is Michael B Jordan
Zoey Belle
Zoey Belle Oy oldin
I see Harry styles I click.
Meet Blaze!
Yil oldin