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Life can be a real mother.
Tallulah, the Netflix original film, was written and directed by Sian Heder (Orange is the New Black), and tells the story of young vagabond, Lu (Ellen Page - Whip It, Inception), who lives in a van and is fiercely independent in her hand-to-mouth existence. When a chance encounter incites her to impulsively ""rescue"" a baby from a negligent mother, Lu, at a loss for what to do, turns to the only responsible adult she knows: Margo (Allison Janney - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The Way, Way Back), who mistakenly believes she's the child's grandmother. Tammy Blanchard (Into the Woods, Moneyball), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Girls), John Benjamin Hickey (The Good Wife, Manhattan) and Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black, The Wiz Live!), also round out the cast.
A Netflix Original Film.
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Tallulah | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




29-Iyn, 2016

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karina ketty
karina ketty 8 soat oldin
Alexandre  Macedo
Alexandre Macedo 15 soat oldin
Filme com está atriz palhaca me recuso
thobeka sphamandla
i loved this chick on the movie juno
Wulan Kristama
Wulan Kristama Kun oldin
Ellen Page -> Ellie (Last Of Us The Movie) 😁
the devil
the devil Kun oldin
I love her
Pragyan Salazar Tennyson
shonnas 2 kun oldin
Juno 2
nita gon
nita gon 2 kun oldin
verena mansfeld
verena mansfeld 2 kun oldin
if u like this ull like obsesión soberbia by caligo Andrea... its on amazon
Charming Diva
Charming Diva 2 kun oldin
Issa no for me
Catherine Duell
Catherine Duell 3 kun oldin
Lianne Ocampo
Lianne Ocampo 3 kun oldin
Is this the baby from Cargo?? 😍
key Gabriel
key Gabriel 2 kun oldin
That's why she's familiar to me , but I'm not sure 😂😊
marco vaz
marco vaz 3 kun oldin
Movie complete
Christine Burilla
Christine Burilla 3 kun oldin
I remember the pug named Tallulahbelle. So cute. 🤗
Little Kiwi
Little Kiwi 4 kun oldin
All four women give such beautiful performances! I really loved this film.
truthisdivine 4 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-5Nx4E-CSmh4.html The Tribulation is a real life movie......
Joel Clarke
Joel Clarke 4 kun oldin
Scott Swift
Scott Swift 4 kun oldin
I’m watching this film this weekend, hope it’s good
Roller Girl
Roller Girl 5 kun oldin
You can’t blame that woman for being completely overwhelmed by all the sudden you have this useless little brat who depends on you . She was probably secretly glad Judo kidnapped the little beast 🤣
automaticchic 6 kun oldin
I just know i won't be able to watch this.the neglectful mother and baby...i can't.too sad.
Coisas da Jel
Coisas da Jel 6 kun oldin
Essa bb é a mesma de Cargo
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 7 kun oldin
apparently you can steal somebody's baby if you think you can take care of them better or that is what this show supports!
Jansen Ginez
Jansen Ginez 7 kun oldin
pls click this link. WorkforCompany.com/?userid=6991
Carl Deaton
Carl Deaton 9 kun oldin
so, she kidnaps a baby to attempt to more effectively track down a guy who stole her money while pretending to be the kids mom?
C. Cho
C. Cho 10 kun oldin
This doesn't look good
F S Ramos
F S Ramos 11 kun oldin
The movie is good, but the ending could be better because I did not understand could anyone explain?
Saliha Hussain
Saliha Hussain 13 kun oldin
I thought this movie was going to be about the girl named “Tallulah does the Hula in Hawaii”... anyone else know that story? 😅😅😅 (because later on she changed her name to just Tallulah, so ba da bing, ba da boom)
mary anne orboc
mary anne orboc 13 kun oldin
OMG ! She always played of having a baby. Hahahaa
SU JU 14 kun oldin
This movie is all about wrecked marriage and how it affected the lives of both parents and their kids.
Tuli Bird
Tuli Bird 14 kun oldin
I'm only here because my name is Tallulah
Sara Ali
Sara Ali 15 kun oldin
Bina Bi
Bina Bi 15 kun oldin
BLUE PANTHER 16 kun oldin
This is kitty in the xmen
NovaScotiaChick 17 kun oldin
It's a disgrace that such a young child should be traumatised for the sake of moviemaking! Parent of the little girl, shame on you.
Audrey Nauer
Audrey Nauer Oy oldin
The end could’ve been better
Aayush Agarwal
Aayush Agarwal 2 oy oldin
White ladies...duhh
Jack O'Neil
Jack O'Neil 2 oy oldin
SPOILERS I figured out what happens after the ending. So, whenever I see a good movie has an ending that leaves a few things up in the air (no pun intended) I actually do some research to see what happens after the ending. The child will be taken into protective custody as hinted multiple times throughout the movie and be adopted by the gay couple who called the police (they were looking to adopt, remember?) As for Lu, this isn't a first degree kidnapping since the child was not exploited for sexual reasons so she would be charge with second degree kidnapping which is commonly charged with 5 years. She'd get out in 2 with good behavior. But that's assuming she gets a guilty verdict. There's a really good case for her defense considering the neglectfulness of the babys mother and Talullah's mother, for that matter. There's a defense technique where they say "How can you blame a person for doing this after whats happened to them in the past?" Taking a baby away from a neglectful mother after she was abandoned by her mom makes perfect sense. She turned herself in. She also tried to return the baby after the first night but she was scared off by the police which hotel surveillance cameras would show. There's an awful lot in her defense on her sude of tge story. She also has the respect of the detective and CPS agent who brought her in which would be a humongous blow to the prosecution. The prosecution would have to deal with a neglectful mom, who no one will speak in favor of, as the victim in this situation. There also weren't any damages done to the baby. In fact, Lu protected the baby from the damages even going so far as to turn herself in for the baby. Whereas tge mother admitted to trying to get rid of her baby. The prosecution will have a lot of hills to climb. There's a really good chance she will be considered "not guilty" by a jury. If she is considered guilty, then she will only serve 2 years and get out.
Dijana Sisarica
Dijana Sisarica 2 oy oldin
I hate end😭😭😭
Dwain Wilson
Dwain Wilson 2 oy oldin
Crap movie totally unrealistic and stupid viewing.
Jaelyn Williams
Jaelyn Williams 2 oy oldin
This movie is terrible. I don’t recommend it!!
Sabiha Hafeji
Sabiha Hafeji 2 oy oldin
I watched this movie and u had to be 15 and above but me and my 5 yr old cousin was watching it I'm 10 and she's 5
Derya karaaslan
Derya karaaslan 3 oy oldin
irem dericiden geldik
Crn feri
Crn feri 3 oy oldin
Beyond two souls
Dyteria Swinson
Dyteria Swinson 3 oy oldin
I just saw it i like it got to c her naked so double plus😉. Anyway a decent movie give it a chance, still on Netflix. Drunk mom is from Weeds i think.
Thiangi Todorov
Thiangi Todorov 3 oy oldin
I relly hate lu
averydance11 4 oy oldin
This movie SUCKS the ending is so stupid DONT WATCH IT
Caitlin Donaghy
Caitlin Donaghy 4 oy oldin
It was an ok movie the ending made me really mad
Aiyaluna Yourke
Aiyaluna Yourke 3 oy oldin
Fr. Like damn. Neither one of those dumbasses gave a fuck about that baby. Tallulah didn't deserve that shit.
Dae Day
Dae Day 4 oy oldin
The trailer long asf
Xeila Veiga
Xeila Veiga 4 oy oldin
Love it best movie ever ❤❤
Olivia Mellyana Tjiptoputri
Damn all i can see is jodie from beyond: two souls
Ney Moura Fé Leopoldino Dantas
I thought this was some thematic video of the Sonata Arctica's music
Arletta Pen
Arletta Pen 5 oy oldin
WOW!!! This look Annoyingly too good to be true. Will watch it for free using my boxxy software.
Heewon Kang
Heewon Kang 5 oy oldin
JC Mitchell
JC Mitchell 5 oy oldin
Good movie except for the racist remark.
hana tachibaina
hana tachibaina 5 oy oldin
If juno kept the baby
Anna Luisa Rossini
Beautiful movie
Niah J .
Niah J . 5 oy oldin
God Bless You & Your Family & Everyone & Everyone Family Have An Blessed One Everybody Amen 🙏🏾💝💞💗💙💖💚💘💓💛💜💕
Atrizita 5 oy oldin
Rebecca 5 oy oldin
I don't get the ending
firefox 5 oy oldin
damn, the cast is so frickin good ya
Kal Kimanai
Kal Kimanai 5 oy oldin
Stupid movie. First thing that would happen is "mom" would demand a paternity test.
Cookie2277 Yay
Cookie2277 Yay 5 oy oldin
Beyond two souls!!!! Yassss. I love this actress she is amazing.
Wiki Gramza
Wiki Gramza 5 oy oldin
Achuta Manduru
Achuta Manduru 5 oy oldin
Ellee all grown up now
Hanna T
Hanna T 6 oy oldin
Great Movie
Charlotte 6 oy oldin
This movie is so good ❤️👏
Dog Lover
Dog Lover 6 oy oldin
omg she looks and sounds exactly like ellie off of the last of us !!
Utah Malone
Utah Malone 6 oy oldin
This movie was okay, but its sad to..
rhocheshire 6 oy oldin
i need to see this
Ben Smock
Ben Smock 6 oy oldin
Omg crazy eyes 😍
Daddy Dallas
Daddy Dallas 6 oy oldin
I just watched this movie and it broke me and I'm a man. The part where she goes back to the hospital, takes and kisses the little girl like an actual mother so that the baby immediately stopped crying...I couldn't handle it. They really loved each other but circumstances wouldn't allow them to be mother and daughter. In the end, I feel very sad for the little girl. She really liked Tallulah and now she has to be raised by rich but rather bad parents. And I feel bad for Tallulah as well, she really loved the baby. She might be poor, but she would have been a loving and caring mother and that's what matters the most. Hopefully that doesn't make me a beta male, oh lol.
Rafaella Apostolidou
You are wonderful..
Raja Raj
Raja Raj 4 oy oldin
It doesn't make u a beta male, u r just a guy with a heart who can appreciate a good movie. I felt the same
Zehra Naqvi
Zehra Naqvi 6 oy oldin
Felt really bad for Madison's mom. God i don't want anyone to feel like her. To those who watched the movie. You know what I am talking about and yeah its definitely not cause she lost her child 😭
Crystal Michener
Crystal Michener 6 oy oldin
Beyond Two Souls anyone??!!? Eh??
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 6 oy oldin
Jesus i dont wanna cry
Deborah Marroquin
Part 2 of Juno 😂😂😂
isabella bello
isabella bello 6 oy oldin
T FANGIRL 6 oy oldin
I cried while watching this😭omg
Nawal Hana
Nawal Hana 6 oy oldin
This reminds me of something...
Lizette Rosa
Lizette Rosa 6 oy oldin
I wish there was a Beyond Two Souls 2
ymarrero23 6 oy oldin
I was there when I was a first time mom. I had no clue what to do, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t do it. I do love my kid but at the end the one who did most of the raising was my mom I couldn’t do it I wanted to but couldn’t.
Ramen Reiko
Ramen Reiko 6 oy oldin
Ellen Pageeee
Cordelia  MSP
Cordelia MSP 6 oy oldin
marystuart 6 oy oldin
Guess 'Juno' is back..plus her Mom's here..
Meredith 6 oy oldin
Fetullahın neyi oluyorsunuz
Topaz Malcolm
Topaz Malcolm 6 oy oldin
I just couldn't get on board with this plot. How do you just kidnap someone's child...
Aiyaluna Yourke
Aiyaluna Yourke 3 oy oldin
She "accidentally" did it. The mum was on all kinds of drugs, was a drunk, and travelled with her baby all the way to NYC so she could fuck another guy. Just a friendly reminder that she used all of her husband's money to do this. Basically tallulah, was hungry, was sneaking food,acted like a maid, and was for that day, employed as temporary nanny to the baby. They spend the day together and all that jazz, and then mum comes back flat out on her ass drunk and passes out cause she got rejected. Now in the beginning you see a lot of shit indicating that this child is not safe near her mother. The room they are in is at least on the 39th floor and there are wide spaced rails on the balcony, and the child almost falls through them, until tallulah does something. Baby walks around with an open beer her mom had until tallulah does something. During both of these the mum is just laughing and has coke and beer sitting all around the suite. So when the mum got back and tallulah was about to leave until the baby cried, she decided to let the baby sleep in her car with her until the morning when her mom sobered up. Just a reminder she couldn't really call anyone considering how late in the night it was. And also considering the fact that she was in NYC, she had a right to take the child if she thought she was in danger or in an unstable environment, which she was. It wasn't considered kidnap until she got scared when she saw the police(in the process of taking the child back to her mom) , and rushed off.
Sophia May
Sophia May 6 oy oldin
Is that the mom from mom? Bonnie?
Cry Bb
Cry Bb 6 oy oldin
Why does she reminds me elle the last of us
Yona Ohi
Yona Ohi 6 oy oldin
Haven’t watched the trailer yet but definitely going to watch this movie just cause Ellen Page is in it.
Sofia Vitug
Sofia Vitug 6 oy oldin
Where’s the hamburger phone juno??
Jairo Fonseca
Jairo Fonseca 6 oy oldin
Great great movie.
MahaVakyas 7 oy oldin
worthless untouchables
Cynthia Thornton
Cynthia Thornton 7 oy oldin
The movie's really, really, really good, but, not gonna lie, this trailer's pretty crappy...
Kakou9 7 oy oldin
Ellen page = good movie
patricia james
patricia james 7 oy oldin
Yass Alison ❤
Rebella 8 oy oldin
Jodie 😍😍
Adriana Bobic
Adriana Bobic 8 oy oldin
I see Uzo Aduba, I hit like.
Ekta Kumar
Ekta Kumar 8 oy oldin
Juno in a parallel universe.
i fat puta
i fat puta 8 oy oldin
Juno called she wants her kid back.
egeanious23 8 oy oldin
i don't understand this.........
Aleahh Leahh
Aleahh Leahh 8 oy oldin
Im so confused
Mia Mckinney
Mia Mckinney 8 oy oldin
Im watching it