Taking a Bunch of Buzzfeed Quizzes!

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18-Sen, 2018



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Fikrlar 1 815
Janine Pugen
Janine Pugen 6 soat oldin
Do you really think Teagan is like that
EllaGrace McCoy
EllaGrace McCoy Kun oldin
Kanye had a gold chain on the left and a silver chain on the right 5:00
Tiger Lions
Tiger Lions 2 kun oldin
4:43 8 letters add
Olivia Ling
Olivia Ling 2 kun oldin
It gave me the same
Death Kusko
Death Kusko 3 kun oldin
whats limelights?
Allison Stovall
Allison Stovall 4 kun oldin
rachel shoulddo the pringle buzzfeed quiz
Nina McDonald
Nina McDonald 4 kun oldin
"This is Stupid." gotta love her - 6:03
Dolls Around The World
Buzzfeed is SHOOK
Florence Green
Florence Green 5 kun oldin
gen z= generation after 2000
LilaIzAUnicorn 6 kun oldin
im a vegetarian too #nomeat
Elayna Carlson
Elayna Carlson 6 kun oldin
i got the same thing for the gen z boyfriend like bro
Marli Richgelsnord
Marli Richgelsnord 6 kun oldin
I did "what color underwear are you wearing''...it was right
Becca Lily
Becca Lily 7 kun oldin
“These aren’t accurate, they don’t know what type of bread I am!” Dying
Kendra Zalomsky
Kendra Zalomsky 8 kun oldin
I don't like blueberries too
Donna Humphries
Donna Humphries 9 kun oldin
I did the what dog breed am I in I'm a Pomeranian.🐶
unicorn 033
unicorn 033 13 kun oldin
same I don't like blueberys
rabbit care
rabbit care 12 kun oldin
Izzy Reeves
Izzy Reeves 14 kun oldin
ahhh it was silver
Kennedy Wilcox
Kennedy Wilcox 15 kun oldin
She didn't answer the last question to the first quiz
aldrein david
aldrein david 16 kun oldin
I think on the Kanye photo on the left he wore gold on the right he wore silver
rabbit care
rabbit care 12 kun oldin
Yeah I noticed that as well 😁
LYERA GARES 17 kun oldin
Same. Blueberries suck. No affence to everone else
Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez 17 kun oldin
am i the only one who doesn't like why don't we
Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez 4 kun oldin
Super crazy Slime ?? Why are you asking that? Just cause I don’t like why don’t we?..
Super crazy Slime
Super crazy Slime 4 kun oldin
Hunny who hurt you ?
mikaela chak
mikaela chak 17 kun oldin
5:15 the right has a silver chain :)
Yuyi01a 18 kun oldin
1:39 she wouldn't have edited it out if she had picked food, wouldn't she? ;)
UnicornGamer2008 1234
I did the older than jojo quiz and it said I was older but I'm younger 😂 in the decade one I got 80s
smiley bigfeet
smiley bigfeet 20 kun oldin
I take buzz feed quizzes, but not seriously. I do it more with my friends when we're bored because it's funny and stupid.
Audrey Madden
Audrey Madden 21 kun oldin
“Would you give up food or sex” *laughs and cuts straight to results* Gee... wonder what she picked and wouldn’t be okay with putting on youtube... lmao
Hazel Hendrickson
Hazel Hendrickson 22 kun oldin
Hazel Hendrickson
Hazel Hendrickson 22 kun oldin
Liam Lattimer
Liam Lattimer 24 kun oldin
Why does she look like the actress who plagz amy sheldons girlfriend (now wife) on big bAng theory when shes not on set
Kyle Dodd
Kyle Dodd 25 kun oldin
Am I the only one that screamed at 6:08 because of the ad?
Alba Prato
Alba Prato 27 kun oldin
do the easiest test in the world or that is what it is called it is quezzy cat watch it on sssniper wolf channel do it please
Carl Olson
Carl Olson 28 kun oldin
i did the jojo siwa buzz feed quiz and i got the same age
Skyler Brei
Skyler Brei 28 kun oldin
0:30 is me then 13:58 I’m like well I do go on buzzfeed for like one thing then get stuck their for hours so you tell me. Also it’s any website where I can take a quiz I’m OBSESSED with taking quiz’s even though I know their never write
Alkimos Gamer Girl
Alkimos Gamer Girl 29 kun oldin
Drake... has... no face 😆 😂 😝 lol
i Merciful i
i Merciful i 29 kun oldin
Ok half these comments are about the ad for Why Don’t We (who even are they anyway?) and the other half is “I’m a simple girl, I see Harry styles, I click” and one direction broke up like 8238392 years ago
Hi It’s Julianne Warren
Was that a Canada Starbucks cup
Galaxy godlz
Galaxy godlz Oy oldin
I don't like blueberries either
Can We Get 1 Million Subscribers With No Videos? ??
“It’s Drake........ ugh you don’t have a, face”😂 Me on all buzz feed quizzes ‘ugh a turtle, what do you mean... it’s a weird fish’ 😂 Rachel you are my favorite
Haley Peace
Haley Peace Oy oldin
omg limelights where you at!?!
Ryleigh Pease
Ryleigh Pease Oy oldin
at least i know their names shows their name with the photo
Jimmy Blanchet
That's mean my name is Jayden and your my favorite UZvidr
Oy oldin
9:29-How can they tell all of that with just your favourite desserts??
I took a quiz to see what day i was born on based on cake and it was right.
Alyssa Ward
Alyssa Ward Oy oldin
LISTEN TO WHY DON'T WE I WILL KILL YOU ....jk I love you but pweese DO IT please with a review on UZvid
keala diamond
keala diamond Oy oldin
the Kanye west one chain is silver
Makayla All the love
I saw harry styles in the thumbnail
galaxy panda
galaxy panda Oy oldin
Never trust an edited comment
Maria Chrzanowski
2:11 What am I, Duncan! HaHahahahahahaahahah
olivia fessler
I came for Harry styles
Emma Parker
Emma Parker Oy oldin
12:22 what is it called?
Crafting with Zoey
"I just want to go on a buzzfeed quiz extravaganza" 😂
Sister Rory
Sister Rory Oy oldin
I have no idea what I'm doing
I totally want to see Rachel on American ninja warrior.....
Leo M
Leo M Oy oldin
Little Cake toys
Gen Z is Generation Z
Nadia Sabbah
Nadia Sabbah Oy oldin
Emily Reeve
Emily Reeve Oy oldin
They don't know what type do bread I am 😂😂😂
Ciara Maria
Ciara Maria Oy oldin
Gen z is born anywhere from 2000 till who knows
Hanna Andrew
Hanna Andrew Oy oldin
Lol, she reminds me of my great aunt
Ibrahim & Mustafa Toy Review!
Why is Rachels eyes always half closed?
Valerie Schmitt
That face in the thumbnail though...
Galaxy gacha wolf- -Gacha and drawing
2:44 it’s a Draco Malfoy. Any hp fans here?
Ruby Dubé
Ruby Dubé Oy oldin
*dun dun dun*
sciah s
sciah s Oy oldin
Imagine if I said “bark” , what am I , Duncan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
E M Oy oldin
Pick an emma: PICK ME!
Kaylee Reed
Kaylee Reed Oy oldin
My brothers name is caden
One direction Are killing me
Is no one talking about Harry except me
One direction Are killing me
I see Harry I click
Ann Kemp
Ann Kemp Oy oldin
There was a gold chain in one and a white chain in the other.
Georgia Rowland
Harry styles on the Picture of you vidio I'm in that's why I clicked on it love you Rachel
Lilly Hudson
Lilly Hudson 2 oy oldin
i want to be a vegitarin and i don't like french toast but i love pancakes and pizza
valletta tawhai
valletta tawhai 2 oy oldin
React to colleens second video please
Xx Emma xX
Xx Emma xX 2 oy oldin
How could she not pick Shawn Mendes at 3:38
Carli Barnes
Carli Barnes 2 oy oldin
Well ....... ok then
Georgia Hare
Georgia Hare 2 oy oldin
I love how she skipped over snacking or sex
Lucifer Light
Lucifer Light 2 oy oldin
The other chain was silver and not gold, the one you picked was gold.
Eliana Meghan's
Eliana Meghan's 2 oy oldin
80% of comments: WDW ad 20% of comments: About vid
Schuy Reign
Schuy Reign 2 oy oldin
Holy hell why is everyone commenting on this band I've never heard of
Schuy Reign
Schuy Reign 2 oy oldin
PART 2!!!
XX 25 XX
XX 25 XX 2 oy oldin
1:40 we all know you picked sex because you cut it out 🤣
TheMadGrim 0598
TheMadGrim 0598 2 oy oldin
Millennials were born between 1980- 1990 . Gen X was born between 1990 and 2000. Gen Z was born between 2001 and 2019
Riddhi Mathur
Riddhi Mathur 2 oy oldin
The chain on the right one is silver
Katherine Vai
Katherine Vai 2 oy oldin
Wow I didn’t think Emma chamberlain would be on the quiz at 3:11
UNICOrN 4LIFE 2 oy oldin
I like how she didn't tell us what she put on the last answer on the first quiz 😂😂😂
Presley Walton
Presley Walton 2 oy oldin
there are multiple ansawers because i got the total package
Bubblez Lol
Bubblez Lol 2 oy oldin
She sounds like dory 😊🌹
Annika Hoag
Annika Hoag 2 oy oldin
You have a degree in bartending?
Mollie Marshall
Mollie Marshall 2 oy oldin
Hi Rachel I am your biggest fan and I tried the ninja warrior quiz and it said I am going to be the next ninja warrior
Alison Elliott (STUDENT)
i did the jojo quiz and it said i was her age! haha not even close
The Hoverboaders
The Hoverboaders 2 oy oldin
Why were unibrows ever a thing?😂
Teagan Flannery
Teagan Flannery 2 oy oldin
That's a coincidence my name is Teagan
Yvette Sobky Shaffer
What if I put bark? What am I, A Duncan? Rachel, you are offending Duncan and his animal noises! omg why
Alaska From Amarylis
My daddy always says Once you go black you never go back
Itz_April _Xx
Itz_April _Xx 2 oy oldin
5:18 the other was silver
Lalo and halo
Lalo and halo 2 oy oldin
Is she wearing colleens sweatshirt?or do they have the same sweatshirt?
Laura Gomez Padilla
Yeah.... I have the buzzfeed app...
Lulu LUNA 2 oy oldin
No one has a silver chain
Rebeka Zamudio
Rebeka Zamudio 2 oy oldin
6:50 your still you even if your a UZvidr!😘
zahara russell
zahara russell 2 oy oldin
So are just going to skip over how funny 1:39 it wasn’t that funny but I found it funny
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